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PUBLIC NOTICE. In anticipation of the EARLY RELIEF of MAFEKING, f And the feeling of Patriotic Enthusiasm which will animate Old and Young throughout the Empire, Ben Evans&Co. Ltd. HAVE PURCHASED AN IMMENSE QUANTITY OF War Mottoes, Photo and Flag Badges, Medals, Red, White and Blue Ribbons, AND Large Photographs of the Leading Officers at the Front. These are now being offered for Sale at Special Prices, TO-GETHER WITH A MAGNIFICENT COLLECTION OF LADIES' and GENTLEMEN'S BADEN POWELL" HATS, LADIES' IMPERIAL SERVICE SHIRTS, GENTLEMEN'S and BOYS' KHAKI SUITS, PUTTIES, and BANDOLIERS, KHAKI BOWS, TIES and SCARFS, LADIES' KHAKI BELTS, KHAKI SATCHELS, HAND BAGS, &c. TEMPLE STREET. SWANSEA. W. WILLIAMS, 29, CASTLE-ST., SWANSEA. LARGEST STOCK IN WALES OF GOLD AND SILVER ARTICLES Suitable for Wedding and other Presents. NGAGEMENT RINGS, 22ct. GOLD WEDDING RINGS, 18ct. GOLD KEEPERS, ENGLISH LEVER WATCHES. BRAZILIAN PEBBLE SPECTACLES. Foreian Money Exchange. SELLING OFF! SELLING OFF! LAST FEW WEEKS OF SALE. FIRST-CLASS BOOTS AND SHOES. T. HANDLES, 15. CASTLE STREET. SWANSEA. NO HOUSE EQUALS DOWN & SON FOR RELIABLE FURNITURE. THEY ARE THE LARGEST MAKERS BY MACHINERY JN WALES, AVE THE MOST EXTENSIVE STOCK TO SELECT FROM, AND GIVE THE BEST POSSIBLE VALUE. CARPETS MADE AND LAID PEER ESTABLISHED NEARLY HALP A CENTURY. HIGH-STREET & MORRIS-LANE. SWANSEA. W. C. ROBERTS. PHOTOGRAPHER, 16 & 17, CASTLE-STREET. SWANSEA. HIGH CLASS WORK ONLY AT MODERATE PRICES. The work needs only to be seen to be appreciated. SPRING CLEANING. Now is the time to see that your sanitary arrangements are in good condition and drains well ventilated. Estimates free for BATHS, LAVATORIES, HOT & COLD WATER SUPPLY, W.C.'S, ELECTRIC BELLS, GAS FIRES & GAS FITTINGS, INCANDESCENT BURNERS, ETC. JOHN LEGG & SONS, T«TEPBOO« 96. NELSON-STREET. SWANSEA. ESTABLISHED 1865. STEAM MARBLE AND MONUMENTAL WORKS, ST. HELEN'S-ROAD, SWANSEA. WILLIAM COPUS. Manufactuerr of Monuments, Tablets,, Grave-stones and Crosses in Marble, Granite or Stone Marble and Slate Shop Fittings, Chimney Pieces, etc. Designs sent on application. [1236 m A. J. CHAPPELL. FISHMONGER & OYSTER MERCHANT, POULTERER, DEALER IN GAME, Ac., WIND STREET. SWANSEA, AND AT NEWTON-ROAD. MUMBLES. Telegraphic Address—" Cbappell, Swansea." COUNTRY ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO C. ROWLAND, CONTRACTOR TO THE SWANSEA HARBOUR TRUSTEES AND HAULAGE CONTRACTOR TO THE MIDLAND AND OTHER RAILWAY COMPANIES, 17, SOMERSET-PLACE. 3^ -_cw- CARRIAGE WORKS, FISHER-STREET, SWANSEA. JOHN JONES & CO.. CARRIAGE BUILDERS. Oders for New Work. General Repairs, Painting, Trimming, &c., promptly attended to. Patent Nt'irf'eHfi India Rubber Tyres, and all the Specialities connected with Carriage Building supplied. EVMRY facility at the "CAMBRIAN Office f TVAVIES' BALSAM OF HONEY for Cou^. JL< Tor executing all kinds ot ..nuking, ¡ Colis, AsThrna, lichtness of the Chest, <kc EXCELLENCE m QUMIITIY and Moderation in price; prepared oaty by J. DAVIES, M.P.S., Dispensing always studied. Estimates free. j Chemist, 30, H'GH-atredt, Swansea. fll) HOUSE FURNISHING. EDDERSHTW & SON, COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, 19. 20 & 21. HIGH STREET. Cabinet Manufactory and Stores-ORCHARD STREET. UTMOST VALUE AND AMPLE SELECTION IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. HALFORD & REES, ¡. (LATE M. REES) XjLy WILL MAKE THEIR FIRST NOVEL DISPLAY DESIGNS MANTLES, SATURDAY, C0STUMES- /A\ MILLINERY, MAY /< £ +/ AND lgth. FANCY DRAPERY. INSPECTION SOLICITED. /4s — /O/ HALFORD & REES, 12 & 13, Heathfield-street, Swansea. TELEPHONE 142. THE OMEGA GAS STOVE. PURE, MOIST, WARM AIR, ONE FARTHING PER HOUR. No FLUE REQUIRED. AGENT: J. H. UOTT, ST. HELEN'S ROAD, & QUAY PARADE, SWANSEA. GAS FIRES FITTED IN GRATES. THE VERY BEST PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN IN THE PRINCIPALITY BY HENRY A. CHAPMAN. ARTIST AND PHOTOGRAPHER, Winner of several Medals and First Prizes for Photographs and Oil Paintings. The Best Stu-lio in the Principality for Best Work at Moderate Prices. All the Latest Improvements and Additions. PRICES :-3 for 2s.; 6 for 3S. 12 for 5s. 6d. 20 235, HIGH-STREET, Swansea. PUBLIC NOTICES. THE SWANSEA MERCANTILE LANK, LIMITED. 18, PARK-STREET, SWANSEA. 93 TO t500 CASH ADVANCED to all Classes of Tr&desmen, Professional Men, and respectable Householders, upon their OWN NOTJ: OF HAND and all kinds of Securities. PAYMENTS to suit Borrowers. Applications promptly attended to by 5 H. B. JONES. Managed. "^WDERFULLY CHEAP BEDS EASY, HEALTHY, COMFORTABLE BEDS BEDS FOR THE MASSES AND THE CLASSES FUR A FEATHER BEDS FOR THE MILLION. Let all who believe in a good night's rest after a £ good day's work order a fur and feather bed from JOHN THOMAS, LONDON HOUSE, LLANDEBTE. Send Post Card for full particulars. SULPHATE OF Å MMONIA. INCOMPARABLY the BEST and CHEAPEST FORM of NITROGEN and AMMONIA. Produces LARGER Crops than are obtained from the use of any other form of Artificial Nitrogen. Bee Beporta of Experiments at Dalmeny (Nineteenth Century for November, 1899). Produces Crops of HIGHER FEEDING VALUE than are obtained by the use of any other Manure. duces Roots and Tubers of conspicuously BETTER KEEPING QUALITY than are grown by any other nitrogenous manure. Produces BETTER QUALITY OF MALTING BARLEY than is obtained from the use of any other Manure tested at Rothamsted. For Pamphlets, and other Information on the subject, inly to- W. G. BLAGDEN, CHAIRMAN, SULPHATE of AMMONIA COMMITTEE, 4, Fenchurch Avenue, London, E.C. STIFF'S STARCH. Bold In lib. Pictire BOXM. Sold in 61b. Packets. STIFF'S STABCH. W Uniform Quality. QTIFF'S STABCH. O Imparts an Bxquialte Glow STIFF'S STARCH. Makes Linen Look like Vaw. For Collar*. STIFF'S STABCH. CJTHP'S STABCH. FotSS" For Cuff*. 8 For Cuff*. STIFF'S STARCH. For Lace. For Linen. CjTUfF'S STABCH. J*™* Q TIFF'S STAECH. siSS'S^b. O Note the Caution Label. STIFF'S STARCH. Otwerve the Trade Mark. Bee Dr. Hassall'f Testimonial. STIFF'S STARCH. Mark what Dr. Griffin »»y.. Bead Pro. Herapath a Report. Bead Pro. Herapath a Report. ^TIFF'S STARCH. by DrS'ta O 8oldby Oilmen. ERTAH'^BED 1818. Wholesale—STIFF A Co., REDCLIFE-STREET BRISTOL. 1179 Nature's Perfect Remedy for all kinds of Worms. WILLIAMS' (PONTABDAWE) I ORM LOZENGES, I For over 80 years this highly Valuable Kemedy has j met with the greatest success. The effect upon Weak, 1 Delicate Children (often given up as incurable) is i like Magic. Getting rid of his tormenting pests by taking these Losenges, the thin, pale-faced, inanimate Child becomes strong, healthy, and lively, the pride, Instead of the anxiety of his guardians. Llangennecb, near Llanelly, August 30th, 1072. DZAB SIB,—My youngest daughter, Emma Ann. 13 years of age, got rid of a great number of worms by taking only three or four of Williams' (Pon tarda we) Worm Lozenges. I am glad to say that she has much improved in health, being previously lingering and delicate in health.—Yours very truly, MABTHA GBIFTITHS, late of Ynispenllwch. SYMPTOMS.—Any of the following Symptoms Indicate Worm.Vatfable appetite, foetid breath, acid errela- tions. pains hllthe stomach and head, sickness, grinding of the teeth Muring sleep, dreams and restlessness, paleness of the countenance, stitches in the side, short dry cough, and emaciation of the body. often mistaken for decline, nervousness, slow fever, and irregular pulse faintness. sometimes convulsive ifts, often causing sudden death dizziness, sore throat, and inflammation of the bowels. The above symptoms vary according to the kind of Worms. The Lozenges contain nothing detrimental to the Con- stitution, and are suitable for :.11 ages. Williams'(Pontardawe) Worm Lozenges are prepared from the Original Receipt by JOHN DAVIKS, M.R.P.B., Chemist, 30, High street, Swansea, and sold by most chemists, at 9id., 13Jd., and ?8. 9d. per box; by post, 14 or 34 stamps. Protected by the Government stamp, on which are engraved the words Williams' Worm Lozenaes." GONE to the FRONT to KILL BIG PROFITS. Competition defied. HAND-SEWN HARNESS, RIDING SAD- DLES, BRIDLES, LOIN and CART COVERS. Cheapest in Wales. Carriage Lamps, Patent Safety Handles, 8s. per pair. New Glasses put in Lamps. Saddlers supplied with all materials. 1 SADDLERY 0 O M PA N Y 1 ALEXANDRA-ROAD, SWANSEA. ,a PUBLIC NOTICES. I W. H. HARDING, PLASTERER & BUILDER, NORTHAMPTON-LANE, SWANSEA. REPAIRS PROMPTLY EXECUTED. SPECIAL ATTENTION PAID TO CEMENTING, SLATING AND TILING. HOUSES TO LET. 3MIRADOR-CRESCENT; 9 rooms, bath <L) 9 (hot and cold), and every convenience. TUGELA HOUSE; 8 room8, bath (hot and cold), and every convenience; Buitltraveller. Apply to W. H. HARDING, as above, or at 9, Mirador-crescent, Swansea. [0150 pENDRY & CO., LOW LEVFL SOUTH DOCK. BEST ANTHRACTTF. HOUSE AWD STEAM COALS ALWAYS IN STOCK. Telephone No. 143. Price list on application [13496 JpUGrSLEY & SON 24, WATERLOO STREET FOR Q.LASS and pAPERHANGINGS OF ALL KINDS. Telephone No. 211. 8668 «r BICYCLES ■» REDUCED. We have ELEVEN BICYCLES (6 Ladies' and 5 Gents.') which we offer at exceptionally LOW PRICES. They are High-Grade Machines—Triumphs, Sunbeams, Royal Eagles, and Rovers-but have become slightly shop-soiled. We have now so Reduced the Prices that they will spaedily I pass into other hands, and make the purchasers proud of their bargains. «■ JENKINS & CO., is Or Ironmongers$Cycle Agents, or g- 89, OXFORD-ST. A 10, PARK-ST. SWANSEA. Telephone 199. TDANE AND OTHER HOLIDAYS. TO TEA PARTY MANAGERS, RESTAURANT PROVIDERS, AND PIC-NIC PROVIDERS. CAKE. CAKE. CAKE. J. H. THOMAS & CO., GROCERS, BAKERS A CONFECTIONERS, TEA EXCHANGE, STATION STREET, MAESTEG. UCRRANT CAKE, SEED CAKES, DELICIOUS SULTANAS. SAMPLES AND PRICES ON APPLICATION. [097 PONTAIIDULAIS.—The "CAMBRIAN" may P be obtained of MRS. REES, Newsagent TFR. JENKYN THOMAS, Bookseller; MR. N'M, LEWIS, Golden Cottage; and Messrs. IV. H. SMITH & SON. Items of news and Ldvertisem.?nts may be sent direct to the CAMBRIAN" Office, Wind-street, Swansea. PUBLIC NOTICES. HE SWANSEA IMPROVEMENTS JL AND TRAMWAYS COMPANY. MUMBLES PIER. QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY, THURSDAY, 24th MAY, 1900. A MAGNIFICENT DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS, Consisting of Set Pieces, Ao., Ac., and conoluding with a Representation of HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, Will be carried out under the personal superin- tendence of MESSRS. C. T. BROCK & CO., of the CRYSTAL PALACE, LONDON, To commence at 8 p.m. The Band of the 3rd Glamorgan will be in attendance. ADMISSION: ONE PENNY. Hourly Trains from Swansea. 2, Rutland-street, Swansea, May, 1900. [0179 NEATH AND DISTRICT HORSE BHOW AND PARADE. The above SHOW will be held at the CORPORATION FIELD, NEATH, ON THURSDAY, the 31ST MAY, 1900. • CLASSES FOR DRIVING, RIDING, TROTTING, ETC. JUMPING COMPETITION (Open to the County of Glamorgan). BRASS BAND COMPETITION (Open). ENTRIES CLOSE MAY 26TH. For Schedules and Entry Forms apply to MR. ELLSON ALLEN, 0177J Hon. Sec., Neath. BATH AND WEST AND SOUTHERN COUNTIES SOCIETY. GREAT SHOW AT BATH. HORSES, CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGS, POULTRY, PRODUCE, MACHINERY, &c. WORKING DAIRY, FINE ART GALLERIES, FLOWER SHOW. Bands of Coldstream Guards 4% Royal Marine Artillery. ^3,500 IN PRIZES. Admi@sion-May30. 5/ Children, 2/6; May 31 and June 1, 2/6 Children 1/ June 2 & 4 (Whit- Monday), 11; Children, 6d. Season Tickets for the week, 7/6. GWANSEA HARBOUR TRUST. EXTRAORDINARY ELECTION. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,— The Chamber of Commerce has done me the houour of nominating me for the seat in the Harbour Trust rendered vacant by the lamented death of the late Mr. Albert Mason. I beg, therefore, to solicit your Vote and Interest in my favour at the forthcoming Election. Yours faithfully, J. LIVINGSTON. Swansea, 14th May, 1900. L0160 JGWANSEA HARBOUR TRUST. HER MAJESTY'S BIRTHDAY, MAY 24th. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the HARBOUR OFFICES will be CLOSED on the above day as customary. WILLIAM LAW, General Superintendent. HMbonr Offices, Swansea, 15th May. 1900. H. STONE, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, NEATH. Detailed Price List on Application. Telegraphic Address: STONE, NEATH." FIRST-CLASS HOTELS. CAMERON ARMS HOTEL, SWANSEA. COMMERCIAL, COFFEE, AND SMOKEf ROOMS, BANQUETING HALL, BILLIARDS. MODERATE CHARGES. ORDINARY DAILY from 1 to 2.30. 2s. inclusive For Particulars and Tariff apply to the 13317] MANAGERESS. JJOYAL HOTEL, SWANSEA FIRST CLASS FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL. EXTENSIVE BANQUETING HALL AND BALL ROOM. TABLE D'HOTE LUNCHEON DAILY, From 12.30 t0 3.0 p.m. MANAGERS :— MR. AND MRS. FRANK DICKENS. Telephone 56. BRIGHTON.—GRAND HOTEL. Centre of sea front. Electric light throughout. Lift to al floors. Bicycle room. Inclusive terms, if desired from 12s. 6d. per day. Hobden'e Royal Sea Water Batbs, adjoining the Hotel and recently purchased, are available on special terms to guests. For particulars apply to A. D. HOOK, Manager. f' BILLPOSTINCK BLOOR & CO., ADVERTISING CONTRACTORS AND BILL POSTERS. CHIEF AGENCY FOR WALES. All descriptions of Advertising Circular Distribution, Ac., promptly attended Office;—20, CALVERT-STREET SWANSEA TU8 SWANSEA & DISTRICT BILLPOSTING AND ADVERTISING COMPANY OFFICES GOAT-STREET, SWANSEA. THE UNIVERSAl.. BILL POSTING CO. RENT THB LARGEST POSTING STATIONS In Swansea and surrounding District. ADDRESS -28, LOWER UNION STREET, SWANSEA XT EATH & DISTRICT BILL-POSTING J3I COMPANY.—Late T. WALL. OmcES:—ASSEMBLY RoOMS, NEATH. MANAGER:—J. W. ROBINSON. Lessees and Proprietors of the Best Posting Stations in Neath and District. THE ABERAVON & PORT TALBOT BILLPOSTING COMPANY UNDERTAKE BILLPOSTING AND ADVERTISING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. MANAGER P. R. JAMES. THE MAESTRG AND DISTRICT _L BILLPOSTING & ADVERTISING CO. MANAGER—MR. WM. DUPPLAW, 4, PARK-STREET, MAESTEG. Stations at Abergwydi and Cummer. N.B.—Members of the United Billposting I Association. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. J^ £ OUNT PLEASANT CHAPEL. THE ANNIVERSARY SERVICES OF THE CHAPEL Will be held on SUNDAY AND MONDAY, May 20th & 21st, 1900, WHBN THE REV. JOHN THOMAS, M.A. (OF LIVERPOOL), WILL PREACH. Services on Sunday at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m., and on Monday Evening at 7.30. Collections will be made in aid of the Debt Fund. Å NNIVERSARY SERVICES. RHYDDINGS CAL. METH. CHAPEL, RHYDDINGS PARK ROAD. SUNDAY AND MONDAY EVENING NEXT, MAY 20th and 21st, The REV. PETER GRIFFITHS will PREACH. EXCURSIONS. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY Until further notice, EXCURSIONS will run as under EVERY THURSDAY. -To CORK and KILLARNEY for 16 days or less from Neath and Swansea. EVERY FRIDAY. — To WATERFORD, Clonmel, Tipperary, Limerick, Tralee, Kilkenny, Killarney, &c., for 16 days or less from Neath and Swansea. For times, bookings from other stations, Week- and Excursions, &c., see bills and pamphlets. 0147] J. L. WILKINSON, General Manager. PUBLIC APPOINTMENTS. G LYNCORRWG SCHOOL BOARD. WANTED for the Cymmer Mixed School a FEMALE ASSISTANT TEACHER, Article 68. Salary JE30 per annum, rising by annual increments of X5 to a maximum of JE45. Applications, stating age, qualifications and past experience, together with copies of three recent testimonials, to be sent to the undersigned immediately. CUTHBERTSON & POWELL, Clerks. Water-street, Neath, 2nd May, 1900. [0134 TENDERS. ARMYCONTRAC TS. TENDERS for the supply of COAL and Coke, for the period of nine months, from 1st JULY, 1900, at the varioas stations in the WESTERN DISTRICT, will be received at the under- mentioned office, until 12 o'clock ;noon, on WEDNESDAY, the 23rd May, 1900. Forms of Tenders, with List of Stations, can be obtained on application to tne Assistant Adjutant- General. District Headquarter Office, Devonport, 9th May, 1900. [0159 pREVENT JEVERS BY USING CALVERT'S 15% CARBOLIC POWDER to destroy bad odours and to keep away insects, The most effective preparation. I- 1 & 2 lb. Dredgers, 6d., Is., & Is. 6d. each, at Chemists, Grocers, Stores, &c. F. C. CALVBRT AND CO., P.O. Box 513, MANCHESTER. TELEPHONE — NUMBER 36. TELEGRAMS Cambrian Newspaper, Swansea. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Delivered in Town Is. 3d. per quarter Post Free (United Kingdom) Is. 9d. „ „ (Foreign). 2s. 6d. „ Payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS received at the Offices, No. 58 Wind-street, Swansea, up to 11 o'clock on Thursday night. Those posted on Thursday night will be in time for publication on Friday morning. COUNTESS OF HUNTINGDON'S CHURCH, SWANSEA. 111TH ANNIVERSARY. DR. TALMAGE Will PREACH at the ALBERT HALL j On TUESDAY, the 29th inst., At 8.0 p.m. TICKETS FOR ADMISSION, Is. RESERVED SEATS (limited), 2S. 10172

Zhc Cambrian.