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THE ROYAL JUBILEE METAL EXCHANGE (INCORPORATED). There was a fnll attendance on 'Change on Tuesday. There were present: Messrs. D. and W. R. M. Lewis (Gorseinon), George Strick (Garnos Co.), v. H. Thomas (Llanelly), W. Buckland (Morriston), 1). Bevan (Morlais Co.). W. Davis (Ebbw Vaie Steel Co.). P. B. Main- waring (Llanelly). LI. Davies (Albion Co.), J. S. Tregoning (Llanelly), R. W. Tolfree (^reforest), W. H. Edwards (.Vlorriston), H. V. Witts (J. Watson and Co.), J. Paton lPo, typool), D. Russell (CL dach), W. Lean, E. P. Jones. J. S. Lester (Carmarthen). R. W. Evans (Llar.elly), W. Bright (Fairwood), D. Richards (Pantyffynon). F.' F. Ciird (Bri'on Feiry). J. H. Strick (Neath). Jos. Ban^'ham (Barrow Co.), F. K. Clegg. F. S. Parker (F. I. Saunders ;tnd Co. G?orge Rowe (Upper Forest Co.), George Smith (vie >r*e Smith and Co.), E. Llewellyn Daniel (, T. Het-soheii Jo:,es, W. D. R es (iiorri-toi ), F'. R. Phillips (Ynismudw), D. Lewis (Gor-ei"on). R. Rosser (Cilfriw). J. H. PoulId (?,!idiaod Railway) C. G B;GGS T. W. Joms, J. R. Waison, E. illi.ll, D.I.nne. JOSEPH .Lewis, D. -Jenkins, H. Ciement (Fairwood), E. (Llanelly), J. T. Davies (Blaenavon Co.), H. Chalk, D. R. David (Port Talbot), G. Thomas, TH^MA^- Low ndes. C. E. and H. M. Peel, R .ger Beck (Gowerton). B rtie Perkujs, T. G wynne (B.iton Ferrv), W. H. Francis, W. Law (Superintendent Swans-A Harbour). John ((,rn merchant;, Tho*. Davies (Cambri..). G. W. D ;vey, D. Harris (Aberiash Co.), R. Haidy, S. Stevens, Din Williams, J. OORFLEIA (L'iJlwyn Knà C0), Vaughan RicLaras, and T. I' DAVIES (Foxhole). SWANSEA, Tuesday, May 15, 1900. PIG IRON.—Tht're has been a >barp fall in Pig Iron warrants of lOd. p';r ton in Scotch. 6*1 per tYD in M;ddlesl>oro', & 2s. per ton in Hematite, v-hiie from the beginrinu of the mouth the fall has teei. 3s. per ton in Scot-h, lid. per ton in Mid ilesb ,ro and 3s. 3d. per ton !ll Hematite, notwithstanding the constant rydnotion in the stocks, which are agaiu this UEEK lessened to the ex'ent of 12.000 tons. T'e present fall IS ;n sympathy with the fall of a dolluv in the v.-ilue oi American Pigs, and is ALSO influenced by TNE co-istant reports ci imports of FigS into this country. FINISHED IRON AND STEEL.—It is stated that in consequence of the unsettled state of the Pig lvo-market, orders for Fini-hed Iron and Steel arC ben g withh< la, and tnere is r ) business to rep A-t ot any fresh contracts being made. IINPLATES. J?A.- receipts iroin the works are in "XI-ESS or the shipments, causing a further increase in the stocks. The Luyers of TiripLatpa appear to be hol li. g back th«T orders in the hope I f makii g th< ir pure ases at lower prices, aud it is evidprt that they a-e INST'gated to do this hy the effect that TL ■ import or American bars into tuis country will ha* e. ibrae quantities HAVING been purchased for PROMPT 'iiv.Tv, but there are d-ubta as to whether the deliveries can be relied upon .o be made v.;thiu a reasonable time. FIG IRON.-Gbsgow warrants, 69s 7d, 70s 8d, 70- o £ a, cah buyers. Jdun>LKSBK,o:.— No. 3, 74s 0 £ D, 74s Id. Other numbers 111 ^rtion. HEMATIXII. Warrants, 81s 6d, for mixed NUITT F O-B. Cumberland, according to Urand WELSH HEMATITE.—NOB 1, 2 and 3. 90s. WELSH HAltS, £ 9 10s Od to £ 9 126 6J. Angles, &c., a: usual extras, f.o.t. at works. BHKET IRON.— £ 11 0S 0a to £ 11 5s 0,1, f.o.t. at works. BTEEL RAILS.—Heavy sections, £ 7 5s 0D to £7 78 6d light dc., £ 8 5s Od to iS 7s 6d, Lt.. t. s:eepers, angles, channels, FCC., according to section and specincatinn. STEEL SHEETS.— £ 10 15s Od to .Ell Os Od, with FHE nsual extras for the hi^ ganges. BE^SE^KR STEKL.—Tinpla'e bars, £ 7 5^ 0D. SIEMEN'S TINPLATE BARS.-i:est..E77s"6d All oehvered in the dietnct; uett c&,h. Bdiets an, i Biooms d,d Midlands, z67 15s Od to C-S. TINPLATKS.—Makers' quotations for B. esemer s.eelcoke 15s 9d to 16s Oct; Siemens (cuke finish) lbs OA to 16s 31 temes, UER double boy 28 bv 2° C..3°T°D |ls Od to 34, 0d bit CUJSJL lb- UD to 17s wd, according to fi. isL of brand wasters Gd to Is per box LET-- than PN!PE.S- extras. All d.ivered in Prince of Waies Dock, Swansea; cas less 3 AN™ PER CEOT- '•FCEETE FOR KA)VAN:sing, 6X3 39 £ 15 Od t" £ 15 10- Od per ton F o t finished black plate, £ 12 IW Od to P,12 7s 6d per ton, f.o.t. Canaua-, 211 158 Od to iii 17S 6d per ton. Lo.t. G-a.lvaLised sheets. 24 G., £ 15 0s, 26 G., JE15 158. The Swansea Harbour Trustees have furnished the following official return oi tin plates eoeived from the \voi-ks, slapped, aud iu stock Week ending* Ltlfit week. Correv'pondinsr IIAY 12, 1900. week last year. B. xes. Boxes. Boxes. Received 65.352 86,759 57,396 Sh'pped 46 600 64.409 93,211 In stock 255.171 2O6.2O9 213^73 COPPER—CCU; bars, £ 73 10s 01 TO E73 Os ad. BLOCK TiN, EI31 10. Od t, öÙ30 10., Od. SPELTER. £ 21 1Gs Od, per telegram received on 'Change. LEAD.—English, £ 17 5101 Od Spanish, C17 Os. ANTHRACITE big vein, selected for malting purposes. 18s Od to 18s 6d second quality, do 16s 6d ,o 17s 01; ordinary large according to quality, 13" 6d to 14s Od; rubbly culm, 10s Od to 10s 3D per ton. All delivered FOB SWANSEA, cash 30 days, les- 2i per cent. STEAM COALS—Large, 21- to 22s 6d second qllahty do 188 0. bunkers, according1 to quality, 16s 01 to 16s 6a small, 14s 6d to JLIS Od per ton, dt-livered f.o.b. Swansea, cash 30 days, less 21 per cent. BHUMINOUS COALS.—Large (No. 3 Rhondda); large (INO. 2 Rhondaa) thro' do. small dn per ton, delivered f.o.b. Swansea, cash 30 days' LESS 2J per cent., according to arrangement -1,'0^E;?,ESV0UNDRY' 3256(1 35S; furnace, oO- 0T to 3.Is 0U per ton, f.o.b. Swansea, cash 30 days, less 2, per cent. PATENT FUEL.-188 Od tc 205 Od. IRON G>JKS.—Tatna (PER Naylor, Benson v. ON J Rubio, 21S per ion, C3 3H, 30 days. PI RWOOD.—20B Od to 21s per ton into trucks, nett, CISH 30 aavs.


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