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SWANSEA. THE ROYAL JUBILEE METAL EXCHANGE (INCORPORATED). At the weekly 'Change, on Tuesday afternoon, j there were present ;-Messrs, Roger Beck (Gower- ton), J. S. Lester (Carmarthen), F. F. Card (Briton Ferry), S. Williams (Pontardulais), "Vi m. Davis (Ebbw Vale Co.), R. Peregrine (Briton Ferry), P. B. Mainwariug (R. Gilchrist and Co.), G. H. SLrick (Gurnos Co.), J. H. Thomas (Llanelly), LI. Davies (Albion), Thos. Davies (Cambria1), E. Harris (Teilo), J. J. Mitchell (Swansea), H. V. Witts (J. Watson and Co.), S. N. McNaught (J. Watson and Co.), W. J. Onions (Pontnewynydd), E. LI. Daniel (Cwmfelin), R. W. Evans (Llanelly), D. M. Giasbrook, J. T. Davies (Blaenavon Co.), R. Hardy, W. Rees (Glanaman), J. H. Strick (f'ardonnel), W. E. Lewis (Bryn- ofwyn), F. K. Clegg (F. S. Saunders and to.), T. Herschell Jones, C. G. Biggs J Bangham (Barrow Hematite Co.), Goo. Smith, L. B. Barlow, W. H. Jenkins E. P. Jones, F. H. Pound (Midland Co.), W. Bnckland (Morriston), E. Ball, W. D. Rees (Morriston), G. W. Davey, W Lean, E. Roberts (Lilleshall Co.), H. S. Sutton (Neath), T. G. Davies (Foxhole), Daniel Williams (Nevill Druce and Co.), E. Forester, J. Thomas (Llangennech), R. Rosser (Cilfriw), Thomas Freeman (Clayton), C. E. and H. M. Peel, S. Stevens, J. Corfield (Dillwyn and Co.), O. H. Thomas (Llanelly), F. Smitti (London and North-Western Railway), J. Williams (Clayton), F. W. Mortimer (Midland Railway), T. Gwynne (Briton Ferry), J. Probert (Port Talbot Railway and Dock Co.), E. Breffit (Cardiff), F. R. Phillips (Ynismudw). SWANSEA, Tuesday, May 3, 1900. PIG IRON MARKET.—The Pig Iron market has fluctuated somewhat during the week, leaving off to-day at lid. per ton in Scotch, 41d. per ton in Middlesboro'. and Is. 3Jd. per ton in Hematite, lower tban last week. Notwithstanding that the shipments of last week are less than those of the prior week, there i q, fnr'oiier reduction ot 10,710 tons in the stocks. There is no business to report, the market being somewhat flat. FINISHED lEOS AND STEEL.-There is no business to report in this branch of the trade. The Works are rally employed on old contracts, and the prices remain unaltered. TISPLATEs.-The shipments of plates during the past week have been less than the receipts from the Works, with a consequent increase in the stocks. New business appears to be sus- pended pending the settlement of the question of wages. PIG IRON.—Glasgow warrants, 718 6d, 71s 5d, 71s 7d, cash buyers. MIDDLSSBSO'.—No. 3,74s 7 £ d. Other numbers in proportion.. HEMATITE.—Warrants, 83s 6d, for mixed numbers, f .o.b. Cumberland, according to brand. WELSH HEMATITE.—Nos. 1, 2 and 3, 90s. WELSH BAKS, £ 9 10s Od to £ 9 12s 6d. Angles, Ac at usual extras, f.o.t. at works. SHEET IEON.— £ 11 28 6d to jEll 73 6d, f.o.t. at works. STEEL RAILS.—Heavy sections, £ 7 7s 6d to £,7 108 Od light do., X8 7s 6d to £8 10s Od, f.o.t.; sleepers, angles, channels, &c., according to section and specification. STEJlL SHEETS.— £ 11 Os Od to JE11 5s Od, with the usual extras for the higher gauges. BESSEMER STEEL.—Tinplate bars, jE7 5s Od. SIEMEN'S TINPLATE BARS.—Best, £7 7a 6d. All delivered in the district; nett cash. Billets and Blooms d, d Midlands, E7 15s Od to LS. TINPLATES.—Makers' quotations for Bessemer steel coke, 16s Od to 16s 3d; Siemens (coke finish) 16s 3d to 16s 6d ternes, per donble box, 28 by 20 C., 30s Od, 31s Od to 34s Od best charcoal 16s 6d to 17s Cd, according to finish of brand wasters, 6d to Is per box less than primes. Odd sizes usual extras. All delivered in Prince of Wales Dock, Swansea cash, less 3 and 1 per cent. Big sheets for galvanising, 6x3 X 30 gauge, £ 15 10s Od to L15 15s Od per ton, f.o.t. Finished back plate, JE12 10s Od to JE12 15s Od Cauada,s, E12 Os Od to per ton, f.o.t. Canadas, £ 12 0s Od to £ 12 2s 6d per ton, f.o.t. Galvanised sheets, 24 & £ 15 0s, 26 G., £ 16 0s.. The Swansea Harbour Trustees have furnished the following official return of tinplates reoaived from the works, shipped, and in stock Week ending Last week. Corresponding May 5, 1900. week last year. Boxes. Boxes. Boxes. Received 86,769 64,992 62,796 Shipped 64,409 113,091 39,520 In stock 236,239 213,879 249.438 1 .1 "1' T ORRR 1"3 J. Copper.—inui oars, x/o ias uu w V" uu. BLOCK TIN, il35 5s Od to £ 135 08 Od. SPELTER.— £ 21 17a 6d, per telegram received on 'Change. LEAD.—English, JE17 5a Od; Spanish, JE17 28 3d. ANTHRACITE COAL.-Best big vein, selected for malting purposes, 178 6d to 13s Od second quality, do., 15s Od to 15s 6d; ordinary large, according to quality, 13a Od to 13s 6d; rubbly culm, 10s Od to 10s 3d per ton. All delivered f.o.b. Swansea, cash 30 days, less 2i pec cent. STEAM COALS.—Large, 21s to 22s 6d; second quality do., 17a Od to 18s Od bunkers, according to quality, 168 Od to 16s 6d; small, 14s 6d to 15a Od per ton, delivered f.o.b. Swansea, cash 30 days, less 2 £ per cent. BITUMINOUS COALS.—Large (No. 3 Khondda); large (No. 2 Rhondda) thro' do.; small do., per ton, delivered f.o.b. Swansea, cash 30 days, lees 2\ per cent., according to arrangement. COKE —Best foundry, 32s 6d to 35s; furnace, 30a Od to 31s Od per ton, f.o.b. Swansea, cash 30 days, less 2 £ per cent. PATENT FUEL.—18a Od tc 20s 0d. IRON ORES.—Tafna (per Naylor, Benson and Co.), 20s. Rubio, 21a per ton, ex-ship cash, 30 days. PITWOOD.— 20a Od to 21a per ton into trucks, nett, cash 30 days.


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