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IiIII. BUSINESS ADDRESSES. Borth. LIVERPOOL HOUSE. GENERAL STORES. JOHN BISHOP AND Co. IRONMONGERS, &c., BURTH, CARDIGAN SHIRE. Wholesale Agents for BISHOP and Co. WINES HUN 1 LEV and READING BISCUITS. CROSSE AND BLACK WELLES GOODS JN GREAT VARIETY, ETC. Dolgelley. Prize Medals were gained by him at Chester in 1866, and at Aberystwyth in 1865, FOR THE BEST WELSH TWEEDS AND WINSEYS. JOHN MEYRICK JONES, MEYRICK HOUSE, DOLGELLEY, Sole PrizJ Medal holder in Dolgeiley and Merionethshire. HAVING gained celebrity for hi. genuine HAND-LOOM WELSH WEBS amiIW1MH TWEED PT/ITHS has latelv ereatlv extended his business, and is now prepared to supply liAxNU-kuuiYi FABRIC^onsist'in^of^?W?ED ^LOTH, FISHING CLOTH, FLANNELS, WEBS, LINSEYS, and WELSH WHITTLE SfJ^VJonesDper sonalfy "uperin tends the Manufacture at_ hi, own^lil^ from pure Monntain Wool, at Manufacturer's Price,, far frmn^ hi3f6matea^al3^areUworn obUitv^n d Gentry it, Fishing, Cricketing, Travelling, &c„ and being entirely MANUFACTURED OF PURE MOUNTAIN VvOOLS without intermixture will be found ve^ durable. Wholesale and Retail Old rs executed at the shortest notice. Cash^or RefereHce i6 «mT ? m n«T vlrd very superior WELSH WYNNSTAY -HOOTING CLOTH 2s. per yard. < LOTH FOR FISHING SUITs, 2s. 6d. per yard, very superior TWEED CLOTH at 4s. 3d. per yard. Five per cent discount for Cash. PATTERNS sent free per post on application to Mr JOHN MEYRICK JO>ES, Meynck House, Dolgeiley. omuwlnnitv of M. Jones respectfully cautions his Customers against unprincipled persons who are in the babit. of taking the first opportunity of sending spurious patterns of Flannels and Tweeds, which are not Welsh and thus cau*i g sapi iv24tiv23+ m ker in Dolgeiley or the County of Merioneth who has obtained prize meda s for these favourite Welsh Goods. jyM jyAAr Machynlleth. GOOD NEWS FOR MINERS AND QUARRYMEN. CURTISS ¥ HARVEY, THE WELL-KNOWN GUNPOWDER MANUFACTURERS, Have just introduced a new extra-strong quarrying and mining Powder of GREAT EXPLOSIVE POWER And free from the dangers attending the use of Nitro Glycerine Compounds. For further information and price apply to CATHERINE JONES, Agent, Machynlleth. jylOto Abervstwvth. THE NEW DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT, 9, LITTLE DARKGATE.STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. CONSIGNMENTS OF NEW GOODS RECEIVED DAILY. Lady Visitors and the Public generally can at all times procure THE NEWEST DESIGNS IN FANCY DRESS MATERIALS FANCY TRIMMINGS and LACES FRENCH MERINOS and PRINTS RIBBONS, GLOVES, TIES, and SCARFS SKIRTS and SKIRTINGS PLAIN and FANCY HOSIERY LLAMA and FANCY SHAWLS UMBRELLAS and SUNSHADES STRAW HATS and BONNETS MUSLIN LACE and LINEN SETTS FLOWERS and FEATHERS MUSLIN and LACE RUFFLES, &c., &c. At this Establishment at the Lowest London Prices. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF REAL WELSH FLANNELS, CLOTHS, AND SHAWLS, AND ALSO OF NEW PATENT FLANNELS, IN ALL COLOURS, ALWAYS ON HAND. C. M. WILLIAMS, 9, LITTLE DARKGATE-STREET, ,< (Opposite the Infirmary), ABERYSTWYTH. COALS! COALS!! COALS RICHARD WATKINS, 50, MARINE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. OFFICE NEAR THE RAILWAY STATION. POWELL'S NEWPORT RED ASH COAL, WIGAN AND RUABON COALS SUPPLIED AT THE LOWEST TERMS. Oswestry. CARPETS. DINING-ROOM FURNITURE EVERY MAKE OF CARPETS OF THE BEST IN MANUFACTURE. BROWN OAK, MAHOGANY, and CURTAIN MATERIALS. LIrHT OAK SILKS, COLOURED CLOTHS, VELVETS, REPS, LIGHT OAK. CRETONNES, SATTEENS, &c. ——— DRAWING-ROOM FURNITURE ONE HUNDRED BRASS AND IRON IN BE DSTEADS. EBONIZED and GOLD, FANCY WOODS, BEDDING. INLAID, &c. QUITE PURE, MANUFACTURED ON THE ——- PREMISES. PIANOFORTES BY THE BEST MAKERS. BEDROOM FURNITURE. THIRTY COMPLETE SUITES IN DIFFERENT WOODS, ARRANGED IN SEPARATE OUR CABINET FURNITURE BEING ORIGINAL COMPARTMENTS. IN DESIGN AND MANUFACTURED ON OUR Frain 115 to £90 per suite; also a number of suites OWN PEE ISES ENABLES US TO OFFER IT from 23 10s. to £15. AT THE LOWEST PRICES. I E. AND J. JONES, MANUFACTURERS OF CABINET FURNITURE, UPHOLSTERERS, CARPET FACTORS. AND DECORATORS, CHURCH STREETT OSWESTRY, ju26tjy3l LEA AND PERRINS' U. WORCESTERSHIRE S A TJ E, 0 IA^JCE, Pronounced by Connoisseurs, "THE ONLY GOOD SAUCE." ft\0 guard against the numerous worthless imita «iV ti<>ns of thia renowned Condiment, the Publi ASK FOR LEA AND PERRINS' SAUCE, nù see that their names are upon the wrapper, label, stopper, and bottle. \VO°LD Wholesale and for Export, by the PROPRIETORS, DR tester CROSSE and BLACKWELL, London and by ^g&ts, Grocers, and Oilmen generally throughout the LEA AND PERRINS', BOOKBINDING. i^GUSH and WELSH BOOKS BOUND in ARVT>^°th, Leather, Vellum, &c., at Moderate Prices, by NV ROBERTS, WOODALL. AND VENABLES, ^a-Uon Steam Printing and Binding Worts, Oswestry, ml3tO LITERATURE. JUST PUBLISHED. GUIDE TO SEA BATHING. Mm. by T. D. HARRIES, Surgeon. To be had of all Booksellers on the Welsh Coast. n jul9tsll VERY BEST THB w JJAILWAY ^ECORDh W For SHROPSHIRE AND NORTH 6-1 AND MID-WALES. 3 —— g o Camed in the Pocket for a Month and often consulted. lalso kept at Hotels, æc. W Z TERMS BE OBTAINED OF MR GIBSON, ° 3, QUEENS ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTS. WANTED, TO LET, &c. The charge for the insertion of prepaid advertisements referring to SITUATIONS WANTED, I PERSONS WANTED, is sixpence for three lines (seven words each) three times, One Shilling. HOUSES WANTED, I MISCELLANEOUS WANTS, APARTMENTS WANTED, | ARTICLES LOST AND F OTIND, three lines for One Shilling prepaid; three times, Two Shillings.. These charges apply only to prepaid advertisements. Pay- ment may be made in postage stamps. No Credit Advertisement is charged less than la. 6d WANTED. by a middle-aged Man any SITUATION TV OF TRUST. G..od scholar. Unexceptional char- acter.-Address L.P., Cambrian News, Office, Oswestry. jul2to WANTED, a Situation as WOODWARD by an TV experienced person.—Apply to J. Z., Post-office, Machynlleth. jy24tau7 WANTED, a sharp, intelligent youth, as an APPRKNTICE to the Bookbinding.—Apply at the Caxton Works, Oswestry. jy1522 WANTED, by a young person, aged 27, a Situa- W tion as thorough good plain COOK in North Wales. Liberty for the means of grace required. Unexcep- tionable character given.— Address, X.Y.Z Cynwyd, Corwen, North Wales. jy24 REGISTRY OFFICE FOR FAMILIES AND SERVANTS AT NOWELL'S FANCY WAREHOUSE, 8, LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, Opposite the Infirmary, ABERYSTWYTH. TO DRAPERS AND OTHERS. TO BE LET, a large, commanding, CORNER SHOP, with plate glass front, situate in Terrace- road, Aberystwyth, in a direct line from the Railway Station to th* Marine-terrace—the best position in town. Apply to Mr JOHN JAMES, 51, North-parade, Aberyst- wyth. Jy3to TO BE LET, during the Summer months, a com- modious and well-ventilated SITTING ROOM, with one or two BEDROOMS, having an extensive view of the country about, situated half-way between Cambrian and Festiniog Railway Stations. For Terms, &c., apply to CHARLES, Tea Mart, Penrhyn- deudraeth. jul9tjy2t MERIONETHSHIRE COAST. RESIDENCES, HOUSES, &c., to LET, at Aber- dovey, Towyn, and the Neighbourhood.—Apply to Mr DANIEL, Agent and Auctioneer, Towyn. fl3tau7 SALISBURY HOUSE, LLANBADARN ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. THE house is beautifully situated on the Llan- badam road, and ten minutes' walk from the seaside, contains eight Bedrooms, Breakfast, Dining, and Dr awing Rooms, Bathroom, &c.—Proprietress Mrs GREEN. The above House can be Let, or merely Apartments. mlto23 ABERYSTWYTH. TO Let for the Season.—A FURNISHED ^HOUSE in Aberystwyth, containing a parlour, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, and five bedrooms. Within two minutes' walk of the sea.-Apply to Mr. Thomas Davies, builder, Aberystwyth. m22to TO THOSE DESIROUS OF MAKING MONEY. —To be sold, an excellent SLATE QUARRY near Conway; lease 21 years. It covers about 400 acres of ground, produces an inexhaustible quantity of good mercantile slates, slate dabs, hone, and manganese. This excellent property (really worth to a company at least 25,000) will from necessity be parted with to an immediate cash purchaser for 2550. It is four miles from Llanurst, and seven miles from Conway; a tramway is made from the river Conway to the quarry, where the stage is erected for working and shipping to all parts.—Apply to Caleb D. Watson and Co., 15. Fenwick-street, Liverpool. m8to TO BE SOLD, by private contract, the two semi- detached HOUSES, with land adjoining, known as Jasper House, Borth, situate near the hotel, and facing the sea. The houses are of modern erection, and have just been put into repair.—Apply to Mr COULSON, Account- ant, Oswestry. jy3to ABERDOVEY. Important to Innkeepers and others. TO BE SOLD, the LEASE and GOODWILL of that old and. well-established house known by the name of the Royal Raven Hotel, situated in the centre of the thriving port and delightful watering place of Aber- dovey. The unexpired term of the lease is thirteen years last March. Good Stabling and Coach-bouse. Immediate possession.—For particulars apply to Mrs EVANS, Royal Raven, Aberdovey. jyl724 TO BE DISPOSED OF at the end of the season, at Aberystwyth Monthly Market, Angust 3rd next, that celebrated Light CARTER STALLION Gladow ne I" the winner of 250 prize at Aberystwyth Agricultural Show in April last.—For further particulars apply to the owner DAVID DAVIES, Glynnissa, Llangeitho, Cardiganshire. jyl724 INSURANCE. THE LEICESTERSHIRE and NORTH OF ENGLAND FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY In- sures every description of Property against Loss or Dam- age by Fire, the RATES of PREMIUM being regulated irrespective of the TARIFF ASSOCIATION, and made dependent on the nature of the Buildings and Trades carried on therein, commencing at Is. 6d. per cent. PROSPECTUSES, FORMS of PROPOSAL, and all information may be obtained on application to W. B. HUGHES, 7, LEWIS TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. APPLICATION FOR AGENCIES ARE INVITED. jigtox EDUCATION. THE ACADEMY, TOWYN. RESIDENT MASTEBS; English, dr.—Mr EDWIN JOYES, M.R.C.P. Classics, Jc.-The Rev. R. H. MORGAN, M.A. Mathematics, d-c.—Mr JAMES GOGGIN. ModernLangumMusic,} Herr Gotxfried Wefebs. A few Vacancies for Boarders. PUPILS are carefully trained for commercial and professional pursuits. Special classes are formed to prepare for the various examinations connected with the Universities and the Civil Service, and for the Law and Medical Preliminaries. The locality is most Salubrious, the premises arc cmnrnodi- ous, the dietary is liberal and healthy, the supervision thorough and constant, and the terms moderate. DUTIES RESUMED JULY 29TH. For terms, &c., apply to MR. EDWIN JONES, jyl7to jy22tau2 Principal. SCHOOL FOR YOUNG GENTLEMEN. ,IRWELL HOUSE, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. THE REV. LLEWELYN EDWARDS, B.A-, of Lincoln College, Oxford, and Graduate in Honours, is prepared to RECEIVE a Limited .Number of Young Gentlemen, to whose Education and Religious Training he will devote all his time and energies. Mr Edwards desires especially to prepare his Pupils for entering the Universi- ties, for the Scholarship Examination at the University College of Wales, for the Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations, for the Medical and Law Preliminary Ex- aminations, and for Commercial Pursuits, as well as to un- dertake the Charge of younger Pupils, with a view to giving them a thorough English Education. Mr EDWARDS will also be happy to Read with Students preparing for the Honours Examination at the University College of Wales, or for their degree at any of the Univer- sities. Terms and References on application. ABERYSTWYTH GRAMMAR SCHOOL, R E OPENS on Thursday, the 30th instant, FOR THE REPORTS OF EXAMINERS AND TERMS, apply to the Headmaster, JASPER HOUSE, jyl7t31 Aberystwyth. Private Atkinson, of the 1st Durham Volunteers, the winner of the (Queen's prize at Wimbledon, arrived at Stockton-on-Tees on Monday evening, July 20th. The town was gaily decorated, and at least 20,000 persons, with two brass bands and a guard of honour from the Yorkshire Artillery and Darham Volunteers, were present, Private Atkinson wore his gold medal, aod WW chaired thpoqgb the '¡ MEETINGS. MR BRINLEY RICHARDS WILL GIVE HIS J LECTURE (As given before the Society of Fine Arts) ON WELSH AND OTHER NATIONAL MUSIC, AT THE EXAMINATION HALL, Of the University College of Wales, ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON, JULY 28TH, 1874, TO COMMENCE AT THREE, P.M. The Lecture will be illustrated by Sketches of EGYPTIAN, ASSYRIAN, SCOTCH, IRISH, AND WELSH HARPS, By FREDERICK CHESTER, ESQ. VOCAL ILLUSTRATIONS BY Miss MARY DAVIES, R.A.M., Miss LIZZIE EVANS, R.A.M., and Miss MARY JANE WILLIAMS, R.A.M. Mr RICHARDS will play on the Pianoforte speci- mens of CHINESE, HUNGARIAN, and other MELODIES. RESERVED SEATS-First Class, 5s.; Second Class, 21.6d. MR. BRINLEY RICHARDS Assisted by Miss MARY DAVIES, R. A.M., Miss LIZZIE EVANS, R.A.M., MARY JANE WILLIAMS, R.A.M. CARADOG, and the ABERYSTWYTH CHORAL SOCIETY. (Conducted by PENCERDD CEREDIGION), WILL GIVE A GRAND CONCERT AT THE Temperance Hall, Aberystwyth, ON TUESDAY EVENING, JULY 28TH, ADMISSION-Reserved Seats, 5.; Second Seats, 2s. 6d. Back Seats, Is. Doors open at 7.30 p.m., to commence at 8 p.m. The proceeds of the Lecture and Concert to be devoted to the MUSICAL FUND of the UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES. Tickets for Lecture and Concert may be obtained of- MrE. Edwards, Draper, Pier-street; Mr Bubb, Terrace- road Mr J. Moz-gan, North- parade; Mr John Morgan, Great Darkgate-street; Mr W. Julian; Mr J. James. North-parade; Mr L. O. Davies, Great Darkgate-street; Mr John Ellis, Great Darkgate-street Mr John Morgan and Mr John Rees, Drapers, Pier street; Mr Thos. Thomas, Bridge-street; of all the Stationers, and at the principal Hotels. jy24 A G kR A N D BAZAAR WILL BE HELD AT THE NATIONAL SCHOOL, PORTMADOC, ON THURSDAY, FRIDAY," AND SATURDAY, The 6th, 7th, and 8th of August, 1874, IN AID OF THE BUILDING FUND OF THE CHURCH OF ST. JOHN, PORTMADOC, STALL HOLDERS. Mrs Greaves, Mrs Mathew and Mrs Homfray, Mrs Percival and Mrs Owen, Mrs Breese (per Mra Charles Wilkin),Jand Mrs Thos. Casson, Mrs Roberts. IN ADDITION TO THE NUMEROUS USEFUL AND ORNAMENTAL ARTICLES FOB SALE, THERE WILL BE A WELL-FURNISHED REFRESHMENT STALL, AND THE BAND OF THE FOURTH CARNARVON RIFLE VOLUNTEERS WILL PERFORM ON EACH DAY. By the kindness of the Cambrian and Festiniog Railway Companies, there will be SPECIAL TRAINS AS FOLLOWS On Fridav, the 7th August only, one leaving Portmadoc for Dolgelley, and the intermediate Stations at 9 p.m. On Saturday, the 8th, one leaving Portmadoc for Blaenau Festiniog, at 7 p.m. For reduced fares, &c., See SmJr Bills at the Railway Stations. Thursday, from 12 to 4 o'clock, Two Shillings and Sixpence 4 to 8 o'clock, One Shilling. On Friday, 12 to 8 o'clock, One Shilling. Saturday, 3 to 6 o'clock, only Sixpence. Children, half-price. jy23tau7 ENGLISH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, NEWFOUNDLAND-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. THE REV. GRIFFITH PARRY, MANCHESTER Will condnct Divine Service and Preach in the above- named place On SUNDAY, JULY 26TH. Services at 11 a m. and 6 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p.m. Collections are made weekly in aid of the Building Fund. ju12te30 ENGLISH SERVICES Inconnection with the Welsh Presbyterian Church, will be held at the I PUBLIC ROOMS, DOLGELLEY, NEXT LORD'S DAY, JULY 26TH, 1874, When the Rev. W. DICKENS LEWIS, B.A. (Oxon.), Shrewsbury, (the Deputation of the British and Foreign Bible Society) will preach. Morning service at 11.15. Evening Service at 6. jy3to THE GREAT AMERICAN CIRCUS With the greatest Combination of Genuine Novelties ever seen in this or any other age, will visit the following towns, viz.— NEWTOWN, FRIDAY JULY 94 LLANIDLOES, SATURDAY, JULY 25 ABERYSTWYTH, MON. and TU. JULY 27 and 28 WEDNK81)AY,JULY 29 FKHrl:l!?h ™!U!SDAY' JULr S FRIDAY, JULY 31. ST. DAVIDS, SATURDAY, AUG. I. BRINGING with them the far-famed TROUPE with them the far-famed TROUPE OF RUSSIAN SKATERS, who will appear at each entertainment, and execute the same thrilling Feats of graceful movements, combined with classical powers, embracing the poetry of motion with ease, elegance, and refinement, as performed by them at the Winter Garden at St. Petersburg, before his Imperial Highness the Emperor of all the the Russias, the Poke and Duchess of Edinburgh, and the Royality of all nations. For farther particulars see bills. |y24 ENTERTAINMENTS. ENGLISH BAPTIST CHAPEL, ALFRtD PLACE ABERYSTWYTH. A FANCY BAZAAR Under the Patronage of the Mayor (P. Williams, Esq.) will be held in the ASSEMBLY ROOMS (Good Templars' Hall), ABERYSTWYTH, IN Aid of the Fund for the liquidation of the debt on the above place of worship, On TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, the 4th and 5th of August, 1874. Open each day from 11 a. in. to 10 p.m. Admission from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Is.; and from 4 p.m. to 10 Pill, 6d. BUSINESS ADDRESSES. THOMAS TILSLEY, VETERINARY SURGEON, 7, BERRIEW STREET, WELCH-POOL. (PUPIL OF THE LATB MR S. J. DAYUS, V.S.) Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Member of the Veterinary Medical Association, &e. jy24tol6 PUBLIC NOTICES. THIS LLYWERNOG COMPANY—LIMITED. IN VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. "VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a first J3I Dividend of Ten Shillings in the £ will be payable on application to me at the Queen's Hotel, Aberystwyth, on and after Monday, tbe 3rd day of August next, to those Creditors whose accounts have been seut in and ad- mitted in accordance with previous notices. Aberystwyth, dated this 16th July, 1874. J. B. BALCOMBE, jyl724 Liquidator. NOTICE. IN consequence of influential recommendations, we have determined to open, on and after the 25th inst., a SUB-BRANOH of our Bank at HARLE CH, on Thursdays and Fair days. Hours, 12 to 3. CASSON AND CO. Portmadoc, 18th June, 1874. ju26tjy31 ABERYSTWYTH UNION. SCHOOLMISTRESS WANTED. "Vj OTICE is hereby Given that the Guardians of the poor t^f the Aberystwvth Union will, at their oidinary Meeting, to be held oa Monday, the 3rd day of August next, at the hour of half-past ten o'clock in the foienoon, proceed to the appointment <>f schoolmistress for the mixed sch ool at the Workhouse of the above Union, the average number of children attending the school being about 16. boys and 14 yirls. The salary will be E30 per annum with such additional sum as may be awarded by the Committee of Council on Education on the report of the School Inspector, together with the usual rations, washing, and appartments in the Workhouse. The person appointed will be required to perform the duties prescribed by the general order of the Local Govern- ment Board, and must hold a certificate from the Commit- tee of Council on Education, or be prepared to pass the ex- ainiriation of one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools. Applications, in the candidates' own handwriting (who must either be single, or widows without incumbrance,) stating age, experience, class of certificate held (if any), together with recent testimonials as to character and com- petency, must be sent to me on or before Saturday, the 1st day of August next. Tha person appointed will be required to devote the whole of her time to the instruction and superintendence of the children, and the appointment will be made subject to the approval of the Local Government Board. By Order of the Board, HUGH HUGHES, Clerk to the Guardians Aberystwyth, 6th July, 1874. jvlOt"!4. LLANFIHANGEL-YSTRAD :SCHOOL DISTRICT. TO ARCHITECTS. ARCHITECTS desirous of furnishing plans, &c., .lk and Superintend the erection of FOUR SCHOOL- ROOMS, with teachers' residences attached, in the above district, are invited to forward their applications and terms on or before the 5th day of August, to Mr Jenkin Jenkins, clerk to the School Board, Talsarn, R.S.O., South Walee, who will show the sites, and supply full particulars, on being applied t -). jy2431


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