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BUSINESS Aberystwyth, Machynlleth, and Dolgelley. BOO TS BOO T S BTO T TS D I C K'S GUTTA Percba Boots and Shoes have now stood the test of a quarter of a century's trial, and are generally admitted to be unrivalled for Durability and Cheapness. The number Bold in this District has increased more than fourfold during the past five years. In order to meet thegreat demand for repairs, Agents have been appointed to bring Boots to Aberystwyth for mending from the following places, which are unconnected with the town by rail, Free of Charge GOGIXAN and PONTERWYD Mr REES and Mrs MASON, Carriers. TALIESIN and TALYBONT Mrs JENKINS, Carrier. CWMYSTWYTA Mr CHARLES BURRELL, Post-office. » Attention is requested to the following Prices:— GENTLEMEN'S BOOTS from 8s. per Pair. LADIES' BOOTS from 53. 6d. BOYS' and GIRLS' BOOTS from 2s. 6d. FIRST CLASS WORKMANSHIP AND MATERIAL GUARANTEED. !t- LEATHER BOOTS IN ENDLESS VARIETY, OF THE BEST MAKES, AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. NOTE THE ADDRESSES;— 16, Great Darkgate St., Aberystwyth; MAENGWYN ST., MACHYNLLETH VICTORIA BUILDINGS, DOLGELLEY NEW ELASTICS PUT IN OLD BOOIS: Ladies' la. per set; Gentlemen's Is. 6d. per set. TERMS-CASH. WANTED, TO LET. &c. .r'J' The charge for the insertion of prepaid advertisemenst referring to SITUATIONS WANTED, PERSONS WANTED, is sixpence for three lines (seven words each) three times, One Shilling. HOUSES WANTED, MISCELLANEOUS WANTS, APABTIIENTS WANTED, ARTICLES LOST AND FOUND, three lines for One Shilling prepaid; three times, Two Shillings. These charges apply only to prepaid advertisements. Pay- ment may be made in postage stamps. j *I.No Credit Advertisement is charged less than Is. Cd WANTED, a Situation as WOODMAN, either VY a? Manager or General man. Thirteen yeais refer- eace from last employer. -Apply, Z., Post-office, Lampeter, i mG;20 WANTED, a youth of intelligence and good education, a3 (Out-docr) APPRENTICE to the Printing and Newspaper Business. He would have an op- 'nortunity of learning the different branches of newspaper -oik, as well as practical printing.—Apply to the Caxton orkOswestry. mllto ml3to \TANfED, an intelligent, well-educated man, » who could devote some part of his time to REP ORT. for and EE PRESENT a NEWSPAPER in a cfinnt y district.—x\pp!y X. V., 36, The Crescent, Salford, Manci esttr. mlltomlSto W» NTED, by a Married Man, a Situation as t COACHMAN or GROOM AND COACHMAN, aged 24 ears. One child. Five years good character from present en. ployer -Address, JAMES NIGHTINGALE, Iihiw- la, H.ll, B. a, ^orth Wales. ml."20 WANTE D> ift.v Cood DRAINERS, on the estate of C& P'?111 Vanghan, at Brynog.—Apply to Mr "W«. SCOTT, DI aJ^ae\e ^-n&'Deer, Aberystwyth, or to the Foreman at the ork?. ml,;ta3 mO DRAPER. s' ASSISTANTS. — Wanted im- JL mediately, TWv 1 pushing JJuNIOR JSANDS. Must lie good Window D. v-ssers, and able to speak Welsh. App'.y to C. M. Willian. Little Dark Gate Street. Aber- ystwyth. ml:jt27 WANTED, a. GENERAL SERVANT, strong j wT active, and obliging, md an early riser. Good j character indispent:ab',e. -Apply, Elian Vaanint 1, Queen's Koad, Aberystwyth. ia20ta3 i MONEY—WANTED to borrow St-OO.-Any .1. person disposed to advance the above sun i at liberal interest. Address, MAX, Cambrian Nevis Office, '3, (Queen's RDad, Aberystwyth. mtota3 TO MINE AGENTS, &c.. A FEW TONS Second-hand LIGHT BRIDGE MAILS, Cheap. — Apply to JA?IE.S MCIUQUHAII, Aberystwyth. mOtO MERIONETHSHIRE COAST. RESIDENCES, FLO USES, &c., to LET, at AI)er- dovey, TowyrL, -and the Neigp,bourhood.Apply to Mr DANIEL, Agent Auctioneer, Towyn. fl3tau7 -_n_ THEM AD 00. HOUSE to LET, and may be entered upon irnmedi-' le\v containing one Sitting-room, one Parlour, four T A rooms, H dL Pantry, two large Kitchens Stable, Coa' y. \1()U3e ami a small Garden, &c. -llent Moderate.- _.nlv \0 J. JoNES, Market Square, Tremadoc 1 m20ta3 TJ™ „ OPPORTUNITY FOR MAKING A FOKTUSE. ° F ,E SOLD, Part or Entire (former preferred), of COLLIERY ROYALTY of about 170 acres m Wales. The pit is sunk forty yards deep to seam, "?• ni*i"the host description of cannel. There are six <t- j of «ooa coal, (the first bein< king coal only four >ards J?. -r it) known to be bemath this seam. Its situation l/ein„ ft? ,-a-mile from Railway Station, and a^so adapted for laud A close to excellent roads; the working expenses, ro>alt>, if d rent and outlav small for a probable in a few weeks 4UU t rLsdaily at an almost fabulous eproflt, render the present under- ,d¡jng one worthy of immediat attention of capitalists, coal dealers gll8 manufacturers, or colliery proprietors.—Address, Q. E. IX care of Mr Watson, 15, Fenwick-street, Liverpool. r*Vri r VPITAL1STS OR PROMOTERS DESIR- I I TO MAKE MONEY. — To be Sold, a 1 T T J. r-oYALTY in N. Wales, close to Kail and Shipp'' „ COLLI-M- -K partially sunk, coal fu'ly proved J ;in(l Port. =ever, e ^d steam coals, m an area of ur;,var<]s of seams of good uoiu .,jing the West Mostvn co^^ field, just acres of =u> here other seams und-^r (including saceessfuily 1,:inn' jn addition to the above. So that C-innel; have been p o> > ff)e available Coal in this Royalty euunect engineers sta holder will arrange to sell the may be SS teet thick. Present, xioxuti r„<t entire, to an individual or coin pan", j*-> ctato dividing all profit male, above which, even m a no of the coal trade must be large, certaiD, ar.d s ife. Survejs oy eminent Staffordshire and Welsh en^iue'srs have alreailj' been made.—Addre?s. NIL IIKSRERAMDUM, care of Mr WATSON, L'>, Ftiiwick-sCieet, Liverpool. PRIZE POULTRY. AS tlie season is advancing, Eggs from the Rhiwlas i'rize 1'oultry w ill now be supplied at a reduced 'Hondans (daily layers, specially imported from France), Or'vecteiirs, },uff Cochins, Dark Brahmas, Coloured 1) rkin Ts, Black, Red, and Duckwing Game, at 7s. per sitting of'th.rteen, or four sittings for £ 1. A vlesbury Ducks, at os. TurkW White or Coloured, at los. mlSal Apply'to the HOJSEKKEPEB, Rhiwlas, Bala. 1*20,3 CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. rp O BE SOLD BY TENDER, I about 100 Tons of OLD D. H. RAILS, 30 to 40 Tots of OLD F. B. RAILS, and 30 to 40 Tons of WROIGHT SCRAP IUON, at per Ton of 2,2401 bs., delivered at Moat Lane. The whole to be cleared bv the "Ist infit. Sealed Tendr:is t j'le sent to the undersigned not [ator than the 20tli inst., tr.arked Tender for old Rails, &.c. GEO. LEWIS, Secretary. Company's Offices, Oswestry lOch March, IS" 1. mlllS MINING. r-r-J-.r- CAP1AIN ABSALOM FRANCIS, Gogiuan- Ab'^rystwyth, Mining Agent, Engineer, and Snr~ vcyor. rlhe great success^which i3 attending the opening and working of t-ie Mints in the counties ot Cardigan and -merv, and >iu- many properties placed at the dis- f Captain I P.ANCIS, induces him to offer his service* either to Advi.e, Inspect, Report or Survey, for Mining Co^voniP? or Shareholders. For terms apply to Captain ABSALOM FRACIS, as above. Now in t'r • Press and will shortly be published, A History cf C8rd^an -h-:re Mines, from the earliest times to the Year 1^1 TVeir iTe«ent prospects and position. Price %!Mk,To U hLl'.t; th/olfice of Jtoftt-r, « of Mr METALLIC MI WIORANDUM BOOKS manufactured from patent prepared paper, tae trTitirig vrarrautcil not to trase if written with the Pencil supplied with each book bound in French inoroooo and secured with clastic band; Prices, 6-1., is., -,L: Cl., 2&. and upA-ards, according to size—the cheapest books ever offered at the price. Jfcsssia bound Books, with iemoyable iiiiles, fiom 28. ;d. each.. Pjtket Wallet3, from 1". each. A=TCSW KOBERT?, WOODALL, nd VE>&3LEA, Bailey Head, Oswe:try, j PUBLIC NOTICES. TO BUILDERS AND STONEMASONS. THE CASTLEREAGH MEMORIAL COMMIT- JL TEE are prepared to receive TENDERS for erecting a CLOCK TOWER in the town of Machynlleth. The Plans and Specification may be seen at the Vane Hall on and after the 14th day of March, 1874. Tenders endorsed "Clock Tower," to be addressed to RICHARD JONES, Esquire, Honorary Secretary to the Committee, Machyn- lleth, on or before the 31st March. The Committee do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any other tender. HENRY KENNEDY, Architect, Bangor. March 10th, 1874. RE THOMAS JONES, DECEASED. STATUTORY NOTICE TO CREDITORS. PURSUANT to an Act of Parliament of the 22 JL and 23 Vict. cap. 35, entitled "An Act to further Amend the Law of Property and to relieve Trustees." Notice is hereby given that all CREDITORS and other Persons having any Claims or Demands upon or against the estate of Thomas Jones, late of Penisarllan in the parish of Llanfawr, in the county of Merioneth, Gentleman, deceased (who died on the 7th day of October, 1872, intes- tate, and of whose personal estate and effects letters of Administration were granted by the District Registry of the Court of Probate at St. Asapb, on the 26th day of Novem- ber, 1873, to Margaret Jones, the lawful widow and relict of the said deceased), are hereby required to send particulars of their respective Debts, Claims, and Demands to me. the undersigned William Williams, of Bala, in the said county of Merioneth, the Solicitor for the said Administratrix on or before the 14th day of May next, at the expiration of which time the said Administratrix will proceed to distri- bute the Assets of the said deceased among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the Claims of which the said Administratrix shall then have rectiVcd notice, and the said Administratrix will not be answerable or, liable for the Assets so distributed or any part thereof to any person or persons of whose Debt, Claim, or Demand she shall not then have received such notice. f Dated this 10th day of March, 1874. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, mlot27 Solicitor to the said Administratrix. ABERYSTWYTH UNION. CONTRACTS. To Butchers, Flour Dealers, Farmers, Milkmen, Grocers, Coal Merchants, Carpenters, Shoemakers, and Printers. THE Guardians of the Poor of the above-named JL Union, are desirous of receiving TENDERS from such persons as are willing to Contract for supplying the Workhouse with the following articles from the 25th day March instant to the 29th day of September next, viz:— Rounds of Beef with and without bone per lb.; Legs of Mutton per lb., Beef Suet per lb.; Australian Meat (in pots) per lb.; Wheat per bushel Flour per sack Butter, fresh and salt, per lb.; Home Cheese per lb.; Oatmeal per sack Tea per oz.; Sugar, white and brown, per lb.; Yellow Soap per lb.; Soft Soap per lb.; also Pepper, Mustard, Vinegar, Starch, Soda, Blue, Paraffin Oil, I Tobacco, Snuff, and Candles Milk per pint; Coals per ton. CLOTHING.—Brown Winsey per yard 29-inch Stripe per yard; Billy Fooden per yard; Dark Grey Melton 1 Cloth per yard; Fustian per yard; Corduroy per yard 30 inch grey Calico per yard; Scouring Flannel, &c., per yard. The above to be delivered at the Workhouse at such times and in such quantities as the Guardians may require. The Guardians will also enter into Contracts for the supply of Coffins for the Workhouse and the different districts for home-made Shoes for the ir,m?.tes of the Workhouse and for Printing. The Guardians reserve to themselves the power of contracting separately for each article, and do not bind themselves to accent the lowest or any tender. All proposals must be sealed, marked Tenders," and delivered to me at my Office at or before Eleven o'clock in the forencon, on WwJNESDAY, the 25th day of MARCH instant. Samples be produced as the quality of the articles must be JY.lO'; rigidly enforced, and no consider- ation as to price 'will at all weigh as an excuse for the same not being of tP.e quality contracted for. By order of the Board. HUGH HUGHES, Clerk to the Guardians. AlK-rysfcwyth, 16th March, 1874. m20 ABERYSTWYTH. VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY FOR SALE. I TO be Sold by Private Treaty, the following Valuable PROPERTY, held under a Lease for seventy-five years from the Corporation of Aberystwyth. Eight DWELLING-HOUSES, situate partly in Union- strept, Aberystwyth, opposite the railway station, and I artly in Cambrian-plat e This property is built in one bicctc, and realizes a rental of over £100 a year. Only five years of this lease has expired. Also Four DWELLING-HOUSES situated in Sea View Place, realizing an annual rental of 240. This lease has about fifty-six years to run. And also Three DWELLING-HOUES, situated in Portland-lane, bzinging in a rental of £ 24.. These houses will be sold either smgly or collectively, and further particulars may be hhd on application to Mr R. EVAXS, 18, Great Darkgate-street, Aberystwyth, and Mr E. POWELL, 4, Ilailway-terrace, Aberystwyth, ni-,02* LLitN.FOP. NEW CHURCH, NFAK BALA. PLANS and SPECIFICATIONS of the above can be inspected at the llhiwlas Estate Office, Bala, on and after the 11th of April next. Sealed Tenders to be endorsed. Tenders for Llanfor Church to be delivered to F. Parmeter, Esq., Khiwlas Office, Bala, not later than the 25th of the same month. The Committee do not pledge themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. (Signed) T. MORGAN, Rector. F. PARMETER, Hon Secretary. Bala, 18th March, 1874. m20 NOTICE. TENDERS are required for the Repairs to and the Re-decoration of St. Michael's Church, Aber- ystwyth. The Specifications can be seen at the office of Messrs SZLU.VI'EU and ALDWINCKLE, Queen's-road, Aberystwyth to whom iealtd Tenders must be sent not later than Tuesday, the 31st instant. m20 EMIGRATION TO ADELAIDE, SOUTH J|H| AUSTPkALIA' ASSISTED PASSAGES. The Government of South Australia grant Passages to the following persons:— 1. Artisans, Agricultural and other Labourers, Miners ar.d Gardeners, under 50 yearauf age. 2. Single Female Domestic Servants, or Widows (without Children under 12) not exceeding 40 years of age. Subject to the payments as under ;— For Males or Females under 12 years of age, £;3 each over 12 and under 40, 24 each; over 40 and under 50, JE8 each. r p.a>nS their own Passage receive a Land CV i' he value of £ 20. Handbook descriptive of the L olony, gratis cm application. Fo* further information apply to THE EMIGRATION AGENT FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIA. 37, Great, George-street, Wuttnlmtet, London. [jlCtaK, =-= ESTABLISHED 1835. STFEJ/S GOUT and RHEUMATIC PILLS.- The only Cure. May be obtained of ^NEWBKRY and } BAKCLAY and SONS, and all Chemists, in boxes, la. Ed., 2s. 9d., 4s. Gd., and lL. post free for one ex- tra stamp. Prepared only by FHANK VV, SXEEL, Al.Pfi.S,, 283, Liverpool Koad, .London, N j BUSINESS ADDRESSES j POTATOES!! I; I CLOVER AND ILYE GRASS SEEDS E. ELLIS, 8, PRINCESS STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, |_| AS just received a large quantity of the Best IRISH WHITE ROCK POTATOES, For Table use and for Seed. Also, COW GRASS CLOVER; PACEY RYE GRASS; VETCHES; ITALIAN EYE GRASS; ALSIKK CT.OVKR > TIMOTHY GRASS TREFOIL FEEDING LINSEED. AMERICAN PROVISIONS. BACON, II A M S, C H E ESE. SDIPSOl\i CATTLK SPICE GROCERY, FLOUR, &C. The public may rely upon the quality being first-class. Machynlleth. AGRICULTURAL A 'D GARDEN SEEDS. HADAU GERDDI A CHAEAU. D Y M U N A JJ D W A B D REES DRUGGIST, MACHYNLLETH, Hyspysn ei fod newydd gael adref Stock o Hadau Gerddi a Chatau, Clovers, Vetches, Swedes, Maip, &c Y rhii a wcrthir am brisiau rhesj raol. m6t27 Welshpool. "r. fJIHOMAS SALT AND CO., BRE WERS, BURTON-ON-TR E^N T. These celebrated PALE and BURTON ALES can be had in Casks and Bottles from CHARLES MYTTON, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, WELSHPOOL. !■ m mi IIIEIBIWIH II HBIIMM—i^immLiwin .-na Parsons, Fletcher and Co's INDIAN STARCH TRADE MARK—AN ELEPHANT. PARDONS, Fletcher and Co's INDIAN STARCH For Puritv and Beauty of'Colour. PAliSONS, Fletelierand Co's INDIAN S TARCH, for Laces, Muslins, &c., &c. PARSONS Fletcher and Co's INDIAN STARCH, will not adhere to the iron. PARSONS, Fletcher and Co's INDIAN STARCH, will retain its stiffness in the Dampest weather PAR SONS, Fletcher and Co's INDIANSTARCH, is highly recommended to Laundresses. PARSONS, Flo tcher and Co's INDIAN STARCH The Increased demand is Proof of its Excellency PAR.SONS, Fletcher and Co's INDIAN STARCH, JL Is packed in 1, 5, and lib. Packets also in Boxes and in 51b. Papers. Works—Gravel Lane, Southwark, London. MAY BE HAD EVERYWHEBE. KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. Why use KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS ? 1. Because they are the best Pamily Medicine. 2. Because they are safe and certain in action for both sexes. 3, Because they are the cheapest and most effective medicine yet invented. 4. Because they [Ire equally efficacious in curing and preventing disease. Sold by all Chemists and other Dealers in Patent Medi- cines at Is. lid., 2. 9J., and 4s. 6d. per box. WHOLESALE DEPOT 22, BUEAD STREET, LONDON, E.G. f 11 to LEA AND PEKlllXS7 W 0 h C E S T E R S H I R E S A U-C E Pronounced by Connoisseurs "TIL& uNLY GOOD SAUCE." rPO gu;ud -against the numerous worthless imita tioiis of this renowned Condiment, the Publi should ASK FOR LEA AND PERRINS' SAUCE, And see that their names are upon the wrapper, label, stopper, and bottle. Sold Wholesale and for Export, by the PROPRIETORS, Worcester; CKOSSE and BLACKWELL, London; and by Druggists, Grocers, and Oilmen generally throughout the world. LEA AND PEHRTNS'. I — <5 z-2A) I eAu^vcwvto, <S/Wt>p-?vv wt Aob mww cwuu| Km iCWvWiM), j £ ,'Mx-'Q'fy r Uj; 'L(WV^) cdt if AciWuUyPi- £ 4> 'k'ftV flic- (A U Sc j w-eo QS'/W. ^Rj\v^Lb, QW £UM:y\ II: 'V. 'f' 1-






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