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BUSINESS ADDRESSES. '■ Aberystwyth. v JP o R JFE WPORT AND WIGAN (jOALS, TENBY AND KIDWELLY LIME, Glazed and Common Drain Pipes, Slates, Slabs, Ridge Tiles, Bricks, and Cement, &c., &c., at Wholesale Prices,—Apply to <; WILLIAM THOMAS, ¡. At the RAILWAY STATION, ABERYSTWYTH. ANNE HUGHE S, (Late B. HUGHES,) GENERAL FURMSHING IRONMONGER, OPPOSITE THE TOWN CLOCK, ABERYSTWYTH. HAS now on hand a large Stock of AMERICAN HORSE RAKES, SCYTHES, &c., CHAFF CUTTERS, Iron. Bedsteads, Mattresses, Palliasses, &c. Superior Shi ffield Cutlery. Baths and Perambulators for Hire. Baths and Perambulators for Hire. AGENT FOR LIPSCOMBE AND CO.'S PATENT CHARCOAL FILTERS. G: WILLIAMS and CO., MERCHANTS, 6 AND 7, BAKER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, Have just received a fresh supply of FARMING IMPLEMENTS DID THE EEST MAKE AND LATEST IMPROVEMENTS, SUITABLE FOR THE SEASON. ALL KINDS OF MINING MATERIALS ALWAYS IN STOCK, Agents to the Ballincollig Royal Gunpowder Mills Co., Limited, and the British Dynamite Co., Limited. j, PRICE LISTS ON APPLICATION. j CHT>TA_, GLASS, AND EARTHENWARE WAREHOUSE JAMES McILQUHAM, I BRIDGE END HOUSE, I BEGS to inform the Inhabitants of Aberystwyth and the surrounding country, that he has just OPENED 0 a HE TAIL Place in connection with hir- WHOLESALE Business, which is now replete with a Choice Selection f Tea and Breakfast Sets, Dinner and Dessert Services in various designs, handsome Toilet Sets, rich Cut Glass, a large luantitv of beautiful Lustres and Bohemian Glass, Fancy and Foreign Goods, &c., &c., and an endless variety of everything Pertainim, to the trade, down to the commonest Culinary Article, at extraordinary low prices. Orc'ets taren for Services, &c., with Crest or Monogram. All kinds of articles matched. Hotels and large con- timers liberally treated. t Parti is furnishing in this department will find a large assortment to select from, and prices marked very low. ( GOODS LET OUT ON HIRE.—AN EXPERIENCED PACKER KEPT. 1- ESTABLISHED IN THE YEAR 1820. WILLIAM JULIAN, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER, TEA, COFFEE. PROVISION, AND FLOUR DEALER, 10, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. A constant supply of First-Class Australian Preserved Meats, Labrador Salmon, Lobsters, I Sardines, &c. j HOME-CURED BACON AND HAMS. I JOHN ROBERTS, FHUIT AND BACON STORES, (First Stall in the New Market Hall, Terrace Road.) A First Class Stock of BACON, CHEESE, AND GREENGROCERY ALWAYS ON HAND. n28tn27 SEEDS! SEEDS!! SEEDS! RICHARD- MORGAN, •w No. 7, GREAT DARIvGATE-STREET (Opposite Market-street), IT" AS now on hand a splendid Stock of NEW GRASS SEEDS, including CLOVER, RYE GRASS, &c. He is also prepared to supply good, sound ENGLISH and SCOTCH SEED OATS. He Las 5*1 ways on hand HAY, STRAW, OATS, for Feeding, HORSE BEANS, &c. PIG MEAL, and other D for ittening Pigs always in Stock. d26tju25 SEWING MACHINES! SEWING MACHINES! -eg?-Machines within the reach oi all, by Weekly or Monthly Payments, at rftTjlr EVA* MORGANS', T*T**UJT* LINEN AND WOOLLEN DRAPES, 21, GREAT DARKGATE-STREET, CORNER SHOP, ABERYSTWYTH. n 14 to n 13 JUST PUBLISHED. PRICE FIVE SHILLINGS, Free by Post for 6d. extra, A LIFE LIKE PORTRAIT OF j DAVID DAVIES, ESQ., M.P., LLANDINAM. t¡ The following are notices of the Press on the likeness of Mr Davies- £ L £ °ZT-St °' ^gomeryshire men, as one who has done L%U a'u'gwasanaethgarwch i'r byd ac yn mysg y moirw y- la first and foremJst^overe" PrinclPah^'?s a P.e,rs°? w.ho kS ni c-vrJillion a rlieithjcafau y bjdciu >n lijfiyowch gen to te deserving .TthJ^ l elieve Mr Davies KHo'Kr.sai vn ein meddiant y darlnmau llciafo lionynt. that cannot be better paid than an- ie-eeIe* ^so',hafc b ysw, Llandinam, nid yn nnig yn gyffredinol ad- the valuables of eve" £ Sd by ^e^cereVTon^hT?^ R>4dc3 o ei enw. ond mo«n Uawer cymydopetli y mae portrait will meet with an extensive sale.l N?wtownPExpfeSS K? *°t( olofuau o'i liaelioni a'i crymwynasgarweh, fv^lantyn Very may 0f our readers will hear with pleasure fhat they tvsi-ioiatth iddo yn hir wedi iddo ef a niiau fyned 1 ffordd can obtain for five shillings an excellent portrait of Mr Davies TV°U" ortaear Mae Meistri A?KEW ROBERTS, W'OODALL, a from a large photograph. The portrait is published by Messrs FJC4BLE: Oswestry, newydd gyhoeddi dailun o Mr DAVIES, yn Afckew KoberLs, Woodall, and Venab'es of Oswestry, andean be W/j* 221 wvt'a I7i modfedd, a hyny am y pris isel o 5s. Pan sent by post. In our own immediate district Mr Davies is well ^n "iiw: dangosasom ef i un o'r arlanwyr goreu, os nid y known as a great benefactor of the country. We owe very largely Ngiiymru, yr hwn a adwaena Mr DAVIES yn dda. Dy- to his ent: rprice the Manchester and Milford and the Pembroke i1Of } y b.'ueddwr hwn wrthym ei fod yn ddarlun rliagorol, ac and Tenby railways. He has also identified himself with the i'r gwreiddiol ag y gallai dailun fod. Mae barn pro- Welsh University College by wise counsel and munificent gifts, v man o safle ac euwogi'wydd y bone.ddwr hwn, vn Iwy In fact, Mr David Davies is a typical Welshman, whose patriotism i'r darlun ua dim a allwn ni ei ddyweyd. has not been quenched by his marvellous success in life. Erery- lf h litu .) a o hyd cyrbaodd 1 holl gyftill-on ac edmygwyr wherein Wal.s hij name is mentioned with pride, and we have (f^*VlKs,i pael darlun ojbono am o?., dimnnd anfon no doubt that this portrait of him will soon adorn hundreds of A.MUCW ROBERTS, WOODALL, and VENABLEg.Pubhshera homes n the Principality. We have already said that the like- Il|to Ij'—-YTystarDgdd. cess is an excellent one. It could not be more truthful. Not NkU,(|'U n i.icd lwl lawer gwaith y buasai cyhoeddi darlonian only are the lineaments of the face there, but the artist has oyrhaeddadwy.yn un o'r moddion mwyaf effeithiol 1 cau lit its inatural expression. No one can look on those bright [it., li-Yae'b, i uro moes, a dyrchafu meddyliau CiK^cytlwlacl- J forehead, without a consciousness that there > mae yn dda genyra feddwl fod gobaith i hyn o'r (KwrfW-, that wealth of power which has enabled him to Evr?<i lla. V maejMeistri Askew Roberts,a'i Gyf.,o Groesoswallt, lllgh Position he now holds."— Wehhman, Nov. h darlun lhaporol am bri- hynod o resymol, o 28,187»V- I Xjluiidinam 5 acvjnae yn llawen geuyra ei fe.ldianu, Messrs Rojert?, and Venable, of Oswestry, has just fjia*5 y oatlun hwn ar y pared yn gyfneth i deulu. Fel darn o published a portrait of this Kaivnent an<l truly good man. The M^lfuidvdy mae ynrhiigorol lawn, ac nis gall neb edrych portrait is a capital likenes^iiR5^Cfinished, and altogether re- K ,eb i Ivgad gaal bodclhud. Ond heblaw y gwersi Luddiol fleets credit upon the estalilishtnent Waf-rg p issued.—Shrews- Evj caei oddiwrth y darlun, caill groesaw cijfaiH a chyiit- bury Free Frees. J- iV^"1 ganoedd os nid miloedd o dai. Caiff hyny'i dai bonedd- A portrait of Mr David Davies, of Landinam—the {BglMcnown A) llR".eit''wvr; ac yr ydym yn sicr v caiff hyny i deuluo°dd contractor and chief shareholder in the Ocean Steam Au^uw ru'ijocion V Met,h°(listi,aa Caltlnaidd trwy Ogledd has jiut been issued by Messrs Askew Roberts, Woodall. anu^ Cvmvu fel un a wnaeth fwy na neb arall tuag at sicr- Ven'ables, of Oswestry. The portrait is of a most life-like char- V!!1 cy>-tirou me'wn adfyd a chyfyngrterau."—y Qolcuad. acter. It has been executed in a high style of art, and altoge- S ,.vl rpppivei tllcr is a production reflecting the greatest credit upon the pub- h?«U 01 .Mr SDavies, of Llandmam.the weU-kllo5n^o„. Ushevs.-South Wales Daily News. t 'an.-i ei.^f'Rhireholder in the Ocean^team c< Uiories, and An excellent likeness of this remarkable man lias been just As i rinr;iril suweorters of the University College of published by Messrs Askew Roberts, Woodall, and \enables, of HHSK iho .I iitra'it is a highly creditable proiuction. The Oswestry. It is a highly-finished lithograph.—EddoivessShrews- aiv Messrs Askew Roberts, Woodall, ana Venables, bury Journal. Abcrvsticuth Observer. it, oa f T> 1l/IA vory good likeness of Mr Davies has been published by friends and admirers of Mr David ot Bron- Messrs Askew Roberts, Venables, and Woodall, of Oswestry. n'-s- LlaniJinam, will be glad to learn that a veiy excel- The portrait is a high-class lithograph. Any one desirous of of that gentleman has 1 een uhlished by essrs av'ng a really life-like likeness of our much-respected countrj j"|erts, Woodall, and Venables, of O^'esfry. Mr D es be disappointed with the representation before us > of the best-known men in the „th«T A„ T U',D IJEN("'«H aid.. f,> bim for its present railway facili^ ,nl,„trV has publisbV?! v.eni!irllkeness of ^bis remarkable man has been just f>t|Hi, '"takings, by which the prosperity ot tne <-o X fc os>ve„trv .Mc-sars Askew Roberts, Woodall, and Venables, ot kf' iuJTUot^d and he is known, also, fcr his many m-i ta 'irtLt 5 bighly-finished lithograph, and is creditable i 5?'11 of a l'Ublie as a private nature. The portrait and Publisher.— Wellington Journal. -iv i inches, and it is offered at a very moderate PJ. ale3„rs Askew Roberts Woodall and Venibles of Oswestry, i\ it v-ithin the reach of all classes.-S^ur!/ Chro- have^ust Published a re^Kfgoof wthk^ V-v-iri rs ct tLis gentlerr an will, we believe, be pleased to beec|reat skill an'dcare^Those wlw'wishto be- ^^•.ar, PxceUcnt portrait is now published oi him, at the \han communto^P -1 J,ortrait of Mr Davies, cannot do low ptice of five shillings, copies of which may be bett, r than communicate Wlth th(j publiijher3-_Ad. '•'Orn Mr PL-iliii'S. bookseller, of this town. As one of W >>!>• ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL AND VENABLES, tr :t Publishers, Oswestry, or may be had from I^HHos, Newtown; Miss S..undersoil, Bala; Mrs Png'i, Doyey View, Machynlleth; Mr Owen Rees 4, ajt Dolgellsy; Mr Mills, Llanidloes Mr l'lulip V>illiaui3, Aberystwyth. FRAME for this picture, with glass and backboard-i can be supplied by the Publishers at Three Shilling n. eack. Order) by post must be accompanied with remittance. w mm—aaaMa^^i i« Tti- The new edition ot AJEVf rHOTCGEAPHIC FCIiT]?AlT of .T 7? fMf?E CHURCH SERVICE, SS Urn.sby Gore, E.q., M.P., by J. Maclardy, Chur'oh °?a new clear-faced type, and forming a much street. Lar^e size for framing, zs. 0d.; carte size, is< el, ,r,y <v-ithiU ^iandier book than the c-ld edition, and may be "Rtccntly published T. L. Longuev'ille, Esq., Peny an Vp l,;01!hout red rublic. A very choice stock in Large size, 2s. 6d.; carte size, Is. —Ihe Kev. W. Howell H 'W au<^ mountings, especially adapted for Eva ns. Large size, 2?. 6d.; carte size Is.—The Rev jy deeding, and Baptismal Gifts. Prices from 53. Walsham How. Large size, 3s.; carte size, Is. °^ar> 8ervices from Is. 6d. each, very neatly bound T ritcF. ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL, and VENABLES, ^ILEY HEAD OSWESTRY. BaUey Head, Oswestry. SALES BY AUCTION. Advertising is to business what steam is to machinery-the grand propelling power.-Macaitiay. COUNTY OF MERIONETH. Sale of choice and substantially-built FREEHOLD DWE LLING- ROUSES, situate in the village of MAENTWROG. To be Sold by Auction, by MESSRS. W. DEW and SON, at the Oakeley Arms Hotel, Maentwrog, on FRIDAY, the 10th day of April, 1874, at Two o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions then and tht ra to be produced, the following very desirable FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES, viz:— LOT 1. All those substantially-built HOUSES called PENLAN and TYUCHAF, built on land called Gwige. and con- taining Oa. lr. 20p. or thereabouts, lately in the occupa- tion of Miss Phoebe Roberts, deceased. Penlan contains a large entrance Hall, three Sitting- roams, Bar and two Parlours, eight Bedrooms, Kitchen, two Pantries, &c.-Tyuchaf contains Parlour, five Bed- rooms, two Kitchens, two Clo-ets, Cellars, &c., &c. LOT 2. All that DWELLING-HOUSE lately occupied by Mr George Hunter, adjoining Lot 1, and built on other por- tions of the said land called Gwige." This lot contains three Parlours, six Bedrooms, Office, Kitchen, Larder, &c. All the above houses are well adapted for carrying on the business of a first-class lodging house during the sum- mer months. There is a good supply of spring water, with fine open gardens in front. The houses stand on an elevation immediately opposite Tanybwlch, and command a fine view of the beautiful Vale of Maentwrog and the surrounding mountains. LOT 3. All that substantially-built HOUSE called Tanlan, to gether with a piece of BUILDING LAND, situate in the best part of the village containing Oa. Or. 9p., or there- abouts, now in the occupation of Mr Griffith Pritchard. This lot is sold subject to a lease thereof to John Jones for the term of 49 years, from the 12th day of May, 1841, at the annual ground rent of jE7 7s. This house contaius large Parlour and Kitchen, fccullery, nine Bedrooms, two good Cellar! &c., &c. For further particulars apply to Messrs JONES and JONES, Solicitors, Portmadoc; and the AUCTIONEERS, Wellficld House, Bangor. m20Ls To be Sold pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, maie in a cauoe of Dixon v. Muckleston, with the approbation of His Honor the Master of the Rolls, by MR. WILLIAM HALL, the person appointed by the said Judge at the Gogerddan Arms and Lion Royal Hotel, Aberystwytli, in the County of Cardi- gan, on WEDNESDAY, the 6LLi day ot May, 1874, at Four o'clock in the afternoon, in one lot A FREEHOLD EsTATE called Pen y bank, situate in the parish of Llaufihangel- Gene'r- Glyn, near Aberystwyth, in the County ot Cardigan, comprising about 61a. lr. 33p. of Pasture, Arable, and Woodland, with a Farmhouse and Buildings, now in the occupation of Mr William liichard. Particulars and Conditions of Sale and further informa- tion, may be obtained of Mr J. S. NEWTON, Solicitor of Temple Chambers, 50, New-street, Birmingham of Messrs BELFKAGE and MIDDLETON, Solicitors, 36, Bedford- row, London, W.C.; of Messrs W. and H. T. BROWN and ROGERS, Solicitors, of Chester; of Messrs MILNE, RIDDLK, and MELLOR, Solicitors, 2, Harcourt Buildings, Temple, London of the AUCTIONEER, at his offices, Shrewsbury, and at the place of Sale. Dated this 14th day of March, 1874. E. B. CHURCH, m20a3!.72431. Chief Clerk. BUSINESS ADDRESSES. Aberystwyth. EGYPTIAN HOUSE, TERRACE-ROAD, I AND YORK HOUSE, MARINE-TEKRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. ELIZABETH WHITE, LAPIDARY AND JEWELLER, Pebbles Cut and Mounted on the shortest notice, and most reasonable terms. Stones inlaid in wood or metal. Jewellery, &c., carefully repaired. Antique China in great variety. MERCHANDISE OF EVERY DESCRIPTION PURCHASED. MR DAE LOW, Pawnbroker, Aberystwyth, buys old Gold, Silver, Watches, Furniture, Wearing Apparel, and Goods of all kinds. Cash instantly remitted for all Parcels forwarded from the country. Business Place-2, CHALYBEWTE-TERRACE, Private House-27, POilTLAND-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. o 31 to o 30 T. B U B B RESPECTFULLY announces that he has taken ]It the large Shop in Terrace-road at the corner of New- foundland-street. which he has opened as a SHOW ROOM. In addition to his extensive Stock and choice Designs in Paper Hangings from London and Paris, he has also added a large Stock of FURNITURE, comprising Loo and other Tables, Chairs, Couches, Cheffoniers, &c., &c., in Mahogany and Walnut; Chimney and Bedroom Glasses of various sizes and designs. Perambulators, Fancy Baskets, &c., &c. BRONNER'S Patent Gas Burners give ninety-nine per cent. of Light as compared with twenty-seven per cent. given by ordicary burners, with equal consumption of gas. Vide Gas Referees' Report, June, 1869. T. Bubb, Terrace-road, Sole Agent for Aberystwyth District. ELLIS AND OWEN, ABERYSTWYTH SLATE WORKS, ABERYSTWYTH, MANUFACTURERS of Plain and Ornamental JH'JL Slate Chimney Pieces, Baths, Cisterns, Milk Coolers, Head Stones, Urinals, ltlangers, Cattle Troughs Dairy, Larder, and Wine Cellar Shelves Window bills, Door Steps, Hearth Stones, Flooring, Skirting, and every description of Slate Works. MESSRS. ELLIS AND OWEN Are prepared to supply BRICKS, SLATES, AND TILES, And every other description of Building Material, obtained in the best markets, at reasonable prices. W. B. BAMBER, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL I FISHMONGER AND FRUITERER, II-. S 7, TERRACE ROAD, R £ vs-f AND 11. E W MARKET HALL, it ABERYSTWYTH. 3 .$ :§ Tickles. Sauces. S? g *W,rt Real Yarmouth Bloaters and Red Herrings. ° g Haddocks and Oysters. Wenbam Lake Ice. g'fc -I Licensed dealer in Game. A large stoèkoL learns, Bacon, Cheese, Lard. &c. Also a well selected atact pf Cumberland Bacon always on hand. -I ISAAC ANDGEORGE LLOYD, COACH BUILDERS, CASTLE STREET, (BACK OF PIER STREET & LAURA PLACE), ABERYSTWYTH. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF REPAIRS EXECUTED Country Ordcr3 Promptly Attended, to. n 7 to n 6 I PAPER HANGINGS. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF PAPER HANGINGS, At Greatly Reduced Prices, AT T. THOMAS'S, PAINTER, P-LUMBEU, GLAZIER, AND HOUSE DECORATOR, Bridge-street, Aberystwyth. pictures rained in Gilt, Maple, &c. Mouldings supplied to the Trade at moderate prices. Terms. Cash. EEMOVAL. HUGH HOWELLS, BUTCHER, DEALER IN BUTTER, BACON, PORK, &c., BEGS to inform his friends and the Public gene- rally that he has REMOVED from No. 3. Mary- street to No. 13, in the same street, near the Railway Station. PURE MILK AND CREAM TWICE DAILY, i wuU BUSINESS ADDRESSES. Aberystwyth. ST. DAVID'S HOUSE, MARINE TERRACE, NEAR THE QUEEN'S HOTEL. CHARL ES WHITE, WORKING JEWELLER, SILVERSMITH, AND LAPIDARY. DEALER IN OLD ENG ISH CHINA, &c. JEWELLERY NEATLY REPAIRED. n 7 to n 6 tJLD IRON I OLD IRON!! OLD IRON 11 OWEN JONES, CAMBRIAN INN, GREAT DARKGATE-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. I The best prices given for every description of old metals as follows:—Oopper, Brass, Lead, Iron, and Scrap Iron. READY CASH ON DELIVERY, CASH CASH CASH I Patronised by the Faculty and the Nobility. DAVIES'S JJ OREHOUND JgALSAM Cures Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Influenza, Bronchitis, Asthma, Loss of Voice, Spitting of Blood, Consumption, and all Disoiders of the Chest and Lungs. This excellent Preparation, marvellous for its efficacy in the above-named complaintJ, is sanctioned by public appro- b ion, and encouraged by an extensive sale promotes ex- pectoration and abates fever, thereby affording immediate and perfect relief, and, if persevered with, scarcely ever fails to effect a speedy and lasting cure. Being palatable to the taste, may be given to children with ease, as well as to adults. Prepared only by JNO. H. DAVIES, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Terrace-road, Aberystwyth. Directions accompany each bottle. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. MR J. A. MURPHY, SURGEON DENTIST, REMOVED from 5, King Street, to 26, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. m20tml9 Dolg-elley. REMOVED TO OLD PARLIAMENT HOUSE. J. B. MEE, DEALER IN GAME, FISH, POULTRY, AND PROVISIONS, GREENGROCERY, &c., DOLGELLEY, BEGS to thank his friends for past favours, and to announce that he has constantly on hand all kinds of fresh Fish, Game, kc., according to the seasons. Country orders promptiy attended to, and anything- not on hand procured at the shortest notice. BEST CLEAR ICE SUPPLIED BY THE CWT. AND UPWARDS. RICHARD EVANS, Shop Goch,Dolgelley, General Bill Poster, Messenger, &c. Contracts may be made with Auctioneers and Publishers. ROBERT LEWIS, MARKET HALL AND PUBLIC ROOMS DOLGELLEV, GENERAL BILL POSTER, &e. I v. R MR SELLIS, S U R G EON DENTIST, MOUNT PLEASANT, DOLGELLEY, Fifteen Years Surgical and Mechanical' ntist in London, MAY b* consulted upon all cases of DENTAL SURGERY, at his residence, as above. At Home on SATURDAYS. Other days, by appointment. i Best Dental Materials only used, and every Ease guaranteed and adapted to the mouth without pain. Sets from One to Twenty-five Guineas. No extra charge made the first twelvemonths for any case requiring repair. Two Shillings in the pound allowed to patients coming from a distance. BARMOUTH—Medical Hall. 2nd and 4th Friday in every month. PORTMADOC-J. R. JONES, 19, Bank-place, Terrace. 1st and 3rd Fridays in every month. TREMADOC. ESTABLISHED 1839. THE CELEBRATED CAMBRIAN MEDICINE. JONES'S (TREMADOC) APERIENT AND ANTIBILIOUS PILLS. A PRACTICAL trial for HALF A CENTURY with the more general test of THIRTY-FIVE YEAKSby the afflicted public, has now established the reputation of these PILLS. Containing no Mercury, but composed of the most rare and expensive Vegetable preparations of the British Pharmacopoeia, combined with a valuable SNOWDONIAN HERB, Forming a Mild, Laxative, Tonic Remedy, admitted by those who have tried them to be superior to all other similar preparations, as a Preventive and Cure for all Dis- orders resulting from a disordered state of the STOMACH AND LIVER AND IMPURITY OF THE BLOOD, kc. Sold by all the Wholesale Houses, and at the CAMBRIAN PILL DEPOT, TREMADOC, NORTH WALES. Retailed by all respectable Medicine Vendors in every Town in the United Kingdom, in Boxes at Is. 112,1., 2s. 6d., and 4s. 6d. each. Great saving in procuring either of the large boxes. CO- Should any one fail to obtain the Pills in his own neighbourhood,if 14 postage Stamps for the Is. Hd. box, 33 for s. 5d., or 60 for the4. 6d., be posted to the Cambrian Pill Depot, Tremadoc, North Wales, the Pills will be sent by return of post, free. It. J¡ t>r¿ -t-t R EH 0 U N r;l" PECTORAL, v jy i m* i'1 q The extraorcHnwy reputation ■which this pf?pRration has attained «!■«■ its introduction live years ago, irfflftQeS t the Proprietor to make it more extensively known. In relieving and curing COUGHS, COLDS, t INFLUENZA, HOARSENESS, LOSS OF ) VOICE, WHOOPING COUGH, SPITTING of BLOOD, and all DISORDERS of the CHEST and LUNGS, its effects are truly marvellous. A" SOLD BY ALL CHEMISTS, c In Bottles at Is. lid. & 2s. 9d. With full tectiont for Child vi! • id Adultt. ,1' ADVERTISEMENTS BOB THE GOSSIPING GUIDE TO WALES SHOULD BE FORWARDED IMMEDIATELY TO THE PUBLISHERS, &SKEW T&BERlSt WOODALL, & VENABLES, i BAILEY HEAD, OSWESTr-y BUSINESS ADDRESSES. Aberystwyth. DAVID ELLIS, 19, GREAT DARKGATE-STREET (OPPOSITE THE GAOL). FURNISHING AND BUILDERS' IRONMONGER. HAS always on hand a -well-selected Stock of Locks, Hinges, Nails, Letter Plates, Joiner^' Tools, Iron Bedsteads, Mattresses, Fender?, Fire Irons, Table Cutlery, Electro-plated Geo Is, Br'ushe3, Beer Tap?, Fire Bellows, Pocket Knives, Candlesticks, Clothes Pegs, Mats, Lamps, Gunpowder, &c., kc. The Best LAMP OIL, at 3Jd. per Pint. Wicks for Lau ps, &c. BRISTOL HOUSE, ———-—- CHALYBEATE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. JOHN JENKINS, GROCER AD FLOUR MERCHANT, HAS always on hand a well selected tftock. Home-cured and other BACON. American and other CHEESE. PROVISIONS every description. First-class TEA, from 2s. to 81. per ib. Town ar-d Country Orders promptly attended to. ROBERT DOUGHTON, 54, BRIDGE-STREET, Seven doors from the Town Clock, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GLASS, CHINA AND EARTIIENWKRE WAREHOUSE, FURNISIIING IRONMONGER, &c. T.ftys and Fancy GooJs in great variety. Lamps! Lamps! Lamps'1 Wicks, CLimney G1 Also fcW best Petroleum Oil at 7d. per quart. ■ A e Jewellery of all kind3. Jewellery repaired. Concertinas Concertinas!! Concertinas.. !l; .ican and English- Cased Clocks. Eight-day Clock for 25s., six months trial. 0 31 to o SO NEW MARKET HALL, TERRACE-ROAD, ABERA /st^YTH. T. SMITH, FISHMONGER, FRUITERER, AND DEAL1 IN RABBITS Also, the well-known. CHEAP BACON, CHEESE, and P' ^oVI^ION STORES. ICE ALWAYS ON HAND. FRESH FISH DAILY. ALL ORDEB PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. RABBITS RABBITS RABBITS '.—The Bes< Price g-yen {or Rabbits. 8 & 9, PIER STREET, AND 1, LITTLE -DAMKGITC STREET, AEERYSTWl,rO, -—— r EDWARD EDWjkRDS IS NOW SHOWING FOR THIS SEASON'S TRAD E VERY LA; ÆE AND CHOICE STOCKS IN ALL THE NEWEST DESIGNS IX THE G ENTLEMEN'S OUTFITTING 10 EPARTMENT Macintoshes Driving Gloves Wh ite Shirts I Travelling Bugs Seal Skin Gloves B 'hiri Fronts Mufflers Collars Silk Handkerchiefs Silk Scarfs Cuffs Linen ditto Ties Silk Hats Umbrellas Kid Gloves Felt Hats Socks Cloth Gloves Flannel Shirts .Eraces, &CC AGENT FOR NICOLL'S OVERCOAT S, n J NORTH AND SOUTH WALES TEA MART, No. 20, GREAT DABKGATE STREET, ABERYSTW. YTR. ISAAC HOPKINS, AS always on hand a large and carefully selected Stock of FIRST CLASS TEAS and other ( Scenes. ENGLISH AND FOREIGN CHEESE AND BACON ALWAYS IN STOt Country Orders promptly attended to. n23i 'JJ.2 Towyn. Merionethshire Agricultural Implement Depot. E. R. PTJGHE, FURNISHING AND GENERAL IRONMONGER, AND AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT DEALER, T O W V V 1 1 BUILDERS' IRONMONGERY. Kitchen Ranges, Register Grates, Sham Registers, Mantle and Elliptic Shams, Rain-water Goods, Locks. Hinges Na.i18 Joiners' Tools, &c., &c. HOUSE FURNISHING IRONMONGERY. Iron B.djteads, Feather Beds, Spring, Hair, Wool, and Flock Mattresses, and Straw Palliasses; Fenders, Fire Irons, Hollow* r Baths, Tin Goods, Table Cutlery^ Electro-plate and Britannia Metal Goods, Lamps, Brushes, Baskets, &c., &c., SEWING MACHINES. A la-se Stock of Sewing Machines by all the principal makers, including "VVheeler and Wilson, Howe, Wilc.x and Gibbs, Thcmas, Littie panzer, Taylors1 Patent, and the Lockman also "PUGHE'S LITTLE GEM." Chain-stitch Hand dewing Machine: the simplest and most perfect Machine made. Price, complete, 55s. In etructioLS gratis and. trial allowed. Sewing Machines cleaned and repaired on the pr-ir-ists. Old Machines taken in Exchange. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, &c. Chaff-"utters, Turnip Cutters, Root Pulpers, Oil-cake Breakers, Corn Grinding and Crushing Mil's, Plou-hs, Harrows Chain Harrows, Corn and Seed Drill-. Horse Powers. Winnowing Machines. Churns, Cheese PreSsts, Pigs Troughs, Cait-, Harvesting Implements, &c., &c. Lawn-mowers, Garden Rollers. Garden Seats, Wire Flower Stands, Hydronett". Gardening Toc-b, kc. Iron Hurdles Rabbit Netting, Fencing Wire, and every description of Iron and Wire Fencing.^ AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS REPAIRED ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. SPORTING AMMUNITION OF ALL KINDS, PRICE LISTS ON APPLICATION. THE IMPROVEMENT OF LANDED ESTATES BY DRAINAGE, INCLOSING, CLEARING, &c. THE LAND LOAN AND ENFRANCHISEMENT COMPWY (INCORPORATED BY SPECIAL ACT OF PARLIW^vn ADVANCES MONEY iST To the OWNERS of SETTLED and OTHER ESTATES, fcr the erecti m of F\RM BUILDINGS AND 1ST ^OTTAGES^ and for_the DRAINA<rE, IRRIGATION, ENCLOSHS'G, CLEARING, and GENERAL IMPROVEMENT of LANDED PKOPER1V, in any part of the Unite.l Ki ^aom. 2ND—To the Owners of SETT LED ErfPATEb in ENGLAND, for the erectioa or completion of MANSION-, STABLES, and OUT-BUILDINGS. 3RD_To Landowners generally, to enable them fro subscribe for Shares in Companies for the CONSTRUCTKJN 0 £ RAILWAYS and NAVIGABLE CAI>ALS which will beneSoially affect their Estates. 4TH—To INCUMBENTS, for the Improvement of their GLEBi] LANDS by DRAINAGE, and the erection of FARM BUILDINGS aHd COTTAGES 5TH-To COPYHOLDERS, for the ENFRANCHISEMENT of COPYHOLD LARDS. >2 The amount borrowed with the expenses would be charged on the Estate benehteu, and repaid by a Rent-^ifi«jw terminating in TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. TrT,T -c to T,-» 'i.' NO INVESTIGATION OF THE LANDOWNER'S TITLE IS RECEsS \RY. Forms of application and all further particular rav be obtained of Messrs KAWr.EycE and 8QTTartt. 22, GIat George-street, Westminster, S.W., and Salisbury; of Messrs ASHUEST, .Jobkis, and Co., C Old Jewry, I^jr.doc, B41, of Messrs GILLESPIE and PATEBSON, W.S., SI-A George-street, Edinburgh, Agents for the Company in See:land aDd at the Offices of the Company, as below. „ „»,, TV T. PAIN, Managmsr D:recfc7f. EDWIN GARivOD, Seoretary. I^ind Loan and Enfranci^aent Company, nr> EDWIN GARROD, Seoretary. I^ind Loan and Enfranci^aent Company, nr> 22, Crreat Qaorge-atreet, Westminster, S.\T,