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BUSINESS ADDRESSES. Aberystwyth, Machynlleth, and Dolgelley. UTo~f~8! B 6~<j T SH B 0 0 T D I cTIk s GTTTTA Percha Boots and Shoes have now stood the test of a quarter of a century's trial, and are generally admitted to be unrivalled for Durability and Cheapness. The number Bold in this District has increased more than fourfold during the past five years. In order to meet thegreat demand for repairs, Agents have been appointed to bring Boots to Aberystwyth for mending from the following places, which are unconnected with the town by rail, Free of Charge. GOGINAN and PONTERWYD HEESand Mrs MASON, Carriers. TALIESIX and TALYBONT Mrs JENKINS, Carrier. CWMYSTWYTH Mr CHARLES BURRELL, Post-office. Attention is requested to the following Prices:— GENTLEMEN'S BOOTS from 8s-per Pair. LADIES' BOOTS from 5s. 6d. r bOYS' and GIRLS' BOOTS from 2s. tid. FIRST CLAS WORKMANSHIP AND MATERIAL GUARANTEED. LEATHER BOOTS IN ENDLESS VARIETY, OF THE BEST IAKES, AT THE LOWEST P ISSIBLE PRICES. NOTE THE ADDRESSES.— 16, Great Darkgate St., Aberystwyth MAENGWYN ST., MAOHYKLLETU VICTORIA BUILDINGS, DOLGELLEY. NEW ELASTICS PUT IN OLD BOOTS: Ladies' Is. per set; Gentlemen's Is. 6d. per set. TERMS-CASH. WANTED, TO LET, &c. I The charge for the insertion of prepaid advertisemenst I referri-ig to SITUATIONS WANTED, PERSONS WANTED, I is sixpence for three lines (seven words each) three times. ()ne Shilling. HOUSES WANTED, I MISCELLANEOUS WANTS, APARTMENTS WANTED, ARTICLES LOST AND FOUND, three lines for One Shilling prepaid; three times, Two Shillings. These charges apply only to prepaid advertisements. Pay- ment may be made in postage stamps. *i.No Credit Advertisement is charged less than Is. 6d WANTED, a Situation as WOODMAN, either, as Manager or General man. Thirteen years refer- ence from last employer.—Apply, Z .Post-office, Lampeter. mGs20 L LANGELYN YN SCHOOL BOARD. WANTED, a CERTIFICATED MASTER for Artheg Board School. Duties to commence on the 12th April next. Salary JESO per annum. Applications, with Testimonials and References, to be sent to me not later than the 25th March. LEWIS EVANS, Cleik of the Board. Temperance Hotel, Dolgelley, 24th February, 1874. f27tm!3 WAITED, a youth of intelligence and good education, as (Out-do r) APPRENTICE to the Printing and ewspaper Business. He would have an op- portuniry of learning the different branches of newspaper work, as well as practical printing.—Apply to the Caxton Works, Oswestry. mllto ml3to WANTED, an intelligent, well-educated man, who could devote some part of his time to REPORT for and REPRESENT a NEWSPAPER in a country district.—Apply X. V., 3G, The Crescent, Salford, Manchester. mllto ml3to BARMOUTH, Llanaber.— A CURATE in Priest's Orders Wanted for the above parish after Trinity Sunday. Welsh and English services. Stipend, £ 120. Apply to the Rector. m613 WANTED, by a Married Man, a Situation as COACHMAN or GROOM AND COACHMAN, aged 24 years. One child. Five years good character from present einployer.-Addrets, JAMES NIGHTINGALE, Rhiw- la3 Hall, Bala, North Wales. wl320 WANTED, Fifty Good DRAINERS, on the estate of Captain Vaughan, at Brynog.—Apply to Mr Wsi. SCOTT, Drainage Engineer, Aberystwyth, or to the Foreman at the Works. ml3ta3 a-^O DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS. — Wanted im- mediately, Two pushing JUNIOR HANDS. Must be good Window Dressers, and able to speak Welsh. Apply to C. M. Williams, Little Dark Gate Street, Aber- vstwyth. TO MINE AGENTS, &c. ( A FEW TONS Second-hand LIGHT BRIDGE RAILS, Cheap. — Apply to JAMES MCILQUHAM, Aberystwyth. m6tO TO LET, with immediate possession, the GLAS- LYN INN, two miles from the Portmadoc Railway Station, and five miles from Beddgelert. It contains five bedrooms, two parlours, a bar, two kitchens, stables, out- houses has an excellent garden, and twelve acres of land attached. Close to the house flows the Glaslyn, an excel- lent river for fishing. The house is a great resort in the summer season for gentlemen fond of fishing. An omni- bus passes the door twice a day all the year round, and several times in the summer.—Apply to Mr E. CHALTON, on the premises. mG13 MERIONETHSHIRE COAST. RESIDENCES, HOUSES, &c., to LET, at Aber- dovey, Towym, and the Neighbourhood.—Apply to Mr DANIEL, Agent and Auctioneer, Towyn. fl3taa7 NORTH WALES. TO BE LET, a COTTAGE Furnished, six miles from the favourite watering place, Aberdovey, situate in its own grounds, complete in its arrangements, well sheltered from east winds, is in perfect order, and is suitable for a small family. It commands a fine view of the river Dovey which is famous for its salmon, and affords good boating. Climate very mild rent moderate. For particu- lars, apply to Mrs Anwyl, Llwyn Onn, Machynlleth, North Wales. WY f20tml3 FINE OPPORTUNITY FOR MAKING A FORTUNE. TO BE SOLD, Part or Entire (former preferred), of a COLLIERY ROYALTY of about 170 acres in North Wales. The pit is sunk forty yards deep to the seam, containinsthe best description of cmnel. There are six other seams of good coal, (the first bein,' king coal only four yards under it) known to be beneath this seam. Its situation being balf-a-mile from Railway Station, and also adapted for land sale, close to excellent roads the working expenses, royalty, and rent and outlay small for a probable get in a few weeks 400 tons daily at an almost fabulous eprofit, render the present under- taking one worthy of immediat attention of capitalists, coal dealers, gas manufacturers, or colliery proprietors.—Address, Q. E. D., care of Mr Watson, 15, Fenwick-street, Liverpool. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. TO BE SOLD BY TENDER, about 100 Tons of OLD D. H. RAILS, 30 to 40 Tons of OLD F. B. RAILS, and 30 to 40 Tons of WROUGHT SCRAP IRON, at per Ton of 2,2401bs., delivered at Moat Lane. The whole to be cleared by the olsfc int. Sealed Tenders to be sent to the undersized not later than the 20th inst., marked Tender for old Rails, &c." GEO. LEWIS, Secretary. Company's Offices, Oswestry, 10th March, 1874. mlllS PRIZE POULTRY. QITTTNGS of EGGS (13) can be obtained from the E", PCT:». »PPL'C«I0» to THE Coloured Dorkings, 10s. Cd, Si^Spa^ Brahmas> Turkevs at ills. Rouen, Aylesbury and Black East Indian Ducks, at 7s- f25mll MINING. -J" CAPTAIN ABSALOM IRANCIS, Ooginan- Aberystwyth, Au'uin^ -Agent, Engineer, and Sur- veyor. The great succcs* which is attending the opening and working of the Mines is the counties ot Cardigan and "ornery, an* the many properties placed at the dis- -1 T tvrrs in "luces mm to "iier his services posa1 of Oapt?*- "i" .Report, or Survey, for Mining either to Advise, lu^tv., terai.3 apply to Captain Companies or Shareholders, t ABSALOIL FBANCISJ, as above. .?, A History Now in the Press and will shortly be publish' j.Q the cf Cardiganshire Mines, from the earlies-t tiint price year 1874. Their present prospects and position. 9s fid To be had at the Office of this Paper, or of I Morgan, Boiks^ller, Pier-street, Abei", st-vyth. o BOO KBI-N DING. t tcft an.l WELSH BOOKS BOUND in E Cloth, Leather, Vellum, &c., at Moderate Prices, by ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL. AND VENABLES, c«tt».» -ijd;ng Worki3to PUBLIC NOTICES. BARMOUTH GAS COMPANY, LIMITED. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the AN. i-1 NUAL GENERAL MEETING of the SHARE- HOLDERS of the above Company will be held at the Company's Board-room on WEDNESDAY, the 18th instant, to receive the Auditor's and D.rectors' Reports,, Elect Auditor and Directors in place of those retiring, and other business. By order ef the Directors. m613 JOHN JONES, Secretary. DOLGELLEY UNION. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. "VfOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Guardians Lolgelley Union are desirous of receiving TJ^DERs for the ERECTION of INFECTIOUS WARDS, &c at the Dolgelley Union Workhouse, the same to be forwarded to me, the undersigned, sealed and endorsed, Tender for the Erection of Infectious Wards," on or before Friday, the 27th day of March instant. Plans and specifications may be seen at my office in Bridge-street between the hours of ten a.m. and six p.m. on and after the 5th instant. The Guardians do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender. JOSEPH ROBERTS, Clerk to the Guardians of the Poor of the Dolgelley Union. Dolgelley, 3rd March, 1874. m613 TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. TENDERS are invited for the ERECTION of a FARM BOUSE at Ca<-thle, near Towyn. Plans and Specifications may be seen, and quantities obtained, of Mr BENJAMIN RICHARDS, Penbryn, Towyn, on and after the lith instant. Tenders to be sent to me on or before the 21st instant. The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted. W. H. SPAULL, Architect to the Ynysmaengwyn Estate, 5th March, 1874. Oswestry. m613 TO BUILDERS AND STONEMASONS. THE CASTLEREAGH MEMORIAL COMMIT- TEE are prepared to receive TENDERS for erecting j a CLOCK TOWER in tke town of Machynlleth. The Plans and Specification may be seen at the Vane Hall on j and after the 14th day of March, 1874. Tenders endorsed "Clock Tower," to be addressed to RICHARD JONES, Esquire, Honorary Secretary to the Committee, Machyn- lleth, on or before the 31st March. j The Committee do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any other tender. HENRY KENNEDY, Architect, Bangor. March 10th, 1874. RE THOMAS JONES, DECEASED. STATUTORY NOTICE TO CREDITORS. PURSUANT to an Act of Parliament of the 22 and 23 Vict. cap. 35, entitled "An Act to further Amend the Law ot Property and to relieve Trustees." Notice is hereby given that all CREDITORS and other Persons having any Claims or I)emands upon or against the estate of Thomas Jones, late of Penisarllan in the parish of Llanfawr, in the county of Merioneth, Gentleman, deceased (who died on the 7th day of October, 1872, intes- tate, and of whose personal estate and effects letters of Administration were granted by the District Registry of the Court of Probate at St. Asaph, on the 26th day of Novem- ber, 1873, to Margaret Jones, the lawful widow and relict of the said deceased), are hereby required to send particulars of their respective Debts, Claims, and Demands to me. the undersigned William Williams, of Bala, in the said county of Merioneth, the Solicitor for the said Administratrix on or before the 14th day of May next, at the expiration of which time the said Administratrix will proceed to distri- bute the Assets of the said deceased among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the Claims of which the said Administratrix shall then have received notice, and the said Administratrix will not be answerable or liable for the Assets so distributed or any part thereof to any person or persons of whose Debt, Claim, or Demand she shall not then have received such notice. Dated this 10th day of March, 1874. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, ml3t27 Solicitor to the said Administratrix. APPOINTMENT OF INSPECTOR OF NUISANCES. MHE TOWYN LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH U J l,he ?<ouyity of Merioneth, will, at a Meeting to be held at the Corbet Arms Hotel, Towyn, on THURSDAY the 9th day of April next, at half-past Two o'clock in the i Afternoon, proceed to the Election of an Inspector of Nais- ances for their district, which comprises the whole of the I parish of Towyn, with an area of 21,290 acres, and a popu lation of 3,361. Maximum Salary given, C40 per Annum. Candidates are required to forward their applications, with testimonials, stating age, qualifications, and other neces- sary particulars on or before the 4th proximo, to WILLIAM R. DAVIES, Clerk to the Board. Towyn, March 9th, 1874. ml3 BOROUGH OF ABERYSTWYTH. THE TOWN COUNCIL will,at its next meeting, to beheld on Tuesday, the 17 th day of March instant receive applications from persons willing to be appointed to and to discharge the duties of, the office of Castle Keeper until the end of October, 1874. Candidates are to state in their applications the weekly wages they will require, and must produce satisfactory testimonials. Applications to be sent on or before Monday, the 16th instant, to the Town Clerk's office, where the candidates may obtain information as to the duties to be performed by such Castle Keeper. Dated this 6th day of March, 1874. W. H. THOMAS, Town Clerk. EMIGRATION TO ADELAIDE, I SOUTH 1M AUSTRALIA. ASSISTED PASSAGES. The Government of South Australia grant Passages to the following persons:- 1. Artisans, Agricultural and other Labourers, Miners and Gardeners, under 50 years of age. 2. Single Female Domestic Servants, or Widows (without Children under 12; not exceeding 40 years of age. Subject to the payments as under For Males or Females under 12 years of age, JB3 each; over 12 and under 40, JE4 each over 40 and under 50, 28 each. Persons paying their own Passage receive a Land Warrant of the value of k20. Handbook descriptive of the Colony, gratis on application. For further information apply to THE EMIGRATION AGENT FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIA. 38, Great George-street, Westminster, London. fjl6talC ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE GOSSIPING GUIDE TO WALES SHOULD BE FORWARDED IMMEDIATELY TO THE PUBLISHERS, ASKEW TIOBERLS, WOODALl, & VENABLES, BAILEY HEAD, OSWESTRY Is E Machynlleth. p' AGRICULTURAL AND UAHVr!'i ;.E::Vb. HAIMU G-RDDI A CN,\KA!F DTMDXA JJ D W A R D 1IDES DRUGGIST, MACHYNLLKTH, Hyspyau ei fod newydd gael adief SIlIcr;. Hadau Gerddi a Chat au, Clovers, V, tche-, Swede?, kl aip, &c., Y rhai a werthir am brisiswrhi -vmol. m6t27 TREMADOC. ESTABLISHED 1839. THE CELEBRATED CAMBHIAN MEDICINE. JONES'S (TREMADOC) APERIENT AND ANTIBILIOUS PILLS. A PRACTICAL trial for HALF A CENTURY wifh the more general test of I HncTY-FtVE YEAKS by the afflicted public, has now established the reputation of these PILLS. Containing no Atercur\, but, composed of the most rare a.nd expensive Vegetable preparations of the British Pharmacopeia, combiued with a valuable SNOWDONIAN HERB, Forming a Mild, Laxative, Tonic R»-rrf <iy, admitted by those who have tried them to be superior to all other similar preparations, as a Preventive l'ure for all Dis- ttrdprB resulting fl'PS ft$9°r<]lered gtat§ of the STOMACH AND LIVER AND IMPURITY OF THE BLOOI). &C. Sold by all the Wholesale Houses, awl at the CAMBRIA.N PILL DEPOT. TREMADOC, NORTH WALES. Retailed by all respectable Medicine Vendors in every Town in the United Kingdom, in Boxes m Is. I-Id., 2s. 6d., 2 and 4s. 6d. each. Great saving in procuring either of :.he large boxes. Should any one fail to obtain the Pills in his own neighbourhood.if 14 postageStiimi s furihel? ljd. box,33for s. 5d., or 60 for the 41. 6d be posted to the C mbrian Pill Depot, Tremadoc, North Wales, the Pills will be .sent by return of pot, free. Welshpool. rpHOMAS SALT AND fO., BRE WER S, BURTON-ON T R E.N T. These celebrated PALE and BURTON ALES can be had in Casks and.Bottles from CHARLES MY 11 ON, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, WELSHPOOL. LEA AND PEGRINS' I 1* i' i; I I tMiWdirri | 1. I I I I ¡ ( [ WOKUHlbTJiKbHlUi; SAUCE, Pronounced by Connoisseurs, "THE ONLY GOOD SAUCE." T0 guard against the numerous worthless imita A tions of this renowned Condiment, the ipubli should ASK FOR LEA AND PERRINS' SAUCE, And see that their names are upon the wrapper, label, stopper, and bottle. Sold Wholesale and for Export, by the PROFKIBTOBS Worcester; CROSSE and BLACKWELL, London; and by Druggists, Grocers, and Oilmen gener^y throughout the world. I LEA AND PERRINS', Parsons, Fletcher and C6'S INDIAN STARCH TRADE MARK-AN ELEPHANT. PARDONS, Fletcher and Co's INDIAN STARCH For Purity and Beauty of Colour. PARSONS, Fletcher and Co's INDIAN STARCH, JL for Laces, Muslins, &c., &c. PARSONS Fletcher and Co's INDIAN STARCH, will not adhere to the iron. PARSONS, Fletcher and Co's INDIAN STARCH, will retain its stiff ness in the Dampest weather PARSONS, Fletcher and Co' s INDIANSTARCH, is highly recommended to Laundresses. I- PARSONS, Fletcher a nd Co's INDIAN STARCH The Increased demand is Proof of its Excellency PARSONS, Fletcher and Co's INDIAN STARCH, Is packed in J, and lib. Packets also in Boxes and in 51b. Papers. Works-Gravel Lane, Southwark, London. MAY BE HAD EVERYWHEBE. KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. Why use KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS ? 1. Because they are the best Family Medicine. 2. Because they are safe and certain in action for both sexes. 3. Because they are the cheapest and most effective medicine yet invented. 4. Because they are equally efficacious in curing and preventing disease. Sold by all Chemists and other Dealers in Patent Medi- cines at Is. lid., 23. 9d., and 4s. 6d. per box. WHOLESALE DEPOT 22, BREAD-STREET, LONDON, E.C. f 11 to MORGAN'S IpF H0REH0UND%\| rf PECTORAL, vl § Q The extraordinary reputation which this preparation has attained since its introduction five years ago, induces the Proprietor to make it more extensively known. In relieving and curing COUGHS, COLDS, INFLUENZA, HOARSENESS, LOSS OF VOICE, WHOOPING COUGH, SPITTING of BLOOD, and all DISORDERS of the Ed LUNGS, its effects are truljr .D BY ALL CHEMISTS, i Bottles at Is. lid. & 2s. 9d. With full Direction* for Children and Adults. l' inarveuous. A' 1>+ SOLD BY ALL CHEMISTS, ",° i Bottles at Is. lid. & 2s. 9d. With full Direction* for Children and Adults. META L LI c MEMORANDUM BOOK S manufactured from patent prepared paper, the writing warranted not to erase if written with the Pencil supplied with each book bound in French morocco and secured with elastic band; Prices. 6d., Is., Is. 6d., 2s., and upwards, according to size—the cheapest books ever offered at the price. Russia bound Books, with removable insides, from 2s. 3d. each. Pocket Wallets, from Is. each. ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL, and VENABLES, Bailey Head. Oswestry. l\f ^^SPAPERS.—The Times, Daily Telegraph, nTihHah^n ■ Daily News delivered in the town it INSURANCE. PROTEOTOI; NDOWM RNT 0 \N" AND ANNUITY COMPANY. THE Directors of the PROTECTOR ENDOW- MENT LOAN AND ANNUITY COMPANY have leasure in announcing that they have opened a BRANCH OFFICE FOR OSWESTRY À DISTRICT, Where LOANS on Personal Security Endowments and Annuities may be effected upon advantageous terras on application to MR EDWD. EVANS, District Manager. Branch Office ALBION CHAMBERS, OSWESTRY. Head Offices: 34, KING STREET, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. ALEX. McMORRAN, SEC. EDUCATION. THE ACADEMY, TOWYN, NORTH WALES. RESIDENT MASTERS: English, &c. —MR JmnN JO* ES. Classics, &c.-The Rev. 0. JONES, B.A. Mathematics, &c.Nir P. H. CORCORAN. Modern Languages, Music, Drawing.—Herr G. SCHAUS. A few Vacancies for Boarders. PUPILS are carefully prepared for Professional -t- and poinuierciivl Pursuits, for Matriculation and other Examinations.—For Prospectus, &c., apply to Mr EVWIN JONES. The Academy, Towyn, North Wales. DUTIES RESUMED ON JANUARY 28TH. THE S A LOP SCHOOL, OSWESTRY HEAD MASTER—MR J. EVANS, M.A. (and Straton Gold Medalist). SECOND MASTER—Mr T. GUNN (of the University of Edinburgh). January, 1872.-At the Civil Service Open Competitive Examination for Appointments at the India House in which, out of 132 candidates, 32 were successful, E. Owen came in eleventh. April 30th, 1872.-J. L. Richards obtained a First-class Certificate for Mathematics at the Government Examination in "Science and Art." Oct. 12, 1872,-Owen Griffith passed the Medical Prelimi- nary Examination of the Andersonian Univers.ty, Glasgow. In all Thirty-five of Mr Evans' Pupils have gained similar honours. School RE-OPENED January 27th, 1874. SCHOOL FOR YOUNG GENTLEMEN. IRWELL HOUSE, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. THE REV. LLEWELYN EDWARDS, B.A-, of Lincoln College, Oxford, ;<nd Graduate in Honour*, is prepared to RECEIVE a Limited JNumber of Young Gentlemen, to whose Education and Religious Training he will devote all his time and energies. Mr Edwards desires especially to prepare his Pupils for entering the Universi- ties, for the Scholarship Examination at the University College of Wales, for the Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations, for the Medical and Law Preliminary Ex- aminations, and for Commercial Pursuits, as well as to un- dertake the Charge of younger Pupils, with a view to giving them a thorough English Education. Mr EDWARDS will also be happy to Read with Students preparing for the Honours Examination at the University College of Wales, or for their degree at any of the Univer- sities. Terms and References on application. MEETINGS. NORTH CARDIGANSHIRE. PREMIUMS FOR ENTIRE HORSES. A SHOW OF STALLIONS will be held at the MONTHLY FAIR, at Aberystwyth, on MONDAY, the 6th of April, when the following Premiums (TWO HUNDRED POUNDS) Will be awarded for Horses to travel the district this season :— lst-250, To THE BEST THOROUGH-BRED STALLION. (A minimum number of 40 Mares at £ 2 5s, each guaranteed. 2nd— £ 50, To THE BEST ROADSTER STALLION. (A minimum number of 50 Mares at 21 each guaranteed.) 3rd— £ 50, To THE BEST AGRICULTURAL STALLION. (A minimum number of 60 Mares at £ 1 each guaranteed.) 4th— £ 5°, To A SECOND AGRICULTURAL STALLION. (A minimum number of 60 Mares at tl each guaranteed.) The maximum number of Mares in each of the above classes will be fixed by Judges after considering aee of Stallions, &c., &c. ° For conditions apply to either of the Honorary Secretaries- H. C. FRYER, Lodge-park, Aberystwyth. R. GARDINER, Crosswood, Aberystwyth. J. PELL, Bell Vue Royal Hotel, Aberystwyth. The following names have been added to the Committee of Management:—Earl Lisburne, Crosswood Park Sir Pryse Pryse, Gogerddan; J. Loxdale, Esq., Castle Hill. Captain Hughes, Alltlwyd M. L. V. Davies, Esq Tan-' ybwlch; Richards, Esq., Wamfawr. The Committee will meet at the Belle Vue, Aberystwyth, on the first Monday in every month, for the transaction of any business that may present itself. N.B. No Prize will be awarded unless Judges find sufficient merit. ml3t27 THE CAMBRIAN NEWS AND ABERYSTWYTH TIMES HAS A LARGE AND INFLUENTIAL CIRCULATION Amongst all classes throughout the whole county of MERIONETHSHIRE, AND IN NORTH CARDIGANSHIRE AND SOUTH CARNARVONSHIRE. IT is the only English Paper which circulates to -m- any considerable extent in much of the district, and is therefore the only medium for Advertisers who wish to secure for their Announcements a Wide Publicity, among a large portion of the population. WELSH CONTRIBUTIONS Are also inserted in the paper, and WELSH ADVERTISEMENTS. PUBLISHED AT BALA, ABERYSTWYTH, AND PORTMADOC. PUBLISHING OFFICE AT ABERYSTWYTH. Our readers are requested to observe that the Cambrian News and Aberystwyth Times is now published at The Office, 3, QUEEN'S-ROAD, Aberystwyth, By J. GIBSON. Mr MORGAN, of 30, Pier-street, continues to sell the paper; also Mr G. EDWARDS, Great Darkgate-street; Mr WILLIAMS, Printer; and Messrs. SMITH & SON, Railway Station. i The paper is also published at BALA, by JACOB JONES, High-street, AND PORTMADOC, by DAVID LLOYD. THE CAMBRIAN NEWS May now be had in Liverpool of Mr T. LLOYD, Tithe- barn-street. t:'¥'O-w.¿I-s. -t NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS, Inthe Aberystwyth Board of Guardians report last week it should have been Llanfihangel Lower, and not Upper that was mentioned as in arrears. There was no intention to accuse either place as being behind hand, as reporters merely record what transpires, and further a mistakejis not necessarily the fault of a reporter, as a moment's thought will render obvious.





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