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DENOMINATIONAL UNIVERSI- TIES FOl-t IRELAND. INTERESTING LOCAL CORRESPOND- ENCE. We have been asked to publish the following correspondence — TO THE EDITOR OF "THE CAMBRIAN." DEAR SIR,—At a recent meeting of the Swansea Free Church Council, the following resolution was passed unanimously. As you will see by the subjoined copy, it was decided to forward the resolution to the following gentlemen :—Sir John Llewelyn (member for Swansea Town); R. D. Burnie, Esq., and D. Brynmor Jones, Esq., Q.C. (member for Swansea District),—asking permis- sion to publish their replies. This has been done, and I now ask if you will kindly give publicity to these communications.—I am yours truly, J. W. CAVSTON, Hon. Sec. Swansea Free Church Council.^ Gorse Lane, S wansea. (Copy of Resolution): That this meeting of t'le Swansea District Union ot Evangelical Free Churches emphatically protests against tae suggested Denominational Universities for Ireland, as contrary to the prin- ciple of religious equality that this meeting is also earnestly of opinion that all traces of special denominational privilege should be removed from Trinity College, Dublin Dublin University). That copies of the above be sent to Sir J. T. D. Llewelyn, Bart., M.P., R. D. Burnie, Esq., and D. Biynmor Jonea, Esq., Q.C., M.P." The following are the replies — House of Commons. DEAR SIR,—It is known that there exist somewhat acute differences of opinion on both front benches of the House of Commons, irre- spective of the ordinary party lines, upon the question of tne Lisa Woman Catholic University, and when it was last debated, on June 23rd, 1899, the Leader of the distinctly said, though it is known he is personally in favour of it, tuat the question was one which the Government was not prepared to introduce. In this 1 think he was guided by the knowledge that there is a. large body of Piotestant opinion in the House, amongst whom I count myself, who are not prepared to follow him in endowing a Roman Catholic Col. lege in Dubiieven though he be seconded by Mr. John Morley.—Yours truly, JOHN T. D. LLEWELYN." "Bryn-Coed, Swansea. 1 RKV. AND DRAB SIB,—lam favoured with your letter of the 19th inst. I am opposed to the State endowment of denominational institu- tions, and consequently am in sympathy with the j resolution of the Evangelical Free Churches, But whilst the present Government are by new grants giving away millions of ttle taxpayers' money for sectarian education, clerical salaries, etc., it is not easy for us consistently, and with fairness to Ireland, to refuse Ireland's request. The real solution of the complex problem is, I think, for us to more strenuously insist upon a comprehensive measure of disestablishment and ) disendowment—* the liberation of religion from all tbe anomalies of state patronage and cou- trol." To assist in that direction has always been, and will continue to be a pleasant duty to Yours truly, R. D. BURNIE." 27, Bryanston Square, W. "DEAR SIR,—I duly received your letter of the 19th inst., with its enclosure. The proposal for a Roman Catholic University for Ireland, advocated by some of my Irish colleagues in the Home ot Commons, is one that I can not support, for its adoption involves an infringement of the principle tnat the State should not, by financial or other means, favour one denomination more than anothe r, or inoeed endow or help any parti- cular form of religion. Ireland has already a State-aided unsectarian University. I believe there is objection taken by some to its con",titu- tion. If there is substance in this objection, I should say the Constitution of the University should be altered, so that, like the University of Wales, the governing body should be largely representative and demooratic. I am not suffi- ciently acquainted with the working of the Dublin University to say positively who t.her there are real grievances caused by it to Roman Catholics and Nonconformists, at the present time but I certainly think that all special denominational privileges should be removel.—I am, Dear Sir, Yours faithfully, W. BRYNMOR JONES."





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