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ST. CATHERINE'S COLLEGE, LANGLAND. DISTRIBUTION OF PRIZES. The annual distribution of prizes at the above i College, the eighth under the present Head- master, Rev. F. E. Scott, was held, by kind permission of Mr. William Williams, on the tennis lawn of The Cliff, Langlind Bay, on Friday last. The weather was charming and most pleasant for an outdoor display of the sort. There was a numerous gathering of parents and friends of the school, among whom we noticed Lady Jenkins, Mrs. Llewelyn Thomas. Mrs. A. O. Schenk, Mrs. William Law, Mrs. Glyn James, Mrs. Dan Morgan, Mrs. Ie Boulanger, Mrs. Sharland and Miss Penton. Mrs. and Miss Nettell and Miss Oikeshott. Mrs. Starbuck Williams, Mrs. Lloyd Jones, Airs. Fisher, Mr. a.nd Mrs. Alfred Hall, Mrs. Portsmouth. Mrs. Enoch, Mrs. Meager. Mrs. Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Mainwaring, Mrs. Edmund Morgan, the Rev. David Williams (Vic-)r of Clydacb), the Rev. Secretan Jones (late Vicar of Oysterinoutb), by whom the prizes were distributed, Mr. T. Simpson Camidge, Mr. G. A. Wynne, Mr. Gwynne, &c.. Mr. and Mrs. Williams were most unfortunately summoned to attend the funeral of a near relation, but they very kindly requested that no I. alteration should be made in the arrangements, and placed their house and grounds at the disposal of the Head-master who, in turn, had to apologise for the absence of Mrs. Scott through illnes-i but the visitors, while sympathising with the absent ones, were appreciative and indulgent, and all went off successful. The proceedings were timed to commence at 3 p.m., and shortly after the Head-master called for the first recitation by the senior scholar. Appended is the programme :— Latin, "Ad Thaliarchnm (Horace i., 9), W. A. Prideaux: English, "The Empty Socket" (Baring Gould), H. G. Schenk; German, Der Gliickliche Bauer" (Uhland), A. G. Kinch; Greek. Commendatory Speech" (Euripides' Alcestis), W. A. Prideaux English, Mark Anthony's Oration" (Julius Cajsar) W. D. Scott; French, Napoleon's Farewell to His Guard" (De Salvaudy), H. G. W. Prideaux. There was a.n interval after the recitations during which light refreshments were handed round, and a display of drilling, under the supervision of Sergeant A. O. Bird, the College instructor, including dumb-bell and club exercises, and a few bouts of fencing with single- sticks, was given. The prizes were then distributed by the Rev. Secsetan Jone", himself an old boy of the school, who remarked with satisfaction upon the smart appearance and high tone of the scholars and their continued reputation for their gentle and courteous bearing. The Head-master submitted a list of the honours won during the past twelve months, remarking hat as the School existed more for the sake of Kind and gentle training of delicate and — '"in backward bm,.f,bose attendance was frequently irregular ana inl!i?ii,upted by illness, it was not to be expected that it should produce results such as those achieved by schools whose chief aim was to effect brilliant swcce$«es. But the School had secured three good seeond-class certificates in the College of Preceptorw awl two third-class. The feead scholar of last year had matriculated at Oxford and passed two' subsequent examinations, a»d was now reading for Honours in Law (Mr, J. J. Hughes, of Sketty I aha)1and another former scholar was just about to proceed to Oxford, j where he had no doubt be would make his mark (Mr. W. R. Williams, of St. Pkui's School). The appearance of the scholars and tbeir j performance that afternoon spoke for themselves, and the consideration of the Head-n#aster for tbe boys and the affection of the scholars for tbeir Master were as strong and loyal as ever. After thanking the visitors for their indulgence and the masters for their co-operation, the Head-master called for three cheers for the visitors and the chairman, and the same was: returned to him generously by the boys. The College will open again for the Michaelmas term on Tuesday, September 26th, the boarders returning the day before. The following is the prize list:— AWARDED FOR CERTIFICATES GAINED IN THE COLLEGE OF PRECEPTORS EXAMINATION. — Second class, H. G. W. Prideaux and E. Glyn James; third class, A. G Kinch and W. G. Launder. THE Jnpp PRIZE FOR PRAYER BOOK KNOW- LEDGE.—E. Glyn James. THE PRIDEAUX PRIZE FOR ENGLISH HISTORY. -H. G. W. Prideaux. THE WILLIAMS GREEK TESTAMENT PRIZE.— Not decided. THE POPE PRIZE FOR CHURCH HISTORY.— Not decided. MATHEMATICS—A. W. Allen. ENGLISH SUBJECTS.—Seniors, J. Ll. Rogers juniors, F. B. Michael. DIVINITY.-Seiiiors, W. A. Pri-leaiix; juniors, W. H. Schenk. LATIN.—Juniors, C. H. Law. FRENCH.—G. B. Morgan. MNEMONICS.—H. G. Schenk. DRAWING.—W. A. Prideaux. WRITING.—G. W. Walton. ATTENDANCE. W. A. Prideaux. COLLEGE PRECEPTORS. LOCAL EXAMINATIONS. There were 17 candidates-12 boys and five girls. The total number of candidates entered for the examinations was 5,870, and the number of candidates examined during the year ending Midsummer, 1899, was 15,585. The following is a li-t of candidates at the Langland Bay Centre who obtained certificates, arranged in order of merit:— BOYS. SECOND CLASS (FIRST DIVISION).—T. Evans, private tuition A. E. Jenkins, Swansea Grammar School C. Imrie, Bryn Haulog, The Mumbles. SECOND CLASS (SECOND DIVISION).—E. G. James, St. Catherine's College; H. G. W. Prideaux, St. Catherine's College. THIRD CLASS (SECOND DIVISION).—A. G. Kinch, St. Catherine's College R. H. Nankivell, Bryn Haulog, The Mumbles. THIRD CLASS (THIRD DIVISION).—W. G. Launder, St. Catheiine's College. GIRLS. SECOND CLASS (FIRST DIVISION).—L. Pole, private tuition. SECOND CLASS (SECOND DIVISION).—L. E. Gibbs, Bryn Haulog, The Mumbles. THIRD CLASS (FIRST DIVISION).—C. W. Evans, Girls' County School, Llanelly The following passed the JUNIR FORMS Examination.— BOY. S. V. Phillips, Bryn Haulog, The Mumbles. GIRL. K. L. Morgan, Private tuition. ul The Christmas Examination will commence on December 5th.



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