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LOCAL NEWS. NEATH. NOTES AND NEWS. [BY NUNQUAMJ. The wheels for the new gas motors have arrived. I fully expect that the asks will be in evidence sometime during next century. r For many years Neath people have had to put up with fill hy water—mud in solution is a better term for what the ratepayers have had to pay. JVhen the new reservoir was opened quite a change was predicted. Yet things remain just the same. What is the reason P Can it be true that the new reservoir is a failure? Is it true that it leaks like a basket, and that it is practi- cally useless ? If so, and there appears to bo some foundation for the statements, those in authority should be called to book very sharply. Quite a delightful day was ppent at Southern- down by a party of Neath gentlemen on Thursday. The picnic was organised by Mr. James Allen. The arrangements were perfect, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed himself. Among those pre-ent were the Mayor (Councillor James Glass), Coun- cillor Johu Lovett, Mr. E. C. Curtis (town clerk), Mr. Richard Browning. Mr. Richard Owen, Mr. J. P. Reynolds, Mr. Harold Kendall, of Sale, Cheshire, Mr. Bartlett, Mr. James Allen, Mr. Ellson Allen, Mr. R. G. Davies, Mr. Sam Boberts, Mr. Frank Dickens, Mr. A. F. Lowry, Mr. Joe Wilcox, Mr. Henry Thomas, F.R.S.S Mr. J. Hemming, Mr. E. Hemming, Mr. Karl Cappell, Mr. Jack Davies, &c., &c. Before lunch, the grounds of Dunraven Castle were visited. The flowers were simply beautiful, but what was even more enjoyable was the rustic walk along the seaboard to Witches' Point. Upon returning to the Marine Hotel, an excellent luncheon was served, Mr. James Allen presiding. In the afternoon, the party drove to Llantwit Major, passing on the way the picturesque vil- lage of St. Bride's. The old church of Llantwit Major, rich in historic associations, was vi<ited, after which the party drove to the Nash light- bouse and inspected it. A return was made via St. Donatts and Brought on, the hotel being reached at 5.30. The cornfields en ronte were rich and ripe, and in some cases the reapers were actually at work. The drive is certainly one cf the prettiest to be had in South Wales. In the evening an excellent dinner was enjoyed, and the party, after an hour's rest. returned home satiated with the pleasures of the day. The most amusing item dealt with by the Neath Borough Magistrates on Monday was the case of Alford v. Glendinning. Both ladies are married and live quite close to each other in High-street. Not many evenings ago, or nights rather, for the hour was nigh unto midnight, Mrs. Glendinning assaulted the complainant, whom she relieved of a quantity of hair—perhaps an advantage this hot weather. The case was one of assault. The ladies had been friends, but a light word had evidently parted them. Mrs. Glendinning, who was defended by Mr. Powell, denied the assault, and alleged that as Mrs. Alford had bpen saying things reflecting upon her character, she merely walked across the street to seek an explanation. Instead of acceding to the request Mrs. Alford kicked her, and she had to be carried home. The Bench decided that Mrs. Alford's was the correct version and fined the defendant 10s. and costs. The complainant was so overcome, presumably with joy. that she went into hysterics and had to be helped out of ccurt by two lady friends. The Neath Guardians met on Tuesday. The weather was hot, superlatively so, and what business there was was soon disposed of. The report of the Asylum committee, was read. As usual, the committee had nothing special to report. Whenever have they had P To my mind it is a sheer waste of money to send five guardians and the clerk to Bridgend once a year to do nothing in particular and report about the same. I have not yet been able to get hold of the cost of this trip, but I intend to do so. Admitting that a formal visit is necessary, why not let one, or at the most two go ? Surely five and tho clerk are not required to do nothing once a year at the ex- pense of the ratepayers Truly, spread over the whole parish, the cost is little, bnt it's the un- derlying principle that must be made a target of. The annual meeting of the Neath Football and Athletic Association passed off very quietly, in spite of rumours to the contrary. Mr. J. E. Moore presided, and it was entirely due to his good office that Charlie Powell consented to be captain for the ensuing season. The Match Committee was done away with, and Messrs. Gabriel and J. E. Jones were added to the Management Committee, which in future will select the teams. The Association intends enlarging the ground and constructing a cyclin track in short, they purpose converting the land into a proper athletic ground. May their proposals be speedily and effectively realised. The second fifteen has been done away with. And a good job, too. For years the Neath A team have been nothing but a millstone hanging about the back of the club. In its stead a junior league is suggested. The formation of such will receive my hearty support. The last meeting of the Llantwit Lower School Board, as at present constituted, was held on Wednesday, under the presidency of the Rv. T. W. George (chairman). The principal business before the Board was a notice in the name of Mr. Law to the effect that the resolution reinstating Mr. Brown as head-master of the Tonna School be rescinded. Mr. David Rees seconded on the ground that Mr. Brown, since his rp-inatatement. had continued to create and foster animosity at Tonna. The Sev. R. O. Evan opposed the motion, but the Chairman declined to vote. He had, he said, suffered greatly by supporting Mr. Brown, and as the meeting was the last undor the old Board he should remain practically neutral. The motion was carried by two votes to one, and Mr. Thomas Williams of 2, Mile Hill School, Bristol, a native of Aberdulais, was appointed to succeed Mr. Brown. In my opinion the proceed- ings were illegal, for any such motions must be carried by the majority of the members present. Now in this case there were four members present, and three voted for and one against. It is quite within the range of possibility that the Board may land their successors into a law-suit, i.e.. if the new Board does not rescind Mr. Law's motion dismissing the head-master. LAW.—Mr. Trevor H. Hunter, of Briton Ferry, who is articled to Mr. Edwin Curtis, the Town Clerk of Neath, passed with honours the final examination of the Incorporated Law Society, held in June last.






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