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SWANSEA POLICE COURT. SATURDAY. TBefore Dr. J. G. Hall, David Owen and J. L. Rogers. Esqrs.j A PUGILIST CHARGED WITH DRUNKENNKSS. —William Morgan, a resident of Back-street, well-known in pugilistic circles, was charged with drunkenness in Alexandra-road on Friday evening. —The defendant explained his conduct by stating that he was anxious to prevent his brother from taking part in a glove contest at the Niagara Hall.—He had six previous convictions recorded against him, and the Bench imposed a fine of 10s with the alternative of seven days' imprisonment. MONDAY. I Before J. C. Fowler (Stipendiary), S. Goldberg, H. Watkins, D. F. Sngrue and Joseph Rosser, Esqrs.] DRUNKENNESS.—Bridget Thomas and Susannah Williams, two young women of ill-repufe, were sent to prison for a month for drunken and disorderly conduct-Peter Clnnson, a foreign seaman, of St. Mary-street, Elizabeth Rowe, a widow. 18, New Orchard-street; Jobanah Roberts and William James Wilson were fined various small amounts for drunkenness. "MAD MAGGIE" AGAIN !—Margaret Rogers, alias Mad Maggie," made her 236th appearance on a charge of being drunk and disorderly on Saturday in Temple-strept.-P.C. James having given the facts, Maggie, who had only come out of prison on Friday, was sent down for a month. MISCELLANEOUS.—William Hfffron and Ed. Simons, for playing pitch-and-toss, were each fined 3s. 6d. or, in default, 3 days.1R.mes Headdon, Matthew Davies and George Lloyi, three boys, were summoned for doing damage to a fence near the Hafod Iaha Works to the value of 4a The boys admitted the offence and they were each fined Is. and 4.. 6d. damage, and5s. 2d. each for costs, or, in default, 7 days. SEPARATION ORDER. — David Jones, of Pentrechwytb, was summoned by his wile, who is blind, for nersistent cruelty. It. appeared trom the evidence of prosecutrix, a quiet, respectably-dressed woman, that her husband was at times exceedingly unkind to her, and often struck her about the body and head.— An order of separation was made, with 9s. a week towards her maintenance. NORMAN V. NORMAN. — STIPENDIARY S DECISION.—The Stipendiary gave his decision in this case. He said: The point which I have to decide is this: An order was made in 1894, that Mr. Norman should pay weekly to his wife the sum of £1 on the ground of his desertion, but that obligation is to cease on proof of a.n act of adultery by her. Such an act may be proved by direct and by circumstantial evidence, and in this case I have had both. I have heard the whole of the evidence, and the effect of it on my mind is that I find as a. fact that there has been misconduct, and that the order must be cancelled and di-charged. Mr. Hawkes applied for costs, Mr. Thompson opposed, and the Bench refused to make an order. TUESDAY. TBefore J. C. Fowler (Stipendiary), David Owen, and William Stone, Esqrs.] DRUNK AND DISORDERLY.—Mary Ann Sterio, 17. Philip--treet, for drunken and disorderly oonduct in High-street, was fined 7s. 6d. THROWING STONES.—Morgan Evans, residing at Fbenezer-street, was fined 3s. for throwing stones in Neath-road on the 14th nit. A SERIOUS CASE —A woman, whose head was profusely bandaged, enteve4 the witness-box and applied for a summons against a man named Coombas, who had been lodging with her. The case appeared to be a very serious one, the appli- cant being in a state of collapse brought about presumably by loss of blood. She stated that Ooombos attacked h >r on Monday evening, and, without any provocation whatever, struck her a violent blow in the face. He then proceeded to lift the woman off her feet and deliberately throw her over his shoulder. She alighted on her head, and was picked up bleeding copiously from an ugly gash the left cheek, which was subse- quently stitched at the Hospital. Ssummons granted. /n. t ABUSIVK LANGUAGE.—Mary Jane Clist, de- scribed as a married woman, of Graig-terrace, for using abusive language towards Giace Shei»her<), was fin-d 10il.-Mary Lodwick, a widow, of 72, Gibbett-hill, was summoned by Mary Ann Jones for a similar offence. The Bench imposed a fine of 10- or in default of payment seven days imprisonment. T, T PERSISTENT CRUELTY.—William Henry Lewis, cooper, resi ling at No. 87, Siloh-road, was sum. cooper, resiHnll at No. 87, Siloh-road, was sum. raoned by his wife for persistent cruelty. After a lengthy hearing a separation or<ier was^nade. 1he defendant to contribute 10s. a week towards the maintenance of his wife. WEDNESDAY. rBefore Dr. J. G. Hall, Win. Walters. T. Davies and D. Owen, Esqrs. 1 DISORDERLY.—Fred Roberts and Evan Davies, two lads, were each ordered to pay the costs for disorderly behaviour in Clyi>a ?h-roid, Morriston. No LIGHTS.—Wm. Gwynn and D. Ba.sett were each fined 15s. inclusive for driving without ^^OLD OFFENDERS.-Catherine Flynn, described as a married woman, residing at Upper Strand, wa* charged with drnnken aud disorderly conduct. She had eight previous convictions recorded against her, and th Bfnoh imposed a fine of 10a. and cost-, with the alternative of seven days imprisonment. — Jane Evans mada hor sixth appearance on a similar charge. Stitt "0 1lI-.teci in a fine of 10<. inclusive or, m dtfUu.t of payment, seven days' imprisonment.

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