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ATHLETIC NOTES. [By "ARGUL-I All communications intended for this column should be addressed, "Argus," The Cambrian, Wind-street, Swansea. CRICKET. SWANSEA v. CARDIFF. On Saturday the Swansea First XI. journeyed to Cardiff to meet the Taffsiders for the second time this season. They took up a rather weak team, the chief absentees being Mr. A. W. Samuel. captain, and Dr. Cameron. The match remlted in a decisive win for the homesters, the visitors being vanquished at every point. A feature of the match was the miserable fielding of the Swansea men. The only one to do any- thing worthy of note in this department was Geoghegan, who. brought off some really smart catches. The chief contributors to Swansea's total of 133 were-H. T. Thomas (31), D. Thissen <27) and J. A. Davies (23). Willgoose was successful with the ball, taking five wickets for 67 runs, whilst for Cardiff, S. Lowe captured six for 56, and D. Smith, two for 19. Scores :— CARDIFF. J. H. Brain, st Thissen, b Ceber. 23 J. Clarke, e Geogkegan, b Willgoose 17 It. Lowe, b Willgoose 5 P. F. Bush, b Ceber 32 H. B. Letcher, c & b Willgoose 15 R. Rooney, e G-eoghegan, b Benfield 32 D. Smith, b Ellis 40 J, P. Cadogan, b Bancroft. 41 C. Colley, b Willgoose 12 T. M. Artell not out 1 S. Lowe, b Willgoose 5 Extras 29 Total. 250 SWANSEA. Bancroft, b S. Lowe 7 H. T. Thomas, b S. Lowe r 31J E. W. Jones, c Clarke, b S. Lowe 9 A. Sweet, b Siniih 12 H. A. Ellis, c Clarke, b S. Lowo 0 Geoghegan, c J. H. Brain, b Smith. 1 D. Thissen, c Clarke, b S. Lowe 27 J. A. Davies, b Colley 23 G. B. Benfield, b Lowe 7 Willgoose not out 8 Creber, b Colley 6 Extras. 2 Total. 133 ? FIRST ELEVEN FIXTURES. Aug. 5-Hampstead (London* Home 12—Llanelly Home 19—Mr. Ebsworth's Eleven Home 25 and 26—Glamorgan v. Cornwall .Home Sept.2-Newport Away SECOND ELEVEN FIXTURES. Aug. 5-Cardiff II Away ° 12-Briton Ferry .Away „ 17—United Banks .Home „ 19-St. Jud6's\ Away Sept. 2—Cardiff II — Home OYSTERMOUTH v. SWANSEA THIRDS. Oystermouth made their hightlstscore of the season on Saturday, when they met, for the first time, the Swansea Third XI. on the St. Helen's Field. Their performance was a very creditable one indeed, especially when it is taken into con- sideration that they did not have their strongest team out. Goiug in first, they ran up a total of 204 runs in excellent style. As the result of sound batting, W. P. Gwynne and Dr. Perkins made 59 and 53 respectively, whilst R. E. Gold also contributed a valuable 21. The homesters only had an hour and a quarter to play, and to they commenced their innings with the set purpose of -making the most of their time. And well did they perform their task, for runs came at a good rate, and at the expiration of time they had succeeded in knocking up 117 runs for six wickets. W. J. Trew contributed a vigorous 45, and T. Powell added a meritorious 44. Scores OYSTERMOUTH. R. E. Gold, c Ball, b Muxworthy. 21 G. Hay, run out 10 E. Jones, c Altixivortby, b T. Powell 1 Waddington, c Rees, b T. Powell 4 Dr. Perkins, c Trew, b H. G. Solomon 53 W. P. Gwynne, b H. G. Solomon. 59 J. Clough, b E. Muxworthy 0 G. Nettell, b H. G. Sclomon 13 F. Trower. b S. J. Cnrnow. 13 W. Law, lbw, b H. G. Solomou 2 Crisp, c & b Curnow. 1 D. Wabborn, not out 11 Extras 16 Total 204 SWANSEA THIRDS. E. Llanders, c Nettell, b Clough 0 T. Powell, b Trower. 44 S. J. Carnow, c Jones b Clough 5 H. G. Solomon, b Clough 9 F. B Rees, b Webboru 0 W. J. Trew, c Gold, b Dr. Perkins. 45 A. Ball, not out 4 Extras 10 Total for 6 wickets 117 P. S. Lloyd, S. Dorrell, O. A. Schenk, G. Dorrell and E. Muxworthy to bat. It is a pity that there was no time to finish the match, for it would have been interesting to see whether the homesters would ultimately have won, or whether the honour would have devolved npouthe Oystermouth Eleven of smashing the un- broken record of the Swansea Third XI. I think. though, that if time had permitted of the game being finished, the homesters would have come out easy winners, because the bowling of the ec' visitors had got very weak. Still, the Oyster- mouth men are to be complimented upon their batting exhibition. Their success with the bat on Saturday should give them more confidence in future League matches. SWANSEA AND DISTRICT SENIOR CRICKET LEAGUE. GOWERTON v. CLYDACH. This match was played under the auspices of the League at Gowerton last Saturday, and ended in a win for the homesters by 86 runs to 64. Scores:— GOWERTON. W. Edwards, not out 29 W. P. Lewis, b B. Lewis 2 W. Holloway, c Austin, b Williams. 1L G. Lewis, b D. IVilliKms 6 W. Bowen, b D. Williams 5 D. Ward, lbw, b D. Austin 11 G. Ellis, b D. Anstin 9 D. Jenkins, b D. Davies 2 D. Williams. lbw, b Austin 1 P. Ward, b Austin 2 D. A. Davies, c Smith, b Davies 1 Extras 7 Total. 36 CLYDACH. D. Arnold, b D. Jenkins 10 D. Davieg. c Ward, b Lewis 7 S. ion, b Lowi-i 2 D. Austin, b Lewis.. 10 J. Smith, not out .n. 16 J. Lloyd, ran out. 1 P. Lewis, b D. Jenkins 5 D. Williams, c Williams, b'Lawis 7 R. James, o Lewis, b Jenkins. 0 D. Thomas, b Lewis 1 D. R. JoneA. b G. Lewis 5 Extras 0 Total 64 t FIXTURES FOR 1899. Ground. Aug. !5-0Ylltformouth v. Clyd:lch. Oystermoutb. ft—.St..Tilde's r. Peullemier Jt. Jr.'le ». I?—Penllergner v. (Jorseinon Penllergaer. 19—ftorselnott v. Ptsnllergaer 26—Olvdach v. Gorseinon Sept. -i—Gorseinon v. Ojsterinouth Gorseinon. v O-Oysterniouth v. Gorseinon oysterinouth. POSITION OF CLUBS TO DATE. Plaved. Won, Lost. Drawn. Point*. Gowerton 9 7 2 0 14 Clydach 8 6 2 0 12 St. Judo's 7 5 2 0 10 Oystermouth.. 7 2 o 0 4 Penllergaer 7 1 6 ° Gorseinon 4 0 4 0 0 EnWIN J. JOSLYN, July 31st, 1899. Hon. Sec. & Treasurer. CRICKET MATCHES OF FICTION. In the enrrent number ot" the )Vtndtor Magazine—which is fully up to the hi<?h standard of its predecessors -Edmiincl B. V. Christian writes at length on tha Cricket Mat,!h as it has been dealt with by novelists and modern makers of notion. "A library of cricket, bcoks has appeared in a decade Dr. Grace has told us how to play and how he playeJ we have had also the reminiscences of Richard Daft and George Giffen; Messrs. Steel and Lyttelton have given most excellent advice to the players; even the latest hero. K. S. Ranjitsinhji, has furnished his admirer* with two booka. Mr. Norman Gale has sung songs worthy of the glorious game; the Chronicleis have been reprinted volumes of all sorts have multiplied." But of all the books he Quotas, none is more interesting than Mr. Snaith a Willow. the King." In this the game is pre- Gented in its true light as the principal nay, the r-ole-businem, solace, and delight of life. Yet the chief character of the book is a woman. Grace Trentham-Fihe was christened LLttra Mary, but they called her Grace, because she kept five portraits of that hero on her bedroom mantelpiece, and was believed to treasure in secret' strands of his beard'—was the centre and I mainspring of cricket's vitality in the parishes of Hickory and Little Clumpton. With two brothers playing for their county, and the third captain of the Harrow eleven, with a father who had been one of the fine-t amateur bowlers of his day, and a circle of curates aud other admirers all fit to play for the Gentlemen, she yet possessed more knowledge of the game's history and science, more appreciation of its rare excellence, more zest in its practice than them all. With a family of brothers like hers, who talk of living cricketers with such complete freedom, and speculate on their sister's marriage in her presence, and always in slang, this is not surprising. Doubtless the mirror is here held true. Cricketers, as a race, are not 'litery and that!' their well of English is not free from trace of some admixture. Probably most readers will consider the resultant beverage more piquant; and to Miss Trentham's friends the slang seems to have been but an added charm. Proposal* poured upon her. To one noble lord who sought Grace's hand, and sank so low as to tell her what his income was,' she had a crushing reply. Now look here, Dick,' said she, I don't care a straw about your income; what's your batting average?' This was unanswerable and conclusive, though the earl sent for Attewell and Brockwell to coach him all the spring." LAWN TENNIS. NEATH v. EATON (SWANSEA). This match, which was played at Neath on Saturday last, 29th ult., in glorious weather, resulted, after a hard fight, in victory for the home team by the extremely narrow majority of 5 events to 4, 11 sets to 10, and 96 games to 88. The following are the particulars :—Rosser and Yowerth (Neath) to Newton and Carlyle (Eaton), 3-6, 3-6. Rosser and Yowerth beat Morgan and De Guerrier, 6-1, 7-5. Rosser and Yowerth beat J. R. Newton and Ryland (substi- tute), 6-1, 6-2. BIt and Curtis (Neath) lost to Newton and Carlyle, 3-6. 2-6. Elt and Curtis beat J. R. Newton and Ryland, 6-0, 8-6. Kit and Curtis beat Morgan and De Guerrier, 1-6, 6-3,6-4. Priday and Rees (Neath) lost to Newton and Carlyle, 6-5, 0-6, 3-6. Priday and Rees lost to Morgan and De Guprrier, 4-6, 4-6. Priday and lLees beat J. It. Newton and Ryland, 6-1, 4-6, 6-2.


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