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PONTARDAWE. LBy OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT]. STRANDED THEATRICALS. — On Tuesday, about a dozen ladies and gentlemen of the theatrical profession, arrived here by the 1.20 p.m. train from Swansea. It appears they were bound for Craig-y-Nos. They had either been wrongly informed that this was the next station to the castle, or had got mixed in the Welsh names of Penwyllt and Pontardawe. On realising the fact that they were about 13 miles away from the object of their desire, they looked round for refreshments in the nature of luncheon or dinner. They tried all the principal hotels, inns or taverns in Pontardawe, but one and all could not supply them. What must they have thought of the catering of the local hotel keepers ? Such is not the way to get strangers to visit the little village on the Tawe. A good hotel well managed is undoubtedly required at Pontardawe. DISTRICT COUNCIL. — (Thursday;—Present,— Messrs H. Lloyd (chairman), M. Price, Daniel Jones, A. W. Samuel, Rhye Williams, D. Lewis, John Johns, W. Percy Player. Dr. Thomas, the Medical Officer of Health for the Eastern Divi- sion, furnished his report for the past 3 months. The Council decided to apply to the Local Govern- ment Board for permission to borrow £8,000, to carry on the amended sewerage scheme for Pon- tardawe.—The seal of the Council was affixed to the agreement with Mr. Player for lighting Cly- daeh with the electric light. VOLUNTEERS.—On Saturday about 50 of the A Company of the 3rd Glamorgan left for a week's training at Minehead. Captain Hedley and Lieut. Jenkins aacompanied the men. CRUELTY TO A HORSE. At the Police Court, on Friday, T. Williams, haulier, was fined £5, and £2 2d. costs, for cruelty to his horse. It seems the horse had a gaping wound in one of its legs, and the defendant burnt it with hot irons. The flesh had been burnt to the bone, aud the animal had to be destroyed. BICYCLE ACCIDENT.—The child of Mr. T. Davies, James-street, was knocked down by a cyclist on Saturday last, and picked up in an un- conscious state. The child ia reported to be making satisfactory progress. SCHOLASTIC.—The undermentioned pupils of Mr. Astley Samuels, Tanyrallt School, were successful at the June examination of the College of Preceptors. Second class, first division Thos. J. Thomas and Tom Evans; second division, Arthur Stewart Thomas. Third class, first division: Reginald Benson, Edgar Benson and Llewellyn Thomas. The subjects taken at the examination were Scripture, English, history, ereography, arithmetic, algebra, euclid (books 1-4), Latin, French and drawing. A. Thomas, distinction in Scripture; R. and E. Benson, distinction in arithmetic, algebra and euclid; Llewellyn Thomas, distinction in euclid. There were no failures. The second class candidates' certificates exempt them from the following preliminary examinations: The medical, dental, pharmaceutical, veterinary surgeons, etc. ATHLETIC SPORTS. An athletic meeting took place at Pontardawe on Saturday. The arrangements were carefully carried out, although several spills occurred. A cyclist while riding through the streets collided with the! trap of Mr. E. Bevan, Trebanos, and was severely injured. He was promptly attended to by Dr. John Jones, Clydach. RESULTS. Half-mile Bicycle Handicap Novice Race.—1, Jacob Thomas. Pontardawe (10 yds.); 2, E. J. Evans, Pontardawe (scratch). Half-mile Bicycle Handicap (open).—1st heat, C. E. Jenkins, Catford and Pontardawe (66); 2nd heat, C. E. Baker, Pontardawe and Shampton (70); 3rd heat, J. Nixon, Liverpool (25); 4th heat, F. W. Barkaway, Ferndale (68); 5th heat, Harrv Prickett, Cardiff Catford (54); 6th heat, R. J. Griggs, Cardiff A.C. (58); 7th heat, Charles Parker, Cardiff 100 Mile (63). Final: 1, R. J. Griggs 2. C. E. Baker 3, C. E. Jenkins. 100 Yards Flat Handicap.—1st heat, Jack Davies, Swansea A.A.C. (13); 2nd heat, H. G. Hoskins, Pontardawe A.C. (14); 3rd heat, F. T. Clark, Swansea A.A.C. (12j); 4th heat, C. R. Lundie, Cardiff (10); 5th heat, W. J. Trew, Swansea A A.C. (Hi) 6th heat, E. W. T. Stroud, Swansea A.A.C. (12!). Final: 1, W. J. Trew; 2. C. R. Lundie 3, Jack Davies. One Mile Bicycle Open Handicap.—1st heat, Jack Thomas, Pontardawe (200); 2nd heat, D. Phillips, Skewen (200); 3rd heat, F. Barkaway, Ferndale (125); 4th heat, H. Prickett, Catford (95); 5th heat, R. J. Griggs, Catford (110); 6th heat, J. Rees, Llandrindod. Final: 1, it. J. Griggs; 2, D. Phillips 3, H. Prickett. One Mile Bicycle Handicap (novice).—1st heat, E. Holbrook, Cardiff National ("cratch); W. Jenkins, Glanamman (30 yds.); 2nd heat, D. Joseph, Pontardawe (12); T. Martin, Pontardawe (25); 2rd heat, U. Williams, Glanamman (15); F. Hollyman, Mountain Ash (25). Final: 1, U. Williams 2, D. Joseph 3, Hollyman. 440 Yards Flat Handicap.—Final: 1, Trevor Benson, Swansea A.A. (30 yd.); 2, H. J. Hoskins, Pontardawe (41); 3, Jack Davies, Morriston (30). Three Mile Bicycle Handicap for the Francis Challenge Cup.—1, E. Nichols, Pontardawe (scratch); 2, Jack Thomas, Pontardawe Cycling Club (235); 3, D. Joseph, do. (270). 1,000 Yards Flat Handicap.—1, A. Moxley, Neath F.C. (50 yd;o.); 2, J. Saunders, Llanelly (45); 3, W. T. George, Tirydail (58). Two Mile Open Bicycle Handicap.—1st heat, Baker, Southampton and Pontardawe (245); J. Nixon, Liverpool (78): 2nd heat, D. Phillips, Skewen (380); C. Jenkins, Catford (245); 3rd heat, F. W. Barkaway, Ferndale (245); E. Nicbolls, Pontardawe and Cardiff (140): 4th heat, F. Hollyman, Mountain Ash (350) T. A. Dallinsr, Defiance C.C. Final: 1, D. Phillips 2, C. F. Baker 3. C. Jenkins. Sack Race.—1, D. Lewis, Pontardawe; 2, T. Davies, Pontardawe. AN UNFORTUNATE SEQUEL. During the course of the afternoon two men named James Jenkins and Edward Thomas were set upon by four men in the Pontardawe Inn and severely beaten and kicked, both there and in the street. Jenkins was very badly knocked about. On Monday four men, named Daniel Rees, Edward Rees, John Jones and William Jones, having been arrested by the county police, were taken to Swansea and remanded. fFoR FURTHER DISTRICT NEWS SEE PAGE 8.J


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