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CRICKET. Neath did badly against Swansea on the GnoJl Ground on Saturday. Going in first they compiled 81. The batting was weak, and the bowling was Hot over strong. The Swansea men ran up 160 for four wickets. SWANSEA. E. W. Jones, c Reynolds, b Davies 41 D. Thissen, not out 82 A. W. Samuel, c Clarke, b Davies 5 H. A. Sweet, c Whittiugton, b Davies 2 G. P. Hazel, c Taylor, b Keynolds 26 Extras 4 Total 160 It is time our Neath friends buckled to. E. W. Jones was in fine form, and his 41 included four 4's, one 3, and three 2's. Thissen made four 4's and three 2's. The following is the bowling "alylais NEATH. O. M. R. W. Willgoose 19 5 30 2 Samuel 20 6 35 5 Benfield 12 5 12 3 SWANSEA. T.Hopkins. 13 1 59 0 S. Clarke 5 0 21 0 H. Davies 8 0 21 3 W. Lane 6 0 24 0 M. Rhys 4 0 12 0 Reynolds. 4 1 9 1 R.Rhys 3 0 14 0 # # # FIRST ELEVEN FIXTURES. July 29-N ewport .Awav Aug. 5-Hampstead (London) .Home „ 12-Llan-lly Home 19-Mr. Ebsworth's Eleven Home „ 25 and 26-Glamorgan v. Cornwall .Home Sept. 2-Newport Away SECOND ELEVEN FIXTURES. July 29-Briton Ferry Home Aug. 5-Cardiff II Away 12-Briton Ferry Away „ 17-United Banks .Home „ 19-St. Jude's Away Sept. 2—Cardiff II Home The Swansea Third XI. administered a severe thrashing to the Church on Sa.turday-205 for six tickets to 35 Scores for SWANSEA THIRD XI. T. Powell, c and b ftogers 47 S. Curnow, lbw, b Thomas 7 F. B. Rees, c and b Rogers 20 H. Sweet, c Thomas, b Seaborne. 46 H. G. Solomon, b W. Thomas 20 J. Hill, not out 56 P. S. Dorrell 0 Extras 9 Total 205 .L. The score was made to look a little picturesque by P. S. Dorrell making a duck! The Swansea bowling was far too strong for the Church lads, bravely as they stood up against it. The fielding Was also very keen, and materially contributed to the heavy defeat. Schenk and Muxworthy, along with Ball and Lloyd, did not bat-and Powell divided the bowling honours, while Ball made a few smart catches. The following was the scores for the CHURCH. C. Potts 3 P. Melhuifch 9 M. Rogers 7 J.Thomas. 3 H. Walton 2 M. Thomas 1 A. Ellis 0 H. Seaborne 0 E. Melhuiah 1 J. Davies, not out 8 W. Smith 0 Extra 1 Total 35 SWANSEA AND DISTRICT SENIOR CRICKET LEAGUE. GOWERTON v. ST. JUDE'S. A league match was played between Gowerton and St. Jude's oA the ground of the former on Saturday, and ended in a draw, due, it is said, to the late arrival of the visitors. Scores :— GOWERTON. D. Ward, b Rees 0 W. Edwards, c Evans, b Rees 24 W. P. Lewis, lbw, b Evans 11 George Lewis, b Joslyn 1 W. H. Holloway, 8t Gibbs, b Joslyn. 53 W. Bowen, not out 13 George Ellis, not oat 6 Extras 12 Total (for 5 wickets) .120 Innings declared closed. D. A. Jenkins, F. c Ward, P. Brett and T. Lewis did not bat. I ST. JUDE'S. E. Gribbs, o T. Lewis, b G. Lewis 20 J. Morris, not out 16 A. A. Merry, b George Lewis 0 J. G. Owen, b Holloway 12 W. J. Evans, not out 20 Extras 3 Total (for 3 wickets) 71 A. E. Joslyn. E. J. Joslyn, G. Madel, A. Green, Rees and W. Hay did not bat. CLYDACH v. PENLLERGAER. The above league cricket match was played in strong sunny weather upon the latter's ground at Penllergaer last Saturday. Clydach won easily by 12 runs and 6 wickets. Scores PENLLERGAER. R. Lewis, b S. Jones 1 T. Mainwaring, b S. Jones 9 E. Bevan, c and b S. Jones 0 T. Rees, c J. R. James, b D. Austin. 0 1. Williams, c P. Lewis, b D. Davies 9 J. Jones, b S. Jones 0 D. Davies, b D. Austin. 1 J. Coomey, b D. Austin 9 W. J. Walters, not out 2 R. Lewis, c D. Davies, b D. Austin 0 W.T. Rees, c B. A. Jones, b D. Austin 5 Extras 5 Total 38 CLYDACH. D. Arnold, not out 24 D. Daviea, lbw, b Lewis 1 S. Jones, b E. Bevan 2 J. Thomas, retired ill 11 D. Austin, c W. J. Rees, b T. Jones. 3 Extras 9 Total (for 4 wickets) 50 Innings declared closed. A, Lloyd, D.Thomaa, R. James and D. Jenkins to bat. FIXTURES FOR 1899. Ground. July 29—St. Jade's v. Gorselnon St. Jade's Aug. S-Oystermouth v. Clydach Oystermouth. „ Ii-St, Jude's v. Penllergaer I-t, Jude's. t, 12-Penliergaer v. Gorselnon Penllergaer. 19-Gorbeitioti v. Penllergaer tiorseiuon. „ 26-Clvdacb v. Gorselnon Clydach. Sept. 2-Gorselnon v. Oystermouth. Gorseinon. 9—Oystermouth v. Gorseinon Oystermouth. SWANSEA AND DISTRICT JUNIOR CRICKET LEAGUE. ST. JOHN'S (CLYDACH) v. OLD SILOH. The Clydach team met with an unexpected reverse on their own ground at the hands of Old Siloh. The bowling was excellent, as the analysis will show. Appended are the scores OLD SILOH. G. Butler, c Joseph b Rees 0 W. J. Owens, c Joseph b Rees 1 E. Rees, b Joseph 0 H. Fisher, b Rees 3 W. D. Froethy (capt.), b Joseph 7 T. Evans, run out 0 W. Stevens, b Joseph 0 B. Thomas, b Rees 0 A. Freethy, not out 4 J. Hicks, b Joseph 10 T. Morris, b Joseph 0 Extras 5 Total 30 W. D. Freethy secured five wiokets for seven runs, and W. J. Owens four for three. | ST. JOHN'S. A Arnold, c A Freethy b W D Freethy 2 T Williams, cA Freethy b W Freethy 0 I. Joseph, c Hicks b W. D. Freethy. 12 T. Thomas, c sub b Owens o D. J. Rees (c.), c Butler b W. Freethy 1 T. J. Smith, c Evans b Freetby. 2 Geo. Davies, run out 1 H. Thomas, b Owens 0 J. Nicholas, b Owens 0 D. Rees, b Owens 0 J. Thomas, not out 0 Extras 8 Total 27 -D. J. Rees toek four wioketa for 15 ruos, and *• Joseph five for 10. | PENVILLIA v. PRIORTON VILLA. The Villa, for the second time this season, defeated the home team, in this case however piling on the record League score. Another record was also established by A. P. Coke, whose score of 43 is the highest individual score of the season under the Junior League. The Ponvillia were easily disposed of, their total reaching 17 only. The Priorton bowling was excellent. Appended are the scores:— PRIORTON VILLA. A. P. Coke, b Watkins 43 E. Billing, c John b Bowen 4 P. Bevan, c John b Bowen 7 F. Price (capt.), b Watkins 0 P. Morris, run out 19 J. Davies, c John b Bowen 16 L. Rees, b Watkins 14 F. Rawbridge, run out 4 G.Kees,nutout. 5 H. Hopkins, b John 1 T. James, not out 4 Extras 15 Total (for 9 wickets). 132 Innings declared closed. Innings declared closed. P. Morris obtained five wickets for four runs, and P. Bevan three for seven. PENVILLIA. W. Bennett, b Morris 0 D. Watkins (capt.), b Bevan 1 D. Jones, b Morris 0 T. Allen, b Morris 0 D. J. Thomas, e Davies b Morris 4 J. H. Bowen, c Billings b Morris 1 T. Williams, c James b Bevan 2 A. Wyatt, not out 1 J. M. John, b Bevan 2 G. Tucker, absent 0 J. Thomas, absent 0 Extras 6 T otal 17 I Mr. H. G. Solomon has arranged an excellent programme for the Swansea Tourists' Cricket Club, and an enjoyable tour is confidently antici- pated. The chief feature of interest in Friday's play at tiie Crystal Palace in the match between Dr. Grace's Eleven and the Australiaus was the score made by Alec Hearne on behalf of the home team. His 168 is the highest individual score made against the Colonials this season, being one run more than that made by J. T. Brown last month At Bradford there was some very high scoring on Friday. Rain caused stumps to be drawn before half-past five, but by that time Yorkshire had gained a lead of 387 for the loss of seven wickets, their highest t,ital this season. F. S. Jackson, Denton and F. Mitchell all exceeded the hundred, the last-named completing his 1,000 runs for the season. Jackson and the professional put on 219 runs for the second wicket. Jackson's innings was one of the finest he has ever playea, and was faultless; but Denton was twice missed. Mitchell likewise gave no chance. Thanks to some fine batting on Tuesday by Abel, F. P. Knox and Hayes, the latter of whom scored 131 before being stumped, Surrey, at the Oval, were able to set the Australians a difficult task on Wednesday. To Surrey's first innings of 112 the Colonists replied with 165. Surrey'B second innings closed for 350. The Australians on Wednesday sustained the second defeat of their tour, being beaten by Surrey by 104 runs. On beginning play the Colonials needed 296 to win, with all ten wickets in hand, but against the bowling of Richardson, Lockwood, and Brockwell, failed to make more than 194, of which Trumper contributed 68. THE INTER-UNIVERSITY ATHLETICS. The athletic contests at the Queen's Club,Weet Kensington, on Saturday, between representatives of the English and American Universities— Oxford and Cambridge, Yule and Havard-were attended by a large gathering of lovers of sport. Several splendid perfoi mances were accomplished, under, it must be said, the most perfect conditions of weather and track, the best of all, perhaps, being the hurdles, when Fox, of Havard, beat the English record by running the 120 yards and jumping the 10 obstacles in 15 3-5 sec., and, what is more, beating the present English amateur champiou, Pagel-Tomlinson. There were also great things done in the sprint, the quarter, the half, and mile. Curiously enough, two of the races in which trials foreshadowed the success of the English division—100 yards and hurdles- were won by the visitors, while, vice veraa, two I that looked like going to the Americans-the quarter and half—fell to the home team. All the honours on one side went to Havard, whose repre- sentatives won every contest that went to America while, on the other hand, the Cambridge athletes did far better than the Oxonians, the Dark Blues' single triumph being in the long jump, which fell to the excellent all-round athlete, G. C. Vassall. It was a great day, and the enthusiastic scene which culminated in the victory of Workman in the three miles will be long remembered by all who witnessed it. Thanks to this performance. Oxford and Cambridge won five events, and Yale and Havard four. AT BISLEY. Seldom, if ever, has a more interesting rifl competition been seen than in the shooting for the Queen's on Saturday at Bisley. A large number of spectators gathered to watch the shooting, and the arrangement by which the men were allotted to targets in the order of their scores, made it easy to follow the prospects of each, as the issue gradually became narrowed down to three or four competitors. At the end of the penultimate range attention centred on Sergeant Jones, a Welshman Private Priaulx, of Guernsey and Sergeant Black, of a Highland regiment. At 1,000 yards the Welshman began splendidly; but after three bulls he apparently began to got nervous, for his fourth shot was a miss. He then got the range again, and when it became known that the Guernsey man and a Scot, Col.-Sergeant Anderson, had finished with 336, while Jones had 332 with two shots to go, the Welshmen at the range were wild with excitement. Jones then brought his score even with the two other leaders. His last shot would therefore land him winner out and out unless he missed the target altogether. This, to the utmost dismay of nis frienda, he promptly proceeded to do. The tie then had to be shot off, when Priaulx won with ease amid intense excitement, the Welshman's nerves appar- ently being unequal to the strain at the finish.








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