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SWANSEA HOSPITAL. DR. DAVIDSON AND THE COMMITTEE. The monthly meeting of the Board of Management of the Swansea Hospital was held yesterday. There were present: Dr. Ebenezer Davies (in the chair). Mrs. Ebenezer Davies, Miss Lind-ay, Mrs. Travers Wood, Drs. R. Nelson Jones, N. F. Brook. J. Kynaston Couch, E. Le Cronier Lancaster, and Jabez Thomas; the Rev. R. T. Williams (Argyle), Principal Salmon, Messrs. Howel Watkins, T. F. Jones. S. Goldberg, LI. Thomas, and the secretary (Mr. W. D. Hughes). DR. DAVIDSON WITHDRAWS HIS RESIGNATION. —A PARLIAMENTARY LETTER. The following letter was read from Dr. Alex. D. Davidson, withdrawing his resignation of the post of opthalmic surgeon "October 17th, 1893. "DEAR MB. HUGHES,—AS the difficulty about the out-patients ba come to an end, by the retreat of their officers with men, women and children to their old quarters, alld also as the minute of the House Committee referring to my colleague has been ex- punged as being out of order, I shall be very pleased to comply with the request of the Management Com- mittee of the Hospital, and withdraw my resignation. 8incelely tilisting that now nil bitter feelillgs and harsb words may be at an end, I don't think we can do better tban follow the example of St. Patrick, who, in the days of old,' gave the frogs and toads a twist and banished them for ever.'—Yours very truly, "ALEX. DXAS DAVIDSON. W. D. Hughes, Esq., Secretary." Miss Lindsay Who are the'frogs and toads P Mr. Howel Watkins The committee, I suppose. (Laughter.) Miss Lindsay: Is that parliamentary language ? (Laughter.) Dr. Nelson Jones thought it well that the controversy was over. He would be the last to encourage any difficulty between the staffs of the Hospital; but he wished it to be understood that the whole thing was not a staff question. It was hardly fair to think that. It was entirely a question for the Board of Management whether or not they had full control over the ophthalmic department. That was the whole sum of the difficulty and it was a question which they had to settle sooner or later. The Rev. R. T. Williams suggested that the withdrawal should be accepted, with the expres- sion on the part of the committee of a certam amount cf disapproval of the tone in which the letter accepted the proposition of the Board of Management. Dr. Lancaster thought the letter should not be put in the minutes. Both Dr. Davidson and the Committee would be sorry in future if it were. Dr. Nelson Jones moved that the letter be accepted. The Hospital could not afford to lose the services of Dr. Davidson. The whole incident should then be allowed to drop. Mr. Howel Watkins said he was very glad to know that Dr. Davidson had withdrawn his resignation, bnt he was very sorry for the tone of the letter. What he objected to in the letter was the reference to the minute of the House Committee as having been expunged as out of order. It was not expunged for that reason, but because of the conciliatory tone taken at the meeting in order to prevent any further discord at the Hospital. He regretted that that tone had not been reciprocated in the letter. It did not seem to him at all like Dr. Davidson. (Hear, hear.) Dr. Nelson Jones moved that the letter of withdrawal be accepted. Dr. W. F. Brook moved as an amendment that the Board accept with pleasure the withdrawal of Dr. Davidson's resignation, but wishes it to be understood that in similar circumstances they will act in the same way as they have done." He did not think they should allow it to go out to the public that the Boa.rd had practically resigned-as the letter implied—all responsibility for the conduct of the Eye Depart- ment. The Chairman moved the amendment out of order. There was already a resolution of the Board affirming the right to use the Eye Hospital when such an emergeney as they lately experienced arose. After Mr. Howel Watkins's remarks they should let the whole matter drop. He was sorry Dr. Davidson had so decorated his letter. (Laughter.) He was disappointed, and it would Tive the Board an idea of the spirit with which they were met and had to deal. (Hear, 6The proposition to accept the withdrawal was then agreed to. VOTE OF THANKS TO THE EX-MAYORESS. Mr. Howel Watkins moved a vote of thanks to the ex-Mavoress, Mrs. Aeron Thomas, for the kind interest she had taken in the Hospital. During the year the Mayoress had devoted a good deal of time to the affairs of the Hospital, and they would benefit to a very large extent. Mr. Watkins referred to the Mayoress's efforts in connection with the eisteddfod, by which a sum InsHtutio OUld be realised for the benefit of the ,Jhe ^airman seconded, and said they could ADO easTIly measure their indebtedness to Mrs. eron homas The vote of thanks was passed unanimously. COL. MORGAN. Mr. Turtle brought up the question of Mr. Howel°Watkina fell Jn w'tb SeVugge.tion. be'tter^ that could fill the position Dr. Nelson Jones supported, and JMr Turtle's proposition was unanimously agreed to This was all the business.

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