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SWANSEA POLICE COURT. SATURDAY. TBefore Dr. J. G. Hall, W. Walters, B. Evans, L. A. H. Thomas and R. Woolacott, Esqrs.1 A LIGHT DAY FOR THE MAGISTRATES.— Saturday is never a very heavy day at the court for the local magistrates, but this was a particularly light one, the only business being a case of drunkeness in which the defendant John Williams, collier, of Tynyrheol, was fined 15s., and some summonses against parents for neglect- ing to contribute towards the maintenance of their children at the Swansea Truants' School. MONDAY. [Before the Worshipful Mayor (Mr. J. Aeron Thomas), J. C. Fowler (Stipendiary), S. Goldberg, H. Watkins, Joseph Rosser, Esqrs.l INEBRIATION.—Thomas Thomas, labourer, 8, Francis terrace, made his 14th appearance on a charge of being drunk and disorderly on Saturday. Fined 10s. and costs.—Henry Davies, Neath Abbey, Elizabeth Standing, of ill-fame, 26, Greenhill-street, were each fined 10s. for similar offences. OBSTRUCTION.—Wm. Sanders, hawker, 46, Garden-street, for causing an obstruction in High-street, by allowing an handtruck to remain on the roadway for an hour, was fined 15s. and costs or seven days. A HEAVY PENALTY.-John Tulk, 140, Pen- villia-road, was charged with a breach of the Swine Fever (movement) Order by making a false declaration. Mr. Lawrence Richards prosecuted on behalf of the police. The case was proved, and a fine of £2 and coats A4 9s. 6d. in all-was inflicted. A SWANSEA PUBLICAN AND HIS WIFE.— D. Loughor Thomas, late landlord of the Albion Inn, Neison-street, was summoned by his wife for j persistent cruelty. Mr. J. Viner Leeder appear- | ed for the complainant. It appeared from the evidence that defendant was in the habit of I getting intoxicated, when he would use horrible threats towards his wife and ill u-e her. On the last occasion, the day she left him, he put her out of the house. sayintr that he was afraid her blood would be on his hands if she did not go. Mrs. Thomas stated that she bad not returned to her husband as she was too much afraid of him. Annie Court, a servant at the hotel, stated that on the night of the 12th October, she heard Mrs. Thomas screamingmurder" in her bedroom. She ran into the room and saw defendant holding his wife by the throat. Witness pulled him away, whereupon complainant ran into her (witness's) room. She followed and they barricaded the door. Defendant was outside all night threat- ning her, shouting that he would put Mrs. Thomas a corpse before the morning if he could only get at her. The Bench held that persistent cruelty was made out so made a separation order defendant to pay his wife 7s. per week.—Defend- ant was aiso charged with drunkenness on his own premises. The charge having been proven, the Stiperdiary imposed a fine of 10s. and costs, adding that he wished to say that he and his brother magistrates thought it was a grievous breach of his responsibilities as landlord. Capt. Colquhoun informed the Stipendiary that defend- ant had since been forced to give up his license by the owners of the hotel. by the owners of the hotel. TUESDAY. I [Before J. Coke Fowler (Stipendiary), Griffith Daviee and F. Bradford, Esqrs.J DRUNKENNESS.—Margaret Davies, a married woman, of 5, Old-road, Neath Abbey, was charged I with being drunk and disorderly in Rutland- street on the 7th inst. P.C. Gammon proved the I case, and a fine of 7s. 6d., or five days in default was imposed.—For drunkenness, Ann Thomas, widow, Middle-road, Cwmbwrla, who sobbed pro- I fusely and pleaded in extenuation of penalty I that the cause of her drunkenness was vexation, and Richard Jones, 9, William-street, were fined 5s. and 10s. respectively. THE SWANSEA GUARDIANS AND RUNAWAY FATHERS.—CASE DISMISSED.—Robert Williams, printer, Rutland-street, was summoned for non- maintenance of his wife and child, now charge- able to the Swansea Union. Mr. C. B. Jenkin* appeared for the Guardians, and Mr. Henry Thompson (Messrs. Andrew and Thompson) de- fended. It was alleged for the prosecution that the husband had been separated from his wife for some time, and up to nine weeks ago he was pay- ing1 her a certain amount per week. But at this time he stopped paying her anything, and even- tually she was forced to enter the Workhouse with her little girl, aged four years.—By Mr Thompson She admitted that her husband had left her beeau-e she was too much addicted to drink. Defendant stated that he resided at 66. Argyle-street, and had been in the employ of Mr Howel Watkins, printer, Rutland-street, for 8 years. He was married in 1891. In consequence of his wife's drunken habits, in July, 1897, they separated by mutual agreement, he to pay her 9s. per week. His wife went to lodge with a Mr. and Mrs. Toms, 18, Victoria-terrace, and about the beginning of August, in consequence of a statement made to him by Mr. Toms, he ceased paying complainant anything, acting under legal advice. He had repeatedly asked for the little girl, as he thought his wife was not a fit per-on to have the charge of her. He had taken the child once, bllt had been forced to give hpr back to prevent a breach of the peace.—Mr. and Mrs. Toms deposed to finding complainant in positions which raised the presumption of adultery.-After a short retirement, the Stipendiary said the evi- dence had raised such a presumption of miscon- duct on the part of the wife that they felt bound to dismiss the summons. ASSAULTS.—Julia Kelly, married, 24, Lower Oxford-street, was summoned by her daughter, Mary Julia Merchant, for aaBault. There was a cross-summons. Mr. Ivor Evans was for Mrs. Merchant and Mr. Valentine Jones for Kelly. The latter was fined 10s and jEl 3s. 6d. costs. The case against the daughter was dismissed. PARENTAL NEGLIGENCE AGAIN. — A BAD CASE.—William Pugh and his wife Elizabeth, residing at Evans-court, Orchard-street, were, jointly charged with wilfully neglecting their f three children. Annie, aged 13, Margaret, 8 and Alice, 6 years. Mr. J. V. Leeder appeared for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. It appeared from the evi- dence of Inspector Pearce, who paid visits to the home, that the children were kept in a very bad condition, being poorly clad and very dirty, and altogether in a terrible state. The house was extremely filthy, and there was no furniture. I The parties were very often drunk. so that the bad condition of the house and children could not be put down to lack of means. They had been before the magistrates previously on a similar charge, and the leniency with which they had then been served seemed to have had little or no effect. The children were pretty well nourished, but the Inspector accounted for that by stating that they were frequently in the Workhouse. The children, however, in his opinion, were suffering from their filthy and neglected condition. The man ap- peared to be lazy as he did not try to get work. The mother had been almost every third week lately before the magiotrates for drunkenness. The Stipendiary said the evidence was very clear that the children had been neglected, and that defendants had given way to drink. He was glad, however, that the children had not been starved. Both defendants were sentenced lto three months' imorisonment. WEDNESDAY. [Before Dr. J. G. Hall and E. Forester, Esq.] DRUNK AND DISORDERLY.—David Francis, labourer, of Vaughan's lodging-house, Strand, charged with being drunk and disorderly in St. Helen's-road on the 8th inst., was fined 5s. and costs, or, in default, seven days' imprisonment. A NARROW ESCAPE.—Bridget Thomas and Susannah Williams, two unfortunates, were charged with stealing and receiving fro™ a Norwegian named Higgum £ 7 in gold and two foreign coins. Prosecutor did not put in an ap- pearance, so the prisoners were discharged. COUNTY BUSINESS. AFFILIATION.—Thomas Morris, a collier, of Seven Sisters, was summoned by Emma. Jones, a single woman, residing at Clydach Buildings, Llangyfelacb, to shew cause why, &c. The paternity was admitted, and the usual order with costs made.








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