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THE FASHIONS OF TO-DAY. Ben Evans & Co. Ltd.' PRINCIPAL SHOW OF AUTUMN & WINTER FASHIONS TO-DAY AND FOLLOWING DAYS. A MAGNIFICENT COLLECTION OF BRITISH & CONTINENTAL NOVELTIES, CONSISTING OF THE Most Recherche Examples in Mantles, Jackets, Coats and Skirts, Costumes, Millinery, Tea and Dinner Gowns, Blouses, Sealskin Jackets and Capes, Ladies' and Children's Outfitting, Trousseaux, Layettes, and many beautiful Productions in Dress Fabrics, bilks, &c. A CHARMING STOCK OF LACES, CLOVES, TRIM!MINGS, RIBBONS, FEATHER BOAS, VEILINGS, DRESS NETS, CHIFFONS, FANS, &c. I I BALL DRESSES.-For the convenience of their Customers, B. E. & Co. have provided a Dark Room, so that the true effect of the various Colorings under an artificial light may be seen. An Early Inspection of the New Stock Respectfully Invited. BEN EVANS & CO.. LTD.. SWANSEA. W. WILLIAMS, 29, CASTLE-ST., SWANSEA LARGEST STOCK IN WALES OF GOLD AND SILVER ARTICLES Suitable for Wedding and other Presents. x" vr i r irv v vr T?T~VftS 22ct. GOLD W' ED DING RI^iGS, 18ct. GOLD KEEPERS, ENGLISH LEVER WATCHES.'BRAZILIAN PEBBLE SPECTACLES. Foreion Money Exchange. NO HOUSE EQUALS DOWN & SON ~OP7 RELIABLE FURNITURE. THEY ARE THE LARGEST MAKERS BY MACHINERY IN WALES, HAVE THE MOST EXTENSIVE STOCK TO SELECT FROM, AND GIVE THE BEST POSSIBLE VALUE. CARPETS MADE AND LAID FREE. ISTABLISHED NEARLY HALF A CENTURY. HIGH STREET & MORRIS LANE. SWANSEA. TENDERS. TENDERS for the erection of Several HOUSES at MORFA-TERRACE, Landore, are invited by W. J. LARCOMBE, Esq., Havelock-road, Hastings, by the 22nd November, 1896.-For further particulars, apply CHAS. V. CRABB, House and Estate Agent, Central Chambers, Swansea. PUBLIC APPOINTMENTS W A N 8 E A UNION. FARM BAILIFF AND WIFE WANTED. The GUARDIANS will, at their meeting on the 10th November next, proceed to APPOINT a FARM BAILIFF and WIFE, to Farm, etc., about 60 acres of land adjoining the Workhouse. Joint wages. £1 per week, with house, coal and garden. Applications (on forms which can be obtained at the Union Offices), with not more than three recent testimonials, to be sent to the undersigned on or before the 8th November next. The appointments will be made subject to the deductions under the Poor Law Officers' Super- annuation Act, 1896. Selected candidates will have notice to attend at the Workhouse on the 10th Nov. next. Canvassing the Guardians, otherwise than by letters or testimonials, will be considered a disqualification. G. B. HAYNES, Clerk. Union Offices, 8, Fisher-street, Swansea, 31st October, 1898. 12257 GLAMORGAN COUNTY COUNCIL. APPOINTMENT OF BACTORIOLOGIST. The GLAMORGAN COUNTY COUNCIL is desirous of ENGAGING a Competent BAC- TORIOLOGIST, who will work in the Council's Laboratory at Cardiff, under the direction of the County Medical Officer. Candidates must be able to undertake the -chemical, microscopical and bactoriological examination and analysis of water, air, soil, sewage, sewage and other effluents, milk, tuber- culous meat, diseased tissues, pathological sub- stances, specimens for the purposes .of diagnosis, etc., and other examinations of a like nature. Preference wiil be given to candidates with practical experience in the working and manage- ment of a Public Health Laboratory, and to those possessing higli-class qualifications in the various branches of science that are requisite in such a department. The successful candidate's whole time will be at the disposal of the County Medical Officer, and he will not be entitled to hold any other appointment or engage in private practice with- out the express written permission of the County Council.. Conneil. The appointee'* duties will include all such duties under the County Medical Officer as the Council may from time to time direct him to perform.. The appointment will be terminable at any time by three mouths' notice on either side. The salary is zC250 a year. 0 pension is attached.. Applications, stating age, quaiincations and previous experience, accompanied by copies of three recent testimonials, are to be sent to me by the 28th day of November, 1898, and the success- ful candidate must be prepared to commence his duties on the 1st of January, 1899. Personal canvassing, direct or indirect, of members of the County Council will be a dis- qualification. T. MANSEL FKANKLEN, Clerk of the County Council. Glamorgan County Offices, Cardiff, 31st October, 1898. [12252 oflnchotfcleti, HE BEST VALUE MONEY CAN BUY DRINK NO OTHER. AGENTS IN EVERY TOWN IX WALES. For Agencies, apply to The Anchor Tea Com- pany,^ and 41, Great Tower-street, London, E C. 111214 oflnchotfcleti, HE BEST VALUE MONEY CAN BUY DRINK NO OTHER. AGENTS IN EVERY TOWN IX WALES. For Agencies, apply to The Anchor Tea Com- pany,^ and 41, Great Tower-street, London, E C. 111214 THOS. R. K OBINSON, 10, EXCHANGE BUILDINGS, COAL MERCHANT (WHOLESALE and RETAIL). BEST LARGE AND THROUGH HOUSE AND ANTHRACITE COALS, AT LOWEST CURRENT PRICES. OARMARTHEN.—The CAMBRIAN" may be obtained at Messrs. W. H. Smith and Sons' ttailwav Bookstall. EVERY facility at the "CAMBRIAN" Office for executing ail kinds of Printing. Excellence in Quality and Moderation in Prioe always studied. SPECIAL NOTICE. POTATOES, ONIONS, APPLES. Now discharging North Dock, ex "Eclipse." Prime Selected Cargo of ONIONS, ex Roscoff. Due here on MONDAY, steamer Warrenpoint," with Prime Cargo of LIGHT SOIL MAGNUMS. Quality and Sample Guaranteed. "Mizpah" due from Lezardrieux with Cargo Prime FLUKES. ■Just arrived, New Coker Nuts, Black Spanish Nuts, Cases of Lemara Pomegranates, Malaga Oranges (420's and560's), English Cooking Apples and Eating Apples, Pears, fine Pickling Onions, Parsnips Carrots, Swedes, New Labrador Cod Fish, all kinds of Sweets, and finest Almeria Grapes. For WHOLESALE PRICES apply to- C. ALLEN & (jo., PADLEY'S YARD, SWANSEA. Telegraphic Addresg-" POTATOIES," Swansea. National Telephone, No. 294. Nov. 4th, 1898. [12270 INSURANCE. SUN INSURANCE OFFICE. FOUNDED 1710. Sum insured in 1897 exceeds £ 425,000,000. i For all particulars apply to the following Agents: — SWANSEA Mr. Herbert G. Solomon, 2, Somerset-place. „ Mr. Travers Walters. Messrs. Lowes & Son. „ Messrs. H. C. Higman & Co., 1, Northampton-place. „ Messrs. H. J. Goss & Co., 59-60, Wind-street. Aberavon Mr. David E. Jone1. Mumbles Mrs. Alice Orrin. Neath Mr. John E. Richards. Briton Ferry H. H. Hunter. Pontardawe D.-ivid Smith. Port Talbot Enoch Thomas. [10047 ACCIDENT ASSURANCE.-ACCIDENT AND DISEASE ASSURANCE. EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY ASSURANCE. FIDELITY GUARANTEE. RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE COMPANY. Established 1849. Claims Paid, £ 3,850,000. no-,™ 64» CORNHILL, LONDON. 11319] A. VIAN, Secretary. LOCAL AGENT: JM-r. E. Post, 63, Gorse-lane, Swansea. THE ^yrULCA^ BOILER AND £ J.ENERAL JNSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED, (Late The Boiler Insurance and Steam Power Co., Ltd.). THE ORIGIN AL BOILER INSURANCE CO. HEAD OFFICE: 67, KING STREET, MANCHESTER. ESTABLISHED 1859. SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL £ 375,000. BOILERS & ENGINES INSURED & INSPECTED Rates quoted to meet the WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION ACT, Employer^ Liability Act, and Common Law. Third Party, Fidelity, Guarantee Insurance. IN DIVIDe- AL ACCIDENT INSURANCE. Upwards of 40,000 Boilers & Engines under Supervision J. F. L. CROSLAND, M.Inst.C.E., M.Inst.M.E., Chie. Engineer. EDWARD HADFIELD, Secretary. Application for Agencies Invited. [11992 TRADESMEN'S CIRCULARS. In any style to suit customers, Printed promptly and economically. "THE CAMBRIAN" OFFICE, 58, WIND STREET, SWANSEA. pREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS — of the following classes, namely:— | Situations Wanted and Vacant. Apartments Wanted and to be Let. Honses, Shops, etc., to Let and to be Sold. Specific Articles for Sale. Money Wanted and to be Lent. Miscellaneous Wants. Articles Lost and Found. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions. a. d. 8. d. s. d. 12 Words 0 6 1 0 1 9 18 Words 0 9 1 6 2 6 24 Words 1 0 2 0 3 6 30 Words 1 3 2 6 4 0 36 Words 1 6 3 0 5 0 42 Words 1 9 3 6 6 0 When not prepaid the ordinary rates will be charged. Remittances may be made with Half- penny Postage Stamps or Postal Orders. MACHINERY WANTED. STEAM BARROW HOIST wanted, for lifting about 15 cwts.. 13 or 14 ft. high.-Apply, with price, to Cambrian Office. [12201 L eM -r- WANTED. A SCHOOL OF |HOLTSE WIFERY requires a Practical Domesticated PERSON (age about 30) to TEACH the Duties of House and Parlourmaids, to be with the girls out of school hours, to attend to ailments, baths, &c. Salary, £ 25.—Address, CCUNTY," Cambrian Office, Swansea. GROCERS and other TRADESMEN should, before purchasing their CHRISTMAS PRESENTATION ALMANACS or NOVELTIES, send for samples to DILKS & Co., LTD., The Almanac Printers, Nottingham, who have some exception- ally cheap clearing- lines. Samples on applica- tion, or Traveller will call. (Agents wanted where not represented.) [12260 A SMART PUSHING AGENT wanted to Represent, on commission, large SPANISH CORK IMPORTING FIRM. Preference given to one having good connection amongst the principal users of corks in Swansea.- Address giving references and full particulars, B 66 c/o. COWIE & Co., 17, Gresham-street, London, E.C. [12230 PUPIL.-—A \ACANCY will shortly occur in Architect s, Surveyor's and Land Agent's Office. Special training. Premium required.- MILES AND BEASLET, Leicester. WELL-ESTABLISHED FIRM in London, V v with good connection amongst Exporters and Manufacturers, is willing to undertake the AGENCY for Tin-plate or other similar Manufac- tures.—Address, H. F. DAVIES, 65, Leadenhall- street, London. PATENT MEDICINES, GROCERY AND PROVISIONS.—Owing to my ever increas- ing Business. I can make room for smart, pushing MEN in all Departments.—Apply, WILLIAM PEGLER, Pontypool. LAZING LINEN like CHIINA, with on polishing irons (guaranteed!, six stamp s 19,786 testimonials.-MADAME MENTOR, 220, Beach Farm-road, Southsea. [12144 HIGH-CLASS REGISTRY FOR SERVANTS. LADIES can be quickly and well suited with all classes of good Servants by applying to MRS. Lfcwis, 9, Castle-street (over Western Mail), Swansea. Disengaged Cooks, Parlour and House Parlour-Maids, Generals, Nurses and Governesses COOK-GENERAL wanted by the 22nd Nov. good references housemaid and man kept. —Mr. THos. REES, Solicitor, Cowbridgoe. DOMESTIC SERVANTS — The trouble experienced in obtaining reliable Domestic Servants can be avoided by advertising for them in The Cambrian. 12 words, one insertion, 6d.; three times, Is. 18 words, one insertion, 9d.; three times, Is. 6d., and so on (cash with order). TO LET. TO LET, with immediate possession, BEACH- MONT, Mumbles.—Apply on the premises, or to MESSRS. LEEDER & SON, Swansea. f12264 TO LET, convenient Piece of LAND adjoining Royal Metal Exchange and opposite New General Post Office, Swansea, suitable for OFFICES or EE ST AUR ANT. —Apply, The Cambrian Office, Swansea. LARGE CELLARS TO LET in WIND- STREET, suitable for Wine and Spirit Merchants.-Apply, Cambrian Office, Swansea. TO BE LET, PREMISES, 39ft. by 8ft., situate rear ALEXANDRA ARCADE, High-street, suitable for Warehouse or Factory also SHOP, Alexandra-road, and SHOPS in Arcade. Moderate rentals.-Apply, W. RICHARD GLYN THOMAS, Agent, 64, Wind-street, Swansea. [12225 TO BE LET or SOLD, 71, MANSEL-TERRACE. Freehold. Possession December quarter next.—Apply, Mr. W. RICHARD GLYN THOMAS, Estate Agent, 64, Wind-street, Swansea. inTEATHFIELD CHAMBERS, 10, HEATH- JTJL FIELD-STREET. Corner Shop, Chambers and Premises, TO LET this Mwha.elma.s.- Address, J. E. STEVENS, Solicitor, Wind-street. BOURNEMOUTH.—intending visitors to Bou-nemouth, Boscombe, or District should Advertise for APARTMENTS in the Bournemouth Visitors' Directory, the oldest Established Bournemouth newspaper. Wednesdays and Saturdays. Large circulation in Hants and Dorset. Twenty words—once, Is; twice, Is 9d three times, 2s. 6d.—Address, Directory Office Bournemouth. TJ°^DING HOUSES AND HOTEL PRO- t X M A? ? desiring to attract Visitors Count,ies ^ould advertise in the Lichfield Mercury, the Tamworth Mercury, the Cannock Chase Mercury, the Ruqeley Mercury and Sutton Coldfield Mercury, the best family papers in the Midlands, and the only papers printed and published in the Lichfield Division. 20 words 6d. for the holiday season, 4/6 prepaid. Offices 36, 38. and 40, Bird-street, Lichfield. ON SALE. OR SALE, Valuable TRICHORD"PIANO^ handsome marqueterie panels iron frame; Sostenente strengthening bar makers—10 years' warranty very cheap.—11, CHURCH-STREET. St. Thomas. OK NEW OXFORD STREET, Swansea; £ comprising dwelling-house, retail shop, with stores, stables, coach-houses, and large workshop with loft over TO BE SOLD.— Apply HEWETT, Bath-road, Stroud. [12177 SADDLYRY COMPANY, ALEXANDRA-ROAD, SWANSEA. DON'T PAY FANCY PRICES for CARRIAGE LAMPS. 500 pair best bevel edge British Plate- glass Red-back Lights, 8s. 6d. per pair; Extra Quality, 12s. 6d. per pair. Largest and Cheapest Stock in Wales to select from. Carriage Lamps rspaired. New Glasses put in. Lamp Holders, Handles, Springs, Candles, etc., kept in Stock. Cheapest House in Wales for Hand-sewn Harness. Portmanteaus and Harness Repaired on the Shortest Notice. THE only means for destroying Hair on the Face is by using ALEX K088' ORDINARY DEPILATORY," 3s. 6d., post free for 3s. 9d. stamps, for strong hair the Electric Appliance, 35s.; for thick hair, Cauterising Liquid 10s. 6d., or the German Process, 42s. — ALEX ROSS, 62, Theoba'd's-road, Holborn, Loudon. Information given when asked to be put in a stamped envelope. [10348 NOSE MACHINE.—This is a wonderful contrivance by which the soft cartilage of the noo?e is pressed into shape by wearing the instrument an hour daily for a short time. Price 10s. 6d. sent free by post for stamps or postal orders, 10s. 9d. — ALEX Ross, 62, Theobald's-road, London, near Bedford Row. Stamped letters replied to. f10976 ESTIMATES FOR EVERY DESCRIPTION OF COMMERCIAL AND FANCY PRINTING AT THE "CAMBRIAN" OFFICE, SWANSEA, Done in the Latest American, English and Contiaental PLAIN AND FANCY TYPES AND ORNAMENTAL BORDERS, AT VERY MODERATE CHARGES. CAMBRIAN OFFICE, 58, WIND-STREET, Swansea.. EDDERSHAWS FURNITURE NEWEST DESIGNS 19. HIGH-STREET. SWANSEA. THE SWANSEA CLOTHIERS. D. JONES & CO.. LIMITED. HIGH STREET, ARE NOW MAKING A SPECIAL SHOW OF WINTER CLOTHING IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. D. JONES & CO.. LIMITED. FANCY DRAPERY. M. REES, HEATHFIELD-STREET, SWANSEA, IS NOW PREPARED WITH A WELL-ASSORTED STOCK OF GLOVES, -L" HOSIERY, VEr0^nmiJi,T. HANDKERCHIEFS, EMBROIDERIES, • UMBRELLAS, FRLUL.AJN^b, HABERDASHERY. OUR SPECIALITE is l LADIES' SILK, VELVET, CLOTH, AND FLANNEL SHIRTS AND BLOUSES. ALSO NOVELTIES FOR EVENING WEAR IN FICHUES, COLLARETTES, F X^ ?r^WEAK' HEAD DRESSES, BLOCbii bILKS, LACE HANDKERCHIEFS. M. REES begs to inform the public that being in a position to buy at the very closest price for cash, they will find that for Superior Quality and Value our Goods will compare favourably with that of any I establishment in this neighbourhood. M. REES. HEATHFIELD-STREET, SWANSEA. TELEPHONE BENNETT BROS.. BUILDERS and CONTRACTORS, and GENERAL BUILDERS' MERCHANTS, HEATHFIELD YARD, CARLTON-TERRACE, SWANSEA. SOLE AGENTS in Swansea and District for JOHNSTON'S LONDON PORTLAND CEMENT. A LARGE AND VARIED STOCK OF BUILDING MATERIALS ALWAYS ON HAND. PUBLIC NOTICES BIRMINGHAM NATIONAL DOG B SHOW. The FORTIETH ANNUAL EXHIBITION will be held on NOVEMBER 28th, 29th, 30th, and DECEMBER 1st, 1898. Prizes valued at over ±.<a,ouu. Entries should be made November 9th. !ates on a,Piic Prize Lists and CerU <"a on application to GEORGE. BERCH Secretary. 37. Temple-street, Birmingham. 'i H. STONE, WHOLESALE WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, NEATH. Wholesale Agent f°r South Wales Herefordshire and Monmouthshire for JNO. DBWAR & SONS PERTH WHISKY. GEO. ROE WHfsKrATED G R IRISH WHISK Y. Detailed Price List upon. Application. Telegraphic Address: 8W Neath." National Telephone No. 414. [11675 A neat little VolUrne Tastefully pri nted on Antique Paper. Bound A rt Canvas. 23 Illustrations. PRICE, Is. NETT. BY POST, Is. 2d. GT. ILLTYD'S CHURCH, ° pEMBREY: Its History and Its Architecture. BY EDWARD ROBERTS (SWANSEA) AND H. A. PERTWEE (BURRYFORT), With Preface by the Editor of The Cambrian. NOW SELLING. May be obtained at The Cambrian Office, Swansea; and from Pri&cipal booksellers in South Wales. The Book deal8 p, he Foundation and History of the Parish ch of Pembrey, before and after the Norman ConqUeat) and with itg Architecture, Carvm;& &c. There are 23 valuable and interesting Illustrations. PRESS OPINIONS. The Western Mail says :Mr. Edward Roberts of Swansea, a gentleman who has provided the public with many InstructIve and original con. tributions on place-nam as just produced a most interesting his'to'T, • Wtyd's Church, Pembrey, which is publis in book form, and is copiously illustrated by Mr. tL. A. Pertwee, of Burry Port, who has also dealt with the architec- tural portion of the work. The Ltanelly Guardian says:-That the history of this church has been undertaken by Messrs. Roberts and Pertwee at once guarantees antiquarian research and local knowledge com. bined; for the former gentleman ha.s for many I years made a speciality of the study of Welsh, antiquities and place names. Such sur- vivals as heraldic carvings, burials and memorial stones, the inscriptions for which are most interesting reading, bring back to our minds the Butler family, of Dunraven and Pembrey; the Vaughans, the Mansels and the xtees's. In fact, the little brochure is a most complete collection of historical facts connected with the old Church and the district. The letterpress and illustrations are excellently printed, and much credit is due to The Cambrian office, Swansea, for the tasteful manner of its get-up. A Torquay gentleman writes :—" The writers I of the very interesting work on St. Illtyd's Church, Pembrey, which has been recently pub- lished at your office, invite discussion in your I columns. They must be first congratnlated on their contribution to the literature of parochial histories, and The Cambrian Newspaper Company also deserves praise for the style m which the book has been printed and issued. PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY THE CAMBRIAN NEWSPAPER Co., LTD?, SWANSEA. T ..ANWPTYD WELLS.-The CAMBRIAN'* J 'nay be obtained of Mr. J. LEWIS, News- agent, j PUBLIC NOTICES. GLAMORGAN MICHAELMAS \JT QUARTER SESSIONS, 18th OCT., 1898. The following Justices were appointed to exer- cise the Special Jurisdiction under Sec. 10 of the Lunacy Act, 1890 :— David Roderick David, Port Talbot, Aberafon. John Lewis Williams Ward, Victoria House, Merthyr Tydfil, Caerphilly Higher. Pearson Robert Cresswell, Dowlais, Ca3rphilly Higher. Thomas Jones Dyke, Merthyr, Caerphilly Higher. Major H. E. Morgan Lindsay, Ystradmynach House, near Cardiff, Caerphilly Lower. Henry Anthony, Caerphilly, Caerphilly Lower. William Watkin Leigh, Treharris, K.S.O., Caerphilly Lower. Ralph Thurstan Bassett, Crossways, Cow- bridge, Cowbridge. Frederick William Dunn, The Cross, Llan- blethian, near Cowbridge, Cowbridge. Lieut.-Col. John Hobart Tyler, The Pines, Tivoli-road, Cheltenham, Cowbridge. Oliver Henry Jones, Fonmon Castle, Cow- bridge. Dinaspowis. General Henry Herbert Lee, The Mount, Dinaspowis, Dinaspowis. James Sydney Batchelor, Penarth, Dinaspo-vis. Richard Aubrey Essery, Cefn Bryn, Swansea, Gower. Admiral Sir Algernon McLennon Lyons, K.C.B. Kilvrough House, Swansea, Gower. William Graham Vivian, CJyne Park, Swansea Gower. Charles Henry Williams, Roath Court, Cardiff Kibbor. Richard Charles Graham Dornford, Llandaff, Kibbor. Dr. William Taylor, Cardiff, Kibbor. Rees Hopkin Rhys, Plasnewvdd, Aberdare, Miskin Higher. James Lewis, Plas-draw, Aberdare, Miskin Higher. David Evan Williams, Hirwain, Aberdare, Miskin Higher. Evan John, Llantrisant, Miskin Lower. Thomas Pascoe Jenkins, Tonypandy, Miskin Lower. Henry Naunton Davies, Porth, Miskin Lower. Edward Davies, Cae Wern, Neath, Neath. William Joues, Tynyrheol House, Tonna, Neath. Neath. Osborne Sheppard, Glyn Clydach, Neath Abbey, Neath. John Edwards-Vaughan, Rheola, Neath, Neath. Col. John Picton Turbervill, Ewenny Priory, Bridgend, Newcastle and Ogmore. John Iltyd Dillwyn Nieholl, Merthyr Mawr, Bridgend, Newcastle and Ogmore. Robert William Llewellyn, Baglan Cottage, Briton Ferry, Newcastle and Ogmore. James Griffith Hall, Prospect-place, Swansea, Swansea. Lieut.-Colonel John Roper Wright, Gowerton, Swansea. Abraham Thomas, Llansamlet, Swansea. Thomas Freeman, Brynhyfryd, Swansea. Arthur Gilbertson, Glanrhyd, Swansea Valley, Pontardawe. Herbert Lloyd, Plas Cilybebyll, Swansea Valley, Pontardawe. George Henry Strick, Cefn Eithen, Lower Cwmtwreh, R.S.O., Pontardawe. The same Justices were appointed the Visitors of Licensed Houses within the County under the same Act, and Alfred Sbeen, Esq., Cardiff, to be Surgeon, and Thomas Mansel Franklen, Esq., County Offices, Cardiff, to be Clerk. T. MANSEL FRANKLEN, Clerk of the Peace. Cardiff, 27th October, 1898. [ 12245 WILSON'S SUPERIOR PLATE POWDER Cleans Silver and Electro-Plate. WILSON'S SUPERIOR PLATE POWDER Prevents Silver from Tarnishing. WILSON'S SUPERIOR PLATE POWDER Does not Scratch the Silver. WILSON'S SUPERIOR PLATE POWDER Preserves Silver and Electro-Plate. Once used no other will be used. Ask your Chemist, Grocer and Ironmonger for Wilson's and see that you get it. Sold in Boxes, 6d., 1/ 2/6. Sole Manufacturers—WILSON & CO., 113, ST. HELEN'S ROAD, (Opposite Victoria Park), 121851 Swansea. DALE'S GOLD MEDAL DUBBIN. Makes Boots and Harness waterproof as a duck's back and soft as velvet. Adds,tbree times to the wear, and allows polishing. 22 ExhIbition Highest Awards. Tins, 2d,, 6d., Is., and 2s. 6d., of all Boot makers, Baddlers, Leatbersellers, 4c. ~M~ ADIES requiring reliable Servants, and t J Servants wanting good places, should now advertise in the" CAMBRIAN." 12 words, 6d PUBLIC NOTICES. GRAND THEATRE, SWANSEA. Mr. MORELL & Mr. MOUILLOT, Proprietors. MONDAY, Nov. 7th, 1898, for Six Nights only, Mr. H. H. MORELL'S and Mr. F. MOUILLOT'S London Company, in the most successful of all Musical Plays, direct from the Gaiety Theatre, London, THE CIRCUS GIRL. SPECIAL NOTICE.-By kind permission of Mr. George Edwardes, of the Gaiety Theatre, Half of the Gross Receipts of MONDAY, Nov. 7th, will be given to the Funds of the SWANSEA HOSPITAL. Box Plan at GWYNNE H. BRADER'S, 17, Heathfield-street. Commence 7.30. Telephone 291. MONDAY, Nov. 14th, MISS FORTESCUE and COMPANY, in a Repertoire of Popular Plays. XFOUND THE WORLD J"LI ON A BICYCLE. LIMELIGHT LECTURE In ALBERT HALL, CRADOCK-STREET, ON THURSDAY EVENING NEXT, Nov. 10th, BY MR. JOHN FOSTER FRASER. ADMISSION-Area or Balcony Unreserved, Is.; Piv; Keserved Seats, 2s. Plan and Tickets at WAY'S, Bookseller, Wind-st., Swansea. MR. FREDERIC VILLIERS, THE GREAT WAR ARTIST AND CORRESPONDENT, Will deliver an ILLUSTRATED LECTURE ON THE CAPTURE OF KHARTOUM, At the ALBERT HALL, ON FRIDAY, 25th NOVEMBER. NNHE ELEMENTARY EDUCATION M ACT, 1870 1 THE LANDS CLAUSES CONSOLIDATION ACT, 1845, AND THE ACTS AMENDING THE SAME. SCHOOL BOARD OF THE UNITED SCHOOL DISTRICT OF SWANSEA. NOTICE IS HEREB Y GIVEN that the above named School Board proposes to take, with the object of erecting a Public Elementary School- House thereon, a PIECE or PARCEL of LAND, part of the Hafod Field, in the Parish of St. John's-juxta-Swansea, in the County Borough of Swansea, having a frontage to Odo-street of 314 feet 6 inches or thereabouts, and a frontage to Morgan-street of 115 feet or thereabouts, and a depth from front to back on the northern side of 270 feet or thereabouts and at the back or western side of 306 feet or thereabouts, which said piece or parcel of land is bounded on the northern side partly by Saint John's Church and partly by a portion of the Hafod Field, on the southern side by Morgan-street, on the eastern side by Odo-street, and on the western side partly by gardens belonging to houses in Cwm- road and partly by a portion of the said Hafod Field. The quantity of land required is ONE ACRE ONE ROOD and SEVEN PERCHES. A plan of the said piece or parcel of land to be taken may be seen at all reasonable hours at the I Offices of the said School Board, situate in Dynevor-place, Swansea, aforesaid. Dated this third day of November, 1898. A. W. HALDEN, 12269] Clerk to the said School Board. FOOTBALL. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH. SWANSEA V. CARDIFF. Kick-off at 3.15 p.m. ADMISSION-SIXPENCE, GRAND STAND, Is. EXTRA. SEASON TICKETS can be had at the AVENUE GATE. [12131 ICTORIA WARD ELECTION, LADIES AND GENTLBMSN, Of course I am not pleased with the result of this Election, Mr. Spring has taken my seat; he has acted unfairly towards me, and I am quite certain he has not gained anything by it. A great deal has been said about the rottenness of the Victoria Ward. I do not think the result of this Election has shown this. The great majority of the electors of this Ward are very poor, and there is no doubt, that Mr Spring has been a good friend to them. He looked after their courts, drains and streets personally, and in a way which I could not pretend to. Those who live in good houses and in different surroundings, cannot realise what this attention has meant. I must confess that I cordially sympathise with the difficulty in which many of the electors found themselves, and I do not blame them for voting for Mr. Spring. In saying good-bye to the Victoria Ward, I wish to publicly thank those friends who so unselfishly supported me, and to say that this sympathy and appreciation during the 16 years I represented the Ward, was one of the greatest incentives to me in doing what little I was able to do in our mutual interests while I was in the Council. Yours f .ithfully, FRED. ROCKE. SWANSEA MUNICIPAL ELECTION. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE FFTNONE WARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—I have to tender you my sincere thanks for the honour you have done me in returning me unopposed as your representative. Assuring- you that your interests as ratepayers shall always receive my c^r?. anc^ constant attention,—I *m, yours faithfully WILLIAM WATKINS. Ashleigh, Ffynone, Nov- 1st, 1898. [12258 ESTABUJHED 1840. J. STANLEY JOHNSTON, J^JICTURE^L^^ORER^ CARVER,^GILDER, AND CHURCH STREET, SWANSEA. Oil Paintings Lined, Cleaned and carefully Restored. Old Prints and Mezzotint Engravings Cleaned. Re- gilding ia all its Branches equal to new. DON'T COUGH—USE J)ON'T COUGH—USE J)ON'T COUGH—USE There is absolutely no remedy so speedy and effectual. One Lozenge alone gives relief can be taken by the most delicate. EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES, K EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES, KEATING'S COUGH LOZENGES, If you cannot sleep fOR coughing, one Keating S Lozenge will set you right. Any Doctor will tell you they are UTTERLY UNRIVALLED. UTTERLY UNRIVALLED. UTTERL Y UNRIVALLED. Sold every where in tins 13^1. each, or free on receipt of stamps, from mUJVlAS KKATINGr, Chemist, London. CAMBRIAN PRINTING WORKS. c 58, WIND-STREET, SWANSEA. HIGH-CLASS PRINTING QUICKLY EXECUTED. MODERATE RATES EUSINESS CARDS. TRADESMEN'S BILLHEADS. IN MEMORIAM CARDS LARGEST POSTERS. SMALLEST CARDS. NEATEST CIRCULARS. THE CAMBRIAN NEWSPAPER Co., LIMITED. CARDIGAN.—The "CAMBRIAN" may be c obtained each Friday from Miss M. D WILLIAMS, Bookseller and Newsagent, 10 High-street, Cardigan. BY PARCEL POST. I WILL SEND YOU A TABLET OF JAMES' BANYAN SOAP For 4d. Stamps; three in a neat useful box for 10 £ d.: three boxes for 2s. l £ d.; eight boxes for 5s. Money returned if not approved. It has no equal for clearing the skin and keeping it clear, both on the surface and throughout the entire length of the pores. SOLE PROPRIETOR— W. VAUGHAN JAMES, SOAP MAKER, ST. HELENS, LANCASHIRE. (JALVERT'S CARBOLIC OINTMENT is unequalled as a remedy for PILES, THROAT COLDS, CHAPPED HANDS, CHILBAINS, SCALDS, BURNS, CUTS, EARACHE, NEURALGIC and RHEUMATIC PAINS, RINGWORM and SKIN AILMENTS generally. Large Pots, I, H each, at Chemists, or post free for value. > Illustrated List of Calvert's Carbolic Preparations post free on application. F. C. CALVERT & Co., MANCHESTER. ALFRED STALMAN & CO. HAVE SUPPLIED THE I EMBROIDERIES, CURTAINS, &c., AT ST. MARY'S NEW CHURCH, SWANS.A, Church Furnishing in all Branches. M. HENDERSON, Manageress. 72, GEORGE-STREET, PORTMAN-SQUARE, LONDON. TELEPHONE NUMBER 36. TELEGRAMS — CAMBRIAN, SWANSEA." TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Delivered in Town Is. 3d. per quarter Post Free (United Kingdom) Is. 9d. „ (Foreign). 2s. 6d. „ Payable in advance. The attention of Advertisers is directed to the the fact that THE CAMBRIAN has one of the LARGEST and by far THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PrTncipality N an^ weekly newspaper in the ADVERTISEMENTS received at the Offices, No. 68 Wind-street, Swansea, up to 11 o'clock on Thursday night. Those posted on Thursday night will be in time for publication on Friday .—III—IUI. Y morning.