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1- -— CHESS COLUMN- lEDITED BY SELAH.] All communications for this department should be addressed to the Chess Editor. CHESS RESORT. SWANSEA COUNTY CHESS CLUB TE"^ Hotel, Walter-road. Meets on Saturdays trom 7.30 to 11 p.m. Visitors are welcomed. SOLUTION TO PROBLEM (by Mackenzie).-Key move Q to B 8. PnnV\ SOLUTION TO PROBLEM (by E. B. Cook). Key •move, R- R3. PROBLEM.-By J. POSPISIL. BLACK (5 pieces). WHITE—(8 pieces.; White mates in two moves. Solutions are requested, and Pro s will receive our best attention, with early publication if found worthy. One of the eight blindfold games played by Mr. Blackburne at the City of London Chess Club on Saturday, 15th inst., on the occasion of the opening of their new premises ° KING'S GAMBIT. White. Black. Mr. Blackburne. Mr. Mackie. 1 p-K 4 P-K 4 2 P- K B 4 P x P 3 K Kt-B 3 P-Q 3 4 P-Q 4 B-Kt 5 (A) 5 B x P (B) Kt-Q 2 (c) 6 B-Q B 4 Q-K 2 7 Castles Castles 8 Kt-B 3 (D) P-K B 3 (E) 9 Q-Q 3 Kt-Kt 3 (F) 10 P-QR4(G) P-Q R 4 (H) 11 Kt-Q5 KtxKt 12 P x Kt B-Q 2 (1) 13 Q-B 3 (K) P-Q Kt 3 14 P-Q Kt 4 p x P (L) 15 Q x P (M) P-K Kt 4 (N) 16 B-Q 2 (o) Kt-R 3 (P) 17 B-R 6 ch (Q) K-Kt sq 18 P-R 5 K-R 2 (R) 19 P x P ch P x P 20 B-B 8 ch (s) K- Kt sq 21 Q x P ch K x B (T) 22 R—R 8 mate (u) NOTES. (A) Novel, but not so good as the usual defence, P-K Kt 4. (B) This proves the weakness of the previous move. (c) Hampering the Queen's movements, but with the object of castling subsequently on the Queen's side. (D) Gathering the forces to attack the enemy on his weak side. (E) Prevention is better than cure. Intended prevent the K's Kt coming forward. (F) Protecting his weak side. Still gathering his forces. (h) Better to have taken the B and then P— A TJ 3 (i) Bound to come back to aid in staving off the ^^Threatening P, which must now be pro- tected but, unfortunately, at the expense of deserting the King. (L) Opening the way, unavoidably, for the enemy's R. (M) Still bearing on the weak point of the Black. (N) No good-too late. (o) Just as well to take care of him, although he could do without him. (P) Must do something. (*}) The beginning of his disasters. (**■) Deliberately walking into the lion's month, tut there is no help for it. (s) Oh that troublesome R, what a relief it would have been to have taken that B with B. (T) Brave to the last. (u) Doubtless this was foreseen long ago. INTERNATIONAL TOURNEY.—The meeting for he discussion of this matter was held as adver- tised. fit the British Cli;s.s Club on Friday last, Sir George Newnes in the chair. About 20 clubs and associations were represented, some of the dele- Kates travelling 200 miles to be present. It was ultimately decided that a two-round Masters' Tournament be held, with a minor tournament consisting of the best remaining players. The Editor would here repeat his notice of last week that in order to encourage the young people (male and female) of the town to take up chess, it is his intention, at an early date, to start some very simple chess lessons in this column. These lessons are intended for those only who have no knowledge whatever of the game, and he hopes to make these so clear that the learners may be able to play and enjoy hoot. When opening the City of London Chess Club's new premises on the 15th inst" Sir vi Newnes, the president, said: He thorùubly believed that the pursuit of the game was of great benefit to its votaries-that it sharpened the wits and strengthened the reasoning powers, and engendered a habit of calculation and fore- thought which must prove of great value either in business or professional pursuits, or even on the field of battle." 1 he,.e are the words of one of the most successful business men of the pre- sent century, and doubtless the qualities here mentioned have been fostered and utilised to no little extent in the attainment of his present position. He is acknowledged to be the best chess player in the House of Common. Next week we hope to say a word about the South Wales Chess Association, and also by that time to fix the date of the forthcoming friendly snatch between the Lianelly Club and the Swan- sea Club at the Tenby Hotel. It will probably be to-morrow (Saturday) week, and the Swansea members are again requested to practise for the occasion Visitors are invited to witness the match. >.o charge for admission. SWANSEA COUNTY CHESS CLOB.—The usual weekiy meeting of this dab was held at the Tenby HoteJ on^Saturday last, when the follow- ing members were unavoidably absent :-The President two ice-Presidents and twelve other members, besides at least fifty others who in a large town like Swansea ought to be members. Owing to the una void ob.e absence of KO many members of the committee the proposals of two gentlemen who presented themselves for admis- sion to membership were reluctantly postponed. ATnmmittee meeting is convened for to-morrow f q ^0 to complete arrangements for the abovi Lianelly v. Swansea match and other matters.




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