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¡ I Ben Evans & Co., Ltd., SWANSEA. FIRST AUTUMN SHOW. ==——=— LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, We respectfully beg to announce that our FIRST SHOW of EARLY AUTUMN FASHIONS is now taking place, and there is being exhibited, in abundant variety, a MAGNIFICENT SELECTION of the very LATEST NOVELTIES and MOST FASHIONABLE PRODUCTIONS from the Home and Continental Markets. We would impress upon our Customers that our arrangements for the approaching Season are exceptionally comprehensive and complete, comprising a most harmonious combination of colors and materials, and that the same competent personal attention is given to every Customer, and their individual requirements carefully studied. We are, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient Servants, BEN EVANS & CO., LTD. XOTE.—An Important ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE from the House Furnishing and Linen Departments will be issued in a feiv days, which we shall be pleased to send Post Free to any address an application. W. WILLIAMS, JEWELLER, (\ 29, CASTLE STREET, SWANSEA THE LARGEST SELECTION IX SOUTH WALES. LADIES' OUTFITTING, M JEfcEES, BLOUSES, HEATHFIELD STREET, SWANSEA. BLOUSE SILKS, -^T JN EWEST Jb ASHIOXS LACE GOODS, — UMBRELLAS, | NOW ON VlKW ————————— JN HOSIERY, MILLINEHY, jyjANTLES, j ACKETS, 4c.. Fn:s I)I,K~ =G00DS- R. & J. HILL'S TOBACCOS HAVE AN UNRIVALLED REPUTATION OF UPWARDS OF A CENTURY. R. & J. HILL'S FIXE SHAG, A full-flavoured Virginia Shag. R. & J. HILL'S SMOKING MIXTURE, Comprising an excellent Shag1 of medium strength. R. & J. HILL'S SUN-RIPE TOBACCO, Made frcm the Brightest Virginia Selected Leaf, suitable for Pipe or Cigarette. R. & J. HILL'S EXTRA GOLD FLAKE, Manufactured from the Brightest Virginia Leaf, Cool and Sweet. -==:- IN PACKETS ONLY. WRITE FOR SAMPLES. T'j BE OBTAINED FROM TOBACCO DEALERS EVERYWHERE, AND "WHOLESALE ONLY PROM— R. & J. HILLtt LiM. 175-0-7. SHOREDITCH, LOXDOX, E. 10923 Established 1775. TELEPHONE 142. J. H. NOTT, ST, HELEN'S ROAD AXD QUAY PARADE, SWANSEA, FOR INCANDESCENT GAS BURNERS AND FITTINGS REPAIRING JYJL'SICAL JXSTRUMEXTS. In this Department I can guarantee the greatest efficiency, compatible with economy, having due Kga t. o e la ue of the Instrument. Many valuable Instruments are often spoiled through being intrusted to persons unskilled in their mecli;inism. ESTIMATE OF COST AND ADVICE ON ANY REPAIRS FREE OF CHARCE. PIAXOFORTES EXTIRELY RENOVATED. HARMONIIMS & AMERICAN ORGANS TCXED & REPAIREDJ CHURCH ORGANS TUNED & REPAIRED VIOLINS & ALL STRINGED INSTRUMENTS THOROUGHLY REPAIRED STRINGS & FITTINGS FOR ALL INSTRUMENTS piAXOPORTES r £ CNED at 3 6, or J[Q 6 PER Pianofortes on the Three Years System, from 10 6 per Month American Organs, from 5s. per Month. Harmoniums, from 5s. per Month. SCHOOLS AND THE PROFESSION SUPPLIED AT WHOLESALE PRICES. PRICE LISTS POST FREE. GTVYNNE H. BRADER. PK-U'TK'.VL I'LAXOFOETE TUNEK S KEPAIREE, 17, HEATHFIELD STREET, SWANSEA. ————* -———— THE SWANSEA FINANCE COMPANY. 10, GOAT-STREET, SWANSEA, MAKE CASH ADVANCES FROM X3 TO £500 Immediately to all Classes of Householders on NOTE OF HAND, \e. REPAYMENTS TO SrIT BORROWERS. xo FEES. BILLS DISCOUNTED- STRICTEST PRIVACY ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED. (10JO TENDERS. CJVVANJSEA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (IN'COKPORATED.) The Council are prepared to entertain applica- tions for spree for displaving ADVEK'l'ISE- •™T'?.-or SHKW OASES in the NEW EXCHANGE ROOM of the Chamber, No. 1, Exchange Builuing- Swansea, Applications, with particulars and dimensions, to be addressed to 10912j EDWIN P. JONES, Secretary. GOEOUGH OF SWANSEA. TO PRINTERS AND STATIONERS. The Swansea. Town Council invite TENDERS from Local Tradesmen for the supply of STATIONERY. ACCOUNT BOOKS. BOOK- BINDING and PRINTING, for a period of one and three years respectively. Forms of Tender may he obtained, and samples of the articles to be supplied seen, at the office of the Town Clerk, Guildhall. Sealed Tenders, endorsed Stationery and PrirJting," to be delivered at my office not later than 12 o'ckck noon on WEDNESDAY, 6th October next. The lowest or any Tender will not neces-arily be accepted. JNO. THOMAS, Town Clerk. 18^h S'pt., 1897. [10933 SCHOOL BOARD OF THE UNITED I-J SCHOOL DISTRICT OF SWANSEA. TENDERS FOR SEWING MATERIALS, &c. ( TENDERS are invited for the supply of SEWING MATERIALS, &c.t to the Scln ols connected with the above-named Board, including the Delivery of the Goods to the various depart- men's for twelve months. All tenders must be made on forms supplied by the Board, and must be accompanie 1 in the cases mentioned on the form with samples of the goods tendered for. The Tenders must reach the Board Offices, enclosed in a sealed envelope, addressed "TENDERS FOR SEWING MATERIALS, not later than 6th October next. Tiie Board docs not bind itself to accept the lowest or any Tender. A. W. HALDEN, Clerk. Board Offices, Dynevor-placc, Swansea. lTta^feep (.ember, 1897. 1C904 GREA T WESTERN RAILWAY. The Directors ot this Company are prepared to receive I ENDERS for the construction of a new FOOTBRIDGE at the East Dock, Swansea. Plans and Specifications may be seen and Forms of Tender and Bilis of Quantities obtained at the Office of the Engineer at this Station, between the hours of 10.0 a.m. and 4.0 p.m. Tenders addressed to the undersigned and marked "Teii!er for Footbridge at Swansea," will be received on or before Tuesday, the 5th prjximo. j I he Directors do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. B n' i cw MILLS, Secy. Paddmgton Station, London, 23th September, 1897. 10903 THE RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL OF LLAXGYFELACH. CLASE HCUAL PARISH. EXTENSION OF WATER MAINS. TO CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS. The above Council invib TENDERS for SUPPLYING and LAYING 1,290 Yards of 4-inch CAST-IRON SOCKET PIPES, including Sluice Valves. &c. Forms of Tender may be obtained, and the spc-cifi 'ations and plans may b3 seer) at the office of Mr. JOHX THOMAS, A M.I.C.E., Surveyor and Engineer to the said Council, 32, t isher-street, Swan.-ea. Tenders to be sent to the undersigned on or before 29th SEPTEMBER next, endorsed, lender for Llaugyfelach School Water Supply. The Council does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. G. B. HAYNES, Clerk. 8, Fisher-streat, Swansea. 17th September, 1897. ^10907 ry\0 BUILDERS.—Billheads, Memorandums, _1_ Business Circulars and Cards,Time Sheets, .>timate Books, and every kind of Commercial Printing at the CAMBRIAN Office, 58, Wind- i-treet. I-][TS TlttAL W I L r, BETTER ITTf V K rrA?!r Vri COMMENDATION' fcl-pi V <,M 4PN)m-1!1,CAllW 0IL 'OM PA X i" Jit'T- f A P l" v < | v COKKOSIVE I-riiKICANTS (Which super ority, liave the latest sale in {he world) viz Engine, C\lu.der and Machinery Oils ll\i Engine Oil, Is Gd. Marine Cylinder Oil I's.'ca Gas Engine and Dynamo Oils, Is. od.; French Biirnimr Ceiz I Oil, Is. 9J. per gallon; bar-els free and carriage P" RELIANCE LUBHICATIXG OIL COMPAXY 1-20, Water-lane, Great Tower-street, London,~E.C. Depots at Liverpool, Jiri3tol, Hull, Glasgow, and New- castls-<>n-Tyne. Tetegrams. "ubastra), L B.C. Code Used. Telephone No. Avenue 5,8N. [10574 -_u THE SWANSEA & DISTRICT BILLPOSTING AND —— ADVERTISING COMPANY. OFFICES -.—GOAT-STREET, SWANSEA. PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS of the following- classes, namely :— Situations Wanted and Vacant. Apartments Wanted and to be Let. Houses, Shops, etc., to Let and to be Sold. Specific Articles for Sale. Money Wanted and to be Lent. Miscellaneous Wants. Articles Lost and Found. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions, iii. d. s. d. s. d. 12 Words 0 6 1 0 1 9 18 Words 0 9 1 6 2 6 24 Words 1 0 2 0 3 6 30 Words 1 3 2 6 4 0 36 Words 1 6 3 0 5 0 42 Words 1 9 3 6 6 0 When not prepaid the ordinary rates will be charged. Remittances may be made with Half- penny Postage Stamps or Postal Orders. MONEY. LOANS on LAND, HOUSES, at 4 to 5 p.c. JU NO LAW COSTS for Mortgage. Entire expense is stamp and Is. for printed form. Never called in while interest punctually paid. Oxon and Berks Bank, Oxford. Est. 1P54. [10866 WANTED. A STEADY INCOME derived from investing in our SPECIAL COMBINATIONS." The feeling of Security which our method affords will recommend it to Investors. Write for Prospectus and full particulars, sent gratis and post free on application. GERMAYNK, HAIWY and Co-, Brokers, 110, Fcnchurch-street. London, E.C. ANY PERSON giving such information that will lead to the discovery of the heirs and re- covery of the Estate of BENJAMIN WILLIAMS, formerly of South Wales, supposed lost at sea about 80 or 90 years ago, will be well rewarded for their trouble and information.—Answer all letters to J.J.W., 42, Apsley-road, South Nor- wood. Surrey, Eng. [10821 HIGH-CLASS REGISTRY FOR SERVANTS. LADIES can be quickly and well suited with JLj all classes of good Servants by applying to MRS. LEWIS, 9. Castle-street (over W\tern Mail), Swansea. Disengaged Cooks, Parlour and House Parlour-Maids, Generals, Nurses and Governesses. 2- WANTED, a good GENERAL SERVANT V T (not under 22), for small private family- Must be of clem habits and able to do Plain Cooking-. Good wages to competent girl.—Apply 4, Cleveland-terrace, Walter's-road, Swansea. SELECT REGISTRY OFFICE, BRYNMILL POST OFFICE, SWANSEA. MISS JONES has vacancies for Parlour- iTM maids, Cooks, Generals, Dairymaids, &c_; TO LET. TO BE LET, DRUMMA ISSA, BIRCHGROVE, SWANSEA VALLEY. This commodious and desirable country Resi- dence. beautifully situated in its own grounds, will b j to let 011 the 29th September next. It contains 4 reception rooms, 12 bedroom3* and complete domestic offices stables and coach- house, conservatory and vinery gardens, lawn tennis court and pleasure grounds; entrance lodge and cottage and about 20 acres of gv»sS and arable land ami orchards. # # Apply to WALTER LEWIS, Civil and :\IinIlJg Engineer, Swansea. [108l6__ TO LET. SHOP, No. 7, VAUGHAN-STREF-T, Llanelly, late in occupation of Carrnthers reduced rental suitable for any j bu^ine-s.—Apply on the premises, or to • WALLACE. 230. High-street. Swansea. TO LET, NO. 35, FFYNONE-TERKACE- Eight-roomed house, hot and cold watfr bathro,m. Just been re-decorated.—Aoply MrS* B. P. DAVIES, 8, Nolton-street, Bridgend. TO LET. No. 24, WINDSOR-TERRACE, with 2 Greenhouses. Apply E. E. WrioHt' Harborne House, Mumbles. [10862 BROOKLANDS-TERRACE, TO LB? 1 r, (or Sell). Uninterrupted view sunny position rent, £ 26.—Apply 50, Mansel-tEB" RACE. Swansea. 1083/ TO BE LET or SOLD, 71, MANSEL-TERBACK. Immediate po sassion.—Applv Mr. RICHARD GLYN THOMAS, 64, Wind-stree • Swansea. [10«^ OYSTERMOUTH. — Gentleman's Detached RESIDENCE, the style and character 0 a mansion commodious stabling low rental 01 sell, cl >se to Mumbles Railway.—OYSTERMOUT* Cambrian Office, Swansea. [1080% TO LET, "SOUTH VIEW," SKETTY. Thc above VILLA RESIDENCE to Let, with immediate possession stable, coach-hou*e and large garden.—Apply to A. PATOX, 21, Castle- street, Swansea. STABLE and COACHHOUSE TO LEI'r D Vacant early in September. Situated back of Northampton" Villas.—Apply JOHNSON unjj BURGESS, Strand, Swansea. [ 10554 SEASIDE AND COUNTRY. "Y\7"ESTON-SUPER-MARE.-HOUSES (fur- T T nislied and unfurnished), Businesses Shops, Printed lists free from LALOSDK BROS-? House Agents and Removal Contractors, Westof super-Mare. BOARDING HOUSES AND HOTEL PRO- -D PRIETORS desiring to attract Visitors from the Midland Counties should advertise 111 the Lich field Mercury, the Tarn worth Meroo'lh the Cunnoch Chase Mercury, the Rnyeley Merciu'll' and Sutton Coldjield, Mercury, the best faini'^ papers in the Midlands, and the only papcr::> printed and published in the Lichfield Division- 20 words 6.1. for the holiday season, 4 6 prepaid* —Offices 36, 38, and 40, Bird-street, Lichfield. ON SALE. TYPEWRITER for sALE.-CaiigraphNo. 2- _M- Apply Camhriitn Office. Swansea. EARTHENWARE and CHINA; Seconds, .£2 crates Best, JE3 or will send 15 dozeJl seconds articles for 17s. 6d.—Write for lists WEBB^&^Co^Staffordshire Potteries, Longton^^ J>UGSLEY & SON, 24, WATERLOO STREET. FOR ^J-LAS8 and PAPERHAXGINGE OF ALL KINDS. Telephone No. 211. 8668 W. HOPKINS' 8, BRYNSIFI-TERRACE, MOUNT PLEASANT, SWANSEA, PAINTER and J^ECORATOK, (14 Years with Pugsley & Son). DECORATIVE WORK A SPECIALITY. Good Workmanship Guaranteed. c 110628 Telephone 181. BENNETT BROSq BUILDERS A- CONTRACTORS mid GENERAL BUILDERS' MERCHANTS. HEATHFIELD YARD, CARLTON-TERRACE- (Late Aaron Boundy s.) A Large and Varied Stock of General Builders' Materials always on hnnd, at Reasonable Prices. CUPISS' CONSTITUTION BALLS Arc an UK/ailimj remedy (icritc fur For HORSES, for TESTIMONIAL. Grease, Swelled Legs, Russley Park. Cracked Heels,Coughs, I have used Cupiss' Colds, Staring (joat, Constitution Balls for Influenza, giving fono the last 10 years, and and vigour, and fcoep- have much pleasure in ing high-fed Horses in testifying to the good Health, etc. effects they have had For CATTLE & SlIEEP in improving the con- in cases of Hove or dition of Horses in Blown, Hidebound, training, particularly Loss of Appetit^ Dis- in the Spring and temper, Epidemie< £ C- Autumn modh." For Scouring in Calves MAT. DAWSON. they are almost irifal- llble. Prepared upwards of 50 ve;irs by the late CUPISS, M.H.C.V.b. Sold in'Pacliets, Is. 9il. an*( each, 7 small 10s. 6d„ or 7 large 21s., hy CH_emists'all j Medicine vendors, or from the Proprietor, ihe ness, Diss, Norfolk, on receipt of amount, -0 EPDERSHAWS FURNITURE. NEWEST DESIGNS. 19. HIGH. STREET. SWANSEA. THE NEW MARKET STORES. 11. OXFORD-ST., SWANSEA (NEXT THE MARKET), FOR CHOICE GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS. PIANOS AND ORGANS. FOR THE VERY BEST CLASS OF INSTRUMENTS, AND VERY BEST PRICES FOR CASH OR CREDIT, J. BRADER & SONS-EXCEL. ONLY ADDRESS-9, WIND STREET, SWANSEA. [ESTABLISHED—1840.1 F10648 THE SWANSEA CLOTHIERS. D. JONES & CO., LTD., 2 & 3, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA, MERCHANT TAILORS, OUTFITTERS, GEXT-S MERCERS, HATTERS, &C IMMENSE VARIETY. LATEST DESIGNS. LOWEST PRICES. A CALL RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. C. ROWLAND, CONTRACTOR TO THE SWANSEA HARBOUR TRUSTEES, ASD HAULAGE CONTRACTOR TO THE JIIDLAXD AND OTHER RAILWAY COMPANIES, TEL"CIOCG^I^^S- 17, 80)1 ERSET-PLACE. [1397 EXCURSIONS. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY Excursions will run as under POLO MATCH.—SCOTLAND v. WALES AT NEWPORT. THURSDAY, SEPT. 30th, HALF-DAY TRIP to CARDIFF .and NEWPORT, leaving1 Swansea at 2.15 p.m., Neath 2.35 and Brideemi at 3.35 p.m. T>RL'\II\WMR^^IT' °CT- 1-~DAY TRIP to NI°N FAIR), leavin- Llanelly at iZ.iU imdmSht, Swansea 12.30. Neath 1.0, and Bridgend at 1.40 a.m. jSaturduy moruing). SATURDAY NlCIHT, OCT. 2.-To LONDON, 01 leaving; Llanelly at 11.30 p.m., Sw ansea 11.50, Neath 12.25' milnight, and Bridgend at 1.15 a.m. (Sunday morning). DISCONTINUANCE OF WEEKLY EXCUR- ifuTn»v0NS T0 LONDON. wi!wAt\Pvv' °''T0BKIi 1- tli.! LAST of the Vv EEKLY EXCURSIONS to l.ONDON will run, returning October 8 For full particulars, see bills. For Excursions from otheL- stations, week-end bookings, lodging lists &c., see bills and pam- ptiletj. 105651 J. L. WILKINSON, General Manager. LAST TRIP OF THE SEASON. T ONDON AND" NORTH-WESTERN lUlLWAi". SHEEP DOG TRIALS & ATHLETIC SPORTS IT ^ANGAMMARCH WELLS. T I A\I ('SI-LVEXCURST )N" TO LLANDILO, GAMMAPVH LLANWRTYD and LLAN- LLNI TH VV.IT WELLS, BUILTH ROAD (FOR VVehs), and LLANDRINDOD WELLS. PHV\P VYm-DAY' SEPTE3IBEB 30th, 1897, t.l a dESI0N TICKETS will be issued, .1_ East Excursion Train will run as Prcni. p m. SWANSEA (Victoria) 12 30 \r,rnMa ay 12 35 Mumbles Koad 12 40 MTuVVorth'u-11?" as to Excursions on the London J e>tern Railway can be obtained ot District Traffic Superintendent, O >V till 1*5 vet, FRED, HARRISON, General Manager. Euston Station, Sept., 1897. [10924 "pOCKETT'S BHISTOL CHANNEL STEAM PACKET CO., LD, Pleasure Sailing's by the Mag- nificent Passenger Steamship "BRIGHTON," From POOKET?« WD M a«Ll?F T>S) I <« v^n s WHARF, bouth Dock, Swansea. C^T-TST TIUPS 0F THE SEASON. LAST TIUPS OF THE SEASON. T30 "f ILFEH f jr n m ^iJNMOL 1H. Leaving Lymnouth iUO\ ) 'va!1c Ilfi'acombe at 5.15 pTm. TTVFAPnMhS*™™*™ 27tb, 8.15 a.m., to SoveirySin: AILD CLOYELL V. Leaving TI FSTI A V 1,ai1- and Hfraconibe at 6.0 p.m. 28th, 8.15 a.m., to ILt RACOMBE and LUXDY ISLAND, includ- fn n m'U18e1ui,?und the Island, leaving Lundy at tewS1, i'?como t»t 6.0 P-.». 1 ^KpiEMBEii 29th, 8.15 a.m., 1! IL,f^COMBE and CLOYELLY. leaving 0 p"m-' and Iltraoombe at 6.0 p.m. Skftkmbbr 30th, 8.15 a.m., to ILllfACOMBE and LYNMOL I'H, leaving Lynmoutli at 4 0 p.m., and Ilfracombe at 5.30 p 121.-8.0 p.m., GRAND EVENING CRUISE. Faie, Is. EXCURSION FARES (returning same d;iy) — Utiaconibe, Best Cab:n, 3s. 6d. Fore Cabin, 2s. I 6d. Clovelly, Luudy Island, or Lynmouth, Best Cabin, 4s. 6d Fo. e Cahin, 3s. 6d. OKDTNARJ FARES IlfraCombe, Single, Best Cabin, 43. 6d. Fare Cabin, 3s. Return (avail- able tor one month), Best Cabin, 7s. Fore Cabin, 53, three days, Best Cabin, 5s. 6d. Fore Cabin, 3s. 6,1. All lickets issued subject to the conditions priiite I on the Company's Monthly Sailings Bills. Refreshments of all kinds supplied on board at moderate charges. -=-=- SHIPPING. GOLD IN CANADA KLONDYKE. ALL who desire information respecting KLON- DYKE and the GOLDFIELDS OF ONTARIO AND BRITISH COLUMBIA should write to ALLAN BROS. & CO., 19, JAMES STREET, LIVERPOOL, for their Maps and Leaflets reg-arding the above and the AGRICULTURAL RESOURCES ot CANADA, which are sent FREE. [10164 BELFAST AND GLASGOW. IT^IRST-CLASS Steamers, carrying Goods and Passengers, Sail, unless prevented by circumstances, FltOM No. 1 SHED, SOUTH DUCK BASIN. SWANSEA. To Belfast & Glasgow, every VViiDXjisjJAlf, p.m. tide. Goods should be alongside Steamer VYeUnesdaj morning. J CHEAPEST ROUTE FHmf SOUTH WALES to Xorth of Jrelaiiil and 19 all parts of Scotland. Through liates quoted as required. FARES: Belfast — Cabin, 17/6 — Steerage, 10/- Glasgow— 20/- 12/fS 8ailor. 10s. Keturn Tickets. Fare-and-a-half. Rates of height and all information from I M. JONES & BUO. Albion Chambers, Cambrian-place, Swansea. HOTELS. NEW LANGLAND BAY HOTEL, .1. LIMITED, NEAR SWANSEA, SOUTH WALES. The sheltered position of Langland Bay, with a southern aspect and balmy air, which entitles it to be called the Mentone of Wales, renders lu a most desirable winter residence, highly recom- mended by the medical profession The Hotel stands in its own extensive grounds, situated in the centre of the bay. It commands mended by the medical profession The Hotel stands in its own extensive grounds, situated in the centre of the bay. It commands most beautiful views, and is replete with modern comfort. Hot and cold salt, and fivsh water baths on every floor. Charming gardens. Several lawn tennis courts and bowls. C.. STAINLAND, ilanager. Telephone No. 502. 0ASTLE HOTEL, IS W AN SEA. LUNCHEONS DAILY 12 to 3. TEAS, SUPPERS. &c., IN COFFEE ROOM OR PRIVATE ROOM. Grand Billiard Saloon. Largest and best ven- tilated iu Swansea. Cwo New Tables by Bur- roug-hcs and Watts 2971 JAMES McBRYDE, PROPRIETOR. Cameron arms HOTEL,, SWANSEA. COMMERCIAL, COFFEE, AND SMOKE ROOMS, BANQUETING HALL, BILLIARDS. MODERATE CHARGES. ORPIN ART DAILY from 1 to 2.30 2s. inclusive. Articular, r.nd E. O-NES, IiTD. HOTELS AND CAFES. j SWANSEA M1CKWORTH Hi )TEL. High-street, near Great Western Railway.. CASTLE CAFE. Castle-street. MIDLAND CAFE, Wind-Street, DOT, Rutland-street. YACHT CAFE. Mumbles (m summer). BAKERY. High-.trect Arcaae. R. E. JOXES, Managing Director. CARDIFF CENTRAL HOTEL °PE" shortly), FACING C St. Mary'P-strect. WASHINGTON HOTEL close to GWR,, Penarth-road entrance. l GREAT WESTERN CAFE, near G.W.R. 9377 K. E. JONES, Pz-oprietor. LEGAL NOTICES. I RE JOHN WEST, DECEASED. All CREDITORS having any claims or 'I demands against the Estate of JOHN WEST, late of No. 71, London-road, Neath, in the County of Glamorgan, Retired Grocer, deceased, who died on the 10th day of September instant, are requested to seni me full particulars thereof on or before the 18th day of OCTOBER next, or they will be excluded at distribution of the Estate. Dated this 18th day of September, 1897. J. TALIES1N DAVIES, 4, Alma-place, Nsath. 10908] Solicitor for the Executors THE REVEREND BENJAMIN JAMBS B1XNS, Deceased. Pursuant to the Statute 22 and 23 Vic., cap. 35, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all creditors and persons having any claims upon the Estate of the REVEREND BENJAMIN JAMES BINXS, late of Maesincla Villa, Uplands, in the County Borough of Swansea, deceased (who died on the 20th day of December. 1896, and Probate of whose Will was on the 30th day of January, 1897, granted by the Principal Rsgistry of the Probate Division of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice to Benjamin James Binns, Richard Garnant Cawkcr, and Francis Holborrow Glynn Price, the executors therein named) are hereby required to send in the particulars of their claims to me the undersigned on or before the 30.h day of OCTOBER next, after which day the said Ex- ecutors will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among the parties entitled thereto. having regard to the claims only of which they shall then have had notice, and that they will not be liable for the assets or any part thereof so dis- tributed to any person of whose debt or claim shall not then have had notice. ^ated this 15th dav of December, 1897. E. AUSTIN WILLIAMS, 13, Castle-street, Swansea, Solicitor for the said Executors. ——-————————————————————- PUBLIC APPOINTMENTS. APPOINTMENT OF WORKHOUSE CHAPLAIN. The GUARDIANS of the Neath Union will at their fortnightly meeting, to be held on TUES- DAY, the 28tli day of September next proceed to appoint a Chaplain of the Workhouse. The person appointed will be required to perform the duties pertaining to the office in aocordance with the orders of the Local Govern- ment Board. The appointment will be subject to the consent of the Bi-hop of the Diocese, signified in writing, and to the approval of the Local Government Board. Salary, £20 per annum, subject to the statutory deductions under the Poor Law Officers' Super- annuation Act, 1896. Applications endorsed Workhouse Chap- lain," to be sent to me on or before the 27th instant. HOWEL CUTHBERTSON, Clerk to the Guardians. 08, Water-street. Neath, 15th Sept., 1897.10923 SWANSEA UNION COTTAGE HOMES. ASSISTANT MATRON WANTED. The GUARDIANS will, at their Meeting on J-HURSDAY, the 30th inst., proceed to the appoint- ment of an ASSISTANT MATRON for the Oot age Homes. Candidates must be single, or mrp,mb^ance, and between 25 and f f f ° fgei" •, J dut'es Consist principally of the care of children and to be responsible for their cleanliness, and care ot Cottage, and to instruct and assist the children in needlework washing, cooking, and all other household duties', and to obey the directions of the Superintendent and Matron of the Homes. Salary £18 per annum, increa-ing £1 yearly, up to £20. with officers' rations, uniform, and apart- ments subject to a deduction under the Poor Law Officers' Superannuation Act, 1896. Applications in the form which may be obtained from the undersigned, and accompanied by testi- monial ■<, to be sent to the undersigned on or before the 29th inst. Further particulars as to the duties, &c., may be obtained on application to the Superintendent at the Homes G. B. HAYNES, Clerk to the Guardians. 8, Fisher-street, Swansea, 16th September. 1897. [10906 PUBLIC NOTICES. JJAPTIST MISSIONARY SOCIETY SERVICES, SUNDAY, SEPT. 26TH. MOUNT PLEASANT.—Morning, Rev. JAMES OwEX Evening, Rev. E. P. DAVY. YOEK PLACE.—Morning, Rev. J. Yv. CAUSTON j Evening, Rev. J. J. FULLER. MEMORIAL.—Morning, Rev. Dr. WILLIAMS Evening, Rev. R. L. LACEY. ST. HELEN'S.—Morning, Rev. H. L. LACHV Evening, Rev. ISAAC LLOYD. MOUNT ZION.—Morning, Rev. J. J. FULLER Evening, Rev. B. SAMUEL. CARMARTHEN ROAD.—Morning, Rev. ISAAC LLOYD Evening, Rev. J. W. CAUSTON. GORSE LANE.—Morning, Rev. E. P. DAVY: Evening, Rev. JAMES OWES, LANDOKE.—Morning, Rev. C. JosHUA Even- ing, Rev. Dr. WtILLIAIIS. WEST CROSS.—Morning, Rev. T. DAVIS; Evening, Rev. Dl. THOMAS. DANYGRAIG.—Morning, Rev. W. E. PRINCE Evening, R-iv. T. DAVIS. MANSELTOX.—Morning, Mr. P. CLEMG Even- ing-, Rev. C. JOSHUA. i D MOUNT PLEASANT CHAPEL, jjfi- SWANSEA. A United PUBLIC MISSIONARY MEETING Will be held at the above plice on WEDNESDAY EVENING, SEPT. 29, 1897. The Chair will be taken at 7.30 by HIS WORSHIP THE MAYOR OF SWANSEA. SPEAKEr:" :— REV, J. J. FULLER. REV, E. L. LACEY. A Collection will be made in 4 id of the Missionary Society. ^10932 SWANSEA CRICKET FIELD GRAND FOOTBALL MATCHES ON SATURDAY. FIRST FIFTEEX y. EIGHTEEN DISTRICT. Kick-off at 3.30. SECOND FIFTEEN v, RESERVES. Kick-off at 2 15. Admission, 6d. Grand Stand, 6 1. extra Season Tickets can be had at the Avenue Gate. j DRESSMAKING & MILLINERY. MRS. NASH, j CLIFTON HOUSE, 21, WALTER-TERRACE WALTER-ROAD. ctLiADi™ °rn matei'iaJs made up. Fit and Style guaranteed. Dress re-modelled equal to new Moderate charges. Mourning orders promptly executed. 9098 LL. & T. B U L L I N HEATHFIELD AND FFYNONE MEWS, „ x SWANSEA. Beg to state that they have added to their business New Funeral Carriages completely. Telephone No. 65. r431 PATRONISED BY ROYALTY. RPOM JJARRON, ROY4.L FLORIST AND BOUQUETIST, 7, OXFORD-STREET. WREATHS, CROSSES, &c., Unequalled In Arrangement. Composed of Choicest Flowers Fresh Cut from V the Gardens atBlaekpid. INSPECTION INVITED- PLEASE ORDER EARLY. Telegrams—" DaHon, Swansea." PUBLIC NOTICES. GRAND THEATRE, SINGLEION-ST., SWANSEA. Mr. MORELL & Mr. MOUILLOT, Proprietors. MONDAY, SEPT. 27th, the New and Popular- Drama, THE KING OF CHIME." Special Elaborate Scenery and Effects. OCTOBER 3rd, the Charming Musical Comedy. MY GIRL," from the Gaiety Theatre, London. Commence 7.30. Plan at GWYNNE H. BRADKRV 17, Heajhfield-streefc. Preliminary Notice. SWANSEA CHORAL SOCIETY. SPECIAL GRAND CONCERT, ALBERT HALL, THURSDAY, OCT. 14th. MENDELSSOHN'S "HYMN OF PRAISE, with Miscellaneous Second Part. Further particulars—large bills. f10937 GINXETT'S CIRCUS. Established over 60 years. The only Circus that has appeared twice by Royal Comniaii'l before Iler Majesty WILL VISIT SWANSEA. VETCH FIELD MONDAY, SEPT. 27TH. # N.B.—This World-Famous Equestrian Establishment is Bigger and iiettpr tlnm Ever, ia honour of Britain's Glorious Record Reisn Year, 1897. 150 HORSES and ARTiSTES, GHAND PROCESSION DALLY at 1 o'clock. Programme of 20 Items. 2.30, Afternoon; 7,0, Evening; Doors open at 2 and 7. The Kings and Queens of Britain, from William the Conqueror to Victoria the Good, will appear iu Giimett's Procession Dailv (weather permitting). The JCBILEE ARTISTES are the best that money can secure. X.1S.—The Public are invited to inspect Mr. Ginnett's Celebrated THOROUGHBRED HORSES, as well as the SMALLEST PONIES in the WORLD, from Lord Londonderry's Famous Stables. Special Engagement of the HOWARD llltOS., the World's Mystiiiers, in their inexplicable Thought Transmission Seance. Ginnett's Record Heign" CLOWNS are very much up-to-date. To AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE, at 2.30, all Children are admitted at 2d. each. EVENING PER- FORMANCE commences 7.c0. Doors open at 7. PRICES OF ADMISSION—Stalls (Carpeted and Reserved), 3s. Boxes (Carpeted), lis. Pit Seats, Is.; Area, (id. Half-price for Children to ail parts except Area. Sole Proprietor — — MR. CLAUDE GINNET1\ Business Manager & Agent Mit. ALfc\ NORTON. W THOMAS, OF LAN, TV • MEMORIAL FUND. PREsiDENT-THE MAYOR OF SWANSEA (COUNCILLOR HOWEL WATKINS, J.P.) Chairm^jj—ALDERMAN W. H. SPRING. HON. SEC.—A. C. WRIGHT, ei-nsriDTTim 13L St. HELKN'S-AVENUE. SI INSCRIPTIONS invited, which may be paid to holders ot Collecting Cards, or to Mr. H. H. Ho pro x, Hon. Treasurer, Guildhall, Swansea. TO THE LLECTORs u^ TlIE CASTLti JL WARD. I LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, My term of office as your Representative in tho Council Chamber will expire in November next, and I think it my duty thns early to inform yon. that it is not my intention to offer myself for re- election, as my business in other Ports will not enable me to seek your support. I beg to thank you for the confidence you have reposed in me during the time which I have 1m'! the honour of representing you, and remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, ROSSERROSSER. Swansea, Sept. 21st, 1897. 110916 qwan >s i::a^as-lToht COMFAN Y. o INCORPORATED 1830-]861. HALF-YEARLY ORDINARY MEETING. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that tho Seventy-Third Half-yearly Ordinary Meeting of the Shareholders of the Swansea Ga-Light Com- pany, will be held at the Office, Works New-road Swansea, on FRIDAY, the 1st day of OCTOBER next. The chair will be taken at Twelve o'clock at Noon punctually. To receive the Report and Accounts for the half-year ending the 30th June, 1897, to declare Dividends on the Paid-up Share Capital of the Company and for tho transaction of all other business at such meetings author .sod. The Transfer Books of the Company will be closed on MONDAY, the 20th day of SEPTEMBER, and be re-opened immediatdy after the meeting. T. TRAVELS WOOD, Chairman. THORNTON ANDHE ATS, Secretary. Swansea, 16th September, 1897. L10905 THE SWANSEA MERCANTILE BANK, lO LIMITED, 18, PARK-STREET, SWANSEA. £8 TO £500 CASH ADVAXCED to all Classes of Tradesmen, Professional Men, and respectable Householders, upon their OWN NOTE OF HAND and all kinds of Securities. PAYMENTS to suit Borroweis. Applications promptly attended to by 10565] H. B. JONES, MANAGER. JUBILEE FUND.—SWANSEA HOaPITAL Ji'UR.SES' HOME, —— £ s. d. Subscriptions already acknowledged. 780 1 9 Collcdilln, per Canon Smith 5 5 0 Mr. E. E. Rowse. 0 10 6 Mr. Charles Williams 0 5 0 Mr, D. C. Jones 110 Rev. R. T. Williams, Argvle, 110 Mr, Augustus Lewis, H.1VI.I.F. 110 Mis. Richards, Brynynior 110 Subscriptions may be sent to his Worship tho Mnvor, Guildhall; or may be paid into the local Banks. [10522 • CLARET. i OOD SOUND DINNER WINE. WONDERFUL VALUE, lis. 6d. PER DOZ. PER BOTTLE, IS. PER DOZEX HALF BOTTLES, 6S. 6d. Bottles included. FINE WINE VINEGAR FOR SALADS', IS. 6J. PER GALLON. 1V. F. BULL 4 C°- IMPORTERS, 10, UNION-STREET, SWANSEA. H. STOXE, WHOLESALE WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, XKJ TH. Wholesale Agent for South Wales, Herefordshire and Monmouthshire for ~JNO. DEWAR & SONS PERTH WHISKY. GEO. ROE & Co.'s CELEBRATED G.R." IRISH WHISKY. I detailed Price Lint upon Application. Telegraphic Address: Stone, Neatli." National Telephone No. 414. U066I TIIos, R. ROBINSON, 15, EXCHANGE BUILDINGS, COAL MERCHANT & ACCOUNTANT (Passed 1853). BEST Large FFALDAU, 17s. 0d. per ton delivered. Weight and Quality guaranteed. Merchants' and Tradesmen's Accounts kept or Audited. 979