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i" Ben Evans & Co., Ltd., SWANSEA. ] FIRST AUTUMN SHOW. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I We respectfully beg to announce that our FIRST SHOW I of EARLY AUTUMN FASHIONS will take place TOMORROW. SATURDAY, SEPT. 18. 1897. when there will be exhibited, in abundant variety, a MAGNIFICENT SELECTION of the very LATEST NOVELTIES and MOST FASHIONABLE PRODUCTIONS from the Home and Continental Markets. THE NEW RUSSIAN BLOUSE COSTUMES AND JACKETS. STYLISH COSTUMES, TAILOR-MADE GOWNS, CYCLING COSTUMES. FRENCH AND ENGLISH MILLINERY. Flowing Osprevs, Ostrich Fox Tails, Birds, Ostrich Flats and Mounts, Flowers, Feathers, Ornaments. Mantles, Fur-Lined Cloaks, Fur-Trimmed Jackets, Necklets, Boas, Muffs, &c. Children's and Maids' Jackets and Capes. SEALSKIN JACKETS & CAPES, & ELECTRIC SEAL CAPES. Ladies' and Children's Underwear, Dressing Gowns, Corsets, Skirts, Baby-Linen. BOOTS and SHOES, for DAY and EVENING WEAR. Charming X ovelties in Made-up Lace Goods, Hosiery, Gloves, Laces, Belts, Buckles, Trimmings, Umbrellas, Ribbons, Art Xeedlework, Wools, &c. Beautiful Silks and Velvets, New Dress Materials, Velveteens. TAWE SERGES in NAVY, CREAM, CARDINAL and BLACK. Black Dress Materials, including every Novelty of the Season. Gentlemen's and Hoys' Complete Outfits, Travelling Requisites, &c. We would impress upon our Customers that our arrangements for the approaching Season are exceptionally comprehensive and complete, comprising a most harmonious combination of colors and materials, and that the same competent personal attention is given to every Customer, and their individual requirements carefully studied. — ~—-— We are, Ladies and Gentlemen, -—— Your obedient Servants, BEN EYANS & CO., LTD. A OTE.—An Important ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE from the House Furnishing and Linen I Departments a ill be issued in a fen days, which H'C shall be pleased to send Post Fire to any address all application. W. WILLIAMS, JEWELLER. & 29. CASTLE STREET, SWANSEA THE LARGEST SELECTION IN SOUTH WALES. THE SWANSEA FINANCE COMPANY, LIMITED, 10, GOAT-STREET, SWANSEA. MAKE CASH ADVANCES FUOM £:-J TO -6500 Immediately to all Classes of Householders on NOTE OF HAND, Ac. REPAYMENTS TO SUIT BORROWERS. NO FEES. BILLS DISCOUNTED. STRICTEST PRIVACY ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED. [1056 REPAIRING JH'SICAI. JNSTUL'MKNTS. In this Department I can guarantee the greatest efficiency, compatible with economy, havino- due rep-a to the value of the Instrument. Many valuable Instruments are often spoiled through bcin" intrusted^to persons unskilled in their mechanism. ESTIMATE OF COST AND ADVICE ON ANY REPAIRS FREE OF CHARGE. PIANOFORTES ENTIRELY RENOVATED. HARMONIUMS & AMERICAN ORGANS TUNED & REPAIRED. CHURCH ORGANS TUNED & REPAIRED. VIOLINS & ALL STRINGED INSTRUMENTS THOROUGHLY REPAIRED bIRIX us FITTINGS FOR ALL INSTRUMENTS PIANOFORTES rjUXED at 3 or 106 PER A XXOI Pianofortes on the Three Years System, from 10 6 per Month. American Organs, from 5s. per Month. Z7 Harmoniums, from 5s. per Month. SCHOOLS AND T11E %^cE,f w«OLESALE PRICES. G WYNNE H. BRADER, PRACTICAL PIANOtORTE TGNER & REPAIKER, 17, HEATHFIELD STREET. SWANSEA. TELEPHONE 142. J. H. NOTT, ST, HELENS ROAD AND QUAY PARADE, SWANSEA, FOR INCANDESCENT GAS BURNERS AND FITTINGS. I TENDERS. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. Tmv<er%a?^^r?f,Jender'm? for ALTERA- TION* and A DDI HONS to the Waterloo Hotel, Oxtord-street, tor FRED. BRADFORD, Esq., are requested to send in their names to the under- signed, at their offices, together with a deposit of one guinea tor quantities, which will be returned upon receipt of a bona-fide tender. The Proprietor does not bind himself to accept the lowest or any tender. MARGRAVE & PEACOCK, Architects. Metal Exchange. Swansea. '10899 E A T H U N10 N. TO TRADESMEN AND OTHERS. The GLARDIANS of the NEATH UNTON HEREBY n to LMON ot Contiactm0 for the SUODIV of DPAPVPV PROVISIONS, COAL, BOOTS. STATIO\%V land MILK tor the Cottage Homes) to be delivered at the YVorkhouse, Neath, and at the Cottage Homes Bryncoch for S!x months, commencing on the 5th day ot October, 1897, to deliver to the Clerk of the Guardians Scale 1 Tenders for same on or before Monday, the 27th day of September' 1897. _<W1 Simples of Drapery, Clothing, Groceries and Bojts to bo sent t) the orkhouse on or before 12 o'clock at noon of Monday, the 27th September, and each sample to be marked with the name of the person tendering". Stateiiicrts as t) the estimated quantity likely to be required, and condition of contracts, and iorm of tender (in which form alone will tenders be received), may be had on application to the undersigned, on or before Siturday, the 25th September. Separate tenders mu>t be delivered lor the Cottage Homes- All t enders nm-t be sealed and endorsed, and delivered at the office of the Clerk before 12 o'clock at noon of Monday, the 27th September, and no tender will be considered if not received by the Clerk on or before that day and hour. The Guardians do not hind them-elves to accept any tender, and reserve power to accept any tender in its entirety or any po.tion of any I tender. Security will be required for the due perform- ance of the contract. Bv Order. HOWEL CUTHBERTSON, Clerk. Hater-street. Neath, August 30th, 1897. ^J.OOD NEWS 1011 LADIES. •^1 t!'e of u late eminent Phvsician, will be pleased to forward fllU particulars (on receipt of a stain L ed directed envelope) of a Cure for Certain forms of i rregii lari ties. This remedy causes no pain, niusea, or prostration whatever. MADAME DOUGLAS, 127. G AISFORD-STREET, LOXJ>O> N.W. F9010 THE WORLDS HAIR GROWER, c. McCASKIG'S ASTRINGENT, the liest Hair Producer of the age. Never fails to make the hair fruw; all i,ifaI!it>!e remedy fur weak and thin hnir; the one aii(i (Illiy cure for premature baldness pungent ind pleasant to use non-greasy. Xj one having weak tiair should ba without it. Is. 0d. per Bottle worth a guinea. Try it. l'a post 3d. extra. Prepared by c. MCCASKIE Hairdresser, &c., TLMPEE.STREET, SWANSEA. Proprietor of the CjlebrafeJ Lle.'trie Hair Dye. [921 pREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS I ■ of the following classes, namely :— Situations Wanted and Vacant. I Apartments Wanted and to be Let. Houses, Shops, etc., to Let and to be Sold. Specific Articles for Sale. Money Wanted and to be Lent. Miscellaneous Wants. Articles Lost and Found. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions. P. d. s. d. s. d. L2 Words 0 6 1 0 1 9 L8 Words 0 9 1 6 2 6 24 Words 1 0 2 0 3 6 30 Words 1 3 2 6 4 0 36 Words 1 6 3 0 5 0 42 Words 1 9 3 6 6 0 When not prepaid the ordinary rates will be charged. Remittances may be made with Half- penny Postage Stamps or Postal Orders. MONEY. I OANS on LAND, HOUSES, at 4 to 5 p.c. I J NO LAW COSTS for Mortgage. Entire expense is stamp and Is. for printed form. Never called in while interest punctually paid. Oxon and Berks Bank, Oxford. Est. 1854. T10866 WANTED. l ANY PERSON giving such information that ,r\ will lead to the di-coverv of the heirs and re- covery of the Estate of BENJAMIN WILLIAMS, formerly of South Wales, supposed lost at sea. about 80 or 90 years ago, will be well rewarded for their trouble and information.—Answer all letters to J.J.W.. 42, Apsley-road, South Nor- wood. Surrey, Eng. "10821 HIGH-CLASS REGISTRY FOR SERVANTS. LADIES can be quickly aud well suited with all classes of good Servants by applving to MRS. LEWIS, 9, Castle-street (over Western Mail), Swansea. Disengaged Cooks, Parlour. and House Parlour-Maids, Generals, Nurses and Governesses. WANTED, at once, General Servant.—Apply Mrs. REUBENSTEIN, 33, Murray-street, Llanelly. SELECT REGISTRY OFFICE, BRYNMILL POST OFFICE, SWAXSEA. MISS JONES has vacancies for Parlour- maids. Cooks, Generals, Dairymaids, &c. TO LET. TO BE LET, DRUM MA ISSA. BIRCHGROVE, SWANSEA VALLEY. This commodious and desirable country Refi- dence, beautifully situated in its own grounds, will be to let on the 29th September next. It contains 4 reception rooms, 12 bedrooms, and complete domestic offices stables and coach- house, conservatory and vinery gardens, lav*'11 tennis court and pleasure grounds; entrance lodge and cottage; and about 20 acres of grass and arable land and orchards. Apply to WALTER LEWIS, Civil and Mini"-? Engineer, Swansea. "10816 TO LET, 200, KENSINGTON-TERRACE "■ immediate possession.—Apply 7, HEATH- FI ELD-STREET, Swansea. [10869 FI ELD-STREET, Swansea. [10869 TO LET, No. 35, FFYNONE-TERRACE. Eight-roomed house, hot and cold water bathroom. Just been re-decorated.—Apply Mrs. B. P. DAVIES, 8, Nolton-street, Bridgend. TO LET. No. 24, WINDSOR-TERRACE, with 2 Greenhouse-. Apply E. E. WRIGHT Harbome House, Mumbles. [10862 "I O BROOKLANDS-TERRACE, TO LET _1_Vt (or Sell). Uninterrupted view sunny position rent, £ 26.—Apply 50, MANSEL-TER* RACE, Swansea. )08E TO LET, TWO OFFICES (first floor), No. 5, GLO STER-PLACE. Rent moderate. Apply to M. JONES & Bgos., Swansea. [10836 TO BE LET or SOLD, 71, MANSEL-TEUKAOK. Immediate po session.—Applv Mr. "W. RICHARD GLYN THOMAS, 64, Wind-str«c Swansea. ^1^?? OYSTERMOUTH. — Gent'eman's Detached 0 RESIDENCE, the style and character of a mansion commodious stabling; low rental or sell, close to Mumbles Railway.—OYSTERMOUT! Cambrian Office, Swansea. [10802 TO LET, "SOUTH VIEW," SKETTY. "THE above VILLA RESIDENCE to Let, with immediate possession stable, coach-hou-e find large garden.—Apply to A. PATON, 21, Castle- street, Swansea. UTABLE and COACHHOUSE TO LEl'-— o Vacant early in September. Situated back of Northampton Villas.—Apply JOHNSON and BURGESS, Strand, Swansea [10554 GO WEE.-FOE SALE. orTO BE L ET Fitrnislied or Unfurnished, as may he agreed, a nice HOUSE, standing in its jfrounds, with about ciiht acrp., of first-class Meadow Land, beautifully situated in one of the p-ettiest parts of Gower, within two miles Of Railway Stations, Church and Post Onice.—Apply Cower." Cambrian Office, Swansea. [10499 SEASIDE AND COUNTRY, WESTON-SUPER-MARE.-HOUSES (fur- TT nished and unfurnished), Businesses, Shops. Printed lists free from LALONDE BROS., Hou-e Agents and Removal Contractors, Weston- super-Mare. BOARDING HOUSES AND HOTEL PHO- PRIETORS desiring to attract Visitors from the Midland Counties should advertise 111 the Lichfield Mercvrij. the Taimcorth Merci'-rJ'i the Cannocli Chase Mercx.rij, the Rmjeleij Merci"'jl' and Sutton Coldp'eld Mercury, the be-t fYuiii'3' papers in the Midlands, and the only paperS printed and published in the Lichfield Division* 20 words 61. for the holiday season, 4 6 preplLld. —Onices 36, 38. and 40, Bird-street, Lichfield- ON SALE. rriYPEWRITER for SALE.—Caligraph No- 2- Apply Cn nihrian Office, Swansea. i E- ARTHENWAHE and CHINA Seconds, X2 E crates Best, £ 3: or will send 15 dozen seconds articles for 17s. 6d.—Write for lists WEBB & Co., Staffordshire Potteries. Longton. DALE'S COLD MEDAL DUBBIN. Stakes Boots and Harness n duck's back and s" as velvet. Adds three times to the wear. aliu allows polishing. es Awards. 2s. Gd., ol" all 13°ot maker?, Saddlers. Luatt erseilers, ITS TRIAL WILT. BETTfiB PUBLISH ITS COM.M EXDATIOM." THE HELUNCE LUHKlCaTIXG OIL COI.NIPA-IV Sl-P LY on APPliOVAL 1JELIANCK" XOM- CORROSIVE LUUKICANTd (nhich. thronsh tlicir super ority, have the largest sale in the world1, viZ., Engine, Cjlii.der and Machinery Oils. ll}d, Mai'i"c Engine Oil, Is. (id, Marine Cylinder O 1, IS. 6 I. CLIS Engine and Dynamo (tits, Is. (id.; Vrencfi iinming Colza Oil, Is. 9J. per gallon; barrels free and carriatf0 paid. HELUXCE LCBIlICATIXG OIL COMPAXY, 1-29, Water-lane, Gre it Tower-street, London, E.C. Depots at Liverpool, UiHtol. Hull, Glasgow, and XeW" c.isilc-on-Tyne. Telegrams. "Subhstral, London"—A.B.C. Code Use' Telephone Xo. Avenue [ 10574 RATS, MICK, MOLES, and BEETLES Dooa.ed by using IIAI'LKISON'S^ I'eliable Kat Poison. Dogs or Cats won't touch it. Acmin dry uP and leave no smell. d., 25. 3d" and :'s. 8d.—Harrison, Chemist, Ueauin^. Agent lor Swansea, N. M. Geost-, Chemist, 8, Temple-street. SPREX'f'S PILLS give speedy and permaiiprit relie in all cases of Xeur.iJ^ia, Toothache, Xervous Headache, tieiatiea, and all Xerve Fains. is. Ed" 2s. I'd.. 4s. (jd.—■ 9-. W. Harrison, Chemist. lieadin^; otitainable from all CiMr.ists, or the Kat poison Assent, as above. fitTl'tt JTature's Perfect Remedy for all kinds of Worms. WILLLD!S' (POXTAHDAVVE) OllM L 0 Z E N G E S For over 30 yea's this highly Valuable Keniedy has met with the greatest success. The effect upon Weak, Delicate Children (often given up as incurable; >s like Magic. (Jetting rid of his tormenting pests by taking these Lozenges, the thin, pale-faced, inanjniate Child becomes strong, healthy, and HvHiy,thep.ide,i instead of the anxiety of his guardians.. Sin -1 ave for some time used your Anthelmintic or Worm Lozenges in my family, and lind them a very j speedy and efficacious cure for Ascarides, and (heir I agreeable and convenient form is a great recominenda tion FOR children,—W. HUTCHINSON, Vicar of Howden, Yorkshire. 8Y.MrTO.MS.—Any of the following Svmptoms indicate Worms:-Yaiiable appetite, fcetiil breath, acij eructa- tions. pains in the stomach and head, sickness, irnnding of the teeth during sleep, dreams and restlessness, paleness of the countenance, stitches in the sille, shnrt dry cough, aud emaciation of the body, often mistaken for decline, nervousness, slow fever. alld irregu!;ir pulse faintne^s, soinetimesconvulsive lits, often caiisit)^gl|(|den death; dizziness, sore thmat, and inflummalior, (if file bowels. The above symptoms vary according. to the kind of Worms. The Lozenges contain nothing detrimental to the Con- stitution, and are suitable for II ages. Williams' (Pontardawe) Worm Lozenges are prepared from the Original receipt by JuII" DAVIKS, M.U.P.9.. Chemist, 30, Hi^ street, Swansea, and fold by most chemists, at 9',d., I3^d., and 2s. 9d. per box; by post, 14 or 34 stamps. Protecteli by the Government stamp, on which are engraved the words Williams' Worm L' z^Bges," E DDE RS H A W'S FURNITURE. NEWEST DESIGNS. 19. HIGH STREET. SWANSEA. PIANOS AND OIK JANS. I- FOR THE VERY BEST CLASS OF INSTRUMENTS, AND VERY BEST PlUCES FOR CASH on CREDIT, J. BRADER & SONS-EXCEL. ONLY ADDRESS-9, WIND STREET, SWANSEA. ESTABLISHED 1840.^ f 10648 M. REES BEGS TO ANNOUNCE THAT ON TUESDAY NEXT, SEPTEMBER 21ST, THERE HAS BEEN ARRANGED AN IMPORTANT SHOW OF FASHIONS. CONSISTING OF THE LATEST PRODUCTIONS IN MILLINERY, MANTLES, COSTUMES, DRESS WOODS, AND WINTER BLOUSES, TOGETHER WITH A WELL-SELECTED STOCK OF LADIES' OUTFITTING, UMBRELLAS, FURS, FANCY DRAPERY. ETC., ETC. To meet the demands of trade, M. REES has recently added another spacious SHOWROOM, and hopes, by studying the convenience and comfort of customers, together with personal attention, to merit a share of their patronage. ° M. REES, HEATHFIELD-ST., SWANSEA. INSURANCE. 1 ^ATIOXAL ACCIDENT JNSURANCE Co., LTD. AUTHORIZED CAPITAL— £ 250,000, PERSONAL ACCIDENTS OF ALL KINDS, EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY, BURGLARY, &C. AGENTS: JOSEPH THOMAS & Co., 13, ADKL AIDE-STREET, SWANSEA, I INSURANCE & MORTGAGE BROKERS. LIFE, FIRE BOILERS, PLATE GLASS, and all kinds of Insurance effected at I Lowest Hate<.108ô7 INSUFIANCE AGAINST ACCIDENTS or ALL T Ac 'i^ents and Disease, Employers' ^ability, and Fidelity Guarantee. TJ AILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE J -*—' COMPANY. Capital. £ 1.000,000. Losses Paid, £ 3.800.000. INIOO 64' CORNHILL, LONDON. 1ULB9L A. YIAN, Secretary. LOCAL AGENT MR. E. Post, 63, Gorse-lane, Swansea. SHIPPING. ',0.' i.\ ALL wlio desire information about THE AGRICULTURAL RESOURCES OF ANADA, THE NOKTH-WKST TERRITORIES, AND BRITISH COLUMBIA, and of the GOLD FIELDS IN JNTARJ° AND BRITISH COLUMBIA, should write T T,R,AN BROTHERS, 19. JAMKS STREET, LIVERPOOL, lor their Handbook and PAM- Pulets, vvliicli are sent FREE. [10164 BELFAST AND GLASGOW. — THIRST-CLASS Steamers, carrying J Goods and Passenger?, Sail, Unless JK prevented hy circumstances, FKOAI No. 1 SUED, SOUTH 1JOCK BASlIf, SWANSEA. To tielfast & Glasgow, every WiSUN p.m. line. Goods should be alongside Steamer VVednesdaj morning. CHEAPEST ROUTE PliOM SOUTH WALES to Kortli of Ireland and t;> all parts of Scotland. ThroUgU L £ utes quoted as required, F.vui-s: Belfast Cabin, L^.O — STEERIIIJJE 10- Glasgmv — 2J/- — 12íû Bailors, 10S Ketnrn Tickets. Fare-and-a-balf. KATES of treig/it and all inform, tion from -U. JU>LS & BRO. Albion Chambers, Cambrian-place, Swansea. EXCURSIONS. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY L'WM-THUPLSDAY. SEPT. 23;D, a HALF-DAY EACLRSION to CARDIFF will leave SWANSEA at 2,15 p.m., NEATH 2.35, and Bridgend at 3.35 p.m. 0 FOOTBALL.-NEATH V. CARDIFF 'PDTD P SEPTEMBER 25. HALT-DA^ CARDIFF, leaving SWANSEA at 12.45 P-M-' ^EATH 1.10, and Bridgend at 1/5 p.m. ° For EXCURSIONS from other stations, week-end booking, lodging lists, &c., see bills and pam- phlet-5. 1 10865! J. L. WILKINSON, General Manager. T>OCKETT\S BRISTOL CHANNEL STKAM PACKET CO., LD. Pleasure Sailings by tlie MA?- niticent Passenger Steamship BRIGHTON," T> (Classed A1 at Lloyd's) Q?VT?.I?ETT'S WHARF, South Dock, Swansea. RRIMU.V *I SEPTEMBER 18t'I, 8.15 a.m., to IL^RACOMBE, LYNMOUTH, and POELOCK. Leaving Porioek at 2.30 p.m., Lynmouth at 4.0 P^F^UIR^OMBEAT5.30 p.m. ATJAVV^ SKPTKMBER 19th, 10.45 a.m., MO^fLVCLTUISE' T/UU I • SEPTEMBER 20th, 9.30 a.m., to 'Y-^OMBE and CLOYELLY. Leaving l>.m., and Ilt'ra^:ombe at 8.0 p.m. MIIMN SF.RIEMBEB 22nd, 12.15 noo;I, KJ1PR4P TIDAL TRIP to ILFRACOMBE and A (Oidinary Passengers a'so booked). Jiare, <is. 6d. WEDNESDAY, 4.45 p.m., to ILFRACOMBE. 'T IIT'1!1!" OU Thursday. S pt. 23rd, at 11 45 a.m. LV„USDAY SEPTEMBER 23r ), 2.45 p.m.. U ^T^H0LIDAY TRIP TO THE W0K^ O-IIVA I, AVE' Best Cabin. Is. 6d Fore Cabin, 1^. IHLRSDAY, 5 45 p m., to ILFRACOMBE. Q VPT-R011 JI',ID 'V' 24TL1' 4 30 SA11JM)AY_ RK|,T 25TH) 7 30 a.m., ILL'RA-I COMBE and LYNMOU1H. L aving Lymnoutli at 3.45 p.m., and Ilfracombe at 5.15 p.m. EXCURSION FARES (tetur.iiug same day):—; LITIAJCUNLE. Best Cab n, 3s. 6d. Fore Cabin, 2s. 6,d.. Clovell.r, Lundv Island, or Lynmouth, Best Cabin, 4s. 6d.; Fo:e Cal'in, 3s. 6d. ORDINARY FARES Ilfracombe, Single, Best LI T 4I" Fjro Cabin, 3s. Return (avail- able tor one month), L!E-t Cabin, 7s. Fore Cabin, 5-. Three days, Best Cabin. 5s. 6d. Fore Cabin, 3s. 61. y All -T-KEIS ISSUED subject to the conditions pimtc 1 on flic Company's Monthly Sailings Bill Rctreshments ot all kinds supplied on board at moderate charges. C\\T TONRIS, CAB • T V # PROPRIETOR, UELGUAVB STAULES, BACK OF ST. JAMES' GARDENS, WALTEH'S-ROAD, SWANSEA. Cabs ready 011 the Shortest Notice. Your fav- ours and recommend itions respe ;tfully solicited. RPIIK only means for DESTROYING Hair on JL tlie L'ce is by „FI„2 ALI'X HOSS- ORDINARY UEPXLATOUY," 3<. 61., free t..r 3s. 9 1. >tamps, for strong liuir the Electric Aopii.oice, 35S. for thick hair, "Cauterising Liquid" IDs. <> B, "F tlie Germa<I Process, 42<. — ALEX ROSS, 62, Tiieoludd's-road, H"lb»r», LR.iidor,. [10348 NOSE MACHINE.—This is a contrivance by «'TI cii tlie soft cartilage "f the nose is pressed into SHAPE by WEARING tile insti lunent all hour dailv for a sliort tm.e. I'rice 10s. Cd. SENT free by POST foi stamps, 10s. 9.], EX ROSS, 62, Tlicobidd's-roa«i London, near Bedford ltow, SLUMPED letters replied to. LEGAL NOTICES. THE REVEREND BENJAMIN JAMES BINNS, DKCEASKU. Pursuant to iho Statute 22 and 23 Vic can NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that alfcrecUtors and per-ons having any claims upon the Estate of the RFA EREND BENJAMIN JAMES BINNS, late of Maesincla Villa, Uplands, in the County Borough of Swan-ea, deceased (who died on the 20th day of December, 1896, and Probate of whose Will was on the 30th day of January, 1897, granted by the Principal Ragistry of the Probate Division of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice to Benjamin James Binns, Richard Gamant Cawker, and Francis Holborrow Glynn Price, the executors therein named) are hereby required to send in the particulars of their claims to me the undersigned on or before the 30th day of QCTOEEE next, after which day the said Ex- ecutors will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among the parties entitled thereto, having regard to the claims only of which they shall then havo had notice, and that they will not be liable 'or the assets or any part thereof so dis- tributed to any person of whose debt or claim they sha. 1 n^t then Lave had notice. I.'ateu tius 15th day of December, 1897. E. AUSII V WILLIAMS, 13, Castle-street, Swansea, Solicitor for the said Executors. PUBLICATIONS. Now READY. ORDER AT ONCE. 172 p.p. Cr. 8vo. Cloth gilt. Price, 5s. ftOME fv PTE It RE CLAIRE" — POEMS, Lditci, with Critical and Biographical Memoirs of the Author (late MR. S. C. GAMWELL), by James Brown. A Swansea gentleman, who has seen a rough copy of the book, writes "It is a delightful voliitne, intensely interesting to Swansea people, contains many poetic genu-, and should command a dr¡:;e and ready sa!e." Orders may be left at The Cnmhrian Olii-e. Wiuu-street, or any local booksellers. 10856 EFFINGTIAM WILSON'S E PUBLICATIOXS. HOW MONEY MAKES MONEY. A NEW WORIC ON INVESTMENT. It is the object of this little book to set forth a plan for the employment of capital which shall safeguard the interests of the prudent investor, while enabling him to make a maxi- mum of profit with the minimum of risk. The South Wales Daihj .Ye/?, March 13th says ;—" The Book is a most serviceable guide to Stock Exchange matters It covers the whole ground of investment and speculation, is written in terse, vigorous form, quite different from the long-wnmed, carefully-guarded language of some productions. No one can tail to be advautageu by a perusnl of the contents." HOW MONEY MAKES MONEY. Price, 2s. 6d. nett. -IO SJC obtained. of all the Leading Booksellers in Swansea and Cardiff. EFFINGHAM WILSON, ROYAL EXCHANGE London, E.C. 10573 JUST PUBLISHED, PRICE 2s. "ffHE MIXON BELL," A Song for Baritone, by BRYCESON TREIIARNE, A.R.C.M., LONDON. Ai o by the same Compo-er, THE .SONG OF SAINT VVINEFRIDE: IHE MABTYK'D MAID OF HOLYWELL. For Tenor or Soprano, with Violin Obhgato, PRICE 2S. NETT. E. PARRY, PUBLISHER, 10724"; 52, OXFORD-STREET, Swansea. Just Published. LON G B I D G E S LOSSAKY OF MINING TEEMS, With Illustrations aud Geological Survev Map Signs. PRICE, 2S. 6<1,; POSTAGE, 2/1. It is a book which will naturally be much appreciated among holders of mining shares as it will render the technicalities of a report in telligible to the miiniti-itsd."—Financial Time- Perhaps the distinctive feature pertaining to ohis Glossary^u the_ illustrations which are ap- pendea, showing- various forms of veins, deposits, —Invention, Ibis glossary puts snch competitors as it may have quite out of date."—Minimj World. Oi great use to a'.l who are actively associated with practical mining'— South Africa. Compiled with considerable Journal. Very handy and iii o Critic. "THE MINING JOURNAL," 18, FINCH-LANE, E.C., AND 3, DORSET BUILD- INGS, SALISBLRY-SQUAKE, E.C. V) AliLIN GTON'S JJANDBOOKS. «' Sir Henry Ponsonhy Is con,nianded by tlie Queen to than* -Mr. Darlington for a copv of hia ii:md»ook. L*rejLj*}k& "'Xothing better could be wished for. — I!r 'i UV,/• „ •'Far superior to ordinary guides. l)tuhj c //m Edited by RALPH DARLINGTON, F.R.G.S. Is. eMCli. Illd. Maps by Jons HAKTUOLOMKW, F.K.G..S THE J SI, or WIGHT. J'11: C11 AN.N T L L^I.■ 'I'M: VAI.E or LT.ANGOI.L"N. 'I'M N 'I'.ITII U A ,.K. COAST. THE WVD VALI.KY. T'I'I r -Y- BI:I< )!TON, HA^TK IUHNK, H'.STING^ K Si LKOAAIID.S. BOLILNI-.MOL'TlI AN1) TIIK llMV BRISTOL, BATH, CHEI-ST;W, & °MI<,O'M RK" A UKMVSI'LVIRH. TOWYS, HAHMOTNI, X DoLC.I'.LLy. MA1.VF.KN, IIEKF.FOR1), \YOBCK»'1'K«. X O L.OUCKSTKR. LLAM>I'.I.\1)OJ) WELLS, & THE SPA-, OI MID-WALES. Ss. 6d. net. 60 Illustrations. 24 Maps. LONDON & EXVIllOXS. i Y E. C. COOK .ï.. E. T. COOK, M.A. Llangollen: Darlington London Siinpkin & Co Plioto<:r.iplis of Scenery Kuins, .V.c., in Italy, Greece, 1 urkey, Palestine, and' j Vyp: also W»les_ ;s Is. <1 and -j*, Comt.lele Lilt Post Tree. DAliLl>Ci^> CO., LLANGOLLLN. BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENTS. t\ XCTTOPv TEA. ANCHOH TEA. ANCHOR TEA. A XCHOR TEA. THE BEST VALUE MONEY CAN BUY DRINK NO OTHER. AGENTS IN EVERY TOWN IN WALES. For Agencies, apply to The Anchor Tca. Com- pany, 40and 41, Great Tower-street, Lcndon,IE.C. 9955 RARE OPPORTUNITY: SOMETHING WORTH KNOWING. mo BE SOLD AT ALMOST HALF X THE ORDINARY RETAIL PRICES Ladies' and Gents.' Highly-finished 18 carat GOLD ENGLISH KEYLESS LEVER and other WATCHES. DIAMOND RINGS in Single Stone, Three Stone, Half-hoop, Marquise, and numerous other StCNEI and GEM RINGS. WED- DiNG RINGS. r, GEM SET and CURB CHAIN PADLOCK BANGLES. J^OND and GEM SET BROOCHES (artistic and inexpensive). SOLID GOLD ALBERTS, LINKS <t STUDS, SEALS, Arc., <tc. Hundreds of SILVER WATCHES. A Large Quantity ot STERLING SILVER PLATE. The above being forfeited pledges, enables me to offer them at prices very much below the real value. Inspection and Comparison Invited. NOTE ADDRESS— ABRAHAM L YOXS, PAWNBROKER k JEWELLER, 25, HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA. 10390 THE GENERAL EXPRESSION Eamps are sold by JENKINS is being supplemented by another— that JENKJXS' prices are the lowest. Both have always been true, and represent the condition of the Ironmongery Trade in Swansea at present. However, a visit of inspection, and a comparison of onr prices will more quickly convince you of the desirability of buying Lamps here. -,I JENKINS & CO., IRONMONGERS, 89, OXFORD-ST., 9 & 10, PARK-ST., SWANSEA. ESTABLISHED 1839. F. Bonnett & SON., BUILDER S, FLU MBERS, GAS. HOT WATKU and SANITARY ENGINEERS HOU SE D]]CORATORS, &c., Are REMOVING to Xo. 41), OXFOKD-STREET, 79; (Late 32. Fisher-street), SwAXSHA. HADE S PILLS. li pADli'S piLLs. E AI)L"S pILLS. J|^ADE'S t)ILLS. J^ADE'S piLLS. I^ADL'8 JJILLS. All wlio suffer from Gout or Utieuinatisni should iminedi- ately liave recourse to EADE'S PILLS. Hundreds of Testi- monials have been received from all sorts and conditions of men testifying to the wonderful power these Pills have in «ivdng relief in the verv worst cases. These Pills are purely vegetable, and perfectly safe in their action. INSTANT BEL i K K AND NAPIDLY CURE THE W'OKST TO U M (>!■' GOUT, liHEUMATlSM, GOUT, PA INS IN THE HI-: AD, FACE AND LIMBS, And have the largest recommendation ever giveu any Patent Medicine of its class. I SHOULD Now BE ILL IN BED. ("^ OCT 107, Jubilee-terrace, J Wolverliampton-road, Walsall, Nov. 22, 18D3. R1I E U M A T I S .M Dear .Sir,—I write to thank you for the very great CIOCI' amount of benefit I have re- JT eeived from using vour mar- vellous Gout and Kbeuro'if u- O 'i E U M A T 1 S M Piil.s. I um Rlad to I yi oiT,r a"i ?''le t0 w,ite' as if C»L ,i0t been for your grand Pills v- I should have been unable to RJI E C \r inx \f 1,1" f<le Altaic N I-IMAILSM I SIIOCLD NOW BE ILL IN BED. < r L 1 ram extremely thankful, can still keep at my work. I A IT r r- I shall use every endeavour > i. L A1 A 1 I (5 M to make your Pills more widely known. You may use ( OL T this how you think proper.— I remain, yours faithftillv, E. G lTEST. I) Ii E C MAT ISM Mr. George Eade, 1/ T2, Goswell-rd., London. EADES GOUT AND IUIECMATIC PILLS. Are sold by all Chemists in Bottles, Is. ljd. and 2-. 9d. or ^cnt nost free for Postal Order by the Proprietor U i:OHGE EADE, 72. Goswell-road, E.G. Ask for and lie siire vou obtain, EADL a OULl A^iD BHLUXIATIC PILL". HADi-rs PILLS. THE Swansea & DISTEICT liILLPOSTIN<i AND —— ADVERTISING COMPANY. Fs SWANSEA. I)in:SS.M.VKI\(; & MILUXERY. MH8. NASH, Cl1 FTu:¡ HOUSE, 21. WALTER-TERRACE, T A DT1.V' WA,'TKL-ROAD. stvlo oiiov. T" "P- Fit and TO' II^W" \RUI C I'ress re-modelled equal L-U-NN" AO,L^TC charges. Mourning orders piomptly executed. 9098 X IIOS. R. ROBINSON, 1:), EXCHAXCE BUILDINGS, "q,L MERCHANT & ACCOUNTANT (Pa>cd 1853). REST J.MI-GC FFAt.D.AU. 17s. Od. per ton delivered. Weight and Quality guaranteed. Merchants' and Tradesmen's Accounts kcptr or Audited. 979 j> L O O R A CO., ADVERTISING; CONTRACTORS A N 1) BILL ROSTERS. CHIEF AGENCY FOR WALKS, All descriptions of Advertising, Circular Distribution, k-o., promptly attended to. Office :—20, 'CALVERT-STREET, SWANSEA. PUBLIC NOTICES. GRAND THEATRE, SIXGLETON STTT SWANSEA. Mr, MOEELL & Mf. MoutLLOT, Proprietors. TO-MORROW (SATURDAY), at 2.0. Special MATINEE of THE SIGN OF THE CROSS. MONDAY, SEPT. 20th, and during the week, the brightest and merriest of Musical Comedies "A TRIP TO CHINATOWN;* from the Strand and Toole's Theatres, London. Commence 7.30. Plan at GWYNNE H. BKADER V 17, Heathfield-stroet. FOOTBALL. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18. GWAXSEA 1 stX V. VERSUS NEXT XV. KICK-OFF at 3.30. Admission—THREEPEXC'K. Grand Stand 3d. extra.. Season Tickets can be had at the Avenue" <JATE 10894J GI N N E T T S (TL i C U S' ] Established over 60 years. The only Circus that has appeired twice by Royaf Command before Her Majesty, WILL VISIT SWANSEA. VETCH FIELD MONDAY, SEPT. 27 TH. N.B.—This World-Famous Equestrian Establishment, is Bigger and Better than Ever, in honour of Britain's Glorious Ilecord Iteign Year, 1897. 150 HOUSE* ana ARTISTES. G It AND PROCESSION DAILY at 1 o'clock. Programme of 20 Items. 2.30, Afternoon 7.:JO, Evening; Doors open at 2 and 7. The Kings and Queens of Britain, from William tit" Conqueror to Victoria the Good, will appear in Ginuett's Procession Dailv (weather permitting). The JCHILEE ARTISTES are the best that money can secure. N.B.—The Public are invited to inspect Mr. Ginnett's Celebrated THOROUGHBRED HOKSES, as well as the SMALLEST PONIES in the WORLD, from Lord Londonderry's Famous Stables. Special Engagement 01, the UOWAKD BROS., the W'orld's Mystiiiers, in their inexplicable Thought Transmission Seance. Ginuett'» Record Reign" CLOWNS are very much UD-to-date. To AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE, at 2.30, alt Children are admitted at id. each. EVENING PElt- FORM ANCE commences 7.SO. Doors open at 7. PRICES OF A IJMI8:5ION -Stalls (Carpeted r:id Reserved), 3s. Boxes (Carpeted), .'is. Pit Seats, 1; Area, Cd. Half-price for Children to ail parts except Area. Sole Proprietor — — MR. CLAUDE GIN NETT. Business Manager & Agent MR. ALF. NORTON. THE SWANSEA MERCANTILE BANK, LIMITED, 18, PARK-STREET, SWANSEA. £3 TO £500 CASH ADVANCED to all Classes of Tradesmen, Protessional Men, and respectable Householders, upon their OWN NOTE OF HAND and all kinds of Securities. PAYMENTS to suit Borrowers. Applications promptly attended to by 10565] H. B. JONES, MANACEJ:. I LLANSAMLET HIGHER SCHOOL JLJ BOARD. WANTED immediately, for the Birehgvove Board Mixed Sjhool, an ASSISTANT MASTER (ex-P.T.), Drawing, Music, &c, Salary £50, with annual advances according to the scale of tllH Board. Apply, with copies of three recent testimonials, not later than 30th September, 1897, to ABRAHAM THOMAS, Cierk to the Board. Llansamlet, R.S.O., 8th Sept., 1897. 1033: RJUIE IMPORTERS' COMPANY, LTD. Swansea, Sept. 16, 1897. BIR OR MADAM, Notice is hereby given that Mr. GFOI;K LEY IS no longer in our employ, and is th-refom not authorised to receive any monies or take any orders on our behalf after the date hereof. Yours truly, IMPORTERS' Co., L) f. Secretary's Office— Heathfie d Chambers. JUBILEE FUND.—SWANSEA HOaPITAL NURSES' HOME. £ s. d. Subscriptions already acknowledged. 780 I 9 Collection, per Callon Smith 5 5 0 Mr. E. E. Rowse. 0 10 6 I Mr. Charles Williams 0 5 (I Mr. D. C. Jones 110 Rev. R. T. Williams, Argvle, 1 I (I Mr. Augustus Lewis, H.M.I.F. 1 1 0 I Mrs. Richards, Brynymor I 1 0 SuViscriptions mny be sent to his Worship the Mayor, Guildhall; or may be paid into t'.c I •• AI Raub. 10522 II. STONi:- WHOLESALE jWINli AND BPI R I T MERCHANT, NEATH. Wholesale Agent for South Wales, Hereford>hin* and Monmouthshire for :JNO. DEWAR & SONS PERTH WHISKY. GEO. ROE K Co.'s CELEBRATED '■ K R IRISH WHISKY. Detailed Price List upon Applied!i-m. Tclegrapliic Address "Stone, Neath." National Telephone No. 414. 1C'5SI j HOTELS. ^VTEVV LANGLAND BAY HOT El ll LIMITED, NEAR SWANSEA, SOUTH WALKS. The sheltered position of Langland Bay, wi: It :I. southern aspect and balmy air, whieh entitles it to be called the LI Mentone of Wales," renders ir. a most desirable winter residence, highly recom- mended by the medical profession. The Hotel stands in its own extensive ground- rdtnated in the centre of the bay. It CO!llman1-; most beautiful views, and is replete with molest comfort. Hot and cold salt and fr^sh water baths on every floor. Charming gardens. Several LAWN tennis courts and bowl-. C. W. STAINLAND, Manager. Telephone No. 502. CASTLE HOTEL, MV AN SEA. LUNCHEONS DAILY 12 to 3. TEAS, SUPPERS, &c„ IN COFFEE ROOM OR PRIVATE ROOM. Grand Billiard Saloon. Largest and LOST vou- tilated in Swansea. fwo New Tables by Bur- rouglies and Watts 297] JAMES MCBRYDE, PROPHIIRROIF. IriAMEllON ARMS HOTEL. SWANSEA. COMMERCIAL, COFFEE, AND SMOKM ROOMS, BAXTQUETIXG HALL, BILLIARDS. MODERATE CHARGES. ORDINARY DAILY from 1 to 2.30. 2s. INCLUSIVE. For Particulars and Tariff, ajiply to the" .0691J MANAGERESS. R. E. JONES, LrrI). HOTELS AND CAFES. SWANSEA MACKWORTH HOTEL. High-street, near GREAT, Western Railway. CASTLE CAFE, Castie-stroet. MIDLAND CAFE, Wind-street. DOT, Rutland-street. YACHT CAFE, Mumbles (in summer). BAKERY, High-street Arcade, R. E. JONES, Managing Da*ector. CARDIFF CENTRAL HOTEL (will open sliortlvi, facing St. Mary's-street. WASHINGTON HOTEL, close to GWIL., Pena' th-road entrnnce. GREAT ES 1 EIvX CAFE. near G.W. R. 93771 R- E. JONES. Proprietor. | PATRONISED BY ROYALTY. T°:\[ B A lUvOX, ROYAL FLON 1ST AND BOUQUET! ST, 7, OXFOKD-STREET. WREATHS, CROSSES, &c., Uneqva'Icd in Arrangement. Composed of Choicest Flowers Fresh Cut from the Gardens at lllaeklnll. AN INSPECTION INVITED. PLEASE ORDZU. E.VUJ.Y. Telegrams—"Barron, Swansea."