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DEVONSHIRE CREAM AND CHEESE. We are now receiving FRESH SUPPLIES of DEVONSHIRE CLOTTED CREAM, RAW CREAM, CREAM CHEESE, the Quality of which is A 1. MESSES. OO (LIMITED). 6, Castle Square, Swansea- 33, Walter-road, Swanqpa, united Service Buildings, Strand, loo, Bryn-y-mor Road Swansea. 99, Oxford-street, Swansea. The DunnJ Mumbles 20, High-street, Ilfracombe. I 9, Sonthgate street, Oloncester. [01 19, WATERLOO STREET, AND HIGH STREET. E. NICHOLLS & SONS, FAMILY BAKERS AND GROCERS, AD' p« *»>• BEST SEED SAXX*' "T 6D PER ,B Do. CURRANT CAKE 4d. do. Deliveries per Vans, Town and Neighbourhood, Daily. L05 O. Is/L G OA.S:K.IE:J.S Ladies' & Gentlemen's Hairdressing Establishment & Fancy Repository, 12, TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA (Next door to the Glamorganshire Bank),? WIGS and ORNAMENTAL HAIR of every description kept in Stock; Ladies' Own Hair and Combings V T made up. Orders by post receive prompt attention. C. McC. begs to call special attention to RADEZSKY PRINCE'S RUSSIA OIL, The best preparation extant for the Growth of the Hair, Premature Baldness, Thin Partings, Raid Patches, Whiskers, &c.; a positive Cure for Ringworm, and all Cutaneous Diseases of the Scalp of the Head. 5s. per Bottle, sent securely packed, post free on receipt of P.O.O. 06] Ventilate your Drains, and Keep your Houses Free from Sewer Gas. LEGG'S SYSTEM, SIMPLEST AND BEST. SANITARY ENGINEERING DEPOT, Nelson-street, Swansea. HOT WATER WORK, ELECTRIC BELLS, SPEAKING TUBES, LIGHTNING CONDUCTORS, &c., &c., carried out in the best possible manner. Satisfaction Guaranteed. 04] sjALE BY AUCTION. Valuable Leasehold Residential Property for Sale. Mr. JOHN M. LEEDER Has been favoured with instructions (In consequence of the owner being now a permanent resident in Paris), TO SELL BY AUCTION On the Premises, On TUESDAY, the 14th day of SEPTEMBER, 1886, ALL that MODERN and WELL-BUILT FAMILY RESIDENCE, with garden and outbuildings, known as "NORTH HILL," situated in St. James's Crescent, Swansea, having a frontage thereto of 144 feet or thereabouts, a back frontage of 193 feet or thereabouts, and an uniform depth of 120 feet or there- abouts. It contains a spacious entrance hall and lobby, richly decorated with encaustic tiles, dining, drawing, and billiard rooms, 7 superior bedchambers, 2 dressing rooms, bath room, 2 attics, we., linen closet (heated by a hot water cistern), 2 good light and lofty kitchens, larder, pantry, cellar, and out-door offices with side and baek entrances. The Gardens comprise a tastefully laid out flower garden with tennis lawn, well-stocked kitchen garden, with vinery hothouse, fowl and pigeon coops. The premises are in thorough repair and order. The owner having expended a considerable sum in decorating the walls and ceilings, employing the best English and Parisian artists for the purpose. It is held on a lease from James Walter, Esq., dated October 27th, 1873, for a term of 96 years, computed from the 24th of June, 1868, at a ground rent of .£43 8s., with power to build two houses thereon. An Inventory and valuation of the fixtures and fit- tings to be paid for by the Purchaser will be produced at the time of sale. Immediately after the Sale of the house the Auction- eer will offer a valuable Orchestral Organ by Troll and Baker, Geneva, with fourteen barrels playing the finest English, French, and Italian operas. Full sized billard table by Burroughs and Watts, with slate bed, vulcanite cushions, patent markers, cues, rest, &c., window curtains and valance, Brussels carpet, cane furniture, 2 large chimney glasses, washstand and sun- dries. The Lease can be inspected at the Solicitors Office on any day previous to the Sale. Sale to commence at 2 o'clock in the afternoon pre- cisely. The above may be viewed by card only on application to the Auctioneer. For further particulars apply to Messrs. COLLINS & WOODS, Solicitors, Worcester-place, or from the Auctioneer at his offices, Oxford Chambers, Swansea. [0874 COUNTY OF PEMBROKE. The Celebrated Glogue Slate Quarries, the Glogue Farm, And TY-COED FARM, with the numerous Cottages thereon. These well-known Slate and Slab Quarries, far the best in South Wales, are adjacent to the Glogue Railway Station to which there is a special siding, affording the readiest transit by railway to all parts of the kingdom whilst the railway already made-and to be opened next month to the seaport town of Cardigan-distant therefrom only 13 miles, immensely adds to the value of this exceptionally important Property for sea transport. The Quarries are opened on the system of galleries, and with a moderate outlay will prove to be one of the most important and lucrative works in The Mill-houses are fitted with powerful modern Machinery, worked by a turbine with never failing and plentiful supply of water power. The whole is in excellent order, and will be sold as a going concern, and embraces an area of about 409 acres. The Farms are well situate, abundantly supplied with water, close to the Railway Station, and intersected by good roads. Messrs J HOWELL THOMAS d; THOMPSON, Are favoured with instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, At the Mackworth Arms Hotel, Swansea, On FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1886, THE above GRAND MINERAL and AGRICUL- TURAL ESTATE. Particulars, plans, and conditions of sale, may be ob- tained of Messrs. Tyas and Huntington, Solicitors, 15, King-street, Cheapside or of Messrs. J. Howell Thomas and Thompson, estate agents and land valuers, Carmar- then. [0956 Forest Lodge, Brecon. (About three miles from Devynock, and six from Brecon Station.) HIS annual SALE of,] DRAFT STOCK will be held E~- ONTUESDAY, the21stSEPTEMBER, 1886. 750young Xvti ,'fxfrellent cross breds, pure Cheviots, and strong and W l w? ^at t*lree year old wethers (Cheviot, Scotch ChfivW ewe and wether lambs (cross Shropshire Chevioto ^e^sb), three Shropshire rams, 10 pure cattle fh'*j C10SI? Cheviot and Cardie (very hardy), 40 cow7anS^fSpe-lally for dairy purposes), most young one fine pedigree1? °alf (Shorfchoin. Ayrshire and Jersey), ponies, 20 nifs year oId Jersey bull> 15 hor8es and farm being l 2nn iL ? 8,tock is hardy and improving, the Lunch at 1130 bove sea level.. credit on approved one exactly, three months j ment. Breaks will ^*11y' Stock trucked by arrange- < Station from Mid-Wal» Pl?^cbases at 11.15, at Brecon Cardiff, Taff Yale, and M'^evefo0rd' Ne,wP01^ Mon-» ( Station at 10 o'clock from S&' &c'\a £ d devynock < the evening breaks will conZl T *1 Neath lines. In at 5.18, for the Mid-Wales atfd v DeVyn°w' s-MI11EE C°9S3 ]' SALE BY AUCTION. THE SWANSEA VALE STEEL AND TIN-PLATE COMPANY, LIMITED. In Liquidation. GURNOS TINPLATE WORKS, YSTALYFERA, SWANSEA VALLEY. To Tin-plate Manufacturers, Merchants, and Others. Messrs. TRIBE, CLARKE, and Co. Have been instructed by the Liquidator to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION At the above Works, On TUESDAY, the Fourteenth day of SEPTEMBER 1886, THE whole of the STOCKS AND STORES com- pr,0g .h»»t IS t;„, W Wrtrrttara; T tons palm oil, o tons palmatme, 5 tons vitriol, 3 000 empty boxes, 285 boxes tin-plates (various sizes), tin scruff, hot neck grease, coal tar, copperas, smith's iron, cast, double shear and blister steel, 9 tons steel bar ends wrought and cast iron boring dust, coal, timber, 4 new' mill pins and boxes, 4 cold roll screw pins and boxes, 5 mill pins and boxes, new and old brass, turning tools, brass taps, new brass hooter, steam gauge, 10-inch cast files, sundry files, 12 window frames, glass, copper rivets, screws, nails, red lead, india rubber sheets and valves, packing, rope yarn, loose hemp, brush hemp, bends, elbows, thimbles, patterns, ropes, chains, oil cans, scales and weights, &c. Sale to commence at twelve o'clock noon. There will be no reserve. Detailed catalogues are being prepared, and may be obtained of the Auctioneers one week prior to the day of sale. For further particulars apply to Messrs. HARTLAND and ISAAC, Solicitors, Swansea; R. G. CAWKER, Esq., the Liquidator, 11, Temple-street, Swansea; or of the Auctioneers. Dated, 11, Temple-street, Swansea, August 26th, 1886. [0905 Bay View Villa, Eaton-Crescent, Uplands, Swansea. SALE OF VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, PLATE, BOOKS, OIL PAINTINGS. OHINA, GREENHOUSE PLANTS, &c. Messrs. JOHN F. HARVEY CO. Have received instructions to SELL BY AUCTION (Under the powers of a Bill of Sale), at the above place, on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1886, THE undermentioned VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, &c., the property of Mr. AMBROSE BEARD, comprising- DiNiNG BOOM.—Large mahogany sideboard with plate- glass back, mahogany horse-hair suite, mahogany dining j table, with two extra leaves, walnut window ditto, mahogany side ditto, valuable oil painting by Prudon ditto, ditto, Waiting for Message;" ditto, ditto, Waylayerditto, ditto, "Smither's Shop," (Land- seer), by Hill; oleographs, large pier glass, Brussels carpet, rug, two black vases and two marble ditto. lustres, coal vase, steel fender and fender-irons, set best rep cut tains and blinds, three-light chandelier and globes, American chair, &c. DBAWING-RCOM.-Black and gold piano, by Col lard and Collard; black and gold ebony sideboard with bevelled plate-glass, walnut suite in figured satin, oval walnut centre table, walnut card table, walnut whatnot, settee, "lack and gold pier glass, four steel engravings, handsome vases, lustres, Axminster carpet (new) black coal 8^lti ru^j' P^ate-glass candelabras, handsome £ sfT: 'el bronze fender, steel ashpan, fire p £ rsr (X'.4'„ef1,ht chMiae,ier-60 ~rio™1 case, EwalmiT chflffinn.JIabo8any cheffiom'ere and book- book's,toP» «brary of, with cushions, square mahogany ditto window ditto,' pieTXs table' ™,Dut Brussels carpet, black skinT™ P°le and curtains, globe lights" steel fendei and'fi^a;ndeI,er "ith three bronze candelabras. !ons, ashpan, two BEDOOMS.-Mahogany half-tester, brass-mounted and iron bedstead, feather and millpuff beds, bedding and mattresses, mahogany and maple chests of drawer, washstands and dressing tables, toilet glasses, black and' gold ditto with bevelled-edged glass, Brussels, tapestry and other carpets, rugs, steel fenders and fire-irons tables, chairs, mahogany commode, window pole' curtains, &c.. HALL.—Mahogany hall stand, hanging lamp with glass and marble top, mahogany chairs, oil cloth, barometer, handsome clock, vase and stand, hand-painted vase, weatherglass. -i s KITCHEN —The usual culinary utensils, &c. Also a large glass GREENHOUSE, vinery, and peaches, piping, wood gratings, pot stands, and about 100 pots of PlThe3 Auctioneers beg to call the notice of the Public o this announcement as being one worthy of special Goods t^be on view on the Saturday prior to the day of sale. Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon. There will be no reserve. f t' Catalogues may be had and further information obtained on application to the Auctioneers, at their Offices and Auction Mart, 4, and 5, Goat-street, Swansea. NOTICE-MEMBERS OF THE STOCK EX- CHANGE are NOT ALLOWED to ADVERTISE cor business purposes or to issue circulars to persons H £ their own principals. .tsroKers or Agents who advertise are not in any way .onnected with The Stock Exchange, or under the control of the Committee. Lists of Members of The Stock Exchange who act as stock and Share Brokers may be obtained on applica- ;ion to FRANCIS LEVIEN, Secretary to The Committee of The Stock Exchange Committee Room, The Stock Exchange, London, E.C. ( [043 SALES BY AUCTION. COUNTIES OF GLAMORGAN AND CARMARTHEN. T PARTICULARS OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATES WHICH WILL BE OFFERED FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, AT THE MACKWORTH ARMS HOTEL, SWANSEA, ON THURSDAY, THE 23RD DAY OF SEPTEMBER, 1886, BY MIZU"- WM. J-OSTO. BEES, IN THE FOLLOWING OR SUCH OTHER LOTS AS MAY HEREAFTER BE DETERMINED:- Lot PARISH. PREMISES. TENANT. ACREAGE. 1 Loughor Caebersen, otherwise Cae Whittle .J.Barrett 0 3 7 2 Do. Cae Llewelyn Jas Banfield 3 0 9 3 Do.Caebach J Lj 4 Do. Broadoak Field „ T o» 5 Do. Broadoak Field •" „ ? 6 Do. Rosog Farm, Part of John Morgan 6 2 1 7 Do. Hedgingfachfield 0 3 8 Do. Two Houses and Gardens, part of Rosog David Ihomas 0 2 0 9 Do. Caeffynnon J. blorgait 13 3 10 Do. Waunfawr Do. ••• o n ■in 11 Do. Rosog House, garden and land Do.. r~ 12 Do. Caemawrisea. Dl. Morris, repres. 3 0 15 13 Do.Caemawrucha. .Do# ,«a (ll X 1 14 Do. Accommodation Land, near Rosog Johni Morgan 2 2 21 15 Do. Two Fields, part of Fernal Do. 3 2 14 16 Do. Two do. do. Do. 6 0 38 17 Do. Caerhicketmawr, part of Fernal W. Me'Adam 525 18 Do.iCaerhieketbaeh, part of Fernal Do. 5 0 22 19 Do. Caellwyncoch, part of Fernal I Do. 3 2 18 20 Do, Caebacb, part of Fernal D. Bevan. 1 0 1 21 Do. Waunrhyd, part of Fernal W. Mc'Adam 2 2 9 22 Do. Two Fields, part of Fernal Do. 8 3 29 I 24 Do.jCaerbicketraawr, part of Fernal W. Mc'Adam 1 3 39 25 Do. 'Garden and Land near Fernal Newydd. David Thomas 0 1 26 26 Do. Field near Waun Farm M'ss Jones. 0 1 17 27 Do. Helisfield John John. 10 6 28 Do. Landshare Dr T. M. Jones 0 1 12 29 Do. The "BushInn," Loughor John Barrett 0 0 0 30f Do. Landshare, garden under Loughor Castlel Do. 0 2 15 31 Llandilofawr Cwmberach Farm Howell Bowen 47 2 17 32 Llandebie YVernddu Farm •••p* Llewellyn 60 1 1(3 33 Bettws Llwchysawel Farm. Isaac Jones 164 0 3 34 Do. Banwen House and Land Thomas Thomas 6 0 0 35 Llanedi Caecorrin Farm .Mrs. Owen 128 128 36 Do. Do. (part of) Do. 8 2 27 37 Do. Do. (Do.) Do. 1 2 37 38 Llangyfelach Penlanne Farm Jno. Davies 80 138 }A-4 H- JW» 108 2 8 40 Loughor Berthllwydd Farm J°hn Howell 28 0 30 41 Llangennech Cottages No. 1 W. and H. Thomas. 010 42 Do. Do. No.2 Do. 0 10 43 Do. Do. No. 3 Jenkin Henry 0 2 0 Auc°MONEEB^eSwansea.UlarS 8PPLY 4° PHELPS, WOODFORDE & Co., 14, Red Lion-square, London, or to th. [0911 GOITREBELLA, NEAR KILLAY. Mr. DANIEL JAMES Has been directed by Mr. William Howella • retiring from farming to ° 19 SELL BY AUCTION At the above place, on THURSDAY, Sept. 16th 1886 THE whole of the LIVE STOCK, CROPS 'TMPTW MENTS, &c., viz. 1MPLE- STOCK.—6 dairy cows in calf, 3 do and *»i •c in calf, 4 steers 3 years old, 4 do T do W"1^8 bull 2 years old, 2 yearling do., fat c'ow, 7 calves°'a powerful grey mare, 6 years old, 16 hands high 4v mare 7 years old, 15 hands, bay horse aged cob 14 lands 7 mountain ponies, 4 suckers, 40 Shropshire down ewes, 10 fat wethers, 2 rams, breeding sow, 17 slips »-c CROPS.-Rick of clover hay (about 7 tons), do meaUow do. (9 tons), small do., 40 mows of oats, 15 do. barley 1 do wheat; all harvested in good condition, &c. IMPLEMENTS, &c.-Cart, gambo, iron roller, 2 horse rakes, iron ploughs, do. harrows, scarifier, 2 scuftlers, horse hoes, turnip drill, chaff-cutters, 4-horse power threshing machine and gearing complete, winnowing TnBrftt-, washing do., churn, water casks stono -oUimS pig troughs, carrtr gnhdstone, shaft leading and plough harness, wheelbarrow, ladders rick cloth and poles, a large number of poultry, central fire breech-loading double-barrel gun, 2 acres of furze half do potatoes, and part of household furniture &c •lloS ZS. Cre,i" ™ ,pp,0'ed secm«»'- Di,count Refreshments at 11; sale to commence at 19 r>n/m Auctioneer's Offices, Cambrian-place^^2 The Croft, Langland-road, Mumbled TO PARTIES FURNISHING, LODGING-Honw KEEPERS, (fee. HOUSE Important Sale of Household Furniture w. v Machine, Ice Safe Fire proof SafP T Wa8h,ng Stand, Microscope, Charts. Books &Q'. °Pe on Messrs. A. NICHOLLS & SON WILL SELL BY AUCTION at the above Address On MONDAY NEXT, SKPTEMBSR IQH, IAOA A QUANTITY of Dining room Dri 'J Bedroom and Kitchen furniture a verv va/00^' telescope on stand, microscope complet* a valuably books, among which are works by Ho2ar!}W9R inches by 20 inches), story of Elaine, ilW?a £ S u Gustave Dore, pictures, quantity of charu^hated by utensils, garden roller (18 inches), garden tools' £ en Sale to commence at 12 noon sharp '» &c* Auctioneer's Offices, Portland Buildings, Swansea. [0990 BUY ONLY ENGLISH WATCHES. BENSON'S NEW PATENT (No. 4658), "LUDGATE" W A T C H Has obtained the HIGHEST AWARD of a GOLD MEDAL at the INVENTIONS EXHIBITION, 1885. SILVER, P.5 5. GOLD, jei3 12. The "Ludgate Watch is a SILVER ENGLISH LEVER of my BEST LONDON MAKE, with SPECT\T of my BEST LONDON MAKE, with" SPECiAL STRENGTH" THREE-QUARTER PLATE JEWELLED THROUGHOUT IN RUBIES, TRUE CHRONOMETER BALANCE, ADJUSTED FOR EXTREMES. WITH DAMP AND DUST PROOF PATENT RING BAND AND EXTENDED BARREL. MASSIVE STERLING SILVER DOME OAar.* WITH CRYSTAL GLASS FRONT. Which combines the Strength of the Hnni« convenience of the Open Face Watch. 6r with the WINDS, SETS HANDS AND OPENS AT T)»nr The Immense superiority in Value, Accuraov 7 bilitv Of the "Ludgate" Watch, to Swiss an<i 4^ -Pura" (made in Imitation of and sold as English.) Full-Plate English Lever (still sold by other w 01<* great defects of which the "Ludgate" is exemn/ • the by the Award of a P » is proved GOLD MEDAL, THE ONLY ONE ADJUDGED TO ENGLISFT wiwt,. THE LUDGATE" IS OF BETTER QUALITY AV^?T?ES- THAN ANY £ 10 WATCH HITHERTO \f A TV? VALUE THE "LUDGATE" IS MY BEST LONDON MA^ STRONG, HANDSOME & RELIABLE, D ™E HAI!DEST WJ3II! ASD BOTCHEST AND IS THEREFORE THE BEST WATCH FOR HOME, INDIAN & COLONIAL Wap™ RAILWAY MEN, MINERS AND BY COLONISTS, (No. 1, LARGE SIZE) WORKMEN & ARTIZANS, (No. 2, MEDIUM) GENTLEMEN, OFFICERS, & MEN m VVvr SERVICES, YOUTHS' & BOYS', (No. 3 WILL BE SENT FREE & SAFE AT MV Bror. TO ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD FOR « OR IN 18-CARAT GOLD CRYSTAL GLARQ5 6s* CASES, TWELVE GUINEAS, (No. A Remittance by P.O.O., Draft or Cash, must Order. ust accompany SPECIALLY NOTE that J. W. BENSON is the onK- ivr 1 Three-Quarter Plate English Watch for £ 5 r.„ .^er of a £ 12 lis. in Gold, and that our patent *• «rr or cannot be had through or of any other WaMi™ Watch Kingdom. Any Infringement of the Patent »-7^Ker t*le proceeded against. nt n«hts will be An Illustrated and Priced BOOK, explahiino- of this Watch over the Full-plate English W-.+ v? ar\ &es all other makers will be sent Post-free on applicat^ to J. W. BENSON, WATCHMAKER TO H.M. THE QUEEN, THE STEAM FACTORY, 62 & 64, LUDGATE HILL, EC And 25, OLD BOND-STREET, W., LONDON. Consequent upon the award of the GOLD MEDAL th« always great has so increased as to necessitate more extras?™ Machinery, which now enables us to EXECUTE ATT for the 'LUDGATE' WATCH WITHOUT DELAy! 0RDERS Illustrated Pamphlets of Watches from £ 2 to Gold and Silver Jewellery, Clocks, (House, Chime and Turret) Electro Plate and Musical Boxes, Free on AnnH cation. CLUB ASSOCIATIONS. -FOREMEN, SECRETARIES OF FRIENDLY SOCIETIES, AGENTS, and others will find their Incomes considerably increased by establishing Clubs for the New Patent Ludgate" Watch, as it is worth from £ 5 to £ 10 more than any English Watch sold, and therefore bound to supersede all others. Particulars on application. [045 I EDUCATIONAL. I tt sciloOL-1 Founded by the Right Rev. Hugh Gore, D.D,, Lord Bishop of Waterford and Lismore. Bishop Gore's Grammar School Swansea. ~VJ"EXT Term begins on THURSDAY MORNING, Septem J3I berl6,1880. Forms of application for admission and all informatioi can be obtained from the Rev. J. YOUNG, Head Master [0939 High-Class Boarding and Day School for Girls. RESIDENT Foreign and English Governesses, Professors or Art, Piano, Harp, Violin, Singing, Gymnastics, Calisthenics and Mathematics Numerous Certificates have been obtained in Compe. titive Examinations. Prospectus and references on application to the The1Ensuing Term will commence on WEDNESDAY, 22nd SEPTEMBER, RUSSELL HOUSE, [025 THE MUMBLES. f^^Tg^hoolTlS, Calvert-terrace, Swansea. TTITP nnriils of the MISSES JONES will re-assemble (D.V.) on WEDNESDAY, September 15th, 1886. C°953 Mr. Radcliffe (Certificated Member of the Conservatorium of Music, Leipzig), PROFESSOR OF MUSIC (Organist, Swansea Parish Church, &c.), WILL Resume his Duties on WEDNESDAY, SEP TEMBEK 8th. Candidates prepared for the Higher and Local Examinations. -10. CARLTON-TERRACE. [0955 Swansea Kindergarten, CONDUCTED BY MISS HENNINGS, In the Schoolroom adjoining St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, St. Helen s Road. THE Next Term will commence on TUESDAY, SEP- TEMBER 14TH. Governess pupils required. [0954. Pianoforte and French. Mrca WYNN will resume LESSONS September GTLL# 6, CALVERT TERBACE. L0913 2, Grove Place, Swansea. T AT»TP«?' BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL Conducted by MISS HAVARD. TTT^ next term will commence on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th, 1886. 0900_ walter MRS. EDWARD FRICKER & MISS M. FRICKER „g^0Ns'wUl b^RE^JMM) OU^SEPTEMBER 11th. Instruction includes Pianoforte, Harp and Violm. r»Ai^mG DEPORTMENT, CALISTHENICS, DANCING^ G-PANI3H EXERCISES. Gedney House, St. Helen's-road, Swansea. MISS CRAVEN, nf Mons. GuiUaume Faucher, and for many years ( P f teaching with M. d'Egvillc), WTTT KFSUME her CLASSES at her Residence in OCTOBER as usual. She returns from London in make arrangements with schools, &c. September, to ma Llanelly, and the Mumbles. Classes also he the New yalse, and all fashionable Private jal attention given to the carriage of pupils. MX, ted., 40. for Lessons out of Town. L The Ladies' College, Ribston Hallt Gloucester. Condacted by the MISSES NEWMAN. THE ensuing Term will begin on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 23rd. A prospectus, with view of House and references, will be forwarded on application. [0935 EDUCATIONAL. UPLANDS SCHOOL, 9&10, Glanmor-Terrace, Swansea Pi-incipal-Rev. J. E. MANNING M A. Terms on application. THE next Term will commence SEPTEMBER 20th. A [024 PONTARDAWE. THE COLLEGIATE SCHOOL. PRINCIPAL: W. SAMUEL, B.A, M.R.C.s. THOROUGH preparation for Examinations. Terms JL on application. Next Term commences SEPTEMBER 13th. [0289 Art Classes. THE CLASSES, UNDER THE DIRECTION OF Mrs. J. C. VYE-PARMINTER, WILL RE-COMMENCE SEPTEMBER 22nd, 1886. Oil and Water-Colour Painting, including Painting from the Costume Model, Miniature, Tapestry, Art Pottery, Screen and Fan Painting, &c. Also Classes for Drawing. Students may enter at any time. Broadway Villa, Walter-road, Swansea. [026 Violin School. MR. BARGEER WALL Visits Swansea daily, and attends his pupils at their residence or receives them at his music room, MR. G. H. BRADER'S, Heath- field-street, when terms may be had on application. [027 Belle Vue, Mount Pleasant, SWANSEA. GTRLS' BOARDING and DAY SCHOOL. Prin- cipals—the MISSES PHILLIPS. Resident Foreign and English Governesses and Visiting Masters. Pupils prepared for Local Examinations. The Autumn Term will commence on THURSDAY, September 16tb. Belle Vue, in accommodation, situation, and recrea- tion grounds, offers special advantages for healthful study, comfort, and pleasure. Terms and References OB application to the Principals. [0804 SWANSEA. St. Helen's Lodge, Bryn-y-mor Road. GIRL'S BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. HEAD MISTRESS MISS GARLICK, A.C.P. THE HOUSE is well situated, five minutes' walk from T beach, and in close proximity to the parks. Preparation for all Publlc Examinations. The next Term will commence SEPTEMBER 13th. j [0790. Tremont House, 6, Walter's Road. HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. CONDUCTED by Miss HIGGINSON and Miss SCHILD C of Hanover, Diplomee. PUPILS PREPARED FOR EXAMINATIONS. Careful Training and a Comfortable Home, offered to a few Boarders. Beginning of THIRD TERM, 1886, SEPT. 16th. [028 Boarding and Day School for Girls. BLENHEIM HOUSE, WALTER'S ROAD, SWANSEA, CONDUCTED by MRS. CHUNE, widow of H. C. C CHUNE, Surgeon, and the MISSES CHUNE, certifi- cated, resident and visiting governesses and masters. Pupils prepared for local examinations. Vacancy for Boarders. [029 Third Term commences TUESDAY, SEPT. 14th, 1886. Normal College, Constitution Hill. Swansea. HEAD-MASTER MR. EMERY. VICE-MASTER MR. GEORGE EMERY, B.A., LOND., B. Mus., Oxon. Next TERM Commences MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th. THE following successes have recently been gained —One Oxford Local (Senior) with title of Associate in Arts one Oxford Local (Junior) in second- class Honours, with distinction in Mathematics; one London Matriculation (First Division); one Exhibition i- at University College, Aberystwith. [0831 11 Chepstow Grammar School. (A SELECT PRIVATE SCHOOL.) THE Highest Educational Advantages. Generous Country Home. Splendid Situation. GEORGE DEWDNEY, B.A. HARRY DEWDNEY, B.A. [0671 South Wales College of Practical Engineering, Goat Street and Waterloo Street, Swansea. WORKSHOP EXPERIENCE combined with sound theoretical training, for any branch of the Engineering profession. Students thoroughly prepared for commercial pur suits ether than engineering. Large staff of Instruc- tors. Accommodation for over 100 students in the workshops. A single subject can be taken. Fees for College course from R5 per term and from 10s. 6d. per term for a single subject. PROSPECTUSES and further information can be had on application to the PRINCIPAL, T. SMITH BRIGHT, C.E., Northampton Villa, Swansea; J. HALES ASBRIDGE, 20, Bryn-y-mor-road, Swansea or to the London Agents, OSBORROW, WHITE and LOLY, Cheapside, E.C. [071 Neath Proprietary School. HEAD MASTER: REV. J. ALLAN PRIDE, B.A AND ASSISTANT MASTERS. Apply for Prospectuses to the Head Master; or to the Chairman, The Ven. Archdeacon of Llandaff, The Rectory, Neath. [0286 ILFRACOMBE. DEVON.—LADIES COLLEGE. REAT Educational advantages. Pupils have suc- cessfully passed Public Examinations. Terms very moderate. Premises beautifully situated. Home comforts and health of Pupils carefully studied. Parlour boarders received. PRINCIPAL—MRS. HEALE. [0493 University College of Wales (Aberystwyth.) (Endowed and in receipt of a Government Grant ) PRESIDENT THE RIGHT HONOURABLE LORD ABERDARE C C B PRINCIPAL » • • the rev. t. c. edwards; m.a., (o*on akd SCOLARSHIPS AND EXHIBITIONS, 1886-7. T^bh;ion^°nr!on ?n^rance Scholarships and Exhibi- the arrp of male and female candidates above for con,pctita *tho Three Scholarships of £ 50 per annum. AWO Scholarships of £ 40 ihree Scholarships of £ 30 Ihree Scholarships of £ 20 „ lileven Exhibitions of £ 10 „ Prizes varying in amount from C5 to J10 are awarded to Students on passing the examinations of the Univer- sity of London. The Examination v:ill begin at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, September 21 si, 1886. For particulars of the Examination, &c., apply to the Registrar of the College. N.B.—At the last Matriculation Examination of the London University a larger number of candidates passed from this College than from any other provincial college, viz., eighteen, of whom four were placed in Honours and fourteen in the First Division. [0836 HOTELS. SHERWOOD HOTEL ADAM STREET, STRAND, LONDON. PROPRIETOR-W. H. PRUST (LATE OF SWANSEA).! [037 EDUCATIONAL. Mount Pleasant Middle Class School, Heathfield btreet. PRINCIPALS: — Senior Department (Girls only admitted) Miss JENKINS. anior >> Miss SHEPHERD. BOrS admitted in Junior Department and prepared -M-jF for Higher Grade and other Boys' Schools, Bovs' °f a class of boys leaving to proceed to be filled s,there wil1 be several vacancies, which may K *Vy 6,ther Si'ls or boys. p erm commences AUGUST 30th. 1 rospectuses on application. [0808 Welsh Girls' School, Ashford. MICHAELMAS ELECTION, THE COMMITTEE will at once elect 10 Scholars to enter at Michaelmas. Cost of Education JE60 per annum; scholar's fee, JE32. No extras of any kind. Qualifieation:-One parent born in Wales, Monmouth or the parishes of Oswestry, Llanymynecb, or Selattynf For form of application and prospectus of School* apply to C. W. Jones, Esq., Secretary, The Ferns' Balham, S.W. [0940 St. Andrew's College, Swansea, (Now located in ST. JAMEs' CRESCENT.) HEAD MASTER G. GRAHAM SUTHERLAND, F.E.I.S. WITHIN the past 12 yea s 104 of the Pupils of this School have been successful in University and Preliminary Professional Examinations, a large numbe having obtained the Title of Associate in Arts. Classes always Reading for Examinations. The Winter Term begins on TUESDAY, September 14th. [0991. MR- W. B. BROAD, PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE OF THE ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC, ORGANIST AND CHOIRMASTER, ST. ANDREW S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, SWANSEA, RESUMES Lessons MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 13tb. Classes for Elements, Harmony, CounterpoiLt, &c. Neath and Briton Ferry weekly. Apply to LONGLANDS HOUSE, SWANSEA. [0979 Royal Academy of Music LOCAL EXAMINATIONS, 1887. SWANSEA AND SOUTH WALES CENTRE. LISTS of MUSIC to be Performed, with Particulars of Examination, can now be had Gratis of Music Sellers in Swansea, or of W. B. BROAD, Local Representative R.A.M., Longlands House, Swansea. [0980 The Musical College of Wales. PRESIDENT-SIR HUSSEY VIVIAN, BART., M.P. VICE-PRESIDENT-J. T. D. LLEWELYN, ESQ., PENLLERGARE. PRINCIPAL-JOSEPH PARRY, ESQ., Mus. Doc. CANTAB. SEPTEMBER Term begins on MONDAY, the 20fcb. S Subjects taught—singing, pianoforte, organ, and composition. Classes held weekly in sight-singing, theory, harmony, counterpoint and form. Fees (one lesson per week) under 12, £1 6s.; under 15, jEl 15s. over 15, B2 2s.; all in advance. Candidates prepared for degrees and all examinations. [0984 Swansea Private Higher Grade School and Kindergarten. CONDUCTED by Certificated Trained Teachers on C School Board principles. BOYS: MR. WARDHAUGH, C.M. GIRLS: MRS. GRIFFITHS, C.M. Preparatory Classes and KINDERGARTEN for Gentlemen's Children. MRS. WARDHAUGH, KINDERGARTENER. Vacancies for Boarders. Pupils prepared for all Preliminary Examinations. Private Lessons and Evening Classes. TERMS MODERATE. Edinburgh House, 38, Walter-road. [0864 BIRD'S CUSTARD pOWDER. A GREAT LUXURI-I CHOICE, DELICIOUS NO TPGGS "REQUIRED. CUSTARD, JLL XW WITHOUT EGGS produced by NO TpQ-Q-8 'REQUIRED. BIRDS Jll « CUSTARD POWDER JYJ'O JJJGG-S J^EQUIRED. AT HALF THE COST HALF THE TEOrBLE. NO Luncheon, Dinner, Dessert, Supper, or Feast complete without a dish of this favourite Custard. Sold Everywhere in 6d. and Is. Boxes, and 2d. Packets. BIRD'S QUSTARD POWDER. See that each Packet bears the name of the Inventors and Sole blanafacturers, ALFRED BIRD & SONS, Devonshire Works, Birmingham. rO447 PEARS' QOAP PURE! FRAGRANT! O REFRESHING! T>EARS' OOAP For TOILET & NURSERY. FSFARS- nnip EXHIBITION HONOURS. I-' '3 V^Ar Fifteen International Aioards for PT7AT>O> ^solute purity and absence of EARS' GOAP Artificial Colouring. PEARS' OOAP Fair white hands, kj Bright clear complexion, pEARS' SOAP Soft healthful skin. PEARS' OOAP PEARS' SOAP O Is specially prepared for the delicate PEARS' QOAPFHN.?.F LA! lies and children and others sensitive to the weather, winter and Ptji o q> nA»rv summer. Prevents R#dness, Rough- LIAKB WOAP ness, and Chapping. DEARS' OOAP ADELIBTA PATTI writes:—I have found PEARS' SOAP matchless for P-r, „. the Hands and Complexion." EARS O OAP (Signed) ADELINA PATTI. PT?AP<2' Onin MRS. LANGrTRY writes I have W UAlr much pleasure in stating I have used PEARS' SOAP for some time, and EARS' C? OAP prefer it to any other." (SIQN6*) LILLIE LANGTBT. PEARS' COAP PEARS' SOAP-Sold Everywhere Large Scented Tablets, 1/ PEARS' O OAP Smaller (unseented), 6d. Insist on having Pears', as vilely- T) EARS' CI OAP injurious imitations are often sub- | stituted for extra gain. PEARS' C! OAP IAY Makers by Special Royal Appointment to "DEARS' OAP jj.R.H. The Prince of Wales A [067 THE MODE TRADE JOURNAL, THE AMERICAN ARTISAN TINNER AND HOUSE FURNISHER. Devoted to Stoves, Tinware, and Ironmongery, CONTAINS more information relative to TIN- PLATES than any other Journal in the world. NEAT. PRACTICAL. PROGRESSIVE. Subscription (post free) $4.00 per year. DANIEL STERN, Publisher and Proprietor, 51-55, Dearborn-street, Chicago, Ill., U.S.A. The publishers of The Cambrian will take pleasure in receiving and forwarding Subscriptions to The American Artisan" at the current rate, 16s. 8d. [022