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CASH CO-OPERATIVE PRICES. I ENQ'S FRUIT SALT.-2s. 9d. size reduced to Is. lOd. TAYLOR csl-l OOMPANY, I 6, Castle Square, Swansea. I 99, Oxford-street, Swansea. 99, Oxford-street, Swansea. 33, Walter-road, Swansea. 211, High-street, Swansea, The Tea Exchange. The Dunns, Mumbles. 20, High-street, Ilfracombe. 0. UVC a G A. S IK I IB S amies' & Gentlemen's Hairdressing Establishment & Fancy Repository, 12, TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA- W | (NEXT DOOR TO THE GLAMORGANSHIRE BANK). IGS and ORNAMENTAL HAIR of every description kept in Stock; Ladies' Own Hair and Combings Made up. Orders by Post receive prompt attention. C. McC. begs to call special attention to Tieb RADEZSKY PRINCE'S RUSSIA OIL, &c Preparation extant for the Growth of the Hair, Premature Baldness, Thin Partings, Bald Patches, Whiskers, ■ecnrpii>0>ltJTe Cure for Ringworm, and all Cutaneous Diseases of the Scalp of the Head. 5s. per Bottle, sent ^3n?acked, post free on receipt of P. O.O. I ESTABLISHED 1856. I BEDSTEADS, I SPRING MATTRESSES, J BEDDING. f A NICHOLLS & SON, MANUFACTURERS OF ALL CLASS FURNITURE, GOODS MARKED PLAIN. FIVE PER CENT. FOR CASH. UpHOLSTERERS, AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, &c., 1 & 2, PORTLAND BUILDINGS, SWANSEA. :(Corner of Portland and Heathfield Streets.) THE SWANSEA HAY & CORN STORES, ORCHARD STREET. CHAS. A. DAVIES, ^rozpiflxetoir, DELIVERY IN TOWN AND NEIGHBOURHOOD. Irish, Welsh, and. English" Corn, Gloucester, Hereford, and Carmarthenshire Hay. T 13 E SUPPLIED- Agent for Spratts' Dog Biscuits. GAS LIGHTING & VENTILATION. THE whole of the APPLIANCES mentioned by Dr. GRIFFITHS in his Lecture on the above, may be obtained at I 18, NELSON STREET. A Choice Selection of Globes of the latest form and Colour. First-class Gas and Lavatory Fittings, Picture Rods, &c., &c. j cJO-KISR LBGG, J Gas, Hot-water, and Sanitary Engineer, SWANSEA. E. NICHOLLS & SONS, Wholesale & Retail Bakers, Grocers, & Provision Merchants. CURRENT PRICES: BREAD (Delivered by our Van) c ifi (a iv.a OYER COUNTER (Cash 6d. (41bs.) SULTANA & CURRANT CAKB 4d.' per lb. BROWV -S?T?A'-n at'" r 2s" 8d"' 2s" 10d" 3s" and 3s- 2d- per score. BROWN BREAD Made from Spiller's Decorticated WHEAT MEAL, (Delivered by our own Van) 6 £ d. Over Counter, cash 6d. (41bs.) 2 19, Waterloo-street, 29, High-street, and 39, Jockey-strest, S WAN SEA. I. PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION EXECUTED WITH NEATNESS AND DESPATCH, AT "The Cambrian" Newspaper Steam Printing Works, j WIND STREET, SWANSEA. j Posting Bills of all sizes, and in every variety of tint- CIRCULARS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. ADDRESS, BUSINESS, AND (OTHER CARDS NEW DESIGNS IN MEMORIAL CARDS. BILL-HEADS, SHIPPING FORMS, INVOICES, MEMORANDUMS, AND EVERY OTHER KIND OF PRINTING DONE AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. ESTIMATES FORWARDED ON APPLICATION. John Williams, deceased. I PURSUANT to the Act 22 and 23 Vict., c. 35, intituled An Act to further amend the law of property and to relieve Trustees NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all Creditors and other persons property and to relieve Trustees;" NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all Creditors and other persons having any Claims or Demands against the Estate of I JOHN WILLIAMS, late of Ty-ar-y-Graig, Swansea, in the county of Glamorgan, Gentleman (who died on the 16th day of November, 1883, and whose Will was proved in the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice, by me, the under- signed, on the 28th day of January, 1884), are hereby required to send in their Claims to me, the undersigned, at Pen mount, Llanelly, in the county of Carmarthen, on or before the 25th day of MARCH next, after which time the Executors will distribute the assets of the said deceased among the parties entitled thereto under the said Will, having regard only to the Claims and Demands of which they shall then have had Notice and they will not be answerable or hahle for the assets so distributed or any part thereof, to any person or persons of whose Claim they shall not then have had Notice. Dated this 25th day of February. 1884. FRANK TAMBLYN WILLIAMS, Acting Executor. I BOROUGH OF FL SWANSEA, TO ARCHITECTS AND OTHERS. THE Swansea Corporation will be prepared to receive and consider DESIGNS for the ERECTION of a BUILDING, to comprise PUBLIC LIBRARY, Art Gallery, and Schools of Science and Art, on a site in the Alexandra Road, Swansea. A lithographed plan of the site, and general particulars may be obtained on application to the Town Clerk, Guildhall, Swansea. Plans bearing a motto, together with a general descrip- tion of the plans and enclosures, containing Architect's mame, to be delivered at the Town Clerk's office on or before the 25th of March, 1884. A premium of £ 30 will be given for the selected design. The designs and plans to be the property of the Corpo- ration. The Corporation do not bind themselves to accept any design. JNO. THOMAS, Town Clerk. Guildhall, Swansea, Feb. 20th, 1884. Re Sir R. Mansel Mansel, Bart. THE CREDITORS of this Gentleman are informed that ARRANGEMENTS have been MADE for immediate PAYMENT of their respective DEBTS in full with interest and expenses, on application to the undersigned, his present solicitor. They are also requested to take notice that Mr. Norton, of Swansea, no longer acts for Sir Richard Mansel Mansel. Dated this 18th day of February, 1884. JOHN COLE STOGDON. 18, Clement's-inn W.C Solicitor for Sir Richard Mansel Mansel. Swansea Harbour Trust. FOUR PER GENT TERMINABLE DEBENTURES. THE SWANSEA HARBOUR TRUSTEES are pre- & pared to receive LOANS of £ 100, and upwards on their Debentures, for terms of Five, Seven, or ten years, at FOUR POUNDS per centum per annum Interest, pay- able Half-yearly by coupon. Applications may be made to, and particulars obtained from the undersigned at the Harbour Offices, Swansea. FRANCIS JAMES, Clerk to the Trustees. A NEW INDUSTRY! CEYLON rpEA CEYLON npEA CEYLON FJIEA CEYLON rjlEA CEYLON FJlEA CEYLON rjlEA CEYLON rpEA CEYLON rriEA QEYLON rpEA QEYLON rpEA CEYLON rpEA (JEYLON rpEA CEYLON rpEA CEYLON rpEA CEYLON rpEA The most enterprising of the planters in the Island of Ceylon have recently turned their attention to growing Tea on their Estates with the most gratifying results. The quality produced supplies a need that has been urgently felt, viz., a T-ia possess- ing the flavour of China Tea without its weakness, and the fulness of Indian Tea without its astringency—in fact these Teas are almost exact counter- parts of the old-fashioned Kaisows and Souchongs of China, so much appreciated by connoiseurs in former years. The cultivation is very rapidly spreading, and having arranged for supplies of the best qualities, we lose no time in advising the public of this new Tea district. E. DCa's PURE Ceylon Teas. Write for Samples. PRICES Is 8d. to 3s. per lb. Carriage paid to all parts. ELL I S J)AVIEs & CO., 44, LORD STREET, LIVERPOOL. MEYER & HENCKEL, COPENHAGEN MANUFACTURERS o/ au±,jni' BUTTER COLOUR CHEESE COLOUR CHEESE •••••• RENNETT Thirteen Prize Medals. ii- For particulars apply to LAFRENTZ & CO., 4, Cullum-street, London E C Wholesale Agents for England. ,.0., "OECKITT'S BLUE R Has theName on Every Wrapper. OEE THAT YOU GET VJ Reckitt's Blue ON'T ACCEPT ANY" BUT Reckitt's Blue. TJEWASE OF IMITATIONS OF Jj Reckitt's Blue. I SALES BY AUCTION. Extreme Depression In the Sheffield Trade. OXFORD CHAMBERS, OXFORD-ST., SWANSEA. Important and highly attractive Sale of SILVER ELECTRO-PLATE, OXYDIZED GOLD AND SILVER GOODS, Articles mounted in Oak; Wedgwood. Crown Derby, and other Ware; ivory-handled Cutlery, &c.; handsome Black Marble Clocks, striking on gongs; Equestilan Figure and other Bronzes, and a large and varied Stock, COMPRISING seta of dish covers, entree dishes, venison dishes, soup tureens, cruet frames, cake baskets, claret and hot-water jugs, biscuit boxes, tea and coffee services, kettles, urns, salvers, waiters, butter coolers, egg stands, toast racks, liquor and wine stands, sugar and cream holders, five o'clock tea sets with trays to match, cups, goblets, salad bowls and servers, fruit and flower stands, epergnes, spoons, forks, and ladles in a variety of patterns. Also, cases of fish-eating knives and forks, fish carvers, dessert knives and forks with handles in mother-o'-pearl, ivory, &c., butter knives, brides' cake knives, ivory-handled table and cheese knives, sets of meat and game carvers and steels, mounted in sterling silver three and four drawer cabinets, containing complete sets of table plate and cutlery; the whole affording an excellent opportunity to parties furnishing and for purchase of birthday, wedding and other presents, which, by in- structions received from Messrs. J. LYDON and Co., Silversmiths and Cutlers Princess Works, Sheffield, who have decided to dispose of a large portion of their surplus Stock, Mr. JOHN M. LEEDER WILL SELL BY AUCTION, At the Auction Rooms as above, on TUESDAY, WED- NESDAY, and THURSDAY, 4th, 5th, and 6th MARCH, 1884, at 11.30 a m., and 7 o'clock, p.m., each day. On view mornings of days of sale. LLANGENNECH, CARMARTHENSHIRE. Sale of Valuable Leasehold Iron and Tin-plate Works, By Order of the Mortgagees. Messrs. TRIBE, CLARKE J; CO. Have been instructed to offer FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, At the MACKWORTH ARMS HOTEL, Swansea, On TUESDAY, llth day of MARCH, 1884, At Three o'clock in the Afternoon (subject to such Conditions as shall then and there be produced), ALL those WORKS, known as the LLANGENNECH IRON AND TIN-PLATE WORKS, situate at Llaugennecb, in the county of Carmarthen, about five miles from the Port of Llanelly, and 11 miles from the Port of Swansea. The Works comprise— FORGE.- 17 puddling and balling furnaces (10 working into boilers), 8 charcoal fires, 4 lumping fires, one 50 cwt. double action steam hammer, one 40 cwt. do. 24 in. horizontal condensing engine bar train iron shears and Cameron's bar cutting machine. In a separate building is a condensing blast engine, 18 in. cylinder, 5 feet stroke. FORGE SMITHY.—2 hearths taking blast from engine, and 8 boilers. and Green's patent economizer. MILLS.—6 boilers, 2 of Green's patent economizers driven by small engine, double action steam pump, hori- zontal condensing engine, 28 in. cylinder, 4 feet stroke horizontal condensing engine, 34 in. cylinder, 4 feet stroke vertical condensing engine, 37 in. cylinder 4 feet stroke horizontal engine, 6 in. cylinder, 12 'in stroke; horizontal engine. 4| in. cylinder. 10 in. stroke- vertical engine, 4| m. cylinder, 12 in. stroke 8 mills' doublers and shearers' shears and furnaces. COLD ROLLS.—3 boilers, horizontal condensing engine 24 in. cylinder, 5 feet stroke 6 pairs of cold rolls. BLACK PICKLE Room. -Hutchings' patent pickling machine, and horizontal engine driving same. WHITE PICKLK ROOM.—Annealing room with 3 fur- naces. Two TIN HOUSES.-18 tinning sets, and 2 horizontal engines driving same. SORTING ROOM.—Scrun room, grease house, palm-oil stores, copperas-house, engine-3hed, weighbridge-house with 15 ton machine, wood-shed, offices. GAS WORKS. -3 retorts, purifier, gas holder. On the other side of the road from the Works there is a large yard with time-keeper's cottage, carpenter's shop, smithy with loft over, six-stall stable with loft over and saw pit. The whole of the Works are enclosed by a substan- tially built wall. There is a plentiful supply of water, as the vendors have a right of tapping the Morlais River on payment of kl5 a year. There is a large pond inside the Works, which is fed from the river. The above-mentioned premises are held for a term of 99 years, from the 29th September, 1865, at the annual ground rent of £100. There is also a piece of ground enclosed with the Works, upon which there are no erec- tions, and held for a term of 99 years, from the 25th March, 1872, at the annual ground rent of JE12. Also, all that LEASEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELL- ING-HOUSE called PLAS-ISSA HOUSE," suitable for the residence of proprietor or manager, having a large garden, well stocked with fruit trees and vinery. Held on lease for a term of 92 years, from the 29th September 1872, at the annual ground rent of £100. Also, 35 LEASEHOLD COTTAGES, of which the following are the paiticulars, viz 12 COTTAGES, situate in the New Road, immedi- ately adjoining the Works, each let at 3s. per week. Held on lease for 89 years, from the 25th December, 1871, at the annual ground rent of B12 7s. 8 COTTAGES, situate in the New Road, immediately adjoining the Works each let at 3s. per week. Held on lease for 99 years, from the 24th June, 1868 at the annual ground rent of E7 10s. 6 sit"a,te on the Pontardulais Road near the orks, each let at 3s. per week. Held on lease for 99 years, from the 24th June, 1865 at annual ground rent of £ 3 10g. J- Sltuate 0n the Pontardulais Road adjoining the last mentioned, each let at 3s. per week Held on lease for 60 years, from the 25th March, 1863' at the annual ground rent of JE3. 3 COTTAGES, adjoining the last mentioned, each let at 3s. per week. Held on lease for a term of 60 years, from the 25th March, 1863, at the annual ground rent of S3. 3 COTTAGES, nearly adjoining the Works, situate on the Pontardulais Road, each let at 3s. per week. Held on lease for a term of 99 years, from the 24th of June, 1865, at the annual ground rent of £1 10s. The Works can be viewed at any time. Further particulars and Conditions of Sale can be obtained of the Auctioneers, 11, Temple-street, Swansea Messrs. J. D. Pain & Son, Solicitors, Newport, Mon. Messrs. Colborne & W*rd, Solicitors, Newpoit, Mon. Messrs. Stricks & Bellingham, Solicitors, Swansea or Messrs. Bateson, Bright and Warr, Solicitors, 26, Castle. street, Liverpool. 1, Ivor Placa, Sketty, Swansea. Messrs. H. HILL & CO. Have been instructed by Mr. S. Andeison, of Bristol, TO SELL BY PUHLIC AUCTION, On the above Premises. On TUESDAY. MAUCH 4th, 1884, THE whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other Effects, comprising drawing-room suite in velvet, mahogany dining table with extra leaf, walnut loo table, couch in American leather, easy, arm, and other chairs, oilcloth, carpets, fenders, fire irons, oval pier glass, gilt cornice, &c., &c., iron bedsteads, maho- gany half-tester do. with cretonne furniture, palliasses, wool and spring mattresses, feather beds, chests of drawers, washstands, dressing tables, chamber ware, towel rails, together with the usual kitchen requisites, &c., &c. Goods on view morning of Sale. Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock in thePorenoon. Auctionetrs' Offices, London House Auction Rooms, 10. Castle-street, Swansea. 1, Glanmore Villas, Uplands, Swansea. Messrs. H. HILL & Co. Have been instructed by Mrs. Scantlebury to Sell by PUBLIC AUCTION, On the above premises, on WEDNESDAY, iviarcn 12th, 1884, a portion of the valuable and well-preserved HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other Effects, comprising walnut drawing-room suite in cretonne, inlaid walnut loo table, mahogany dining table, pair side do., six mahogany chairs in hair, two arm do., easy do., ornamented iron flower stand, pier glass, oil painting Marine View (by Harris), several engravings about 100 vols, of books, including Kaw- ling's Ancient History, History of Cornwall, .Library of Entertaining Knowledge, Boswell's Life or Johnson, Goldsmith's Animal Nature, etc. c nnder shade, electro-plated engine, under shade, ornaments, fenders, fireirons, Brussels and tapestry carpets, tur rugs, gilt cornices, window poles, damask cur ains, lace do., pair small globes, iron hat and a n^' barometer, mahogany hall chair, oil cloth, stair carpet and rods, mats, iron bedsteads, paillasses, feather beds, two mahogany chests of drawers, mahogany wardrobe with trays and drawers, washstands, dressing tables, chamber ware, dressing glasses, inlaid cheval glass in papier mache, cane seated chairs, mahogany boot stand, sponge bath, towel rail, 4-light bronze grasolier, 3-iight do., brackets, paraffin lamps, the usual kitchen and culinary utensils, etc. Goods on view day prior to sale from 11 to 4. Sale to commence at 11 o'clock. 10, Castle-street, Swansea. SALES BY AUCTION. ■ — To Grocers and Others. 27, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA. Messrs. JOHN F. HARVEY æ CO. Have received instructions from Mr. Richard Dorrell, who is giving, TO SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, On the above Premises, On THURSDAY, the 6th day of MARCH, 1884, THE whole of the STOCK-IN-TRADE, Fixtures, and Trade Utensils. There will be no reserve. Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon. Further particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneers at their Offices, 14, Fisher-street, Swansea. Dated February 28th, 1884. To Capitalists and Others. PONTARDAWE INN, PONTARDAWE. Mr. JOHN F. HARVEY, WiLLsELL BY AUCTION, At the above premises, on WEDNESDAY, the 12th day of MARCH, 1884, At three o'clock in the afternoon, THIS VALUABLE DOUBLE LICENSED LEASE- HOLD INN, with the stables, outhouses, field, and promises belonging: thereto. The property is 3 roods and 15 perches in extent, and is held on lease for an unexpired term of 751 years at a yearly ground rent of E4. Parts of the property are let on underleases for the full term, at ground rents producing £ 3 17s. 6d. per annum, leaving the nominal ground rent of only 2s. 6d. per annum, payable in respect of the premises which are held at a yearly rent of £52, subject to a quarter's notice. There is also a Smith's Shop on the premises, for which a rent of 10s. a year is paid. To view and for full particulars apply to the Auctioneer at his office, 13, Fisher-street, Swansea, or to CHARLES HENRY GLASCODINH, ESQ.. Solicitor, 4. Fisher-street, Swansea. Leasehold Property for Sale at Dunvant Mr. T H D A V I E S Has been instructed TO SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, At the DUNVANT INN. near Dunvant Station, L. & N. W. Railway, On WEDNESDAY, the 12th of MARCH, 1884, HHHE whole of the TWELVE well and substantially 1 built HOUSES, known as the COMPANY'S Row," Dunvant, in the parish of Swansea, in the occupation of Mr. D. Rees and other respectable tenants, at the low gross ren ttl of 278 a year. The Premises are held for an unexpired term of about 90 years, at the low ground rent of Bl a year each house. IS This property is situated near several important works, where houses of this class are in great demand, and within a few minutes' walk to the Dunvant Railway Station. Three fourths of the purchase money may be had on •noitgage. Sale to commence at 4.30 p.m. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Hartland, Davies, and Isaac. 7, Rutland-street, Swansea, or to the Auctioneers, 18, Union-street, Swansea. Carmarthensli Ire. THE TALIARIS ESTATE. To Timber Merchants and Others. Preliminary Announcement of a highly important SALE of FIRST-CLASS TIMBER, chiefly Oak, of rare quality, comprising also some splendid Ash, Alder, Elm, and other Trees. Messrs. J. HOWELL THOMAS & THOMPSON Have been favoured with instructions to prepare FOR SALE BY AUCTION, To take place at the CAWDOR ARMS HOTEL, in the town of Llandilo, On WEDNESDAY, the 12th MARCH, 1884, NINE LOTS of TIMBER, now standing and growing on the above estate, notoriously the best wooded in all Wales. The Lots now to be Sold comprise some fine specimens of Oak a-0 Ash, and the Auctioneers invite the special attention of Timber Merchants from a distance to the Sale, and assure them that they will not be disappointed bv anv false description. All the Lots are situate contiguous to good roaas, ana particularly easy of haulage over the curnpike-road leading to LlandUo, the average distance being not more than four miles from the Llandilo Railway Station, connecting by the London and North Western and the Great Western Railways, through communication with alTherLo°tfs may^owb™'viewed and shown on application to Mr ^Pyper, estate steward, at Taliaris Park and full Dartieii lars rnnV be had from Messrs. J. Howell Thomas and Thompson, Estate Agents and Valuers. Carmarthen. Growa Slate Quarries, Boscastle, in the Coun-y of Cornwall. Mr. W. H. HA YNE Announces the first Spring SALE BY PUBLIC ATTPTTON at the above Slate Quarries, of the past Winter's Manufactured STOCK, COMPRISING best quality SLABS, SILLS, C FLOORING, SIZES, RAGS, and SCANTLE. Growa Quarries are situate near the Seaport of Boscastle, where goods bought at the Sale may be easily shipped. Sale, WEDNESDAY, MARCH the 12th, at 2 o'clock. PEMBROKESHIRE. Pencelly Forest, in the parish of Eglv.sw.-w, in the County of Pembroke. Highly Important Sale of mowing Or't and AshPoles. Mr. THO MAS G R IFF I T H S Has been favoured with instructions TO SELL BY AUCTION, At the SALUTATION INN, Felindre, On FRIDAY, the 7th day of MARCH, 1884. THE following Lots of valuable TREES and POLES, viz. :— LOT 1.- -About 36 Acres of OAK and ASH TREES and POLES, suitable for mining purposes, farmers, con- tractors chemical manufacturers, and others. LOT 2. About 13 Acres of OAK and ASH POLES, suitable for the same purposes. Credit on Conditions. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock at noon punctually, in order to enable intending purchasers from a distance to reach Crymmycb Arms Railway Station in time for that evening's mail train. -if tha The Timber is situated within aoout four miles or tne seaport town of Newport, Pem., where the same could be carried over an excellent road from every part ot tne two Pl.nSw .nJ .hipped to any part .nd '"S five miles of the Cry mmych Arms Kail way Station, seven miles of tha seaport town of Cardigan. A long term will be given to clear Lot 1. N.B:-Upon application to the Auctioneer, a person will be found to shew intending Pu £ _19, St. Mary-street, Cardigan, Feb. 16th, 1884. PEMBROKESHIRE. cwmpaun, near Fishguard. Important Sale of Growing Oak and very wenSrown Larch Trees of about 35 well grow rs. growth. Mr. THOMAS GRIFFITHS Has been favoured with instructions from Doctor Bowen TO SELL BY AUCTION, On SATURDAY, the 8th day of MARCH, 1884, At the HOLLY BUSH INN, close to the Wood, THE following valuable Lots of GROWING OAK and LARCIl TREES and POLES:- LOT 1 -About 624 very fine groyn LARCH TREES, in the Penralltddu Wood, marked with red paint. LOT 2.-About 13 Acres of OAK and ASH TREES and POLES suitable for farmers, and for mining, chemical, and other purposes. The two Lots are situated close to one another, and on each side of the road leading to and within about four miles of the seaport town of Fisbguard about the same distance from the seaport town of Newport; and not. far from the Crymmych Station on the Whitland and Cardigan Railway. Long Credit on Conditions. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock noon punctually. The Landlady of the Holly Bush Inn, close by, will send a person to point out the two Lots on being applied to at any time, or for further information apply to the Austioneer. 1QQ. 19 St. Mary-street, Cardigan, Feb. 16th, low. ON THE USE OF. THE MICROSCOPE in detecting 0 various complaints of the Blood and Nervous system sent free for stamps.—Address SBCRBTARY, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham, SALES BY AUCTION. Waterloo Auction Mart, 48a, Waterloo Street, Swansea. Mr. CHARLES HUGHES, Has been instructed to SELL BY AUCTION, A At the above Mart, on MONDAY, MARCH 3rd, 1884, QUANTrrY of USEFUL AND WELL PRE- SERVED HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and otner ettects, removed for convenience of sale. Sale to commence at 11 a.m. Swansea"0^8 °ffices' Brick Building?, Oxford Street, To Painters, Builders, and Others. 15, HERBERT PLACE, SWANSEA. Messrs. EDWARD ROBERTS # SON Have been instructed by Mr. T. W. Morgan, who is leaving' Swansea for London, TO SELL BY AUCTION At the above address, on MONDAY NEXT, MARCH 3rd, 1884, THE remainder of the STOCK-IN-TRADE of PAINTS, PLUMBING GOODS, SCAFFOLD- ING, LADDERS, CARPENTER'S BENCH, two Glazed Frames (suitable for a greenhouse), 8 new Window Sashes, &c. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock in the Yard of the PainL-shop, at the back of the Premises. Entrance, Wynaham-street. The House is to LET. Ancaoneer's Office, 40, Oxford-street, Swansea. EDUCATIONAL. UPLANDS SCHOOL, 9&io, Glanmor-Terrace, Swansea. Principal-Rev. J. E. MANNING, M.A. Terms on application. THE next Term commences THURSDAY, January 17, 1884. 3 MISS ISACKE has TWO VACANCIES for PUPILS in her Training College for Governesses, which she is willing to fill on reduced terms. Address PRINCIPAL, Queen's Medallist, Stafford Collhge, Stroud, Gloucestershire. Art Classes. THE CLASSES, UNDER THE DIRECTION OF Mrs. J. C. VYE-PARMINTER, WILL RE-COMMENCE the Third Week in JANUARY. Oil and Water-Colour Painting, including Painting from the Costume Model, Miniature, Tapestry, Art Pottery, Screen and Fan Painting, &c. Also Classes for Drawing. Students may enter at any time. I Broadway Villa, Walter-road, Swansea. Tremont House, 6, Walter's Road. HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, CONDUCTED by Miss HIGGINSON, and Miss SCHILD, C of Hanover, Diplomee. Beginning of First Term, 18S4, January 17th. Prospectuses on application. Collegiate School, Swansea. (6. ST. JAMES'S CRESCENT.) Head Master Rev. GIFFORD WOOD B.D. SCHOOL COMMENCES on TUESDAY, JAN. 15TH 1884, at 10 a.m. Examination Reports for last five years may be had. Mr. C. M. BILlT, ASSOCIATE OF THE COLLEGE OF ORGANISTS LONDON, ORGANIST & CHOIR MASTER OF HOLY TRINITY CHURCH, Formerly Assistant to the Organist of Llandaff Cathedral PROFESSOR OF MUSIC 51, MANSEL TERRACE, SWANSEA. MR. BARGEER WALL, SOLO VIOLINIST (Pupil of Herr Polocaski). Lessons given in Singing, Violin, and accompani- ments. Pupils attended at their own residence. Mr. WALL visits Swansea daily; Neath on Mondays. For Terms, &c.. apply Wye Cottage," West Cross. SCHOOL OF MUSIC. Mr. JAMES F. FRICKER, PROFESSOR OF M US 1.0, (Organist of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church and 4) the Swansea Choral Society,) BEGS to announce that he has REMOVED to 24, St. HELEN'S ROAD, Adjoining the Agricultural Hall. ACADEMICAL SCHOOL, NEVTH. Principal-J. SWIFT HUMPHRY, Esq. A BOUT a Dozen Boys prepared for Royal Naval Cadets and Engineer Student Examination, Woolwich Entrance and Public Schools. Middle-Class Boarding School, KINGSHOLM ROAD, GLOUCESTER. OCCUPIES a healthy site in the outskirts of the city, commanding a splendid view of the Cathedral and Cots wold Hills. The School, situated in its own grounds, affords every facility for football, cricket, and other invigorating recreations. Pupils taken at any time during the term and special attention is devoted to backward, but earnest boys. Fees, £18, £20, C24 per annum. Principal, Dr. MACPHERSON, L.L.D., &c., author of the Battle of Agincourt," Geographi- cal British History, &c., &c. Entry of Engineer Students in Her Majesty's Dockyards at Portsmouth & Devonport, With a view to their beiug trained for Service afloat as Engineer Officers in Her Majesty's Navy. Also Entry of not more than Three Students in Naval Construction at Portsmouth, with a view to their being trained .-or admission into the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors. A COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION of Candidates for ENGINEER STUDENTS to fill Twenty Vacancies, and for not more than Three Students, in NAVAL CONSTRUCTION will be held by the Civil Service Commissioners in APRIL NEXT, in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Leeds, Bristol, Liverpool, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Ports- mouth, and Devonport. Candidates must not be less than 14 nor more than 16 years of age on the 1st May 1884. „ Candidates for the two Services will undergo the same Examination, and the Studentship in Naval Construction will be offered to the most successful candidates in order of merit. Foi revised Reguiations, ap^y to the SECRETARY to the Civil Service Commission, London S W By command of their Lordships, Admiralty, S.W., 10th January, 1884. G. TRYON, BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. Swansea Urban Sanitary Authority. SEWERAGE CONTRACTS. THE TOWN COUNCIL of the BOROUGH of SWANSEA invite TENDERS for the following WORKS in the itorougn. I CONTRACT No. l.-The CONSTRUCTION of about 900 lineal yards of 3 feet by 2 feet BRICK SEWER, with the necessary Manholes, Ventilating Shafts' and Sewer Connections, between Foxhole and St Thomas. CONTRACT No. 2.-The CONSTRUCTION of about 300 lineal yards of STONTEWARE PIPE SEWERS of 15 inch, 12 inch, and 9 inch diameter, with the necessary Manholes, Ventilating Shafts, Gullies, and Sewer Connection^ m Gorse Lane, Bryn Road Rhyddings Park Road, and Park Road. CONTRACT No. ^CONSTRUCTION of about 1,120 lineal yards of STONEWARE PIPE SEWERS of 18 inch, 15 inch, 12 inch, and 9 inch diameter, with the necessary Manholes, Ventilating Shafts, and Gullies, in Neath Road, Cwm Level Road, Millbrook-street, Landeg-street, Forbes-street, and Dinas-street. Drawings and specifications may be seen at the Office of Mr. Ralph Henry Wyrill, Borough Engineer, Guild- hall, Swansea, from whom printed copies of the Form of Tender and bill of quantities may be obtained on pay- ment of one guinea for each contract, which will be returned on receipt of a bona fide tender. Sealed Tenders, endorsed Tender for Sewerage Con- tract No.- »" to be sent to the undersigned by 10 a.m. on WKDNBSDAY, 20th MARCH, The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted. JNO. THOMAS, Town Clerk. Guildhall, Swansea, 27th Feb., 1884. HOTELS. THE SHERWOOD HOTEL ADAM STREET, STRAND (Near Charing Cross,) LONDON, W.C., CLOSE to New Law Courts, Houses of Parliament, etc. Private SittingfRooms. Tariff on Application. PROPRIETOR—W. H. PRUST (LATE OF SWANSEA). Aberystwith THE QUEEN'S HOTEL, ON the Marine Terrace facing the Sea, contains Coffee Rooms, Ladies' Drawing-room, Library, and nearly 100 Bedrooms. Special Arrangements during the Winter Months. Boarding Terms by the Week for Families. W. HI PALMER, Proprietor. Dressmaking and Millinery, MRS. NA.SH, Clifton House, 21, Walter's Terrace, Walter Road. LADIES Own Materials Stylishly and Fashionably Made. Fit Guaranteed. Charges Moderate BIRDS AND AIMIM PRESERVED SCIENTIFICALLY, ANIMAL SKINS and Furs dressed, Rugs Lined and made up, Hand and Fire Screens, &c., by J. CORDING, NATURALIST, No. 42, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF. Glass Shades, all Sizes, for Clocks, Statuettes, &c. FLO "W" E IR,S. THE BEAUFORT NURSERY COMPANY, BLACKPILL, SWANSEA, UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT BOUQUETS, WREATHS, &c., SUPPLIED TO ORDER PALMS FOR DECORATIONS ON HIRE OR FOR SALE. Orders by Post Receive Prompt Attention. Visitors are respectfully invited to see the Beauti Flowers. Prince's Hall, New Drill Hall, Singleton Street, Swansea. THIS new Hall is situate in the centre of the town, and is specially adapted for Balls, Banquets, Bazaars, &c., and Evening Entertainments, with ante. rooms and other necessary offices, including extensive cooking apparatus. Licensed for Dramatic Performances. The principJ Hall is 6S by 66, stage 45 by 19. Balcony extra seating 300 persons. Also minor Hall 60 by 28.— ipply to the Secretary. Singleton street, Swansea. SWANSEA HOUSE COAL DEPOT, LOW LEVEL, SOUTH DOCK. Entrance Opposite Swansea Gas Works. Officcs- -23, BELLEVUE STREET. PROPRIETOR—THOMAS WILLIAMS LIST OF PRICES. Per ton Deliverea,, Best Large Red Ash Coal 14s. 6d. Beat Thro 13s. 6d. Best Smiths Coal 8s. 6d. Mount Pleasant and beyond the Toll Gates, Is. per ton extra. Manager, Mr. W. MANATON, 69, St. Helen's Road Swansea. TERMS OF CREDIT-ONE MONTH. THE NEURALGIA MIXTURE. Prepared by JOHN T. WILLIAMS, Pharmaceutical Chemist 19, NELSON-STREET, SWANSEA. DURING the last twenty years this remedy has relieved hundreds of persons suffering from the excruciating agony of "Facial Rheumatism," commonly known as "Neuralgia." Acting on the system as a powerful Nerve Tonic," it gives al- most Immediate relief, is perfectly safe, and has proved itself to be most effectual. Price, 2s. ESTABLISHED 1866. LD. LEWIS & CO., Auctioneers, Sheriffs' Officers, Rent Collectors, and General Bailiffs, Life, Fire, Plate Glass, Guarantee and Accident Insurance Agents, 4, Calvert-street, Swansea. Removed to Worcester Place. Mr. ALFRED BUCKNALL, ARCHITECT AND SURVEYOR, PLANS supplied on approval if desired. Terms 5 pei _L cent. for plans and superintendence, or 21 per cent for plans only. 2 A Vacancy for an Articled Pupil. Foot and Mouth Disease, 1883. THE Foot and Mouth Disease having broken out in _L this town, and the first case having come under my care, I respectfully call the attention of Cattle Owners to the great Success attending my labours during the outbreak in 1871, when I bad no less than 700 cases, and was successful in every case. In contradiction to statements made, I beg to inform the public that I am registered at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, London. J. C. LONG, VETERINARY SURGEON, 39, New Oxford Street, Swansea O O -A- Xj S • TENDERS will be received until NOON on TUESDAY, i the llth MARCH, for LAND ENGINE FURNACE, SMITHERY, HOUSEHOLD, ar.d BAKERY COALS, and COKE for H.M. Dock and Victualling Yards' Marine Barracks, Medical Establishments, and Green^ wich College and School. Forms of Tender, containing Conditions of Contract and all particulars, may be obtained on personal appli- cation at this Office, or by Letter addressed Director of Navy Contracts, Admiralty, Whitehall, S.W." JOHN COLLETT, Director of Navy Contracts. Contract Deparment, Admiralty, Whitehall, S.W., 26th February, 1884. Army Service. YOUNG MEN wishing to JOIN HER MAJESTY'S ARMY will, on application at any Post Office ia the United Kingdom, be supplied, without charge with a Pamphlet containing detailed information as to he Conditions of Service and advantages of the Army as to Pay, Deferred Pay, and Pensions. Great Prospects of Promotion are offered to eligible Young Men. Applications can be made, either personally or by letter, to the Officer commanding the Regimental District at Cardiff, or to the nearest Volunteer Serjeant Instructor or other Recruiter. Recruits, if eligible, can be enlisted for any arm of the Regular Service they may select. The Subscription Meetings will be held at Messrs. HILL and Co.'s Offices, London House, Castle st., Swansea, on the THIRD FRIDAY in every month. .c I N. B. — Applica- tions for Shares can be made to the Officers or Secretaries. £ 1,000 and up- wards ready to be advanced. SWANSEA BOROUGH PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY Shares, £ 100. Monthlv Subscription, 10s. per SbQ^ CHAIRMAN-Mr. THOMAS HARRIES, Heath TREASURER—Mr. WILLIAM DAVIES, Bank Vilio SOLICITOR—JENKIN JOKES, Esq.5 5, Fisher RfTOI+' SURVEYOR—Mr. WILLIAM WATKINS Rua^nf, BANKERS—THE GLAMORGANf BANKING COMPY SECRETARIES{ Mr H Uplands. • miiLi, Castle-street. Swansea Rock Permanent Building Society. ESTABLISHED 1877. ™Tthofr^. UNI0N-STREET, Swansea. T MONEY on the^ 1S • prePared to ADVANCE or Copy hi ild Land orHl?"'7 °f F{"fh?,d' Leasehold, ments, to suit borrnL repayabJ-e by, easy lnstal- Twnnfv sorrowers, at any time from One which is reduced terest charSed & the amount of nf rvrir, ,uced every year in proportion to the £ P"ncipal, refunded SHARKS £ 100, issued POSITS of £ 1 and upwards received at anv +• bearing interest of £ 5 payble half-yearly. 7 tlme> Chairman—Rev. B. WILLIAMS, Canaan. Treasurer- Mr. THOMAS ROBERTS. Managing Secretary- T. H. DAVIBS.