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ME- GRAND DISPLAY OF PARIS FASHIONS. SAISOIST D'BTE, 1881.. B. EVANS & COMPANY JjAVE the honour to announce their RETURN from the PARIS and other Markets, and tha they are now making their PRINCIPAL SHOW OF FASHIONS FOR THE SUMMER SEASON. This Show includes the LEADING and most ADMIRED DESIGNS and NOVELTIES in MANTLES, COSTUMES, BONNETS, And every description of SHOW-ROOM GOODS; DRESS MATERIALS, LACES, SCARVES, RIBBONS, HOSIERY, GLOVES, SUNSHADE S, TRIMMINGS, &c. A Visit of Inspection is Respectfully Solicited. B. EVANS & COMPANY. SWANSEA, May 13th, 1881. SPRING AND SUMMER FASHIONS. W M. E V A Begs to announce that he is now SHOWING all the LEADING NOVELTIES in Millinery, Mantles, Straws and Fancy Tuscans, Flowers, Feathers, &c. A Large Assortment of all the New Lace Goods, Gloves, Hosiery, &c. LADIES' UNDERCLOTHING IN GREAT VARIETY. Dress Making on the Premises under Careful Management. "W :S-VA., 74, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA. 94, Oxford Street and 5, Park Street, Swansea. SPRING| 18 81. LATEST NOVELTIES OF THE SEASON ON VIEW THISIDAY (FRIDAY), TO-MORROW (SATURDAY), AND FOLLOWING DAYS JAT D. T E 1) W A R I) S IN ALL CLASSES OF FANCY AND GENERAL DRAPERY AND S K O "W IFt o O 3VC GOODS. SOLICITING THE FAVOUR OF AN INSPECTION. DEPARTMENTS. Mantles, Costumes, Ladies'JOutfitting, Millinery, Flowers andJFeathers, Laces, Ribbons, [Hosiery, Gloves, Trimmings, Gentlemens Mercery, Ties, Scarfs, &c., Fancy Dresses, Velveteens, Silks, and Satins. HOUSEHOLD LINENS, CALICOES, SHEETINGS, PRINTS, &c. AN IMMENSE STOCK, AND WELL ASSORTED. D. T. EDWARDS, 94, Oxford Street, and 5, Park Street, Swansea. E. NICHOLLS & SONS, Wholesale & Retail Bakers, Grocers, & Provision Merchants. CURRENT PRICES: BEST BREAD (Delivered by our own Van) 6Ad. (41bs.) OVER COUNTER (Cash) 6d. (41bs.) SULTANA & CURRANT CAKE 4d. per lb. FLOUR 2s. 8d., 2s. 10d., 3s., and 3s. 2d. per score. BROWN BREAD, Made from Spiller's Decorticated WHEAT MEAL, (Delivered by own Van) 6id. Over Counter, cash 6d. (41bs.) 19, Waterloo-street, 29, High-street, and 39, Jockey-street, SWANSEA. WALTER BENSON & CO., WINE AND SPIRIT, ALE AND STOUT MERCHANTS, 31, WALTER ROAD, SWANSEA, RJlTURN thanks to their numerous Customers for the kind patronage they have received, and hope that by continuing to supply the BEST QUALITY OF GOODS, combine! with strict at- tention and punctuality in delivery, to merit a continuance of their support. Cigars and Tobacco of the very best Brands have been added to the Business. SEEDS! SEEDS i SEEDS THE BEST-Because they are New. THE-CHEAPEST-Because they are the Best. 33 ZDrW -A- 3R, ID DAVIES, THE BOTANICAL HALL, y73 B., Oxford Street, Swansea, IS now offering GOOD SEEDS for the Present Season's Planting and Sowing. Seed Potatoes, Flower Seeds in PENNY PACKETS; and Collections of Vegetable Seeds from 5s. and upwards. Lawn Grass Seed, and Special Selection for Tennis Courts. Our SHOW ROOM should be Visited the Most Extensive Stock in the County to select from. IMPERISHABLE WREATHS AND CROSSES. EDWARD DAVIES, v' BOTANIST & FLORIST. DRAWING-ROOM SUITES, CABINETS AND FANCY SCREENS, CABINET & CHIMNEY GLASSES, (Newest Designs) ( "'1 A. NICHOLLS & SON, CABINET MAKERS. UPHOLSTERERS GENERAL FURNISHERS, 1 & 2, PORTLAND BUILDINGS, S W A N B E A THE BRISTOL WAGON WORKS COMPANY (LIMITED). CARTS, WAGONS, CARRIAGES, OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, FOR ROAD OR FARM WORK. A LARGE STOCK OF EVERY POSSIBLE KIND KEPT READY FOR EARLY DELIVERY AT BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. For Catalogues and full particulars apply I To the Sole Agent forJSouth Wales, 1% CHARLES D. PHILLIPS, IT E "W IPOIRT, M O N ■ SOLE MAKER OF Phillips's Improved Rick Sheets, Waterproof Covers, and Horse Loin Cloths. Publisher and Proprietor of Phillips's Monthly Machinery Register. ECONOMIC —— ART FURNISHING. THE LARGEST AND CHEAPEST STOCK OF SUBSTANTIAL FURNITURE IN THE DISTRICT, AT PRICES LOWER THAN LONDON rouSES. Inspection and Comparison Respectfully Invited. i THOMAS H E A R I), .'}: (LEWIS, LATE BENNETT 19, HIGH STREET. Choice Designs in New Carpetings, Curtains, Floor Cloths, &c. Are this Month making their First Show .x"' y" OF SPRING & SUMMER All WOOLLENS. « ORDERS — yp.vj \J RECEIVE CHOICEST stf ^^ARFFUL AND PERSONAL ATTENTION. PATTERNS. — GENTLEMEN'S MERCERY, HATS, & PORTMANTEAUS, OF ALL KINDS. Also a Splendid Stock of Ready-made Clothing. .Terms-strictly Cash. One Price. Small Profits. & 3, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA. MUSIC HALL, SWANSEA. UNDER DISTINGUISHED PATRONAGE. A GRAND RECEPTION CONCERT OF DR. PARRY'S OPERA BLODWEN, WILL BE GIVEN AT THE ABOVE HALL, On MONDAY, MAY 30th, 1881. Conductor Dr. PARR Y. FULL PARTICULARS WILL SHORTLY APPEAR. W. A. DAVIES, ltxon gec8 T.RICHARDS, iHoDl SeC8' MUSIC HALL, SWANSEA. COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT CONCERT, GIVEN BY THE ST. DAVID'S CHOIR, TO MR. W. F. HULLEY, Under the distinguished Patronage of His Worship the Mayor, Earl Jersey, Lord Aberdare, H. H. VIVIAN, ESQ., M.P., J. T. D. LLEWELYN, ÈsQ., CHARLES BATH, ESQ., E. BATH, ESQ., E. H. BATH, ESQ., ALDERMAN FORD, ESQ., CAPTAIN MIERS, JULES MESNIER, ESQ., J. RICHARDSON, ESQ., CANON RICHARDS, W. GRAHAM VIVIAN, ESQ., CANON WILSON, F. CORY YEO, ESQ., And other influential Patronage, THURSDAY, MAY 19, 1881. 3?-A.2aO? X. MISCELLANEOUS CO N C E R T, In which the following wm appear >- Miss Lizzie Williams, Mr, Edwin Jones. Mr. Arthur Bruton, Mr. E. Bargeer Wall, Mr. Edwin V. Ball, Mr. Ambrose Hulley, AND MR. HULLEY'S B AN I). By kind Permission of R. D'OYLY CARTE, ESQ., the POLICEMAN'S SONG AND CHORUS, FROM THE "PIRATES OF PENZANCE," • Will conclude the 1st part of the Programme. A H'J1 3:1. Messrs. GILBERT and STJLIXVAN's Comic Operetta, "TRIAL BY JURY" (By Special permission.) Characters by the Members of the St. David's Choir. Conductor Mr. W. F. HULLEY. Doors open at 7 Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. PRICES OF ADMISSION -Area Reserved, ?S, j BALCONY Reserred, 4a. Area Unreserved, 3s. Side Area, 2s. Balcony, 2s.; Promenade, is., Gallery, 6d Plan of Reserved Seats may be seen at Messrs. Br^er and Sons, Wind-street, and Mr. G. H. Brader, Heathfield-street. SUMMER SHOW. THOS. E. OWEN HAS the honour to announce to the Ladies of Swansea and its Vicinity that his SHOW ROOM FOR THE SEASON IS NOW OPEN WITH THE N E WE S T FA S H IONS IN French and English Millinery, Mantles, Costumes, Dress Materials, &c. MRS, OWEN has returned from London prepared with the Latent Designs of the Parisian La Mode. A, visit is respectfully solicited. THOS. E. OWEN, Mansel-street and Page-street, Walter's Road, Swansea. PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION EXECUTED WITH NEATNESS AND DESPATCH AT "The Cambrian" Newspaper Steam Printing Works, WIND STREET, S WAN SEA. Posting Bills of all sizes and in every variety of tint. CIRCULARS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. ADDRESS, BUSINESS, MEMORIAL, AND OTHER CARDS, IN. EVERY SHADE AND FORM. Bill-Heads, Shipping Forms, Invoices, Memorandums, and every other kind of Printing done at the Lowest Possible;Prices. ESTIMATES FORWARDED ON APPLJIC £ AT 10N. 4. SPRING CLOTHING! SPRING CLOTHING! SPRlVG CLOTHING y THE CARDIFF CLOTHIERS, 29 & 30, St. Mary-st. Ok M E N S S XT ITS BLACK COMPLETE FROM 12/11 to 59/6. YOUTHS' SUITS, VT.' COMPLETE FROM 10j- to U5/- UlAtfUiNAL BOYS' SUITS, & Vests COMPLETE FROM1/11 to 35/6. MATCH, at 25/6 to 49/6. FANCY TWEED AND ij N W CLOTH 1 ROUS i l{ S > JM Ji W FROM 2s. lid. TO 21». ?ST E W GOODS I every Department suitable for Spring Wear. THE SWANSEA CLOTHIERS, 18 Ss 10, CASTLE STREET- ,i C E B M S—C ASH- ONE PRICE. PLAIN FIG U RES. il MUSIC HALL, SWANSEA. J d' GRAND RECITALS" j (Under the Direction of Mr. GILBERT LEGGE.) MISS AGNES ZIMMERMAN, THE ¡ iL GREAT PIANIST AND COMPOSER 3i THURSDAY, JUNE 10?. I >,}:r NAMES OF >r DISTINGUISHED VOCAL ARTISTS S Who will support Miss ZIMMERMAN", with Full Particulars, will shortly be Announced. HOMES IN THE NORTH-WEST. Minnesota Dokato, Montana, Washington. RICH Wheat Lands, GOOD Grazing Lands, HEALTHY Climate, Railroad facilities, Rapid progress of Settlement. Solid advan- tages for thrifty people, with small means and wide scope for capital and enterprise.—NORTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD AGENCY, 20, Water-street, Liverpool. LATELY PUBLISHED—SEVENTH EDITION. STAMMERING, STUTTERING, LISPING, &c., Their CAUSES and CURB;) BY WM. ABBOTTS, M.D., Physician to thelDispensary for Affections of the Speech. THIS is the only special work upon the subject of Impediments of Speech, written by a quali- fied medical man for many years. It is calculated to improve our knowledge of a remarkable group of affections.M edical Review. Published by GEO. PITMAN, 140, Gower-street London, W.C. Price 2s. Sent Post-free for 26 Stamps. WHY PAY RENT? First Swansea 388th Starr-Bowkett Building Society, Incorporated under the Act of 1874. OFFICE NO. 2, HEATHFIELD-STREET, SWANSEA, WHERE attendance will be given for issue of Prospectuses, Enrolment of Members, &c., daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursdays excepted, when the Office will close at Two o'clock. Application for Membership will also be taken by each of the Trustees, Directors and Officers. FREDERIC LOWES, (Lowes & Son), Secretary. Persons desirous of joining this Society are requested to do so at once as the number of members are limited Monarch Line of Steamers. LONDON TO NEW YORK. Saxon Monarch May 21 Assyrian Monarch, June 4 Egyptian Monarch, May 28 Persian Monarch, June 11 SALOON passage, £ 10 and £ 12. Third elass to New York, Boston, or Philadelphia, £ 6, from any railway station in England. Special attention to comfort of tbird-class passengers. Apply to John Patton, jun., and Co., 7, Fenchurch- avenue, London, or to George E. Hammond, 23, King William-street, Strand. Middleton and ^S^T^Skmrock Line of Steamers between Swansea & New York. THE following or other High Class full-powered Steamers are intended to run regularly between SWANSEA AND NEW YORK, and vice versa, viz:- "ALICIA" 2,000 tons burden. I "ALVERTON" 1,900 „ „ "CAMBRIAN" 2,400 „ 11 "LADY FRANCES" 1,800 „ „ "SOWERBY" 1,600 „ „ NEXT DEPARTURES. Swansea to New York, Lady Frances," 17th May. New York to Swansea, Sowerby," 25th May. For Rates of Freight (including all usual through rates) &c., apply to BURGESS & Co, • AGENTS, SWANSEA. PURSUANT to a Judgment of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice made in the matter of the Estate of MORGAN JONES deceased; JONES against THOMAS, 1S79. J. 155. The Creditors of MORGAN JONES, late of Llwyncoedwr, in the Parish of Llantwit-juxta, Neath, in the County of Glamorgan, farmer, who died in or about the month of April, 1858, are on or before the 3rd day of June, 1881, to send by post, prepaid to Mr. Martin Scale, of Neath, in the County of Glamorgan, the Solicitor of the Plaintiff, John Jones, the surviving Executor of the said MOR- GAN JONES, their Christian and Surnames, Addresses, and Descriptions; the full particulars of their Claims; a statement of their Accounts and the nature of the Securities (if any) held by them or in default thereof they will be peremptorily excluded from the benefit of the said Judgment. Every Creditor holding any security is to produce the same before the Yice-Chancellor Sir James Bacon, at his Chambers, situated No. 11, New Square, Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, on Wednesday, the 15th day of June, 1881, at 12 o'Clock, at noon, being the time appointed for adjudicating on the Claims. Dated, this 3rd day of May, 1881. E. LIONEL CLARKE, Chief Clerk. E. PEACOPP, < 2, South Square, Gray's Inn, Agent for MARTIN SCALE, Neath, Glamorganshire, Plaintiff's Solicitor. Bristol United Gas Light Company. SPECIFICATION AS TO SUPPLY OF COALS. THE Directors of the Bristol United Gas Light Company invite TENDERS for the supply of about 110,000 TONS of GAS COALS, during the Twelve Months between the 1st of July, 1881, and 1st July, 1882, for use at their Works, situated respectively at Avon Street, St. Philip's—Canon's Marsh-and Stapleton Road, Bristol. In the above-named quantity there is included about 10,000 Tons of Scotch or other Cannels, or other rich Gas Coals from the Northern or Midland Districts. The Coal to be partly small and partly large or brush, and to be delivered in such monthly proportions as may be required by the Company, and in accordance with the season. The quality of the Coals must be good, dry, and free as possible from sulphur, bats, binds, refuse and dirt. Particulars required of the quality of the Coals for which Tenders may be submitted; and the Directors will be glad to receive chemical analyses thereof, and any reliable information in relation to their propert:ieSTTiaw the manufacture of Gas, that the parties tendering y be able to supply.. „„on««p<i Parties tendering must state the maximum of either small large, orbrush Coal ^^stood that the to deliver monthly, and it must be terms offered Directors are to be at liberty to aco y for~any Usser quantities ton f/0. b. (port of Tenders to sta P delivered at Railway Station, The Stapleton Eo,,d Works are adjoining both the MWlandand Great Western Railways, from which the monthly for every ton of 20 cwt. Is indicated by the weighbridges of the Company at their respective stations. Sealed Tenders to be addressed to the Chairman of Director*, Bristol United Gas Light Company Canons' Marsh, Bristol, marked "Tenders for Gas Coal" and delivered not later than TUESDAY, the 31st May itt. HENRY H. TOWNSEND, Gas Light Offices, Bristol Secretary. May 6th, 1881. EDUCATIONAL. t — „ .<-) Collegiate School, Swansea Jr Head-Master REV. GIFFORD WOOD B.A ?.' S Second Master FRANCIS J. ODELL, ESQ. B.A CHOOL RE-OPENS TUESDAY, MAT 10th,' 1881 at 1 10 a.m. UPLANDS SCHOOL, 9 & io, Glanmor-Terrace, Swansea. "V P. Principal—Rev. J. E. MANNING, M.d. Terms on application. Next term commences MAY 3RD, 1881. '1 Select Day School for Girte EATON TERRACE, BRYN-Y-MOR CRESCENT OONDUCTED by Miss HIGGINSON, and MISS SCHILD, v_/ of Hanover, Diplomee. Beginning of Second Term :-MAY 2nd. LADIES' SCHOOL, 20, ST. HELEN'S CRESCENT, SWANSEA. CONDUCTED by a Government Certificated Teacher. Terms and references on application. J J. C. VYE-PARMINTER, P0BROADWAY7™^ PHER, v., BROADWAY ™LA,g WALTER ROAD, MRoSn^fMINTER receives a few PuPU8 for Walter Road Academy, SWANSEA. ;r Mr. WARDHAUGH, C.M. O (From Edinburgh College,) >. PENED the above Academy on WEDNESDAY, 27th APRIL, in the Schoolroom adjoining the Memorial Chapel, Walter-road. Boarders, yearly and weekly, receive every home comfort. .r Prospectus, &c., at Westbury House, 69, Westburv "1 Street. 7 Mr. MITCHELL, 4 ORGANIST of the PARISH CHURCH, SWANSEA, BEGS to inform the public that he has now taken up' his abode m this town, and will be happy to re- it ceive early application from intending pupils. Please address Mr. MITCHELL, 14, Walter-terrace, "W Walter-road, Swansea. Normal College, Swansea. r BEAD MASTEB— EDWARD T. DAVIES, M.A., Trinity College, Cam- bridge. SECOND MASTEB— E. ROBINSON, B.A., London, formerly Senior Mathe J matical Prizeman, University College, London • ;T Associate of the College of Preceptors A. MASTEB OF THE JUNIOR DEPARTMENT-— T. A. REES, Certificated Elementary Teacher. PREPARATION for the Universities and the various Public Examinations. During the past 15 months J- seven pupils have passed as follows D'' ^ne> London Matriculation. 4 May, 1880—Two, Oxford Local. Sept., 1880—One, College of Surgeons. Feb., 1881—One, Civil Service. 'f March, 1881—Two, College of Surgeons. '.1 The next Term begins on THURSDAY, MAT 5th, at 14 9uJ0 a.m. For prospectus, terms, &c., apply to the Head Master. Hill House College, Haverfordwest. ft PRINCIPAL—MJlS. ANGUS, First-class Certificated Teacher, and Member of the 1 College of Preceptors assisted by Efficient Resident French and English Governesses. MRS. ANGUS has had a lengthened experience in Tuition, and possesses the highest Testimonials as to character and ability as a Teacher. Situation exceedingly healthy, and the Recreation Ground most suitable. It References-Revs. Dr. McLaren, Manchester; J. ■■ ■ I Pearson, M.A., Vicar of Fleetwood; C. Williams, Ac- ;t crington J. Owen, A. J. Parry, Swansea; W. Edwards, B.A., Pontypool; Dr. Davies, J. H. Lochore W T Davies, Esq., M.P., Haverfordwest, etc. Pupils prepared for the Local Examinations. Term commences MAT 5th. Stafford College, FOREST HILL, NEAR THE CRYSTAL PALACE. HEAD MASTER: R. CROSS, F.R.A.S., • TW1^Jra'™Pri?cipal of the Bri(Jgen(i School for 7 years. HE Classics, Modern Languages, Mathematics, Painting, Engineering Drawing, and the other im- portant branches of school work, are taught by Professors of recognized London repute. The College was opened in 1868 with two Pupils, and in a few years the number exceeded 80. The health of the Pupils was, during the whole time referred to, absolutely perfect. This testifies to the r- efficiency of all the domestic arrangements. Further evidence that the Pupils find a superior home at Stafford College may be gathered from the fact that those friends who sent Pupils twelve years ago do so still. The Report of three Public Examiners is to this '1 effect:—"The Education is comprehensive, and correct; ■J and the work done is on a par with that of +he large Public Schools." Parents who seek for their Sons a safe and solid Education, a home for them m a delightful and su- premely healthy position, and the personal fcfnardianshin of their morals by the Principal himself, will do well to apply for a Prospectus. THE SHARE LIST of the n •« CLOSE on WEDNESDAY NEXT T All applications for Shaves shnnlH u 1D8K to the GlamorganshireBank on or before that" date! • ——_ A T THE PATENT EXHAUST INJECTOR, FOR FEEDING IBOILKRS OF NON-CONDENSING ENGINES. These Injectors work with EXHAUST STEAM FROM ENGINE ONLY And therefore work with the greatest attainable ) ECONOMY OF; FUEL. Forjfull particulars apply to DYNE STEEL & SON, ENGINEERS, SWANSEA. Blue Lias Lime, White Lime, Limestones and Silicious Fire Cement. B DANIEL JONES and Co. are prepared to • Supply the above-named articleslat all Railway Stations. 1 IStozmj Works, Pyle, now Bridgend.