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SWANSEA, FRIDAY, APRIL 12. »-»>-«-«<» It is reported that the Most Noble the Marque^0' Bute will again be request- d to represent her Majesty'9 the forthcoming General Assembly of the Church of Sc°! laud. This will be the third successive year in which Nob)eMa!quesshi:sbeeusohonoured. ,Ve omitted in ¡be list (if gptJltvin C!"rk", for thl; County the name of Mr. H. S. Coke, who has been appoin,e" by the Sliet iff'County Cleik, as also Replevin Clerk, for 1 H nndied of Neath. Pursu m' to public ad-, er'iseraent, the Court of P'e9,( for this Borough and the Duke of Beaufort's Baron Conr: tor the several Manors were opened, the former on MonM' and the hitter 011 Tuesday last, before John Gwyn E-q., (Recorder and Deputy Steward, when that gent eiu1'^ appointments to the above offices were read. This being first opening of their Courts (which will be henceforth et)"' tinned), no law suitors appealed. Messrs George Rolls and Martin Bevan were. 0>, Monday last, re-appointed Churchwardens foi the piii-i,116, S watisea. oil Monday, the 25th tilt., the election of GflardÍiIO: for the Parish of Bettws, Carmarthenshire, took pl^. These were two candidates for ihe office—Mr. C. Morit'j and Mr. U. Thompson when, after a bsisk poll, the torH'fI was returned by a mjjority of i:) out of about 130 l atepayf'8 At a Meeting of the Board of Guardians of the Hal verfordwest Union held at the Board-room in the WorkhoU*' on the 2d inst., Henry Loach, Esq., of Milford, was una"1' mously elected Chairman, for the ninth time. George Kf"1'1 Esq., ot Butternill, and John Pnilipps Allen Lloyd PhilipP" Esq., of Dale Castle, were unanimously elected Vice-chairtflfl1' CARDIFF.—A Vestry Meeting was held, according 1,1 custom, on Easter Monday, for the purpose of a(ittitincltile Churchwardens' accollnts for the past, and appointing Allar, dens for the ensuing year. The veslry was attended by unusually large number of ratepayers, who seemed ANXI01!' to ascertain how the money they were called upon to pay II: church-rates was disbursed. After the late CLUR chwar¡\ell' had been re-elected, Mr. W'atkins, the Assistant-Ward* in reply to a question put to him, stated that he had BE*^ unable to prepare his accounts by that day, in CONSEQUENT of a large portion of the former rate remaining uncoiled^' He further stated, that the amount so uncollected wasabo" 2001" and that it would require about a month to get it III, No rate was consequently ordered, much to the satisfacti0," of ihe ratepayers, and the vestiy was adjourned for S'* weeks. It will be observed by an ad verti.sement in a precedi"^ column, tiiat the tradesmen of Cardiff are about to a Chamber of Comaietce in that town. THE AFRICAN ROSCIUS.—Mr. Aldridge, the eel" brated actor, better known as the African Roscius, ent^' tained respectable audiences at the Assembly-Rooms, in this town, on the evenings of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday last. In our last number we alluded to Mr. Aldridge's di"' malic powers; and what we have since witnessed has con fit med our opinion of this gentleman's high qtialificatio" in the histrionic art. Formerly we only knew him in severer walks of tiagedv; and white his pelsonalions 0 Othello, Zanga, and the Jew, have fully sustained his fori"6'' reputation tor depicting the tornado of conflicting passi" and deep emotion, his appearance in comcdy-as in Gingef. Blue, in the Virginian MUmtlly-are so replete with blOa humour, and pungent yet polished wit, as to evince his 110" tery of the various chords which move the human hpart; This character was sustained throughout in the most lupP) manner. The song of Lubly Rosa, introduced in this pieC' and in which the guitar fotnis all accompaniment to rhe voice, was given with a gusty humour and exquisite drolle'^ altogether irresistible. We" had almost forgotten to state> that Mr. Aldridge opens his evening's entertainment defence ot the stage, wiitten by this very cultivated and aC' complished person, in the course of which he cites, as cof' roborative authorities in favour of its humanizing aud sill*' limating effects upon the human mind, Martin Lutl>l'r' Archbishop Tillotson, Watts, Seeker, Dr. Dovle, &c., a0 adds a modest history of his o.\ n career, by which it that his grandfather was an Afiican Prince, of the tribe"' Feulah, in Senegal — that his father escaped, when you!1-' from the dangets of intestine strife, in which the piince —reached New Yoik, where he was educated for the Est3' blished Church, to which he destined the Roscius, but however, prefening the sock and buskin, played for a sbor' time in America, and subsequently came to the happy lao of Albion, where he is now on the winning course of (aOle and fortune, Mr. Aldridge performs again, and for the last time, this evening, on which occasion he takes big benefit* We wish him all the success which his splendid uletd* deserve. HALL AT THE CAWDOR AlDIS, LLANDILO.—On Tues- day night last, the Ball at the Cawdor Arms, Llandilo, vl,13 most fashionably and nnmeronsiy attended, under the ah.16 stewardship of Sir James Hanilvn Williams, and Capta"1. Fane, of the 4th Light Diagoons, and D. Jones, Esq-, ot Glanbrane Park. Amongst those present we nilticed-- Lady Hamlyn Williams, and the Misses Williams; Mr. E. Lloyd, Mrs. and Miss Lloyd, Glansevin Capt. Price, U.N- R Major Master, Capt. Halkett, and Mr. Brown, of tire 4th LLIIHT Dragoons; Rev. H. G. Williams and Ladv; MR' Witchett, and the Hon. Mrs. Witehett; Mr. Peel,of Taliaii*' and Lady; Mr. Philipps, of Aberglasney, and the inlisse" Philipps; Mr. Gulstone and Lady; Mr., Mrs, and M'SS Johns, of Dolecothy Mr. J.Jones," Banker; Dr, Vrothelo. Mr. D. LI. Harries, Llandovery Mrs, Henry Lloyd Harriesi Miss Sackvilie Gwynne; Mr.'George Hughes, Mr. Richa"1 Hughes, and the Misses Hushes, &c. &c. &c. — DANCING commenced at ten o'clock, and was kept up with spirit nnlll six o'clock the following morning.—The band was ably coJ1- ducted hy Mr. Williams, of Swansea, and his assistants. The ball-room and supper-room were tastefully decorated with evergreens, and were well lighted. The worthy HOST and hostess, Mr. and Mrs.Tracey, spared neither lior trouble to administer to the comfort and enjoyment N> the company, having purchased, expressly for the occa?io''« some of those justly-celebrated lamps, called" Taylor t Patent Victoria Lamps," which gave a beautifully cleor and brilliant light, though softened. About twelve O'CLOCK coffee was served, and at two o'clock the supper-table dis* played recherche taste and elegance—ail the delicacies of the season abounded. The wines, of which there was 811 abundance, were excellent. The tOllté ensemble was elegant J and in the display of sunny beauty, 41 Notislit coul.'t itie e<i■ aptiire<) gazer trace, Km beauty'? glow, anil pleasure's hrisli'nesa." lii fine, we may lairly say the evening passed off with GREAT ecuU, rational delight, and pure enjoyment, without alloy. APPOINTMENT OF OVERSEERS.—On Saturday, A Special Petty Sessions was held at our Totvnhall, for the pur- pose of passing the accounts of the Overseers for the variou8- parishes in the Hundred of Swansea, and also for receiving the lists of their successors. The Magistrates present were T* Edw. Thomas, Thomas Penrice, L. LI. Dilhvyn, Esqrs ,and the Rev. Samuel Da vies. In the majority of instances, the MA' gistrates appointed the two first on the list handed in, excepting when disqualified or improper persons were returned. II) some cases the last year's overseers were reappointed. In one parish, the tivo persons returned were upwards of 60, and could consequently claim exemption. The Overseers' reasoO for returning them was that there were but three persons JI) the whole parish under sixty, who were in any way fit for the office. The accounts of the parish of Ilston and another parish could not be passed, in consequence of the non fomfd'* ance of the Overseers with an order, that 181. for defraying the expenses of constables, who were employed to watch the GATES during the late Rebecca disturbances, should be contributed by each parish. The Overseer declared that the parishioners positively refused paying the rate, knowing the purpose for which it would he applied. Mr. Attwood informed him, that the only course woulll be to obtain warrants against thepartif* refusing, or he (the Overseer) would he held personally re- sponsible for the amount.—When the Overseers of the Town and Franchise of Swansea handed in their list, the two first names—Mr. G. G. Francis and Mr. James Poigndestre were selected —The Magistrates passed a very high eulogium on the manner in which Messrs. Oakshot and Madge had dis- charged the duties of the office. Not only were the paupers greatly indebted to those gentlemen, hut also the ratepayers, for the great perseverance they had exhibited in collecting the arrears of the poor-rate. Messrs. Oakshot and Madge briefly acknowledged the compliment. The following is the list of Overseers appointed Lishopstone Rowland Hopkin, Griffith Parry. Cheriton George Howell, John Bevan. I'ston. John Williams, William Davies. Landewy Thoinas Corbelt, John Clement. Llangennith Christopher Lewis, Hezekiah Long. Lanmadock Henry Griffiths, David Edwards. Llandilo-talyboot John Thomas, Daniel Phillips. Llanrhidinn Higher Grifiiih Eaton, Daniel Morris. Llanrhidian Lower, Walleston, ) Richard Hopkin, and Killibion$Evan Jenkins. Loughor Borough W illiam Harris, Benjamin Harries. LoughofPari-h. NN-illittni Morris, 'illiltm David. Nicholston S-ininel Griffiths, Richard Phillips. Oxwich George Bidder, David Waller. Oystcrmouth William Bennett, Thomas Presdee. 1 enmaen Thomas Parsey, Johll Curtis. 1 ennard Richard Griffith, # Benjamin Thomas. Penrice Richard Shepherd, Morgan Bevan. Portevnon George Hughes, Isanc Slote. Reynoldstone Daniel Davies, Francis Davies. Knelslon David Thomas, Richard Clark. Rossilly John Thomas, T John Bevsn. St. John s Edward Charles, James Richards. Swansea Higher LlewellynWrilliams. Lower. Morgan Morgan. Town and franchise George Grant Francis. „ James Poigndestre. there was no other business transacted by the Magistrates, as the complaint of a man named Harris and another, against Herbert Edward Evans, Esq for non payment of wages, was dismissed, ifie amount sought to be recovered heingabove 51" and, therefore, not within the jurisdiction of the Magistrates. The Hush eoach-offiee, at Bristol, where an extensive business has been carried on for more than a century, was shut up last week, being unable any lunger to carry on the i contest w ill the railways.