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NEW SARDINES-SEASON 1873. "TT^E have just received our Stock of PhilKpe and Canaud's celebrated brand large size tins W Is. 4d. each. TAYLOR & COMPANY, Sole Agents for W. & A. GILBEY, 6, Castle SqilAre, Wine and Spirit Importers and Distillers, London. SWIIISCI MESSES. PHILLIPS & CO. Are now shewing a most superb Stock of Spring Novelties Combining the three requisites, viz:—Elegance, Durability, and Cheapness, in SILKS, VELVETS, SHAWLS, JACKETS, DltESSES, I MILLINERY, FLOWERS, FEATHERS, 11. STRAW HATS, LACE & FANCY GOODS, COSTUMES AND SKIRTS IN GREAT VARIETIES. __f,qNE-RALS FU-_ISHED. FAMILY Millinery and Dressmaking Departments—Are under the manage- ment of competent and tasty forewomen. Ladies' Underlinen, Baby Linen, and Trimmings, at fully 20 per cent. less than is usually charged. AGENTS FOR DENT'S* UNIVERSAL SHIRTS (6s. 6d. EACH, OR 6 FOR 36s.) AGENTS FOR IE31 O "W E'S MACHINES, "LOS DON HOUSE," CASTLE STREET, SWANSEA, PIANOFORTES, AMERICAN ORGANS, AND IMPROVED MELODY HARMONIUMS, BY THE MOST EMINENT MANUFACTURERS. J BRADER Begs to solicit an inspection of his present NEW STOCK, Selected personally with the greatest care, embracing all the most recent improvements, and which are now offered at greatly REDUCED PRICES, for CASH. SUPERIOR INSTRUMENTS FOR HIRE. ALSO ON THE THREE YEARS SYSTEM OF PURCHASE. The Largest Assortment of Music and Musical Instruments in Wales, suitable for tins Season, also for Presents. 9, "WIND STREET, SWANSEA. | ;tS/ £ XT IM: 33 Hi 13 S THE mermaid, FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL, EVERY ACCOMMODATION FOR VISITORS. W. BAMPFYLDE, Proprietor. An Ordinary Daily at 2 o'clock. Good Stabling & Lock-up Coach House. EVERY MODERN APPLIANCE. WATKIIS, STEAM PRINTER, AND ACCOUNT BOOK MAKER, 4, RUTLAND STREET, SWANSEA, (NEXT TO OYSTERMOUTH RAILWAY). H. IV. lias just purchased a NEW MA OHINE, same as Exhibited at last Exhibition, specially adapted for printing long numbers of Trucle and other Cards I. M. MOSES ANTD SONS, CABINET-MAKERS & UPHOLSTERERS, 7, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA, the aftcntion of the Public to their EXTENSIYE SHOW-ROOMS, containing a LARGE and VARIED I A QSH»RTMENT in the most modern style of ..a.. WARDROBES, in Maho- I gany, l'itchpinc, Birch, Polished Deal, &c. elegant Duchesse Toilet Dressing Tables, and Marble Top Washstands; Bed-room Furniture en suite, hand- some Oval and Shaped Toilet Glasses, Chest Draw- ers, in various woods, kc. BEDSTEADS, in Brass, Iron, Mahogany, Birch, &c. Spring, Hair, Wool, and other Mattresses. Bedding of every description of su- perior make and quality, &c. A large Stock of Iron- mongery for domestic pur- poses, &c. DINING-ROOM SUITES in leather and hair cover- ings, Sideboards with plate glass backs, Dining Tables with patent screws, in all sizes, Book-cases, Easy Chairs, Gilt Pier Glasses, Hall Furniture, &c., kc. DRAWINGROOM SUITES in Rep, Velvet, Damasks, &c. Carved Walnut Chef- fioneers plate-glss backs marble tops, Oval and Shaped Inlaid Tables, Sutherland do., Fancy do., Venetian Blinds made in any colour at 8d. per square foot, &c. —- > T 0 Brussels, Tapestry, and Kidderminster Carpets, I toorcloths, arc., IN THE NEWEST DESIGNS. .8.L- The Bankruptcy Act, 1869. hi the County Court of Glamorganshire, holden at Swansea. IN the matter of Proceedings for Liquidation by Arrangement or Composition with Credit on,^nata- tuted by WILLIAM PERCY LE\\ IS ^reet House, High-street, in the town of Swansea, in tlie County of Glamorgan, General Diaper. PFRCY The Creditors of the above-named H l ERCY LEWIS, who have not already proved their debts, are required on or before the Fifteenth day of September, "1873, to send their names and addresses, and the parti- culars of their debts and claims, with affidavit of proo o debt, to me, the undersigned, JOHN ROBINSON CLARKE, (of the firm of Honey, Humphrys, Baggs & Co.), of No. 28, King-street, in the City of London, Accountant, the Trustee under the Liquidation, or in default thereof they will be excluded from the benefit of the dividend proposed to bo declared. ItiDated this iiOth day of August, 1873. J. R. CLARKE Trustee. The Bankruptcy Act, 1869. In the County Court of Glamorganshire, holden at Swansea. IN the matter of a Special Resolution for Liquidation by Arrangement of the affairs of JOHN PALMER, of Number 3(3, London Road, Hafod-street, Swansea, in the County of Glamorgan, formerly a Grocer, now a Pipe Manufacturer. This is to Certify that Bartlett Phelps Thomas, of 10, Temple-street, Swansea, Accountant, has been appointed ^_nd is hereby declared to be Trustee under this Liquida- tion by Arrangement. Given under my hand, and the seal of the Court, this Twenty-ninth day of August, One liousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-three. r JOHN JONES, I Regis'rar. To Executors, Administrators, &c. III. WAI KINS (late Stamp Office), rTAVIXG had some 12 years' experience in the prepa- Jtl ration of Accounts for the purposes of Adminis- tration and Probate, and in filling up the necessary t Forms for the Payment of Legacy and Succession Dutes, is prepared to undertake the same upon reasonable terms. Valuations made of Real and Personal Property. .Offices: 4, Rutland-street, Swansea, Next door to the Oystermouth Railway fetation. Next door to the Oystermouth Railway Station. Great Western Railway. (\N MONDAY, Sept. 8th, EXCURSION TICKETS I /TTTIOmT^ T> r» T r»Tr n*T II T7> T rTT? r»T>0/~iT w to CHcioTiijXV, x>j.rvJVtLi\ ux r uj.ii vvii, MANCHESTER, and WARRINGTON, will be issued by the Tiain leaving Pembroke Dock at 7'40, Pembroke 7-48, Tenby 8 17, Narberth 8'45, New Milford SolO, Haver- fordwest 8'35, Carmarthen Town 9'30, Ltanelly 6'46, Swansea (Hn;h-streei) 7'50 Neath 8"10, Bridgend 8 27, Cardiff 9"27, Newport 7*10, Merthyr 9"15, Quaker's Yard 9*45, Pontypool Road 7'35, and Abergavenny 8.2, a.m., aTailable to return by certain trains any week day up to the following Monday.—Excursion Passengers will also be booked from Carmarthen Town and Stations following, in the order named, to RHYL and ABERGELE, to return as above. IMPORTANT NOTICE. ON and after MONDAY, Sept. 1st., Passengers will be booked through (via L'aneUy) to Stations between Llanelly and Llandovery by the trains leaving Swansea (High-street), at 4.5, 7 "25, and 9'55 a.m., and 12.15 and 4"4-3 p, m. Through Fares from Swansea to Llandovery, 1st class 6s. 2nd class 4s. 6d. 3rd clasi 3s. For fares and full particulars see Handbills. J. GRIERSON, General Manager. Paddington Terminus. London and Northwestern Railway. Cheap Excursions by the Shortest and most Direct Route, ftKH°S^B«!^niZU5.U(5SSS SJLporrc™«>yi, ing any Week-day up Swansea (Victoria Station) at tember 15th., stating fro^ ? 48 T b 8. l7, 0.15, Pembroke Dock 7.40,^ Jnemb^eart^n'(T. Sta ) 9.50, Narberth 8.4a, Llandysill/.2 anwrty(l 8.9, Garth Llandilo 7.18, Llandovery 7.44, Llanwity > 8.21, Builth Road 8.40, Neath (N. and is. ny t Brecon 7.20, Talgarth 7.48, Three Cocks Junction Llandrindod 8,5!) a.m. For fares and full particulars see Bills. Please be particular when applying for Excursion Tickets to ask for London and North Western Tickets, via the Central Wales Railway. via the Central Wales Railway. By Order. August, 1873. 1 SWANSEA ICE COMPANY, ESTABLISHED 1869. Importers of Norwegian Kohinoor Lake Ice. L ARGE or small quantities sent any distance. ICE HOUSES, ST. HELEN'S, SWANSEA. The Cambrian Concentrated Essence of Smoke, For giving the true Westphalian, or Wood Smoke Flavour, I" to all kinds of Meat, whether Hams, Tongues, Bacon, Beef, or Fish. IN addition to the Salt, it essentially contributes to preserve the articles from decay, while it combines all the advantages of Dry Smoking, without the same liability to become rusty, or to lose in weight, as by the ordinary method. Sold wholesale and retail at The Cambrian office, Swansea at One Shilling and Sixpence per Jar. MESSRS. MASON & CO., STOCK AND SHARE DEALERS, 12, GREAT WINCHESTER STREET, LONDON, E.C. HOLDERS of MINING SHARES difficult of sale in the Open Market may find PURCHASERS for same through Messrs. MASON and CO.'S AGENCY. Every description of Shares Bought and Sold at the best Market Price. Daily Price List on Application. Offices—Oxford Building's, Swansea, and Bank Chambers, Newport. Mumbles Benefit Building Society. MONEY! MONEY! MONEY THE Directors of the above Society are prepared to A^ancb MONRYu1(OII the sh()rtJ -to sums from £ 100 to £ 10,000. For particulars apply to the Secretary, Mr .T ORRIN, Post-office, Mumbles. 0 p October 8th, 1872. j TEETH, FROM SS. EACH. ESTABLISHED 1809. HM. JONES & SON, Surgeon Dentists MOBlf • 19, NORTHAMPTON PLACE, Swansea; invite public attention to tlieu Patented System of Painless Dentistry, which entirely supersedes all others. "—° Their Artificial Teeth, being indestructible never change colour nor decay, and, by their wonderfully lifelike appearance, defy detection, and exactly restore the natural and youthful expression of face. Teeth, from 5s. Sets, from JE5. Terms strictly moderate. Consultation Gratis. A Vacancy for an Articled Pupil. Periodical attendance at Carmarthen and Pembrokeshire For dates see Local Papers. One of the firm daily in attendance at NO. 19, NORTHAMPTON PLACE, SWANSEA. W. MILLS AND Co., WINE AND SPIRIT IMPORTERS, 9, Castle-street, Swansea. SHERRY per dozen, 24s., 30s., 36s., 42s., 48s. MARSALA. „ 18s. PORT „ 24s., 30s., 36s., 42s., 48s. CLARET. „ 12s., 14s., 18s., 24s., 36s. BRANDY (fine old Cognac) per gallon, 22s., 28s. GIN (best London) 12s. 14s. WHISKEY (Irish or Scotch) „ 16s. 18s." GENEVA per dozen, 34s. EAST INDIA PALE ALE. per dozen, 4s. GUINESS'S EXTRA STOUT „ 3s. 6d. CHELTENHAM ALE.9-Gallon Casks, 10s. DUBLIN STOUT. „ ,,12s. 6d. ALLSOPP'S PALE ALE 18 „ „ 30s. „ MILD „ „ „ 21s., 24s., 27s., 30s. SPARKLING CHAMPAGNE CIDER.per doz. qrts., 6s. Every description of Wine and Spirit always in Stock Swansea Union. TO BAKERS, GROCERY, AND OTHERS. PERSONS desirous of CONTRACTING for the SUP- PLY of BREAD, made in 41b. loaves, at per loaf; TEA, at per oz.; and SUGAR, at per lb., for the use of the Outdoor Poor in the Swansea Eastern District, and also for the Supply of the same Articles for the Swansea Western District, for Three Months, commencing on the 25th instant, are requested to send Tenders and Samples to the Workhouse, on or before WEDNESDAY, the 17th instant. The Tender may be for the supply of Bread, Tea and Sugar together, or for one article only; but separate'Ten- ders for each District. Any further particulars required may be ascertained on application to the undersigned. By order, G. B. HAYNES, CLERK 5, Fisher-street, Swansea, 4th Sept., 1873. Swansea Union. TO TRADESMEN AND OTHERS. THE Guardians of the Swansea Union i,m r. Notice to Persons desirous of Contwrf g1^6 supply of the undermentioned Provision* !lg J tJ1G delivered at the orkhouse, Swansea i Vto be Funerals of Paupers for three months' .or tiie the 25th instant, to send in to tL °"lru.0Ilcing oa Guardians Sealed Tenders for the rl £ to the Wednesday, the 17th instant, viz.: °n or before Flour, best seconds,$sack; Butter w i „ Cheese, Welsh, # lb. Beef, (good well f V elsh> lh> quarters, t'f R>; fore quarters, ft y ,e, Ilr'e;it) hind t? lb Australian Mutton and Beef'ner IK m Suet Sugar l:? Ib Peas V? bushel; Currants h? 5 Mustard per lb. Tobacco$lb Snnff > ePPer per lb owt. Starch per ib. Vinegar/quart °?" = best Bristol Soap cwt. New Milk '+ 1rJoacl° per lb. per kil. i^oots and Shoes per puir j01. ciuart Beer children (patterns may be seen at' the \v ,women> and also for the Repair of Boots and Shoes • r> ,Use) » an^ gallon Port Wine$gallon Gin ,'1PT. t'aU1,y at Pei' meal per sack Coal, (through and through) ^at" Tenders for Funerals to be for each of fi^>er,^°n' Officer's Districts of Llandilo-Talybont T? ^elieving Swansea Eastern District, and Swansea wLf ^'angafelach, but the Contractor must undertake tlio i? n ^istrict any Pauper for which a Relieving Officer Unera^» Order, although tkc person may have ,i; send an District contracted for. J 6 aied out of the The Tenders to state the Prices for i ■ Consecrated ground, and also for those in « T 111 ^le crated ground. lle Unconse- Samples of such articles as admit theiw i i. wi+.h the tender. 1 eof to be sent in Security will be required for the due perform™ < each contract. °ruianc« of The several Articles are to be delivered af and in such quantities as the Guardians mav tlmes The Guardians will, upon the 1st Tliuv« 1 •r" month, if application is made to the Cle.-k ^ac!l the Tuesday previous, pay to the Contractor' th °r 0re then due for goods supplied. actol amount G. B. HAYNES 5, Fislier-street, Swansea, Clerk to fhc n 4th Sept., 1S73. 0 the Guardians. JAMES' PRIZE ^IEDA^ recommends itself. STARCH "-F A S^~3PRIZE~ MEDAIT STARTFT ^Wandperfec %soS JAMES' FRENCH pTTT —~ recommends itself. The well.known origin^^mak^ iTT^e"s fren^h-B^ TAMES' EXTRA QUALITY^ Fl^n^ recommends itself. n; f'r, lvli it a trial. JAMES' EXL'HA 'JUAUTY^ VLILINOH"" I.FFC. JAMES' PRIZE MEDAL DOAlF^IiT^ recommends it,elf. __Usenn^P JAMES' PRIZE MEDAL DOME~TRI7T Manufactory: Sutton Road, Plymouth! 14 Nitrate of Soda," IN quantities to suit Buyers' Requirements. Apply to HENKV BATH & SON, Swansea. — [A CARD.] B. SANGUINETTI, T AlLO IR,, & c 57, WIND STREET, SWANSEA. ESTABLISHED 1824. WILLIAM QUICK, DEALER IN Gentlemen, Ladies, and Children's LEFT-OFP WEARING APPAREL No. GO. JtüWER OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA. Tuning tnd Renovating Pianofortes. JOHN BISHOP'S 30th Visit to Swansea will be on or about thei 20th inst. Persons desirous of having their Pianofortei attended to by the Year (Quarterly) will please to send their name and address to the HUDSON HOTEL, St. ]Ma#v-street, when every attention will be paid to their desire. 2, Camden Crescent, Bath. RICHARD MUGFORD, Bright, Black, and Lock-smith, 19, GREENFIELD-STREET, SWANSEA. ALL Orders executed on the shortest Notice, and with the best Materials. N.B.-The best price given for Second-hand Grates, Old Wrought and Cast Iron. The South Wales Continuous Building Society. A NEW SOCIETY on the permanent principles. -No A NEW SOCIETY on the permanent principles.-—No Sale of Sh..res.-No Premiums.—No Ballot.-No Annual Expenses. Parties may join at any time and may obtain immediate Advances for any definite period, from five to fifteen years. Pay Nights—Thursday, Sept. 4th, at the Unitarian Chapel Vestry, at Seven o'clock, and on the 1st Thursday in every month at the same hour. Members enrolled daily from 6 to 8 o'clock in the evening. Apply to the Seretary, T. J. BUSE, 29, Page- street, Swansea. Mercantile Bank of the River Plate (Limited), (Late Commercial Bank of the River Plate (Limited). Office Hours, 10 to 4; Saturdays, 10 to 2. BRANCHES: Buenos Ayres. Monte Video. DRAFTS on Buenos Ayres and Monte Video granted. Bills, Coupons, &c., payable in the River Plate Republics Purchased or Collected. Letters of Credit and Circular Notes for use of Travellers issued. The Purchase and Sale of South American and other Securi- ties, and generally all Banking Agencies in business connected with the River Plate undertaken. Money received on Deposit for Six Months and upwards. CH.RAPHAEL, Manager. WHY DO BLACK SILKS WEAR SO BADLY Is a question there is often too good reason for asking and in order to remove the occasion for this frequent complaint, coll, JOLLY & SON, SILK MERCERS, BATH, have entered into arrangements with eminent Lyons and Spitaliields Manufacturers to produce for them several qualities and makes of BLACK SILKS, any of which may be purchased with the certainty that it will wear well; for these goods Jolly & Son hold themselves respon- sible, and each Dress will be stamped with a distinct guarantee. Paterns post free. REGULAR LINE OF PACKETS FR0M Swansea to Valparaiso, Coquimbo, and Caldera. THE undersigned intend despatching first-class Ships at Monthly intervals for the above-named Ports. Next departure- A Vessel at an early date. For full particulars of rates of Freight and Passage apply.to HENRY BATH & SON, Swansea, and Gresham House, London, E.C. "WEST-OP ENGLAND jpllRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. Established at Exeter, 1807. CAPITAL, £ 000,000. TRUSTEES: Ri<rht Hon. Earl of Devon. I Right Hon. Earl of Morley. THirlrt Hon. Earl Fortescue. I Sir T. D. Acland, Bart., M.P Sir J. T. B. Duckworth, Bart. LOAN DEPARTMENT. Loans of not less than £100 granted for a limited number of years at five per cent. per annum-repayable by instalments—upon approved Personal Security, in conjunction with Life Policies. CHARLES LEWIS, Secretary and Actuary: Cardiff Proprietary School Company (Limited) Capital je6,000, in 300 Shares of k20 each, Of which upwards of £3,000 has already been subscribed. COUNCIL. The Very Rev. T. Williams, Dean of Llandaff. Lieut.-Col. J. F. D. C. Stuart, M.P., London. R. O. Jones, Esq., Fonmon Castle. Major T. Picton I'urberville, Ewenny Abbey. W. Alexander, Esq., Cardiff. J. Cory, Esq., Cardiff. C. W. David, Esq., Cardiff. J. P. Ingledew, Esq., Cardiff Rev. D. Howell, Cardiff. W. Taylor, Esq,,M.D., Cardiff. E. J. Wait, Esq., Cardiff, E. W. Griffith, Esq., Solicitor to the Company. John Morgan, Esq., Secretary. THE rapid growth of the town of Cardiff and its suburbs during the last 20 years has rendered the establishment of a School for imparting first-class educa- tion an urgent necessity. Unlike most towns, it possesses no old foundation available for the pui pose, and the want can only be met by private enterprise. To supply the need, a Company has been formed and registered under the provisions of the Limited Liability The capital will be £ 6,000, consisting of 300 shares of j620 each. Upwards of half this amount has already been subscribed. Pupils will be admitted to the School upon the nomi- nation of shareholders, each share conferring the privi- lege ef one nomination. The Head Master will be a graduate of Oxford or Cambridge, and he will have suck a stipend as will ensure the services of a scholar of acknowledged reputation. The entire management of the undertaking will be vested in the Council, three of whom will retire annually by rotation with the right to offer themselves for re- ^Aifsoon as the necessary arrangements can be made, nitable school premises will be erected, and, from in- quiries made regarding other institutions, it is believed that the capital named will amply provide all the accom- modation that will be required.. An appropriate site, centrally situate within the hmufcs modation that will be required. An appropriate site, centrally situate within the hmufcs of the borough of Cardiff, will be selected for the erection. o For the benefit of parents not resident in Cardiff, it is proposed to give to the Head Master and others the right to take boarders at their own houses. Pending the erection of the building, efforts will be made to obtain temporary premises, so that pupils may be received at the commencement of the Autumn Term. Every effort will be made to found scholarships for the benefit of the pupils. The increased appreciation of the value of education generally and the great success of kindred establishments in all parts of the country, as well as the very flattering reception already accorded to this project, afford the best guarantee for its success. Shares and all information may be obtained on applica- tion to the Secretary, 45, Parade, Tredegarville, Cardiff. A Fortune for a Trifle, £25,000 for J61. F'JLL PARTICULARS of this most advantageous money speculation, guaranteed by Government, will be sent' Free on application, enclosing a stamped directed envelope to JOHN FOSTER, Esq., 8, Craig's!Court, Charing Cross, London, S.W, ",i ¡ MISS LANGDON, (Pupil and Assistant of the late Miss E. Bedford), I' | BEGS to announce to the Gentry and Inh«bitants of Swansea, that her Classes in Dancing, Deportment, and Calisthenics, will be Resumed at the Music HALL, Swansea, on WEDNESDAY, October 1st; and at the CASTLE HOTEL, Neath, on THUKSDAY, October 2nd, 1873. Terms on application at Miss DAMP S, Heathfield street, Swansea.. Dancing and Deportment. MADAME GOODMAN WEBSTER BEGS most respectfully to announce that she lias made arrangements to reside in Swansea for the Winter Season, at 2, BRUNSWICK TERRACE, St. Belen's Road. The term to commence on the 1st Oct-ober. Schools and Families attended. Evening Classes will be held for the practice of the Spring Waltz Galop and Hall-room Dances. Present communications to be addressed to Madame GOODMAN WEBSTER, Southend, Essex. August 25th. 1873. Swansea -Bank. (Limited) &c. MESSRS. SIDXEY OLD, DOWN, & Co. ale prepared to negotiate Sales and Purchases of Shares in the above Bank, and other Load Companies. Address, 5, Prospect-place, Swansea. Conservative Objections to Liberal Voters. ALL Liberals whose names are OBJECTED to by the CONSERVATIVE AGENTS are desired to put themselves in communication with Mr. T. H. DA VIES, Swansea, who renders any information and assistance GRATIS. WATCH GLASSES AT 6,1. EXTRA STOUT Is. 0,1. FOR CRYSTAL WATCHES .is. 6d. FITTED WHILE WAITING, AT GEO. MARTIN'S, 14, WIND STREET, S W ANSEA. e;:¡¡ No C<'nn(,ct'un wrli any other House. The Swansea Laboratory and School of Chemistry, Orange Street, Swansea. CONDUCTED BY WI L L I A M 1\1 0 R G A N., PH. D., F.C.S., Analytical and Consulting Chemist. Food, Water, Commercial Products, Ores, Merals, Soil-, Manures, &c., &f., Analysed and Assayed. LESSONS GIVEN IN CHEMISTRY. Terms on application. V A Vacancy for an Articled Pupil. ESTABLISHED 1839. HENRY BONNETT, IN returning thanks for the kind patronage bestowed upon his late Father for over 33 years, begs to state that he intends continuing the Business under the style of F. BONNETT & SON, as heretofore, and hopes by strict attention to all Orders entrusted to his care, combined with the most reasonable charges, consistent with good work, to merit a liberal share of support. H. B. at the same time would call attention to the vast improvements lately made upon the premises, enabling him to exhibit a most varied and extensive assortment of Gas Fittings, Paper Hangings, &c., &c. Baths fitted with Hot and Cold Water on perfectly safe principles. Hot-houses, Conservatories, Public Rooms and Buildings, &c., heated on the most economical and efficient plans. ESTIMATES GIVEN. Address— F. BONNETT & SON, Plumbers, Decorators, Glaziers, Copper Smiths, Rell-hangers,&c.,&c., 32, Fisher Street, Swansea. O ~| OA SALARY, with a COMMISSION and c £ JL EXPENSES inourrcd in Travelling. On the above terms an established Li'e Assurance Society have a VACANCY for a LOCAL MANAGER at Swansea. Address (in Srst instance), "Manager," care of J. D. Peard, Esq., 25, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, W.C. If otherwise eligible a preference will be given to a candidate who is prepared to invest £ 60 in the capital of the Company. Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, &c. Ã. MARTIN, (LATE KERN), RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends and the Public of Swansea, and South Wales generally, that since succeeding to the above business he has entirely Refitted the Shop-premises, and laid in a New and well-selected STOCK of GOODS, consisting of WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELLERY, &c., and numerous articles suitable for WEDDING PRESENTS. A. M. begs to state that his Son, C. MARTIN, waits upon parties in the town and country, for the Repair of Clocks, &c., and is now the only Representative travelling for the Establishment. Address :— A. MARTIN, 195, High-street. Swansea. ANDREW MARTIN, (LATE KERN) WATCHMAKER, JEWELLER, &c., 195, HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA, BEGS to inform his Friends and Customers that CONSTANTINE KLEISER, of the Mumbles, his late traveller, has been DISCHARGED from his EMPLOY, and has no authority to receive Monies on his behalf. A. M. requests all Customers to pay all sums due to him to his Son, C. MARTIN, who will also receive all Orders with which his Friends will kindly entrust him, and the same shall receive prompt attention. 21st July, 1873. STAFFORD COLLEGE, DARTMOUTH PARK, FOREST HILL, (Near Crystal Palace) London, S.C. Head Master—Mr. CROSS, late of Bridgend. Mathematics, &c.—A. G. WATKINSON, Esq., London University. French—Monsr. RAECKELBOOM. German-Dr. EUPHRATE, M.A., Ph.D., &c. Drawing, Painting, &c.-J. L. KENWORTHY, Esq., F.S.A., F.R.G.S., &c. Assistant in ditto-J. ROLFE, Esq., Medalist of the Royal Academy. Professor of Dancing-J. SEATON, Esq., Royal Italian Opera House. The College will RE-OPEN on the 11th of SEPTEMBER. THE Residence for Boarders is replete with every requisite for convenience and health. In every detail the Head Master studiously provides the necessi- ties for securing a sound condition of bodily vigour, and the safe means of correct education. It is not, however, proposed to extend the number of Pupils beyond that for which the present complete arrangements are found ample. Sixty in all is the number now provided for, and Mr. Cross regrets that he has been compelled to decluie numerous offers of Pupite recently made to hiom It is believed that there will be two Vacancies on the 11th of September, and these will be filled according to priority of application. PROVINCIAL INSURANCE COMPANY WREXHAM AND LONDON. ESTABLISHED, 1852. CAPITAL, £200,000. THE LIFE ASSURANCE FUND At 31st December, 1862, was jg51298 Do. do. 1867, ,,£116,36{ Do. do 1872, ,,£177,302 FIRE INSURANCES Effected at moderate rates of premium. CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD .— THOMAS BARNES, ESQ., Of the Quinta, Salop, and Farnworth, Lancashire. ROBERT WILLIAMS, SECRETARY. Applications for Agencies are invited to the Setaecrry. COLONIAL ASSURANCE CORPO^ATSSZ* c (Limited), 89, Cannon Street, London, E.C. 56, George St., Edinburgh 18, Grafton St., Dulfc. This Corporation is Ihe only Office in the UotaL Kingdom which issues Policies combining LiC, *i n yimi with Accident Insurances. PHILIP SAYLE, F.S.S., F.R.H.S., General :\Iaa..lfl& Swansea. School Board. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. THE above School Board is prepared to TFNDERS for the EREC L ION of a PUILIff ELEMENTARY SCHO JL (with Residences) far » Children, at DAN Y GRAIG, St. Thomas, Swansea. The phms and specification are to be seen at the OS« of the Surveyor, Mr. G. HARMAN, 2, Pleasant- Swansea. The Tenders must reach the Clerk. « ä before THURSDAY, the 25th day of Septemoer isttaett endorsed thus -"Tender for Dan-y- Graig Board and addressed to the Clerk of the School BotnL* -3% Rutland-street, Swansea. The Board does not bind itself to accept the lovaftrac any Tender. E. SIDNEY HARTLAND, CLetfa- Dated 3rd September, 1873. HEREFORD MUSICAL FESTIVAL, SEPTEMBER 9th, 10th, 11th and 12. x, lg?i, MORNING. Tuesday—ELIJAH. Wednesday—JEPHTHAH k ROSSINI'S STAB.\ r ;'Læ.. (SUT F. OUSELET'S HAGAB, Thursday < DR. WESLEY'S NEW WO:K A;id (.SPOHR'S CHRISTIAN'S PKAY.VC, Friday—MESSIAH. EVENING. Tuesday—CONCERT, Shirehali. Wednesday-" ST. PAUL," Cathe Iral. Thursday -CONCERT, Shireliall. Friday—CHAMBER CONCERT, t^hirehall. THE AUSTRALIAN MEAT AGENCY (TALLIIPHS'SP COMPANY (LIMITED). Capital JE150,000 in 30,0>0 Shares of t.) E.ijh, H yáL Chairman—J. R. STEERING, Esq., J. P., SouthsKJOEA^- Managing Director-D. TALLERMAN, Esq. Bankers-Alliance Bank (Limited), Barthc l-.m ex- Lane, E.C, Offices-113, Cannon-street, E.C., London. APPLICATIONS are invited for 2 500 shares i-eisfSSw last issue at par. The net profits on the pusi áJIifi year's operations were 16 per cent., and th, dzrj&s# declared at the rate of 10 per cent, per anm.nt. t'asm- pectuses and forms of application for shai\ mi j 1M: obtained from the Bankers and at the Uiiloea d .1.1 Company. Edward Barton, deceased. PURSUANT to tlu- Twenty-ninth Section of the JkH of Parliament of the 22nd and 23rd V'k.tanot, Chapter 35, intituled "An Act to further ;i-ues< 1:1c Law of Property and to relieve Trustees NOTICE is hereby given, that all Creditors and >n&sr Persons having any claims or damands upon or .ssxijgdw the Estate of EDWARD BARTON, late- (If P«-.t&s- Bruce, near Swansea, in the County of < Esquire, who died at Park-le-Bruce, afore*- », ear dts 18th (iay of July, 1873, and whose Will Wtl uly ptvrwfi by LOUISA BARTON, of Park-le-Bruce, aforesaid, in the principal Registry of Her Majest\i G<rtö.rt « £ Probate, on the loth day of August, 1^73, ..re ktsa&j- required to send in writing the particulars of "h ir eStjiEf or demands to the undersigned, BEUR & BAI.VES, UXW. Solicitors of the said Louisa Barton, at the OrH 'e > £ fee said Messrs. Beor and Baines, No. 17, \ork Swansea, in the County of Glamorgan, on or befcis S&ES 15th day of September next. And Notice is given, that at the expiration of the last-nieiitiouo« £ fast the said Louisa Barton will proceed to distribute t&e assets of the said EDWARD BARTON amongst >:ie JFARAESB entitled thereto, having regard to the claims of wtict dw, said Louisa Barton has then had notice, and that lit." Louisa Barton will not be liable for the asse's. c: 1;11f part thereof, so distributed, to any person of wi ,,terk»E the said Louisa Barton has not had Notice at the túM dE the distribution. Dated this 28th day of August, 1873. BEOR & IiAIrfJLS, Solicitors of the said Louisa GLAMORGANSHIRE. THE following Presentments were made *-i ive: General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for tfee County, on TUESDAY, the First day of JULY, 1873r— GLAMORGANSHIRE. To the Justices assembled at the Gener..1 Q;zQ-fAL- Sessions of the Peace holden at Cardiff, in and ffiar the said County of Glamorgan, on the Firs. daf July, One Thousand Light Hundred and ievexip- three. We, GRIFFITH PHILLIPS, Esquire, and HEN::yTjnaaae LEE, Clerk, two of Her Majesty's Justices ol our La. the Queen, assigned to keep the Peace in tl.e COEMJ 4 Glamorgan, and also to hear and detenm-ie &*asw Felonies, Trespasses, and other Offences done and mitted in the said County, upon their own proper fcw»- ledge, present that the County Gaol and Hou- of (;4,-im- tion, situate in the town of Cardiff, in the said L IS insufficient, inconvenient, and inadequate to ire to the Rules and Regulations prescribed by le Pcisvr Act, 186-5." And the said Justices further i e,cift tixfc the said Prison ought to be enlarged. I.i *esiia>mxg thereof, we, the said GRIFFITH PHILLIPS a d THOMAS LEE have to these presents set our -lam?* .rafi seals this First day of July, in the year of our Lars! (THB Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-three. GRIFFITH PHILLIPS, (L.&> H. T. LEE. (L.S,J GLAMORGANSHIRE. To the Justices assembled at the Genei .d Qcsrte: Sessions of the Peace holden at Cardiff. in and f-Ar the said County of Glamorgan, on the Fir., dij" <st July, One Thousand Eight Hundred and SeveeSy- three. We, PASCOE ST. LEGER GRENFELL and TREVILLIAN JENKIN, Esquires, two of he, Justices of our Lady the Queen, assigned 1> keep Dr Peace in the County of Glamorgan, and also r ■ hear a2.f determine divers Felonies, Trespasses, and ot! er OSiessec done and committed in the said County, upo their awa proper knowledge, present that the Prison an Hol.tr. £ Correction, situate in the town of Swansea, n th.£ sag County, is insufficient, inconvenient, and in; equate tit give effect to the Rules and Regulations pi s^ribei The Prison Act, 1865." And the said Justices fsr^aor present that the said Prison ought to be er nrged. la; testimony thereof, we, the said PASCOE. T. La £ SK GRENFELL and JOHN TREVILLIAN JENKIN ha\e to ihasr presents set our names and seals this First day of J-wl-y, in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight HuiiiiaaS and Seventy-three. P. S. L. GRENFELL, (L.S".| J. TREV. JENKIN. :L.8.1 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the said sereaC Presentments will, at the next General Quarkr of the Peace, to be holden at Swansea, in and I or the ztiz County, on TUESDAY, the 14th day of OCTOBER, at half-past Twelve of the clock in the afr^ruoot, km taken into consideration by the Justices then and tfceac assembled, and that such orders will then be niaje n may be deemed expedient. Dated this 1st day of September, 1873. THO. DALTON, Clerk of t'ie Peace. Dicey's Squire's Original Grand Elixir. THIS invaluable Medicine speedily removes all hxA Colds, with their attending Symptoms of Pains and Soreness of the Stomach proceeding from C441 and Coughing, and is 'dso a most severeig re reedy is easing Rheumatic pains in the Limbs or Joints, in ■wfcias complaint it has been L. surprisingly successful as to been recommended by several eminent Physicians, fe- It gives speedy and lasting Ease in the most violent Fix of the Gout, Stone, or Gravel, and renders the Funcfcor- of the Body regular, by removing Flatulency, Aches, Tremblings, Paintings, itc. tWSee that the words "DICEY & Co." are engrarofi on the stamp affixed over the cork of each bottle. Price k. Of whom may also be had Dr. Radcliffe's Elixir. For a General Alterative Medicina, this valuable nutic stands unrivalled and the Public cannot have recoetr*c to a more efficacious Remedy, as a Purifier of the Me-61 from all Humours, whether contracted by too free liping or from Jaundice, Surfeits, Scurvy, or Humours after tilr Measles or Small Pox, &c. For all Obstructions in Intestines, and for the Cure of Worms in Children, ej Adults, it will be found equally serviceable. It agsipte Digestion, strengthens the Stomach, and has been fosaai of infinite service to those who take long Voyages u a preservative agaimst the Scurvy. Ijgf Observe the words Dicey < £ • Co." are prints the Stamp affixed to each bottle, as Counterfeit. offered for sale in almost every t»wn. Sold by W. SUTTON & Co. (late DICEY B 10 BowChu^hYari, W»«, it MediS.. ye»der8Pn'aPal Sfl