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Blue Lias Lime, White Lime, Limestones, and Silicious Fire Cement. B DANIEL, JONES, k Co. are prepared to • Supply the above-named articles at all Railway Stations. Stormy Works, Pyle, near Bridgend. Average passage to Bristol 28 hours. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN Liverpool, Milford, Swansea,' and Bristol For the AUGUST, MONTH of 1873. THE Liverpool and Bristol Channel Steam Navigation Company's Steam Ships HEPTARCHY, Capt. J. BLAMPIED. > 73ACOK C»M. work ?T. A NTAG3NET Capt. W. LUCK. 'AMES KENNEDY ..Capt. J. BARNES. IS A .Ctr). J. » STJVLTGHT alu<. J. RELPH 4.GFE3 JACK .c, G. BARRETT. •1 J GU C. PHAROS Captain BECKKTT. PEMBROKE Capt. THOMAS. jTE-V SHIP ( RuilrTine). xTe inten, le(I to sail (unless prevented by any unforeseen occurrence) as follows :—(with or without Pilots, and liberty to Tow Vessels. jom LIVERPOOL to MILFORD, BRISTOL, and SWANSEA. Aug. 3ATPRDAT 2n* •• 3 after. Saturday • •• 9th 10 even. SATURDAY • •• 16th 3j after. SATURDAY 23rd 10 even. SATURDAY" 30th 14 after. From FUISTOL to SWANSEA, MILFORD, and LIVERPOOL. Au?. ri"E=T>AV 5th 3 after. TrE-r>Av 12th 8 even. Tuesday l'-Hh 3$after. Tuesday :26th S even. TUESDAY — v i- <• VSF> in "lILFOR)) f.lV ERPOOL Aug. fl"EDXE~r'iY 6th 2t after. ir^vvsnAV 13th seven,. Wednesday 20th .• 3 after. TTEDNTSDAY 27th 7 even. ^"EDNESPAY — .W: rpfivfi* hv t?- *bovf> VfraTTC" S „ '<,? N'fr-vi. Cardiff. Llac»llv, RYeter. Bath. Devixr-, Tiiocfnrd, "'tornraSer. ftc 3!1t1 a" •' e ;1' ,),»• £ ri»to1 Channel. ith every jwwihle H»-. »!v? rrp* "f T';p qrr.71V "OrTH W. S .S ''im Swansea f.->r P*< • ITW »TI(- TVr. 'VPrv W^dn*!«da V. retimicz <!— Livrrpo"! to Bristol. Cahin 12s. Cd.. D«k 6* ".rr^rDon] to M:,fr*rd or Sw^r^pa 'chidim? Post-hire ), PaHir it fid ^scV S*. Swansea t-» L>»» rpfx>l, 1. T)erk R,1 CaHir s 5s. 6d., TVcV, 3s 6tl. Rri"to1 to Milforrt. VOID Heck —Swansf,* MilforH. CNhir, *r\ 1. —Swnrsea to T.iv^rpool, Pahin t2s. 6d., Drck 6*. -i?p;i!rv î"1t"'1¡pt.. -vvisMp for tWO voy*«e in ,v > e 1,1 from th4\ Hnrterver.t'on* Agen, or r T<iverr-a!t to ^nforr! — T-iv^rnool to Bri-tr, j •> PrUtr' >n MTfoH 'nrifb rv. ricn of laadir-7 1, -•«* rr»n7!sr<»,i ti f%kf- ,.h'!1"qe of thn?r mw-i PIP cb;-p > of re«- P\ H:!Y way- f.r :t, Goods intended for the above Steamers from Liverpool must; he at the Trafalgar Dock two hours before the time of sailinpr. -nrri; ,c. m> T)aniel Morgan, "t-r-t 'i!if' Mr. Of-O. H i,1 ve:1; ()>i: tm.-> 7\r \Tr Jn'-r> i, RU'n/Wrfj P-ltT, I. V<'T- ./<hn Phillips, Milford. NOTICE.— Shortest and Cheapest Route from Swansea to Bristol. Average Passage 5 hours. Reduced through Pates between Bristol, Aberdare, ?>lil!-street, Hirwayn, Olyn-Neath, Ystalyfera. Pontar- ftawe. Cly,lach, Glai?, rontardulais, Llanelly, I-Lmdilo, Llandovery, and Carmarthen, per Mr. Pockett's Steamers and Railway. XOTICE.-Passengers Fares from Swansea to Bristol- Best Cabin, 5s. 6d., Fore Cabin 3s. 6d. r<> \r \rrr\;cA T'O v IKTWEKN til Padsto-^ and r?j5tOi, Wadebrid^e TH ■ vrfY AUG.. '73 Hsarv Ser cu.mi E. s„ Edwin Jackson, Caciaian^e •* y r.-e c-' :valos" :3, WtU. Pockett, TsVlndrn," r>s r>,» ibov Steam Packets arc irtenicJ ro Sail t. fo lows 3*)r.*> r»-fv«r-;«H bv any aaforaeen occurrence, with iiher y to to*- vf3sels. S-VANSKA AND BRISTOL. Prinr. SW^N»IA lO Bristol. ITOID Bristol to Swansea. Aug. Aug. 1 Fridav ('t\'elin.) 7 30 a.m 2, Sat. (Yelin.) 12 noon ,iy 5 s -m 2, Saturday 1 30 p.m 5, Tuesday 3 30 p'm 5, Tnesrtpv (*Velin) 11 50 a.111 I 7. Thur. (Velin.) 6 0 a.m 5. Friday" (n elin) 3 Op.m, 9, Sat. (Velin.) 7 30 a.m a, Saturday 9 15 p. m i 12, Tuesday 9 0 a.m t2, Tuesday (-Venn) 5 40 a.m 114, Thur. (Velin. 11 0 a.m 15, Friday ("Velin) 7 45 a.m 16, Sat. (Velin.) 12 Onoon 16, Saturday .2 0 p.m 19, Tuesday ..4 0 a.m 19, Tuesday ("Velin) 12 40 p.m 21, Thur. (Velin.) 6 0 a.m 22, Fridav (*Velin) 3 0 p.m 23, Sat. (Velin) 7 30 a.m Saturday 8 45 a.m 26, Tuesday 9 0 am 26. Tuesday (*Velin) 4 50 a.m 28, Thurs. (Velin) 10 0 a.m 29, Friday ('Velin.) 6 20 a.m 30, Saturday (Velin) 11 0 a.m 30. Saturday 12 15 p.m • One Tide. Ke/reshments to tie had on board. FARES.—From Swansea to Bristol, Best Cabin, 3s. 6d., Fore Cabin 3s. 6d. Horses, 7s. Gigs, 9s. Photons. 12s. Carriages, 17s. 6d. Dogs, 2s. 6d. Cattle. 6s. and 7s.