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^Ve beg to direct the attention of our readers to a c°nitnti!iie!itii>n, addressed byonr respected Representative, J. H. Vivian, Esq., to the. Ratepayers of" (Jower, which will foiuid in our fourth p»gf aJlli which Ileats oi niHttnrs ot the greatest interest and importance to the ratepayers and other inhabitants of the Principality at large, at the present moment. It is stated on authority, that as soon as the neces- SH.r.V forms are prepared, the Rev. William Bruce Knight ;;i"i he collated to the Deanery of Llandaff, by the Loid lollop of the Diocese, and that the Rev. Thomas Williams, "ecior of Lanvaplev, will be instituted to the Archdeacomy of N-mlaff. The Jiev. Thomas Lewis Williams is to be instituted 'he v8C(iri, Vic«raKe of MatJierne, and the Re*. Maedonahl "el, to the Rectory of Caerwent, in the county of Mon- nionti,. Tlie Rev. David Saunders, of Brighton, has returned 'en ppr cp, l0 bis tenants in Wales, for the past year. Swansf.a Savings' Bank..—From a statement of the areoi)i)ts of this excel'ent institution, it appears that the 'eceipts for the year, eonelndinn on the 20th inst., amounted to upwards of 13.6501., heing an increase over the last year ^ndinj/ ilt the same period, of 330L The amount of balance III stork at present is 62,048/ showing all increase over the preceding vea, of 2.4G9J. The number o! account show a eorirsponding increase. It would be an act of supeiero^a- Ion on our part to descant on the benefits arising to our ".orkill!! popnlaiion fio;n the eas'ablis ment of this institu. ,'°n; suffice it to sav, having the supervision of some ol the "iost respect ;ble i'enilemen of the to«n and uei>>libouihood, If Consequently ensu es a safe deposit for the savings of the "iidnstrioiis and cwiolul mechanic and working man. »Sw.4\siiA Mechanics' Institution.— I he Annual General Meeting of the ah .ve Institute v\ as held on Monday evenirv' list, at the Society-rooms, in Goat-slreet. The chair hating (recti takPII by one of the niembr rs, the meeting P'oceeded to the consideration of amending and rescinding *orue of the rules. TIIÎ" havini: been disposal of, the election office is then took place, when Lewis LI. Diilwytt, Esq., esiilent, Richard Aubrey,Esq., and G. G Bi id, Esq., [VI. O., vicf-Pr(.vi.|c„'s,wcre uniVmionsly re elected for the ensuing J ear, and the folio Mini persons were CIIOSPII on the per- n,anent Commit'ee — Mr. John .Jenkins, M.A., IMr. James lu)jrp,«; .'Mr, Moore, Mr. Holder, Mr. Richard Evans, and ^lr. D ivi:! Lewi. Mr. John Lewis, printer, was solicited to 'ertake the office of Secretary. A »ote of thanks hating ''sen .voted to the chairman, tlie meeting separated. Front tht' piocei'dings ot the evening, it cannot tint lie gratifying 'o tlie t'i iends of education, e-peci dly to the supporters of "'is useful institute, to learn, thai it is steadily progressing. Of laic. the number ot members have materially augmented, anI! the attendance of mechanics at the readiug-room have 8,!isiact> t ily incieased. The iooni is comfortably lighted, and well sup-died with useful publications and daily and Weekly new spapn s, v-ithatfat library, replete with the "lost popular works. The a1 lisan may here, after the toils (,f the <lav (instead of continuing a mere unreflecting; ma- ♦'bine), learn and understand the design and theory of the H"ik he is helping to complete in the great scale of society — broncjlii to see that knowledge tacilita'es labour will be e"ab!ed to avail himself of sucii suggestions, by thp perusal Of the different books, wh:ch the experience of oilier men Itlay furnish;—and, what is incomparably more, by the j ''equij.iiifiii ol such useful knowledge, and ftO'O llic inci ease<i "ieaus of enjoyment which it opens, they will keep pace wi:" tllolie who are a-lvancio^ in practical iufotmaiiou, and eon- Soqueniiv, in teipeciaiiili' v, influence, an,1 woitli thus t'onfei ring bcuetits, not only ou ihemseln'S, but their fellow- tiicn. ° eslkyan Missions, g R I!)!; I' NI).- A public meeting the B i idijenil brancli of Ibis society was held in the English Wesb'van Chapel, on Tnesd'ty last, Lewis, Esq., tile chair. The resolutions were moved and Seconded i,y tiie Revs. j. H. Walker and C. Tucker (the Deputation fiom t'f Society), J. James (Baptist), J. Russell, and J. Fletcher 1111«1 by \ic„sis. Brown (of Cardiff). and H. Price, of Great ^ranrpton iionse. The Re v. C. Tucke', who has been for twelve teats a Missionary i;1 the Fiiendly Isiaiuis, cave a 'Host intet r stiijg acconut o' the niodern tiiomphs ot ditist- i -nitv in ;hat paitofihe Mi-sioti field, and shewed various IItlleles of native dress and mautit ciure and alsa a neck- lace of human teeth from Feejee, tnkell tiom tliose who ba heen slain in ()att!e,aii I afterwards eaten. The attendance Was numerous and respectable, and the con 11 ibu lions li be i ai. Tindy — At the late election of Town Councillors for this borough. Mr. Gailicke, Captain J. I'ees, and Mr. E. Allen, were thoset) in the t twin of Messrs. Jones and H utiles, ^1 r. Allen heiu^ i e-eli'Cle'f. t C. Wells, Esq. ot Tenbv House, and Cookes V:lk, Pertaily, was unanimously elected 1\1a)'or of iiie.Town for the ensuiuK year, being the third Successive year of his holding that ofhee. N'uvn, ay "F (!i;v.J'r,\t, D'tif.s.— On Saturday IJidJt last, about forty females.led by a woman \\1:0 (> cvt a lio-n, assembled around the house of a taslor '('sitlin^ near Pon'ardul ds, and who was in the habit of lathf v di tis ni; his tiet tor half. The party (tn use their own *'xprrssion) cave "snip" notice that, "as he made but a x1)1,1 Mttihodi.sf," mil: ss lie would lei'o.m, they would nojoii 11) fn dip adjoiiin^ liver, and ''make a Baptist of him." The tailor iicb u^ed to the former denomination. J\ Svddkn Death. — On Saturday last, VIr. Thomas ^^oiijan, ot Caergwinaf, Llant tissent, in rhi. county, suil- denly expired on th ■ toa near that place, while on his I'. a v 'o a fiiend's house, to \i horn he intended paying a visit. J he deceased was 87 tea s ol ag", and was higiilv respected, v 's •'>•»» a lit tie rema'kable. that Mr. Morgan's fathei, trr nd- father, attd jri-i at grand:'a:het, e\pii < d under similar rir tim- sttnee-'( Ira, ing suddenh met I!i: ir deaths vt hen on the road. t DUrfl BY iMU!— Vt A her. st nil ii, o-r lite fitli in-t" 1,1f' daughter of John Jones, mariner, was left in the boose, n^'ar-the Tabernacle, whi:e tqt- mother visited a neighbour. he cries of the < l;i!d brouuht 11>■■ i'.ibaidiaots ot the stiect to her aid, who, rin l:nir h*'1 enveloped in fiimes, e\ti uyr, d them, but sj)o ex;-iti I on Sunday. I' ::k Accint'sr.-—ivcat alarm I'-rcvat'ed at ^•eniivr, on Mynd-iv se'nni.di:, in conserpreuce ol a repo> t having rraclied the inhabit itils that seven "f the colliers had '"■f n hat n: in shockinir m ii!)"i at Ctvio Baraoed eollii-ry, the property of Sir J ,I. Guest, Hart. E eiv alt.'iition Wits {'aid th"ui !>•- the snr-eon o! tlo- Works, Mr. White, an his assis ant. tvhicli wc hope will be the means ol satins; the |">or■ fVib.w s' lites..Many of them have lar^e tamides de- peii.tiij.T 0; ¡ rbetii (0 r sustenance. ')'. S i\oN AM) T i1 E Svn t vfjrit !— t a "tc-iing of the iju,ii dians of' llie A berav run I" men, on '<' 15'h i:ts! an 'he board adverting to a proposi ion that was odeied at a late meeting on Ihe borders of the county, 1 bat no Ell- gli-'hoiao should hp cieik to a Union in ales It was resolved unanimously by the (welve euardians present — i'h it b.,ttcver they in it i e-:ret that M r. i^iey, tIteir <erk (the only Ec'.dision in tid'ovvinj he olil 'e in South M',de») does not speak ;!ie Wilsli I tii;;u >»< Ihey value his 8ertices too highly to >ti.<ii for ant change, and tune ihe ex perieece of nearly set en t ears of his punctual habits of business, IInd rf'gI1L"i'y in ("1IIdnctiIlQ tile accounts aild I htisinehs of tSic Union, t tiev hope lip vt id continue to hold the Situation as ion:! as it shall I K1." Signed hv F. D. Saunders, r'haii m,m John Lloyd, V.C., Llanbad'ai n tref Eglvvys; havirl Lewis, Llauarth; John Davies, Llaudissilo Cogo Thongs Evans, Llanarth; Joseph Pugli, Llanaichaeroti Thomas Jones, Lhmilwch da II Evan Jones, Llandewi Alieratlh; John Evans, Dih"wid John D ivies, Cyriglwyt J j John Evans, Liallilla; David Dav es, Cilie Aeron, parish i guardians.— VVtishman. I I TEn Disturbances in Wales and THE LONDON Times Reporter.—We perceive in the IfflifctiwH of last week a proposition to present a piece of plate to the reporter of the Times, for his conduct in setting before the public the many grievances under which the farmers in the disturbed districts laboured, and for the fearless- and independent manner in which he furnished to the important journal ot which he is the repiesentaiive, the proceedings which have taken place. We are given to understand that the gentleman about to be so complimented is Mr. J. G. Powell, of Biistol, to whose exertions and conduct during the whole of the unfortunate distnrbatAJes, we are proud to bear our most unqualified approbation and praise. HEUECCA Again1. —On Monday night the 'oil-gate situated between Bellws Gwerfil Goch and the Holyhead lfoad, called the Manly gate, within five miles ofCorwen, in the parish of Llangw m, in the county of Denbigh, belong- ing to the Rala trust, was entirely taken away, the posts parted with a saw, and a note put under the door, informing the toll-keeper that the breach was committed by Sister Rebecca, with a caution against placing another in that neighbourhood. "tV EI.SH TOLLS-A surgeon who resides at Crick- 11oweI!, Hreconshire, had to visit a patient at Tre-tower, a distance of three miles. It cost him Is. 6.1. tolls for his horse and gig, his fee for attendance being only 3s. Gil.—Corres- pondent of Morning Chronicle. Special Commission in Cardiff.—It is generally reported in circles likely to be well intoimed ou the snb- jPcf, that directly after the sittings in the present term, a Special Commission will be held again in this town, for the Ilial of the Rebecca prisoners at present confined in Cilr. tuarthen gaol.—Cardiff Advertiser. Final Examination and Committal of Twexty-six Reel.ccaites.—The following is the result of the appreheu- sion of tiie Rebeccaites for pulling down the gates ami de- sttoying the toll houses at Paikymorfa and Fishguard, Pem- bvokeshire. on the 11th September last. They were ex- aminei) before Hugh Owen Owen. Esq., Vice Liplltewlllt of the County, and a lull Bench of Magistrates, at Fishguard. — WilljanrOwen (the Lady Rebecca), James Gwynne, and Thomas Gwynne, were committed to the next Assizes, but were held to bai). themselves in 1001. each, and two snrerie" in 5(1/. each; ami the rem lining twenty-three in 50/ each, and two sureties in 25/. each.—The excitement in tlie town was verv great, particularly as regarded the informants, Thomas Williams and wife, who were obliged to be gua-ded night and day front the Barracks to the Commercial Ion, where the Mngistiates sat.—They have since been removed to the gaol at Haverfo dwest, as a place of security.— The prisoners w ere confined in the Market-house, surrounded by a treble guard of marines. The Commercial Inn was also strongly guarded during the lime the Magistiates were sitting.—New gates have been erected at Scieddy, Fishguard, and Penvmorfa and it is believed, thdt the exertions of police-men anil magistrates, resulting in a committal of so lIIanyof the Rebeccaites, will effectually prevent any fur- ther destruction of gates in this quarter. MeIiTING of Tl'KNPIKB TiU'STKES AT lilt! DO END — It may be tecollected that at a Monthly Meeting of the Bridgend Histiict Turnpike Tmstees, held on the 4th inst., and a report of which appeared in the Cambrian of the fol- lowing week, two petitions were presented—one from the pa- rishioners of Coychnrcli, Llaiiillid, and the adjacent parishes, and the other, which was presented by Mr. Jehosophat Powell, having emanated from a public meeting held at Kenfig, over which he presided. The petitions, our readers will emernber, complained of the number of gates, bars, chains, &c., in the district, and also contained very giave chaises of extortion, nominally, against the toll-collectors, but in reality against the lessee, who is their employer, and who is ht.) < t„ be responsible for their acts. The Right Hon. John Niehol, M:P. the chairman of the meeting, and the Ti iistees present were unanimously of opinion that the com. plaints and charges contained in the petitions could not be satisfactorily decided at that meeting, and that it was ad- visable not then to discuss them. It was therefore agreed that the meeting should adjournal its rising, and that the peti iousshoofti beieferred to a Committee of gentlemen, who should meet as often as necessary—make a full investi- gation of the cha ges preferred, ntid present their report at an adj'Hiined meeting on the 23d of November (Thursday la»t). On that ()H%ithe adjourned meeting was accordingly held at the W\ndham Arms Inn, Bridgend, when our Re- porter attended. The Trustees present were, the Right Hon. John Nicholl, in the Chair, Robert Lindsay, E-g., of Cvvmavon, iVI. P. Tiaherne, Esq, of Covtraliene, M. P. smith,Esq.,of Newhouse,VV. Jones, Esq., Hall. VV.LIewellin, Fsq., of Neath, W. Lewis, Esq., solicitor, Bridgend, W. Llewelyn, Esq., Com teolman, and Mr. Morgan, wine-mer- chant, HI idgellll. TiieCleik having read the minutes of lhe list meeting, the Chairman observed, that the tuiMness tor that day was to receive the report ot the Committee "('pointed at their last monthly meeting, tor tlie piripose of making an investigation into the allegations of the petitions presented at that meeting. He begged to tell them, that be report had been prepared and made: ready or p. esenta- tion on t hat d ay, but in consequence of additional information received ill the course of the previous day and on that morning he thought it would bo desirable that the Coin- nnttepsho-dd again proceed with their labours, ami at thp next monthly niretiiie, oil Satuiday week, present their report which should betaken into consideration at a meet- in" to be at that time appointed. II would be impossible, he said to discuss the subject of the report at the same ineet- in" at which it w hs presented, as it would be ofconbidcrabte length, tbe Coino.ittfe having considt red it to be their duly to enter into vaiious details connected with the accounts. Tbe Clerk observed, that it was competent for that meet- in' to adjoin ii to thp day previous to the General tleeiing. The Chairman said, that it would be perfectly useless to meet on Friday, and take the report into consideration on :he following Saturday. The Commissioners won 1 <1 not have sufficient time to pel use it.—After a lew additional remarks, the Ch-iirm in n';1C1 the following resolutions, which were unanimously agreed ¡o That the Committee do report at the next monthly meeting, and that 300 copies of the report be in the meantime piloted under the orders ol the Committee, and that it be taken into further consider ation on ad y to be appointed at the next monthly meeting."— That the Committee be continued, and have power to meet from lime 10 time 10 make such fnrther recc;nmenda- lions as they may think advisable." Meeting OF Tkusties of the Maim Tkust.—A n1Petilll: of tlie above wss held 011 Fridav afternoon lasI. ill the Talbot lnll, Carmarthen, Mr. Mollis in thechair. Tlw!Ouhject of Ihe removal of Ihe gates at Llandovpryalld Pelltrpbach, to he replaced by allolher in a central-ruination, was brought again before the meeting-, when Mr. Stephen Jones staled tint he had an objection to a toll-house being erected 0:\ his property, as, if the gates were discontinued, pat ties of loose character might become tenants of tbe hoosf, and damage lIIi:;ht be done to his woods in the neighbour- hood. He therefore declined the |>roposal which had been made to him. The Clerk stated that he had no doubt that 1\1 r. Goderich would have no objections to the toll-house being erected on his land, and it w is ordered accordingly, ihe land to be paid for Oil valuation. — Mr. Bnliin, toll-con- iractor, presented his hit! lor the loss he had sustained in this trust, in consequence of the "Rebecca" outrages. He had added the whole amount of the receipts together, and compared them with those of the previous year. He found the deficiency in the present ear amounted to 3141. Pis. 4.1.. and lie claimed thil this sum, therefore, he allowed him. The Chairman was of opinion that ibis was not a tail method of makiti'i the calculation, and that the more proper course would be for .\] t, |-J. to || lve slated the length ot tioie tnat the gates were down, and no tolls taken then to have as- certained the amount taken during the same periods in the formei year, and to hive ciaioicd this sum as compensation for his loss. So few trustees being present, the matter was left over to the ne\t meeting, which will be held on Friday, the "iDtlLol December. J nicest. — <hi Monday last, an inquest was held at Ll-ine.lv bv Win. I5on»il!e, E-q Coroner, on view ot the body of George Griffiths, aged about the years, and ';011 of George Giittiths, of Caegiision, near Llaneliy, collier, who came to his death under the following circumstances On Silurday morning I isr, the deceased, together wiih an eble sister, were left in the Iionse while the mother was gone a short distance off. Soon after, the cries of both chi dren diew a neighbour to the house, who, when he entered the room, s IW the little boy following his s ster np stairs, being completely enveloped in flames. The bodv piesented a shocking appear nice. Veidict, "Accidentally burnt to death." Robbfuy. — On the lIig,]¡t of last Tuesday week, the bouse of ,YIr. Gwiiyni Thomas, of lilaeogarw, was broken into, and several valuable articles stolen theiciYom. Mr. (». Thomas suspected a certain parly, CO 111 111.)0 II called and wel kbo-.ii in the.parish of LUtigonoyd as King James's Family," as being the robbers therefore lie gave informa- tion to John John, P. C. :0, 12, stationed at ^laesteg, who lost no time in making search for the stolen property, and succeeded in fill 'ing the same in the possession ot David James, a son to the above-named King James," who was taken imoiediately bv P. C John .John, to Bridgend station- house, and io Igeo there for the night. The next morning, \\hieÏ1 was Saturday lasl. he appealed ilt Ihe Magistrates room, iJ ridgend, beiore M. P. I ralii rn.e, Esq.. and H. L. Blouse, ('! e • k, and was fully Committed to Cardih" gaol, lo await his trill at the next Giamot »au>hi< e Qua: ter'Sessions. About twelve months ago the father of the prisoner was transported for seven years; and, instead of taking wattling by what befel the father, the lioy d notorious pai ty carried oil the game as hearty as ever. The parishioners ot Llan- gonovd gWe great prai-e to J,.ÏlII John, P. C., for his acti'e exertions iu captuiiog those notoiious characters, who lone been thedrca of 'he neigh boo i ing farmers for many years. ('tunniAV.- Two 01 file bodies of the crew of rill' Puclift the total wieck of which weg„vein a former paper, named Rees and Thomas, have been found, and boried in St. M ii y's (:lnirch-v ird. t'hchodyot the Captain (Bowent li-ts not vet been found. C-{!>!<; e- ';>/>(. — Th.e Fattcy IJazaar held at Car- digan, .1 i»e!i .11 of the jceposed Ctlgerrau School met with greater success 1 h n could have been anticipated. 'Ihe a i tie'es coott i huted realised about 220/ w hi 1st the oirtiibu- Ii• mi in mom v did not tad s'ioi i o fiOl making a total of ah lo; 2'?,ft/, from wlii'-it some small expenses wtll It >ve to he dedmied. Amongst the donations ilo-re was ote cf 2J/. I'ainmi ted h. command of Prince Albert, on behall ol the p, tlice of W ties. An ITFMI'V J'S oF I't vt. — At the Audit of Edward Foley, Esq. 0: Soke Edith, on Tuesday se'nnight, (hat .). 11 e m a o geneioosly letiiined (Fit per ceri'. to his tenantry on the amount of their respect i > e rent s, and I his act is the more appreci oed .incc in times ot high agiicuilural prosperity no addition was made 10 the rental of the estates. 1 here was the lisu.d excellent dinner and entertainment Oil t lIP occa- sion of the audit. — Edmund Uiggiosoii, of Salt Marsil, at his audit returned 10 per cent, to his set era I tenants. At the rent audit of the Right lion. T. Frankl in I few s hel l a few days since, he genet oil sly and unsolicit ed inst i ncted his agent Mr. C Price, to return I 0 percent, 10 hi, numerous tenantry, and piomised a fuillier reduction oil the next halt year, should circumstances i eqtiire it We are assni ed that the average rmta) of the whole of his estates iSllllldl lower than anv ill the district. — Dr. lieale Coopei, of lieiigewoi th, Worcestershire, has returned to all his tenants this audit 10 per cent. THE LATS GALES.—During tlie present week the Principality has been visited with some seyere gales of Kind but we are happy to state, that in our own immediate neighbourhood very little damage has been sustained.—At Milford, during Sunday, the wind was W.N. W., blowing fresh with heavy squalls of rain, which proved the forerunner of one of the most terrific gales that has oecurred for some time past. Soon after dark the wind increased, shifting towards the south, whete it rem lined till about one o'clock the next morning, when after a withering squall, it backed to the old point, and continued to blow with great fury till half-past tour P.M. ;-it then moderated. The roofs of the houses and the shipping in the harbour have seldom been more severely handled. We believe that the following in- cludes most of the damage that was done to the shipping:- The schooner Advocate, of Halifax, N.S., lately alli,ed from I'arrsborough, N.S., laden with wood goods, drove on Ihe rocks near the town, and had a hole knocked in her bottom and nearly filled with water. A pai t of her keel at) ) forefoot were knocked away, and is much irijiii ed fi mil chafing against the rocks. The foremast was cut away for the sarety of the vessel. She has commenced dischai <ing some of bar cargo to repair the damage.—A sloop, called the IVUlnim. of Cnr- digan, laden with pipe-clay, bound to Liverpool, drove on shore athwart the hows of the Advocate, and whilst in con- tact her htilwaiks and slanchions 011 the larboard bow were kll"ckt.d in. She is also strained in the bull and chafed, and must unload to repair. — The schooner Trident, of Cardigan, drove on shore and sunk, bottom damaged, and stein post tltnl tPd coal laden.— I he a mve vessels succeeded ill getting off the next day.—The schooner Fame, of Cardigan, laden with lead ore. drove on the rocks a little to the eastward of the town, where she lennins, but will It" got off during the present spting tides. Slip is much dam iged in the bottom. — Dining the sto m of Tuesday la-I. a vessel, supposed to be a Ftencii one, and loaded with wine and spirits, was wrecked otT Pembrey sands, and all bands perished. No t aces were found where she sailed from or was bound lo. Though the wind Ins, in a great measure subsided, yet the agitation of the waters has but little diminished, so as to lender a safe approach to her pi acticable.—Few disasters occurred in the neighbourhood of Cardiff try the storm of Sunday night. One vessel got caps zed in the old canal, not having any ballast in her, and a few broke from their moorings. With these exceptions, and the tall of a tree here and there, nothing of any consequence occulted. Loss oF THE .SCHOONER N i M bli;. — The hopes for the safetv ofthisvesset and her'ill-tated crew are now at an end, a month nearly having elapsed since she sailed from Hayle, with a cargo (130 tons) of copper ore, for Llanellv, about sixteen hours passage. She left at 8 A.M.; a schooner kept her company till nearly 4 P.M., but the gale increasing, she bore up. Mitchell stood nil; in the night it blew a peifect hurricane, and the waves, it is now pretty certain, over- whelmed poor Mitchell and his crew of eight men. This has been truly a most unfortunate family Mitchell's brother Nicholas fed from a cliff to the westward of the Lizard, and "a" killed, al)ol11 seven years since, leasing a yiiug widow and small family. William was in his thirtieth year, and had married one of the danghteis of Captain David Cooke, the much respected Superintendent of the Southampton, Ports- mouth, and Is!e of Wight steam-packets. Another of his daughters married William IJnrridge, master of the schooner Matilda, and about seven months since he fell down the hold of his vessel, when at Swansea, and was killed; so thai in little more than six mouths, two of Mr. Cooke's daughters have lost their huslJamls. alld returned again lo their fathel 's roof. Spoken with. the Culxina, Wilson, from Cuba for Swansea, 21 days out, under jurym .sts-3d inst., l it. 45. 35., long. 45, by Aisiho-pe, at Dtindalk. British IKON7 COMPANY.—'the Half-yearly *fefiitg of I bis Company Wtts held at the London Ta vei n on F. id ay Si'' G. Lai?PENT. Hart, in tl'.e chair. — From the Report it appeared that tlie make of pig iron at the vat ions works for the half-year was 18,738 tons; the make and saie of bars, rails, and other manufactured iron, 12,572 make, and 1 ),858 sales; at the Corngreaves Steel Woiks there had been made 33 tons ofstee). and sold 35 ditto. At Aberciave tlieie bad been raised (5290 tons 6f limestone, and sold 63S.1 to s. At the Lion Collieries the:e had been raised for sale 7IGS tons of coal, exclusive of the quantity used at the works. The result of dlesc operations was a balance of 13.4:;71. Is. 5d. upon the business of the Company, inclusitfe of rents and j law expense". The Directors having obtained funds from other quarters, had postponed the call fixed for the 5'h of Ihe present month to the 15th of January next they had likewise forfeited three hundred and ninety-five shares out of the five hundred named ai tbe last meeting. The Di- rectors, in conclusion, stated that applications having been received by the Provisional Committee from proprietol's of the present Company for upwards of ten thousand shares, the establishment of the new company had been announced, and arrangements made for the transfer of the properties and carrying on the operations on account of the new coin- pauy.—Alter the reading of the Report some con»ersation took place between the Chairman, Mr. Htcl^uy-^ Mr. Cliap- man, Mr. Biownrigg, M.P., and other proprietors; after which a vote of thanks was passed to the chairman, and tlie meeting adjourned. FESTIVITIES AT CASTLE M a DOC. Thursday se'n- night being the day on which Powell Price, E-q only son of Major Hugh Price, of Castle Madoe, attained the age of 21, was set apart by the inhabitants of ihe Vale of Homhlu as <i general holiday. At an early hour in the morning Ihe bells of St. Mary's and St. John's at Brecon, as well as those of Gurthbrengy, Llaudevailog, and Merlhyr Cynog churches, by their merry (teals gave note of preparation; and by mid- day many joyous groups might may lie seen wending their way towards Castle Madoc farm, the appointed scene of the festivities which were to celebrate the event of the day. At two o'clock, a large party of the tenantry, as well as nearly all the respectable yeomanry of that neighbourhood, sal down to an excellent dinner, itndjao)p)f- justice was done to the viands which had been profusely provided for the occasion, among which, according to ancicnt costom, "roast beef and plum pudding" occupied a distinguished position. After dinner, in order to afford room for the exercise of that hospi- tabty winch was evinced to all comers during"l!ie day, the party adjourned to anolher commodious apartment to enjoy their glasses, when Mr. Hugh Jones, of Brecon, Major Price's land azent, took the chair, and ai'tcr proposing the usual loyal and public toasts, which were drunk with due honours, he called their attention to the "tonstofthe day," and, after alluding to the antiquity of the Castle Madoc family and the high respect in which the young heir's ancestors had alwajs been held in the county of Brecon, he referred to his personal amiable character, as giving the highest promise of following in then-footsteps, and spoke of his literary talents, which bid fair to render him an ornament to "oeil ty and an honour to his country, concluding by proposing Ins health, which w;is drunk with three tunes three cheers again and again repeated. Several other toasts followed, and shortly after many of the party joined the ladies at the tea tabic and the pleasures of the day were wound up with a bonfire on the Mount, and a brilliant display of fire works, managed by the juvenile mem- bers of tbe pa.ty, whose high spirits and hearty participation in the proceedings had much enlivened the whole oftiteantuse. ments. A large bonfire piled on the suinruitofCaru Llehach, visible for many miles round, lit the company on their way homewards, ami ha,1 a heaufitul effected contrasted with the 1 darkness of the surrounding scenery.—The weather during the whole day and evening proved unusually fine, and the arrangements reflected great credit on the management of Mr. Hugh Jones, whose efforts to add to the conilorts and amuse- ments of t!)e dav were unceasing. The provisions for the festival was on the most liberal scale, and vast quantities of bread, heef and cirrw da were distributed among the poor of the surrounding parishes who thronged in during the day. THE Ali.oi'vj\ r System.— llu; Slight lion. Lord \orthwick has left 120 acres of arable LlIIeI. in lots from one chain to torn- acres, to the tradesmen and labourers of the paiih of H'ockley, Woi cestei shire. It is also said that his Lordship has signified his intention of setting out more land in the sirne way, thongh his plan meets with some opposi- tion. n tt Fi'Ni'K w. OF TIlE LITE Hich AKD Pi-.mbertov, ESQ.— The remains of this lamented gentleman, w hose death at Har- rowsate,on the 31 iust., we noticed in our last week's obituary, were conveyed on Tuesday las', at noon, to their final resting- place, ill the family vault, at Bishopwearmouth Churih, in i which they were interred, in the presence of a large coil- course of the inhabitants of Sundertan ) and the neighbour- hood. The grtel caused by the death of this estimable gen- tleman has been very great, and felt not only by his imme- diate family relations, but participated in by all who, during his life-lime, had the honour of his acquaintance. This was evinced by t|ie great length of the cavalcade which followed the remains of the lamented gentleman lo the place of inter- ment, which was such as has scarcely ever been witnessed in ihe town ofSuuderiand. in it were included the carriages of all the principal gentry of the town and neighbourhood, ami very many throughout the county of Durham amongst which may he enumerated (hose of tbe .Marquess of London- ilerry, flIP Mayor of Sunderland, J. J. Wrighl, Esq., Wm. Reid Ciumy, C-q M D, A White, Esq., and a very extended procession. The laic M r. Pemberton .lea ves an only child, blaster Kichaid Pemherlon, and a brot ier, Ralph Stephen Perilberiim, I>q of Usworlh as the "Illy male repre- sentatives of a family whith, for a long period, iiav e occupied a large share of public usefulness in the county of Durhaoi, and in tire neighbourhood of Sunderland especially. The family of the Pembertons, of Barms, have lately been visited in succession with several severe shocks of affliction, which have tcroiin a ted in death. First we may men' ion I he vrucra M(. head of the family, who, after living nearly a century, in almost uninterrupted health, aqtt enjoynr'iit of all. his faetil- ties, fed at length henealh the hand of rleafti. He is followed )o ihe touili by his j ou ug est son; and, in a very short tune, his eldest succeeds. and lastly, bis Ihird «m>, the la meiiled gentleman whose death and interment wc now reco. d. They will he long remembered, and their memory revered I,y' both relations and frienls who are left behind to regret I heir lo-s. — i^ortki rjt 1ïmí's, A ec. 17. S) m; r i, t; CAS| 1 <; ni Id 'ia! F.xeter. on Thurs- day, Ihe adl ins: ;mt. Samuel Twijgs. a weather beaten mariner, past the middle age, applied f.>r his freedom ;n of iiihei ifa sice, being the eldest s:.n dving of J. Twiggs^ t(u- lei, of S te j ,e.i t e-iiil 1*" (deceased), a iVeemoi of the ei.yof Kxeter. it a;,i.e.,ied that the claim MI.' ha.I been lnseiii from the cmrotry for eighteen years, dating which time his lather died, ml ij«>tliii'i* being heard of himself the freedom of the e'uy vtas implied for by bis ne*t younger brother, as i eiog > he .i.-st S,m kmnt ii to heliting; and hiving been 1 eg.il ded by his i'.tm r iti the iigbt of his iegai reoresentative, was confet r< d upon him on ihe ^9:'n oi July last, aboul a 1* Mluighi itfter which the elder brother returned. In reply > a question fiom lha Mayor, the Town Clerk stated ih 't hi; Worsh p was enables! to disfranchisi- the person who had '"•'en improperly placed upon the loll of freedom, and to •insert the name of the rightful party, w\1I"lI was done. The J Hunger hi oihei attended, and gave his assent to the erasure '•f his name, and the substitution of his brothei's. It was slated that the sailor was on board the Dreadnought" at 'he hallt,. of Trafalgar. Hath Theatre opened on Saturday se'nnight with Knowles's play of the Hunchback. The company is uncom- monly strong, uambeiiug among its members, Phelps, An- <ier-o"n. M's. Warner, and others, who lately formed p.1; ( of the Co.eiit-Gatdeu company.



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