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To the EDITOn of The CAMBRIAN.

. To t%t EDITOR of Tht CAMBRIAN.


To t%t EDITOR of Tht CAMBRIAN. St. Clauk, August 23,1843. | SIR,—"Hie Timet of the 17th inst., having circulated a retort prejudicial to the character of the Dissenters, I shall feel much obliged by vour giving publicity to the following letter, addressed to the 7V»i<«;, contradicting the report. -I remain, Si" vour obedient servant, JAMES ROGERS. "TO THE EDfTGR OF 1'ft.I'. TOtES." S'r.— Having seen in your paper of the 17tb inst.,a report of the state of South Wales, and. sneaking of the Dissenters, yott say, that, at the commencement of these outrages, the farmers met 'he landlords, for the purpose of discussing the question, at St. Clears, and there a Dissenting Minister was the spokesman of the Rebecetutes; and at this meeting every mlln of the farmeis refused to he sworn in as speci-d cons'tables,' untii this Dissenting Minister, being pressed to iI, consented to COlli" forward WIKMI about fifty of his congregation followed his example immediate! > -Now, the whole or this statement is entirely void of truth, In the first place, no such meeting eve.- took place here, and no snch circumstances as those stated bv you ever rraospired and further, Ihe report carries on the face of it tlie greatest absnrriiiy, as the landlords bad not the power to swear in special constables—tins was a duty that devolved on the civil power. There was a meeting h. ld al the Bl. Boar Inn. Sr. Clears, on the Itli of February last (vide report in the Welshman, 17iti tebmt.ry). which was attended by a great manv Magistrates a::d other influential gentlemen of the comity, and by a fen farmers. If the report in question has any reference to this meeting, it is as far from tbe troth as the other. This Hireling was convened by the Magistrates, to take illlo consideration the slate of liis country, and for devising means to restore peace and order arid IJUl" a meeting of landlord. and farmers, to di*cn*s the rjueslicn of outrages. Several gentlemen addressed this meeting, amongst the number I tie Rev. Joseph Williams,of Bethlehem, a Discerning Minister. Thii. gentbman suggested the propriety of dispensing with the services of the military and police here. The .suggestion was taken into consideration by the Magistrates, and after a short consultation an order was given to dismiss the military and pen- sioner*, but to retain the police and this order was i.'nmedintelv carried inio effect. The farmers were now called upon to be sworn its as special constables, and having had the duty explained to them, all present came forward, without hesitation, and were sworn in—perhaps to the number of fifty or sixty, and a Teat many others were called uponthe next day for a similar purpose. "No spokesman for the Hebnrailes attended this meeting Ifr- Williams, was not asked to be sworn in (I special amstable — he d il not go forward with fifty of his congregation—there was no refusal or reluctance on the part of any one to he sworn in that I could see. So much for the truth of the statement contained in your re- P°rt. and I shall feel much obliged by your giving publicity in •he I"itnes lo ibis letter. I was present at all tbe meetings held here, and am well acquainted with all that transpired. "I remain, Sir, your very obedient servant. "St. Clears, Aug. 22d, 1843. •• ROGERS." "P. 8.—Since writing the above, I have seen the Rev. Sir. illiams, who states that he was particularly requested bv the Kev. John Evans, J. P., and Chairman of the Petlv Sessions St. Clears, and by Waller R. H. Powell, Esq., of Maesgwvnue' to attend the meeting at St. Clears, on the 13th February." FAIRS IN THE ENSUING WEEK. Carmarthenshire.—Dryslwvn, iMonday the 4th; THverospite Tuesday, the 5th; Carmarthen, SUurdav tbe 9th. Pembrokeshire.—Haverfordwest. Mouda* the 4ih. C,trdiqot,shire.-CRrdiga,. ami Tnlsarn. Fridav the 8th. Monmouthshire.— Monmouth, Monday the 4thl

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