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T9 the EDITOR of The CAMBRIAN. Ja.y9tt.YM9. SlK,—Having this instant seen your paper of yesterday, I lose no time in endeavouring to remoye an impression which yoo have circulaled, in the leading article contained therein. You specifically charge the Mag strates acting for the hundred of Derllvs and Narberth, with a want of et e>gy, protnptilude, and decision, at the commencement of the unfortunate anci digraceful proceedings which have for some months, and STit.i. CONTINUE, to agitate and alarm the peaceable inhabitants of the Principality with unabated violence, and which has atiained a height that makes it difficult to say wlieie it yvjll end, and which causes co:)- siderable alarm as to the safety of both life cocl property I therefore c.f?!cul.ite with confidence, you will, "lien nHl are in posnession of the fais cise, ivikh I.LIal fjr < b !i you are so ju.stty cun-ncterized, do an act of justice towards those Magistrates, II, on whom you baye.l am quite certain, utdnlen- ttonally cast Siiclt an -i nnin-iieA ifinn and stroma The facts of the- ca>e ara simply theseIn the month of February last, a meeting was called at St. Clears, which was at- tended by five Magistrates, three of "hnln acted for ho;ù counties, when an investigation of the diiTeitnl outrages perpetrated npoo the titrnpike-gales aiid )f)!)-h<,ose.s in the two counties, was fu.v" gone into, s:iid every attempt on their part made to EXiM.AIN, REMEDY, and CONCII.fATI. the FARMERS, entered upon: but, unfortunately, lhe evil was too deeply i o led: and it was quite manifest, matters were in fhtt sbre, and the combination ami organization of Rebecca and her daughters ( so called ) so crinniip.l and formidable, as to set at utter defiam e any attempt of the Magistrates to restore order and tranquility, or in any way ia repress the lawless proceedings then in o;>era<inn when it unanimously agreed, thai a communication of the inadequate Hid insufiicient means of quieting the insurrectionary movements wJtIJOut the aid of military to assist Iho civil power, should he made to the Lord- Lieutenant of the County, and that an appiic nion should be made through him to the Secretary of Sta.e for the Home Department, to thai effect also, that Government should otier such a reward as yvould, upon the conviction of the oiTendei s enable any party, giving such evidence, to remove io a distant* country, as such person's life yvould be insecure in if;:t district, this communication yvas signed, and forwarded to the Lord- Lieutenant, as was also, a letter to the same effect to of the Members for the county, requesting hini to have all interview Wiih Sir James Graham upon thin painful subject, which was immediately done, and as far as my recollection goes, yvas met • •u'1". ^'a.,esl>s Secretary of State in the folloyving' reply Her M ajesty's Govern merit do not fee! authorized to offer a hii;k esty s Goi,erii .1e feicarii; and it cannot be recommended to turn the Military in!.] A uM-cotfecfor* 1 f, hereto) e, any blame there be, I do most positively assert, that such blame is not in anv shape attributable t0 tbe Fivk M AGIS- TRATES who look nil àrtite part in the AFT^ir, all hough others • here in;!y be, who pitifully shrunk ont of all RESPONSIBILITY in the hour of need. I am, Sir, OSF. OF THE MAGISTP.ATFS ACTING TOR THE COCNTIF.S OF I'l-.M BUOKK A\D C A KM A KTH EN.


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