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SWANSEA. FUIOAY, JULY 7. .— REBECCA AND HER DAUGHTERS. THE proceedings of these rioters, who rejoice in the above assumed at last so serious a Cfiai*ac^er» that it was found necessary to quiet them by the aid of a few dragoons. It has to us a matter of surprise, that some effectual steps were not taken several months ago, to put an end at unce to the lawlessness of this band-that an efficient body were not aPpointed effectually to check their evening pastimes. It is true some special constables were sworn, apparently for that purpose, but they proved totally inadequate for the occasion. eek after week acts of violence continued to he committed Ihe rioters acquired accession to their numbers, till, at htst. Ka'ningcourage with success, they totally defied the law, paraded the lown of Carmarthen, hooted the Magistrates, and were proceeding to destroy the workhouse, when the military oppor- 1 "nely arrived. Row, this state of tilings would never h;\ve been if ||le swa^, jjjft |,|W a) (irsl |jeen firmly asserted. Rebecca should have been boldfv met. i here should have been an evident determination on the part of the Magistrates immediately to stay her career, without her Gild her followers to fancy, as is a|WH,s the case of riot, if not suppressed as soon as it breaks forth, that there was timidity on the part of the authorities. The Magistrates, when they fouud their efforts to ¡.;elt(e the disturbance were unsuccessful, should have directly applied to the Home Secretary for assistance, instead of de- j<Jing, as they did, until the rioters assumed an aspect that ^eaten.fid !l,e tranquillity of a whole district. If 'hey had tvV' ,WISfiI-V' 1,y "dopting that plan, Rebecca and her daughters disa '*ave sc"»n eeased to attract atletition, and that most vvouhHiT'1'6' !,nd' <0 'lle moh' ,nnM eXllSl,cra,ins l,roceedin-' a^oicied — the bringing tht? miUtarv it'lo colli- h,on wit Ml,e people.- The origin of all this turbulence, was ie resistance to (|,e pavmeHl of turnpike lOlls. The farmers j)mp ained ofthe expense of paNin^f these to<ls, nnd certftinly, j '"ecied that, in the neighbourhood of Carmarthen, 'dd'1' e e even toll-bars on nineteen miles of road, besides had rt arS '1v"roads. it must strike any one that they that *1 ° reason '"or 'heir com; laitits. They also suspected l>end l6 '>r°leec^s nr's'ng from the tolls were not fairly ex- wight' 1°" <hC r0Hds' However well-founded these grievances deavo. "a,e ''leJ were most undoubtedly wrong in en- well d^ 10 0*>'a'" 3 re"'etly ccntrarv to the law, and all «t f.rst'T86'1 me" U,e,n f°r ,Leir POfld«ct. although, ■\ye lev ma.v have been inclined to smile at their frolic". \\e ar" glad to obsprYl', that there is eyery probability of ranged *ln'f a^or<led them, and that some satisfactory sr- toil pa,lent 'ie ",at'e '}e,ween the turnpike trustees and the Pa.)ers. Another cause of the tumults is attributed to the condition of the iron trttte. Siaoe the demand fer iron has decreased, owing to the subsiding of the railway ferer, numbers of men engaged in the iron work", have been thrown out of employment, and obliged to come to their parishes for relief. These men, disliking the operation of the Poor-Law," were easily enrolled in Rebecca's train, and could of coarse be soon induced to commence a crnsade against that Jaw as well as all others. Now, ifeither of thesepfirties be at all excusable, theso poor labourers are more so than the small and respectable farmers who commenced the riots for the former are afflicted with poverty, and a greater amount of ignorance than the others. It is, however, evident, the social and moral condition of both classes requires much improvement. The Government ought to ndopt measures for the re-establishment of the prosperity and the diminntion of Ihe ignorance of the people. One most lle effected by a good system of commercial policy, and the other by a re a 11 v rational system of education. Every facility should likewise be given to persons desirous of emigrating, as emi- gratim is the only means of disposing of the redundant popu- lation of this country.

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