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The establishment of Local Courts for the decision of small causes, as announced by Sir James Graham in the House, last week, will be hailed with gratitude by the country at large, as from the great expense and risk attendant upon the present suits for the recovery of small sums, most per- sons are induced to relinquish their claims sooner than apply a remedy which has proved worse than the disease. But there is one point to which we beg to call the special atten- tion of our readers, as it will affect their interests more particnlarly-that is, the duty of petitioning both Houses of Parliament, to introduce a clause into the bill, making it incumbent upon those persons who may be appointed to the office of Judge in the Local Courts of Wales, to be perfectly conversant in the Welsh language, and thereby to preclude the necessity of liea;ing evidence through the medium of an interpreter-a practice which, by adding the expense of an interpreter to the costs, and by occupying the time of the Judges, will impose on the suiters and the public an expense disproportionate to the amount generally involved in small causes. Let petitions be sent, without delay, from every town and village in the Principality; and then we may reasonably expect that the framers of the bill will not oppose the just wishes of a large portion of her Majesty's subjects, but that they will allow Wales an equal participation with other parts of the kingdom in the benefits about to be con- ferred, by having Judges appointed to her Local Courts who can perfectly understand the language of the people between whom they may be called upon to sibitrate. At the Assizes for this county, which will commence at Swansea, at Wednesday next, there are about 29 prisoners for trial. Several of those are charged with minor offences, but there are some of an aggravated nature, of which the íive men charged with the murder of John Bowling, and Bees Giiffiths with having wounded Connor, stand amongst the most prominent. It is expected the Civil List will be a beavy one: the most important causes aie those between bis Grace the Duke of Beaufort and R. D. Gough, Esq., between J. H. Vivian, Esq. and the Swansea Water Works Company, and between Mr. James Hall and the Corporation of Swansea, as well as one or two Special Jury cases from the eastern end of the county. It is expected that the Soli- citor-General and Sir Thomas Wilde will be engaged in two of the cases. Lord and Lady James Stuart, and the Hon. Miss fituart, arrived at Whitehall-place on Monday last, from Cardiff Castle, after a residence of nearly six months at that delightful seat. The Rev. Thomas Davies, Curate of Llancynvelin, Cardiganshire, has been instituted to that Vicerage, on the nomination of J. B. Chichester, Esq. The Ball held at our Assembly-Rooms, on Tuesday oveuitog last, was well attended by the gentry of the town and neighbourhood. The Stewards were Howell Gwyn, Esq., of Baglan, and Illtid Thomas, Esq., Hill-House. The company did not break up until a late hour. On Thursday, the 9th inst., the Swansea Choral Society, conducted by Mr. Farndell, gave a concert at the Town-hall, Neath, by permission and in the presence of the Mayor, H. Gwyn, Esq. We understand the performances gave the highest satisfaction, which reflects much credit upon the conductor. WILHEM'S METHOD OF SINGING. On Monday «*enin" last, the second pnbISc examination of the class taught In' Mr. Williams on the above method, look place at the Town-hall, Swansea. Having, on a furrier occasion ex- pressed our admiration of the system as well as of the teacher's exeitions, we shall only say, that the second ex- amination has fully borne out the expectations entertaiued by the admirers of singing. Master W. P. Williams ac- companied the singing on the cornopean, which greatly enhanced the effect produced. In the course of the evening, Mr. Jenkins delivered a short address, congratulating the class upon their rapid improvement. On Tuesday last, the body of John Thomas, one of the two men who were drowned in crossing over fiom the wreck of rue Bresilien, near Neath bar,—an account of the inquest upon the body of one of whom appeared in our paper at the time--was picked up near Messrs. Strange and Parsons's wharf, having been in the water for upwards of eeven weeks. The body must have been sanded, as an active search was made at the time the accident occurred. It was not decomposed in the least, but had the appearance or being a little swollen. The Trinity steamer, belonging to Milford, com- manded by Lientenant Mott, R.N., anchored off Porthcawl breakwater, on Monday morning; and her commander came on shore, to examine into a representation which had been made to the Triniiy Board, lelative to certain limekilns situated on the sea shore. The brig Thomas, of and for Chepstow, Williams, master, was totally lost on Scomar hhnrl, in St. Brides Bay, during the tremendous gale on the 3d iust. VelY little of 0 the wreck has been picked up. The corpse of a young man from 20 to 23 years of age, was found near the spot, from which it is believed that the crew of the unfortunate vessel were all lost. QUEEN'S BESCH, FEB. 11.—JUDGMENT.—Smith versus Goldsworthy.—Tbis was an action brought by the British Iron Company a^ainsi one of the Shareholders, to recover arrears of calls. The defendant pleaded sundry breaches of the deed incor- porating the Company, and contended t hd those breaches had rendered it incompetent for plaintiffs to sue him The plea was demurred to, and the case argued at great length during the last term. Lord Denman lo-day gave the judo-mcul of the court in favour or the plaintiffs. CARDIFF SreiiPLR CHASE.—This affair, which was the subject of so much joyous anticipation for weeks past, and about the precise locality of which so much prudent mystery was maintained, came off on Friday last, at Penbill. Few sporting localities in the neighbourhood of Cardiff could be better selected, as well for the purpose of showing sport and affording a good run, as for giving the spectator an op- portunity of witnessing the ardour of the rare, and the hair breadth 'scapes" of the eminent double-ditch, than that chosen by the Stewards.—The following were the horses entered for the Handicap Sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each, with 401. added, for any horse to enter at the post: distance about three miles. Capl Griffith's Wareick, aged, b!k list. 3lbs.C. Vivian. Mr. Reynold's Ragned Jack, 6 yrs., scarlet body purple Ollp, 10M. 1211,s. Dally. Mr. Farqnariton's Pine Apple* aged, lOst. 7lbs. Mr. M. P. Llovd's Whalebone, 6 yrs., buft. and blaok cap, lOst A. Vivian. Handicap Stakes of 2 SO»R. each, with 301. added distance about two miles and a half. Mr. Edward Bradley's Duke, 6 yrs., list Wapham. Mr. M P. Lloyd's Jark, aged, buff and black cap, lOst. lOlbs A. Vivian. Mr. H. Lewis's Tartar, aged, black, lOst. Gibs. Vivian. Mr. W. Bradley's B),tilbridge, aged, white und black cap, lOst 21 b» At one o'clock a considerable concourse of spectators ha,1 assembled to witness the sport, and previous to the start there could not be on the ground, perhaps, less than 2.000 persons. Precisely at halt-past two o'clock •». bu^le sounded the note of preparation. All were on the qui rive. Men and horses were conveyed to a single point. All were eager expectation, and the word away" released horse and rider from ihe fret and suspense of five minutes' prancing and curvetting. The. start was in excellent style. A fine dash was made by the horses, and a good hearty cheer sped them CD their way. Ragged J'ick led awav in capital style, and with tho-e in his wake took his leaps in fine condition. The lead which he took at starting he kept through a hard run of three miles hardly pressed, however, by his competitors who nohly contested every inch ot 'he way. The honours of the field were nobly done by the animal*, and rtretyi., the annals of Steeple Chasing was fine' spot t exhibited. After a run of about 16 minutes, Ragged Jack came in, closely followed hy Turiar, amidst the cheers and huzzas ot the nnil- titude. The honours of the dav however were questioned by the tider of Tartar who insisted that Ragged Jack, when within half a mile of the goal, deviated fiom the pre- scribed ront marked by the flags, and ran at the wrong side of the post. At half-past three o'clock the second run took place, and like the former, created much excitement. The hoises were in fine condition, and did their work with spirit and vivacity, The race was won by Duke, the propert.y of Mr. Bradley, of Tregnff. After the chase, upwards or forty gentlemen sat down to dinner at the Angel Inn, Captain Griffith, of the Scots' Greys, in the chair; Mr. J. M. Kichards, of Plas Newydd, occupied the vice. Toasts and sentiments in keeping with the festivity of the day, clurac- teristiclly terminated the sport of the field. An ordinary was also held at the While Lion Inn, when upwards of forty gentlemen sat down to dinner, Mr. Win. Wbapham, jun., in the chair, and Mr. John Bird, in the vice. The landlord, Mr. P. Biid, proviited a bountiful supply of geod things, which the gnests did ample justice to, and the company ap- peared highly delighted, both with the sports of the day and the pleasure of tLc jevemng. SWANSEA HOUSE OP CORRECTIOV.—Mr. Wyatt, the architect, has been appoinied to superintend some extensive alterations intended to be made in our House of Correction, the plans for which have been approved of by the Secretary of State, and by Major Jebb, the Government engineer. The alterations will be effected upon the piinciple of the Model Prison, lately approved of by the Government, and accommodation will be provided for 36 more prisoners. The sum of 20001. has been granted by the County Magis- trates for the purpose, and we understand the works will be immediately proceeded with. BRIDGEND.— A Society has recently been established in this town, for the purposes of mutual instruction and improvement, the members of which meet weekly, and dis- cuss subjects, literary and scientific. We wish them every success, and sincerely hope that they will avoid party feel- ing, which in general is the bane, and proves the destruc- tion, of such associations. CAKDIFF MECHANICS' INSTITUTE.—The library of this institution received last week an interesting acquisition to its collection, by a present from the Marquess of Bute, of twelve volumes of the Bridgewater Treatise, handsomely bound in calf. This elegant donation, indicative it may be fairly presumed, of the regard of the noble Marquess for the prosperity of this excellent institution, has been suit- ably acknowledged by the committee in a vote of thanks unanimously accorded to his Lordship. SWAVSFA POLICE -Before the Mayor.—JFe&.U— Evan Davies was convicted in the penaity of five shillings and costs for being found drunk and disorderly.—Feb. 16. —Jenkin Jenkins, and David Jones, master mariners, and William Evans, mate, all of Aberayron, Cardiganshire, were brought up by policeman Thomas Jones, charged with hav- ing been drunk and interfering with him in the execution of his duty. The Mayor having heard the evidence, did not deem it expedient to enforce the strict letter of the law, they were accordingly discharged upon payment of legal expenses, and after having been reprimanded.—-Mr. 1. M. Moses was charged with obstructing the public pavement opposite iiis door, by the exposure of goods for sale. Dis- charged upon payment of four shillings and sixpence costs, having been cautioned not to repeat the offence. SWANSEA PETTY SESSIONS, Feb. 14—Before the Rev. S. Davies, the Hev. W. Hewson, D.D., and Col. Jones.- Richard Cade,shoemaker, of this town, was charged by police- man Thos. Jones, with beating his wife most brutally, although she had been lately confined. It appears that this man fre. quently beats his wife most unmercifully, and does not even spare his aged mother, though upVards of fourscore. The Magistrates discharged him, after having severely repti- manded and cautioned him.—John Edwards, farmer, was charged by Mr. Rees, the Inspector of Police, with being drunk. Reprimanded and discharged.—Mr. Robt. Emerson, pilot, made a complaint to the Bench against Messis, John Richards and Evan Daniel, the stewards of a Benefit Society held at the Ship, St. Mary-street, in this town. The ground of complaint was, that the defendants had expelled com- plainant from the above society, though he had been a mem- her for about twenty years. Mr Tr ipp, on the part of the I defendants, contended that complainant had been expelled by arbitrators, appointed in conformity with the enactments of an Act of Parliament, and that their decision was final; while the complainant, on the other band, said that the ar- bitrators had on several occasions engaged to meet him, but that they did not keep their engagements, and at last that they made an appointment to decide the matter, when he (complainant) did not meet them, in consequence of having been deceived so often, and the arbittaws expelled him on that occasion, on the ground of his being a member of two other societies—the Rechahite and the Oddfellows, which lie contended were not benefit societies in point of law. The reason given by the members of the club for not meet- ing complainant according to engagement was that he had Mr. \V. Jones, as an advocate, while they were unpro- vided with one. The Magistrates being of opinion that they had no authority in the matter, told complainant that he must submit to the decision of the arbitrators, who not being members of the club, eould have no bias one way or the other. NEATH TOWNHALL, Feb. 8.—Magistrates present, F. Fredricks, and Howel Gwyn, Esqrs.-William Morgan, policeman, charged Mary Davies, alias Mary Tybach, with stealing a quantity of wearing apparel, the property of Mary Griffiths and Elizabeth Hughes. Committed for trial.- Feb. 10, before F. Fredricks, H. Gwyn, and G. Llewellyn, Esqrs,—Sergeant Bowyer, G. 10, charged Morgan Thomas with assaulting Wm. Rees. The case not being pressed, he was discharged.—G 26 charged David Jones, Thns. Rees, and Evan Rees, with assaulting David Davies. They were discharged, complainant having to pay costs. Mr. Bird, from Mr. Cnthbertson's, appeared for defendents.—0. 30 summoned Mary Williams, of the Swan, Aberavon, for allow- ifig drunken and disorderly conduct in her house. This case was adjourned by the Magistrates, in consequence of the defendant having been convicted before. Mr. Bird ap- peared for the defendant.—Rees Preece, farmer, ot Coed- yrallt, charged Margaret and Mary Thomas with stealing a quantity of bent, the property of the Earl of Jersey. Fined 4s. each, and cautioned by the Magistrates.—Feb. 13, before the Mayor, Howel Gwyn, Esq.—Wm. Morgan, policeman, charged Wm. Davies with being drunk. This being his first offence, he was discharged, after a suitable admonition. On Friday, the 3d instant, while Kdward Llewellin was returning home from his work in the neighbourhood of Fal Gerig, in this county, he happened to turn into a collier s cabin, with the inteatiott of sheltering from the violent and tempestnons weather. Just after going into the cab. (the wind blowing at the time a hurricane) the cabin fell in, and completely covered tbe unfortunate pian, the weight being so great upon him, that it was quite impossible to extricate himself from his ptrMotu situation, and after remaining there the whole of the nigbt, he was discovered next tttornfrig about ten o'clock by some workmen belonging to Mr. Young, in a state of collapse. Medical assistance was procured, and every means resorted to, hut unfortunately without avail, as the poor man lingered till Monday night, and then expired. The Tivyside Gentlemen are taking the lead in re- turning a portion of their rents to their tenants. We are informed that Mr. Saunders Davies and Capt. Brigstocke, have each returned 10 lior cent; and that Mr. Colby, of Ffynouau, and Mr. Lewis, of Clynfiew, having gone to the extent of 20 per cent. We understand, that owing to the severity of the weather the Nora Creina was detained considerably beyond her time in her passage from Waterford for Bristol on 8a- turday se'nnight. Such was the stress, that it was thought advisable to throw a great number, we have heard 200 pigs overboard. Nora, which it a first-rate sea boat, did ha-r work famously. SERIOUS ACCIDENT. — A copperman, named Evan David, employed at the Upper Bank Copper Works, met with a serious accident on Monday last, by falling from a plank upon which he stood while tapping his furnace into the tapping pit, which was filled with boiling water. The plank, which was placed accross the pit, was started from its position by an exptosion of hot metal. There are but faint hopes entertained of the unfortunate man's recovery. SUDD EN DEATH.—ON Sunday se'nnight the Rev. Theophilus Davies, of Pemhiw, parish of Newchurch, Carmarthenshire, having ordered out his horse tor the pur- pose of riding over to attend Divine Service at his Chapel of Cana, w-is in the act of putting on his great coat, when he staggered two or three times, and sitting down, expired almost immediately. He was in the 71st year of his age, and had been a minister of the Independent denomination upwatds of 20 yaars, having built Cam chapel at his own expense. CAUTION TO SPORTSMEN.—On Monday se'nnight, Mr. D. B. Williams, of Abertbaw, appealed to the Com- missioners of the Dynaspowis district, against a game duty surcharge, which had been sent him by the surveyor of taxes at Cowbridge. Mr. Chadwick, the surveyor, called Capt. Boteler, R. E., to support the charge, who stated that he met Mr. Williams with a gun in his hand upon the cliff ned Fontigary, and believed him to he in search of rabbits. The Rev. Paul Ashmore confirmed this evidence, but was not aworu. Mr. W., in defence, said that lie was on the foot-path, and had Ln fact shot nothing hot a crow. The surcharge was, however, confirmed upon the supposition that he was shooting conies. Mr. W. demanded a cases, which was peremptorily refused. The extreme hardship of tliis case lies in the fact that Mr. Williams had the consent of the proprietor and tenant of the land to shoot the raboits. REBECCA'S OORRESPONDKNCE.—The following is a letter from the notorious Rebecca," who, in conjunction with her children," continues to excite so much alarm in the neighbourhood of St. Clears and other different places in Carmarthenshire, by their determined anti-toll-gate agi- tation. Suspicions have been entertained, and indeed ex- pressed, in the public prints, that Rebecca" is a Magis- trate, or some influential personage in the county but, from the language and oithography of the letter, which was sent to a brother of Mr. Bullin, of this town, who is the con- tractor for certain gates in Carmartnenshire, we cannot come to that conclusion, unless the whole be feigned. We copy the orthography of the letter verbatim et literatim — "Tuke Notice,—I wish to give yovi notice, espesial to those which has sworn to be constabls in order to grasp Becka iidn her children*, but i CHII sure yott that it will be hard mater for Bowl ins and company to finish the job that thev began and that is to kep up the gate at Lianfibangel, and weinfach gate. Now lake this few lines information for IOU to mind vourselves, von thaI had any collection with Bowling Mrs. M,c,bes Mr. Thomas Blue boar allthire property in one night shall be conllaration if they will not obev to this notice and that to send them vagabons away wliicii von are favourable to i alawavs like to he plain in all my engagnient, is it a reasonable thing that they impose so must on the comity only pickin poor iabrers and farmers pocets, and mu depend that all the gales that are on these small roads shall be destroyed, 1 am willing for the gates on the Queen Roads to stand it is shamful thiii}; for us Welshmen to have the sons of Hengost have a Dominion oter us, do you not remember the lon £ knive.i which flenjjnst liaih invented to kill onr forefathers and yon inav depend that vou shall receive the same if .1011. will not give up when I shall ^ive vou a vicit, and that shall be ill a short time and now I would jcive yon an advice to leave the place be- fore i will come lor i do determine that i will have niv way all t hrollght As for llie eonstablell and the poleesmen Beck 1 and ht-r childiens heeds no more of them than the grashoppers flyin in the sumi-r. There are others which are marked with BeccA, but thev shall not be named now, hut in cace thev will not obev to this notice she shall call about them in a short lime—faithful to Death, with ifie count v Rebecka and childrens. There was also sent to Mr. Bullin, two woodcuts, one of a man without a head, with a written heading, Receipt for the interest I took in the matter," and the other, of several persons marching with clubs, pickaxes, &c., with the head. ing Going to visit St. Clears gate, when we think proper — Doronia Buchan." -The inscriptions over the woodcuts are in a better band-writing than the letter, which is written on ruled paper torn out of a memorandum book It has been examined by some of the Carmarthenshire Magistrates, and the signature and writing corresponds with threatening letters sent to other persons. As iniimated in the letter, Rebecca" does not object to ihe gates on the Queen's high road, but destroys those on roads repaired by the val ions parishes, upon which the Turnpike Trustees have erected gates and demand tolls. This renders Re. becca" not uupopular amongst some farmers and others, many of whom have paid the fine, rather than he sworn ip as special constables.




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