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Family Notices

Family Notices

r> .i BSRTas. On t.ie 11th last., at anxuall, L.aneMv t'ae ladv of B. Jones fcsq., solicitor, of a sou. H (^?i i^ 'd'' ,hf la,3v of Genrge Jordan Harries, Esq. of Heathfie.d,^Pembrokeshire, of a son. On the 17lh inst at Milford, the ladv of Geo C. Hamillon, bsq., Cotfector of t ustoms. of a SOli. On the 18th inst., at Milford Higliclere Park, the Countess of Carnarvon, ol a daughter. On tne 2f_th ult. at 37, Euston-sqaare, London, the hrlyof W James, Esq.. of a son. „ MARRIED On the 23d inst., at St. Paul's, Uedfoid, bv the Rev. J. W orthmgton, Tuoinas Phillips, Ksq.. Aberavon, to Delia Ma-y Cosens second daogn.er of Capt. W rn. Williams Foote, R. N., Ro\ui HoNpnai, Git-etiWicli. On the 22d im: at Briton-Ferry Church, bv the Rev. Evan riiomas, Incumbeul Minister, Mr. W,„. Hughes, coai-Hg.-nl in the enrplov oi George Penrose and Co., Giant's Grave, to Miss Margaret ^tiiins, ol the parish of Neath. The happy coupfe were Kreeteu on thttr w to and from the altar bv firing of guns, that playfully boomed in the distance, and made the Weil.i,, ring on the joyous occasion. 011 the 22d ins- at Llangonovd Church, in this cou-i-i by the mhV. y"- b- d- vioar-Mr-Dav,<i Phinips, of !>b,a Woods, of tbe same place. r ifflilV r/Sl'* !lt Skewen Chapel, bv the Rev. D. H. fr.mil ^i ° vTad°1',0n' iV5r" Thom«s Hopkin, jon., of Llwvn- parish -Miss Margaret Lewis, of Brvncehnen, boih ot that On the 21st instant, at Lsntwit Church, by the Rev. H. H. fhl»s IT "f. Neath, Mr. Daniel Thomas to Miss Anne 1 nomas, botli of iLe parish of Lhtnntt. On the 9th inst. at High street Chapel, Merihjr Tydfil, hv ihe SUJT" "rV U"; E:'0c1' W'"iaras. ,ol Kings- \1 1 !° Ilai!uel ™nces, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Leyvis Wiluams, of Mill-streel, Merthvr Tidfil James Eso18llJ pnS'- "Ilt S'" Ch^e1' ^knock, John Thorn A'k rtsle^n to Martha. tiHh daughler of Ihe lliomas Mavberv, Esq., of Brecknock. On the 18th insi a( ,|,e Parish Church of St. Lawrence, in the Rob'pr, P .6 p e. John Entwisle P.el, Esq., seoon.i non of Robert Peel, Lsq of the city of Bath, «o Anne Maria Cor.fe'i. of Hay'e'r^ordwesL 0"IV °' late Ja'BeS On the ltMh inst., at Bushey Church. Herts, Edward Lord, »f U.S;' ■' On the 17jh i"st. at the Church of All Souls, Langliam-place, Thomas We,gall, Es*, of lielgrave terrace, P.,„|ll;o, to Mar/ voungesi daughter of the late Rev. T. Nicholas. Sector of VI ,c|, II, Monmouthshire, and one ol the Curates of St. George's Hanover- square. i at Clowes Church. Radnorshire, by the Rev. John Williams V'car, Leyvis >ones, Esq., of Gogie, io Maiia, fordshTire 8 Brace, Esq., of Broad meado*, Heie- On the 18th inst., at Kentchurch, Herefordshire, by the Rev Charies Bowen, M. A" Lecturer of Ar.niev-in Leeds. Iaitie!q VV Ilium Jones, Esq.. of Neville-street, Abergavenn v to Louilla Maria, youngest dangliter of the Rev. W. Bowen, Vicar of lIav. Onthelbih inst., at Gilliilgham Church, Dorsetshire, b> the ReL H. Deane, Rural Dean, the Rev. Samuel L.i-h <lu first Wesitvan Missionary to New South Wales and New Zealand to lUrs. Llisabetb Ka\e, widow 01 the lae Rev. W iu. K.,iye. On ti.. Mtb of February, at Perth, Western Ausiii.li Lie. Edward Corbett, of the 72d Highlanders, second sen of ,n<)n Corbel |, Esq., of Longnor Hall, Shropshire, io Ei z :,eir. A ,,tt iheresa, only daughter of the lale Robert Scholl, Esq. DXSD. 011 the 28th of June lasl, at Port Royal, Jamaica, in h7 th year, Lieut. Frederick W. C. Hickev, of her Maiesi. s -'|B I oluye, eldest son of the lale Capt. F. Hickev, R. N of p- k. wern, near Swansea On ihe 2i)ih inst., at her residence in Cambrian-place. Swansea alter a short illness, Martha, the relict of ihe late Job.. Jeff revs! iisq., of rynone, near Swansea J On the ::Olb iii,t., aged 84, CHpt. Robert Waters, of Oxford- street, Swansea. On the-3d inst., after a short illness, aged 63, Mr. William Roberts shoemaker olCastle-st,eel. Swansea, highly respected. and much regretted by his family and friends. n the 16 h ir.st., at his sis er's residenct, Bridgend, in the iyih year of his age, David, eldest IôOIl of the late Air. John 1 billips, of Freose, in this counl v On the 13ili of May, of dysentery, at Kandy, Brevet-Major Saunders, youngest brother of J.E.Saunders. Esq., of Glan- rhydw, Carmarthenshire. The "Naval and Military Gazette," speaking oi the deceased soldier, says, a better officer, or ik more excellent man, there could not be. His unassuming man- ners, gentlemanly deportment, aod strict principles, gained him he esteem od aflection of all his b other officers, by whom hi, loss is deeply regretted." Ou the t8lh inst., aged 68, Mr. John Davies. bookbinder 0f Carmarthen much respected by all who knew him. On Ibe26ih ult., at Bristol, aged 73, Mrs. Langford, of the Welsh Back, well. known to many in this town for many years as a respectable lodging-house keeper. On tbe 12ih inst, at her residence, Bristol, after a severe illnus, borne with patience and resignation, aged 00, Marv Aone, reiict of Mr. T.Powell, formerly of Coalbrook, near Ragland, Moo- raoulhshire. 0.. the 18tb inst., at the Elms, Cheltenham, Vice Admira) Sir Robert T. Rickctls, Bart., D.C.L., aged 70. On ihe 19th inst., al Minterne, Admiral Sir Henrv Diibv G.C.B., aged 73. J*

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