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\riSS VAUGHAN'S SCHOOL will Re open on Monday, the 29tli instant. _^ardiO-, July 17,1839. \| ISS DONOVAN'S SCHOOL, 15, Trinity- J: street, CARDIFF, for Six Boarders, and a very limited ^Juber of Daily Pupils, Re-opens Monday next, 2"2d inst. EDUCATION MON THE CONTINENTAL SYSTEM. RS. D'AUSTEIN cannot neglect the present ( opportunity of expressing her grateful and sincere thanks '° those kllid Patrons who have honoured her with their distin- gnlshed and flattering patronage; and she feels that their kind- iess cannot be more sensibly acknowledged than hy a redoubled and. assiduity 011 her part for the advancement of her Pupils. "rs. D'AUSTKIN does not boast of originality in her system, ?r is pursued in all the first-rate establishments on the Con- 'nent- but she can proudly say, that, by this system, she lias e\- rerieticed invariable success in Tuition, and her Pupils pursue 'e'r different studies as a sweet and pleasing occupation, instead t»» rs, D'AUSTKIN beg-s to remind herYonng Friends, that on •onday, Ju|y22d, she will resume her scholastic and private fcnpa^e,!1en,s- j, "rivate Lessons on the Piano-forte, in Singing, and in the 7nch Language. Ladies are admitted to the French Class on moderate terms, » Union-street, Swansea, July 11,1839. Classical and Commercial Education. THE dutiesof the School, conducted by J.MABER, M.A., of the University of Cambridge, will be resumed on hie 22d instant. Terms for Boarders and Day Scholars may be on application. Private Instruction, if required, in the higher and Mathematics. ^°unt-p]ace, Burrows, Swansea. I SOASDING and DAY-SCHOOL, No. 4, FISHER STREET, SWANSEA. THIS ACADEMY, conducted by the Rev, THOS. BOWEN, formerly Assistant Tutor at St. David's College, ^inpeter* will be Re-opened on Wednesday, July '24th. I J he course of Education comprehends Instruction in the He- 'rew, Greek, Latin, and English Languages; History, Geogra- Use of the Globes, Writing, Arithmetic, Mathematics, &c. oung Gentlemen who are intended for Commercial pursuits *ire carefullv instructed in all the requisite branches of Education t Cards of Terms may be had on application, and satisfactory s'erences ofre-ipectabiiity, &c. will be given. Mrs. EVANS, W Professor of French and Italian, ILL open her SEMINARY, at BRIDGEND, for the reception of YOUNG LADIES, as BOARDERS DAY SCHOLARS, on the 29th instant, when she trusts, by attention to the health, morals, and instruction of the j ul'ils confided to her cave, to give entire satisfaction and hopes i'er long experience in Tuition as finishing Governess at Noble- and Gentlemen's Families in London and Paris, will meet v"h that encouragement which may be due to her talents. Terms moderate. To Capitalists, Builders, and Others. ALL Persons desirous of obtaining BUILDING LEASES for WORKMEN'S HOUSES, in the town of v 'CTORIA, adjoining the Monmouthshire Iron and Coal Com- pany's yron "Works, at Lower Ebbw Vale, for a term of 95 years, know the Terms and Conditions, inspect the Plans, and obtain s necessary information, on application to Messrs. Hopkins and ;.0n8, Civil Engineers, Victoria Iron-Works, near Newport, iV1<>ninouibsbi re. Between two and three hundred Houses have been already erected at Victoria, but a much larger number is required for the the Works. ">»o Furnaces are now in blast, and Rolling Mills at work.— w° other Furnaces will be completed in a few months An highly advantageous opportunity is now afforded to Capi- a|ists desirous of embarking in Building Property. S'gned 011 behalf of the Directors of the Monmouthshire Iron and Coal Company, j. J. J. SKINNER, Secretary. sled at the Company's Offices, 3, Havington-place, Bath, July 16th, 1839. THEATRE, SWANSEA.—By Authority. ON FRIDAY Evening, JULY 19th, 1839, will be enacted (for the third time in Swansea), the Domestic ^■"ania, of peculiar interest, called NICHOLAS NICKLEBY; Or, Doings at Do-the-Boys' Hall." Mamilini, Mr. NANTZ.— Ralph Nicklehy, Mr. BAKRY.—Newman ""ess, Mr. GRAING ER.—Nicholas Nickleby, Mr. E. GLOVER.— jQueers, Mr. GORDON.—Lord Verisopht, Mr. GLADSTONE.—Sir Wulberry Hawke, Mr. BOVVHR. Sinike, Miss NOEL. | Mrs. Nickleby, Mrs. HAMERTON. After which, a new Nautical Drama, called THE MIDDY ASHORE. Harry Halcyon, Miss NOEL—Tom Cringle, Mr. E. GLOVER. Lady Staichington, Mrs. HAMMERTON. In the course of ihe Evtninjr, A BALLAD BY MISS BART LETT. To conclude with the Grand Melo Drama of TIKEOUR THE TARTAR; 0,. The TRIUMPH of ZORILVA. Timoui.. Mr. BARH^ • Zufiida.. MISS NOEL. first Night of Bvckstonf.'s new Farce of WEAK POINTS. On MONDAY Evening, J [L Y 22, 1839, will be presented the admired Drama, called THE GIPSY CHIEF: 0, The FALLS of CLYDE. ^'alcolni (the Gipsy Chief), Mr. BARRY.—Edward Enfield, Mr. NANTZ — Kenmure, Mr. HODSON. Ellen Erifield, Miss NOEL. Arter which (never pCrllIrnwrl in Swansea) BUCKaiTON 1:'S new and laughable Comedy, called WEAK POINTS; Or, Laugh and be .Jolly." Mr. Jolty Mr. GRAINGER. I Mr. Docker. Mr. BARRY. Sally Pybns, Mrs. VVOULDS. In the course of the Evening, an IRISH COMIC SONG, by Mr. HODSON. To conclude with ihe Drama of intense interest, called FRANKSNSTEZN; or Presumption. ( Mr. EDMUND GLOVER. Frankenstein, Mr. NANTZ. Quadra, Mr. GRAINGER. Eineline, Mrs. GORDON. ) Use,ta, Mrs. WOULDS. On TUESDAY, Sheridan's Play ofPIZARRO; or, THE DEATH j OF ROLLA; with other Entertainments. GLAMORGANSHIRE. SCHEDULE of FINES, FORFEITURES, and PENALTIES, paid or payable to the Treasurer of the County, from Easier Quarter Sessions, 1839, to and including Trinity Quarter Sessions, 1839. 811m By whom La be Name. Sum paid, payable, bill paid, not paid. or Remarks. Caerphilly. £ s. d £ s. d. Richard Ta) lor 0 10 0 Committed. "illiam Cornelius 10 0 Howell Price 10 0 John Phillips 2 0 0 Hichard Jones 100 William Waiters. 1 0 0 Thomas Harding 0 2 6 Jane Jenkins 1 0 0 John Walters 0 5 0 John Walters 0 5 0 Thom ax Lewis | 0 5 0 I I George Wynne 0 5 0 Richard Taylor 10 0 Committed. Richard Ta) lor 100 Ditto. Richard Taylor 100 Ditto. Richard Davies. 4 0 0 Ditto. Thomas Williams. 100 William Davies 0 10 0 Morgan Rees 2 0 0 JaneThomas. 0 2 6 George Thomas 100 Edward Watkius 0 2 6 j Tgtbb}X;d Mary Phillips 050 Cardiff. Thomas Tucks. 1 0 0 William Prosser 0 5 0 Susannah Bridges •• 10 0 Committed. Mary Roderick 100 Ditto. William Bennett .•• 4 15 0 Ditto. Martha Hopkins 0 5 0 James Stacey 0 10 0 Martha Morgan 0 a 0 AnllWhosoll 0 1 0 TimothyThomas. 1 0 0 Elizabeth Lewis • • 2 0 0 Committed. Henry Jones. 4 15 0 Ditto. illiam Pearce 0 10 0 Eli Price •• 200 Committed. Cambridge. John Morgan 0 1 0 John Jenkins 2 0 0 0 5 0 John Williams, jun. 0 1 6 Jonathan Williams 4 6 6 Committed. Dynaspowis. John Workman 1 13 0 Kibbor Arthur Lewis 0 0 6 Llanqovelach. Nil. llfÜlcin. illiam Thomas 0 15 3 Thomas Morgan 0 15 3 John Thomas 2 0 0 Margaret Williams. 0 2 6 Neath. Thom as Jones 270 j Thomas Christmas. 17 0 Joseph Mortimer 0 4 6 ReesRees. 0 3 0 John Thomas. 0 3 0 Rees Rees 0 5 0 John Thomas 0 5 0 Samuel Jones 006 Nicholas Harvey 4 9 0 Newcastle Sf Ogmore. Edward Nicholas 4 11 0 Best Evans 0 5 0 Borough of Swansea. Nil. Swansea. Martin Hoskin 0 1 6 Roger Howell 0 1 0 Elizabeth Webb 0 0 6 John Davies 0 2 C Elizabeth Powell 0 0 6 Mary Ann Jenkins 0 0 6 lattice Morris 0 11 6 Miles Sweeny 010 6 John Jones. 1 0 0 Committed. Richard Mathews 1 0 0 John Thomas 0 2 0 Joseph Clement 026 William Abraham OOP Total 35 10 0 E. P. RICHARDS, Treasurer. Cardiff, 18th July, 1839. Swansea Barbour Trost. NOTICE is hereby given, that an ELECTION of a PROPRIETARY TRUSTEE, in the room of JOHN STRICK, Esq., who has resigned, will take place at the GUILD- HALL, SWANSEA, on MONDAY, the 5tbof AUGUST next, at twelve o'clock at noon. S. PADLEY, Clerk. Harbour Ollice, Swansea, July 15, 1839. Presentation of Plate to Dr. Hewson. "rHE SUBSCRIBERS to the PLATE intended B to be presented to the Rev. W. HEWSON, D.D., are requested to meet at the TOWN-HALL, SWANSEA, on MONDAY, the 22d of Jti LY instant, at eleven 0 clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of dtJciding on the rlay and manner the presentatioll shall take place. Bv order of the Committee, R. H. ATTWOOD, Hon. Sec. Swansea, 18th July, 1839. Presentation of Plate to Capt. J. Edwards, AND Donations to the Crew oj the. Mountaineer Steamer, for saving the Lives of the Crew of the Ship St. Andrew, at Liverpool. HPHE SUBSCRIBERS to the above are requested JL to attend a GENERAL MEETING, at the TOWN-HALL, on MONDAY next, the 22d instant, at twelve o'clock at noon, to make the necessary arrangements for the presentation of the Plate, &c. By order, GEO. G. FRANCIS, Hon. Sec. Swansea, 15th July, 1839. Burry Port Company. NOTICE is hereby Riven, that the GENERAL ANNUAL ASSEMBLY of the PROPRIETORS of the COMPANY will he held at one o'clock precisely, on MONDAY, the 5th day of AUGUST, 1839, at the George and Vulture Tavern, Cornhill, London. JOHN II BROWNE, Clerk to Company. I^HE GENERAL ANNUAL ASSEMBLY oFthe COMPANY of PROPRIETORS of the KIDWELLY and LLANELLY CANAL and TRAMROADS will beheld at the George and Vulture, Cornhill, London, on MONDAY, the 5th day of AUGUST, 1839, at one o'clock precisely. THOS. BOWEN, Clerk to the Company. NOTICE. ALL Persons having any demands upon the Estate Jt. of Mr. SAMUEL GIBBS, formerly of Llanant, in the pa- rish of Danditotatybont, in the county of Glamorgan, Gentleman, deceased, are requested to forthwith send particulars of their demands to Mr. J. Gwyn Jeffreys, Solicitor, Swansea. Swansea, 17th July, 1839. Anthracite Association. A MEETING of the PROVISIONAL COM- MITTEE will be held at the CASTLF. INN, SWANSEA, on SATURDAY next, the 20th instant, at six P. M., and the Members thereof are urgently requested to attend. THOS. PRITCHARD, Hon Scc.jiro. (em. SWANSEA. AT a MEETING of ANTHRACITE PROPRIE- TORS, held the 24th day of June, 1839, WM. CHAMBERS, Jun. Esq. in the Chair; Resolved, 1st. That it is desirable that an Association be formed, and that its object shall be to demonstrate the applicability of An- thracite Coal to those purposes to which it has not been applied, and to extend the use of this valuable Fuel to those purposes to which it has lJeen applied. 2d. That the following Gentlemen b<? requested to act as a Pro- visional Committee in furtherance of the above objects:— The Marquis of Bute, John Biddulph, William Chambers, Joseph Martin, Sir Thomas Brancker, Thomas Pritchard, Rees Williams, H. R. Downman, Chailes Newman, Edward Budd, Christopher James, John Arthur, George Crane, William Llewellyn, Evan James, Richard Penrose, Thomas Jevons, Joseph T. Price, Charles Tennant, Daniel Starbnck, John Rowland, Richar ) Perkins, R. B. Williams, Richard Rees. Richard Aubrey, 3d. That a General Meeting of all parties interested in An- thracite Property be called for Monday, :2d July, a) one o'clock, at the Assembly-Rooms, Swansea. 4th. That Thomas Pritchard, Esq. be requested to act as Honorary Secretary, PH). tem, 5th. That the Resolutions of this Meeting be published in the Cambrian. MH. HART, Surgical and Mechanical Dentist, Of G8, College-street, Bristol, NOW AGAIN AT SWANSEA, AT HIS ROOMS, No. 1, MOUNT-STREET, BURROWS, IS desirous oj reminding those of his Patrons who yet purpose consulting him, that his further slay is now ltnnlecllo yet TWO or THREE II EEKS merely. Mr. H. is in possession of m,¡terial of îhe best description nsed in Dental-mechanism, —he has every approved class of Artificial Teeth in vogue; — he has every kind of Cement, as also an im- proved Su< ceduiietim," and a beautifully prepared soft fine (iold, lor filling Carious Teeth; &c. THE MOHBID AFFECTIONS OF THE TEETH AND GUMS are treated by Mr. H. with due cons.deration as to their con- nexion with the system generally-the anatomical conformation of the systemic organs —their functional ac ion and reciprocal bear- iu", having had all ample share of his close study, CHILDREN'S TEETH —their ossification or formation-their mode of 'cutting,' of shedding,' together with the order, time, and mode of appearing of the Si-cond Vei/titioll, being mailers of familiar knowledge with Mr. H., he confidently ode is his senicc in guiding and assisting during the progress of these natural, interesting, and important operations, with the view to the obtaining symmetrical arrange- ment-^as much may be effected by duly observing, &c. The process ot shedding usually commences about the sixth or seventh jear of age. The TARTAr., an extraneous concretion accumulating about the teeth and gums, is not onlv dissightlv, but highly injurious it is an active cause of Car ies in teeth. and or absol ption, or wnste of the gums, and of other morbid eflVcts occasioning pain and premature loss of the organs alluded to—this Tartar Mr. H. re- moves at once with perfect ease and safety, &c. Swansea, July 19th. JOHN BRAHAM and Co., Working Opticians, Manufacturers of alllÛnds of Mathematical, Philosophical, and Nautical Instruments, 17, ST. AUGUSTINE'S PARADE, opposite the Drawbridge, BRISTOL, 5, YORK-BUILDINGS, BATH, and 31, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA, RESPECTFULLY announce they have for sale a SELECT STOCK of OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS, con- sisting of Telescopes, Microscopes, Spectacles, Eye Glasses, Pre- servers, Surveying Instruments, Barometers, and Thermometers, in every variety, accurately manufactured from the best materials. They hope by strict attention and moderate prices to merit a con- tinuance of the patronage of the inhabitants of Swansea and its Neighbourhood, experienced on former occasions. I The Manufacturing Department attended to by the Principal at Bristol. Instruments made and repaired on the lowest terms. Specimens of the Photogenic Drawing Paper may be seen at their Establishments. £6000 Stock of Drapery, Silk Mercery, Hosiery, Haberdashery, Lace Goods, §c. TO BE SOLD UNDIilt PlUME COST. D. EVANS RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends and the i Public, that he is about to retire from Business, and will commence SELLING OFF his EXTENSIVE & VALUABLE STOCK on SATCIIDA Y, July 6th. The following are a few of the Articles to which he invites particular attention: 3000 yards of rich ligured and Plain Gros, Satinetts, Ducapes, &c. A large Stock 0f 7-8ths and 4-4ths Family Irish Linens, Sheetings, Table Linens, Towellings, Di >pers. Glass Cloths, &c. Marseilles Quilts, Counterpanes. mankets, &c. An extensive assortment of Brussels, K idllerrll illster. alld Venetian Carpets, Hearth Rugs, anrl Druggets. Severa) thousand yards of" oollen Cloths, Kersevmeres, and Waistcoatino-.s. 200 pieces of Chintz Furniture, Dimities, Moreens, and Damasks. A large and elegant assortment of Foreign and British Shawls. 50 dozen Hats and Caps will he offered at a great sacrifice. To Fami!ies furnishing this will alrord an opportunity of making an immense saving. An early inspection is requested, as the whole will be disposed j of in II few weeks. High-street. Cardiff, July 4, 1839, THE NEW LONDON GENUINE TEA COMPANY, 25, COLEMAN-STREET, LONDON, HAVE APPOINTED Misses E. and G. JENKINS, Cambrian Library, 25, WIND-STREET, Their Sole Agents at Swansea. THIS Establishment is formed to caution and pro- J tect the Public, and counteract the various frauds and de- ceptions practised since the introduction of Free Trade Teas, and to secure to the Public a genuine article. The following Agents are already appointed: Mrs. E. Moore, Chemist and Tea Dealer, Pembroke Dock John Morgan, Draper, Pont.vpool; W illiam Rogers, Draper, Caerteon; Philip Bird, Grocer, Cardifi Iltid Evans, Ironmonger, Bridgend; John Eynon, Ironmonger, Tenby Oliver Edmondes, Chemist, &c., Narbetrh Owen Thomas, Draper, &c., Pembroke Mrs. Martha Symmons, Baker and Confectioner, Milford John James, Draper, &c., Llandilo. Thecompany is encouraged in the undertaking by the very ge- neral and just complaints throughout the country, of the spurious article imposed upon them, of which there have been large im- portations under the Free Trade System, from Sincapore, &e. The Company have determined to supply their friends with the same genuine Teas as were supplied by the Hong Merchants, at Canton, to the Hon. East India Company, during so manv years. It will tollow, that the Company cannot enter into competition with the vendors of low-priced Teas, so called"—although they will be always ready to receive and execute orders for any such, on the lowest terms, but not under the Company's label. Agents are being appointed in every Town in the Kingdom, for the Sale of the NEW LONDON GENUINE TEA COMPANY'S TEAS, which are sent in pounds, half-pounds, quarters, and two ounces, and in three and six pound parcels, each carefully packed in Lead, inclosed in an elevation of their premise-; in Coleman- street, and sealed with their seal, thus saving trouble to the Agents, and affording to the purchaser the satisfaction of knowing that he has the genuine Teas sent out by the Company. Agents of known respectability will he appointed in every Town they will obtain not only a genteel and permanent, but a very lucrative addition to their own business, without, in most cases, the advance of additional capital. Applications for such Agency, with references lo two respect. able Houses in London, will have immediate attention. Address the New London Genuine Tea Company, 25, Coleman street, London (post-paid.)


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