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SHIP MVS. Sw\NSEA.—Arrived, the Phoenix, Lodge, from Bristol; Ebfnexfr. Jones, from Bridgewater; Favourite, Crocker from Gloucostei Blossom, Hall, and EtiM. Crockfnnt frnm Miueheart, with sundries; Persevernnce, Reed, from Bkleford, with grain; Felicity, Thomas; and Thomas and Sarah, Hiscox, from New- port, with iron; Bristol Trader, Johns, from Neath, with sand; May. flower, Donald and Feronia, Curtis, from Hayle; Elizabeth, Shepherd, ftom Amlwch; Liberty, Furneanx; Rebecca, Cornish; Fame, Stevens; Young Benjamin, Fraser; Union Canal, Wa.ters; Betsey, Cook; an<S St. Vincent, Walters, from Falmouth Gipsey, Ellery, from Fowey; Brothers, Sleeman, from St. Anno: Royal Oak, Masters, from Plymouth; and Charlotte, Chapman, from Wicklow, with copper ore; Providence, Evans. from Aberthaw, with limestone; William and Anne, Haghea, from Portsmouth Yonghall, Harries, from Youghall; Bonne Mere, Big- folt, from Samalo; Mary and Sally, Currymore, from Gloucester Mary, from London and Pasco, Davies, from Havre, in ballast. CARDIFF.—Foreign Entered Oufwartù, the Mary Anne, Tucker, for Naples; Amelia, Hesse, for Constantinople; and Lady Dunmore, Gor- ham, for New York. Coasters Inwards, the Lady Charlotte (s.P.), Parfitt i Nautilus (s.e.), Allen: Friends, Todd; and Castle, Jones, from Bristol; Myra, Evans, from Gloucester; Friends, Sully, from Bridgewater; Robert, Clampitt, from Newpoit; and Commerce, Morgans, from Plymouth, with taudries; Three Brothers, Arnold, from Gloucester, with froit; Friends, Richards. and Pheasant, Fisher, from Waterford, with floor and oats; Venus, Gul- tiford; Kitty, Dyer; IInd A nn, William., from Bridgewater, with bricks; Mary, Hooper, from Bristol, with freestone; Garnet, James, from Mine- head; Robert Boyle, Burke; Prince of Wales, Beattie; and Monmouth, Harrison, from Whitehaven, witb iron ore; aud 28 vessels in ballast Ditto Outward*, the Calenick, Pascoe, for Traro; Providence, Robin- son, for Newport; Merlhyr Packet, Vaugoan, and Amity, Rogers, for Bristol, with sundries; Eliza, Davies, for Livenjool, witb tin; William and Henry, Wakeham, for Glasgow; Zebina, Walls, for Dundee Cri- terion. Bellamy, for London; Gleaner, Griffin, for Gloucester; Grati- tude, Richards, for Waterford; and Rochdale, Irwin,for Liverpool, with iron; Joseph, William*, for Penzance, with Iron and toal; and 18 vessels with coals. LLSXBI.I.V—Arrived, the Union,Tregartben, and Pilot, Griffiths, from Biistol; and Spring, Soantletwry, from Jersey, with Mndriet; Charels, Fallot, from Carmarthen, with corn; Elizabeth, JobDGifrom Barry, with limestones Two Brothers, Fitlden; Honour, Studdy Celia, Pearce; John Stroud, Mollard Eleanor Grace, Roberts; and Pilot, Griffiths, from St. Ives, Fowey, and Penzance, with copper ore; Peegy, Howell, from Laugharne; Towey, Mathews, from Carmarthen; Charles, Roberts, and Henry, Llewellyn, from Liverpool; Barnstaple Trader, Dalliog; Ann, Benlley and Mary, Drake, from Barnstaple, In ballast. Foreign Sailed, the lEdenia,-Byans, for Roc en, with copper; and Ca- ledonia, Conacker, for Barbadoes, with coals. MILFURD.—Arrived, the Pembroke Castle, Stanbory; and Sharp, Mewbnrn, rrom Quebec Mais, Rowlands, from Southampton; Eliza, Price, from Cardigan; Cambrian Packet, Lewis, from Bristol; Artuoae, Wade; and Draper, Richards, from London for Milford. Sailed, the Effort, Davies; Thomas, Griffiths; Pwllhely Packet, Davit, and Primrose, Percy, for Swansea; Thomas Daniel, for Barba- does; Gleaner, Thomas; and Kitty, Thomas, for Newry; Gratitude, Davies, and Lustre, Shepliard, for London; George, Txdor; and Harvey, M'Namara, for Cork; Thomes and Anne, Rowlands, for Gloucester; Two Sisters, Brague; and Mary, Davidson, for Plymouth Ceres, Reily, for Yoiighall; Betsey and Nancy, M'Carney, for Kinsale; Joseph, Wil- li;tmg, for Motint's Bay; Hocour, Henry, for Fowe), William, Volk, for Cardigan Good Hope, Symmons; and Iris, Williams, for Liverpool. NEWPORT.—Arrived, the Thomas Tyson, Bylie, from St. Andrews, with deals; OatheiiDe, Rowett; Flower, Tippett; Fame,Jones; Mary, Isbell; and Lively, Geach, with iron ore; Friends, Brabyn; Prudence, Edwards; Morwelham, Coleman; Charlotte, Lovering; Robert, Claui- pitt; Friendship, Price; and Victory, Hiscox. with grain, flour, & malt; IJrirannia, Tripictt; Cleveland, Williams; Mary, Griffiths Moderator, John; Phillipa, Billing Tredegar, Harwood; George, Johns; Caerleon, Harwood Mary, Coombs; Bristol Packet, Scott and Swift, Parker, with sundries. Outwards, the Josephine, Dronean, for Rooen; Prudence, Goodwin; Claudia, Ilavard Olive Branch, Nickolls; Agnes, Beynoo; Diamond, Hnxtable Pceenix, Taylor; Jeans, Fullciton; Fame, Jones; WiHiam, Thomas; Dispatch, Guy: John George, Cook; Friendship, Price; An- telope, Parry Three Sisters, Smith; Briton, Thomas; Lively, Farmer; Ant, Morgan; Maria, Jones; Thomas and Sarah, Hiscox; Lord Nelson, Griffiths; Ann and Betsey, Thomas; Robert, Clampitt; Margaret, Wil- liams; Victory, Phillips; and Jean, M'Nair, with iron and tin plates; Tredegar, Harwood; Caerleon, Harwood Bristol Packet, Scott; Mary, Coombes; G«orge, Johns; Moderator, Johns; and Switt, Parker, with sundries; and about IfiO with coals. BRISTOL.—Cousters Entered Outwards, the Eleanor, Barrett, for Swansea; Fonmon Castle, Davies, for Neath; Margam Pacl:et, Sutton, for Aberavon and Porthcawl Emily, Ball, for Llanelly; Commerce, George, for Pembroke Equity, Evans, for Aberystwith Mary, Ca<). vrallader; Bristol Packet, Randall; & Neptune,Evans, for Carmarthen.