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FOR S IVA NSEA. '^Jie Smack SAEAB. Rees Jones, Master, Will be at PAUL'S WIIA P F, Upper Thames-street, London, to receive GOODS for SWANSEA, until the 20th inst. For Freight or Particulars apply to the Captain on board, or to Mr. Joseph Lewis, Agent, 54, Orange-street, Swansea. Sept. -1, 1832. GLAMORGANSHIRE. FREEI-i:OLD 7eROPERTY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. W. MORRIS, At the RED-LION INN, LLANDAFF, on THURSDAY, the 20th day of SEPTEMBER inst. between the hoars of one and two o'clock in the afternoon, L0t i. A LL that MESSUAGE or DWELLTNG- CjL HOUSE, and GARDEN, containing 20 Perches, more or less, now in the occupation of Evan Hopkin. Lot 2.—Ail that MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, and GARDEN, together with a Building and Garden adjoining, in the several occupations of Evan Jenkin and ———— Richard, and containing 2 Roods 11 Perches, more or less. Lot 3.—Ail those TWO attached DWELLING-HOUSES and APPURTENANCES, in the several occupations of "William Thomas and David. The above premises are sitnatein an eligible part of the city of Llandall, having a spacious frontage, and are held at will. Lot 4.-All those TWO PIECES or PARCELS of LAND, called ERW DELYN and ERW, lying contiguous together on the Salt Marsh, near Canton Common, within a mile of Cardiff, containing by admeasurement 3 Acres 19 Perches, more or less, now in the occupation of William Llewellyn, as tenaut at will. Lot 5.—ONE other PIECE or PARCEL of LAND, called PUMMER Y SALT MEAD, on the same Moor, containing by admeasurement. 6 Acres, 2 Roods, 35 Perches, more or less, now in the occupation of John Gedrych, as tenant at will. Lot 6.—All that UNDIVIDED MOIETY or HALF-PART or SHARE of a MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, Out- buildings, Yard, Garden, and Premises, containingby admeasure- ment I Acre, more or less together. Also an UNDIVIDED MOIETY or SHARE of all that FIELD called KING'S CASTLE FIELD, and Garden adjoining thereto, containing by admeasurement 3 Acres 3 Roods, more or less, now in the occu- pation of Margaret Harry. These premises lie convenient to the town of Cardiff, being si- tuated at and near Canton, adjoining the turnpike-road, and are held with other premises under a lease for one life aged58. The proportioned share of rent to be received by the purchaser of this lot to be £ 4. The tenants at will are under notice to quit. For a view of the premises application to be made to the re- spective Tenants; and for further particulars apply (if by letter, postage free) to Mr. Richard Howell, Rhiwfelan, near Llantris- sent; or to Mr. Henry Morgan, Solicitor, Cardiff. GAM E LIST. COUNTY OF GLAMORGAN". PERSONS who have obtained GAME CERTI- p FICATES for the year 18j~? List (1) General Certiifcates, at £ 3 13s. tid. each. Andrews, Charles, Norton; Bradley, K Cowbridge Brad- ley, E., juii., Ditto; Bird, G. G.. Swansea; Berrin^ton, R, D Ditto; Bush, Lieut.-Col., Aberaman Booker, T. \V..Vetindre Blosse, 1L L., Cardiff; Brind, G., Cevenmablu Bennel, J. W. Dunraven Castle; Coffin, J., l.andaff Court; Crawshav. F., Cyfarthfa Castle; Crawshay, H., Ditto; Crawshay, R., Ditto; Crawshay. jnn., W., Ditto; Cameron, Nr. P., Dnnijg raig Col iins, Pev. John, Swanseu Collier, Stephen, St. Bride's Dodg son, George, Neath Davis, W. M., Ft/none Dodds, Thomas, Park le- Bruce Daniel, Thomas, Loughor Dunn, John, Port- ei/non; David, W., Lanelay; F.ntwisle, H.. Lanblethian Ed- ward es, Rev. F. F., Gileston Edwards, '1' Tynewydd; Ed- munds, J., Pen yrrh&s; Elriiigfon, Lieut.-Ool., Buglan Lodge; Frankiyn.Itichri., Clemo tstone House Fredericks, F. Duffryn; Gregory, A. C.. Cardiff; Gr.ilium, H. C. V., Ditto; Grower, J. B. K PorthyglS; Guest, Samuel, Penclawdd Griffiths, Wm., Cadoxton Grant, Lieut.-Co! Gnoll Castle; Gralll, H. J. Ditto; Harding, J. n., Glanngwr; Hopkin, David, Neath; H ickey, F., Parkwern Henley, H. J., Grovesend Howell, I). li elsk St. Donatt's Flomf'ray, J., LanduffHouse Harding, R. Roath; Harrv, F., Bonvilstone Hall/ssn., J., St. Pagan's; Berber', E. 13., Merthyr Jenkins, R. B., Lanharran House; John, J, D lto Jenkins Rev. 0., Cowbridge Jacob, W., Lnntrissent; Jenner, 11. F., Wenvot Castle Jeimer, Capi. H., 11 envoe Castle Jones, J., Mtrthyr; Jones, Arthur, Swansea Jones, S. H., Neath; limes, John, Duffryn; Jones, D W., Neath; Jones, J. S., Pontneath Vaughan; Knight, Ed w., Newton House Knight, Rev. R., Lanblethian; Lewis, Rev. W. P.. Afw-House; Lewis, J., Ditto; Lewis. J., Cardiff; Lewis, H., Pa,Iz;Iee, F,. H St. Andrew's; l,le-eiiiii, E. "i' St. B?-i(le's; Lewis. William, Swansea Lisle, W."P. M., St. Fagan's; Lee, H. T., St. Andrews; Lucas, Henry. Swansea; Leeds, Sir G., Bart., Swansea; Miers, John N., Newcastle; Miers. Capel, Neath; AJorgan, G. T{.,Gadlys; Morgan. L ,Lan; iAJusgrave, C., jun.,t Landaff; Moggridge. J.. Gabalva Minehin, J. P, Pennarth; Mai hews, J., St. Fagan's Morgan, C., RuperTa; Marsden, W., Merthyr; Nicholl, R. C. Dim lands; Oldfielo, J. Melin Griffith; Prichard. James. Monkrwsh; Pendriil, Rev. Eo Pontardawe; Perkins. Richard, Swansea; Phillips, J., Walter- stone; Perrot, John W., Rhos Rhys, r., Aberdare; Rhys,J.. Ditto; Roberts L., Gadlys Vacha; Richiirds, Rev. E. W., St. Andrews; Rous, Rev. G., Courtyrula Smith, M. P., Bayden House; Spencer, J. H. H., IFesJero.s; Salmon, W., Cowbridge Samuel. E., Bonvilstone; Scanimel, T., Merthyr; Sidney, Rev. H* P.. Lanharry Turherville, Richd. F^wcnny Abbey l'homast William, Newcastle Higher; Traheme, M. P., Coytrahen House' Thomas, Charles, Norton; I homas, Thomas, Swansea Traheme'' Rev. G., St. Hilary Talbot, C. R.M., M.P., Penrice Taylor J., Lanblethian; Thomas, J., Caercady; Thomas, Rev. G.' Yst.radmynach "Thomas, T., Ystradowen Verity. Henry, Not: ton Villa; Vivian, J. 11., Singleton; Vauaban, N. E., Rheola Williams, T., Newton; Wood, Wm., Ash Halt; Williams, T. L* Pertdoylon House; Williams, W. W., Aberdare; Williams, R: Duffryn, Aberdare; Williams, W, Gloge; Walkins, T., Lan[ trisscnt; Williams, R. \V., Cardiff; W., Roath; Wil. liains, W., Merthyr; Williams, E., Duffrynjfrwd; Williams M. K., Merthyr; VVePs, C.. Pwllypant; Webb, V- B Cefen\ Hidfa; Warde, Cnpt. Charles Preswijlfa; Wheeler, James Briton-Ferry Wheatley, Francis, Town-Hill; Waikins, H. P.' Mert.n. List (2.) Gamekeepers, not being Assessed Servants, at < £ 3 iSs 6d. each. Rowen, Edwarn, appointed by the Earl of Plymouth, for the Manors of Gostmi, Corntown, and Lantwit-Major Gregory, John, by the Duke of Beaufort, for Gower Anglican a, Suboscus, and Kilvey; Moigan, John, by John Edwards Vanghan, Esq for Resolven, and Frtehold Lands in Glamorganshire and Brecon; Rees William by Miss Thomas, for Colwinstone; Snell. James, by the Duke off Beaufort, for Gower Anglicana and Suboscus; Vaughan, Gt orue. by Col. Cameron, for Court-y-Carne, Graiuge, KUlibian, and Talybont, alias Llandilo-Talybont. List (S. ) Gamekeepers, being Assessed Servants, at 5s. each. Arnott, Thomas, appointed bij Lieut. Col. Morgan. for the Ma- nors of Landollgh, Lanmaes, and St. Mary Church; Adam, Wm., by the Marquess of Bute, for Rudry and Lanfedw Cox. Jeremiah, by Christopher N. M. Talbot, Esq. M.P., for Nicholaston. Pen main, Waiter stone, Weobly, Landimore, Penrice, Horton, Oxtuich, Porteynon Reynoldstone, Henllis. Bury, and Iteinbrid-e; Gething, George, by Nathaniel Miers, Fsq., for Lands in the County of, Glamorgan; Harding, Henry, by R. F. Jenner, Esq. for Wenvoe, Wrinstone. Cadoxton. Dynas Powis, Castle-Moyle. and East Barry; Hopton, Joseph, by H J. Grant, Esq., for Neath, Neath Citra, Briton, and Avon Wallia; Owen, Henry, by R. M. Philipps, Esq. tor East and West Millwood and St. John's; by the It, v. J. M. Traheme, for St. George's, St. Hilary, Michael- stme Sllper Ely, and Caira; Smith. William, by H. T. Lee, Esq., for Dinas Poteis; Sandland, George, by the Hon. W. B. Grey, jor Duffryn, St. Nicholas, and High Light. Made up to the lltli of September, t832. By Order of his .Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Tuxes. EDWARD BATES, Secretary. V <. CARMARTHENSHIRE. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED ON AT MICHAELMAS NEXT, VELIN VOLE COTTAGE, situate within a mile V of the market-town of Llanelly, in a very beautiful but shel- tered situation. The house consists of two very good parlours five bedrooms, with excellent kitchens and other offices, including Stable, Gig-house, &c.; together with a Lawn, Shrubbery, and a targe and productive Garden, with a Gardener's Cottage. Eleven Acres of good Land may also be had if required. To be viewed on Tuesdays and Fridays between eleven and four o'clock, by permission of the present occupier, Thomas Sowdon, Esq. and for terms apply (if by letter, post-paid) to it. J. Neviil, Esq. Glanmor, near Llanelly. MONMOUTHSHIRE^ TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the CASTLE INN, MERTIIYU-TIDVIL, Glamorganshire, on SATURDAY, the 27th day of OCTOBER next, at three o'clock in the afternoon, ALL that COPYHOLD MESSUAGE, FARM, and LANDS, called HAVOD YRISCLOEO, situate in the parish of Bedwellty, in the occupation of John Evans, black- smith, as tenant at will, containing by admeasurement 2SA. 2R. 23P. The Farm lies within 20D yards of Mr. Hall's tramroad, which forms ajuuetion with the Newport tramroad at Risca. It abounds with coal, which may be easily wrought at a trilling outlay-of capital, the present proprietor having already opened and proved the veins, which may be immediately worked. The buildings are convenient and in good repair, and the land is in a good state of cultivation. Also, Six newly-erected MESSUAGES or COTTAGES and GARDENS, situate at Pontlottin, in the parish of Gellygare, held under a lease for 99 years, from the first day of May, 1S25, j subject to the.yearly ground rent of £ 5. For a view of the Farm and Lands apply to the Tenant, and of the Messuages and Cottages, to Mary Hollowav, on the Pre- mises and for further particulars at the Otlice of Messrs. Mey- rick and Davies Solicitors, Merthyr. _s, MONMOUTHTIHRET TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. H. M. PARTRIDGE, At the INN, NEWPORT, on TUESDAY, the 18th day of SEPTEMBER, 1832, at twelve o'clock at noon, subject to conditions that will be then produced, TH E following- valuable and highly-important i. FREEHOLD, CUSTOMARYHOLD, & LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, that is to say Lot I.-All that SKIN-YARD, with the extensive Ware- houses, Lofts, Pits, Outhouses, Erections, dnd Premises thereto belonging; and also the FIVE COTTAGES thereto adjoining, situate in the town of Caerleon, in county of Monmouth, and now in the occupation of Mr. Marmaduke Brewer, or his tenants. Those premisesNpossess every convenience for carrying on the business of a Skinner on a very extensive scale, are furnished with an ample supply of water, and were recently improved and repaired by the proprietor at a very considerable expense. Lot 2.-All those TtfREE DWELLING-HOUSE-, GAR- DENS, and PIECE or PARCEL of GROUND adjoining the said Skin-yard, and situate in Mill-street, in the said town of Caerleon, now in the occupation of Emanuel Edwards, Seth Ar- nold, and Lot 3.—All that TUCKING-MILL, DWELLING-HOUSE, GARDEN, & PIECE or PAiWEL of PASTURE GROUND, containing by estimation 3 Acres or thereabouts, situate in the parish of Langattock-juxta-Caerieon, now in the respective oc- cupations of the said M. Brewer and Charles Williams. Lot 4. — All that MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, FARM BUILDINGS, ORCHARD, GARDEN, and 62 Acres or thereabouts of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, situate in the parish of Malpas, on the side of the turnpike-road leading from Newport to Pontypool, now in the occupation of John Gard. —This Farm is very desirably situated within two miles of the nourishing port and town of Newport; the Monmouthshire Canal leading from Newport to Pontypool passes through the property, and the Orchard is stocked with very prime thriving young fruit trees. Ail that MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, with the GARDEN and ORCHARD adjoining, containing about half an Acre, situate in the parish of Malpas, in the said county, in the occupation of Stone. All those TWO COTTAGES, with the GARDENS, contain- ing altogether one Acre of Land or thereabouts, situate in the said parish of Malpas, now in the occupation of John Brewer and William Blake. Lot that MESSUAGE or BUILDING, with the Ap- purtenances, situate in the town of Newport, in the county of Alonmouth, now let to the Commissioners of Customs for the term of 72 years or thereabouts, at the yearly rent off 50, and used by them as a Custom-house. Lot 6.—All that iiESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE and SHOP, situate in High-street, in the said town, now occupied by Mr. Watkin Rogers. This lot is situate in the centre of the town of Newport, and has been for many years occupied by a Linen-Draper, who has carried on upon the premises a very ex- tensive business. Lots 1 and 2 are Freehold; lot 3 is Leasehold, held for the re- mainder of a term whereof about 12 years are unexpired, at a re- served rent of 920 part of lot 4 is Freehold, and the remainder is Customary hold, held of the Manor of Malpas, in the said county, and the Manorial rights form scarcely more than a nominal bur- then. Lots 5 aud 6 are Leasehold, held for the remainder of a term of 80 years, commencing the 1st May, 1824, at a ground- rent of £ 6, which will be alloted in equal proportions to each lot. The Vendors reserve to themselves the right to allot the pro- perty in a different manner at the time of sale, if they should think it expedient. The Tenants of the several lots, or Mr, Marmaduke Brewer, Newport, will shew the premises; and for further particulars apply to Messrs. Prothero and Phillips, Newport; Messrs. M'Donnell and Mostyn, Usk; or to Messrs. Bevan and Brittan, Bristol; if hy letter, post-paid. MONMOUTHSHIRE. To be OFFERED for PUBLIC SALE, By Mr. SCOTT, At the AUCTION-MART, LONDON, on WEDNESDAY, the 3d day of OCTOBER next, at one o'clock in the afternoon, by order of the Assignees of a Bankrupt, in.one lot, and subject to condi- tions which will be then produced, PipH E following important and desirable MINERAL JL PROPERTY, that is to say All that CUSTOMARYHOLD ESTATE, called COURT LANGOYTRITCH, held of the Manor of Wentsland and Brin- Gwyn, containing by admeasurement 44 Acres or thereabouts, situate in the parish of Trevethin, in the county of Monmouth, and within three miles of the market-town of Pontypool. The surface of this Property is let to John Walter, and the Minerals to Messrs. Robert Small, James H Shears, and John Taylor, for a term of 21 years, of which 17 are unexpired, at galage and way-leave rents, the lessees having covenanted that such rents shall amount to £ G00 a year at the least. ¡ The British Iron Company have opened and are now working in the Estate a deep Leve!, which commands the Minerals under the Property, and will afford an outlet to those in a large district of country beyond, which cannot be so conveniently worked by any other means. Five Veins of Coal, containing altogether in thickness upwards ofeig lit yards, and three Strata of Iron Stone, containing altoge- ther in thickness upwards of two feet, of very superior quality, pass through the Estate, and are all worked either in this or the adjoining Property, and it is estimated by a Mineral Survevor of acknowledged skill and experience, and possessed of local knowledge of the subject, that the Minerals contained in the Property now offered for sale would, at the galages reserved by the lease,, produce a rental of £ 690 a year for 00 years. The British Iron Company, by whom the l\1 ines are now worked, and who are lessees of a large tract of Minerals beyond, have laid out a large capital in the erection of a very convenient and extensive Iron Work uear the Estate, and to that Work the Pro- perty is a most important appendage, as affording, first, a large supply of excellent coal and iron stone close to the furnaces of the Company, and, next, which is, perhaps, equally important, a drainage to other mines leased to them, and an outlet for the pas- sage and conveyance of such mines to the Works. There are other large and extensive IronWorks in the neigh- bourhood, and there is a direct and convenient communication between the Property and the shipping-port of Newport (from which it is distant 15 miles), by means of the Monmouthshire Canal, and a Railway communicating therewith. To Capitalists anxious for an investment for money, combining in an unusual degree a fixed and secure present income, with certain prospective benefits, or looking forward to engage in the Iron Trade, when that important staple manufacture shall again, as must necessarily and shortly be the case, afford a remunerating profit, the present sale offers advantages not often presented to the public. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Prothero and Phillips, Newport, or Messrs. M'Donnell and Mostyn, Usk, Monmouth- shire Messrs. Platt and Hall, New Boswell-court, Lincoln's- Inn, or Mr. Scott, at his Oilices, Carey-street, London if by letter, post-paid. MONMOUTHSHIRE. To be Offered for Sale. by Public Auction, By Mr. H. M. PARTRIDGE, At the KING'S HEAD INN, NEWPORT, on MONDA'Y, the 8th day of OCTOBER, 1832, at one o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions which will be then produced, in one lot, ALL that important and very desirable COLLIERY, A- called GWRHAY, situate in the parish of Monythusloyne, in the county of Monmouth, with the Tramplates, Tramroads, Trams' Tools, and other Stock, Materials, and Effects belonging thereto, an inventory whereof will be produced at the time of sale. This property is held at galage rents for a term of about 40 years, is distant from the shipping port of Newport 14 miles, and is most conveniently situated on the tramroad made by Mr. Hall, leading from Mamhole to join the tramroad of the Monmouthshire Canal Company near Risca Bridge. The Lessees are entitled to the Veins of Coal nsually called the Mdnythusloyne Veins, under the Gwrhay Vawr Estate,comprising 150 Acres of Land or thereabouts, and under a portion of the Penyvan Estate adjoining thereto, and comprising upwards of 50 Acres. The Gwrhay Level was opened a few years ago at a very con- siderable expense, and is now capable of working upwards of 100 Tons of Coal a day. The Coal is of excellent quality, and from its reputation in the market must always command a certain and readv sale. For further particulars apply to Mr. JohnLlewellin, Abercarne; Mr. John Jones, Rownham Wharf, Bristol; or to Messrs. Prothero and Phillips, Newport; ifbyletter, post-paid. S2 ONMOUTH SIITRE. I To Sportsmen. To be SOLD or LET, for a term of years, GREENHILL COTTA.GE, in the parish of Rag- land, with Coach-house, Stabling, Barn, Farm-yard, Dog- kennel, and all other necessary Outbuildings, and 50 Acres of Freehold Pasture and Arable Land, Garden, Orchard, &c. The House consists of dining and drawing-rooms 16 feet by 15, with French windows opening into a veranda, study, underground beer and wine cellars, five bedrooms and dressing-room, kitchen, back kitchen, pantry, dairy, store-room, &c., and an enclosed yard with a pump of excellent water. There are two packs of hounds in the neighbourhood, and the sporting for many miles round the premises is excellent, without any interruption. The house stands on an eminence, with a lawn in front of six acres, and commands a most extensive and beautiful prospect. There are two pews. in Ragland Church adjoining each other, from which place it is dis- tant one mile, four from Usk, and nine from Monmouth. N. B. If preferred, the House may be let with the Lawn in front, or with 35 Acres of Pasture and Arable Land immediately surrounding it; or if purchased, part of the money may remain on security of the property. For particulars apply to H. H. Greenhill Cottage, near Rag- land. All letters to be post-paid. SKETTY, near SWANSEA. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. J. DAVIES, At the MACKWORTH-ARMS INN, SWANSEA, on WEDNESDAY, the 3d day of OCTOBER next, at five o'clock in the afternoon, by order of the Assignees of Thomas Phillips. a Bankrupt, A" LL that well-built MESSUAGE or COTTAGE ORNEE, with Gig-house, Stable, and nearly an acre and a half of Garden Ground thereto adjoining, at present in the occu- pation of Lieut. H. Moore, delightfully situated at-Sketty, near Swansea, commanding a fine view of Swansea Bay and the Bristol Channel, and replete with every-convenience for the accommoda- tion of a respectable family. These premises are held under Sir John Morris, Bart, upon lease for a term of 50 years, of which upwards of 46 are now un- expired, and are subject to the yearly ground rent of A:6 17s. 6d. And at the same time and place will be Sold, The remaining-OUTSTANDING DEBTS due to the Estate of the said Thomas Phillips, and particularized in a schedule, which will be ready for inspection for fourteen days previous to the sale on application to the Auctioneer. For a view of the premises comprised in the first lot apply to the occupier; and for further particulars as to the whole or any part of the property, to Mr. Francis Short., Solicitor, 37, Corn- street, Bristol; if bv letter, post-paid. GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By T. WATKINS, On THURSDAY and FRIDAY, the 27th and 28th SEPTEMBER inst. at the RECTORY, in the village of St. Nicholas, near Cardiff, npHF. whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, 1 PLATE, CHINA, GLASS, EARTHENWARE, &c., also an extensive and valuable LIBRARY, comprising nearly 1000 Volumes, the property of the late Rev. THOMAS DAVIES, Rector of St. Nicholas. The Household Furniture* consists of fourpost and other bedsteads with furniture, mattresses, prime feather beds and bedding, mahogany chests of drawers, wardrobe bureau and bookcase, piano-forte, tables, rosewood and fancy chairs, moreen window curtains, carpets and hearth rugs, a hand- some dinner service of antiquarian china perfect, also a dessert service of real Nantgarrw china, pure white and burnished gold, very rare several sets of tea services and earthenware, an eight- day clock, dresser and good kitchen requisites, brewing utensils, &c also tea and coffee urns, about 300 ounces of plate, plated goods, &c. The Library contains a valuable collection of Theo- logical, Classical, Historical, and other standard works, well se- lected, many of which are very scarce, and well worthy the at- tention of literati. On the last day will be sold, precisely at two o'clock, a CHESNUT HORSE, six years old, fifteen hands high, warranted sound, a very superior carriage horse and good roadster. The sale will begin each day at eleven o'clock precisely, to commence with the furniture. Catalogues of the whole will be ready for delivery on the 22d instant. B RECON SIIIRE. rL TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. THOS. PRICE, At the LION INN, in the town of BUILTH, in the county of BRECON, on MONDAY the 24th day of SEPTEMBER, 1832, at four o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions of sale, un- less disposed of in the mean time by Private Contract, in the following or such other Lots as may be agreed upon :— LOT 1. ALL that capital FREEHOLD ESTATE, called LLWYNYFYNWENT, with the several Farms adjoin- ing, called AIIERGEFEL, BERTHLASE, TROED-RHEW- 1THON, and BRYN, containing upwards of 1000 Acres of Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood LAND, in the Parish of Llangamarch. The above Farms adjoin together within a ring fence, and form a very desirable and improvable Estate for investment, having coal and lime within the distance of twelve miles, and an excel- lent turnpike-road, leading from Builth to Llandovery, passing through the Estate, distant from each place eleven miles, Brecon fifteen miles, and the celebrated MINERAL SPRINGS at LLAN- WRTID three miles. Llwynyfynwent House stands upon an eminence commandfng an extensive view, and forming a pleasant sporting residence, ha- ving about 100 Acres of Underwood growing at its base, noted ior the resort of woodcocks and snipes in the season the whole of the Estate abounds with game, and has an extensive Right of Common on the Eppint Hills adjoining the river Dulais, swarm- ing with trout and lasprings, flows through, and the Dyfnant forms the boundary on the western side of the property. Lot 2.—All that MESSUAGE, FARM, and LANDS, called CAEMAWR, also situate in the said parish of Llangamarch, con- taining upwards of 120 Acres of Land, adjoining lands of —— Elliot, Esq. and the late Evan Thomas, Esq. Lot 3.—All those several MESSUAGES, FARMS, & LANDS adjoining, called BERTHLLWYD, CLYNYGYLLETH, and LLWYNMOIRIC, also situate in the said parish of Llanga- march, haying the turnpike-road leading from Llandrindod Wells by Newbridge to Llanwrtid Weils, distant from the former about 0 t ten miles and the latter four miles, passing through the Estate and containing ab ut 150 Acres. These two last lots have also an extensive Right of Common on the Eppint Hills. LoU.—All that COTTAGE or TENEMENT, called LLY- ASTFACH, also situate in the said parish of Llangamarch, com- prising about 40 Acres of enclosed Land, with extensive Right of Common on Calcwm Hill, adjoining the same. Lot 5.—All that very desirable FREEHOLD FARM, called ERROWYRNOYADD, situate in the parishes of Llan- afonfawr and Llanfechan, in the said county of Brecon, compri- sing a Dwelling-house with suitable Outbuildings, and about 100 Acres of Land, well reported for its quality and warmth of situa- lion, distant from the market-town of Builth five miles, and ad- joining lands of the Earl of Oxford there is a considerable quan- tity of fine timber growing on this lot. The tenants will shew the property, and further particulars may be had at the offices of Mr. H. P."Powell, Solicitor, Builth, or Mr. T. S. Rogers, Solicitor, Kington, Herefordshire, where maps of the whole may be seen all letters to be post-paid. CARDIGANSHIRE AND CARMARTHENSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the IVY-BCSII HOTEL, in the town of CARMARTHEN, on WEDNESDAY, the 10th day of OCTOBER next, at five o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then produced, ripHE following valuable PRESENTATIONS to LIVINGS and SHARES of FREEHOLD TITHES, belonging to RICHARD PRICE, Esq. in the parishes of Llandewy- brevy, Llanbadarn-odyn, Ystrad, Llanddinol, Cilcennin, and Llanbadarn-trefeglwys, in the county of Cardigan, and Llanboidy, and Trelech, and Hettws, in the county of Carmarthen, in the following or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at the time of sale,—viz.: — Lot I.-The ALTERNATE RIGHT of NOMINATION to the PERPETUAL CURACY of LLANDEWY-BREVY, with its Chapelries, and Llanbadarn-odyn annexed, estimated to be worth upwards of i;SOO per annum and all Mr. Price's Shares, Rights, and Interests in the TITHES arising within the said parish of Llandewy-brevy, as now let to Mr. David Richards, a yearly tenant, at the rent of 2C145, exclusive of the Land-tax. N.B. The Chancels are repaired by Lord Lisburne and Mr. Price jointly. Lot 2.—All Mr. Price's SHARES, RIGHTS, and INTER- ESTS in the TITHES arising within the said several parishes of Llanbadarn-trefeglwys, Llanbadarn-odyn, and Cilcennin, now let to the said David Richards, a yearly tenant, at the rent of £ 107, exclusive of the Land-tax. N. B. The Chancels are repaired by Mr. Price and the other Impropriators jointly. Lot :i.-The ALTERNATE RIGHT of NOMINATION to the PERPETUAL CURACY of LLANDDINOL, and all Mr. Price s Shares, Rights, and Interests in the TITHES arising within the said parish of Llanddinol, now let to Mr. Evan Evans, a yearly tenant, at the rent of £ 43, subject to a deduction thereout of £ 2 10s. per annum, being a moiety of the Curate's stipend and 5s. 3d. Land-tax. N.B. The Chancel is repaired by Lord Lisburne and Mr. Price jointly. Lot 4.-AlI Mr. Price's SHARES, RIGHTS, and INTER- ESTS in the TITHES arising within the said parish of Ystrad, now let to Mr. Isaac Jones, a yearly tenant, at the rent of £ 65, exclusive of the Land-tax. N. H. The Chancel of Ystrad Church is repaired by the Im- propriators and Vicar jointly. Lots.—All Mr. Price's SHARES, RIGHTS, and INTER- ESTS in the GLEBE LANDS, HOUSE, and TITHES, lying in and arising within the said parish of Llanboidy, as now let to Rees Edwards, Esq. a yearly tenant, at the rent of £ 84, exclu- sive of Land-tax. N. B. The repairs of the Chancel of Llanboidy Church are borne by the different Impropriators and the Vicar, in pro- portion to their respective Shares. Lot. 6.—All Mr. Price's SHARES, RIGHTS, and INTER- ESTS in the GLEBE LANDS, HOUSE, and TITHES, lying in and arising within the said parish of Trelech and Chapelry of Bettws, as now let to Price Lewes, Esq. a yearly tenant, at the rent of £ 100, exclusive of the Land-tax. For further particulars apply to Mr. James M'Dougal, at Norton, near Presteign, or to Messrs D and J. James, Presteign, Radnorshire. UNIVERSITY OF DUBLIN. DR. MACARTNEY will commence the Courses of Lectures on Natural and Morbid Anatomy and Surgery, the first Monday in November next. The Anatomical Demonstra- tions and Dissections will commence the 3d Monday in November. For particulars application should be made to Dr. Macartney, 35, Upper Merrion-street, Dublin. STOLEN or STRAYED, from Clemenstone, near Cowbridge, on Sunday the 2d day of September, a dark brown woolly-haired WATER SPANIEL BITCH, with a long tail tipped with white, about 6 months old, answering to the name of Jewel. If strayed, any person bringing her to Clemenstone will be liberally rewarded. If stolen, any person giving information will, on conviction of the thief, receive Five Pounds Reward. NOTICE TO MARINERS. N ASH LIGHTS. Trinity House, London, 6th Sept. 1832. N-O TI C;E is hereby given, that the LIGII'" TOWERS recently erected upon the NASH POINT, iil the county of Glamorgan, are situated from each other S. 58° E. andN.58!JW. distant 1000 feet; and that the Lights exhibited therein are fixed or stationary,—the Eastern, or Upper Light, burning 167 feet, and the Western, or Lower Light, 123 feet, above the level of the Sea at High Water; the brilliancy of which. respectively, will be visible,—the High Light, from S. E. b. S. to N. W. i W.,—and the Low Light, from S. b. E. E. to N. b. W. 5 W. but in particular states of the Atmosphere, and when not distant from them, they may be seen faintly beyond those hearings. Masters of Vessels and others, sailing up the Bristol Channel in the Fairway, will make these Lights as two separate and dis- tinct Lights, and to prevent the possibility, under peculiar cir- cumstances, of mistaking them for those upon St. Ann's Point, it may be well to observe, that in making the Lights upon the Nash Point from the south westward, the High Light will be seen to the right, or southward, of the Low Light; whereas in making the St. Ann's Lights from the same quarter, the High Light will be observable to the left, or northward, of the Low Light. These Lights in a line lead to the southward of the Sands lying to the westward of the Nash Point; but from the proximity of the Nash Sand to that Point, they must, of a consequence, carry near the south eastern part of that Sand, and at the distance of half a mile from the Point, not more than a cable's length from it. Masters of Vessels are therefore cautioned to keep the High Light open to the southward of the Low Light, when approaching the Nash Point; and in proceeding to the eastward, the High Light upon a bearing of N. W. tN, will lead clear of the Foul Ground oil Breaksea Point, and between the One Fathom Bank and Culver Sand, until the Flatholm Light is brought upon a bearing, to enable them to steer to the eastward as heretofore. By order, J. HERBERT, Secretary. TO BE LET, npHAT eligible RESIDENCE,' called RAVEN JL HILL, miles from Swansea, on the Carmarthen road, either with or without Land. The House, which is nearly new and in complete repair, contains two good sitting-rooms and five bedrooms, with kitchen, pantries, dairy, washhouse, small oflice, two servants' bedrooms, and other conveniences, with a good Garden it is situated on a healthy eminence, commanding an ex- tensive view of the River Burry, Loughor, and Llanelly, and is well adapted for a Boarding School or a genteel family, to whom health and economy are objects. Rent only E20 per annum, without Land. Apply to Mr. H. Gye, Auctioneer and House Agent, Swansea. GL A MORGANSHIRET FREEHOLD FAJTMS FOR SALE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. H. GYE, At the MACKWORTH ARMS INN, SWANSEA, on SATURDAY, the 22d day of SEPTEMBER, 1832, unless previously disposed of by- private contract, subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced, ALL those valuable and highly-improvable FREE HOLD ESTATES, commonly called ROSE-FAWR and PLACE-BACH FARMS, situate about 7 miles from Swansea, in the upper division of the parish of Llangafelach, in the county of Glamorgan, and containing by admeasurement 150A. 111. 33P. of very rich Arable, Meadow, and Wood Land; together with the Farm-houses and Buildings, Coal, Culm, Mines, Minerals, Limestone, and all other properties beneath the surface and it is ascertained that there are several Seams of Coal and Culm on the Estate, which, from the contiguity and easy access to the re- spective shipping wharfs in this port, may be advantageously worked. The Land has a good aspect, is well watered, and pos- sesses a fine growth of young Ash and Oak Timber. The Farm Buildings are capacious, convenient, and nearly new. A roomy Malthouse has been lately built adjoining the Farm-house, which aflords every facility for carrying on the malting business exten- sively. The Timber to be taken at a price hereafter to be named. There is a Right of Common over that immense waste Mynydd- y-Gwair, adjoining the property. Further particulars may be had of Mr. J. Gwyn Jeffreys, Soli- citor, Fisher-street, where an enlarged Map of the Estate mav be seen and printed particulars, with Lithographic Plans wilf, be ready in a few days, and may be had at the Auction M art, Swansea. To be PEREMPTORILY SOLD, Pursuant to a Decree of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer at Westminster, made in a cause Berriitgton v. Evans," before Jefferies Spranger, Esq., one of the Masters of the said Court, at the MACKWORTH ARMS INN, in the town of Swansea, in the county of Glamorgan, on MONDAY, the 15th day of OCTOBER, 1832; and, if the sale shall not be completed on that day, the next and following days; the sale to commence at twelve o'clock precisely on each day, in thirty-one lots:— FREEHOLD ESTATES, consisting of several ..1.1 Farm Houses and Messuages, and upwards of 1400 Acres of Arable and Meadow Land, and the Coal Mines under the same, situate in the parish of Llangefelach, in the town of Swansea, and in the parishes of St. John-juxta-Swansea, Swansea, Llanrhidian, Llanguicke, and Loughor; the whole of which Premises are in the said county of Glamorgan, and heretofore the property of Sir Watkin Lewes, late of the city of London, Alderman, deceased. Printed particulars may be had (gratis) at the said Master's Chambers, No. 2, Mitre-Court Buildings, Inner Temple, London; of Messrs. Johnson and Wetherall, Solicitors, King's Bench Walk, Temple of Messrs. Poole and Gamlen, Solicitors, Gray's- inn-square, London of Mr. John Jenkins, Solicitor, Swansea; of Herbert Evans, Highmead, near Lampeter, in the county of Car- digan, Esquire and at the different Inns in the above parishes. The different tenants will shew the premises. THE BRISTOL, CHEPSTOW, AND NEWPORT. $t£411t Uackttø. WILL SAIL during the NEXT WEEK, as follows:— CHEPSTO W. FROM BRISTOL.. Fitovi CHEPSTOW. Sept. isai. o'clock. Sept. 1832. o'clock. 17, Monday. 7l morn. 17, Monday 4 after. 18, Inesday 9 morn. 18, Tuesday 5 after. rjyef'nes<'3y morn. 19, Wednesday not sail. 21), Thursday 3g after. 20, Thursday 7j morn. 21, rrirtay 4 after, 21, Friday 83 morn. 22, Saturday not sail. 22, Saturday morn. FARES:—After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Deck, 2s. To and Fro the same day (provided a To and Fro Ticket is taken), After Cabin, Cs.; Fore Deck, ?s. Children under 12 years of age, Half-price. Dogs, Is. each. Four-wheel Carriage, with or without Horses; 20s.; Carriage drawn by one Horse, including driver, 10s. Gd. Horses, each, 5s. Horse and Rider, After Cabin, 6s. 1r:r These Fares include all Expense. NEWPORT. FROM BRISTOL. I FROM NEWPORT, Sept. 1832. o'clock. Sept. 1832. o'clock. 17, Monday 10 mn. 2^ aft. 17, Monday 8 mn. 3 aft. IS, Tuesday 10J mn. 3 £ aft. [ 18, Tuesday 8^ mn. 4 aft. 2 19, Wednes. 12 nn.not sail. 19, Wednes.ll mn. not sail. 20, ihurs. aft. not sail. 20, Thurs. 12 nn. not sail. 2t, Friday 7 mn. 4 art. 21, Friday 7J mn. 2 aft. 22, Saturday 8 mn. 5 aft. j 22, Saturday 8lmn. aft. 0:31 These Packets will Sail only once a day during the Winter Months, from the 1st of October. FARES After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, 2s.; Children under twelve years of age, Half-price. Dogs, Is. each. To and Fro same day (provided a To and Fro Ticket is taken), After-Cabin, 6s. Fore-Cabin, 3s. Four-wheel Carriage, 20s.; Two-wheel Ditto, 10s.; Horses, 5s. each Carriage drawn by one Horse, with one Passenger, ]5s.; Horse and Rider, After Cabin, 7s. Ditto, Fore Cabin, Gs. —— CARDIFF AND MERTHYR.—A Coach between/Newport ar I Cardiff, to answer the time of the Packets, and fronrX3aiKP-$& ,'o Merthyr every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, starting from Cardiff at six o'clock in the morning, and from Merthyr at five o'clock in the evening. CARDIFF and Cow BRIDGE.—A Coach between Cardiff and Cowbridge every Tuesday leaving Cardiff at nine o'clock in the morning, and Cowbridge at five o'clock in the afternoon. PONTYPOOL and ABERGAVENNY.-A Coach daily between these places and Newport; arriving at Newport about half-past ten o'clock in the morning, and starting from Newport abou three o'clock in the afternoon. ABERGAVENNY and HEREFORD.—A Coach between Aberga- venny and Hereford every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, starting on the arrival of the Pontypool and Abergavenny Coach from Newport. MONMOUTH, through Usk and Ragfand.-A Coach between Newport and those places every Monday, Wednesday, and Fri. day, leaving Newport at two o'clock in the afternoon, and returns the alternate days. the alternate days. TREDEGAR IRON WORKS, through Abercarne and BedweHy. A Coach daily between these places and Newport; arriving at Newport about ten o'clock in the morning, and starting about three o'clock in the afternoon. The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets give NOTICE, that they will not be accountable for any Passenger's Luggage, nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Package., or Parcels (if lost or da- nittged), unless booked at either of their OJjices in Bristol or Newport; and, if above the value o/'40s., entered at its value, and carriage in proportion paid for the same at the time of booking. Packet-Offices,—Rownham Wharf, Hotwells and Rodney Wharf, Newport. J. JONES, Agent.