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7'0 the Independent Electors of the County of Carmarthen. GENTLEMEN, 7-THE trust which was confided to me in so fiat- taring a manner of representing this County in Parliament, will era long be restored to ynu, and you will consequently be called upon to exercise the important privilege which will hencefonvanl be enjoyed by you, of selecting two Individuals to express your political opinions in a Reformed Parliament. le My principles are well known to you,—I have advocated Reform '.Ii'u and Retrenchment in every department of the State. I have proved myself to be the Enemy of Slavery, by my vote in favour of 11fr. Buxton's recent motion for its abolition; and, as I deem it right that you should be made acquainted ivith my opinions upon some of the leading topics of political discussion, I beg to state, that a Reform in the Church, a Commutation of Tithes, the extinction of all Monopolies that are warranted by sound policy, as well as of useless Places, unmerited Pensions, and Sinecures, are a course of measures which I anticipate the perfection of with unfeigned satisfaction and which must be secured, if the Electors of this Empire will with fearless integrity of purpose avail themselves of the opportunity now afforded them, of choosing a House of Commons that will boldly perform its duty to the nation at large. As an independent Man, anxious that the Country should thoroughly reap the jidl benefit conferred upon it by that great Charter which has recently confirmed its in the free enjoyment of our constitutional riqhts, I solicit your suffrages and if by a continuance of your for- tis. kindness I should become one of the objects of your choice, I can safely assure you, that the zeal and exertion which it has hitherto been my study to evince in your service, will accompany my future en- deavours to promote yonr real and truest interests. I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, Your faithful and obliged Servant, JAMES WILLIAMS. Edtvinsford, August 24th, 1832. To the Independent Electors of the County of Carmarthen. GENTLEMEN, SINCE my last Address was offered to your —— notice, I have been led to fear that much misapprehension exists in reference to the course which I may adopt as an individual in regard to the views of the other Candidates for the Representation of this County. Having hitherto so decidedly expressed, and I trust acted upon the principles I have invariably professed, I could scarcely have conceived that I should have been looked upon as the Supporter of any Person opposed to my own avowed political sentiments, nor should I have con- siaered myself justified, after having obtained support as an indepen- dent Man, in attempting to bias your opinions in the selection of another Candidate, as I conceive any course in the nature of a Coali- tion to be totally inconsistent with that freedom of choice which the Electors have all undoubted right to exercise. When, however, a Candidate professing liberal principles, declared himself, I felt it to be my ditty to give my Vote in his favour but, in in reference to my Tenantry, although some have blamed me for not influencing their Votes, I beg to state that I have long since informed them that they are to consider themselves at liberty to vote as they may feel disposed, without any interference on my part .-Freedom has been my object in advocating Reform— Ought I to deny it to them ? I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, Your faithful and obliged Servant Carmarthen, August 25th, 1832. JAMES WILLIAMS. To the Gentry, Clergy, Freeholders, and other Electors, of the County of Carmarthen. GENTLEMEN, HA VING been called upon by a most numerous •* and respectable body of the Constituency of Carmarthenshire, to come forward at the ensuing General Election, and to offer my Services as one of its Representatives in Parliament, I shall not hesi- tate to do so whenever the Dissolution takes place. To those who have thus honoured me, my best thanks are due, and to them, as to the Electors generally, I beg to state that if I am successful, nothing shall be wanting on niy part to merit the confidence reposed in me. After the excitement which has prevailed on the subject of Parlia- mentary Reform, I am most anxious that nothing I may say should tend to bring back sueh a state of feeling, I shall therefore Ito fay-ther allude to that than to say, that as the Reform Act is now the law of the land, it shall have as such my support, and my assist- ance in the working of its different provisions. It appears to me that the Corn Laws are certain to become an early object of discussion in the next Parliamant, I am anxious therefore to state that it is- my duty, as it is my inclination, during that discussion, to support the Agricultural Interest to the very utmost, and to give it every protection it may seem to require. With regard to the diminution of the Public Burthens, I beg to say, that I am as desirous of diminishing them as any one can be, more particularly those that press most upon the Agriculture of the country and whenever any proposal is made to do so, I shall. support it, pro- vided the revenue is able to bear the loss without risk to the national credit. I now take my leave, and hope at a very early period to pay my re- spects to you in person. I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, Your most obedient Servant, GEO. RICE TREVOR. Dynevor Castle, August 20th, 1832. Carmarthenshire Election. WE, the undersigned FREEHOLDERS of the COUNTY of CARMARTHEN, having this day been assured by the Honorable Colonel RICE TREVOR, that although he must decline giving Pledges on the subject of his Conduct in the ensuing Parliament, should he become a Member of it, yet that his sentiments.are decidedly in favor of giving every support to the Agricultural Interest, and to the Maintenance of the Corn Laws of repealing the Duty on Malt; of an immediate Amelio- ration of the Condition of the Slaves in the Colonies, and of the Abolition of Slavery, when it can be effected with due regard to the interest of the Slaves themselves, and of our Colonial Posses- sions; and of a just and equitable Commutation of Tithes; agree to SUPPORT HIM as a CANDIDATE for the COUNTY of CARMARTHEN, and pledge ourselves to use our utmost efforts to secure his e!ection.28th August, 1832. E. P. Lloyd, Glanseviu James Thomas, Caeglas Edward Picton, Iscoed W. Jones, Carmarthen J. Jones, Ystrarl William Carver, Wenallt J. W. Lloyd, Danyrallt Daniel Carver, Coed waiter D. Saunders Davies, Pcntre Walter Rice Howell, Carmarthen W. R. H. Powell, Maesgwynne Charles H. Hughes, Carmalthen y T. R. Thomas, I James B. Gwyn, Bvvleh w D. H. James, Lhvyndvvfr Nathaniel Rowland, Parke J. E. Saunders, Glanrhwdw William Rogers, Carmarthen F. E. Saunders, Cefnfelin P. Vaughan Broadford, Kidwelly J. R. Lewes Lloyd, Dolhaidd I John Davies, Carmarthen T. Lewis, Kenarth David Griffiths, Alltyverin Henry Howell, Glaspant Thomas Thomas, Llandilo John Lewis, Llanlear John Williams Clerk, Llandebie George Bowen, LJwyngwair Thomas Davies, Carmarthen Thomas Lewis, Clynfrew Jenkin Davies, Maesycrigie Thomas Lewes, Llysnewidd D. J. Edwardes, Rhydygorse Price Lewes, Llysnewidd David Parry, Cotebrook John H. Philipps, Williamston William Yatden, Llanelly Walter Rice, Llwynybrain Morgan Harries, Llandovery Rees Goring Thomas, Llanon David Lloyd Harries, ditto John Beynon, AtparHill Henry Lloyd Harries, ditto J. D. Berrington, Swansea John Morgan, ditto R. L. Philipps, Uwyncrwn John Hopkins, ditto Canon Philipps, Pembroke S. Gwynne, Glanbrane George Philipps, Narberth S. F. Gwynne, ditto L. Evans, Pantykendy William Jones, Henllys Evan George, Plaescrwyn David Jones, Blaenos Henry Lawrence, Carmarthen David Jones, jun., Llandovery Daniel Prytherch, Carmarthen Charles Bishop, ditto vi R. J. Nevill, Glanmôr Morgan Jones, Clerk Cwrtyceidrim William Jones, Gurrey Francis Pryce, Plasnewidd Morgan Jones, Kilwcndeage Morgan Hopkins, Brynygwenyn B. Lewis, Duffryn William Jones, Nantyrogvan D. T. B. Davies, Maesycrisgie 1 John Howell, M.D., Tegfyuidd J. B. Davies, Myrtle Hill A. A. Gower, Glandoran Grismond Philipps, Cwmgwilly W. George, Lan David Davies, Trawsmawr Rice Beynon, Tegfynidd John Howell Bevan, Pengay John Jones, Glanhouddu John Philipps, Llandilo David Thomas, Llangadock Edward Jones, Llandovery Joseph Yeamans, ditto To the Independent Electors of the County of Carmarthen. GENTLEMEN, .11 Requisition having been made to me for the purpose, by a numerous and respectable body of Electors, I beg to offer myself as a Candidate for the honour of being one of your Representatives in the ensuing Parliament: anil I seek your suf- frages as a Man of Independent Principles, and as a sincere, ge- nuine Reformer, who has in view the utter Abolition of all Mono- polies and Sinecure Appointments, to lessen the Taxes, to repeal those Laws which fetter the Industry, Capital, Agriculture, and Com- merce of the State, to abolish Negro Slavery, and especially, to advance Civil and Religious Liberty,—the opportunity to accomplish all of which objects is now completely opened to us by the Reform Bill, enabling the Nation to form. a House of Commons wholly com- posed of Members devoted to those purposes; but that great advan- tage will be entirely lost, to this County, if, by electing one Anti- lieformen or supporter of present Burthens and Oppressions to be either of our Members, we enable him to oppose and to thwart the ex- ertions of our other Member in obtaining a redress of grievances: 1Jote of the one would be continually counterbalanced by that of other; and the voice of the County be thereby rendered as ab- solutely of no effect whatsoever in determining any question before Parliament, as if we had no Member at all to represent us. On every subject, I consider it to be the duty of a Representative to abide by the wishes, and to strive to obtain the objects, of his Cons t i tuents;-so that my vote in Parliament would always be regu- lated by your sentiments, whereby I should hope my conduct would invariably meet with your approbation, which would be the highest object of my ambition. I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, Your obedient humble Servant, Middleton-Hall, Aug. 17,1832. ED W. II. ADAMS. Representation of Carmarthenshire. MR. ADAMS' CENTRAL COMMITTEE meet daily at the BEAR-INN, LLANDILO, W. G. HUGHES, Esq. of'l'regib, in the'Chair. All Communications tending to further the interest of this li- beral and independent Candidate, should be addressed to The Committee of E. H. Adams, Esg, I I Bear- [tin, Ltandilo." And the Committee have much pleasure in stating to a discerning Public,-that their cause is gaining strength daily, even from the Ranks of the Conservatives (so called), whose dynasty is now about to expire in the County and Borough The Parish Returns that have been brought in and examined afford the brightest prospect. Still, the Reformers of, and well- wishers to, the County of Carmarthen (more particularly its Agri- cultural and Commercial Interests) as a portion of the kingdom at large, should unite heart and hand, in order to return the pre- sent Member, Sir JAMES WILLIAMS, into another Parlia- ment, in conjunction with Mr. ADAMS. August 30,1832. WANTED, a respectable YOUNG MAN, as J ASSISTANT to the GROCERY and TALLOW- CHANDLERY BUSINESS. One who thoroughly understands the Candle Trade would be preferred. Unexceptionable refer- ences will be required. Apply (if by letter, post-paid) to Mr. Watkins, Post-Office, Abergavenny. PIOCESE Og~S,SiiLWBArF, A GENERAL ORDINATION will be held by the LORD BISHOP of LLANDAFF, at the CATHEDRAL CHURCH of LLANDAFF, on SUNDAY, the 7th day of OCTOBER next. The CANDIDATES will transmit the requisite documents (no. packet to exceed an ounce) to the Bishop, at Llansanfraed, Aber- gavenny, on or before the 20th day of September next. 27th August, 1832. ABERGAVENNY AND CRICKHOWEL Horticultural Society, THE FIFTH EXHIBITION of FLOWERS, J6L FRUIT, and VEGETABLES, for this Season, will take place at CRICKHOWEL, on FRIDAY, the 7th of SEPTEMBER. NOTICE. LUJJISDENS' BANKRUPTCY. ALL Persons indebted to these Bankrupts, or that have any of their effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but to give notice to J. Jackson Price, Solicitor, Swansea, or to Messieurs Goren and Nation, Solicitors, 4, Orchard-street, Portman-square, London. NOTICE. ALL Persons are forbid SPORTING on the Ma- nors and Property of Capt. the Hon. R. FULKF, GREVILLE, without application to his Gamekeeper, Charles Primmer, or a written permission from himself, to be shewn to his tenants. Trespassers after this Notice will be dealt with according to law. Castle-Hall, Aug. 30, 1832. NOTICE. ALL Persons indebted to the Estateof the late Rev. THOS. DAVIES, of St. Nicholas, are requested to pay the amount immediately; and those who have any Demands, will please to send in their accounts to Mr. Richard Davies of Ely near Cardiff. 28th August, 1832. NOTICE TO MARINERS. Navigation of the Bristol Channel. TRINITY-HOUSE, LONDON, 23d August, 1832. NOTICE is hereby given, that in conformity with the intention expressed in the Advertisement from tbis*House, bearing date the 2d ultimo, the Lights in the Two Light Houses which have been erected by this Corporation upon the Nash Point, in the county of Glamorgan, will be exhibited on the Evening of Saturday, the 1st day of September next, and thenceforth continued every Night from Sunset to Sunrise, for the greater facility of Navigation. Further particulars, with Sailing Directions, will be forthwith published. By Order, J. HERBERT, Secretary. THE BUCKET TEA SYSTEM :S: W^MAT (iy-rpassionately exclaims the Morning V T Herald Newspaper, of London), WHAT though the profit put upon the PACKET TEAS of the EAST INDIA TEA COMPANY (149, Leadeuhall-street, and 9, Great St. Helen's) be but SMALL, WHAT though their host of Agents derive but a scanty per centage,—WHAT, even WHAT though the whole Trade (as the press poetically observes) congregate in wide array to decry the Institution,' a discerning Public multiply the demand, and the fitting cry from every quarter—' IT IS THE CHEAPEST TEA IN TOWN,' daily induces applications for new Agents, and advances the well being of those which be." Can the People of SOUTH WALES DOUBT or debate for a moment, after reading this paragraph from that impartial Paper, where to go to buy CHEAP TEA. W. Green, Agent, High-street, Bristol. Meredith and James, Redcliff-street, ditto. E. W. Stade, Confectioner, Park-street, Clifton. T. Williams and W. Marsden, Merthyr, Nantyglo, and Brecon. J. G. Lewis, Pontypool. C. Foot, Weston-super-Mare. T. Blackwell, Nailsworth, E. Healey, Wine-merchant, 117, High-street, Cheltenham. R. Chaundy, Oxford M. Gurford and Hassen, Cambridge. W. Griffiths, Abergavenn\ F. Merricle Hereford. A. Roya, Ross. E. Bucknall, Gloucester. To the Magistracy and Parishioners of Swansea. GENTLEMEN, I A Vacancy being about to take place in the Guar- dianship of the Poor, I beg to offer mvself as a Candidate for that Oflice. Feeling confident I shall be able to discharge the duties in- cumbent to your satisfaction, having for the last seven years had an opportunity of knowing the poor and those that are likely to impose on the parish, in my daily vocations in Swansea and its neighbourhood, and can give satisfactory references as to cha- racter and the required bail. Should you honour me with the appointment, my constant and unremitting care shall be the faithful discharge of that duty. Soliciting the favour of your vote and interest, I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, Your verv obedient servant, Aug. 30,1832. DAVID HOWELL. To be published in December, Neatly printed on superfine gilt-edged Tinted Cards, with Fancy Case, A CONVERSAZIONE: Consisting of Fifty-two Original Poetical Questions and Answers, By ELLEN B. JENKINS, Which will be rendered to Subscribers at 4s. 6&. Subscriptions received at all the Libraries, at the Cambrian- Ofiice, at Mr. H. Gye's, and at Mr. Morgan's, Wind-street. View not the Toy with criticising- eye, Your censure it pretends not to defy; "rwould but a passing moment fain beguile, Nor seek for meed beyond a passing smile. E. B. i Cambrian Library, 21, Wind-street, Swansea. SWANSEA. A LIST of SUBSCRIPTIONS entered into for the purpose of carrying into effect the Resolutions adopted at a Meeting held at, Swansea, on the 6th of August, 1832, for SUPPLYING MEDICINES and NECESSARIES to the POOR. Amount already advertised £ 282 15 0 ADDITIONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS. Lord James Stuart, M.P 5 0 0 David Davies, Esq. 2 2 0 Mrs. Davies Tregroes 8 0 0 R. D. Gough, Esq 1 1 0 Mr. William Jones, Draper 1 0 0 A Lady and Gentleman on their tour 1 0 0 Mrs. Ainsworth 1 0 0 N.B. Subscriptions received at the Cambrian-Office. W—— miming—.

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