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LIGHTS ON THE NASS POINT. To the EDITOR of The CAMBRIAN. LONDON, JULY 26, 1831. SIR,— Tb€ latter end of December, 1829, I wrote to you, and enclosed a copy of a Petition to the Trinity House, praying for Lights on the Nass Point, in the county of Glamorgan, which Petition was then in- serted. in vour highly respectable Journal, stating that copies were lying at the different ports for signature. Early in March, 1830, I had them collected and put together in one Petition, which was presented to the Trinity House on the JOth of that month it was signed by near 500 Ship Masters, commanding near 40,000 tons of shipping and on the 16th oi May following, I wrote to Mr. Herbert, the Secretary of the Trinity House, stating that a vessel from Cork had just been lost on the Nass Sands, where eight persons lost their lives, and sent him a Cork News- paper to prove the fact, when I received the following reply:- "Trinity House, London, 26th May, 1830. Sir,—I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the WtlL inst., on the subject of the proposed Lights on the Nass Point, and of the Pe- tition for their establishment, which was some time since presented at this House by Jfr. Prothero, of Newport and I am to acquaint you, that, although the Board has not yet thought it advisable to take any public measures for carrying the object of the Petitioners into effect, they have nevertheless not been in any manner unmindful of the appli- cation, or of the importance of the subject as connected with the navi- gation of the Bristol Channel. I hope to be enabled to make a further communication to you upon this subject in the course of a short time, and with thanks for the Cork Newspaper which you sent, I remain, Sir, your most obedient servant, Mr. David Propert." "J. HERBERT." Tilings remained dormant until January last, when on the 24th of that month, I wrote again, stating that a long time had elapsed, and that being the author and promoter of the Petition* I was a little anxious for the re- sult, when I received the following reply:— Trinity House, London, 5th February, 1831. Sir,— I have to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 24th ult., on the subject of the Light-Houses intended to be erected on the Nass Point, in the Bristol Channel, and have the satisfaction to ac, quaint you that the necessary measures are in progress for carrying that intention into effect. Tremain, Sir, your most humble servant, To Mr. David Propert." "J. HERBERT." On the 20th of April last, I wrote to Captain John Rees, one of the Elder Brethren of the Trinity House, whose department is about the Light-Houses, and stated that a paragraph had very lately appeared in the Cambrian, stating that the Trinity House intended immediately to put a Floating Light on the Skerweather Sand, on account of the loss of the Frolic steam-packet. I further said, that I would demonstrate to his sa- tisfaction that a Floating Light would be worse than useless, and that the only mode of effectually lighting the Bristol Channel was explicitly pointed ont in the Petition. In consequence of this, I received the following reply:— Trinity House, London, 30th April, 1831. Sir,—I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter, and you may rest assured there was no foundation for the paragraph in the Cambrian Newspaper, as the Trinity House never contemplated putting a Floating Light on the Skerweather Sands. Myself, with others, went down to the Nass Point last week, and fixed on a site for two Light Houses, which are in a progressive state. I am, Sir, your obedient servant, Mr. David Propert." "JoHN REES." On Friday last I had an interview with Mr. Herbert, at the Trinity House, who informed me that every difficulty is now got over, and that the Light-Houses will be immediately erected, agreeably to the prayer of the petition, and that I was at liberty to make this communication to any of the petitioners or the public. Therefore, Mr. Editor, should you think it right to insert any thing in your respectable Journal on this subject, you will place me in the right light with the public,—as I have individually been at the trouble and expense of preparing and engrossing the Petition, collecting and forwarding the same to the Trinity House, and followed it up until the object had been gained, &c., and have given you the facts as they occured so far. This will be handed you by my fdend Capt. Phillips, who can give you every other information on the subject. I must now apologize to you for this long epistle, and remain, Sir, with the highest consideration and respect, your very obedient humble servant, DAVID PROPERT, Master of the Brig Peregrine of Milford. P. S. I omitted saying, that there are Gentlemen from the Trinity- Honee down at present at the Nass Point, ascertaining the position where to place the two towers, so as to lead ships clear outside of the Sker- weather and Nass Sands to the westward, and of Breaksea Point to the eastward, agreeable to the Petition. D. P.