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INFORMATION For the use of those who may purpose to embark as Settlers for the new Settlement in Western Australia 'It will be observed, by onr advertising columns, that the ship "Wan- stead" will sail from London for that Settlement in June next.1 1. His Majesty's Government do not intend to incur any expense, in conveying Settlers to the New Colony on the Swan Kiver; and will not fee I bound to defray (he cost of supplying them Provisions, or other necessaries, alter their arrival there nor to assist their removal to England, or to any other pJace, should they be desirous of quilting the Colony. 2. Sitch persons as may arrive in that Settlement, before the end of the year 1830, will receive, in the order of their arrival, Allotments ot LUlld. free of Quit Re nt, proportioned to the Capital which they may he prepared to invest in the improve- ment of the Land, and of which Capital they may be able to produce satisfactory proofs to the Lieutenant Governor (or other Officer administering the Colonial Government). or to any two Officers of the local Government appointed by the Lieu- tenant Government for that purpose, at the rate of 40 acres for re very sum of SI. which they may be prepared so to invest. 3. Under the head of investment of Capital will be considered Stock of every description, all Implements of Husbandry, and other Articles which may be applicable to the purposes of pro. ductive industry, or which may be necessary, for the establish- mcnt of the Settler Oil t he Land where hë is to be loca ell. The amount of any Half-pay or Pension which the applicant may receive from Government, and which he may be prepared to invest as before mentioned, will also be considered as so much Capital. 4. Those who may incur the expense of taking out labouring, persons, will be entitled to an allotment of Land, at the rate of 15l., that is, o! 2''0 Acres of Land, for the passage of every such labouring person, over and above any other investment of Capital. In the chiss of "labouring persons" are included Women, and Children above len years old. With respect to the Children of labouring people under that age, it is proposed to allow 40 Acres for every such Chitdabovethree years old 80 Acres for every such Child above six years old and 120 for every such Child above nine, and under ten years old. Pro. vision will be made, by Law, at the earliest opportunity, for rendering those Capitalists, who may be engaged in taking out labouring persons to this Settlement, liable lor the future main- tenance of those persons should they, from infirmity, or anv other cause, become unable to maintain themselves there. 5. The Licence to Occupy will be given to the Settler, on satisfactory proof being exhibited to the Lieutenant Governor (or other Officer administering the local Goverment) of the amount of Property brought into the Colony, to be invested as above specified. The proofs required of this Property will be such satisfactory Vouchers of Expenses, as would be received in auditing Public Accounts. But the title to the Land will not he granted, in fee simple, until the Settler has proved, to the satisfaction of .the Lieutenant Governor (or other Officer administering the local Government) that the sum required by Article 2 (viz. ls._6d. per Acre) has been actually expended in some investment of the nature specified in Articfe S, or in the Cultivation of the Land, or in solid Improvemcnts,-such as Buildings, Roads, or other Works of that jiind. 6. Any Land, thus allotted, of which a fair proportion, at least one-fourth, shall not have been brought into cultivation, or otherwise improved, to the satisfaction of the local Govern- ment, within ihree years from the date ol th;; Licence of Occu- pali,)Il, sliill, at ifie ell(i of t:jree yeirs, bt.' liable to one further payment of 6d. per Acre ter all the Land iiot socuftiyated or improved,intothePubifc Chest of the Settlement and, at the expiration of seven years more, so much of the whole Grant as slnjll still remain in an uncultivated or unimprov ed .stale, will revert absolutely to lhe Crown. And in every will be contained a Condition, that, at any time, within leu y.oars from the da'e thereof, the Government may resume, without compen- sation, any Land not then actually cultivated, or improved as before (petitioned, which may be required for Roads, Canatjy or Quay;, or for the site of Pubhc Building*. 7. Alter the year 3830, Land will be disposed of. to those Settler# who may .resort to the Col >ny, on such conditions as Jus Maiesyfo Government fsball detJTmine, 8 It W not intended th»t any Convicts be transported to thif new Setllernentr 9 -The'Government wi}J,be administered by Captgitj Sterling of Mte.Jfcjxal Nsvy, as ijew.Lejwpt Governor of 'lie Settlement


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