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WANTS a SITUATION, as COACHM AN, j or as GROG M and COACH MAN, in a small re- I gular family* a middle-aged MAN, who perfectly under- j or' III or as GROG M and COACH MAN, in a small re- I gular family* a middle-aged MAN, who perfectly under- j stands his business, and can produce an unexceptionable character trom Iii-j ]^sj place, where he lived several ye a as Grpnnvand Coachman. He has no objection of mak in Jinnsejf generally the family. I he Advertiser would have no obbjection to engage bini- self in a small family where there is only one mail servant is kept. Apply to A. B. Post-office, Swansea. rPHE BISHOP of LLANDAFF purposes A 'HOLDING an ORDINATION at LLANDAFF as soanafteriMfdsuliltner 'as circumstances will permit.— ThoseJpeVsoiis who mtend to offer themselves as Candidates for Holy-Orders are desired- to transmit the requisite pa- pers to ihe Bishop Deanry, St. Paul's, London. Notice will be given when the day of Ordination is fixed, J — MIIIM—I-ill. M. .i SWANSEA GAS COMPANY. is to :give nOtiCe, that a' GENERAL srwnlf«BTNG-f},f,ff PROPRIETORS ot ilns ESTA- iiLteHMJi.N I will take place on Friday the 14th June forettoon S a' Prt'cisely at eleven o'cloek in the )Signed) R. B. HOWELL, T ICIerk of the Committee, Swaniea, June t, irw fa 1 '4" MONEY. 3 t>r i?l ooo T" 1* ADVANCED ,UUV 1 ou MORTGAGE of -crvJiLnOLD LAND.——Applications lo be made Cif by JoMer, post-paid) at the Office of Mr. R. YV. WILLIAMS, solicitor, Cardiff. at TYNYRBEOL, NEAR NEATH. Misses M. and T. THOMAS, i Of Prcspcct House, Bristol, T> ESPECTFULLY announce to their Friends]. 7 and the Public, that they intend tlEMOVfNG their EST A B Lis HM E NT. at Midsummer, to TYNYilHEOL, the residence tjf Dr. Hope, which is situated on a healthy and ileliglltful eminence, overlooking the fertile vale ot Neath. Misses M. and T. T. flatter themselves that their qualifi- experience in the literary and elegant varieties fiemale Education will ensure them public approbation. Italian, Landscape Drawing with the Principles Perspective, Flower and Velvet Painting, the Use of the Globes, Writing and Arithmetic, taught by the Misses T. Music and Dancing by approved Masters. ') Cardsof Terim may be had at Prospect House, Bristol; the Cambrian Office, and at Mr. Fagg's Library, Swansea. Bristol, May So, laeg. MONMOUTH. Mfss PROSSER T) ESPECTFULLY announces to her Fronds s',e purposes. on the *2d Jlltý Ve,x^r'^c9PE,N! V.9H00L for ll,e reception of YOU NO LntJlts, qii the following terms « Board and General Instruct ion, incllldingEnl>'UMI Gram- and History, Twenty ifve Guineas a Year. Children, under ten years of qge, Twenty Guineas. Accomplishments by approved Masters, on the usual terms. ™^s T,Rd^-sER "hopes, by unremitting attention to the neahh,moral*,and improvement of her Pupils, to merit the confidence of those who may entrust their Children to her care. Further particulars may be obtained by applying to Miss Prosser, at Mr. Prosser's, Surgeon. NEWPORT-SCHOOL, MONMOtJl-HSlIIRE, Will Close on 'the IftikqfJune, and Re-open on the 1 bth of July. '.•'M *|f,c Plwn <o £ Tuition, comprising ihe Greek JL fcnd Latin Clossfes, tt> the utmost decree of extent ■«c"'>sh Language, and every Branch (if "8n<1 Commercial Accounts, is c I;swr ments of Trade the -l«g*ic-r-depart- ¥r.M'CA a'MIY is assisted by Genttpmenof most respectable character, and superior attainments and expo ranee in their several departments. I he Prentises are spacious, airy, and remarkably healthy, replete with every requisite for Convenience aur) comfort. A constant system of vigilance and inspection ensures the JBfrty, order, and decorous conduct of the Boys.-and by IKrtenttog rrregularrttes almost entirely snf>ertedes the ne- cessity ot buy rlgouf. The be* provisions of ew? sort that the market affords" -'W'served to them Without limitation or reserve The most scrupulous attention is paid to every thing reasoiliibly ^«d with »herr health, clearilineSi personal comforts, and wjoral imd reli^'oiw deportment; With The'sincere* feelings of latitudefor the liberal puniewait<^«Bd flatteirng »ppr<>b<ari6n with wliich he has "weniroriOTrred tor twelve years, Mr. M'CAR,THY begs no assure his friendsomi the Public, iiint,fie-waili not relax hi Ins future efforts.—References to many most respectable connexions the School, or to any gentlemen in the town «r i«iig)ibourhi)6d 0ff?e«port.~— May 25, 18^2. Pontardulais Inn emel Hotel, Oj» ,f 08T-fl(Mtl PSOM SW A VSEA Carm A BTif gSr, < I-i.AXDILO AWD LLANELLV. nrr.J AMES MOORE IVl n,„,f rppPetllu% informs the Nobilitv, ge^n,l. ,1," J, r°, r I1;' '««-V I>fic5n- known Inn /whicl) Ir.s h" ■Jn'Rr^(' ^ie above well- improved); mi.l 'iru.n ll.M™b»"!oViM"?/ ■" "■«» •« ^'Arss;?}; of Old Wines arid ^reful Dri 'a'e'd.Bexf«; Clmises, Post-Horses, excellent Statoling™ a 80l)(1 L«cfe.0|> Coach-house, widli Embraces Mi ,E Gentry, his f £ 1 JobUity,. Is mtET) for fUEWAr,fato^y,» respectfully mlieiH tke k*murandfj^^f^' ^hen he to Dinner, at Arte o'Chick. Jmmr °f their Company I'ontardu'ais, '29th May. 1883. .I. Rteumatim, GcMt, Omtgh's,-wrd T A*" F' PiLt^ entirely Vegetable, discowppflrT ••.PWJ!*«••»»».«■«.foelheoon»ij Qentfa™*» T • Enf&rii, Wilts, Jiiire 8 for t,,e RhcumltS ^r,fein!I Y<>«r Life Pill, ^mrcMH. VSH;,M VHC'fl Jn be dreadfullv «'». > pff^t.»a% relives it, and tlmugh l usi„g,1,e^he eanrioi be h W Sc n?rtne Stiimp. they fvlrr'-i 8n'1 Co U*clny>i) | [ Entirely Mew Establishment In LONDON, (WHICH COMMENCED IN NOVEMBER LAST), FOR THE SALE OF Genuine Wines and Spirits, THROUGHOUT THE KINGDOM, ■ FOR READY MONEY ONLY. ;f THE Public are respectfully informed, that the Proprietors of the LOVDOJ? GENUINE TEA COMPANY, 23, LCDOATE- HILL, in eon-sequence of the high reputation #N<L Hecidief] prekrence their Teas have obtained,, tiiron^hoiit the Kingdom, have been induced, Irom numberless suggestions, to stnbark in the WINE and' SPIRIT TRADE, on a:n extensive scale, atui on siriiilar LIBERAL PEXSCIVLES under the designation of the London Wine Company, 141, FLEET-STREET, LONDON, = For the purpose of supplying Country Residents with Wines and Spirits pure and unadulterated; awd the tollowing will be warra.tucd ot VERY SUPERIOR QUALITIES, at the Prices qucited Per Dozen. Per Dozen. Fine Pofts, old in the Wood 42s. BuceMas 48s. Ditto, vintage 1815 .46*. i^isbon and Calcavella 45s. Crusted old bottled Ports .5ts to 81s. Claret mm 7s!s—very fine POs. Sherry ,.46s. to 50s. Ditto. Margaux, Lafiltte, and Latour, £ 5 5s. to £ 5 15s. Siiperior old ditto .54s, to C3s. Hermitage ^8_ West India Madeira 5!'s. Sauterne and Barsac 1.. ,75s. lo 90s. Supeiior ditto .60s. to 72s Champagne 90s. to 7 Guineas. East India ditto 7'Is. to 1 "5s. Hock 84s! to 8 Guineas. Teneriffe ,42s. to 46s. J MoseJIe .,603.10 728. „ 'Per Gallon. Per Gallon* Brandy, 25s .Jamaica Rum, 18s. Hollands, 25s.Geneva, 13s. This Company do not sell Cape Wines, nor will *ho" be admitted into their Cellars, their qualities being in'v'iruibly bad, Ah Agent will be appointed in every principal Town; but, ja the interim, all Orders, accompanied by Remittances, will be immediately forwarded, FREE r C vrRIAGE, lo any part of this Country.—No application for Agency roil I be answered unless post-puid. WHEREAS by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the 53d year of the rei,;n of his late Majesty King George the Third, iiiiituled I- An Act for Inclosing Lands in'the several parishes of Elanfihangel- Generftlyn and Llanganfeliii, in the county of Cardigan," containing a clause among others empowering the appoint- ment of New Cwinniissioiiers as therein sta'ct..—we, three of the Proprietors of the said Commons and. Waste, Lands; do, in pursuance thereof, hereby give notice, that a MEET- ING ot such PROPRIETORS will be held on Monday the 10th day of June next, at twelve of the clock at noon, at the Gogerddan-Arms inn, in the town of Aberystwith, in the said County of Cardigan, for the purpose of appointing New Cominissioners in the room and place of David Joel Jenkins and Robert Willmins, who have long since neg- lected toact. Given under our hands thisSOthday ofMay» m2. LEWIS DA VIES, GEORGE JEFFREYS, W. T. JONES. CUSTOM-HOUSE, LONDON, 30th MAY, 1822. 'W. HEREAS it has been represented to the V T Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs, that the TENDER. belonging to the PURSUIT CUTTKR. in the Quarantine Service uttlle Port of Milford. had. in the early part of this present month of Mav, when ntoored on Aifte Beach, been PLUN DERE-D of Some ROPES & BLOCKS, by some persons unknown. The s'fid Cowimissitiners, in order to bring to Justice the 'hereby pleased to offer a Reward of FIV E tOUND.-) to any Person or Persons who shall dis- cover, or cause to be discovered, any one or more of the Persons who committed the said offence, so he or they may be apprehended and dealt with according to law; to be paid by the Collector of His Majesty's Customs, at the Portwf MHlord, upon conviction. By order ol the Commissioners, G. DELAVAUD, Secretary. Great Bargains in Spring Fashiotts!! NOW SELLING AT THE LONDON AND MANCHESTER Wmtymm, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. N. FRENCH, Jan. MOST respectfully announces to his nume- rous Friends and the Public hts retnrn from London, where his time hiis been wholly occupied in the selection rif the newest and mo-t FASHIO!\fABLE ARTICLES which are prevalent for Dress for the present Season ålld höpps an inspection of the very extensive and elegant assortment, with which his Warehouse is now completely stocked, will ensure ,tll himacoiltinuance of the favour and patronage of his Friends and a di cerning Public, which it will ever be his highest 'gratiifcation to merit. He particularly recommends to their notice—-Sr.O Fiounced Muslin llobes, beautifully embroidered in the wewest Persian style, with Flouncing (or Trimming and Aprons to match; tii elegant assortment of rich uros de-Naples, Lakentines and checked Sarsnets, from:3s. per yard Ciledonian checked, striped and figured Tabbinets, Poplins and Lustres; coloured Satins from, 3s. per Yttrd Norwich Crapes in everyvariety of shade, from Is. 6d. ISombnzeens in all colours, froin l-2d. a superb collection of Silk and Cashmere Shawls and scarfs, from Ofieiital designs, and equal to India Chine-e and Canton Crape Scarfs and Shawls; rich Scarfs with embroidered. ends, from IS". Cyprus Crape Dresses; betntitut em- broidered, coloured and white Gauze Dresses and Robes Town printed Muslins, with Flounces to match, ol the new- est spring patterns; 500 white and coloured Muslin Dresses and Tucked Robes, from 6s. Lace, Scarfs, Veilsaud Buh- binets; a new article in Ladies' Elastic Girdles in every variet y of shade lot of PanrsolS remarkably cheap artifi- cial Wreaths, Flowers and Plumes; very superior Ladies China Silk Hose, from d*. per pair; fine White Cotton do. from 10d.; Silk Trimmings, Braids, Cords,Tassels and Bur- tons, tn Idl shades: real India Nankeens of superior qua- lities, at 3s. 6d. India Jaconot undMul1 Muslins; Rib- bonsof elegant patterns in satin, sarssiets, gnuze and crape p Ladies' Kid Gloves, from 6d. per pair; several boxes of French Cambric and Cambric Handkerchiefs,-particularly cheap; Foreign and Scotch Damask Diaper Table Linen and Napkins, spring bleached recently imported 9 boxes ■of Irish Linen, warranted of the priniest fabric also real and mark Russia and Irish and Scotch, with every descrip- 11011 01 faniily Sheetings, which will be sold by the piece at the wholesale price. From the Manchester Markets-seye- i rnl packs of Furniture Dimities, Long Cloths, Marseilles Quilts and Counterpunps, strikingly cheap Cambric, Jaco- not, Nairtzook and Mull Muslins, from6d. per yard to the finest qualities; Wo-Men Coyds,Velveteens, Corduroys and Fustians, witli every description of Manchester Goods in the greatest variety, at unprecedented tow PRICES. Several ba es of black, blue, and sorted colours, Saxon andother Cloths. of I he most superiorqualities, from 8s..6d. peryard Saxon double-milled Kerseymeres, from 7s 6d. new pat- terns in Town Quiltings, Valeiitias and Toihncts. N. FIIEI.\TCli, Iitrn,, being the largest purchaser of any Ketail House in the Principality, he is enabled to offer his Friends and,lhe Public the best Mmiwl ictu id ('■cods at such low terms as must inevitably secure tolhim,a decided pre- ference.- •If AtoaJmAStfT/n-irof descriptions ot\the Same terms as the lowest huusi's in London or Briitutl. ) TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, A HOUSE iin<| 1>KE MISES, situate in Rutland ^'aCe> Swansea, late in the occupation of Arthur Jones, Esq comprising a break fast-room, diiiing-parlour, and drawing room, with eight bed-rooms, kitchen, back- kitchen, butler's-^iuitry, two cellars, boot-^rooin, and other conveniences. ^lirlber particulars apply at the Office of Mr. R. Wnhecoiube, Solicitor, or to Mr. Daniel Harris, Auctioneer, Castle street, Swansea. NOW LOADING, At Hayes's Wharf. Southward, London, THE ASS ID UO US, Tu 6s. DENNIS, Master, 11 BOUNDTO Swansea, Neat4, and ports adjacent, And will positively sail on J7th inst. For Freight or Passage apply to theMitster on Board \Jr. tu George Dawkin, High-street, Swansea. Ju))e.5,)8?2. 'rr' HE ANGLER'S JOURNAL; being ruled A Forms, by the filling up of which he will find a com-Ii jilefe Register of his Sport. State of the Weather, Water, &c. with brief Cautions for Anglers. Sold by J. Booth, Duke-street, Portland-place Messrs. | Sherwood and Co. Paternoster-row, London; and all book- sellers in town and country. Price 2s. 6d. J WHERE ALSO MAY BE HAD, J WALFORD's TOURIST, or Guide to the Objects wor- thy-of Notice in England, Wales, and Scotland, t vols, price 1 '2s. coloured Maps lis. SCIENTIFIC TOURIST in IRELAND. Price 6s.; coloured Maps 14s. TURTON'S CONCtlOLbGTCAL DICTIONARY of the BRITISH SHORES. Coloured 14s. THOMAS's SHOOTER'S GUIDE. Price 7s. This Proves a very interesting work to those who visit the sea- shore. CHEAP London, Scotch, and Irish Linen WAREHOUSE, DUKE-STREET) CARDIFF. D. EVANS ,1 MOST respectfully informs his Friends, and the Public generally, of his RETURN from the LON D'ON and other MARKETS, with an extensive and most Fashionable Assortment of Goods, ADAPTED FOR THE PRESENT SEASON?; And having been carefully selected and purchased for Realdy Money, will be offered tothe Public on terms equal to any House' in the Kingdom. The following isasetecUon from an innumerable LIST OF ARTICLES: LIST OF ARTICLES: Rich figured and plain Gros-de-Naples and Laventiftes; fashionable striped and checked Sa'rsnets, from 2s. 6d. per yard coloured Satins, from ^fs. 9<1.; Norwich Crapes in great variety of colo,brs, froin Is. 4d. per yard rich figured Gaiiide Dresses, coloured Bbinbazeens, from lid peryard; elegant patterns in Embroidered Dresses, from 3s. to 31. 3s: Fiounces to cotrespond the newest designs in Town and primed Muslins, from Is. per yard, with Flounces to match a splendid collection of Braganza, Canton Crape, Tissue atid Cashmere Shawls and Scarfs; Tissue, Gauze, Chintz, and Paris Net Handkerchiefs, in great variety; a faithion- able assortment of Ribbons plain and figured Popliiis a large assortment of Artificial Flowers, very cheap abm of Leghorn Bonnets, of the newest shapes; a few while Freneii Leghririi3—qiiite a new article best India Nan- keens, Ss. 4d per piece: B)"nd. Urtmg's, and Thread Lace, biack and whitilLace V?ils; quillings and.yard wide figured and plain Nets; Ladies' and Gentlemen's Silk Hose, from 4s. 9d. a box ofchellp Parasols; several hun- dred pieces of Jaconots, Cambrics, and Nainzook Muslins, from 5d. per yard; India Jaconots, Mulls, and Books, ptitin and figured Book Muslins, from 6d. per yard Piquet and Book Handkerchiefs, from4d.; Checked. Striped, and Tambour Mtislips; Moreen, rich Chintz, and other Furni- ture, from 6d. per yard Furniture and other Diniity, from 6d. per yarrl Marseilles' Quilts and Counterpanes; se- veral.boxes of. 74lth and 4-quarters of Irish Linens, of the most esteemed fabrics 5-4ths'-snd 6 quarters Russia, Scotch, and Irish Sheetings Duntask Table Linen and Napkins, with every description or Family Linen, on the lowest pos- sible terms Lawns, French'Cartibrics and Cambric Hand-, kerchiefs; Brussels, Kidderminster, and Scotch Carpets, from 5s. per vard Venetian do. t8d.; an etitensive stock of Wooilen Cloths and Cussimeres.-at the niaiiufdcturers, prices; fashionable oval shape, water proof XIOITFDQBR HATS.. With every description of Haberdashery, Hosiery, and Gloves, at the London prices. D. EV Afy? begs to return his most grateful thanks to his Frienrisfm: the distinguished patronage he has experienced, and hopes J fir in continuance of their favours—being confident I that a comparison of prices will at once convince them, of the j decided Cheapms tf his Warehouse. APPRENTICE WANTED, s [ » I TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, A New and comfortable DWELLING- XA. HOUSE, situate at Whitchurch,fnear Cardiff; consisting of a parlour, kitchen, pantry, and three bed- rooms, with a good Garden. ti*¥'ll(',u're W letter post-paid) of Mr< D. Rowland, at Whitchusch. TO,BE LET, PWITH EARLY POSSESSION. AINCROSS FARM, in the parish of Lan- ,?rv?11' f°ur miles from Cowbfidge and twelve, from R8 coirs's'8 °f an excellsnt Dwelling-house, two Barns, Sheds, and other convenient buildings, with 232 Acres of excellent Arable, Meadow;; and Pasture Land. It aoounds in limestone, and it well watered; and is only three mttes from the mail-road al BotivUston. For particulars apply (post-paid) to Mr. Thomas Bassett, Solicitor, Bonvilston. GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE LET, •A New-built COTTAGE, in the village of NORTON, fit for the reception of a small genteel family, with a large Garden, and good water convenient, with a large Garden, and good water convenient, very favourable for sea-bathing, being within 300 yards of the shore, and where a coach passes twice a day between Swansea and the Mumbles. The view of the Bay and sur- rounding country from the house is remarkably grand. For further particulars apply (if by letter posi-paid) to Mr. J. Morgan, Land surveyor, Swansea. TO BE SOLD, THE LEASE of PONTARDAWE COT- TAGE, with or without about 20 Acres of Land, and the FARM-HOXJSE, &c. attached. The land is bounded in part by the river Tuwe, in which there is trout and other fishing; and excellent cock shooting in the woods around distant 8 miles from Swansea and five from Neath. The Swansea Canal forms part of the other boundary, and affords a communication with Swansea severnt titues daily. Early possession may be had of Pontardayve, which comprises dining and drawing-rooms of góod dimensions, with a small library, and convenient bed-rooms, out-odices, &c. The garden is walled on three sides, and well stocked with fruit- tiees, &c. with a three stalled stable, and carriage and gig- house. May be viewed by apptication to John Roby, Esq- Nehon Terrace, Swanseaj and for further particulars address Tlios. Harper, Esq. Pontardawe Cottage, Swansea if by letter, postage to he paid. PEMBROKESHIRE. TO BE SOLD RY PRIVATE CONTRACT, NPHE FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, FARM, A and LANDS, called GREAT HOOK. situate in the parish of Brawdy, in the county of Pembroke comprising a substantial Dwelling-house "and Offices, with 90A. Ill li)P. of excellent Meadow, Arable, and Pasture Lands. 1 he Premises have been for many years in the occupa- tion of the present-Proprietor, and are within a short dis- tance of lime, coal, and sand. The Dwelling-house was erected abont ten years ago, is in good repair, and very commodious in every respect, and fit -'for the residence of a genteel family. ^M°n?era'i-e llnrt of 'be purchase motley may remain on Mffrf'gage, if required, and possession will be given, at Michaelmas next, or sooner if desired. For further particulars apply (if bv letter, post-paid), to 'iie Froput'tor, John Roberts, Esq." wlio will shew the Michaelmas next, or sooner if desired. For further particulars apply (if bv letter, post-paid), to 'iie Froput'tor, John Roberts, Esq." wlio will shew the Farm; to Messrs. Goode and SOli, Landsurveyo» Haver- fordwest; or to Thomas Mathias. Attorney-ut Haver- fordwest, at whose Office a Map of the Premises may be seen. r GLA -M O iXG A N SIIIR R. TO BE LET, For a term of years, and entered upon immediately, THE FOLLOWING DESIRABLE PREMISES: AN excellent well-built modern HOUSE, called KlLVEY MONT, with about 83 Acres ofj Arable, Pasture, and Meadow Land, within a ring fence,, situated in the parish of Lansamlet, 'aiid about two miles and a halflroll1 the town of Swansea. The Land is^well j situated on a gentle declivity, and is easily capable of very great improvement. y Also, the COLLIERY, now working under the above Estate.^ J he quality of the Coal is so well-known as to render it superfluous to say anything in its praise the quantity now raised finds a ready market in Swansea, and the Coal Work may be opened on a larger scale, and worked above level, at a tiitliiii- expense, to great ad- vantage. It would be preferred to let the above as one concern, to the same person. Also. EAGLE'S BUSH COLLIERY, situate" near the Town, Canal, and River of Neath, now working, aird pertly supptytng Neath with Coals. A Rait or Trau) road runs from the Pit's mouth to the Neath Canal, and there is an excettent Whart or Shipping plice at Briton-ferry, near the mouth of the river.—This Colliery also possesses the advantage of being easily worked above fevt-t. at a compa- rative trifling expense.—Any "quantity of Land will he let with it. Also, Several HOUSES and a large COURT or PIECE of GROUND, eiigibty situated for building purposes, in Neath, and at Meliiicrythau. ail adjoining village. No persons will be treased with whose characters, re- sponsibility, .and references are not, in the first instance, of undeniable respectability. For further particular's and to treat for any part of the Premises application may be made, post-paid, to Mr. Herbert Edward Evans, Solicitor, Eagle's Hush and to Messrs. Berrington and Jenkins, Solicitors, Swansea .-Messrs. Deere and Cook, Solicitors, Cowbridge; and Robt. Price, Esq. Solicitor, 8, New Inn, Loiulon, at whose Offices Maps of the Estates may be seen. The Gravel and Stone, Lumbago, #c. H'{CKMAN'sPILLS are allowed to be the most successful Preparation for etfVctualfy removing and tpreventtng the future recurrence of those Disorders which artsc from an imperfect action (if the Urinary Organs, as GRAVEL AND SCONE. LuilBAGO, PAINS IN THE BACK AND LOINS, SUPPRESSION or dHiNE, &c.; cofinposed of the mpst innocent ingredients, thifs truly valuable Medicine relieves the suffering patient from the excrutiating tortures of those diseases without any violence or injury to'the con- stitution, and requires no confinement or restraint lifAiet during its use. It is one ot the oldest Public Medicines- extant; and its peculiar virtue's and efficacyhdve uniformly maintained the highest reputation. Sold in boxes, at2s. 9d. and 11s. by Butler's. Chemists, No. 4. Cheapiside, London ^O.Wuterloo-pjace, Edinburgh and 34, Sackville-street, Dublin and by ihe principal" Medicine Venders throughout the Uniled Kingdom. I TOOni-ACilE AND EAR ,\CT1K:T~V I PERRY'S ESSENCE has received the sanc- tion and support oi the most distinguished personages in the kingdom, together witti the united testimony of the first Physicians in Europe, ^and nulnufons fnvoura1 le com- first Physicians in Europe, and nulnufons fnvoura1 Ie COIII- ments in highly respectable Medica) Jourllalsi where it hns been declared to be th)* "B.ESf TIMNO I DISCOVKRKD 1 FOR THE TOOTFI-ACHE AND EAN-ACHE." It. instautiine- ously relieves the most excrnciatmu .pain, preserves the Teeth sound firill, prevents further decav, effectually cures the Scurvy in the Gums. fa-tell" loose teeth, and ren- ders tliein firm and serviceable 'o the latest period, and e!fecluallv prevents tlrè Tooth-Ache. Sold in bottles, at 1s. 1td. and 'is. 9d. bv Butter's. Che- mists, No 4, Cheapside, London; 2(V, Wtnprloo-pUrce, Edinburgh; and 34. SaCk viUe-street. Dublin and by-the' I principal Medicine Venders througiiout the United KioE. uom. ■■ —*T—■^innitwiiii nil»i»ii»iin TOWN Of S\|ANSEA. ? TO fcE 0ET, Afo ENTERED t'PON TM M RDI ATF t.r, TWO hewly-built D\VELLING HOUSES, situate in Wa sal-streel, in the town of Swansea.'eac'li comprising a well-proportioned drawing room, parlour". «i'd three bed-rooms; two fcitchenfaiid other riomest.c acco^- mof-ations; with a small garden and pump of excellent water. 1 lie above prenns.- are plenspiitlv and command tin extensive view oi tIle Bav and Harbour vf bwatisea. For particulars apply to Mr. Price, Soli citor, Swansea. t CARDIG 4NSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, (By virtue and in pursuaiice of the Gerntu'x»g1y^ ■ Ioeinsure Act), At the Gogerddan-Arit»s-inn, ill the town of Aherv.twitJ. in the -ail coUntv, on Monday, the j fit h trav of June' 18??, between the hours of tbreerand M* ill tile atternouii,, subject to conditions to be then produced, QEVE 11AL PIECES or PARCELS of va- KJ luahle AIARSH LANDS, adjoining or near to the navigab.e River Dovey, in the several parishes of Llanfi- bangel Geneirr-elyn and Llanganfeliii, containing together admeasurement 293 Acres, a little more or less, a„d tlivided into 13 different lots tor the convenience of pur- chasers. r i a,K'Par''eulars of such lots are left for insnectioufiit the Office of Jobo Jenkins, Esq. 14, Red-Lion-sqmire, l^rn- don; and at tlie Office of James Morice, Esq. North Parade, Aberystwith, the latter of whom will on application direct a person to shew the said lots. PANTGLAS HOUSE, And valuable extensive ESTATE of nearly 1700 Acres At Llanfynydd, near Ltandilo, in Carmarthenshire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs DRIVER, » At tbeAuetlon Mart, London, 011 Thursday, the 20th of J«ne, 182?, at twelve o'clock, unless previously disposed oi-by private contract, j"TTH-E very desirable and capital FREEHOLD r of PANTGLAS cinsistin^ o f .a commo- dious Mansion-house, sealed in a Paddoc k of about 60 j Acres, with good Garden, Orrh..rf.).P)a,.t..(t<.u aud LaWn, excellent Faro) Buildings and Domestic Offices, and sundry 1 ecemeuts and lurms, conlaining together above SEVEN HUNDRED AND SEVEN acrf.s* iit tite occupatioii of divers persons.. The above is in the parish of Llanfynydd, commanding d«lighttul views ot the beantilu! vale of Tow.y, Gtungar Hill, pnisliwyn Castle, an.) the Grounds of Golden Grove and Middleton Hall; about six miles fioin Llandilo, nine from the capital town ot Carmarthen, itnd a short distance from the main turnpike-road leading from London to Mll- iord, and lies exceedingly-compact, within a nug-fnice, and f'irms a most desirable property either for the Capitalist or as a Residence it abounds with a great va'iety of jjaiiie, anil is in a fiiie sporting country, and will he sold in one w'1'' wh"le or any part of sundry other 1 E EM hj\ I S and FARMS, part of the same Estate, containntg about NINE hunche-d AWD uttHrv-EifrHt ACRBS. in the occupation of sundry other Tenants, Jyiuir also in,the same parish and in tlie parish ot L'anegwad.feut detaclied from the bulk of the E'tate. yet offering aguod opportunity for all investment, and affording great amirse- nx-nttorheiiportifman The ft'Iansiou-hotise and pfincipa) tot tRay be viewed, on application to Nicholas Burnell Jones, Esq. at Pantitlas House; and the remainder of the Estate upon application to the respective Tenants. Printed ^Pacifications may be had at the Cattle, Brecon line-Lion.Carmarthen; Angel-inn, Abergavenny Bear, Llandilo; at the Auction-Marl, London; af Messrs. Ber- ruigfbn aod Jeokins,. Solicitors. Swansea; and of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and,. Land Agents, New Bridge-street, London, where Plans of tl„? Estates may be seen, anil who are authorised to treat for the same by private contract, Vjvjwfrp V IV" "y^ A MYSTERMUS REPAST; on. THE CUDGELLED SPECTRE. JSl Tcav'ller in- vain thebm door while assailing. Descried thro' a crevice the Hostess regaling Now louder he knock'd,—and the viands ill haste And guest, so he seem'd, in a c/oset were pfae'd, Ere yet ilie His Boors WARREN'S .1 "T ot resplendance illnm'd, Whose shades of reíleetion the semblance assum'd Of Imps, who their post, so inysterious, mainlain'd. The Host unexpectedly came, and the board A few tneanren scr;yjs tiow cu <l only afford. I he Traveller smiled, and Go forth, in pursuit" He cried, oj good cheer, each dirk spurrE ot rt:e BooT? A FOWL and a BRACE of HO AST DUCKS be out- farf- And plac'd in that CLOSET, with caution and care," The Host nmàz'd,3nd the Hostcst ¡ll!hast- II 'Tis done!—in the CLOSET n >w waics the fepast." The ladv altf"ndanceis prone to affird — And FOWL, BUCKS, wd WIN-E, now replenish the board The Host, when his courage was raised by pood cheer, Now uru'd that the secret Purveyor shoiil'l appt-ar ? Your station then take at Vie door," said tlie stranger, •' Well armed with a qc DGEL, and imminent da-iger To shun—this one SPEL i, will your safety obtain, BELABOR THE SPECI Re WITH TRUE mic AT AND MAIM f -,c. Come forth from the closet, and pass by the door. }j;:> IT came, and of blows nnw su«tain'd a full store, The cudgel witti vigour ITS -boulders attacking t r Zonnds! wtfE," crMd the Host, did you ever rgfifa^k two IMPS so much like, as the LA VVYER' ctr PK And IMP nop mil cudgell'd from WARREN'S J}; T BLACKING I" This tasy Sbining and Brilliant BLACKING, pr^pareeH j ?JJt¿I/&k/lP/}lp „ 30*STRAND,London; and"soId"at Swansea Edmonds Bridgend .Tones Jenkivis Hibberf Be van Truematl • Walters Carmarthen Evans Jones I' fil!ii .!I Mefthvr Morgan Mnr-h Brecon Vauglian Kidwelly .Evans •.Llandilo HuL'hes Llanelly H»«e|l&Son Narberth Protheroe | Llandovery .Davies Mil ford c.' Starbnek I Wil|!nn^ Cardiff Hopkins Pembroke W i f m o t & (J <> Cowbridge Ballard Treble Tenby Reynolds Ilaverfordwe^t Jenkins And sol i in: every town in the kingdom. LIQUID iyi Bottles fid 10d.-l2d, biid I8d> each.— Also PASTE P(ltS6,1./1d and 18<i:each, A Shilling Potof Paste is equalto Four Shtllmg Bottles of Liquid. Ask for WAjtttEit'sBLACKING ■*