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WANTS a SITUATION, as COOK and WANTS a SITUATION, as COOK and HOUSEKEEPER, a steady WOMAN, compe- tent to undertake the management of a large, family can j tie well recommended, understands the art of cooking in the French and English style, also of preserving;, pickling, &c.&c. Address (prst-paid) to H. H. Mr. Treble's Cir- culating Library, Pembroke, or Tenby MEETING of the SUBSCRIBERS to the CARDIFF HUNT will be held at the Angel- inn, Cardiff, on Saturday, the 21st of ApriHnst. at twelve o'clock. when the attendance of the Members is particu- larly requested. Cardiff, April 9, 1821. JBrecknock and Abergavenny Canal ,1" inavlgattun. NOTICE is hereby given, that the NEXT GENERAL ASSEMBLY and MEETING of the COMPANY of PROPRIETORS of this NAVIGATION •will bis held at the Shire-hall, in the town of Brecknock, on Thursday, the S!6Ui day of April inst. at twelve o'clock at »oon. B. A. GRIFFITHS, Clerk to the said Company. Canal Office, Llanelly, April 5, 1821. JAMESHA MIL TON\~Deceased. IF the NEXT OF K(N of JAMES HAMIL- TON (late Footman at Miss Hill's,Cardiff, and formerly in the service of the Rev. Evans, of Caerleon), who died on the 20th day of December hist, will apply at the Office of Mr. Edward Priest Richards, Cardiff, they will hear of something to their advantage. PURSUANT to an Order made by the Right Honourable John Lord Eldon, Lord Hiyli Ch ltotilor of Greelt Britain, for enlarging the lime f .r JOB Bli H A I.L, of Swa nsea, in the comity of Glamorgan, in the Principalit y of Wales, Cabinet-maker Dealer and Chapman (a Bank- rupt)t t.o surrender himself, and make a lull discovery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects, for thirty davs, to hf- computed from tlie '2?th day ot March instant; — This is to give notice. TIHllllle Commissioners in the said Commission named and authorised, or the major part of them, intend to meet on the 26th day of April next, at eleven of the clo, k in the forenoon, ut Ktiapp's Hotel, situate in Camhimrnc, in the county of Cornwall; when and where the sai l Bank- rupt is required to surrender himself, between the hours ot cfcrent and one. and make a full discovery and disclosure of his Esta'e and Effects, and finish his examination and the Creditors who have no already proved their Debts may t'ben and there come and prove the same, and assent to or 1 dissent from the allowance of his Certificate. fN. B. All Persons indebted to the Estate of the said j Bank rtipt are required forthwith topav the same to Messrs Jaine i and Collins, Swansea, the Solicitors to the Assignees, other vise they will be proceeded against without further Kotic is. LITERARY GAZETTE FOR 1821. This day is published, Part I. price 9*. T.IHE LITERARY GAZETTE, and JOUR- NAL of BELLES LETT RES, ARTS, SCIENCES, Part I. consisting of the First Thirteen Weekly .<N.u;<jabeMoftheYear 1821. The principal subjects this woric embraces, are, lh igimetliate Review of every interesting New Publi- cat,-ion, whether Foreign or English, with amusing Extracts. ^f -Jriginal Correspondence, Literary and Philosophical.— Ske Ach«s of Society and Manners.—Criticisms on the Eng- Jish.and Foreign Drama.—Memoirs of Eminent and Literary lelgli Ch aracters.—Proceedings of Public and Literary Societies, &c .—Varieties on all subjects connected with Polite Lite- nt ore.-foetry. Anecdotes, Jenx d'Esprit, &c.—1 lie Arts :t *ei ty -copiously considered Discoveries, Scientific Im-\ 1 JJrt )*fetttents, and Inventions.— Phenomena of Nature and JVlijnd, Philosophical Remarks.—Literary Intelligence, Ad- vertisements of New Books and Music, Works of Art, Ex- hibitions, &c. ri S fbecribcrs who Desire to begin wi:h the New Year, will p|ga ^e -to^givfl their orders early, ,() prevent disappoint- as, Qi'ty a hmtted. addition will be made to supply Sttch '^ernand, unless a larger amount is previously ascer- tained Th e-work is published in Numbers, every Saturday, at tTO. p62, Strand, and sold by all booksellers and newsmen, Vricot 8d.; or stamped, for country circulation, price Is. ALL IN ONElDAY, 17th of MAY, Grt'.at Reduction of the Price for that Day, WHOL? TiCKErS 14 GUIKEAS only, ;,■! SIXTEENTHS 20SHILLINGS only. J. & J. SIVEWRIGHT A, RE happy to state, the Lords of the Trea- JTJU have highly approved their plan for reducing the { Pr.. ;es in their new Scheme, with f "TWO Prizes of £21,000, and TWO Prizes of • • £ 20,200, — AS UKCER:— Tte-Two first are certain to be drawn 17th of MAY, and u. Clti;tpce ofitlie Two last nil the 6th June will also be gained the first 100 Numbers draww that day The Scheme to •b* drawn lfth May is 5 Prizes ol < £ *21,000 Consols £ 42,000 i. 4.000 Consols 8.000 3. t,OOO COlIsols 3,000 6 .300 Consols 1,800 10. 240 Consols 3,400 in. MOConsots. 2,2!>0 il 200 Consols S,200 30. 110 Money 1,100 317 60 Money 1,020 50. 20 Money 1,01)0 3836 10 Money SB,860 t e 103 First-drawn Tickets, on the 17th May, will each have n'eirChance for all the Prizes in the following Scheme, l- 'which is all to be drawn on the 6th June :— 7 -tt Prises of, £ 80.200 Consols £ 40.400 ia 2,000 Consols 4.0'0 1 It-. J,050 Consols 2,100 500 Consols l,0i>0 J 9 XtOConsofs. 2,100 ];). 100 Money 1.000 S 30 Money -1,020 sv,vw. 10.. 10s. Money 30,870 T 70 09 Prices in both Schemes. £186,u70 Erer y Chance issued before the 17th May will be decided On tha t d.ay. but the first 100 Numbers drawn will each Wehti Ued to new Chance for the 6th June; and with all these ir Iprecedented advantage. the Price of each Chance lor that lJ«y is only, for a l*JCKKT. £ l4 14 0 I QUARTERNS 17 0 1 IALF 7 13 0 | EIGHTH 1 19 6 SIXTEENTH, TWEN1Y SHILLINGS ONLY. J. & J. SIVEWRIGHT, THE COVTEACTORS, •Request an early application at their old fortunate Offices, v.w^ Co pvHtit; !» HOLBORV; and 38, HAYMAKKET, Lbvoo tN ;or to their Agents in'the Country P. 8 COHEN, M'lsic-Seiler, Neath; I)ID EVANS. Draper, Duke street, Cardiff- W, fSHMRCHEY, Urccon I i R! tES. Library, 53, Wine-street, Bristol; <1 ft. Ci lUTWELL.Bath; O A.. WILLIAMS. Library,Cheltenham; Who fo;d in a recent Lottery, ALL the Prizes of ".T.M.o t". nH in Shares '-and in the very last Lottery sfMHVbs, B), J LLANDAFF, GLAMORGANSHIRE. ") TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY", TWO HOUSES and GARDENS, situate at LlandafF, near Cardiff; the one is a good Family- huuse. containing seven bed-chamlwrs,-together with an excellent Garden, walled round, containing above an Acre of Land the other is a neat Cottage, with a good Garden. Apply (if b.y letter, post-paid) to Mr. Wiiks, Auctioneer, Cardiff the Rev. Powell Edwards, or Edward Stephens— both of Llandaff. HOUSES and GARDENS. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATET.Y, A Neat DWELLING-HOUSE 4- GARDEN, situate in COLLEGE-STREET, SWANSEA comprising tw> parlours and a kitchen 011 tlie ground floor; drawing- room, china-pantry. and two bed rooms, on the second floor: three bed rooms on the third-floor; with a good well of water, a brewing-kitchen, underground cellar, and other convenient out-oftices. Also another HOUSE and GARDEN. adjoining the above; comprising two parlours and a kiiclien on the groun floor; drawing-room and two bed-rooms on the second-floor; one bed-room on the third-lfoor, and a garret ovei with a cellar and wa«hhouse. Rents low and Taxes moderate. For further particulars apply to Mr. J. Walters, Draper, Swansea; if by letter po.t-pnid. (One Concern.) S W A i\ ,> EX TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By S. LLEWELYN', At the Bush-inn, in the town of Swansea, 011 Saturday, the titli day of Alav, 1821, > elween the hours of two and four o'clock in t ie afternoon of the same day, subject to such conditions DI sal« as -diall be then and there produced, ALL that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE; together with extensive OUTUOUSKS. GARDEN, and Two COTTAGES, behind the same, situate in High-street, in the town ot Swansea, ex- tending 111 front about 36 feet, and in depth about t.50 feet, which communicates willi the Back-lane, being a most de- sirable siluation for carrying on any extensive business.— The house and premises are at present in a bad state 81 repair, but the same may be repaired it a moderate expense.. For the convenience of the purchaser, the seller will, it required, leave one half of the purchase-money to remain on Mortgage of the prellllses. For further particulars apply at the Office of Messrs. James and Collins, Solicitors, Swansea. SWANSEA. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By S. LLEWELYN, On M tndny, the 7th day ol May, 18'il.and following days, by order of the Assignees of the Estate and Effects ot Mr. Job Burall, of Swansea, Cabinet-maker and Upholsterer, a Bankrupt, at his Wart-house, in Fisher-street, Swansea, A LL the,valuable and extensive STOCK in £ X TR^DE of the said Bankrupt consisting of four- post and tent bedsteads, hair and other mattresses, leather and millpuff beds, blankets, Mars dhsqutfts. counterpanes, a targe assortment ot Ki icerminster .aud ot Iwr carpeting. mahogany sideboards, mahogany dining, Pembioke, sofa', and card-tables, mahogany cases ot drawers, wardrobes mahogany and other chairs, pier and swing-glawos, floor cloths. paper hangings ot all sorts, bed sacking, brass fumi- ^o^d S* a ^rea^ assor',nei)t of ironmongery Catalogues will be ready for delivery at the Auctioneer's on the Saturday previous to the sale. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By S. LLEWELYN, At Clasemont, the residence of the late SirJoliti Morris, Bart. near Swansea, on Monday, the 23d day of April inst. and following days, A Large seieclioti of HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE; consisting of fourpost fluted and carved mahogany bedsteads, with moreen, chintz, and cotton fur- niture tent and other bedsteads, with dimity and Man- chester turniture prime goose feather-beds and bedding, mahogany and other cases of drawers large handsome ma- hogany bookcases, withglass fronts; mahogany (Iiiiiiig, card, and Pembroke tables; mahogany and other dressing tables, sofas, mahogany, fancy, and other chairs; passage oil cloths, pier and swing-glasses, two large copper boilers, iarge mashing lave, several large iron-bound casks, and various other brewing utensils, kitchen requisites, &c. The. sale will begin at eleven o'clock each day. Catalogues will be delivered three days previous to the sale at the Auctioneer's, Carr-street, Swansea. Elegant Modern Furniture. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. DAWSON, On Wednesday, the 18th of April inst. at the New Build- ings, Parade, near the Quay, Swansea, A Choice and fashionable assortment of very superior CABINET and UPHOLSTERY FUR- NITURE, with other Effects, from the first manufactory in England, well worth the attention of the Nobility, Gen- try, and Inhabitants of Swansea and its neighbourhood comprising a variety of sofas; loo, library, pedestal, writ- ing, and various dining tables, in mahogany and other choice woods; sideboard; handsome circular and other drawers sofa, couch, and chaise longties, stuffed in moreen, embroidered with velvet: Trafalgar brass-nailed and other chairs; a curious French toilet-box, with various other articles. To be viewed Monday and Tuesday preceding the sale. Catalogues to be had at Mr. Dawson's Auction-Rooms, Carr-street, Swansea, and the place of sale. N. B. Those Families who are desirous of disposing of any Goods or Furniture, by giving notice they will be en- tered for sale accordiiigiy. TO B E PE li E M PTO HILY SO LI)] Pursuant to a Decree and subsequent Orders of the High Court ol Chancery, made in a Cause Powell against Powell, with the approbation of John Edm. Dowd. swell, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at the Bear- inn, in the town of in the county of Car- marthen, on Monday, the 7th day of May next, at two ot the clock in the afternoon; in three lots, CERTAIN FREEHOLD ESTATES, late of T Sir GABRIEL POWELL, Kniuht, deceased, called Cap pel (ydist and Gorse y Okin,nnd Llwynymendy Uclta, consisting of several Messuages, Cottages,'Gardens, Farms, and Lands, with the Appurtenances, situate in the parish of Llangadock, in t) e said county. ALSO, ALSO, At the Mack worth-Arms-inn, in the town of Swansea, in the county of Glamorgan, on Wednesday, tlie 9th day of May next at two o'clock in the afternoon, in one lot, The. REVERSION in Fee Simple, expectant on the de- cease of i wo Persons of the ages of 40 and 15, or there- abouts, of a no m a Messuage or Dwelling-house, Cottage, Stable, and Coach-house, situate in the town of Swansea aforesaid. being other part of the Estates of the said Sir Gabriel Powell. Particulars ofthe said Estates may be had gratis at the said Masters Office m"Southampton-buildings, Chancerv-Iane, London of Messrs. Snver and Peters, Solicitors, SymondV linn, Chancery-lane; of Mr. G -egory, Clementiinn of Mr. Derby, Harcourt-buiidings, Temple, London;' of Messrs. 13erringt(in and Jenkins,*Solicitors, and of Mr. Lewis 1 homas, Solicitor, Swansea; of Mr. Middleton Powell, Solicitor. Brecon; and at the places of Sale; and Maps of the .Estates may be seen at tlie Office of Mr M. [ Powell. GLAMORGANSHIRE. I TO BE LET, And entered upon the 1st day of May next, AT A LOW RENT. A Neat DWELLING-HOUSE, suited for the reception of a small genteel family, situate at the village of Boverton, within one mile of the Bristol Channel, and four miles of the post and market-town of Cowbrirtge. I he House consists of a hall, parlour, breakfast parlour, and servants' kitchen, on the ground floor four bed-Tooms, with a servant's bed-room. A quantity of LAND, not exceeding six Acres, may also be had, if desired. For further particulars apply (if by letter, post-paid) to Mr. Abraham Jackson, 011 the premises; or Mr. James Simpson. Bear-inn, Cowbridge. G LA MORG ANSHIRE. ~T FOR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A Very valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, calLd PONTCANNA, measuring upwards of 71 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, in a ring- fence, pleasantly situated in the flat between the towns of Cardiff und L mdafF, and about a mile distant from the for- mer only, near to the turnpike and mail coach road, inter- sected by a valuable stream of water, and bounded in part by the river Tatf having a Farm-house. Bam, Stable, Gra- nary, and other accommodation*, erected within a few sears thereon.—This Farm is in excellent cultivation, having been for many years in the occupation of the proprietor, who would, if preferred by a purchaser, dispose, at the same time, of the Slock and Crop on the said premises at a fair valuation. Also, a small, compact, a id VPTV eligible FREEHOLD PROPERTY, called PENYHALLT; comprising a Cot- tage, Smith's Shop, and Garden, with three Closes of Land 'adjoining, in the p irish of \iVhitehurch, mensnri g in the whole 10A. 2R. 25P. m re or less, is very delightfully si- tuated, affording an agreeable scite for building upon, com- manding very extensive sea and laud prospects, the town ol 0«r>iiff, Penarth Bay,&c. This Estate is hounded on the eastern side by the turn- pike-road from McrihYr to Cardiff, and is on!y nhout four miles distant I'roin the latter tOWII. For i view of the premises apply to the Tenants; and for further particulars (if by letter post paid) to Mr. Nicholl Wood, Solicitor, Cardiff; or to Mr. Richard Howell, Jun. of New Mill, near Cardiff, with whom Plans of the Estates may be seen. CARMARTHENSHIRE. ESTATES. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On Saturday, the 28th (hy of April, 18«1, at the Black- Lion-iim, at Lampeter-pont-Stephen, in the county of Cardigan, subject to Mich conditions of sale as shall be then prod need, .and in the following or such other lots as shali be agreed upon at the time of sale, By THOMAS WILLIAMS. Auctioneer; Lotl A LL that MESSUAGE or TENE- X jL MENT,$LANDS, with the Appurtenances, called TANYLAN, Part and Parcel of another MES- SUAGE or TENEMENT, and LANDS, called ESKER- COltN, situate, lying, and being in the parish of Llany- crwyse, in the said county of Carmarthen, in the tenure of Rees Jones. Farmer, at the yearly rent of ^^0. Lot 2 All that new-built DWELLING HOUSE, exten- sive GARDEN, and TWO FIELDS, with the Appur- tenances, called ABERNAINT, being another Part or Parcel of the said Farm of Eskercorn aforesaid, in the te- nure of Daniel Davies and Mr. Nathaniel Edwards. Lot 3. All (hat the said capital .MESSUAGE or TENE- MENT. and LANDS, with the Appurtenances, called ESKERCORN, situate in the parish of Llanycrwyse afore- said. in the tenure or occupation of the said Nathaniel Ed- wards, the proprietor. The premises lie near to the Church of the parish of Llanycrwyse, and have a most extensive Right of Common on I he arijoining hi II.. For a view of the premises apply to the said Nathaniel Edwards, on the premises;, and for further particulars to the Auctioneer, atTroedrhiwyresker, near Llandovery; or at the Offices of Mr. Lloyd Harries, at' Llandovery or Lampeter. CARMARTHENSHIRE. ESTATES. Tg BE SOLD BY AtlCTION, At the dwe?ing-house of Howell Howells, called the Lamb- inn, in tint town of Llandovery, in the said county, on Saturday, the 9th day of June", 1821, subject to certain conditions of sale to be then produced, in the following lots: Lotl ALL that MESSUAGE or TENE- XlL MENT, FARM and LANDS, with the Ap- purtenances, called POLEY, otherwise TYR-Y-POI.EY, in the parish of Llanwrda, in the said county, in the tenure of Benjamin Evans and Rees Morgans, Farmers, under a lease for twenty-one years, whereof eight years were un- expired at Michaelmas last, at the rent of o £ 31, besides duties. Lot 2. All that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT. FARM and LANDS, with the Appurtenances, called VEDW, or 1YR-Y-BEDW, adjoining the last-mentioned lot, in the tenure of William John, at the yearly rent of ^'SS, besides duties. These two lots are very compact and improvable pro- perty, a southern aspect, and adjoining the turnpike- road from Llandovery to Larnp«ter. Lot 3. All that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, FARM and LANDS, with the Appurtenances, called EITHIN- TEWON, situate in the parish of Cylycwm. in the said county, in the tenu-e of Joittt Harry, Husbandman, as tenant from year to year. Lot 4. Alfthat MESSUAGE or TENEMENT. FARM and LANDS, with the Appurtenances, called TROED- RHEWMHGA, situate in the centre (If the Right Hon. Lord Cawdor's estate, near the Mine Works, in the parish of Cylycwm aforesaid, in the tenure of Daniel Davies, Far- mer, as tenant from year to year. Lotr>. All that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, FARM and LANDS, with the Appurtenances, called RHOSE and LLWYNY, otherwise LLWYNY-FACH, with the, Two COTTAGES and GARDENS erected thereon, adjoining the villages of Cylycwm, in the said county, in the tenure of Daniel David and his undertenants, under a lease for twenty one years, whereof pight years were unexpired at Michaelmas last. Lotfi. All that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT. FARM and LANDS, with the Appurtenance., called HANDTR- WYNNE, nearly adjoining the said village of Cylycwm, in the tenure of Mr Rees 'Thom s. Innkeeper. Lot 7 All that MESSUAGE and GARDEN, with the Appurtenances, and THREE FIELDS held adjoining, I called PEVYGOKSE and PHELPS'S FIELDS, immediately adjoining the village of Cylycwm aforesaid, and in the te- nure of the said Rees Thomas and others. Lots. A DWELLING HOUSE, PREMISES, and GARDEN, called the GREAT HOUSE, and also another DWELLING HOUSE and GARDEN, adjoining the same situate respectively in Ibe most eligible part ofthe said vil- lage of Cylycwm, in the holding of the said Rees Thomas and Daniel Theopholns, Blacksmith. Lot 9. A DWELLING HOUSE, Garden, and Appur- tenances, formerly occupied as a puhlic- house. situate in the said village ot Cylycwm, in the tenure of Mrs Davies and her undertenants. Lot 10, A DWELLING-HOUSE and GARDEN, in the holding of Daniel Jones, Harper, and (he SCITE or another DWELLING-HOUSE and GARDEN, immedi-" atelv adjoining, situate respectively in the centre of the village of Cjlycwin aforesaid. For a view of the premises apply to the respective Te- nants; and for further particulars to illr. Richard Jones, Auctioneer; or Harm*, Solieitor, t LUaooverj, •< iMua CARDIGANSHIRE, u TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ,j, IT io'ttl <-fr"Inn' L'an1dlI°' Carmarthenshire, on Wednesday; the 16th day of May 1821 at two o'clock in the alternoon, unles* previously disposed ofby Private Contract^ of which dot notice Jul THE FOLLOWING dfmfjoiu (Cstate, < Situate in the parish of Llanddezcy-breji, in the county of Cardigan, IN THIRTEEN LOTS: f-'0^ tenements. A. R. p. Occupiers. 2! Blaen-CarfaVi 45 J • Dim!^ J°n<!S )These Ihree lots are contiguous, and have S. Cwm-Du 45 3% n C fejt-ei? R'g'lts of Sheep Walk on the i' •' SO 35 .lijeiikin;' K o. Bryn-Myuach 78 3 5 Thomas Lewis £ 4 and a adjoin each other. 1 These two lots adjoin each other, on tlie i banks of the Tivy, in a southern aspect; Dan-fan Gogoyan 65 0 50 John Evans } the Mill has a plentiful supply of water; 7.$Water Corn Grist Mill, called ) 1(v t and the situation is peculiarly favourable 1 Gogoyan Mill, and Lands ) Rees Lloyd for the establishment of a Manufactory, particularly of Flannel, the immediate neighbourhood abounding in wool of the J finest fleece. ft m 1 1 • "jThis Farm nearly adjoins the two preced- Ulandulais-Uchaf jtfg 2 15 Timdthy Jones 'HS 'ots' anc^ commands aii extensive view of the vales of Tivy and DuJais; 9 Cefn Garthenor 55 5) and the surrounding country. Undivided Common, Appurtenant 10 2 l>o i Thomas Jenkins 10. Glanrhyd fach and Brwstir 48 ^10 TV,tf„ /These five lots, containing together up- 11. Penhryn Blodeyn „ -JTI" > wards of 400 Acres, are within a ring. 12. Bhien'Cwm March 197 To,, Ihomas fence, and in the immediate neighbour- 13. | lianb BUeii-Cwr,i March' ".i B S'J s"p^H»ghcJ *•< <*««>•. !«*«»*. «!• /orf ,he f'« trout, and within eighteen miles ol that much-admired and fashionable Bithinc nlxrp ^Ah° n* sa mn.n, an(i '"ra'p Fllr a vip.\V nf ¡he g:>late, <,nd 10 treat ¡"I'the same. ¡¡pplv (if by letter, post-paid) to Messrs. Price and Son, Solicitors, Llanrlilo or to Mr. Tlwmàs Foeliilli, lIear TO BE LET, ONE or more commodious COTTAGES, at Clydach, near the river Tawe,five miles from Swan- sea, to which seaport town is an excellent carriage-road and conveyance by the Swansea Canal. A good Stable for two or more horses may also he had; or a gentleman and lady residing on the premises may be accommodated five hours of each certain three davs in every week with two ponies for exercise and amusement. There is a very extensive Garden at Clydach, at which is to be had truit and vegetables at the market price at Swansea, where there is a gdod fish-market. Letters, post-paid, directed to A. B. at the Swansea Bank, wijimtetducititctttion. CARMARTHENSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Old Ivy Bush inn, Carmarthen, on SatoKfay, the tist day ot April, 1821, between tha hours of three and four o'clock m the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced, BETWEEN 300 AND 400 OAK TREES* now growing on t|,e pann 0f Gwendraeth-Fychau> in the parish of Llangendeirne, marked and numbered. For further particulars apply to the Tenant, Oil the pre- mises; Edward White, Glyn Abbey; or William Evan, Cwruglgfrane, Dangunnor. CARMARTHEN 4 CARDIGAN. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Boar's-Head.inn, in Carmarthen, un Wednesday, the 18th day of July, 1821, in lots, ABOUT 300 Acres of LAND, chiefly Mea- dwv and Pasture, of excellent quality, part of an Estate called the PENYBANK ESTATE, situate princi- pally 111 the parishes of Abergwillv and Llangunnor, in Car- marthenshire, and a small part in the parish of St. Peter, in the borough of Carmarthen. Alio, to be Sold by Auction, At the Black-Lion-iun, in Lampeter, 011 Saturday, the 21st day of July, 1821, A capital MESSUAGE and SHOP, in the possession I of Mr. Mitchell, in the High-street, Cardigan. Also TWO FARMS, called PENFOR and PEN CASTELL in the parish of Llanrhystyd; and a FARM called ALLTGOCH, in the parish of Llanwenog, in Cardiganshire. Particulars may shortly be had of Messrs. Poole and Greenfield, Gray's-itin, London, where a IVlap may be seen; of Messrs. Osborne and Ward, BristoJ; at tiie Black-Lion- inn. Cardigan; the Boar's-Head inn, Carmarthen; the Black-Lion, Lampeter; and of Mr. J. Francis, near the Market-place, Carmarthen, who will shew the -Estates in that neighbourhood, and the respective Tenants the residue. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BONBONOUS, At the Commercial-Rooms, Bristol, on Wednesday, the 18th day of April inst. at eleven o'clock in the fore- noon, before the major part of the Commissioners named in a Commission of Bankrupt issued against MAI-HEW MONKHOUSE, the Younger, of Bedwellty, in the county of Monmouth, Apothecary, Dealer, and Chapman, a Bankrupt, pursuant to an Order of his Honour the Vice- Chaucellor of England, subject to such conditions of sate as shall be then produced, nnHE LIFE INTEREST of the said BANK- JL BTIPT, under an Indenture of Marriage Settlement, of and in the following COPYHOLD PREMISES.situate in the parish of Goldcliff, in the county of Monmouth, and Parcel of the Manor of Goldciiff; viz.- Lot 1. A MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, and"1' R' GARDEN, with FOUR CLOSES or PARCELS of GARDEN, with FOUR CLOSES or PARCELS of MEADOW LAND adjoining thereto, containing by estimation •• •• •• ••1400 I TWO CLOSES of MEADOW LAND, contain- ingbyesimation •• .5 0 0 A CLOSE of MEADOW LAND, containing bv estimation .v. 1200 Another CLOSE of MEADOW LAND, also containing by estimation 10 0 0 4100 For a view of the above Premises please apply to Mr. Thomas Waters, the tenant thereof. Lot t. The LiFE INILREST of the said Bankrupt, of and in the Dividends or Annua) Proceeds of the sum of £2368 15s. 3d., Three per Centum Consolidated Bank Annuities, now standing in the names of Trustees in the Books of the Governor and Company of the Bank of England. Lot 3. A POLICY of INSURANCE for the sum of < £ 1600, effected in the Equitable Assurance Office, on the Life of the Bankrupt, now aged about 3:i years subject to the payment of the Annual Premium of £ 40 is. Lot 4. The REVERSIONARY ESTATE and IN- TEREST, limited to the use or in trust for the said Bank- rupt awd his Heirs" bv the said Indenture of Settlement, expectant on the decease of himself andhis Wire in default of issne of their Marriage, of and in the before-mentioned COPYHOLD PREMISES. Lot 5. The like REVERSIONARY INTEREST of and in the said sum of 2.568 15s. 3d. Three per Cenv. Con- solidated Bank Annuities- The liniitationsof these Reversionary Estate and Interests will be produced at the sale. The Marriage was- had more than seven years since, and there has not been any issue of it. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Leraaw, SoJi- 1 citorsf Bristol., FOR NEW YORK, To sail on or about the 0,0th of April instant, »»The fine fast-sailing, first class British BHICJ CAMBRIA, W-jgfciWgy" Coppered to the bends, & copper fastened, VjjgTav 300 Tons bun hen, ■ WM. JENKINS, MASTER, Having the greatest part of her cargo engaged, and very superior accommodation for Cabin & Steerage Passengers. For freight or passage apply to the Master, on board or to W m. Cross, Ship broker, Bristol. IFCS" The Cambria is intended as a CONSTANT TRADER between Bristol and New York. Bristol, April 4,1821. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION; By Mr. WILKS. On the Wharf, at Cardiff, on Wednesday, the 18th April Inst. at two o'clock in thcaflerrwoIl, i* i* THE WELL-BUIL7 AXl> FAST-SAILING SLOOP BUCKLE, pggjgpg Of CHEPSTOW, Registers 94 3l-94th Tons, carries a larges cargo. She is in good repair and well found, and has just delivered a cargo of grain in bulk from Dublin, in excellent condition. She may he viewed on application to the Auctioneer; or the Master on board, at Cardiff. THE FLYING PHENOMENON; OR, THE FOUR FREAKS. T — J. HE Flying Phoenomenon lately in DUBLIN- His BOOTS there nppear'd to pervade a dark Goblin In each, by the lustre of WARREN'S JET BLACKING One evening this Joker a frolic presag'd, A Vehicle then for the purpose engag'd, His Wife to set down and himself to bring back in.- FREAK 1st. The lady set down then, and leaving behind A dress, the Phcenomennn quickly got in it, •' Stop here, my good fellow," he said, for a minate< "I feel on your Box for an airing inclin'd :— The Coachman a lady perceiving, aghast He star'd in amazement, but swearing at last, ISla Boot-lodging Imps to his seat should approach, His fare acquiesced and re-etieerld the Coach.— FREAK 2nd. Disrobing himself of his feminine suit, And pulling the check, Coachey open'd the door, The lady was gone, and the shades in each Boor Gleaiii'd full, and, more terrified now than before, Poor Jehu exclaim'd, that the Imps on his sight The Boois in, would drive him to madness outright!" FREAK 3rd. In passing the window, he threw himself out!- The Coachman in terror the door as he iiain'd,— May't please you to 'light, Sir!"—but looking about Well pleas'd that no Boot-lodging devils retuaiti'd, Remounted his box, FREAK 4th. —— as our Hero re-enter'd,— Set me down, in the Coach while resuming appear- ance; The Coachman obey'd,—and on speech when he venlur'd, Long life," he exclaim'd, for your friendly forbear' unce, Good devil!" nor dreamt that the Imps thu. attacking His fears, were the produceof WARREN'S JET BLACKING This Easy Shining and Brilliant BLACKINO, prepared by I. æMlt;i?Mtp SO,STRAN D, London; and sold at Swansea Edmonds I Bridgend Jones Jenkins Carinartlien Evans Bevan Baldwit Walters Morris Jones I Kidwelly Evans Merthyr Morgan Llanelly Hewell&Soii Brecon Yaughan Llandovery Dnvies Llandilo Hughes Williams Narberth Protheroe Pembroke Wilmot&Co Milford Starbuck Treble Cardiff Hopkins Tenby Reynolds Cowbridge Ballard Haverfordwest,Jfoluos And sold in every town in the kingdom. LIQUID,in Bottle's6d. 10d.l2d. and I8d. each.—Also PASTE BLACKING,in Pots 6d. l'2d.and lSd.each. A Shilling Pot of Paste i s equal to Four Shilling Bottles of Liquid. l- JSF-, Ask for WARPS>STN«.