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THE SUBSCRIBERS to the PACK of HOUNDS, intended to be kept in the neighbour- 'lood of CARDIFF, request the favour of those Gentlemen who may wish to promote the same to meet them at the Cardiff-Arms, Cardiii, on the 6th of August, at twelve o'clock, when the regulations for the future management of the Hunt will be submitted for their approbation. Dinner will be on table at three o'clock. THE Inhabitants of Swansea and its vicinity are respectfully informed, that a large quantity of LADIES' BOOTS and SHOES, likewise CHILDREN'S, are now ON SALE, at the Shop of Mr. Wallis, in Wind- street, for a few days, at very reduced prices, being the late Stock of a Shopkeeper, deceased. N. B. A few Dozens of MEN's STRONG SHOES. DIOCESE OF SAINT DAVID'S. THE LORD BISHOP OF the DIOCESE will hold his VISITATIONS and CONFIRMA- i IONS this year at the following places VISITATION August 20, at Cardigan. CONFIRMATION.. 21, at ditto. VISITATION -——— 22. at Haverfordwest. CONFIRMATION.. To, at ditto. VISITATION Sept. 12, at Carmarthen. CONFIRMATION.. 13, at ditto. VISITATION ——— 17, at Brecon. CONFIRMATION.. 18. at ditto. CONFIRMATION.. ———- 19, at Llandovery. CONFIRMATION.. — <20, at Llandilo. CONFIRMATION.. —24. at Llanelly. CHAS. MORGAN, N. P. Registrar. Carmarthen, July 23,1816. Brecon Provident or Saving Bank. WE, the undersigned, being Five of a Com- mittee appointed to make arrangements for the FORMATION of a PROVIDENT or SAVING BANK this County, for the investment and repayment, with interest, of the savings of the lower and middling orders, Do -weby give notice, that a MEETING will be held for that Purpose in the Town-hall of Brecon, on Thursday, the 15th ( day of August, at twelve o'clock precisely, when we shall hope to be favoured with the attendance of such gentlemen <\s are interested in their welfare. (Signed) RICHARD DAVIS, HUGH BOLD, GEORGE S. BEVAN, DAVID WILLIAMS, .'8 CH. GRIFFITH. Brecon. July 16, 1816. Great Forest of Brecknock Inclosure. WE, the Commissioners, named and ap- pointed in and by an Act of Parliament, made passed in tfie 55th year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, An Act to amend an Act, made in the 43th year of his present Majesty, to improve the Land Revenue of the Crown, so far as relates to the Great Forest Brecknock, in the county of Brecknock, and for vesting his Majesty certain Parts of the said Forest, and for ^closing the said Forest," Do herehij give notice, that a PUBLIC MEETING of the PROPRIETORS interested 11, this INCLOSURE will be held at the Castle-inn, in the town of Brecknock, in the county of Brecknock, on I "esiday, the 6th day of August, 1816, instead of Saturday, the 29th day of June, 18l6, as before advertised, for the purpose of seeing our Annual Accounts examined, and Glanced by two of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace ?°r the said county of Brecknock, not interested in this Enclosure, in pursuance of the directions contained in the uefore-menUoned Act of Parliament. HENRY DE BRUYN, JOHN CHEESE. Dated this 1st day of May, 1816. BRECONSHIItE, Brecknock Great Forest Inclosure. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, BY the Commissioners, acting under and by virtue of an Act, passed in the 5.5th year of the reign his present Majesty, intituled, "An Act to amend an Act, made in the 48th year of his present Majesty, to improve the,Land Revenue of the Crown, so far as relates the Great Forest of Brecknock, and for vesting in his ^ajesty certain parts of the said Forest,, and for inclosing *he saij Forest," Theftllowing Parcels of Freehold Land, n TITHE FREE, "eing part of the said Forest, in the county of Brecknock; AH that part of-the FOREST, called GLAS VYNIDD and OCHER-YR-YSKIN, containing about 1100 Acres, s-atute measure, of good Pasture Land. Also, all that part of the FOREST, called VOEL DARW, containing about 900 Acres, also good Pasture Land. This Land is situate about two miles from the town of -recastle, in the county of Brecknock. Further particulars may be had of Mr. Nicholas, Tre- castle, who will direct a person to shew the Land. and '"here Maps may be seen and at the Office of Mr. T. 3old. and Messrs. Lowell, Jones, and Powell, in Brecon rot Mr. S. Wharton, Surveyor, Sunny Bank; and Mr. P-ivies, Surveyor, Llangattock-Crickhowell; also of the !aniissioners, Mr. De Bruyn, 21, Southampton-street, Hioomsbury-square and Mr. Cheese, Lyon's Mall, near Kington, Herefordshire, to either of whom applications to purchase may be made. Dated the 25th June, 1816. GENUINE WESTPHALIAN ESSENCE FOR preserving and flavoring all kinds of Fish and Flesh, and RECOVERING MEAT THAT HAS Become TAINTED. Particulars of the excellent qualities of this Essence accoinpany each Jar. Originally prepared by Samuel Rogers. Hydrogen La- boratory, near Pontypool; and sold by Mr. Swan- t; Mr. Dyke, Merthyr Mr. Abraham Jones, Newport; ->Ir. Bradford, Chepstow; Mr. Dawe, Monmouth; Mr. J. Price, Abergavenny; and by druggists and .perfumers in every principal town, in Jars, with ample directions— Price Is. 6d. ■, 1816. TO Cover this Year, at FONMON CASTLTV, POULTON-—Thorough bred Mares at Ten Guineas and Half a Guinea to the Groom: Mares not thorough bred at Five Guineas and Five Shillings. c Good Grass ahd Hay at 10s. 6d. per week ti 11 the first of ^lay, and 6s. per week afterwards: Corn, it ordered^, at wholesale price, and every possible attention paic. to 'he Mares.. N. B. Anv Mare not proving in Foal by Pou>ton last will be covered at half price. Groom's fee excepted. DIXON ^ANL'TBIL10 US PILLS. "IPHESE Pills long since obtained a just celq- A brity in the pri»ate practice of the Proprietor, Mr. !)IXON, Apothecary and from their great success in many' "urinate Billious clisorders, on numerous patients of dis- r tinction, particularly the Duke of Bedford, the Dowager '^dy Say and Sele/the Viscountess Bulkeley, &c. &c. he •vss persuaded to offer them to the public, under the sanc- ,:o» of their names. T Hiey are found to be an incomparable remedy for in- digestion, and restoring rhetolJè of the Stomach. They "move habitual and temporary Costiveness, Sick-Head Achs, and Heart-Burn, whether arising from the acrimony the redundant bile, intemperate diet, or drinking to ''K-ess, and will be found a most vatuabie Medicine to be .1 "sqrted to upon every indisposition, occastoned by a dis- s;'«ered state of the Stomach and Bowels. Sold at Messrs. Butler and Sons, No. 4, Cheapside, Lon- ..1¡ in boxes, at 2s. 9d. 6s,; and 22s. and also by Mr. ;"ikins, Swansea; Mr. Daniel, Carmarthen; end most ■ 'kseUers and lVÍcdicíncV endera in every market-town, CAMBRIAN POST-COACH, AT REDUCED FARES, From the MACKWORTH-AR VIS TNN, SWANSEA, to the BELL-INN, GLOUCESTER. THE Proprietors of the above concern re- spectfully acquaint the Public that they have made arrangements by which they are enabled to book Passen- gers direct from SWANSEA to LONDON, throne. Gtou- cester, by the Cambrian Coach, which will leave Swansea every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, and uc arrive at Gloucester early the same evenings; from whence 1 they are forwarded to London early the next mornings, and complete the whole journey without any sacrifice ot rc-t. The proprietors will not be accountable for any Parcel above the value off5, lost or damaged, unless entered and paid for accordingly. ancient JSrtton Jaem Post Coaci), FROill THE MACKWORTH-ARMS INN, SWANSEA, Through Neath, Merthyr-Tydvil, and Abergavenny, TO HEREFORD. RITIE Public are respectfully informed, that JL the above Post Coach leaves the Mackworth- Arms, Swansea, every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday morn- ings at five o'clock, and passes through Neath, Merthyr, and Abergavenny, to Hereford, where it arrives the same evenings at eight; and meets the Shrewsbury, Holyhead, Chesta. Liverpool, Worcester, and Birmingham Coaches, which set out the following mornings at five o'clock. The ANCIENT BRITON also leaves Hereford on the above mornings at the. same hour, and arrives at the Mackworth- Arms, Swansea, at nine in the evening, from whence there are Coaches to Bristol, Gloucester, and to Carmarthen. Tenby, and Milford, from which latter place Packets sail daily to Waterford; and likewise from Swansea on Tues- days and Saturdays to Ufracombe in Devonshire. A COACH from DR ECO tol will meet the Ancient Briton each day at Merthyr, to convey passengers and parcels to and from Brecon. The ANCIENT BRITON COACH thus estabtishes a regular chain of communication between the whole of the counties of Cornwall and Devon, including the north of Somerset, through Swansea, with the north of England and Wales. From either of the before-mentioned counties the passage through Ilfracombe to Swansea is usually effected in a few hours, and from thence passengers are securely conveyed to any part of the kingdom on the line already described with celerity, economy, and convenience, hitherto unknown. The Proprietors will not be accountable for any Parcel above the value of lost or damaged, unless entered as such, and paid for accordingly. TIllS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, THAT BILLS of INDICTMENT win be iL preferrer1 at the next Brecon Great Sessions against the INHABITANTS of the PARISHES of LLANELLY, LLANGUNNIDER,# LLANGATTOCK, in the county of Brecon, for the NON-REPAIR of the TURNPIKE- ROAD leading from MFRTHYR-TYDVIL, in the county of Glamorgan, through the said several parishes towards and unto the town of ABKRGAVENNY, in the county of Mon- mouth, and the BRIDGES and PARAPET WALLS upon the said Road, unless the said Turnpike-road, Bridges, and Parapets, be in the! mean time put in good order anil repair. BERRINGTON and JENKINS, For the Proprietors of the Ancient Briton Post-Coach. Swansea, July 29, 1816. This day is published, in 3 vols. 12mo. price 15s. rpHE SONS of ST. DAVID; a Cambro X British Historical Tale of the 14th Century, by Griffiths ap Griffith, Esq. Printed for A. K. Newman and Co. London; and sold by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Paper; 'Where may be had, just published, FAITH and FICTION, by Elizabeth Bennett, 5 vols. 27s, 6d. HERMIONK or, the Defaulter, a novel, by Caroline Scott, 2 vols. 10s. 6d. The SPINSTER'S JOURNAL, by the Author of Celia, &c. 3 vois. 16s. 6d. LAIRD'S of Gi.ENFERN or, Highlanders in the 19th Century, by Maria Johnston, 2 vols. 10s. 6d. MAID of Moscow, by Mrs. Holland, 'I vols. 10s. ORPHAN of TINTERN ABBEY, by Mrs. Zeigenhirt, S vols. 15s. MRS. HOFLAND'S NEW WORK. This day is published, one volume 12mo. embetiishedwith an elegant frontispiece, price 4s. boards, npHE BAitBADOES GIRL; or, Matilda, a JL tale for young people, by Mrs. Hofland. Printed for A. K. Newman and Co. London and sold by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Paper; of whom may be had the following popular publications,by the same Author AFFECTIONATE BROTHERS, 2 vols, ueatly half bound in roan, price 5s. CLERGYMAN'S WIDOW and FAMILY, 2d edit, price 4s. DAUGHTER-IN-LAW, HER FATHER and FAMILY-, 2 vols, price 10s. FATHER AS HE SHOVT.b BE, 4 vols, price £1 4s. MERCHANT'S WIDOW and HER FAMILY, price 4s. PANORAMA OF EUROPE or, a new game of Geography, price 4s. PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE, 4 vols, price £1 2s. SAYS SHE TO HER NEIGHBOUR, WHAT? 4 vols, price 1s.3d. THE SISTERS, a Domestic Tale, price 4s. VISIT TO LONDON or, Emily and her Friends, 4 vols, price £1 4s. YOUNG NORTHERN TRAVELLER or, a Tour through Sweden, Russia, &c. 3s. 6d. TO THE AFFLICTED WITH COUGHS, COLDS ASTHMAS CONSUMPTIONS. BENNETT'S COUGH DROPS, Art recommended as a most sovereign remedy. THE Proprietor having proved the unpa- ralleled efficacy of BENNEIT's COUGH DROPS in his extensive private practice, can with confidence re- commend them to those who suffer under obstinate Coughs, Hoarsenesses,Catarrrhs, Difficulty ot Breathing, Wheezing, Soreness of the Breast and Stomach, Obstructions of the Glands, Acrimony of the Fluids, and Congealed Phlegm, in all which ONE TRIAL ONLY will speedily evince their umparalleled Utility. These Drops are perfectly mild and innocent in their operation, and are sold whosesale only, by appointment of the Pro- prietor, by Barclay and Sons, No. 95, Fleet Market, Lon- don, whose names are engraved on the stamp affixed to each-bottle; and retail, price 2s. 9d. duty included, by T.Jenkins, Printer of this Paper, Lister, and Daw (late Flexman), Swansea; Morgan, Neath; Evans. Bridgend; Vachell, Cardiff; Dyke and Williams, Meithyr; Daniel,! Carmarthen; North, Yapp, and Vaughan, Brecon; Price and Wyke, Abergavenny and Price, CrickhewciJ. TO BE LET. AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, A CAPITAL WORK-SHOP, DWELLING- HOUSE, STABLE, and GARDEN, where for some years past the business of a Currier has been carried on advantageously, well situated at Tredegar Iron-Woiks, Monmouthshire. For further particulars enquire on the premises, or by letter addressed to A. B. Tredegar Iron-Works, near New- port, illoilriiouilisliire. PURSUANT to a decree of the High Court A. of Chancery, made in a cause Powell against Powell, the Creditors and Legatees of Sir GABRIEL POWELL, late ot' Heathfield Lodge, in the county of Glamorgan, Knight, deceased (who died in the month of Nov<uul»er, 1813), are forthwith to come i*. ^ld prove their Debts and claim their Legacies by their Solicitor, before John Camp- bell, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at his Oiiice in Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane, London, or in default thereof they will be excluded the benefit of the said decree. THE ART OF LETTER WRITfNG RENDERED A BRANCH OF EDUCATION. This day are published, price 4s. bound in red, MODELS of LETTERS, for teaching the ART of ELEGANT and FAMILIAR LEITER- WRITING to Young Persons, as a branch of Ordinary Education. By the Rev. D. BLAIR, Author of the Universal Preceptor, Class-Boot.GrafflffiSr of Philosophy, Sic. &c. This Work contains numerous examples of Familiar Letters on common Topics, others of Compliment and Business, between the first Characters of the Age, now first published. French and Italian Cards and Letters, lorms of Letters in Trade and Business; aiid, above all, with reference to Schools, FORTY-FIVE SETS OF TOPICS OF LETTERS, for the exercise of Students. Printed for Richard Phillips,; and published by John Souter, Paternoster-row and sold by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Paper Bird, Cardiff; Lewis, and Washbourne and Son, Newport Harris and Evans, Carmarthen Wilmot, Pembroke; Potter, Haverfordwest; ar.d all other book- sellers. A NEW AND IMPORTANT SCHOOL-BOOK. This day is published, price 2s. 6d. bound, A DICTIONARY of NOUNS, or of Things, in Contradistinction to a Dictionary of Mere Words, by wbiclrlimitation the number of Articles is not greater than can be committed to memory during the period of Education, while every word teaches some useful or im- portant fact. By the Rev. J. GOLDSMITH, Author of the Grammars of Geography, &c. &c. Every Grammarian, and Teacher of Youth, will be sen- sible of the worth of such a volume as the above-mentioned, as soon as its title is announced. Full and copious Dic- tionaries of the words in every part of speech, defeat, by their bulk, their own design in teaching Youth and in the various attempts to abridge them, the Authors have failed, from not adopting so obvious and natural a limitation as that presented by Nouns Printed for Richard Phillips and published by John Souter, Paternoster-row; sold by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Pilpcr; Bird, Cardiff; Lewis, and Washbourne and Son, Newport; Harris and Evans, Carmarthen; Wilmot, Pembroke; Griffiths, Haverfordwest; and all other bouk- sellers. Of whom may be had, BLAIR'S ENSLISII GRAMMAR, the most complete extant, price 3s. bound and IRVING'S ELEMENTS of ENGLISH COMPOSITION, price 7s. 6d. THE STUDY OF PHILOSOPHY. This day is piiblishtd, price 5s. bound, illustrated with many Copper-plates, and numerous Cuts in Wood, THE GRAMMAR of NATURAL and EX- PERIMENTAL PHILOSOPHY, including the Elements of the undermentioned Sciences, in accordance with the recent Discoveries and Improvements of Hers- chel. Davy, Youns;, Dalton, Brande, La Place, Tilloch, Thomson. Bakewell, Singer, Robinson. Vince, Rumford, Howard, Forster, and other modern Writers aiad Experi- mentalists: PHYSICS, DYNAMICS, MECHANICS, HYDROSTATICS, I HYDRAULICS, PNEUMATICS, OPTICS, ASTRONOMY, CHEMISTRY, ELECTRICITY, GALVANISM. MINERALOGY, GEOLOGY, METEOROLOGY. Adapted throughout to the use of Schools, Private Tuition, Public Lectures, and Self-taught Students. By the Rev. DAYlÐ BLAIR, Author of the English Grammar. Class Book, Universal Preceptor, Models of Letters, &c. &c. This work is altogether unique in its arrangement, quan- tity of matter, clearness of elucidation, and variety of topics. Studied in connection with the Five Hundred Questions adapted to its enunciations, it forms the most perfect Elements of Philosophy, ever submitted to Uni- versities and Schools, while the multitude of its facts render it an essential Companion to all Courses of Lectures and Private Study. Printed for Richard Phillips and published by John Souter, 1, Paternoster-row and swld by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Paper; Bird, Cardiff; Lewis, and Wash- bourne and Son. Newport Harris and Evans, Carmar- then; Wilmot, Pembroke; Potter, Haverfordwest; and all other booksellers. Of whom may be had, the Five Hundred Questions and Glossary, price Is. and the other Works of the same Writer. NERVOUS DEBILITY. TI-IE learned are not the only persons who A suffer undci these disorders. People of a sedentary life and occupation are equatty liable thereto, as it destroys the strength of the muscles, and renders them, for want of use, unable to bear action; thecircuiation, therefore, de- prived of this considerable assistance soon grows languid vital heat diminishes; the humours stagnate and become vitiated and the secretions and natural evacuation not being well performed, the body remains loaded with excre- mentitious humours, the acrimony of which prays upon the constitution, strength is dissipated, and a variety of dis- agreeable consequences ensue. The Cordial Halm of Gilead, by its softening, healing, and tonic qualities, as well as by its salutary effects, affords a sure prospect of returning strength, and a cirtain hope of muscular invigoration to those who are debilitated by pre- mature or excessive indulgences: hence arise weakness of sight, vertigos, loss of appetite, and mental decay. The Cordial Balm of Gilead most wonderfully cherishes The Cordial Balm of Gilead most wonderfully cherishes nature, and will support the life of the a^ed '&w| infirm. In all inward decays, riebilit.y»'lowness of spirits, relaxation in either sex, whether hereditary or owing to youthful im- prudencies, this medicine will afford tke most wonderful relief. Sold by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Paper Mr. Daniel, Carmarthen Mr. Geo. Davies, druggist, Haverfordwest; and Mr. North, Brecon in bottles, price lis. each or Four in one family bottle for 33s. by which one 1 is. bottle is saved, with the words Saml. Solomon, Liverpool," en- graved on the stamp. Also, price three shillings, That scarce, interesting, and useful Family Work(with which is given an elegant Portrait of the Author, and a View of Gilead-House) entitled A GUIDE TO HEALTH; Or, Advice to both Sexes, in a Variety of Complaints. By S. SOLOMON. M. D. Containing a Treatise on Female Diseases, Nervous and Hypochondriac Complaints; also General Remarks on those Diseases with which the human body is most frequently afflicted explaining the symptoms, mode of treatment, and remedies most properly adapted for Sexual Debility, &c. See. | • To be Disposed of by Private Contract, ALL that well-assorted STOCK in TRADE of Mr. WILLIAM JOVES, Castle-street, Swansea, consisting of. LINEN and WOOLLEN DRAPERY, HOSIERY, HA1S, &c. The Purchaser'may be accom- modated with the Stock from X,I(X)o to £1500 or upwards. A LEASE of the PREMISES, if required, will be granted, and time will be given for the payment of the Purchase Money. For further particulars (if by letter post-paid) apply to Mr, Thoriaas Joiics» ^Vind-strectj Swansea- CARMARTHENSHIRE. TO BE LET, Aakd i:\rrnnD UPON AT MICHAELM/S NEXT, LL that capital ME^IUGF,, FARM, ahd LANDS,called LLWYNYMENDY-UCHA, situate in the parish of Llangadock (on the banks of the river Towe) late in the occupation of David Thomas, farmer;— distant six miles from the market-town of Llandilo-vawr, two from Llangadock, and eight from Llandovery For further particulars apply to M. Powell, Esq Brecon; or to Mr. Thomas Morgan, Auctioneer, Liangadock. GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE LET, UNFURNISHED, And entered upon immediately, A COTTAGE, called I HE CVVM, situate near the town of Landaff; comprising a good par- lour, kitchen, pantry, back kitchen, and cellar, on the ground-floor a drawing-room and two bed-rooiiis on the first-floor; and very good garrets; also a stable, pigsty, poultry-j ard, and other corlvenient outhouses, with a very excellent kitchen garden well stocked with fruit trees. The abova is eligibly situated, and well adapted for the residence of a small genteel family. For further particulars apply to Mrs. Jenkins, Landaff, who will direct a person to shew the premises; or to Mr. Edward Priest Richards, Attorney at Law, Cardiff. All letters must be post-paid. "4_ G LAMO RG ANSH IR J! A Desirable Residence, near Swansea. TO BE SOLD OR LET, And entered upon immediatefy, for the unexpired term of 99 years, determinable on three good healthy lives, A LEASEHOLD ESTATE, called LOWER SKEIIY, a neat commodious House in good repair, consisting of two parlours, dining-room, a drawing- room, six bed-rooms, one housekeeper's room, a large con- I y venient kitchen, scullery, butler's pantry, larder, dairy, cellars, with other convenient offices, a good pump in the yard, and excellent Garden, with choice fruit trees, with about 13 Acres of excellent Meadow and Pasture Ground, in high cultivation. More Land may be had, and con- tiguous to the premises, if required. The Mansion House is delightfully situated on an eminence, with a lawn in front of about one acre. It com- mands a view of the bay and harbour of Swansea, with the opposite coasts of Devon and Somerset, as well as the romantic country around distant three miles from Swan- sea, and half a mile from the sea, in a dry healthy situa- tion and genteel neighbourhood. It altogether forms a most compact and desirable retreat tor a respectable family. The Furniture, which is modern, may be takea at a valuation, if desirable. For terms and other particulars apply to James Masters, Esq. at Sketty, or at the office of Mr. James, Solicitor, Swansea. ABERYSTWITH, CARDIGANSHIRE. A Building Lease of' Premises dcsirallij situated in the de- lightful and fashionable watering place of Aberystwith, where the Nobility and Families if the first distinction resort for sea-bathing and recreation during the summer months. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A LEASE, granted by the Corporation of Abervstwith for the term of 99 years, commencing the 13th December, 1813, at the yea/ly rent of £ of all that fertile and valuable FIELD or PARCEL of GROUND, lately walled in, and adjoining tvto nClv, built houses and gardens, the property ot Mr Join Davies, containing by admeasurement 231 feet in length and 198 feet in breadtli. TILis is a very desirable spot for the erection of a de- tached Summer Residence, being most eligibly and plea- santly situated near the sea and the turnpike-road leading tM the said town of Aberystwith, and within view of the ruins of Plascrug and the surrounding mountains, abound- ing with the most picturesque and attractive scenery. 1 here is an excellent building stone quarry within three hundred yards of the premises and as the population and resort of families during the summer months is continually increasing, any person wishing to lay out money in the erection of a Marine "V ilia, will find this an advantageous opportunity. For further particulars apply to Mr. Daniel Williams, Attorney. Aberystwith, if by letter post-paid. rOll SALE, VERY DESIRABLE PROPERTY, In the town of Brecon, as wcll,is Brecknock and Abergavenny Canal Shares. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, B.y Mr. HOWELL WILLIAMS. At the New-inn, in the town of Brecon, on Saturday, the 31st day of August inst. in the following, or such other lots as sil all be agreed upon at the time of sale, which will commence at four o'clock in the afternoon, Lot l. A ^ost substantial and spacious DQU- l\. 15LE ST A BLE, generally known by the name of the G RKAT STABLE, capable of accommodating eighteen horses, and conveniently situated in the Bell Yard. Lot 2. Three Closes ot good MEADOW LAND, situate at Plwccyhalog, within a mile of the town of Brecon, and late in the occupation of Mr. George North. Lot 3. Another Close of ME A DOW LAND (lying very near lot 2), now in the occupation of Mr. Alexander Jones, as tenant from year to vear. Lot 4. FIVE SHARES in the BRECKNOCK and ABERGAVENNY CANAL NAVIGATION. For a view of the property comprised in lots 1, 2, and 3. and for further particulars, apply to Messrs. Powell, Jones, and Powell, Solicitors, Brecon. N. B. The postage must be paid of all applications by letter. WARREN's i Original Japan Liquid Blacking. THIS composition produces the most bril- liant jet black ever beheld, preserves the leather, softens and prevents its cracking, is perfectly free from any nauseous smell, and will retain its virtues in any climate. Sold wholesale by R. Warren, 14, Saint Martin s-lane. London; and retail by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Paper, Caution.-The superior qualities of this Blacking nas in- duced several base imposters to sell spurious compositions under the above name—to prevent which, observe uone are genuine unless is signed on the label, and 14, St. Martin's-lane,stamped in the bottle. May be had genuine of R. Warren, 14, St. Martin's- lanfe, London; and by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Paper, J. Edmonds, S. Jenkins, and R. Bevan, ironmongers, and T. Jones, Swansea; Reesand Morgan, Neath J; Roberts, Llanelly; J. Rees, Kidwelly; J. Evans and Morgan, Car- marthen Davies,Llandovery Vaughan, Brecon; Perry, Merthyr; Jones, Caerphllly; South. Cardiff; Gibbs, Allen, Owen, and Jardine, Haverfordwest; Reynolds, Tenby Starbuck, Milford; Lewis, Cardigan awd in every town in the kingdom, in stoae bettles Is. 6d. a pint, jbalf a pint, and 6d. each, » v *• "¡¡:jIIjII The following Preparations of established repute are said by the Printer of this Paper DICEY and Co/s True Daffy's Elixir, Y, ir, SUPERIOR to every other Medicine for C? giving immediate relief in the most painful fits of the cholic, and in all complaints of the STOMACH and bone;: As a general family TIED20IU(•, DICEY'S DAFFY has long become so justly celebrated, from its superior quality to all other preparations sold under the name ot Daffy's Elixir, that no family, particularly in the country, ought to be vi,ith(iut it;-bui, reli'c," is only "to be ex- pected by those who use th-_ Genuine Medicine, purchasers are cautioned not to rely merely upon the glass bottle bearing the name oi Dicey f c„. as there are unprincipled people who buy op TTF E NPTY bottles for the purpose of filling them with their own Counterfeit Preparations, and which are thus foisted upon the public as the True Daffy's Elixir—the only certaIn criterion is to examine whether the stamp label in red ink which is pasted over the cork- has the words DrCEY & Co. printed therein; and to observe that the bill of directions is signed W. Sutton &• Co. late Dicey If Sutton." Sold at the Original Warehouse, No. 10, Bow Church- yard, London, in bottles at 2s. and Us. 9d. each; and retail by all respectable Medicine Venders. For Rheumatism, Pains in the Limbs, &-c. DR. BATEMAN'S PECTORAL DROPS. IN rheumatic and chronic complaints, in vio- lent pains in the limbs, and in most cases where colds are the origin, no medicine has ever been used with greater success, or held in higher estimation, than the Genuine BATEMAN's DROPS; it is necessary however to observe that there are various imitations of this excellent medi- cine by different pretenders, all of them utter strangers to the true preparation; of such, as you value your health, beware, and be careful to ask for The original and only true Dr. Bateman's Drops, which have the words" DICE* and CO;" printed in the stamp, affixed over the coskill- oil others are counterfeit. Dr. Radclijfe's Elixir. FOR a general altera-tive Medicine, this Elixir has stood unrivalled for more than eighty years, and the Public cannot have recourse to a more efficacious reme- dy, as a purifier of the blood from all humours, whether contracted by too free living, or from jaundice, surfeits. scurvy, or humours after the measles or small-pox, &c. For all obstructions in the bowels and for the cure of worms in children or adults, it will be found equally serviceable. It assists digestion, strengthens the stomach, and has been found of infinite service to those who take long voy- ages, as a preservative against the scurvy. FCF* Observe that the words Dicey and Ce. No. 10, BOT" Church-yard," are printed in the stamp affixed to each bot- tle, as counterfeit sorts are offered lor saie in aiiaost every town. Squire's Original Grand Elixir. THIS invaluable Medicine speedily removes all fresh colds with their attending symptoms of vio- lent pain and soreness of the stomach proceeding from cold and coughmg, and is a most sovereign remedy in easing rheumatic pains in the limbs or joints, in which complaint it has been so surprisingly successiu] as to ha 7. been recommended by several eminent physicians, &c. It gives speedy and lasting ease in the most violent fits of the gout, stone, or gravel, and has frequently brought a way gravel and sometimes stones of A large size. It renders the functions of the body regular, by removing flatulence, flatulence, suffocating vapours, violent head-achs, twitching of the nerves, tremblings, faintings, &c. r3- Beware of counterfeits, and observe that the words Dicey 4' Co." are in the stamp, affixed over the cork of each bottle, and that the bill of direetions is ligncd- W. Sutton 4: Co. late Dicey cf Sutton." Betton's Genuine British Oil, Price 2«. a bottle, duty included. SUNDRY imitations of this inestimable me- dicine are offered for sate at an inferior price, ia order to tempt the unwary these counterfeits are not only destitute of efficacy, but some of them have been found extremely injurious: purchasers are therefore requested to observe particularly that the words DICEY & Co." are printed in the stamp, affixed over the cork of the genuine medicine-All others are counterfeit. In the cure of bruises and' contusions, lameness, swell ings, inflammations, St. Anthony's fire, scorbutic eruptions, the most inveterate itch and leprosy, sore legs, green and other wounds, burns, scalds, contractions,&c. this medicine stands unequalled and numbers afflicted with coughs and inflammations on the lungs, have been snatched from the brink of the grave by the timely use of it. Dr. Anderson's, or The True Scots Pills, HAVE been, for almost a Century, and still continue to be, faithfully prepared at the Original Warehouse for Dicey and Co.'s Medicines, !No. 10, Bow Church yard, London. They are singularly efficacious in bilious, flatulent, and dropsical complaints, and all disorders of the heRd, stomach and bowels promote digestion, create an appetite, remove obstructions in the kidneys, and consequently are antidotes to the stone and gravel; but for the expulsion of worms in children or grown persons, the whole Materia Mcdica has not their equal. One or two of them taken after any irre- gularity in living, would prevent those disagreeable eifecte so often experienced; and Travellers, who are liable to meet with all kinds of liquors, as well as seafaring people, should never be unprovided with them, as by trequentty taking one or two of them, they are kept from costlveness, scurvies, fevers, and most malignant distempers. I ic Ask particularly for" Dicey's Anderson's Scots Fills," and to prevent counterfeits, observe that the words Dicej and Co. is in the stamp. ATKINS's COMPOSITION for DESTROY- ING RATS and MICE, IS allowed to be the most efficacious thing ever yet discovered for speedily extirpating these pernicious vermin from corn stacks, bams, stables, dwelling-houses, mills, malt-houses, granaries, &C. and such are the extraordinary and attracting powers it pos- sesses, that the inventor has frequently known them to take it from his HAND with the greatest avidity. To FAMILIESand SCHOOLS. It is a fact verified by daily experience, that the utmost care and attention are inadequate to prevent even the most respectable establishments trom the attacks that unpleasant and troublesome disorder the II CH, which, from its infectious nature, is most easily communi- cated. It will therefore be of advantage to those who suffer under this complaint to know, that they may rtif oa being effectually cured by y ONE HOUR'S APPLICATION OF BARCLAY'S ORIGINAL OINTMENT. This safe, speedy, and efficacious retncfty, has been in GENERAL use for upwards of eighty years, Without a singlo instance of its having failed to cure the mast inveterate cases. It does not contain the smal'estpartscis of mercury, or any other dangerous ingredient, and may be satel •/ used. by persons of the most delicate constitution. The Public are requested to observe, that none can possibly be genuine, unless the names of the proprietors, BARCLAY and SONS, are engraved on the stamp affixed to each Box and great danger may arise from the neglect of this caution. Sold wholesale and retail by Barclay and Sons (the only successors to Jackson and Co.) No. 95, Fleet-Market, L.on- don, price Is- duty included; AND by their appoint* ment by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Paper, S. Dawe» and J. Lister, Swansea; Morgan, Neath Vachnll, Cardiff Daniel,Carmarthen;Price,Crickhowell; rth, Vaijgban,, and Yapp, Brecon Price and Wyke, Abergavenny; Williams, and Dyke, Druggist, Merthyr-Tidvif; Davies, Haverfordwest; Wilmot, Pembroke Jones, Newport; Bradford, Chepstow and most veaders of medicines ia ? ie kingdom.