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The Portreeve of Swansea has appointed Wed- nesday next for a meeting at the Guildhall, to con- consider the propriety of petitioning Parliament against the Bill for registering ail conveyances, wills, &c.-See Requisition. The petitions to the House of Commons, voted on the 9th inst. at the Glamorganshire County Meeting, forthe reduction of the present military establistiment-for economy in every branch of the public expenditure—and for the relief of the agri- cultural interest—most ably dilate upon the se- veral topics, an i claim the serious attention of that branch of the legislature. They moreover shew thataspiritof independence pervaded the meeting, and reflect honour upon the county. A ConTa- tulitory Address to the Prince Regent, upon'the union of his illustrious, daughter with the Pridce of Saxe Coburg, was a)so voted.—-See Advertisementa. The Congratulatory Address to the Prince lie- gent, on the marriage of the Princess CharJotte to Prince Leopold, voted at the Pembrokeshire CouDty Meeting/on Monday last, will be foondin a preceding column. The Cardiganshire County Meeting, to consider of a proper person to succeed the late Mr. Johnes in Parliament, was held at Cardigan on Tuesday list, and very numerously attended. The camlii dates proposed were W. E. Poxvell, Esq. of N.mteos, and P. Pryse, Esq. of Gogerthan; the Sheriff de- z' 11 clared the shew of hands to be in favour of th, former Gentleman, and the Election is fixed for Monday, the 27th inst,—(See Advertisements.)— To preserve the peace of the county, an arrangement took place between the parties, and it is expected that Mr. Powell will be returned without oppo- sition. On Monday the 6th inst. aGenetal Meeting Was held at Neath Abbev, for the promotion of educa- tion on the British System. A School for Boys on that plan has been for some time established there; but it was conceived that an advantage would 11£; obtained by assembling the parents and relations of the children together, and explaining to them clearly and fully the objects of the institution. The sehool-room was nearly filled, and saver.J ap- propriate addresses were delivered, a gentleman who speaks the Welsh tongue fluently, acting as interpreter throughout. The progress made by many of the boys was highly satisfactory to the committee; and a number of New Testaments were distributed to the most uniformly meritorious. Ihe attendance ofscholars has been more numerous and regular since the Meeting, which was most le- spectably attended; and we feel confident that the utility of similar schools would be considerably extended, if such public appeals to the feelings and common sense of parents were more frequent. The spirited remonstrance of the Clergy of Bath and Weils against a Liit about to be introduced into the House of Lords; respecting the Clergy, will be found in onr first page, and will, we think' be perused with satisfaction by every friend to the church establishment. On Monday last, Mr, P. Jones, of Margam, Glamorganshire^ had a trial made of the Miner's Safe-Lamp, un the principle of Sir HUfiapnrey Davy; arid the"result-appears to have fully esta- blished the utility of the discovery. In situations where the air is not too far contaminated to support animal lite, it will be found of the greatest service and Sir Humphrey Davy is entitled to the y grateful acknowledgements of the mining interest of this kingd-iih in gener.il, and particulariy to those of the labouring coal miner. The LordJBishop ot St. Daviess has been pleased to institute' Peter Felix, Clerk, to the Jiving of ■Liedrod, hear Aberystwith, vacant by the death of David Hughes, Clecls, aad- inlu^ gift of the Rev. David Felix, of Chelsea. Win. Winkifeld, E»q. of the Chancery Bar, has been appointed Chief Justice of the Brecon circuit, Vice George Hardinge, Esq. deceased. The remains of Lord Arthur Somerset, who de- parted this life at Lisbon, were landed at Falmouth on Wednesday, from the Magnet packet. The body, which was accompanied by the afflicted Lady Afthurand her children, it was expected, wnui i for the present be conveyed to Tregothen, the seat of Lord FaltrtoUih, her Ladyship's brother. The Duke of Beautort, Lord Falmouth, and other branches of the Somerset family, are gone down to meet the corpse; and the funeral will take place at Badmin- ton, where the family vault lies. Lord Granville Somerset, second son Ctf his Grace the Duke of Beaufort, is a candidate for Mon- mouthshire, in the room of his uncle, Lord Arthur Somerset. The Drawing of the State Lottery began en Tuesday, May 14, the highest Prize ùr tWO was £ 300, which was shared and sold by T. BISH, the Contractor. The Second Day's Drawing will he Next Wednesday, the 22.1 of May. The Wheel contains Two Prizes of £ 30,000, and 48 other Capitals, the first-drawn Prize above 500 must be ^S.OOO, and may be £ 35,000.—Tickets an Shares are sellii g at All the Offices in Town, a i«i I 4Y the different Agents throughout the Kingdom. The Lord Bishop of Hereford has been pleased to Collate the Rev. James Reebee, of Bredwardine, Herefordshire, to the very valuable living of Pres- teign, upon the presentation bf the Right Hon. the Earl of Oxford and Mortimer. We understand that soap has idvahcCd 81. per ton, in consequence of the Chancellor of the Ex- chequer's intention Of raising the duty froni 215. to 28s. per c&t. Fat and lean cattle, aild sheep, were in good supply at Worcester toll-free market, on Monday, the prices of which were on the advance; and the safe was extremely brisk. Apple Trees.—The following recipe has beeti 0 p used many years with sbccesg bv an ex perienced farmer in Somersetshire, who says, i that for the last seven years he has had full half a crop, while many of his neighbours, although wiili the same prospect before the Idossorn appeared, had scarcely enough to make a pie-—To every acre of orchard take a load of muck straw, or orts raked from the grass fields; lay it in about six or eight hSaps, into which divide a pound wf sulphur; endeavour to choose a clear day to burn it¡ with a air, antl it will not only desrroy the insect in the bud, but kill all worms and other insects that breed under the moss of the trees and the bark,

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