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"titANTED, in a small family, a GOVER- » « NE3S, capable of teaching the French language, and otherwise properly qualified for the situation. Applications to Z. X. Castle-inn, Llandovery, post-paid, will be duly answered. \iy\lNTS a SITUATION, as FOOTMAN, ▼ V a Young.Man, who can-get an excellent character from his last place, where lie hns, Jived for many years, for honesty, sobrietv, and cleanliness; his ii- taking charge of a Horse in a snfall family, which lie understands well. Letters directed J. Williams, Post-office, Swansea, will be duly attended to. To'MAsdFs. \¥TANTED, a MAN enable of SUPER- L ▼ V INTENDING- the BUILDfNG of -FURNACES, in a COPPER-WORK. He Fe ,¡"k to write, «nd b' expected occasio,i,,I! to W'->fk himself. None need apply who cannot hrmp; a recommendation irulplhelf last employers.——-Enquire at the Prin-tr's, -r" WANTED,- as COOlv and DAIRY-MAID, a steady active Woman ;she must perlcctly under- stand the business of Cheese flaking—:and 113 Cooking is but a secondary consideration, none need apply who are not thoroughly experienced in the concerns of a dairy. Re- spectable reterenee for it character will be required. Apply to the Priutcr if by letter, post-paid. CURATE UrA N l'iW. WANTED immediately, a CURATE (in full Orders) to take the care of a Church in a small TMarket-tawn, in South Wains. Apply for a reference ti) Air. Jt-iikiiis, Editor of the Cam. brian, Swansea, if by letter, post-paid, WAN I ED immediately, a small HOUSE or CO I FAGE, Furnished, with Out offices, a good Garden, and from-six to one hundred Acres of Land, in a pleasant situation ui South Wales. • Apply by letter, post-paid, to J. H. A. at Miss Ryan's, No. 19. Circus, Bati]. MONEY WANTED. FROM 1050l. to 1500l, on good Freehold Security in Glamorganshire.—Reference to be made to Mr. Williams, Solicitor, Cowbridge. BRIDGEND FAIR, 1815. TAKE NOTICP;, that the said FAIR will .be held on WEDNESDAY, the 3d day of MAY, 181.1 in consequence of Cow bridge Fair being on Thursday, the 4th day of May. Bridgend, April 11, 181.1 Monmouthshire Canal Navigation. NOTICE is-hereby-given, that the HALF- YEARLY GENERAL MEETING or ASSEM- BLY of the COMPANY of PROPRIETORS of this' K AVIGA ITON will be hcl(l at the Canal-house, in New- port. on Wednesday, the Sd day of May next, at eleven O'clock in tile foreltuon,. TI-IOS. COOK E, Clerk of the said Company. Newport, April l?th,181S. CARMARTHENSHIRE." CATHINOG INCLOSURE. I GEORGE MORRIS, the Commissioner appointed for carrying into execution an Act of Par- ftameat, made and passed in the fifty-second year of the. 7eign of his present Majesty, intituled An Act for Inclos- ing Lands in-the several parishes of Lbmfynydd, Llane- gward, Llangathen, and Llanfihangel-Kilvargan, in the County of Carmarthen," Do hereby order and direct, that from and after the 27th day of April instant, the Right of Depasturing on the Commons to be inclosed by virtue of the said Act, shall cease and be at an end and from and after that day all Common Rights shall be for ever extin- guished; and all and every description of Caltle and Sheep found at larg-e on the said Commons, after the said 27th day of April, will be deemed Trespassers and liable to be Impounded. Dated this 12th day of April, 1815. GEORGE MORRIS. BY THE KING'S PATENT. STRAW CUTTING MACHINES, MANUFACTtJtÜD BY PASMOHE.; SINKINSON, 0/ Co. PONCASTER. Wm. Moss, Ironmonger .Carmarthen, Agent. Gentlemen and Farmers are most respectfully informed, that W. Moss has just received A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF THE PATENT STRAW-CUrTING MACHINES, For Hand or Horse Power; WHICH HE IS SELLING AT THE MAKERS' PRICES, Jf without Frames at a reduced rate. THESE Machines are with confidence offered to the notice of the Public, as being far superior to any invention for the same purposes. Their utility and sim- plicity are obvious on a bare inspection. Tkcy are not the least liable to be put out of ord«ry and the Knives can hs easily taken off to grind, and fixed on by any one. The smaller Machine takes so little power that 4 stout boy may work it for hours. The Patentees are further supported intlwir recommen- dation of these Machines by the decided approbation of those Gentlemen Farmers, &c. who have alfeady intro- duced them. The Patentees particularly caution the Public against any attempt at imposition that may be made by those who pretend, to make such as their Machines; also, they are determined to prosecute such pretenders. £ 3* All sorts of Iron Gates, Chests, Smoke Jacks, Ovens, Kailing and Smith's W-ork in all its branches. The means of making two blades of Corn grotv where but one grew before!" Tbis day is published, price 14s. in boards, a new and en- larged edition, being the tenth, of THE FARMER'S KALENDAR, containing accounts of the business to be 'performed- on various kinds of Farms in EVERY MONTH OF THE YEAR.; according to the most approved practices of modern agri- culture. By ARTHUR YOUNG, Esq. F. R. S. Secretary to the Board of Agricnitiire, and Member of most of the Agricultural md Philosophical Sudeties in Europe and America. This unrivalled Work was originally compiled on the Plan of Mawe's well-known Gardener's Kal'sndar, the peat utility of which among Gardeners it has transferred to the wants of Farmers. Thus, at the commencement of every month, the Farmer sefes before him his proper busi- ness tor that month, described in such manner as to combine inmost improved methods with the best general prin- ciples in every branch of agricultural practice. If gene- rally found in the Farm-houses of the empire, it would he the surest means of removing all our social difficulties frv grew"fefore'>'aCle3 01 Cwni' or 8ras8> grow where but ots'e rint?^Jfor Kichard Phillips.; and sold bv John Sourer, hi, pL?TeJr'rr,JIJi()ml',n; T" Jenkins,.Printer of th.s Paper; Bpd, Cardiff; Williams, Merthvr- Harris fcS.?. ,Ne"|W,t> *"dl'j »" Boiler, «d Of whom may be had, THE BOOK OF TRADES cr Library ot the useful Arts, in three volumes, iJ/swiiraied bv sixty six engravings^ price 10k. 6(1. J THE celebrated Miss BEFFIN, Miniature J'L Painter, who was born deficient of Arms and Legs, is now exhibiting her wonderful powers in Carmarthkn» where she intends to remain only a few days longer. This astonishing young person is considered the most wonderful natural curiosity the world ever produced—she can cut out and make any part of her own clothes, sews extremely near, and in a most wonderful manner, writes well, draws landscapes, paintsrHiniatures, and many more wonderful things, a/I of (bes with.her, mouth. Miss B. will also be exhibited in Haverfordwest,Tenby, Swansea, Neath, &c. &c. ST. CLEAR's. OLD BLUE-BOAR-INN. M. LEVVES BEGS leave to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Public in general, that,she has fitted up and t, entered upon the above Inn, where she hopes by strict at- tention to-nuerit their support, Wines and Spirituous Liquors of the best quality. Go«d Beds, neat PoM-Chaises, aide Horses, and careful Drivers. STOLEN or STRAYED, on Thursday even- ing, th? l(jih of March, IBio, from the town of Tre- garon, in the- county of Cardigan, a SOIIREL MARE, aboutfourteen hands high, rising seven years olli. with the letter H burnt below the near hip, with a scar and a swel- ling on the off'fetlock of the hind leg, and the' htfof rather less also, several small white spots under the saddle and her tail cut rath. r short, ami in good condition. Whoever will give information of the stid Mare, if stolen, upon conviction of the offender or offenders, shall receive FIVE GUIN EAS Reward ur if straved shall be handsomely rewarded upon applying to Mr. Wm. Hughes, ilt GWt.uh¡{vdre, near Tregaron. CAUTION TO BOOKSELLER^ AM) NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. INFORMATION having been received from JL several Old Subscribers to the LONDON MEDICAL anil PHYSICAL JOURNAL, that some Country Book. •sellers,' vvlio were in the habit of supplying them "with the said Work. have lately circulated a false Report that thc same was discontinued-, in order, it-appears, to force upon them a spurious Publication;—the Proprietors hereby give Notice, lit, t the London Medical and Physicas. JouR- NALis, itS usual. regularly published oil the First Day of every Month, and that any Person or Persons detected ill cireulatiiiii a the contrary will be prosecuted. No. 1, Paternoster row, London, J. SOUTF.R. April 11 181;, CARMARTHENSHIRE PEMBROKESHIRE, Hllûtland District of lioadiu NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising from the several TURNPIKE GATES here- under-mentioned will be LET by AUCTION, to the best bidder, at the Whiie-Hart-inti, ill N rberth, on Thursday, the 4th day of May next, hotween the hours of two and ,)I III,_ four o'clock in the afternoon ol that day, in the manner directed by an Act passed in t{ie,j.S(h .year-of the rei^n oi his Majesty King George the For regulating the Turnpike Roads," which Tolls produced the last year the sums undermentioned, and will be put up at those sums.1 Whoever happens to be the best bidder must at the same time enter into security with sufficient sureties lor payment, of the rents .quarterly. £ s. d. Plain Dealings, Narberth East, and > „ Ludehurch Gates 30.> 0 O Trevau«han Gate and Llanmarla-is Side > r„ Gate" I 50 Pwlltrap Gate <34 50 Robeston Gate 52 10 0 By ord,erof the Trustees, WM, EVANS, their Clerk. Haverfordwest, April 4,181.'). C VHDIGANSHIRE Upper District of Turnpike Trust. NO TICE is hereby given, that the 'TOLLS arising and made payable at the several TOLL- GATES within the said DISTRICT, will be LET to the liisihest bidder, as the lalbot-inn, in the town of Aheryst- with, on Monday, the 24th day of April, 131; between the hours of three and five in the afternoon, for One Year, commencing on jhe 12th day of May next, which Toll and Toll-Houses wef-e let last year as under :— Abervstwith South Gate ^525 Ditto North Gate 3!5 Garreg Gate 87 Tynyrhyd and Cwmystwytli Gates 118' Spulty Gate ;j;, I;lff Lampeter Millfield Gate, with a Side Gate, ) called Pound Gate. 82 Aberayron South Gate 3.3 Whoever happens-to be the Highest bidder will be re- 1 quired immediately to produce sufficient sureties, !o the satisfaction of the Trustees, lor the payment of the rent, at such times and proportions as they shall order and direct. HUGH HUCHES. Cierk to the Trustees. BRECONSMIRE. Very improvable Freehold Estates. FOR SALE BY AUCTION, At the Bear-inn, in the town of Brecon, on Saturday, the 20th wf May, 1815, at four o'clock in the afternoon, IN THE FOI, r.OWINO lots: Lot 1 A lJj thal MASSUAGE, TENEMENT, IX and LANDS, called MAG WYRYDD, in the occupation of the Proprietor, containing about 5J Statute Acres, more or le*s. Lot 2. All that MESSUAGE,TENEMENT, # LANDS, called BLAN E-Y-DOLEY, in the occupation of William Powell, containing about 1.5 Statu/e Acres, more or less. Both lots(possession of wbieli may be had at Michaelmas next) are situate in the parish of Mertliyr Cynog, in the county ol Brecon; and a valuable Right of Common is attached to them on Eppint H"iJJs. Mr. John Williams, the Proprietor, will shew the Pre- mises; and for particulars apply to Mr-Samuel Church, Solicitor, Brecon. SliBÐP AND SHEEP-WJLKS. TO RE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Lamb-inn (late Jones's), in the town of Llandovery, in the"county of Carmarthen, on Saturday, the 13th day of May, 1815, betwet,ii the hours of three and five in the afternoon of the same day, subject to conditions of sale, Lot 1. the remainder of a term, of which A two veari remain unexpired at Michaelmas next, all that LEASEHOLD MESSUAGE and LANDS, called part ot the Bishop's Forest, situate in the parish of Llanddewy-brevy, in the county of Cardigan. subject to the reserved rent and certain covenants, posses- sion whereof may be had on the loth of May next. Also 700SHEEP, tnore or less, depastured on the aforesaid farm. Lot Also, Three Parts out of Four of the FREEHOLD tEASÐ of the FARM of VRONG, situate in the. parish of Llanfairarybrin, in the said county of Carmarthen, heM far the life.of Thomas Rees, at the yearly rent of 5s. And Three Parts out of Four of all Outgoings, and part of the Sheep depantuted thereon, amounting to 500, more or less, with immediate possession of the same Lands. Lot 3. Also 30.0 SHEEP, more or less, depastured on a Farm .called Eskyr Da/id, situate in the parish of Llan- wrt vd, in the county of Brecon. The purchaser of this lot will he permitted to occupy this Farm, as nn appendant to his purchase, on paying the reserved rent, &c. to Michael- mas, 1816. Lot 4. To fee LE f, at the same time, for the term of seven years, the FARM of PANTYCRAVE, situate ip the pa- rish of Llanwrtyd aforesaid. For particulars apply to Thomas Bishop, Solicitor, or Richard Jones, Auctioneer, Liandovery or to Mr. David Edwards, B wlchy fee I), Llanfairarybrm, Carmarthenshire. ( One Ciricern.) Oak Timber oj large dimensions. FOR SALE, 53 TREES, standing on Keven-y- Coed, and o0 ditto 011 Cwm-yr-Erw, both which tenements are situate in the parish of Ystradgunlais in the county of Brecon. For particulars apply to Walter Price, Esq. at GJjnllecb; or to Mr. Powell, Solicitor, Neath» CARDIGANSHIRE.. TO BE LET, And entered upon on the 1 i'th day of May next, ALL that capital and well-known INN, called '{'lie TALBOT INN, in the town of Aberyst- with, with Stables sufficient for eighty borses together with 14;) Acres of rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land. The Dwelling-house and all the Outhouses are in excel- lent repair, ami- the Land in the highest statesot cultivation, ¡ •tor particulars apply to Mr. Barber, at Nanteos. MANORS, TITHES, and ESTATEi TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A Desirable and most improveable PRO- PERI comprising Three Manors the TITHES' of the two adjoining parishes of Hra wdy and Hayscastle; all extensive and improving FARM, overlooking St. Bride's Bay and several small' TENEMENTS. The whole si- tuate- contiguous to the sea—midway between Haverford- west and St. David's, in the county of Pembroke. Any Gentleman seeking to realise by: purchase, or who may be desirous to secure considerable local influence, with extensive sporting, on easy terms, will find this an opportunity rarely presented. For particulars apply, post-paid,to Mr. Meredith, Rhyn- daston-placc, Haverfordwest. GLAMORGANSHIRE. FARMS TO BE LET, For a term of years, and entered upon immediately, THE FARM of MOLTON, containing about Acres of good Arable, Meadow, and ''Pasture Land, in the parishes of Lancarv-on and Winvoe. The FARM of CWM BARRY, containing about 178 Acres oi good Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, in the parishes of Barry and Porthkerry. Both Farms are conveniently situated within less than nine miles ot the excellent market towns of Cardiff and Cow- bridge, and only a few miies from the harbours of Aber- ihaw and Barry. For further particulars enquire (if by letter, post-paid) of Mr. Ila'ket, -Rhfola, near Neath; or of Mr. Evan 1 homas, I rogulF, near Cowbridga. PO BRITON-FERRY, GLAMOKGANSIUEE, TO BE LET OR SOLD, A Desirable MARINE VILLA, in every respect adapted for a genteel family, consisting of a dining-room,-drawing-room, and a small'breakfast room kitchen; dairy. and other office* supplied with water Oil the ground-lfoor; four bed-chambers and a small room on the first-fhor; three auics,. with a convenient closet; good cellars; coach-house, throe stall stable, laundry, brewhouse," <P'i{iSer.y, and poultry yard, dctachfd ha extensive garden,-stocked with*ift'e finest I-rtiii itis,, a kitcheii garden. Ciiiiimaiidf a view of Swansea Bay, and the entrance of Neath river, surrounded by the beautiful woods and gfoutids of Lord Jersey. For particulars apply to'Mr. Wm. Oliver, Bristol; Mr. Jenkins,Cambriau-Oflice, Swansea or on the premises. GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE LET* .ASD RNliaUD UfO?! IMHKDUIEt.T, ALL that capital and desirable D WEI. LING HOUSE, ia!c the residence of Elms Jenkins, Eiq. de- ceased, situate at Newcastle, close to the excellf-m market and post-town <»l Bridgend, 'standing on an eminence in a rich and fertile country, commanding extensive views of the vale of Glamorgan consisting of two parlquis, kitchen, servants' hall,, latin dry, butler's pantry, underground cellar, six bedrooms, closets, and other conveniences six-stall stable, couch-bouse, harness-room, brewing-kitchen, with servants' apartments above, dairy, large, 'enclosed stable court with w ater pool a large wul'led Garden, planted with a front, and about f¡.df,Hl lien.: of Land behind the House. goorl at it,;is good ilt¡¡ short* distance. Thè tenant líIay be accommodnied with any quantity not exceeding 30 Acres ot' rich Meadow and Pasture Laud, in the highest slate ot cullivation and repair. Lime upon the whole of the .premise*. Fõr further particulars apply to Mr. Robert Jenkins, Ewerrny, near Bridgend.—.VH letters must lie p >st-p.nd." south-wales. CA-RM AP;iTl ENSH IRE. To be Let or Sold by Private COlltrrrcf" A Capital LEASEHOLD ES TA TE, MES- Sl! AGE. TENEM ENT, LANDS, and PREMISES, called PEN LAN, situate in the parish ot Saint Mary, in the borough of Kidwelly, iiv-the said county, (Iwld for t IIret lives, ail insurable) containing about 320 Acres of good Arable, Wafer "Meadow, and Pasture Land, divided into Inclo-ures; together with an unlimited Hight of Common over ;4 'i'li,,iisitii(i Acres aiid Salt Marsh. lhe House, at a small expense, might accommodate a large family, arid is most delightfully situated, commanding a fine view ot the Bristol Channel and the sea-port town of Kidwelly* with the extensive ruins of its ancient Castle, trom wliicii it is distant about halt a mile. A Gentleman fond of agriculture and the sports of the field could find this Estate a most desirable residence. The country abounds with game, and a trout stream runs near it; lime and coal are very plentiful and cheap, and within two miles of the Premises. The Stock and Crop may be had at a fair valuation, and possession wtll be given immediately,or at Michaelmas next. For furl her particulars apply (it' by letter, past-paid) to ) homas Braokman, Esq. at Penlan aforesaid; or to Messrs. Lloyd, Gwyhire, and .Howell, Attornies at Law, Carmar- then. Residence in South Wales. CADOXI ON LODGE, to LF/T, ready Furnished (exclusive of plate, linen, a^si china), tor a ternvot eight jyears; it is situated in the most Wauiiiul part of Glamorganshire, within nine miles of Swansea, and one mile of the excellent market and post town of Neath, through which the uiail-coach passes daily to and from London.—lhe House comprises, on the ground-floor, a capital kitchen, back-kitchen, scullery, wash-house (with pipes to convey hot and cold-water)," laundry, servftnts'- iiall, butler's-pantry, housekeeper's-ruom, paiitries, dairy, cheese-room, &c.; on the first-floor, four excellent sitting- rooms on the second-floor, six large berl-rooms,a dressing- room, and water-closet; in the auie, five servants'-roou'is and a store room. Water is conveyed by pipes to dif- ferent parts of the house. There is an excellent Garden, walled round with fruit trees, in the highest state of per- fection aiso, an Orchard stocked with choice treeii; Hnd at one eird of a handsome terrace is aline Billiard room, with a full-sized table, byErwood. The stables, harness- room, coach-house, granary, cow house, pig-sties, kennel, and ali the offices, are particularly good and convenient. Any quantity of Laud, not exceeding 60 Acres, may be had with the House. For further particulars apply at the Office of John Edwards. Esq. Bloomsbitry-square, London, or to Mr. llathew Forstef, Neath, who will shew the premise*. AIMettvrs must be post-p&id. 1 Coal and Lime within a mile of the spot, and very cheap. The principal object being a-careful asd good teuant-rthe rsntwillbe verjr moderate. GLAMORGANSHIRE. FOUn. FAT OXEN and a lot of FAT -t- WETHER. SHEEP to be SOLD. at Lanmiliangle, near Cowbridge j and Four Ricks of W HEAT, One Mow of BARLEY. and Two Ricld of HAY. atDwyhewid, in Lantwit-V airdre, nfear Newbridge, aud the Canal to Mer. thyr and Aberdare. MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION-, By Mr. GÈO. BREWER, In lots, some time in the mouth of May next, at the Old Westgate-Hoiise, Newport, O EVERAL capital FREEHOLD ESTATES, situate in the parishes of Myiiyddusloy 11, Lanhilleth, £ ,v^i", all(^ Christchurch, in the said county. Particulars, with the day of sale, will be given in a future Advertisement. GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, .11 By Mr. ROBERT JENKINS, On Monday, the 1st day of May, 281.5, on the premises of Will. Weston Young, a Bankrupt, at Newton Nottage, ALL the LIVE and DEAD STOCK, LEASE of,the W IN DM ILL and LANDS, situate in Newton aforesaid, a FREEHOLD-HOUSE and G A RDEN, and HOUSEHOLD FURNIIURE, consisting of bedsteads J anri furniture, feather-beds, &c. tables, chairs, nest of drawers, pier and swing glasses. quilts. blankets, sheets. tablc-clothsy &c. glass, china,- &c. kitchen utensils, one 1 eight-day clock and case, a large assortment of books, and a rick of gdod liay. The sale to begin at tweHe of the clock; and the whole to be sold without the least res. rvc. BRECONSH IRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Castle-inn, in the town of Brecon, on Saturday, the 3d day of June, 1815, between the hours ot five aud seven in the alternooo, subject to such conditions of sale as shall be Uicu produced, unless disposed of by Private Contract in the mean time, of which timely notice will be given, ALL that capital MESSUAGE, FAftM, and LANDS, culled LLANDEVAV LOG. containing by admeasurement 140A 2H.. t'5P. and also all the MANOR or REPUTED MANOR ot PYTIN GLASS, and all that MESSUAGE, FARM, and LANDS, called PYTI.\ G LASS, with their several Appurtenances, containing bv admeasurement 131A. 1R.4P. and also a WATER CoRN GRIST MILL, called V ELLINDDU, therewith held, situate in the parish of Llandevailog-vach, in the said county, within two miles of the town of Brecon the turnpike-road from Brecon to Builtli passes through the Estate, which is partly watered by the river Honddu, and commands most beautiful and.picturesque views.- The Buildings are in complete repiiir, awi tlfere is a fine. Grove of thriving Timber of upwards of SO Acres on the Estate. For further particulars apply to Mr Mavbery. Brecon. SALE POSTPONED. iiOUTH-WALES. # Shares in the Nrath, and Glamorganshire Canal Navigation. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Auction-Mart, in Bartholomew-lane, London, on Mondjy.^ the Ulh day of May, 1815, at the hour ol twelve o'clock ai noon, subject to certain conditions to be then produced, and in such lots as shall be agreed upon at the time of sale, or in the mean time by Private Contract, Ø6 QHARESin the NEATH CANAL, pro- s ducjng cf15 per Share annually, payable half yearly, wtthout any deduction whatever. Tins concern is unlimited as to the extent of the annual Dividend, and iii every respect a most prosperous one. -6 SHARES in the GLAMORGANSHIRE CANAL. producing J 1J 12s. tld. per Share annually, payable half yearly, without any deduction whatever. 1 his Canal extends from Merthyr Tydvi) to the town of Cardiff. 1 lie whole of the above Shares produce at the rate before mentioned, a net! annual income of ^744 9s. 4d. For further particulars apply to' inir, Gregory, Solicitor., ClementViim, Loudon; or Messrs. Powell alid J one., Sulj. citors. Brecon if by letter, the postage must be paid. Very desirable Residence, Land, and Farm, in South fVales. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By T. BO WEN, On Saturday, the 15th day of July, 1815, at the Mack worth- Arms, Swansea, Lot 1. A Compact FAMILY RESIDENCE, IX most eligibly siuiate in a retired part of the town of Swansea, coram -nding extensive and delitrhtlul views of the Hitrbour, Bay, and adjacent Coasts. n it- su comprises a Drawing-room, Duiing-ro in), Break fast-room, live Bed chambers, and two Servants'- rouuis Kitchen, Cellars, Water-closets, and every oilier requisite convemenwe together widi a good Garden, Four- stall Stable, ard,Coach-house and Gig-house; and a pleasant plantation in front of'the Premises, adjoining which are TWO COTTAGES, now let at Ten Guineas per year. Y For the convenience of a purchaser the Furniture, which is modern and in good preservation, may be had at a va. JuatU,H1. Lot 2. 25 ACRES of rich MEADOW and PASTURE LAND, within half a mile of Swansea, and near the Sea, forming a desirable situation for the erection of a Memeet mansion. The country abounds with ganie-Coiil is plentiful and cheup—and the markets are well supplied and reabonalle Lot3. TWO THIRD PARTS or SHARES of and in alLthat FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, ■CO IT AGE, and fARM, with the Appurtenances, situate and being within the Parcel ot Clase, III the parish of Llan- gavelach, between three and four miles from Swansea, con- taining by estimation 16 Acres, more or less, of good Ara- ble and Pasture Land, now in the occupation of William Edwards or his under-tenant 3. There ate two valuable veins of Coal under this Farm. towards which three pits on adjoining jand are progressively approaching. „ t"ur,l,cr particulars may be had of the Auctioneer, Swansea. DIC EY and Co.'s true X)&ify's Elixir, SUPERIOR to every other Medicine for s giving immediate relief in tiie most painful fits of the cliolic, and in all complaints of the stomach and bowels. It has a'NO'been found lal less successful in attacks of the same diseifses in horses, Cows, and other cattl- • and, as a general family <')eLhcn)e. DICEY'S DAFFY has'ion.- become so justly celebrated, from its superior quality tu al. other preparations sold under the name ot Dulf'y's Elixir, that 110 family, particularly in the country, to be without it ;—but, its effect kiii,"rel to, t' is oul\' to be ex pected by those who Use the Genuine Medicine, purchasers are cautioned not to rely merely upon the glass hottie | btaring the namtf ot .Uicty 0. as there are unprinciplefl people who buv up the empty bullies tor rue purpose ot filling them with their own Counterfeit Preparations, and which are thus foisted upon the public as the True D«jt'y's E/ixi-r the only certain critenou is to examine wneuier the stamp label in red ink which is pasted oVer the cork, bai the words Djcky &L Co. printed therein; and to j observe that the bill of directions is signtd W. Sutton £ ■ 1 Co. late Dicei/Sutton." Sokl, wholesale, at the Original Warehouse, No. 50. Bow Church-yard, London, in bottles at 2s. id. auu^s. 9d. each;:am) reiyil by all respectable Medicme' Venders. r-rmm iiibtt [■■!■» i j'njju GLAMORGANSHIRE. 1 BE SOLD BY auction, At the Ship and Castle inn, at Neath, on Wednesday, 26th day of April instant, 251 IIMBER 'TREES, now stand- i„ .l,„ „„rui fld groAvil,8 fln Pwilfaron f arm, situate Jn the parish of Cadoston, in the vale of Neath. For a view of the limber apply to the Tenant, at Pwil- faron,-and for other particulars to Messrs. Berring; Jenkins, bwaqsea. GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, m„t« • B.vMr.JOHN AUBREY, on s mt?e "1Cian "'i!e lilsP,iSeJ by Private ContractV ho, I P' AP'1-'815, at the dwelun- n«m !r r*nn VVlduw' <>r known bv lhe iii. ot lh- f'r"s-s"Kevs, sitoaie in the town of Laetwit- aj^r, at the .hhit two o'cioek in tiit1 alferutKHt, Lhilt U £ or DWELLING- IheOi;rl !VliuC,i "r ta,0%yn h?<l,c <■>? the Qu LLN s H P. AD, and a Brew house thereto bcloii'-i«ov •ontanuug a copper turnace, and a spring of water, now irf the occupition of Lewis Richards, Vie;tr>l!er. Also, another MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE l?Arflr° commonly called DUCKS FOOT- MALL. lhe Premises are situate in the town of Lantwit- Major aforesaid. u ,Thr0r Particulars entire of the proprietor, Mrs. Margaret W iliiams, East Aberthaw or Elias Bassett S .c,ter,Lantw.t-Major,(,fby letter, post-paid)! The tenfu" f.evMs Richards, will shew the Premises. CARDIGANSHIRE TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the dwelhng-house of Mr. Thos. Walters, in the village of Llauarih, m the said county, on Wednesday, the 3d day ot May next, between the hours of out, and three 'f a t,ern00! *uibJ'ect to such conditions of Sciie cis shnJi be thfu siid titers c>roducctff" ALL that MKSSUAGE, TENEMENT. im> t i" an(i LANDS* W"J; 'He Appurtenances there- oRiAKVvHVmTI?0^ calle,d a,Kl the name ot BLA EN RHOSE, now in the occupation' of Mr. John hA-ans; containing 100 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pa »- pfppp less:- with a SLANG, PIECE or 1 A ROLL of LAND, adjoining the said Farm, pkrt of the 1'eticinciit f,f R!iyjlL-ciiaii, t!"Iiiz,iil,lug 1!0 Acres fir thereabouts. The dwelling house of Biaetn rhostf. an. all the outheuses thereto belonging,- are rn g«.d''fepsrff and the lands are capable of verv great imorovement Lot <i. Ali that SLANG. PIECE.'oc PARCEL of LAND called PARKPENLLAIN, near the'above"preSiJ^d adjoining ttie turnpike-road leading frum klanarth to Car- digan, containing tj Acres, be the same more or less. All the above premises are in the parish of LUnaTth aloresaid, within three miles of the seu and lime may be sea weeds1 ^'c1 Ice at a lBuc^rate rate, with pieuty of Mr David Hiomas, of Rhydfechan aforesaid, will shew a' v'6r 1,11 (,t1ler particulars apply t0 Mr. Daniel William's, Attorney at Law, Abervstwith.' C A R M ARH IE"NSHrR L\ LIA N N SAD WR N I iN C LOS LTRE, VX/E the Commissioners appointed to carry ▼ ▼ info execution an Act of Parliament, made and pawed Sir the 49th year of the reign of bis present Majesty, 1 i iiicd. An Act for Inclosing Lands in the several pansoes of L.ansadwrn, Liandilo-fawr, and C»vo, in the county of Carinart hen," Do hereby give Noticc, tlJHt we will SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, ih 4h?itLl°f'VlnVn ,l,e ,mvu of Llangadock, on Fridav, the sath lay Ot April .-nstnnt, at two o'clock in the efte'r- IIOOB, subject to conditions of sale to be there producedi D THE FOLL6WrNG PARCELS Of LAND: Being Part and Pared of the Lauds iiiien.W tr. ™ closed by virtue of the said Act. »ltended to be m- 1 0N VANN LLANSADWRw. i a t> Lot 1. One Parcel of Land, adjoining the road leading (roin I wllyvann to Cwmsulan, co»Uainiii<» by aaineasurement 1 6 T » fc, r\ 0N, MYN'YO0 LI.ANSADWItV. Lot2. One othei Parcel of Land, sruiate be- tween the road leading to Tynycoed and a far in called Llettycyfreithwr, the property, of D. J. Lewi*, Esq. coutuining by admeasureiuent 19 1 to Lot j. One other Parcel ol Land, adjoining the south side of the said road leading t..Ty.,ycoed. Containing by admeasurement 100 Lot 4. One other Parcel of Land, a(l.i.,Iiiiilg (lie Sou!h si<le of the same road, containing by admea- surement 100 Lot. 5. One other Parcel ol Land, situaie on the west side of the Lands of Mr. Rees Lewis, con- taining by admeasurement 709 Lot 6. One other Parcel of Land, Jd joining tiie south side oi the Lands of Mr. Thomas Evans, and bounded on the west by the Waste Lands in the Lordship ot Mauordeilo,. containiinj by admea- surement. 2 0 0 Lot ? One other Parcel of Land, adjoining" the Lanils of (he Ivev. Henry Junes and ih'e Lands of Mr. John Evans, containing bv admeasure,ucnt 1 0 0 Lot 8 One other Pared of Lain), a^omin-. the Lands ol Margaret Morgan, contaiuinj. by admea- surement ■' E"t_4. One other Parcel of Land, situate on the w^t side of to' 5, iiotuided on the north by the Lands ot Mrs. Alice IMoore and Mr W lter rhoinas, on the south bv the La,)(b or Mr. Thomas Rytherch, A. Goddard, Esq. and other-, and on tiie west by the Lands of M. P. Lloyd, Esq. Con- taming by admeasurement 77 2 31 ? u\ r> ifN 01WAUScW!tu'00' Lot,l(). 0»e 1 arccl of Land, adjoining the Lands ol 1 homas 1 liomas, Esq. contBiiimst by ad- measurement 1 0 0 Lot 11. One other Parcel of Laud, adjoining the Lands of 1 homas Price, Esq. containing by admeasurement 0 j 10 The aforesaid Pieces and Parcels of Lands are set o»t by holes d^ig 141 the ground, and Plans thereofmay be had and further narticulats known by appheaiion to "Mr Joiui Laud-Surveyor, wear Llaudilo. Dated -the lt>-h day o| April, 1815. \V. HOPKIN. JOH N BOKN. CORDIAL li.ALM OF GiLEAO. npHE train ol inelancholy disorder? which A afflict the Human trame, under the denomination of nervous di eases, are the principal sources of human miserv ill the privation of health. The eff-cts are but ,00 wei/ known, and severely felt aniongs ,^reat poriion of in-in- kind lor the removal of which n, •■emedy more superior or more celebrated tor efficacy than Dr Solomon's Cordial Balm ot Gilca'd has been discovered. In all de'ieaiv Weakly, and relaxed constitutions, lowness of sni-its hypo- chondria, horrors, remblings, weakness of #iuht'- |oss'oi: me- mory, impaired vigour, tabes dorsalis, nervoJs consump- Hons, and the numberless symptoms of impaired and totter- ing constitutions, whether .trt.mgtrumahti-ofinanuvitT. intemperance, or inattention to health, its efficacy has at- tained" throughout the united kingdom, America, tic. uni- versal and unparail, led celebrity. Sold by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Paper; Mr. Daniel Carmarthen Mr. O-en, Haverfordwest; a.,d Mr Nonh Brecon; in bottles, pnu Jls. each or Pour in one brui.v bottle lor 33s. by which one 11m. butfteit saved, with the words" bamt. Solomau, Liverpool," engraved on the starm Also, the celebrated AtiSTERGE'NT it ei- tectUiU cut e tor eruptions on the face and skin, panicuiaiiv pimp,es, biotchys. tetters, ri;igworius, tan, sunfnirns, frt-ckles, shingles, priekly heat, redness of tiie nose, neck «rnts &e' scorbutic and cutaneous eruptions of every description; bring lhe most valuable «cqui-t,„^Hild Bp,^nrjht.e t<) „!C toilet over offered to the nobility and gentry in the united (Joill. Price 4it. 6d. and. 2s. 9d. a bottle, duty included.— Be \lIre.f! to' observe the words Sent S0iemim, 1.rccjp0,4," ut the Ssump, whic^ r.aur are jg^nuiiie.