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TO STEWARDS, LAND-VALUERS, AND OWNERS OF LAND. Thzs Day is published, A in lloval loino, price 4s. neatly half nound THE LAND-VALUER'S ASSISTANT; being Tables on an improved plan Ibr calculating the value of estates. By R. HUDSON. A Ne\v Edition to which is added. Tables for reducing Scotch, Irish, and-provincial customary Acres to Statute Measure; also fables of Square Measure, aud of the vari- ous Dimensions of an Acn; iu Percnes and Yards, by which lite, conients of any plot of ground may be ascertained with- out the cxpence of a regular survev. Printed for C. Cradock and YV. Joy,32 Paternoster Row J. Harding, St. James's street; and may be had of David Jenkin, Casile-slrcei, Swansea, and ot every respectable bookseller and stationer in the empne". The arrangement of this work is such, that the value of thc given quantity of acres, roods, and pere1:es, may always- be found bv the addit: ai of three lines; while, ill using other taldes, it is necessary to add together live or six; These tables will be useful, not only to valuers of the fcnt uf Lmd, but in estimaling the money to be paid for work done at any rate per acre."—Eclectic Rev. A'ov. 1809. BOOKS OF INSTRUCTION 4- AMUSEMENT, Printed for C. Chappie, Pali-Mall, London; tnid sold bf T ,lvllkins, ('¡Inter of thiS Paper. iMPOR'. "< T STUDIES for the FEMAT,lS SEX, in retsM'-nce to modern Manners, addressed to »• Young Lady ot Distinction; v Mrs. COCKLE. In iiui. ?•> extra boards. To the Authoress 1 e admonitory Letters, the world is indebted fV an eleg I 011 the Death of Sir John Moore; and the r.aider c b U recognizS the same par- nassian vein rami'- ;? thrr 1 1 hese Lild cill- bellishing tin.' grin less ruction with the language and imagery nfpor'ry. 1 e er 011 Truth is written wi'lli a clearness of tho- ait 1 ll < cuess of reasoning, seldom found in,the gentler sex. Ar that relates to the duties of a daughter and a sister, is conceived in a spirit of such filial virtue, (hat've caanoi too strongly recommend-the repeated perusal of these two letters. The duties of a parent are not less usefully ins isted <m. A Letter.011 DeuUi closes the volume; and while it di-jd.;s all the horrors OIL that awful change when met by sinnd infidelity, it cheers the practical Christian v,b every hope of a happy futurity. Such then are t'.e contents of this valuable volume • and we present it to :ue Female World., as a worthy companion to Dr. Gr«gorv's Lex. :cy to his Daughters, and as a friend whose precpts would lead them to virtue, honour, and happiness! Anti-Jacobin Review. Also, by the same Authoress, 3. Moral Truths, and Studies from Natural Hiotory; in- tended as a sequel to tile Juvenile Journal. Price 7s: extra boards. "The Compiler entitled to praise for her manner of se- lecting and connecting these materials. Her plan for a journal or diary to be ke, by a liuie girl, is in iiself good and we ihink that our young friends can glean nothiiv' that will not be pleasant and profitable from this publica^ don." tail, "This is avery proper, amusing, aud instructive book for young people, and contains some elegant and lively speci- mens of poetry." British Critic, Jan 18U. 2. The Juvenile Journal or, Tales of Truth. Dedicated by permission to Lady Eden.—12mo. price 3s. 6d. extra boards. A strict, observance of truth, in the most trifling as well as the more important concerns of life, is the basis'ot'e'verr moral and religious duty." 3. Fishes' Grand Gala;, two parts, twelve plates, Is. plain. Is. 6 I coloured. 4 Three Gifts; or, Young Fanner Gubbins, six plates, Is. plain, Is. 6d. coloured. g 5. Elegiac Tribute to the Memory of Sir John Moore, 2'5., LIKEWISE, G. Poetical Pantheon; or, Fabulous History of the Hea- then Gods and illustrious Heroes, with Notes, and e iibel. lished with twelvc elegant Engravings, rendered into easy verse. By W. H. Johnson, A. M. Author of the Histories oi England, Rome, and Greece, in verse. Price | 6s. extra hoards. 7. New English Grammar.the English Tutor, or Juvenile Assistant; being a collcction of familiar Letters, supposed from a Father to his Daughter, relative to the duties of a Governess, progressively treating on every necessary sub- ject for enabling youth to attain a perfect knowledge of the English language intended for the use of schools, particu- larly Ladies'Seminaries. By YV. C. Oulton. Price 6s bound. 8. Choix, Historique el T.,iUeraire,sur L'Origiiie des Ar<s et des Sciences. Par M. HAMEL. Price 6s. bound. Omne [¡¡lit punctum qni m¿scuit utile d¡¡lci." „ • Dors. Ars. Poet. Ibis volume is not destitute eitlier of lnstruclion or en- tertainment; it contains a large portion of informalion in a ll.ii vo>v crji«pn..a." Monthly lifVitW* 9. J aies, by Madamf. DE Montot.iev tile con- tinuatioii and conclusion ot the thousand and one Arabian Nights' Entertainments containing the History of Princess Una, or ti e Tn!isnH\" Jenny, or the Sailorvs Retllm, a. Fra¡!nent Irom a Voyage to "England the Lost Veil or- the Lake of w-tus, a popular Tale; and Melechsala, or til- Language of Flowers. 3 vols. 12mo. 10s. 6d. sewed. 10. Cat's Concert, 13 plates, is. plain, Is. 6d. coloured. 11. Lioness's Ball, six plates, Is. plain, Is. 6d. coloured! ly. Evening Recreations, pour passer le Tems consist- ing of Enigmas,-Charades, Riddle- &c. by Mrs. Pi iking- i'O.v. Price Is. 6d. boards. SPY RING" and ~M ARS DEN's pare lemon $!C{i), For PUNCH, LEMONADE, SAUCES,$c. FAMILIES, Taverns, and Inns, will find it extremely convenient, as it suils every domestic op- pose where the Lemon is necessary. Officers, -Captains of Ships, and others, will find it particularly desirable, as ir is dry and portable, and will retain its lhtvour in every climate. Prepared only at their Warehouse, 163, Borough, Lon- don, and sold in bottles, at 2s. 6, by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Paper; Dyke, Alerther-Tydvil; Daniel, Tardrew Pridham, and Gonistone, Carmarthen Davies, Haverford! west; Jones, Aberystwiiji Jones, Newiown and mo-t Oilmen, Druggists, and Libraries where also may be had, their Portable LEMONADE, which only requires the addition of water, iu packets, 2s. fcCy-* Please to observe their names on the bottle and wrapper, as the label and directions have been imitated. TO those who are so unfortunate as to suffer i by that disagreeable Disorder, the ITCH, to which, as daily experience proves, the most respectable persons are from its infectious nature liable it wiil be of advantage to know, that they may rely on being effectually curud, by ONE HOUR'S APPLICATION Of Barclav's Original Ointment, This safe, speedy, and effectual Remedy, has been in general use for' upwards of eighty years, without a single instance-of its having failed to cure the most inveterate- eases. It does not contain the smallest particle of Mer- cury, or any other dangerous ingredient, and may be safply used by persons of the litf,st (telic-,Ile. i lie pubitc are requested to observe, that "none can oo—. sihly bcgelwil/c Unless the names of the proprietors, /:<n ■ elaji and Son, are engraved on the stamp affixed to eaell r. s anu great danger may arise from the neglect of this caul ion'" Sold wholesale and retail by. Barclay and Sou, (the <m/«. successors to Jackson' and/jo.) No. 95,'Fleet-Market, Lon- don,. price is. 9d. duty included; and by their appo'nt ment, by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Paper,"J. Flexman, aim J. Lister, Swansea; Bowel), Neath; Bird, and Vacheii, Cardiff; .Daniel, Larmarthpn; Pnce, Crickhowell • Geo<e lisk; North, Brecon; Price, and Wvke, Abergavenny'- J. Dyke, Druggist, Merihyr-Tidvil; Potter, Haverford- west; Wilmot.Pembroke; Rogers, Willett. and Bradford,. Chepstow Brewer, Newport Tudor, Monmnuth-and most Venders of Medicines in the kingdom. iT is worthy observation the numerous Cases A !ha! have succeeded by I lie use of SPILSBU It Y*« PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS and the lo!i,^ ■ ng remarkable Jiitancc occurred in a niiddie-aged woman who applied for their use at the. Dispensary? 15, Soho. square, London. She complained of great dehih't v and nervous irritation, appetite bad, with a general depression of breathing her case not being well understood, site hud tried palliatives without any success. She took the Medi- cine, though the Proprietor stated the improbability of e's being o| service; in a-month she walked from Lamb-nb having recovered her strlmgth-and appetite, and increased her pulse irom the depressed state if luirl been in. Now tlns eiiect can only be accounted for by'the medicine re-|fig (he stomach and digestion, and cxeniioi- (ho powers ot the habit; ol joints, the change it produces in die general health, excii s toe oesi hopes ir, those lnost disiressing eases, lneinpii.uis xtrop.inlii, scurvy, rheumatism, &c its effects are generally' acknowledged. fa As mere are numerous couiOcrreifs, please to ask fur .jpilsbui y s I aient Autisccirbutic Drops, with the du.vpmtcom black mi-in hot ties of 5s. 6d. double boio.U- iar.^r • ^sjiuiv included. Comt'-outul Essence Bs Qv-Ji. by I.,Jenkins, I'r/nter o; tois I'.tpcr.