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--------SIllP NEWS.


SIllP NEWS. the jam Pasco, front;Falmouth," with copper orf Waa-- ulOuth, Cuthtf, from- iJtii.cumui. Wi ones; Pri>vific;-i,ce, Owen; an<J Pt-L'o v, d^PS1-. Cardigan, .with, slnte.- Ii,> vvniiarus, trom t-fiester, with oncks; Rope, Mvnis,' trout Muford; Providence, Jenkins, irom loughall;' Union, .joss-troin Ply mourn Hope, Yco, ironv Lideford, »!! in ballast; and Bold Harry, Jones, from Llanellv for Fish- guard, in distress. Cleared .out, -the Ann and Teresa,Co!'ins, for Bristol, with, copper; Join:. :nd Bel.sv, Lloyd, for Bidefbrd, with'coal nhd earthenware- H ie, vforris, ror Waferford'; Jenny,'Cam•>- hefl, for Youghe 1, M^net, PenhoVwood; Hope," Fisher F"me, Day and Diiic-ence, Penhorwood, idr.Barnstaple Thomas, Pranee; Brothers, Suily; aud Bee, Smith, for Budgewatw Mayftower, Moyse,. tor Padstow: Two Bro- S, Cinsrte'l.f'or Ltracombe;" Manner, Banks, for Fowev ^-St.n..i, Johns: Industry, Tucker; mid Three'Brothcrs, escott, for Si, Ives, afi with coat or-culm. er Co -1 JJ'— Arrived, tlje Mary, Thomas, from Swansea M >. Osborn, frQm PidsLIJIAT; Nancy, Hale; and. Doi- v, trom Plymouth, all in 1-iail'ast-- S >ile<i, the Ann, Pachafds, for Swansea, \th tiiuher: Tna!, Bodnatn, sor Ùlocester; and' Ffehe, WaS'ci'. for Bristol, with sundries Forester, -Jones,* tor Ikw-n1, with iron and Three Brcthers; Stribl'ing, -Sor'-Barnstapie' m iiii toals. Carmarthen-. — Arrived, the Welcome, Davies, frame Swansea, with sundne?; Nancy, lie-, an. froiii iron pipe-; Fiiendsbip, Wriiha/n», nuu, (Zhruigau, with slates all. inew Speecix, v moa.i!ast. Cleared o t, the Pe i.e a d Pie J nes for i0tCl) with sundries; mid Nancy, YetsQau, ibr dtitc, in ba.ia^U L i, the Mary Ann, Mo- a,i, ;¡,mi Car- ínarthen PeLcan, Jones, from "Car"igan and Ann, Wat- kinr, irora Abervstwilli, in ballast- Cleared ■ oui, ti.e Paunnon Convoy, Tho:H-as lot Càtr4 niarthen Ann, Watiin.?,. lor AOery-stwkh afi •• Da vies, for Fowey,. wtlhe-OH Is Cardigan.-—Cleared~out, the Rose. Ovw-n-, for 1(,rct Beginning, Francis and BeLv, R ,ht r T' x j + fbr Bristoland j nd • 1 ¿r \Vexturd.' • Bristol.—Arrived;-the Pearl,T> -l e» tro j j .1 Lent., S«>per, frotu Newjoundiaurt ili(irtrerv-.) Jrom (,ucnls3.Y; Pe-severance, I)<)VioJEait.an Copplestonc, Ironj Cork; JVIaria.Sei^ajcn, rro-- i- Gi-ate- } .e-prU C BahiujOi.e, (b'.Ms on >-h"re on the iv.vash '-•■ Vt ilLam-mid Coilwsime. Evan-, Irr.. i Al < r^„. 1-1.. Nichol, irom London. ered Williams: [ u, (, „ Johl) and Mary, Stores, "or Catmarthen Phd-niv, j> „1U '.1 Richard, Lewis,; .or Swa i Hi ,there n l,%f ,r t-owes; Hope, Edwards, tor Plymouth Mar,-Psn»iw:i~'rn^ \ppie Tree, Swattdn,"lor Dartmouth s:nd Ex( t<jr -FooJe.—S-'iled, tbeSIX Brothers, ManoUiwy,«ioi'fiwan-fa. Liverpool.—A'.r'vcil, the 'vld^j: <r i, Lv \ari-, n m! r y stwitll, wit gram; Pro\ k, net, J j,m ,d \(,> jio, urifhtns, from CatdtiT, wiih tm plates ans! bar iron L d;aa Lassr,' 1 urpiif, ftoui Clit-pstow, with (>■k bark; W■ r"'ri Butkeleyv Jones; -and Ann, Garner, from C<why, wi»h .vheat, oats,, beans and -Grec! iield rrom Beaumaris, with oppci ore, xc V iruaithen P t' t, Evans,-from Cork, wjih oat-, >lAr,i tret, I\ir\, >n Stevens: Margaret, Tliomas, and fr,end mp, Pr„t i di from Bristol, witi; sundries. ,Plii>novtft.~—Arn-fed, the "\Ti ler^d,o♦ C i<,r'hc,n, L! irom Car-aid tor .Londunj with ir^i, witti the 10ss' of ■<_ mast; also,:the f IY,vis, srovv for this port, with tnul* i (.e„ „ j f-i^hon.privateer, of 14 guns, and r.-t<;keu hy the (mtinett oi sS. Cork. Feb. 13,On Satu I Y, l i t Co e 1 is- 'a- jt'stv's sloop Argus, Captai !v<«>< »«i a t m v "no n Belfast -lor the Downs she- ^ot as a* «c;l'y, hufvvas put back here by L. S. F.. winds. (^-i pi- about thirteen.leagues south-east of thslmtoir k'l m-with the hull of a bhg, with hor- -iw*t* cut aivav- ai d her ballast pasts d ta be the StisarTiah, ot Bide-lord. loaded, iimcvo it not a. person on board. ^ItjCii- was <tu appi'wrarjee oi a scuttle having been cut unaer tile to sink her. ('apt in Kit'o"'o L iu lot, nu-'s rigged, and ^brought tier ipto the entrance, oi the narhoar-^n Saturday* wben, ot -he h >d ii„ she would ijotstt-ei -and Coii»i;i^; across the ♦idf. "-ntHe'-iv werjt down nu-.tiy sm-ilj boats n,>ar'saved all t' n No whom Captain on board. It is p on. me I- been, taken by So u'1 r r d» privateer, which, ha,,¡ng.ij,j!:en out Ùer erçw,.JC!t berm La, sle,te.. Tlse. ship CTeortrc, supposed ■ irom Bristoi,' to Li?ndn, (which had been t; (turetl, and tailed inlo j' "t taken by. the A itu-an si, op it' J gi ,>-bi .-s. i.i > (. c ing to Calais, a id sent into Dcnu. "the c«itu r f beta ianded. '1 he Fanny, (t m from Liverpool to Deme; t into Holyhead., hs-v ia^ sprung two 'of HeT ton- ^,d cannot proceed until her't^'ni'ites-are repaired


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