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Family Notices

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Mr? xm's. vtorriston armed brig, C tis-i»mailed (rom this pott on Tne >'i -y i.lug Willi a number of vessels under roiii)d faiij but the v.md changing, ih';y were <o'rced to return Arrived, the Times,-Me'hu. i (;rnsey, with deal bOMtb; Good- l,aneev, {r.iiu J»jru»n; and <; id }>ctty, Lioyd, trciB U¡d,jH¡,\i\h makr .iic. Ddii<!rt, D¡¡" tl'OUl pjymou:h; I\{qy:f!v.t'T.' J\Iü\se; EH¿abêth. B-OS! Davics 1J til, Dysart; SailyrPhd- lit-j, viood Intent, Cvirt; aai! AI<*i v, Gould, iroui St. IN es; John and Matilda, Gay, trom Padstow Three Bro- thers, Wesc.ott; and Industry, ri laheriie, from Faimoutli; Fame, Day and Magnet, Wenroe, from Appledore Ma- riae'r, Sa'riks,' from Fowey Moriah. Asaiiwern, from Pi\~ mouth Fly,Williams, trom Si. Ives; Hope, Fisher and Diligence, Penhorw-xjd, trom .Barnstaple Jenny, Cam;}- bell, from Bideford and Brothers, Sully, iro,ii water, in ballast. s Cleared- out,- the New Expedition, Hawkins, for Bristol'; Providoiice- Packet. Long; and Unity, .Tom-s, tor Glot cs- ter, with snndries, Fancy, Wiiliai.is; and Betsy, Mar- grate, for-ditt0, with unmanufactured copper Betsy, Wil- liams, for Wnterford; New Blessing. Tedlndl; Suuimcr, Thomas; and es, for Cc-r! Welcome, Davies. 1 for Carmarthen'; William, Croker, tor Penzance; Row, j Davies; Diligence, Wiliiauis; Providence, Jones; SidHS, I Bidder; Tn'tLM"Bo^"r; Fortitude, Jenkins-. Amr-jis, I Ninnis; Anur\. I ver Hciuira, Melhuish Sally,'Sanders Brisk, Hardiii -AIai-y, Jones; Diligence, Davies; Forti- *rea lude, Vivian Fiorn, Teague: and Wllliain aud Jau< Robarts, foi M hi-. 1 u, v I Ciulow, Rice; Three 'Sisters, 'Le\ Vnite t Br<» lines'; 'and »-».'i'nont, W atkins, fur lltracombe; >» n »i\, NiciuL, tor barn- ttapie Ann,"Croker, for M u Charlotte, -Dayev, for Bridgwater William, Dallwg .and Susan, Williams, for Bideford; John, Treiud.dra; and Bouiton, Sanders, tur Truro, all with coal or cnlm. Neath.—Arrived, the Mary, Thomas, from Abert haw, with malt, wheat, and bariey; Jupiter, Grant,'from Truro and Falmouth, w ith copper ore and malt-Betsy and Mary, "Be^avi from St. Ives, with copper ore; Fancy, Pulsfordj ;i-oin Minehead, with malt; and Friends, Femer, from Bridgwater, with malt, pease, bricks, &c. Cleared out, the True Briton, Beynon, for Co-k-, wi-N non and bark William, Crocker, for Falmouth, with p,g irOil and cast iron pipes; Trial, Morris, for Bristol, witii tiii plates, iron, dec. Aiiii, Williams, for Amlwch,, with iron j Ann, Howell, for Llanelly, with iron Ore Happy Return, Broomham, for Bristol, with copper and stone coal Venus, Carder, for Bideford; Prosper, Wrebb.; Good Intent, Wheddon and Molly, Union, tor Watchct; Francis, Jar- mond, for Exeter Jupiter, Grant, for PlymouLh; Fanny-, Pulsford,-for Poricck- Venus,. Reeves ;'Three Brotlie's, Williams Dart, Jarmund; William, Adams; Two Bio- thers, Swaffin Fortune, Pillar; and Rambler, Pring, :or Dartmouth, with coal and culm. a Cardiff.—jrArrived., the Thetis, James; and Forester, Jones, from Newport,'with bloom iron Friends, Richards Castle, Clements; Hebe, Walters; and Triiil, Bodnam, from Bristol, with sundries; Speedwell; Crl-lcker, Irom Bridge- ivater, with bricks and boards Mary, Hdf, Irom Berkeley • Triton, Llewellm; Sisters, Mackie"; and Tnr.ee'Brothers' Svriblmg, irom Bristol; Providence, Barber, from Rolla, Pringle, from Portsmouth; and John and Ma y Stott, icom Belfast, in ballast.. Sailed, the Betsy, 'Jenkins'; Charlotte, James } Abra- ham, Cobden; and Queen, Clements," for London:.and Mary, Coieman, tor Gloceter; all with iron Triton, Liewellin, for Liverpool, with iron and tin; Heart oi" Oak, Jones, for Portsmouth/ wtfb timber; Friends, Ri- chards and Castle, Clements, for Bristol, with sundiiis;. Beginning, Evans, tor Swansea, with ash'p-jies and Olive,' Eyansi lor Newry, with bark and coals. Carmarthen.—Arrived,- the Nancy, Yeatman, from Bris- ,0', with- sundries; Lark, Rogers, frOlll Gjocester, with salt; St. David, Hall, from Neath, with pig-iron; and Mary Annl organ, trom Llanelly, with coals. Cleared out, the Providence, Thomas, for London, with a-' ptates and oats; Pomona, Powell, for Liverpool, wit h tin plates and iroitj Active, Pitt, iorWeymouth; and Eipedi- :n, W atkins, for Faimouth,-with oats; Louisa, Kin^, for] P.:dstow, with oats and butter Hero, Roberts, for Bristol, wnft<oats, barley, and beans'; Peace and Pientv, Jones, for Jitto$and Mary Ann, Morgan, for Llanelly, w ith sundries. Lhmelhj.—Airived ihe Ann, Howell, from \e tth, with iron ore; St. David, Hall; Marv. Lo .g an,. Pantirion Convoy, Thoiuus, from Carmarthen Sisiers, Davies, from Vi iSford Maiy, Jones Lnicn, R!.vberts aiid Har,oony, Tucker, from ^Ti .o Ann, Evans; Friends Delight, .Howeit; and *-T?nut, Evans, from Wlntford, in haikst. Cleared OUI, the Wi iiam, Lio.yd, ¡ill' Pembroke Sisters, Hughes, tor T '>v Endeavour, Davies, for Cardigan Robert, Edwards; and Marr.- Jones, lor S'. Ives; Inn; Evans; Fnemis h a id Venus, Evans tor Milford I-. anc y, Reader Abbey. Turp-iii Friends, Cuin- ings; and RoveT, Bedlord, for »'l\ liinu, all witu. coal. e,t Ithe Lcuisa. Owens; and Cambria, James, irom Swansea ;Ci i yml >g,- Griuiiiis, irom Llanelly • and Betty, P^oberts, fro In ipj'vl. Cleared out, the Eac-.it., .t ^nii.tus :■ and Eagle, R.owrland, for'Bristol Mary Ann, D-I\ ill and Fdi-ior and Catherine, Owen, for Liverpool; True Briton, Davies, tor Faimouth Lark/Williams, for Weymouth; Hazard, James; Friend- aiii ship, Williams; and Lovely Peggy, James, for Wexford. Bristol.-— Arrived, the Christian, .Meyer, from Santander" Tartar, Brown, Irom Yarmouth Enceavour, Knight, ir ,u Padstow and Bristol Trader, Downman, from Barnstaple. Entered out, the Lydia, Boyd, for Padstow: Hazard) Davis, for Carmarthen Betsy, Morris, for Portsmouth and Southampton Dispatch, Crosscomo, for Bideiord Friend- ship, Richards, for Cardigan Blessing, Ilees, for Severn, Law, for Greenock; Devonshire, Row ells, for Liverpool KidweHy Castte, Davies, for London; Faiinv, Hon den, for St. Ives; Mercury, May, for Bideford and Daddon, Beer, for Portsmouth. Liverpool.—Arrived, the Dolphin, Davies, from Cardigan, with barley .and buller. Ccrk, Feh, 14.-Tliis morning arrived in our harbour the ship Cambridge,, oi and for Liverpool, Lewis master, laden with rum,.sugar, ike. from Jamaica She sailed under con- voy of the Hound and Sagesse, was taken on the 2d inst. by the Braave privateer brig of'18'guns, toriherly the-King George packet, and retaken on the 9th inst. about a league off Rocbelle, by his Majesty's brig Moucheron, Captaia Hawes, which was proceeding with dispatches for the Me- diterranean to Lord Nelson. N The Union, Rogers, from Carmarthen, for Portsmouth; Catherine, Davies, from Carmarthen for Falmouth; and a ketch with, timber for Plymouth, were captured off the Land's End, by a French privateer, and retaken by the Gannet sloop ot war on the 12th inst. and carfied into Fait m-•• s lit. The Dove smuggling cutter, of Falmouth, laden with 250 ankers of -spirits, was sent into Milford last week by the Lion revenue cutter.. The Elizabeth; Hastings, for Liverpool; and Elizabeth, Harriet for Dublin, which sailed from Wexford on the 5;h inst. were uylortuiiatcly lost in endeavouring to make the harbour- during a severe gate of wind and the Captains iiud crews perished. COUNTRY MARKETS, S W'ue t UK. 'r. }Parley 6s. 4d. Oats 2s. lid. per Winchester bushel; Cardiff. Wheat to 2?*. per bushel of 20gallons. Barley 15s. io-lt>. «Jd. pet d».t«. ORts per bnshel oi o2 gallons' "'CAnMA'RTHEv. Wh.c it :!K "d. Barley 6d, a-), ()dpcr Win.,t"l'f ¡.¡she) wtt DKiAS. h mi *• 6 Barley 4s. 9;1. to .?•«. 01. On » (vd. to 3s: 0d.; Prune Seed 6s. Od. to 6s. nd. txt Wi t>.r bushel. "'¡'¡j(.at,Ms.Oli. Barley, 65. 9d. Pi1- torn. 9, od. bushel of 10 gallons. ■ «w*i rrn. wile iit lis. to 1s. Od. Barley 6s. od. to (¡51. ,)d. Pilcom ifh. tolÜs.t;d. per bushel of ten ualloas. v) 't,\| ew Qua\, 'J- -> (hi. i'lwc 'V. Wj,eat l-5s. od. B.'rLv 7s Sd.. PeaseO: Od.' White dttto CYk Od-r-pcT bushel oi 10 cciL'ns. Oats 7s. Od-. per measure of 20 gallons. IlTGIi W A TEH ■ ON SWANSEA-EAR. !■ ?'«r tin: ensuing 11- et'V. Day's. I, Morning. Evening. Height. !n- M- IT. M. f. T. Saturday 1 lZ 0 1 y 7 jo Sunday 1 > Q :7 7 o Monday 3 3:j 3 47 8 d Tuesday 4 lo 4 33 10 2 Wednesday 4 59 5 19 1-2 4 Thursday 5 36 5 5 ) 14. 2 Friday 6 11 j 6 oj j.5 11 HIGII WATER AT THE PASSAGES For the enduing 11 ceA. Days. j Morning. ,] Evening. 1_ -M. H. M. Saturday li> £ 2 1 M Sunday 2 31 | 2 40 Monday 3 >'? J 4 9 Tuesday 4 M } 5 0 Wednesday 5 21 I 41 Tiiursday 5 j 6 17" 4 Fuvli*> i » S5. j j 0 -#

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