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! ''SHIP NEW8. ;"'I


SHIP NEW8. SivAN-tei-i —lit snow Crawford, Capt. EeUhinaii, one ot the .homeward-bouitd Jamaica fleet, laden with sugar, rum, and coffee, f<w-J,oiwlon, arrived "here on Wed- i>e,sday last, in great distress: she lost ],st-, ;it she lost sight of the convoy on the .ifith.ul't, and expeiienced very heavy gales during the passage. Wc are sorry to state the loss" of the line new ship, the Stranger, Capt. Pines, of Bristol, irom the Bay of Hondii- ras,'with h valuable cargo of mahogany.Oil the ltiili of January, wliiisl going aEthe rate, often knots an hour, under ■double:reefed, topsails, it being, very foggy, she ran feu! of a.wreck. By the exertions of the. crew, she was kept tree till the 18th, when her condition, being observed by the convoy, Capt. Stnpiey, of the Sagease innate, in a most' gallant .niamie'u and at the risk of his iife,'( ihe gaie still continnijig) pushed oft hisjolk-boat, and fonunaielv pre- served the whole.crew shortly after which the Stranger ioundered. ° t Intimation was received here on Sunday m.orning' last,, that a large brig had on Saturday- appeared off Newton Nottage, on this coast, -about five.or six miles irom the land Being hailed by two.boats from the shore, the Ciijllaiusaid she was a Spanish vessel bound to Bristol, with wool, and offered twenty guineas to the people in the. boats it they would put him outside the sands; the latter proposed to conduct him to Bristol, -but- he would-not consent, and soon alter sailed to tiie.'westward. By; two vessels which arrived from .Minehcnd-- on Monday,- we learn that the, above brig was taken-by tivo boats fi ll of men from that above brig was taken-by tivo boats fi ll of men from that piac.e; ske mounted six guns, and the crew- attempted to iand at Miiichead, but the Coilcctor of Customs instant!v ordered them, to return on board; and we understand she has been since placed under quarantine. Arrived, the-Happy Couple, .Phillips; and New Expev dition, Hriwluns., irom. Bristol,, 'with sundries Providence 1 ac.tet, Darke and Unity, Jones, irom Gloeester, with Gitto; Farmers' Adventure, Gillnig, trom Brid-^ewater, witlr ditto; Prosper, Webb, trom- WatchctConcord I .»loon,, from Ilfracombe; and Charlotte, Davie. fron Bridgewater, with malt; Ainitv, Friar Bolton, Sliders una riciidra> .Mclhui^hi iroiu.St, Ivca, c->]5pcr ore; Ecltncnt, Watkins; and$idu?, Bidder, from, 5itto, with ctay; Fonmou iroui Aberth-w'; New Lie-snip, ledoaJ!, irom Cork; Catherine, Bearce; Stiriglit- ly, Ntenuis; and Elizabeth Jones, irom liarnstapie"; Klu- nor, Co inns, irom W atehet'Betsy, Peek, from Aiinehtad Cotton, Hoc-kin, irom Aberavor.; Fame, Jenkins; and bummer, Thomas, if-oni Bristol Betsy, Alargate, iiom Newnham; Fancy,' Williams, from Gloeester. William, Dalhng; and Sally, Piil, fn m Bidefor^ all in ballast. Cleared out, tho.Pbojnix, l^iamond, for lirisfol, with-r-un- dries; lame, Napper, foi„,ait!.o, with utimannfacturcd cop- per; Friu¡dsbiL),: Da,y; and Voryd, Gmlith, fur Water- tord rerrett, Hughes and. Beginning, .Evans, tor Ab'er- thaw n ancy, iimd, for Carmairhen'p'Caxnbriav'' James and Louisa,.Ovveii.-fof CHIOIJ MI; Betsy, Scott'; and Con- cord. ftlooli, -lor Bridgwater; Peggy, Furze; and Specu- lation, Granville, ior-Fowey Catherine, Pearce Fricaids, lueker and Elizabeth, J.ones, tor Barnstaple Brothers, Gar.d .^bcnezer, Hawkins,; and Joh'n aiid Matilda, Guy, .or Padsto.w Ma r ami a, Bond; Elizabeth, BiirgU-Mc-ii Good hmtt?'a.Vd-Jovejd. <iiark; tbr 'S' Ives; EHinor, Colhns, .ior IltracawB); UOtlTtleSS of AlexboroWh, Lcrnainan,:for raiiuouth Iwi'iirU', B ishnr;. and Nan- cy, Cobiey for Muiebe<-o jiei-y, Peat e Cotton, Iiockci; and Sah,V,l ,li,. ior aij.KIUJ CG.I! (JR CULNI. JS'eat!>Arn>t6eliitentr Fiirnev, i'roni Bridge- water inal, Aloins afW .SiMfis, A'd.ic uo, from 'Bristol, with sundries: Friendship, Holey itdm Minehead, with hour, malt, sheep, &c, apif. Ann,, Wjlhanis, fnm Comm- and Oil narvon^witji copper <;<-e. Cleared out, tile Thoma", Prance, for .Swansea, with old iron railing.; Blessing, Hamfson; Sally Ann, AfitcheiJ; and Inomajeand -Wsilism, Brooks,- ior^Ply mouth Ro^I La-Ke y andrDov-e, Swathn, fyr Good Intent, Wheddon; aiid Inendsmp, Hole, for Watchet Brothers, Sully, for Bndgevvater; aud Grace, .Wills, for Barnstaple, ah-with coal or cfiijj). Cardijr-Arrived, the Happy Retnrn, Broomham, from Nealh, witn-pig ir.otL-;• St- Pierre, Walls, lrÓI11" Bá$IÖ¡, with suiiaivs, Cnanotte^ Llovd, -from ditto, -with how, ctc. Sok.Ivo! Davees, from Cardigan Mary, O.sbouie, from had-t and Forester, -Jones, from Bmtoi, iu ballast.- Sailed, the Eliza, Davie*, tor London Catherine and Lu vi-am, IhiiJips; and Neptune,- Grilliths, for Liverpool Speedweii; Davtes, for Glasgow- aud Forester,-Joiies, tor Bristol, alt iron:; Jfiijte. Cannot^, tor Dablini' w''tli iron and barkSt. PtetevWaltsj and Castle, Ciemente, tor Bristol, with sundries. Carmarthen.— Arrived- the Providence, Thomas, from Alihord Hope, Shankland, from Bristol; Lively, White i and Louisa, King, from Faimonth, all in ballast." Cleaned out,, the Hope, Shanklaiid, ior Weymouth and Lively, 'W bite, for Pad stow, with oats and butter; Wil- liam, Lloyd, for Llaneliy, with bricks; aad Sperre, for Tenby, in ballest.' Lion"Au'—Aivt, the Endeavour, Davies, from Car- niar.hen j Wiiuam, Lioya, .trom l'cmbroke Rover, Bed- ford, jrom .Dartmoijth Friends,, Cummmgs and Abbev, Hannoverd, from Plv ino dh, in ballast.' Cleared out,^he Conniiott, W ilfiams:, for London and Cwmsymlog, Griffiths, for Cardigan, with iron Mary'Anil, Morgan, for Carmarthen Alary, Jones and Good'Hoiie, Gibbs, for St. Ives, with coals. liristol.—Arrived, tiie Bristol Trader, Phelps, froin New Icork: Jemima, and Aurora,—*—, from Santander • Fair Reaper, Kavannah-, from Watertord Hope, Gardner! from Jamaica Cardiff Castle, Jenkins, irom Swansea and Castle, Clements, from Cardiff., Entered out, the Nancy, Yetman Hazard, Davis Cam- bria, Evans; Emblyn, Murris; and Nancy, Rees, for Car- marlhcn j Shepheidessf Fry; and Harmouv, Westlake, for Miuehead-; Peggy, Dedwith, for Chester; Liberty, Wli'ttow, for Haverfordwest; Hazard, Stable, for Ply- mouth, Dartmouth, and Exeter; and Friendship, Dark,-for Padsiow. Liverpool.—Arrived,'the Friendship, Evans; and Anne and Elizabeth, Thomas, from ABerystwith aiid Centurion, Parry, from Pwliieiy, witn corn, &c. Menai, Own, from Newport, with pig iron and Fame, Aageli, from Chepstow, with bark. To the EDITOH of The CAMBRIAN. SIR, If the meeting at the Shire-hal! in' Carmarthen, wjiich was held on the 6th inst. had taken into comidenltion, tbe pro- bable solvency ol those person's who are in the habit of issuing promissory notes, and had merely resolved not to take in payment such notes as "were circulated by'persons who'se responsibdity was* doubted, the conduct of that meeting would, I think, be appiauded by every one but to cry down at random all notes trom private"comfMuiies under the value of;. ob-'iadisCTitninately,. ,the. issuing of. which is found.to be o/'the greatest convenience thryugh- cut the kingdom, and must continue to be so during tiie suspension .-of specie -at-the Bank pf England, -is a measure that requires some tetter reasons to jusufy the resolutions entered.int.o.than .haye as:yet.b.cen suggested. The :csoiutions state, that issuing of. notes under- five pounds each by country btnkers, &c. is become n ser/ous evil." ■■• P "Thatthereceiptofnotcs of the above description is attended with much Toss of time, trouble, and inconve- nience; and if not checked, will in a short time prevent iinv specie being brought m'to cirtuialion. That small 'notes are die means of raisins "the. pricp of provisions to the middling-and poorer classes, as tliey inust frequently submiLto exorbitant demands for what they "pur- chase with those notes, or pay a premium for their amount in specie." That for these reasons the meeting resolve.hot to re- ceive any small, notes, in payment, e-xcept..those .of-.die Bank of England, and invite the public at large to do the same," Now I should, imagine that it must be found, that the small notes issued by the Flank ol England will occasion the same loss of time, trouble, and inconvenience, as .he use of the small notes of private companies, and if not checked, are as likely to present any specie being brought into circulation and that these small notes of the Lank of England are in every respect liable to all the. objections the calculation of those of private com- panies, admitting -ofsucli individuals,, without .vhich it would be folly in the extreme to take them. And it seems very inexplicable, why a private note of 51. shall not be objected to, when five Of lit each are to be refused. The meeting, pedmps, did not take inio com-i- deration that the forgmc private notes cannot easily be done without instant detection, whereas the nunierorss forgeries on the Bank of England have been attended wiitrsevere loss to several of the lower c.Vfes of the peo- ple, and that during the present great scarcity of specie, the common concerns of life could not be carried 011 with any tolerable coln,vellicilce, unless-notes of a lesser amcfcmt tiian 51. are made use of. VERAX. [We have received various other communications on-the above subject, some of them couched iu terms of grear as- perity. As the sentiments of the writers, how-ever, are generally in unison with those of Visbas, we, .ha^e been induced to give a preference to his temperate opinion, j


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