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SUIT NEWS. SWANSEA. Arrived, the Brothers, Ayres Joseph, Clark Industry, Bowser; Good Intent, Evans; Providence, .Tones; and Three Sisters, Ley, from St. Ives For- titude, Jenkins Mary, Thomas William, Cocker; and Mary Ann, bond, from i-aimouth; all with copper ere John. Treluddra, irom Truro, with ditto and Mock tie; Phoenix, Diamond, from (Bristol, with sundries Louisa, Owen, from Cardigan; Nancy, Bevan; aud-Vorid, Griffith, from Carmarthen; Peggy, Furze and Ehenezer, Hawker, from Padstow, with corn True Briton, Beynon, from Miiford and Cambria, Thomas, from Cardigan, with wheat; Brothers, Gard, from Padstow, with malt; Rose, Davies, horn St. Ives, with clay .William, Thomas, from GidelOrd; Magnet, Penhorwood; Hope, Fisher; and Friendship, Day, from Barnstaple; Jeremiah, Hopkins, frorn Appiedore; Friends, Hone, from Bridgewater; Sis- ters, Price, from Minehead Friendship, Webb aud John and Matilda, Guy. from Padstow; Friends' Endeavour, Pollard, from 1 Poriock- and Speculation, Grevill, from Dublin, all in baiiast.. Cleared out, the Cardiff Castle, Jenkins, for Bristol, with sundries Ceres, hées, tor, ditto; and Sisters, Price, for Glocester, with un t t red copper; Plenty, Bond; and Rose, Bray icy, for Waterford Olive, Üwcn, lor Youghali Goodwin, Lancey Magnet, Penhorwood Hope, Fisher .Jeremiah, Hopkins and William,.Thojaas, for Barnstaple Hammond, hancorne and Betsy, Tre- garthen, for Truro Gnoll Castle, Sanders, for Plymouth Ferret, Hughes, tor Glocester; Friends, Hal!for Mine- head; Thomas, Ballhatchet, for Bideford Joker, Thomas, for St. Ives and Ann and Sarah, Prescott, for lifracoiiibe, all with coal or cuim. Cardiff'.—Arrived, the Castle, Oements Eliza, Davies and Friends, Richards, from Bristol, with sundries; Dry- ades, Edmonds, -rem Bridgewater, with bricks; Industry, Lush, from ditto, with eiai timber and plank; Arevll, Campbell, from Glasgow.; and James, Canau, trem Obarn, with pig iron;, John and SHiiy, Colin: ir nn C^rni-n en and Providence, Jones, from Cardigan, with oats; Marv, Thomas, from Neath, with pig iron and copper; Neptui/c. Griffith, from Cardigan, with slates; Heart. of Oaf Catherine and Edward, Philiips; Minerva; Lloyd; ar-d Charlotte, James, from MiHord Betsy, Jcnkt ,s tro i Y/i Queen, Clements, from Plymouth At>r -i t <j, C •• • and fr,oill Portsmout 1 \0 >, n Sailed, the Forrester, Jones, for B: J- and Hannah, Jones, lor Gja-gow, wit?; i; ters Friends, Richards ;'Tr:a!,Bodnc'.ti.. j Watts, for Bristol, with sundries. Carmarthen.-Ar,ived, the Hero, -j, with sundries; William, Lloyd, from Peii.ri iron Expedition, Waikins, .from Newport, ■- Mary Ann, Morgan; Rebecca, Lloyd p. vies"; Clifton Union, Meredith and P .-Ini 1"; ■ Thomas, from Llaneliv, with coids Aim, ii Miiford Union, Evans, from Solva aüd Weymouth, in ballast. Cleared out, the Nancy, R.iehards, for Bristol ry Ann, Morgan, for Llaneiiy, with sundries T,.s». Castle, Owen, for London, with tin plates and outs. all, George, for Bristo!; and Minerva, Webb, t. i '.j. with oats; John and Mary, Storks, for Bristol, wi: butter j .William-and Catherine, Leonard, iur 1\t' with barley; and CatherirH") Davies, for Faimou! !>, oats, buuer, and coals. Lismelly.—Arrived, the Robert, Edwards, from Bridge- water, with sundries; Nancy, Reader, iron i t\ t i with timber; Cwiusymlog, Griffith, irom Cir i bricks; Sisters, Hugiies, from Carnarvon, with iatt Good Hope, Gibbs, from Pjrtynon Mary Ann, A-joi from Carmarthen Friends Delight, Howell; and s i ei Packet, Le vis, irom Llandymora, in ballast. Cleared out, the Mary Ann, Morgan Rebecca, Lloyd Endeavour, Davies Clifton Union, Meredith; and Pan- ;iri(in Convoy, Lewis, for Carmarthen; Swansea Packet, Lewis and Friends' Delight, Howell, for Llandymora Union, Roberts, for St. Ives; Hannah, Nicholk; and Swan, Dalling, tor Barnstaple, all with coals. Cardigan.—Arrived, rhe Charlotte, Phillips Resolution, Davies; and Eagle, Jenkins, from Swansea; Pel-ear., Jones, from Neath; Friendship, Mathias, irom Llaneiiy; and Maria,'Jones, from Bristol. Cleared out, the Louisa, Owens, for Swansea; Friend- ship, Richards, for Bristol; Dolphin, Davies, for Liver- pool and Swift, Evans, for Weymouth. Bristol.—Arji^ed, the Mercury, Weeks; Alicia, Davis; and Prince of Wales, Vickery, from Cork; Ceres, Hodg- son; and Mark, Irwin, irom Dublin Sophia, Schieiie, from St. Andero; Venus, .——— from Boston; the C Magnus, Peterson, from Barcelona; Ann, •— ii a crlr Quebec Cornelia and Hermanos, Aaksier, from 1 1 Susannah,. M'Neice, from Belfast; Elizabeth, ScoU h-oni Ri.ss; Nancy, Rees Nancy, Yetman Welcome, D.tvic. Lark, Rogers Cambria, Evans; and Emblyn, Morris, lro;u Carmarlhen' Sisters,' Vtnighan and Neath Trader, Sv- mons. from Neath N ew Expedition., Hawkins, from Swan- sea Maria, Evans, from Aberth.aw New Miiford, .Luke James and Ann, Hughes; and Liberty, Whitlow, from Haverfordw est; and Liideavour, Matthias, from Cardigan. Entered out, the Jupiter, Nicholas, for London N'eads Trader, Svmon's, ior-Neath; and Susannah, Jones, for Pem- broke.. Pcuzance.—Arrived, the Recovery, Pawson: George and. Ann, Levering; and Iraixslator, Bugalhole, from Swansea. A large galliot is driven on shore at D.vlas, in the island ot Anglesey, without any person on hoard, laden with baik and some mahogany, pari of ihe tuarks ere W. i-. a:id others T. C.-but 110 nanre heiiig on her stern, it is known ffoin whence she came, or to where bound. HIGH WATER ON SWANSEA-BAR For the ensuing Week. Days. Morning. 1 Evening. ) Height. II. at. H. M. T-. j. Saturday 12 ;}'¡ 1 ,;5 JO 6 Sunday 2 26 3 9 10 2 Monday 3 47 -1 FI 31 6 Tuesday 4 48 5 1:), 13 9 Wednesday 5 ,>9 6 t 3.) ti Thursday 0 23 | 6 -1 i 17 H Friday 7 0 j 7 3 itS 7 HIGIl WATER AT THE PASSAGES For the timiing Week. Days. Morning. Evening. H- M. II. IT. Saturday 1 0 j 2-8 S n't. 2 -18 3 31 11 v -1 P 4 41 '1 IK '-A 5 10 j ,-s 37 V, e<Uv 6 l c, '• ..i.sdaj 6 45 j 7 6 triday 7 22 7 25

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