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--LL.-:," SWANSEA, FhrDAY;…

MILITARY promotion.

Family Notices


!.P At-E IVS.


!.P At-E IVS. SNV A", sloop Hope of Plymouth, Robert l'êo, master, from Swansea, with coal.?, was st randed on-the ?lii inst. on Par Sand, near Fowey. Crew saved. It was S w A .v s f. A .—Tlie sloop Hope of Plymouth, Robert Veo, master, from Swansea, with coal.?, was st randed on-the ?lii inst. on Par Sand, near Fowey. Crew saved. It was expected site would be got olf again. x-1 T> I! T1„ 1 ° -^T Atfiveo,' tne -Acyv xanwKu^ j aim i\earn Trader, Symmons, from Bristol; and Unify, Jones, liom Glocester, with suiidrieS; Earl of Uxbridge, Robarts, from Truw; and Diligence, Williams, from Wicklow, witlicop- per .ore • Vigilant,' Fisher,' from W ateriorit, with4 pigs Trdc Blue, I.iickhi, from ..Bridge water, with bricks; Atlas, Hear, from Ciovelly.; Fly,- Wihiams. from St. Ives; Hope, Hall, from Dublin; Liberty, Loveless; und Temple, Fel- lert, from Waterl'ord, iu ballast. Cleared out, the Concord, Tonkin, for London, with copper:' Elizabeth,^ Pritchard Vigilant, -Fisher and Hebe, Carder, lor Water ford,; John, Lewis, for Larmouth James, Pasco; Friendship, Hoskms; William and .lane, Roberts;1. Diligence, Davies; fcnion. Trick; Rashleigh, i\felhuish Sid LIS, Bidder Erceiaan, Davies Providence, Thomas; Brothers, A3'res j Union; Roberts; Mary, Jones; Betsy, Slade and Providence, laue" for St. Iv.c^ Eagle, Gribble; Active, Hurzacott;.and AVilfiam, Lanccy, lor Barnstaple; General Burgoyne, Burgoyne Ann, Alex- ander; and Alary Ann, Salter," for Plymouth; Poiiy, Cook; CUilov, Rice; 'l'wo- Brothers," C'iiswell; Auspi- cions, Love ring; and United lb-others,-Jones, for Iltra- combe; Beaver, Goldwortliy> for Bideford; Sociable Friends, Gritiill'Sj Mineiiead Good Intent, Furney mid Fanner's Ad\enlure, Gillen, for Bridgewater Union, Burt, for Padstow Eaglc, Tonkiii, tor Penzance and Alaria, Pritchard. lor AniKvch, all with coal or culm. Carmarthen.— Arrived, the Welcome, Davies, from Bris- tol, with sundries; Expedition, Watkins, from Liverpool, with pig iron and slate; Clifton Union, Meredith; and Endeavour, Davies, from Llanelly, with coals. Cleared.out, the Resolution, i)avie.s, tor Swansea, with oats; Hero, Roberts, lor Bristol; and Marv Ami, Morgan, for '•Hcitlf—Sailed, the Eii^hith, Jellard, from Swansea to London fro)Ti Swansea, to Plymouth; Sally, Prines, from Cardiff- to Exeter Diana, Etiis, from Loudon to Milford ..Henrietta, Languish, from Milford to Shoreham'; Forester, Winter, froiii Aliiford to Plymouth DuKe of Kent. Matthews, irootMiitord to "London; Union, Gritliths, from Cardigan to London Lark, Graves, from JSeath to James, Davies, from Cardiff to Londou Kidwelly Castle, Davis, from Liverpool to LOIl- dun; Hector, WavEood, from* Kbwport 'to P!vnrouth; Ectan, Davies, from Plymouth to Cardigan j joh-ii, 1,evvis, from Chepstow to PlyhloUH)'; and Co/nnierce, Dennis, from iMilford to Aruiitlel.' < ■ c' Falmouth.—Arrived, the Morgan, Wt!ita)))s, from Swan- sea Bee, Gillard, from Neath Ayn, Ilarvey, from LI a-; ucllS; and .Industry,:iSow'h,».iin, IroÚI CliepslOwI J'rILfo.-Eutercd inward; the Ainierva, Fuss; Harriet and Ann, Wilkins; Forest, Hawkia1;j and Hammond, IIan- CbriH' ail from -Swansea,with coak. Power).—Arrived, the Ann aud, William, Davies, from1 Nca111., Pi it-jmce.-r-Arrived and sailed Tot London", the Alary,* Randal!, ofand.froni Kidw el'v, with tin plate and coals. M.. Ives.—Arrived, the Fariitude, Jennings; and — iliehaids, irom Wales. • ■■• •' J^d'.stow'.—wArrivc'd, rtlies Treore, Jenninsrs and ELcne- xer, Harvey, fro.ni.Swansea ;> Jervis, .Wooibey, ftom Ncati) and Wdiiait), CnJ<;kliJrd. from Burry. Liverpool.—Arrivcd^tlic Providence4, Evans, from Abe- rystvvith, with wheat m'd barley Fanny, Martin, from Barmooth; with potatoes antt siiWdr^fcs; Messenger. Jones, Irom Pvylhely,- with wheat, barley, butter, and potatoes Louisa, Owens, from Ne>vport,, with j>ig iron Rebecca, Evans, trom Bristol, with wheat, iiour, and hops; and Bristol, Hughes, from ditto, with sundries. The Caroline hired armed brig, Lieut. Darby, sailed from Plymouth for Milford, on Saturday last, with sesyr-al coasters under convoy. Wut-nfnnl. Dee. 8.— The Nancy, of Loudon, "Vv. IIan- ter, tp.isier, bound there trum Chepstow, \wtn timber tor Goverutiienit, wtis captured on Monday -last ..by a laager privateer, in tne Bristol Channel, within three* l<Mgues~ol tlie istarnt called Man and his Man-Waiter being dctuined tor twj )H>urf, a strange sail appearing, the l\:a!icy got ciear a.nd itiade i'or our harhou!4; lie she arrive*'yester- day luoniitjg—the badness of the'weedier prevented the privateer from hoarding her. D i;. n,i;Tg. J-iveiling.4 'b u.. M. F, Saturday 9 4a 10 7 i5 6 Snudtiy 10 3;] 11 0 14 0 Jdond.sy [ 11 28 11 53 8 'iiiesttay 12 33 j 1 ,8' 11 3 evinesday 1 44 i> 18 9 9 rl"tV'.rsday 5? 56 3 si « 11 Friday 3 49 j 4; 33-' 9 7 IUGM WATER, AT THE PASSAGES -For the euxuiug HVe/c. Days. 'I' Morning. Evening. H. M. II. M. Saturday 10 f> 10 .29 Sunday 10 55 31 yy v .Monday 11 50 12 'jo ■ 'Tuesday.. It! 55 l 30 Wednesday a 0' 2 -JO Thursday 3 18 I 8 46 Friday 4 11 4 3,5 Full and N ew .Moon maliC high water on the severai I Bars within Swansea Bay about six o'chick, aud the highest v Spring Tide is about the'filth Tide after. At 4 davs old the Mooii sets at and shines till about 10. at aboiit 11— 6 about Vi—at 7 it scb it and-$hinei till dav-, old (being thei, iu the full) it rises about six in the evein.'HI, and shines all night—-at 16 it rises fit half aiter 7—at 17, half aitcr 8—at 18, aliout. 10-—«t 19, about 51—at yo, about It?. It is not pretended that tlur e times are quite accurate, but they are sujliciently so to ascertain 'moonlight evenings.


T Sanson.