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SHIP NEWS: SwA!< st:A.—Arrived, the Diligence, Wil- lhtms Jojin. end Elea- or, .B^rwivir Oak- well, Jones Rose, U nies v, 1 1'itent, Evaiis; 1!hree Sister 1 -v tir fk, Hard- int?; 'Hiirnonv,Tccker; frovi- er.ee, Tlio- mas' Diligence, Davies and S.uus^ Bidder,- >oia St. Ives;1'and Polly, Cook, .f oiu Truro., all with ceope-r ore.; Providence Packet, Daike,. from Lil'ocester, witli suudries; Nancy, Pulsford, from Poriock, ,h malt, o:c. fotiu, Lewis, from London; Ferret, Huis>v», iromt'p.rid; t on- man Castle, Hughes, from Abe) n.aw; I'dcna, Avres, troifi' Amlwch Bidthers, Gard and irot,Ild-(I- stow Swallow, Chiiiii: Betsy, Scott.: and ,ti-.e, ^r.rza- cott, irom Barnstaple Kdiabetn, PnrcK);-4i, jroin Ply- mouth;; ballv, Pitt and 1 horaas, Bd'n1' 'i»-t, 1 »•> i^nte- ■ iord; Rasofeighj Alelliuiali,' froiv l-ovvev-: '.<naiinm y, Crockforo Handw-hurtmiei-s.; .'and ( >. >r" ■ ]»• .1- liths, from !\1lHe¡"eâd; Alio,Crockci. hum vV^u .u t; Langston," Tomkin; Sarightly, Nichols s and" Lea, I hal- pin, Neel" lrom St. Ives; Coiist. lit Hoi i"1 1 » and Harmony, .Trick, from Ap| ltd it 1 < u, from Dartmouth; George, Rees, ami 11 j J,'roin FaluioLitb, Cleared out, the Pinenix, Diamond; aid T><_n p, Reynolds, fur; Bristol, With sundries; Lritv, J. Betsy, Mai-gate aid Friar, lor t wtrn uir- maniifactured coppcr. De'aghr, Speirc, < r ]<r d_<- w.t r with butter and coal; Tihies, Malnlshv for ir,u»,« d Gratitude, Jenkins, for Ply mouth, with inn 1 t dLd coal; Ponsorrbyj Walsh, lor Cork; Oc^an, V ill, 1-, lor Waterford 31 on a, .Williams and^' .Lli^i t h, 1] g r s, r Amlwch ■ Ann and Stisan, Loverk'.g W tdiam atuf ,( Roberts; Providence, Jones; Two Bioi> er>, 1 dw 1 a-; Forrest, Havykitis Fortitude, Jennings: I homaf and Ju- dith, Moyse ;.and Rose, Daries, for St. Iv Ro* <■ e 1, for Newport; Hope,. Yeo, for Ply mout:i: V enus, Lowiuer, for FahnoUth; Treore, Jennings, ior 'Padstow friends. Hole Handy, W.iliiajiis.; .Unanimity, Bushiu t and ;.ior:d -Intent, Whe.ddon, for Minehead Constant MoUv, Wil- k.iusou, for BidefOrd and Dove, Swaibn, Kir Darlaioutii, all with coal or culm. CarUi £ 'Arrived, -tlw*. Caslle, Clements, from Bristol, „vvith Sundries j S.s-Bt it lit,. Rjh-.ris, f'roni ditto and Mary, Hill, from, Berkeley,in ballast. Sailed, the Fiienii; St Pi"frt,. D-5-vi^, for Bristol, wish sundries, and Mary, CoJe.'jian, lorblo- cester, with iron irfbaTS. I Carinarthen.:— Arrived, the Nancy, Rtchnrds aid Unity, George, from Bristol, vn'.h se.naries; Ai m^va, Webb, from G'ocester, .with s^j.t; >1 1/ betli. D o a • 0.11 'Newport, with pig iron; Cwmsyrulog, GnAths; aqJ. t-t. David, H'a'T, heil Llanelly,- with coals. Cleared out, the Widiam and Catherine, Leonard, for -.Bristol, with oats aild 'byiter. ■- |, Hav.clit).—Arrived, the Mary, Jones, from St. Tves j Hanua'h. Nicbc'.as,f|rrin Barnstaj'ie Goss; Ft leads, CumiTiings and Gooriliope, Gibbs, from Plyinmuh. Cleared out, the CHLon Union, Mcreditii; Mary, Long; and Endtavouf, D'.vies, tor Ctrtnartueh L'iruoelli, Mil- lard, for Tenby; .Wrhiam, "Crocker,• rr'r St. bh; Aancv, inch, for W'iiith r 1 ~nd Hope Hoc he,- ior Dun^,ar\au. Bristol.— Arrived, the .Ne^th I ratter, Syinomj.s, from, Necth; and the Fcr"c" Hllg\es, tr m Abertiiaw. Enicred out, the Betsy, Lloyd, tOT Tet!b_y Liberty, Wi'nttow, tor H uen< n 'ic- L h, R.-Vvlaud Ciia'r- lotte, Philhp&r- anu: Robert, Ree- .for CarO-igatr; ,aiid "iy, Jil es, f(,x 'Mini.-—Fnte:ed inv:nrd, • C-nintess of.Mexboraiigh, Her:isiiii'.n, trom S>wim c OKI- arid Joliu and Si.ily, James, froiii Can it is anci butter. Cieared out, 1 t 1 s, u liton ;■ Ai arinnna, 'Bond Betsy, Hernaman lijuiton, banders; Frieuds, Tucker Union, liees; .Tones.Earl oH,;xbridge, Roharis; Venus,.Davies.; and' Dolphin,.Richards, aU tor Swansea, with copper ore; and Prince'Edward, Covvl^ tor Carmarthen, wtthtiti. Penzance.—Arrived, the Friends, Brown, from Swansea; and from .Neath, both for Lone 1 I riùtd- ..ship, Webb. tjokeiyThomas Agenoria, Pot 1 1 Cil I'iilaj-, from Swansea Naiicy aid > r » 1 for Fcronia, Godirey, fro.a .\eatt-, ior Dartiiidbth; Ileiiitra, IMeihuish and StiSumiaM, Johns, from Swansea, 1(jr ¥6\vev.; Cork.—AtmccV'the -industrious, Kenmare.from Car- diff, for ,IiOiHlo^ ;i-Victory, of Pembr.ie, £ vaus, lrom 1 01. Cardifi' and IndustiN^Blown, trom.Swansea, with coals. His Majesty's hired aiined brig Mofriston arrived at Tor- bav. from Piymo'iith,* 011 'Monday last, to take the stores of the Venerable thaii of war to Pi vmotith. The Gcr:mdc',Cu«dy and Mnu-s-Royal, Siixcock, from Wales, lor London, have both arrived safely .in the liver Thames. Wales, lor London, have both arrived safely .in the liver Thames. The Start, p^etfigrew, from Cardiif to London, has been captured by a French privateer, autl sent into Calais. The .lojr'ph and Mary,'Brooks, froia Bristol to Guern- "t?v, is tal --n iieat Guernsey. ft uteri <:rd,~ Si).—-JauisNi e it, master of thesloop is r 1 1 ft uteri <:rd,~ Si).—-JauisNi e it, master of thesloop Six l>o.eos>, of Dutnjarvan, 1, » that on timiday, the tfdth nwt. at IV o'clock, «b'»i t t 1 1 aiites U'the is. L. of .the bN, a French brig pnvatcer, who thrc*U"he(Ttu iii^k him but alter taknig DoR) mm «nd hi< crew "all thc'.r* Clothe, iet, luni proeeed to. Dun- gurvaii, ivliere lie arrived -on Tuesday. lie also sayathitt 'lie pri-, ateer had captured-two brigs, and whilst hewa, ia the p she captured two more brigs, one of them the E^pu- Irena Belfast tu Bristol, with a valuable cargo 01: luih Iniens. HI Gil W\TlTi ON SWANSEA-BAR For rilt: au-uhi» n'cck; J)a'ys. Morning. j EveniYig: Height. -1- H. "M-. j II,- 31. -J F- 1. Saturday 9 ,>0 j 9. J Iz Suiidav ..10., 13- '.10 "49 I ;n. 4 ih.u-t.iy I .11. '8; I. 11 '41 10 a TucJ-'V V"n 12'" 1'^ 48 ir' 1 Vwdumfay 1 I 1 iiursda j S5 "36 I 3 8 13 8 Ir > :>4 4 3^ 1 0 I HIGH VvAlliJ-t AT TUK PASSAGES For, tke (waling 'friA, 'Daw .f:' -Moniing. J. Eveiung. •* *11. M. j If. M. S- rir.lnv j 9 5-J 10 1-i S.nutav t 10 H Ji .a, l-Xl -3:> IS?-. t T., -las | 1 y V-. -'a;, •- 'I i.iv \r\ a l Fad»y i 3 ".•>«; » i-5

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